The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on April 13, 1963 · Page 5
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 5

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 13, 1963
Page 5
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Television Programs Channel 4, NBC Saturday l:ee 4—Movie, "Tarian and His Mat*" 13—Baseball—Orioles vs. Yankees jilt M3—Challenge Dolt Channel fr-18, CBS Channel 9, ABC .. 4— Movie, "Wee Willie Winkle" •—Championship Bowling a- Wide World of Sport* tiM 4— Bowling 6— Sports Spectacular eiM a— Phil Silver* 13— Industry on Parade 4:80 4— Builwlnkle •— Aquanauta 13— John Glenn Story 6:00 4— McKeever and the Colonel 6— Mr. Ed 13— Serenaders C30 4— Two Faces Weil 8— Bowling •—Checkmate 13— Your Question Please C46 13— News COO 4_News 8 — News, Weather IS— Sportsman Friend CM 4 _ Comment 5 — Speak Op C3« 4— Sam Benedict a— Gallant Men 8-13— Jackie Qleason 1:30 4 _ Joey Bishop . 5-13— Defenders a— Hootenanny COO 4— Movie, "I'd Climb the Highest Mountain" •—Lawrence Welk C30 6-13— Have Oun Will Travel COO 13 — Ounsmoke • — Boxing »:45 a— Make that Spare 10:00 5-9— News, Weather 13— News. Weather. Sport* 10:15 4— Movie, "Shake Hands with the Devil" 5 — Movie, "Easter Parade" •—Movie, "Voodoo Island" 10:30 13— Naked City 11:30 13— Movie, "Government Girl" 11:45 B— Movie, "Falcon In Mexico" 12:00 4— Wrestling »:X5 6— Movie, "Tropic Holiday" 1:16 a— New* 1:25 I— Almanac Newsreel 1:30 •—Faith For Our Time* Sunday UiM t— Lone Ranter 13— Film Feature 11:45 13— Baseball, Oriole* vs. Yankee* nau 4— Let's Oet Growing 6— Movie, "Easter Parade" a— cioseup :M 4— Movie, "Shake Hands With The Devil" SiOO •—Movie, "King of Kings" ttM 5— Science Fair • :l« 4— Fred Waring 5— Inquiry 4:00 5— Amateur Hour t— Major Adam* 4:M 4— He Is Risen 6-13 — O-E College Bowl 6-13— Twentieth Century *— Wyatt Earp :80 4— Shannon 6— News a— Riverboat •<46 6— To Be Announced •:55 5— Speak Op •:•* 4— New*, weather, sport* 5-13— Lassie •:t5 4— Comment •tM 4-Walt Disney 4-13— Dennis The Menace 9— Movie, "Unforglven" lt«* 5-13— Ed Sllivan HM 4- Car 44 •toe 4-13— Bob Hope 6— Real McCoy* •iM I— O. B. True •—CaD to Worship a— Almanac Newsreel •IN 8— Light Time a— Morman Conference 13-OraJ Robert* 6— Davey and Goliath CM 4— Sacred Heart 8— Christophers 13— This Is The Life S:46 4— Chrostopbers •tM 4— industry on Parade 5-13— Mtssa Domini •—Topper •il* 4— Americans at Wat* •tM 4— Faith For Today a— Alakaiam ICO? 4— Easter Service— Presbyterian 5-13— Easter Service— Baptist *— My Friend PUeka 1CJO a— Wonderama 11:06 4— This Is The Life 6— Profile 13— Church Service 11:SO 4— Insight 5-13— Washington Report 9— Movie, "April In Parti" 13:00 Noon 4 — Cameo Theater 5— Championship Bridge 13 — Championship Bridge 4 — Dinah Shore 5-13— Candid Camera a— Voice of Firestone •:3» 6-13-Whafs My Une a— Movie, "Operation Secret" te-.wi 4-5-13— New* Uil6 4— Movie, "Whirlpool" 6— Movie, "Fight Command" 13— News. Weathei te:M 13— Changing Time* 10:46 13— All Star Wrestling II :M a— Movie, "Big Sky" 11 :45 13— Movie, ••Millionaire Playboy" 1:00 a-Newe 1:10 a— Almana* Newireel 1:16 a— Faith for Our Time* Monday 13— Continental Classroom :U 5—Ught Time 4— Operation Alphaaet 13— College of the Air 5— Davey and Goliath •it* 5— rama raete KN 4— Today 5— College of the Air 13— Rush Hour 1i3« I— Moment at Medltatle* 7:15 6— Cartoonland 6— King and Odle •—CaD to Worship 1:55 t— News •iw 5-13— Captan Kangeree a— Columbia