The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 14, 1936 · Page 9
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 9

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 14, 1936
Page 9
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,. -I ^ : v Vy^ 'isfriftMv -' • - •''''•*--' i; Viii-^r*' - ' * ,.,. I - J • • ., . ' ' .- MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 1936 I• . f i , ni on ange •. • i ^^^^^ ji '''' •;•- i' --' • j sanil as I J • Detective ^v -^^- ^^- ^mT r Wm^^ • • ^-r w -r-r » ••"• T • • — w a ' —f — tm ^ - , -I i Chttf iQtiimett D. Kirgan announced today that frtank Keegan, held as a suspect In tho hdldup slaying .of Pa* trolman Lkwrehce Itobblna, had signed a confession that ho partiol- paled in the crlnio fdi 4 which Alonzo Thompson of Chesapeake, W. Va., is serving a life sentence In Ohio penitentiary. '"'<*"•The confession detailed how Kee* pan said ho approached the officer's parked oar In which Bobbins was sealed with Beatrice Gertrude Brown, his fiancee* on the night of June' 25. "T pulled my gun/ 1 the statement said, "and uald, 'This i« a stlckup.' Vhe- man seated next to the girl reached Into tho dash compartment. 1 thought ho won coming out with a knife or a gun. Be then shoved or pushed tho,girl out," AMBITIOUS CITY INGLEWOOD, Sept. 14. (A. P.)— "Ihglewood, Harbor of the Air." Bearing this message, a new electric sign greeted m'otorists who crossed the T..OS Angeles city limits Into Ihglewood today. LOOK TO HOLLYWOOD HOM/nVOOD, Sept. 12. (A. P.>— Tho nation's financiers arc looking to Hollywood for one of the largest producing years In the history of motion pictures, R. H. Cochran, new president of Universal Studios, said today. WntteA URIAH,' Sept. Hv~rA recommen- daUorf that all ftersbn* who plead not giiltty by reason of insanity bo commiUed .temporarily to a state hospital for examination by trained psychiatrists, haft been made by Superior-Judge \Vv D. Xii ttelifl. The 6plnion was handed down In connection ..with the caao of J, V. Cunningham, an inmate of the Men- doolno State Hospital, seeking a writ of habeas He was Committed to tho hospital last yetfr from San Diego when he pleaded not guilty bj- reft.Hon df insanity to il charge of assault with intent to commit murder. NO WASHINGTON STATUE' L.08 ANGELES, Sept. 14. (A. P.) Loa Angeles, it \vas pointed out today, has no statue of George "Washington. To remedy this public deficiency, the Women's. Community i Service Auxiliary of the Chamber of Commerce betfan a campaign today for funds lo erect a monument of the first president on the grounds of the city hall. 1400 DEMOCRATS LOS ANCU3U5S, Sept, U. (A. P.)— Of 2149 voters who have registered in Los Angbles county since the August 25 'primary, about 1400 are Democrats and 700 Republicans, Registrar "William M, Kerr Said today. There are now 784,481 registered as Democrats in the county and 483,930 as Republicans. , . WASGO. 