Lecture* •—Deputy and Fells •it* 4- Say When •—Jack La Lann* a— Romper Room 13— Calendar •t*8 4— News 4— Play Your Hunen W3— 1 Love Lucy •— Divorce Court UiM 4— Price la RUM ••13— McCoy* I*:M 4— Concentration SATORDAT KOFO AM AND PM • :00 PM Sign on •:00 Top of the Morning 6:15 Outdoor Sports for Kaniaa M:30 AM Sign on 6:30 News and Weather 6:35 Top of the Morning «:45 Weather Round up 6:50 Top of the Morning 1:00 Agricultural Market* 7:05 top of the Morning 7:15 AM Sign on 7:16 Top of the Morning 7:30 News 7:40 Top of the Morning 7:45 Weather Forecasts 7:50 Top of the Morning COO Sports Round Up 1:10 Top of the Morning • :30 News and Weather •:40 Top of the Morning coo Morning Devotion* C15 KOFO Serenade C30 News and Weather C35 KOFO Serenade 10:00 Church Notes 10:10 KOFO Serenade 10:30 News and Weather 10:35 Lyndon Show 11:00 Bulletin Board 11:05 Around Town 11:30 News and Weather 11:35 KOFO Sereande 13:00 People's Exchange 13:05 Noon Tune 12:15 Farm Show 13:35 Noon Tune Time 13:30 News 13:40 The Dally Record 13:46 Noontime Weathervaaa 13:50 Country Karavan SUNDAY KOFO AM AND « 1:00 AM-FM Sign On 1:00 Easy Melodies 1:15 Easy Melodic* 1:30 News 1:40 Weather Forecast* 7:45 Hymn Time COO Centropolls Baptist Church C30 New* and .Weather 1:40 Easy Melodies 9:00 Family Worship Hour C15 The Christopher* •:30 News and Weather 9:35 Easy Melodies 10:00 First Baptist Church 11:00 First Methodist Church 13:00 Highlights of Week* Newi 13:05 Music from the Muter* 13:30 New* 13:48 Piano Note* 1:00 Sunday Serenade 1:30 New* and Weather 1:36 Sunday Serenade 3:00 Music from Mt. Oread 3:30 News and Weather 3:36 Sunday Serenade MONDAY THRU FRIDAY KOFO AM AND PM COO AM ft FM Sign On COO Top of the Morning C30 New* and Weather C35 Top of the Morning C46 Weather Round up. Mkla. C60 Top of the Morning 7:00 Agricultural Market* 1:01 Top of the Morning 1:16 Top of the Morning 1:30 Newi 1:40 Top of the Moraine 1:46 Weather Forecasts 1:50 Top of the Morning COO Sport* Round Dp CIO Top of the Morning C30 New* and Weather C40 Top of the Morning COO Morning Devotion* CIS KOFO Serenade CM New* and Weather C36 KOFO Serenade 10:01 Mary Blatae Tim* 10:16 KOFO Serenade 10:30 New* aad Weather 10:36 KOFO Serenade 11:01 Bulletin Board 11:06 Around Town 11:10 Newi and Weather 11:36 KOFO Serenade 13:00 People'* Cicbange 818 «.13-Pete and Olady* I •—Day la Court UiW 9-News UiM 4—First impression 1-13—love of Life •—General Hospital ll:S» ••U—News Ui» 4—Truth or Consequences •—Seven Keys 6-13—Search For Tomorrow Ht45 H3—Ouldittf Light tl:M 4—Newt U:M New* 4—Cartoons §•13—News, Weather •—Ernie Ford 11:10 S-Speak C» Url.l 13—Farm Report Uito 4—Local Newt. Market ft-Weather Uttt S—Local Interview 4—Accent •—Father Knows Best s-13— As The World Turn* ItW 4—Best of the Post 8-13—Password •—Movie, "A Likely Story" tlM 4—Doctors 8-13—House Party COO 4—Loretta Young M3—To Tell The Truth •:2I 5-13—News •—News 4^-You Don't Say •—Jane Wyman t-13—Millionaire •IN 4—Match Game •—Queen For a Day S-13—Secret Storm •:25 4—News •iM 4—Make Room For Daddy •—Who Do You Trust t-13—Edi* of Night 4:01 4—Superman (—Cousin Ken's Karnlval a—Torey and Friends 13—News, Weather 4:11 13—Turban's Land of Magle 4:30 4—Funtime •—Mickey Mouse Club •tot 4-Sea Hunt •—Huckleberry Bound 13— Vogl Bear •-Whirlybirdt 4—Dragnet •—Rebel 13—Camera Corner •:45 5— News 13--sport* - on Heteoo •iH 3—Weather •iW 4-5-e-l3—News 1:16 4—Sports - Merle Harmon 5-B-Weather 4—Huntley-Rrtnkley News 