8e*f. I4i—Dr, and Mrs. Ben It; Crajbflall entortainod at a three-ooursbltincheon at their home Friday 'for tho in^fttberii bt th* faculty and tho wives or husbands* Th6 CrandaU home had been b&tutt- luily decdratod \vith zlnnlaa and ro§c» 'f r^iti thb high school ffardens. Tho luncheon was served following a t6aohbr« meeting held at the high achttol and gave tho faculty members a* chanco to recount vacation experiences and to get acquainted with this hdw members. Those present were Messrs, and Mefldahies Lester Smith, Donald Daunt, Clifford Harrington. Paul H. Moord, T\ B. Santom, Martin Veri hbaven, Atrs. Tluby D. Hicks. Mrs. Dorothy Von Oadel, ^Trs. Mildred Miles, Mrs. John Walsh, Mrs. .1. Hdyes. Miss Ida Meldrum, Mlfts Milton Klrkwood, MlssjMabto Main and Miss Gladys Ruud. ' Mrs. Crandall was assisted by Miss Mary Benedict and Miss Viola Elmes. 10,995 PERSONS AIDED LOS ANQBUSS, Sept. 14. (A. Hex Thomson, County Superintend ant of Charities, reported today that 19,995 persons in Los Angeles county were given aid during August under the liberalized federal and state old ago security act, This figure compares with 18,738 for July. The average old ago payment was $32.70, and tho average blind aid payment $35.34. y City Ma of Group . I Miss Rachel Ditltson fiHdc of Pennsylvania!!; Will . . " ' . ^r ' Make liome in Kero .T ' t ^ ^ - 1 -• •J • m f- _-1* f f - ' - ' '* ^*l :. " - * :-• •,i \.- -. . . f. '. l .1 - ' , • * , - ' '•!;" ':!, V/'ml'Vv's --:p. '* ' , - - v-.i *- * I- *-*> v*v*_- ^'1 s-r* i .1 >» r I -i/r.-.' \pVVvO v&w -»>... * .. . V. ^u*V, / ;.- ..^ ' '-•••^^ ;vi*v/ V.J.-V-J W*i -'" ;; 1 -,'••** ^*'.) * y "•.' * f \j -' T - ,. t-; t * -.n V*^J ***. tt~> • i '.'4 ?.""-.".«.' X*»K-^- *•» * ^ %T: ore Rubber Dr, Campbell has discontinued the use of rubber entirely in the making of dental plates .... * Dr. Campbell is now a direct importer of the new REALISTIC dental plate materials that arc used in making no rubber "NATURAL EXPRESSION" plates. This makes it possible for him to charge you no more-for these beautiful plates than he would for ordinary rubber plates. li> s ^v j^: No Matter r mailer how lilllc ^^ »i A i ^*i r~* '- .:•-- &$ S'.vf II .*>w pay for your dent they will be you plates made of !» •..\ ^WJ "REALISTIC." This is that j new beautiful denial plule material that contains F * absol u I el y ri o rubber *^ » ' whatsoever, and is almost impossible to break. DON'T FEAR OUR LOW PRIDES AS * vfttl **i PHONE 846 "See Samples Dr. Campbell has samples of these beautiful plates on display in his'office and is more than willing lo have you see and inspect them that you may compare values. q DWTFEftR OUR LOW PRICES -^ NATURAL SSION PLAT ^^ -r^. : F ' 3UM tCOLOK PLATES iES; i J . „ ...and-CONTAIN NO RUBBER ... arc all beautifully HAND-CARVED, allowing you to LAUGH and SMILE WITHOUT BEING EMBARRASSED ... are made very THIN and DAINTY, yet they are practically UNBREAKABLE . . . here you have BEAUTY ... NATURALNESS :. . SANITATION and DAINTINESS COMBINED with STRENGTH, SETTING OF TEETH FIRST of all the PROPER SHAPE ... SIZE . . . COLOR and SHADE of TEETH are SELECTED to SUIT the INDIVIDUAL . , . then the TEETH arc SET as NEAR LIKE ONE'S OWN TEETH as posflible ... A FALSE APPEARANCE is AVOIDED by NOT SETTING the TEETH TOO EVEN, etc. ... WRINKLES, ETC. V ' Phone T for Special \ Qfttr GREAT CARE is taken NOT TO CAUSE WRINKLES .. . DROOPING MOUTH... UNNECESSARY LINES ... UNNATUttAL BXPUE88IOK ETC when making thcee BEAUTIFUL PLATES. in Our Own Laboratories* CONTAIN NO RUBBER AT NO EXTRA CHARGE We Do Not Charge Extra for Plates Made "Roofless Style" "•» v;^ f --f iv ^^ Plate Repairs f There's no need of buying a ne>v plate when rour old plate can be made to fit tight and took like new. Use Dlt CAMPBELL'S dental laboratories for your next Plate repair, m PHONE 846 1431 DENTIST th Street Phone 846 HOURS OVER KIMBALL. A STONE DRUG STORE A. M. TO 8 P. M. CLOSED 8UNPAV8 .'j -.; 1 ' ^-i ^ - t * •-• V -' ' -A- *?