5—Sport* •—News 13-Walter CronUto 8—Speak-Up •:30 4—Movie, "An Affair to Remember" 6-13—To Tell The Truth B—Dakotas 7:00 13—I've Got A Secret 1:30 6-13—Lucille Ball >—Rifleman «:DO 6-13—Danny Thoma* •—Stoney Burke •:M 4—Biography—Ruth 6-13—Andy Griffith 1:00 4—Brmkley's Journal S—Password B-13—Ben Casey *:30 4—Art Llnkletter a flcor mar't Friend 10:0* 44—News 0-13—Nrwn 10:15 4—Johnny Carson 5—Movie, "Wonderful World" 9—Steve Allen 13—Weather 10:20 13—Sports 10:30 13—Lifelines 10:85 13—Untouchables 11:35 13—Peter Gunn 11:45 9—Man from Cochise 12:00 4—News 12:05 4—Dally Word 12:10 5—Movie, "Hit The Ice" 12:15 9—News 12:30 »—Almanac Newsreel 12:35 •—Faith of our Time* Weekend TV Highlights Saturday Evening The new show "Hootennany," which features folk music, will originate from the campus of Brown University, Providence, R. I., this evening. It will feature such folk singers as Theodore Bikel, Ian and Sylvia, the Hourneymen and the Rooftop Singers. Channel 9, 7:30. The Lawrence Welk show will present music with an Easter flavor. Channel 9, at 8. A sweet - appearing little old lady, who has the unlikely name of Panacea Sykes, will cause quite a lot of trouble on the "Gunsmoke" show this evening. A lot of the trouble will have Kitty as the victim. Channels 5 and 13 at 9. Among the late movies will be "Easter Parade," a 1948 film starring Judy Garland and Fred Astaire. Sunday Evening Judy Garland and Peter O'Toole will be headlined in the Ed Sullivan show this evening. The show was taped in England. Channels 5 and 13 at 7. At 8 this evening, on Channels 4 and 13, Bob Hope will present the annual TV Guide awards. The show will run for an hour, and THERE'S LAWRENCE — A bearded Peter O'Toole (right), nominated for Academy Award for portrayal of title role in "Lawrence of Arabia," makes his television singing debut in duet with Ed Sullivan on Sullivan's show at 7 p.m. Sunday, April 14, Channels 5 and 13. the entertainment will be provided by Hope, Dean Martin, and Martha Raye. Most of the show will be variety entertainment with a TV flavor. Hope and the others will do some spoofing of programs and the advance information sounds highly entertaining. A Dinah Shore special will be shown at 9 on Channel 4. Bobby Darin and Andre Previn join Dinah for this one. * ' 1:00 0. 8. Marine Program 1:05 Country Kararan 1:30 Newi and W«atb*t 1:35 Country Karavan 3:00 Calling All Drirm 2:05 Country Karavan 1:30 News and Weath«t 1:35 country Kuravu 3:00 Great Moment* m fporU 3:05 KOFO Karavan 3:15 Service Program 3:30 Newt and Weather 3:35 KOFO Caravan 4:00 Senator Prank Carlsen 4:16 KOFO Kanvaa 4:30 News and Weather 4:35 KOFO Karavaa 4:45 KOFO Karavan 5:00 Senator Bowers Reports 5:10 KOFO Karavan 5:15 KOFO Karavan 5:30 Newc ans Weather 5:40 KOFO Karavan 8:00 AM Sign oft •:00 Triad Basinets World •:10 Eventide Musle •:30 Newi and Weather «:30 AM Sign Off •;40 Eventide Uuile 7:00 Triad Sporti Round op 1:10 Eventide Musle 7:30 New* * Weather 7:35 Eventide Muile •;00 Triad-News Notes •:10 Eventide Music t:3» News * Weather •:35 Eventide Music t:00 Triad Week In Religion 1:10 Eventide Music 1:30 News * Weather 1:40 Evening Prayer • :45 PM Sign Off 3:00 week In Science 3:06 Sunday Serenade 3:30 News and Weather 3:35 Sunday Serenade 4:00 Public Affairs Program 4:30 News and Weather 4:35 Sunday Serenade •:M Kaleidoscope 5:10 News and Weather 1:40 Sunday Serenade •:00 Triad Farm Show •:10 Eventide Music •:30 AM Sign Off 6:30 News and Weather •:40 Eventide music 7:CU Triad Sports Round Op 1:10 Eventide Musle 1:30 News and Weather 7:35 Eventide Music 1:00 Kaleidoscope 1:10 Eventide Musle •:30 News and Weather 1:36 Eventide Musle •:00 Triad Religion Today •:JO Eventide Music i:30 News and Weather 1:40 Evening Prayer* •:U F|l Biga Off 11:40 The Daily Record 13:45 Weather Roundup * MkU. 13:M Noon Tune Time 1:00 Qarnett Hour 3:00 U'mmaking Memoe * lest Buy* 3:05 KOFO Karavan 3:10 New* and Weather 3:35 KOFO Karavaa 3:00 Wonderful World Of Musi* 3:05 KOFO Karavan 3:30 New* * Weather 3:35 KOFO Karavaa 4:00 Bulletin Board 4:05 KOFO Karavaa 4:30 New* and Weather 4:35 KOFO Karavan 5:00 Farm Market Analyst 5:05 KOFO Karavan 5:30 New* «nd Weather 5:40 KOFO Karavan CM Triad Business World •:10 Eventide Must* •:30 New* and Weather f.X AM'Sign Off l;40 Eventide Music 7:00 Triad Sport* Round Up 7:10 Eventide Music 7:90 New* and Weathei 7:11 Eventide Musle 1:00 Triad Calling All Can 1:10 Eventide Musie. 1:30 New* and Weather 1:31 Eventide Music •:00 Triad Time Out 1:10 Eventide Music 1:30 Maw* aad Weather •:M Evening Prayei* •>5 ft* im m OTTAWA HERALD'S BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL GUIDE GENEROUS TYPE — Bop Hope offers to share only remaining chicken in supermarket with Lana Turner in scene from "Bachelor in Paradise", showing Sunday through Tuesday at the Hillcrest Drive-In Theater. Movie Fare Adventure, Comedy Weekend Features OPTOMETRISTS Arvid Berglund, O.D. OPTOMETRIST 316 S. Main CH 2-2796 Olin G. Wollen, O.D. OPTOMETRIST 110 W 3rd CH 2-4303 A. G. Madtson, O.D. OPTOMETRIST 205 S Main CH 2-4233 Rodney McClay, O.D. OPTOMETRIST Profess'l Bldg. CH 2-3793 CHIROPRACTORS Adventure inside and comedy outside — that's the Easter weekend offerings at Ottawa theaters. The Plaza, downtown, provides the adventure in Jules Verne's "In Search of the Castaways," a sea epic filmed by Walt Disney and starring Maurice Chevalier. The Hillcrest Drive-In Theater has Bob Hope and Lana Turner in "Bachelor of Paradise," Sunday through Tuesday. Bob is the bachelor and "paradise" is a modern housing development in which he lives to learn how young married couples behave, and misbehave. As additional adventure, the Plaza has "Tarzan Goes to India," starring Jock Mahoney, paired with "Castaways." The Hillcrest switches to adventure Wednesday through Saturday, April 17-20, with "The Wild Westerners" and "Premature Burial," both in color. Showing tonight at the Hillcrest is "Thief of Baghdad" and a new Stooges" comedy. Removals Adams, Robert C., from 1018 E. 7th., to 424 8. Hickory; Allen, Mrs. Eleanor H., from MB E. 9th., to M8 Highland; Baird, Wanda M., from 1441 8. Cedar, to 1233 8. Cedar; Burgoon, Alvln I., to ttt 5, Wilson; Bender, W.R. to 046 B. Ash; Collins, Charles F. from 407 S. Mulberry to 728 8. Oak Casteneda, Marilyn, from 205 8. Oak to 117 8. Oak; Curry, Bill, from 1011 Cypress, to 004 Olive; Holmes, Mm. Mabel, from S13 8. Sycamore, to 522 B. Cedar; Hamilton, Charles E.. to 740 Tremont; Htatt, Ned, to 1442 8. Cedar; Jones Ruby, to 717 8. Oak; Kennedy, Carl L., from 004 Olive, to 1011 Cypress; Lewis, Bob, to 310 Walnut; Medrath, BUI. 407 8. Mulbery; Me- Daniel, John R. Jr., from 741 B. Poplar, to Pomona; Newhouser, Joseph Jr.. from Kansas City, Mo., to 1028 8. Sycamore; Oney, Richard L., from 406 8. Willow to Parsons; Peters, A. B., from No. 41 Roekwood Drive, to Cleveland, Okla.; Rhinehart, Bill D., to 117 8, Maple; See, Lucy, to 326 