•• CA SftRV AV I > r '* •-+- i •> --•- f .Js - 1 •j . : ^ . 1 '! T. •* 'ici-w?--'* t : t '1^ I - >. : fc 7 \ - f --!''•: •- "^r,-, - -f m: --,- 1*' •nt f.^'f-vr-'v *i'-: • - i.- . v' ' •' f $ '•& •- * ^ - -• > r 1 V I - IT t ^- * — - - b j'i-, "•'• . --i' -/-> r I- " f V.-Vi^if^-.,^^; '•^-- ' ' .^ r- :s/ '.: •*__• ^J'-T* *.-Vf-. Tf*;A ;j-t-- .Irr:**?,- -:f **'•; '.v- 1 -,,- -, .v*-^- f J_ T J>? r .vv t.-> ^T ^ -* K^TrL r ^ -^^V-wS: WT^'t'-t • -*. '- ^p^ + 4 i • v .- -- ._-,-' ^'( 1 . l^r. 'r- -• ^ .--t . * - *ffi*ftfffi*M. •. j_^r L -.mIS* r ' 1 'Jl'-W r ' I :;,-.-w-±-'. • • l' 1 J "^ B *T' ^^v rf? f; ; "«* r*-v \ . • - • to The ' Sct>t; 14.—Miss Ra chel Dirksen, clAughtcr of Mr. and Mr*. John t). "DirkSfctt nnd John I^rwln Mow of T*hilftdelphla, ronn.» ^ero married In tho Gorman Adventl»t Church Thursday ovt- n!ng by Elder P. S. Cacao, tn tho presence of over 400 friends and rolft. lives. The bride was charming in a beautiful gown of white laco and a white laco veil caught at the crown of her head by a cap of tho name material, and she curried a shower bouquet of pink and white roses, Sho was attended by Ml»» Vera Johnson of Turlock, who in a tedcher in the Soventh-t)ay Advon- tist Academy hero. Miss Johnson wore a pink lace frock and carried n repUca of the bouauet carried by tho bride, except that it waa smaller. .Little Miss Joyce Dirkson attended as flower girl. WlUard Nouman attended tho groom and both were dressed in conventional Oxford gray and wore white bountonnieres. Church Was rteautlful Tho wedding party stood before a ! great bank of greenery and under a canopy of pantel streamers caught at the center with a largo white wedding boll. Many large baskets of flowers lined the platform and were used in decorations about the church. Minn I^oreno Heath played Lohengrin's "Wedding March" and Miss Beth Nicholson of Los Angeles sang "I Lovo You Truly,'* accompanied by Mrs. 13d l^irkson. Among tho out of town guests wore Mr. and Mrs. Ed Dirkaen and their family of Los Angeles, Mr. and Mrs. William Dirkson and family of Mountain View and Mr. and Mrs. Abo Taves and family of ChOw- chilla. Following the ceremony tho wedding party and gueatu drove to the Wednesday Afternoon Club house, where a reception and program honoring the newly weds was held. Streamers of pastel shades similar to those in the church decorated tho auditorium nml stugo. Reception at Club nofroshmenlB were served later in the evening. Misses Mildred Barling. Velda Wall, Virginia Lee Helnwj ana Artn Biota dressed in pastel shadow of organdie served nt tht* bride's table. Misses Lillian Kraft, ; Mildred Oblandcr, Bernlco Holnze. Ohra Mao Loronz, Kvelyn 1 loath, Opal Krhardt. Laureno Uatzlaff, Emma Inaac. Geneva Johnson >t Mrs. A mold Noufcld and Mrs. 'Ellen HtrausH served the other guests not seated at the bride's table. After a short honeymoon in the south tho young couple will make their homo In North Shaftcr. ri*f#f flatted SACRAMENTO. Sept, 14.—K R. "Williams, Snn Francisco, was named president of tho California State Theatrical Federation for tho sixteenth tlmo nt n meeting: of the organization hero in conjunction with tho Btnto federation of labor convention which started today. Other officers elected \Vcrc: M. J. Sands, Los Anglos, vlco-presldont; Anthony T... Nortaga, San Khvnclsoo, secretary-treasurer; executive committee, Lou .J. Mix, Hollywood; .1. • f . j * Search Lake Shore for Body of Youth rotest Pa Convicted L I N i / i , N DKTUO1T, Mich., Sept. 14,—Tho coast guard and police searched iho shores of l*ake St. Clalr today tor the body of Hmoraon Green, 24, of Pasadena, Calif., believed to have drowned yesterday. Groen swum for nid after a boat In which he had irono for a row with Miss Mary Louise Vigrer, 19, member of a wodalty prominent l^e- troll family, had capab.ed. M IMS Vffiri*, who was resetted by tho occupants of n ttnllbnat. »nld thtMr boni overturned when she and v m ^ ^ ^tx ^ ^ ^mrs • ^ ^-¥ ^tmr ^r^ ^tvv hT T ^ * » ^ • ^i^^^-w^i^a^^-^"-^^^ ^ r v • r -m- - - — -i- -r- ___ __ __^__ __ W. OUIotte, T^is Angcloji; ISdwnrd It.! C3ro»»n nttompttHl lo change scats. Aftor they had clung t.o tho craft Dowdoll, San l>logo; J. H. Southwick, Slookt Dlego» and 13dd cisco. /'FCM /iCflacd Wire) LOS ANOKLEia, Sept. 14.—The North American Bond and Mortgage Company has forwarded to the state parole board a protest against imrole of Gilbert UeeMemyer. convicted looter of the $8,000,000 Guarant Uutldlng and Loan Association, when ho becomes eligible for such action January n, J93S. Sentenced from 10 to 100 years' imprisonment In 1930, BewMonyer last appeared before the prison board In 3fl32. His parole application was denied. The mortgage company ofwcrtpd Hoesemyer has made no restitution Toucher Returns lo Study Present-Day Conditions There (Cnitr4 Prr** Lcattd \Vire) SHANGHAI. Sept. 14.™Charles R. Shepherd of tferkeley, Calif,, .who ha« d<?voted his life's work to coring for homflcft* C'htnesc in America, ar* rlvoU horo today to learn whether China rould offer an "opportunity" Japanese Dis] Another D oyer q Press heated Wirt) \ SHANGHAI, Kept. 14.—Chinese j efforts to prevent disembarkation of Japanese InvoHUgiitorfl at Pakhol resulted today in another Japancnu | destroyer hurriedly 1'or tho south j China district. TtoporU rrcoiveil by Japanese iti Shanghai declared Chlneso demonstrators were attempting to prevent j tho officials sent by tho Toklo government to inquire into tho reported liillinff of a Japanese national from landing. Japanese naval officers wore represented as determined tho Investigators should KO ashore and would force iho landing if necessary. • \ ^fr mm -^^+w- mmmmm ^^^ IB* mm it live here any I iik« I and 1 i Utlte Uv f r • WJI I bjlor* gel reUrf. OOM AHOS 1 > iano a h o T Wl o\v ill.' un rchiisc a ond*rful' haflMi »w U cially ^B ^^^^* ^^ ^f ^p 1 B ^F -^* r ^ me<lln» 2230 • ^f ^^^T^"^ -^^ ^f ^^ ^ 'tt^tt.Vft ilf«ai»c*, H > -FT ^ r the It route a,nd •* Cpfner . i '•'. hj . |XUWV '- , } , T :**t>--t t'.'-- v;W'r r mf \ :^'^. n , j' >-' i - - \ ~ 1-. n J L - , r ~. " ... ! . ,., j. » . . . . <.''• «H.MI'I1 LUllUa UUI I/till V n l>logo; J. H. South- Aftor they hnd clung t.o tho craft P p rte( | t 0 do so" Itia dc on: 15. R Nelson, San j for some ihnt>, nor companion took ! n '^solution declared, mus I3ddlo Lovo. Kan l^rnn- ' off his Hhoiui.nnd cent and ntnrtod j p a ni nR amount of sorrow". f for aid. She did not KOO him uguln. j m vprty and wnlcldo." ^^ ,__, m ^ L _^f_ t _^ ! j ^ j_ 1 _ a ^^^ a _ M _ 1 __ fc ^ ^ —— m-—^m—m—M*^ ^^_^^ L ^^^ aJ ^^ a ^.