B. Mulberry; Thirkles, Richard, from 236 8. Cherry; .white, Earl, from 028 Highland, to Emporia. THE OTTAWA HERALD Saturday, April 13, 1963 i for Fast Results SPREAD and USE SpE WANT ADS :^"REGULARLY! Phone CH 2-4700 Choose your Pharmacist as you would choose your Doctor. May we fill your next prescription? RANEY REXALL DRUG 304 S. Main CH 2-3092 PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS VIM PraMriptiM Delivery Don L. McKelvey, D.C. CHIROPRACTOR Ufl W. 2nd CH 2-4777 J. C. South, D.C. CHIROPRACTOR 116 E. 15th CH 2-2166 Residence Phone CH 2-3961 S. M. Brockway. D.C. CHIROPRACTOb 1408 S. Main CH 2-2386 R. C. Capron, D.C. PHYSIOTHERAPY Ground Floor 113 E 3rd Office Ph. 2-4100 Res Ph 2-2270 OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN HOMER N. FLORA, D.O. Osteopathic Physician Medicine and Surgery ZeUner Building Phone CH 2-3746 DAVID L. YOUNG, D.O. Physical Medicine Phone CH 2-3844 222 E. 3rd St. FLYING SERVICE SKY SERVICE Jack C. KUle, Mgr. SMILING JACK'S SKY SERVICE Municipal Airport, Charter Trips, Sight Seeing Rides, Flight Instructions CH 2-9775 or CH 2-4230 23 Years Plying Experience INVESTMENTS arre t-Fitch'Narth • unJ CO INC MEMBERS NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE Mutual Funds — Stocks — Bonds Robert Dillon — 425 S. Main — CH 2-2445 BUNDY INSURANCE AGENCY E G E C C J N i MEDICAL DIRECTORY J. F. Barr, M.D. SURGERY Profess'] Bldg. CH 2-1268 Frank A. Tramp, M.D. Internal Medicine and Diagnosis Professl Bldg. CH 2-1620 Louis N. Speer, M.D. General Medicine and Surgery Office: 109 W Fourth Phone CH 2-1257 Res Phone CH 2-3401 David G. Laury, M.D. General Medicine and Obstetrics Professional Building Office CH 2-1620 Res. CH 2-1227 R. A. Gollier, M.D. Surgery — General Medicine CH 2-1182 Res CH 2-2393 Professional Building Chester H. Strehlow, MD Surgery — General Medicine Professional Building CH -1279 Res CH 2-5675 Sylva Loffcreen, M.D. Victor J. Lofgreen, M.D. Physicians and Surgeon* 3rd & Walnut CH 2-2126 R. S. Roberts, M.D. Professional Building Surgery - Medicine Office CH 2-4325 Res. CH 2-1594 Helming Bros. — 484 S. Main — CH 2-2641 For Prompt Ambulance Service Call CH 2-1331 Ottawa, Kansas JOE TOWNER'S CHAPEL THE ANTHONY CLINICAL LABORATORY Gladys Anthony Allergies, Bacteriology, Serelogy Hematology, Bio-Chemistry, Parasitology Room 15, Professional Bldg Ph CH 2-5296 Home CH 2-3407 ELMOR CRAVEN ASSOCIATE First National Bank Bldg. Phone CH 2-1243 General American Life Insurance Co., St Louis Veterinary Service VETERINARY SUPPLIES HESS, FRANKLIN and Others Mann-Bell Drug Store 501 N Main CH 2-3924 BEAUTY SHOPS Ella's Beauty Salon Specializing in Permanent Waves and Hair Styling Mrs. Cecil Mc'Ardle, owner operator. Beverly Cole New Location.-134 So. Hickory CH 2-4198 BEAUTYLAND Styling Salon 114 E. 2nd CH 2-4347 OPERATORS: Elojse Milton, Marion Ishang, Sharon Brill, and Wiloma Babcock. owner and operator Rainbow Beauty Bar 114 W. 2nd CH 2-4263 Complete Beauty Service Maxine Lewis — Owner and Operator June Kunard . . . Zada Lewis Pharmacy Is Our Business Your Prescription Will Receive Our Careful Attention DRUG STORE 847 S Main CH 2-4133 PREVENT YOUR NEW BABY FROM FOOT ILLS... FIT HIM IN THE FAMOUS DR. WIKLER SHOES BY BUSTER BROWN The New Concept in Shoe Lasting. .. Perfected by Simon J. Wilder, D.S.C. Fitted Exclusively in Franklin County at RICHARDSON'S SHOE STORE 212 S. Main FOR SAM) Phone OH 2-4700

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