^. m _^ 1 _^ 1 _ 1 j^ u j__ a j_ a ^ a _^^ 1 j ± ^ a _^ t ^ t jj^ a _^ tm ^ t j_^^ L ^^ m± ^_^^^^^^^ tm ^ u .^^^ M _^^ a _^^^^^^^^^ t ^^^ > ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ > j of ntolon funds "nor cnn ev«r l»e ox-* to h*>r sons abroad n 'iiused an "ap- suftertng, "t \vniit. to find out \vhnt place China has for educated but* Chink BAILIN'S HAS A BIRTHDAY Seven and Seventeenth ANNIVERSARY CELEBRAT Starts Tuesday, Sept. 15, at 8:30 a Just at the height of the season B able you to Diirchas b you miraculous valu fall wardrobe NOW. 4 V A STATEMENT BY MR. BAILIN J Yon may SKVKNTKKN im luckv numbers, bill SKVKN and \ think SKVKN and KLKVKN arc your hvo numbers tbnt mean flood fortune Tor you. Bailin's SKV)-:X and SKVKNTKKNTU ANNIVERSARY SALK. in tbo now it's 1'or SI5VEN YEARS \ same location Bailin's Kasbion Shop has ofTeml Hu» potiplc of Hakcrslu'ld tlie vorv bcsl values on reallv smart nnpurel. It's been seventeen years in Kern county fc * i i •• that Hailin's has served the people of this great county. That's why I soy . . . SKVKN AND SEVENTEEN are lucky numbers, Eor it's a lucky thing for linkers* eld and Kern county women, who want to dress smartly and whose budget docs not permit much expenditure, that Dnilin's sell really smart apparel for less, years it's been BAIUN'S FOR VALUES and starting tomorrow morning, that slogan is truer than ever, for Uiiilm's SEVEN AND SEVENTEEN ANNIVERSARY SALE brings the greatest bargains ever offered the women of Kern. Head the, items listed below . . , and you'll agree. (Signed) SAM BAILIN. NEW FALL COATS OFF New styles, new materials. Beautifully hand tailored, trimmed with genuine fur. Entire stock included. REGULAR PRICES FROM $29.75 to $110. v >. i _ W. fli Regularly $29.75. Regularly $39.75. $ $ Regularly $59.75. YOU SAVE $M.92. Regularly $110.00. YOU SAVE $27.5 SALE PRICE SALE PRICE SALE PRICE SALE PRICE $22.32 $29.82 $44.83 $82.50 Hfc New Sport Coats, Swagger Suits \-. •* •-.*' Regularly $15.00. Regularly $18.00. Regularly $25.00. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_i^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^F"^BBI^B^^P"^F^^^^^^^^^^^B^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^''^*W Fur Coats • • -^^ff —^^ffr- — -r- f — YOU SAVE $ SALE PRICE SALE PRICE YOU SAVE $6.25. SALE PRICE $11.25 $13.50 $18.75 •-.• .-'^ r. LC;.^. ; .- ~ + T I h i— & •l-\ l-l *- v* 1 Imported Lapin, Kid Caracul, Marmink, Pony Paw, Siberian Squirrel and SquirrclcU Regular Prices $49.50 to $250 Dinner, Cocktail, Evening GOWNS Gorgeous Velvets, Taffetas, Moires, Satins, Crepes and Soiree Chiffons. ejrular Prices, $10 to $39.75 V 4 \\ •-.'*. Summer Di and Coa Sacrificed! AH Remaining; Stock Grouped at AlmoHt Give-Away Prices. DRESSES Values to $15. i Two for o 0 » T O Salt ^ roc • i PRICE V- Values to i OW IHHl'K to omen to V - '•* •. '^. w cnly o . I. V •*. - --V. • /* ew ner ohair an rush SWEATER SETS Kt'R SAL * * fister ank ^J .1ft - : ' • ' \* f ; '. . .'. ' '--- •• -" '- ; • * t . I • • L ^ ' V. -" -/• -'„ ' .'--'-> r ,\3f-< - *

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