The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 14, 1936 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 14, 1936
Page 8
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S 'i '•; -1»" fHB BAKERSFtELD CALIFORNIA!*, MONDAY. SEPTEMBER14, 1936 (MON CALLED OF DETECTIVE HUNTS FAIR LADIES Income Report Shows Farmer j Makes More on Col Ion in j 11135 Harvests ! Itsnclalrd I'm* l.ififft ll'irci i WASHINGTON, Hr-pt. 14.— Tnlton I wan firmly rntlirmicfl toilny n« 'UlliK | of crops ' Vi.'. i" v purl on KI-OHM In- ! oomt; I" fiirni"i-H I.'IP! \cin- ri'iinplUvl i ill Ilif !!i;r»-ull'ir.' dcpiirt infill . Thi- iTiiotl ."ii Id Hi" Mnplr' wns I worth ?M;i,:U2.'j'>ri tn c-oitnii fnnn- j <TB in Ifi.'l'.. liii'liHllriK tlif viil'i" of Illltrrs mill MMM! Hint VVII.H mild or uHOil on Ih" l.'irni. uinl t;m iTiinii'iit licnH'iiH piiyini-ni." \Vh'"-nt wnf ciToiul In viilii" diir iiiK I?:)'"' «ii'' Kropi' lin'onK! of J4N::. Tiili.Oiiii. wlill«' other lop rnnhltiK cropH iimoiiK 7S i nnMilon'il wr-n- • t-orii. *"t'l Miii.ntKi. trurli .Top" $:inl •nB. OIKI. ti.ii.'uco. $:'"'". .'!-:i »" fl p"t.i (i>c.«. ?l i'l IIMI.I><>(I mill I'd nil K"-i"'l''nH, ... Hilt till' Mllll" "I till I '.':'"'' ' T"p«. Jll.bfirt.MiT.'MiO. »»n If."" Minn tlint nt M |lvi>«'tu'-l< pn.-liirls. $'')L:.l.".i; .IM.III. it \vn« MI M. KVCIt tilt c, lit. .11 II op «!!>' I ill' IIP- low I hi- vnlii'- <.!' inllli "ml UN proil- nots f..r tin '.'.•„! n.'tOS.i^ii.oon. Otlii-r In' )••• i!' in" in I'" 1 HvfMlorU Inform unnip In- liuJf-l. IIU^N. J.:i:i5,- !* I II.UOI', r;itl!f tnnl ruivf-H, )MO(i 1'i I ,(i(i(l, i Kt: v; . f.'..',7.S 4;i.l""t; < hlrlil'IlN, j;il!)."0;!.i|i"i .mil !'ll"rp 'Hill l.illil'H, TIM r'v""" TOMORROW 7 and 9 P. M. 2 ACE HITS CONTINUOUS AC mi 7 I 1 . M ('lain; limit), Wurrcii William and \Vlnl Hlnuv C1AJU1NO liin uliKliKcmcnt V.J MI tlv Nile theater tonight IIH tlif inndriiii prodneer of ninwleal eomedleH In ".Stage, Struck." with l)|rl< Powell uiitl Joan Hlondell. U'arren William returns to tin- Nile Mereen tuinnrrow night In lil.i most popular «IT"<:II I'hariieterlza lion, that of Perry Mamm, crlinlniil lawyer, iimaletir dr-lei'llve, anil ro- Miami" 1 adventurer In Dm latent of the Krle Hliiiilny Uardnor inyn- lerloh, "Tho < ns'i nt III" Velvet < Mawn." ladlen nlno play u prominent part In hlii life UN oiu* can RHOMB from tho uliovo »fen<:. In which Din star Is pictured with Claire. Duild and Wlnl Shaw. The companion pleture on the liaine prngram In "Hollywood I!(iiili:va.rd," a eolorfnl Htory of Die i-onii'luii-li nf n. fallen Hrreen Idol. '.' hleli IIIIH In It a big parade of fanioiiN iiiirneH of the ullent days and eiirrent plnyerH of promlnenee. '('he eiisl InelndoH John llalllilwy. MiirHha Hunt, Koln<rt i'iiininliiRH, ICHtlier IdilMlon. (.'. Henry Oordon, From IN X. IliiMliiniin anil many otherH. Wallace Assigns Four NewMarkets (Aisantaltd 1'rr.nt Leased Wtrc) j WAHHIN'OTON. .Sept. M.—Tho | Commodity Kxchango Administration of tho department of agriculture announced todny thai Hecretary Wai- laco hnd designated four more contract futures market* under tho Commodity lOxchango Act of 1080, Tho designations Included tho New York Cotton Exchange for cotton. tho New York Mercantile Kxchango for butter arid egg, the Chicago Mari cantlle Kxchango for butler mid eggfl •and Irish potatoes, nnd tho Hi. Louis ! Merchant's Kxchango for mill feed, ' Tin- Kt. I/oulH exchange previously i hnd broil n ilfHlgnnlod ninrkot for ! grain fiitim-a. The ,NVw Orleans Tot- 1 ton Kxifhnng" wnw llio flrwl doslg- ! nuled market und» v r the now act. Tt WIIH known that applications nf i tho K finnan <.'Ky Hoard of Trade for 1 designation tin a mill feivl marki-t nnd the f!hlfiigo Hoard of Trade an • a cotton murkct, In addition to PITH, mil (InHlgnnllons UH grain markets. I had liopn Nfiit. to Hccrrtnry Wallace!, with iipprovnl cxpect'-d to bo a rou- I tlni' matter. On the Air KnO-KCO — Nillonil llroirtcmtlno Corn- limy — Buppllfi progrftms to: Kfl, KECA, Krsn. HOW, KEX, HOMO. KHQ, KIR. K(IA, KOA, KOHL. KOYL, KOIR. KTAB. KKHO-CIIS— Don unit Golilmlill— SilJ. pllti proonnil to: KHI, 1(08, KD8, KM), KflW, KfRK. KtnN, KOL, KVI. K8L. KOIN, KEPV. CROOK'S WIFE I'al O'Drlcn and Margaret L'lntlfuiy TJ 1 OUR grand attraction)) mnko •I- up the program showing today, tomorrow and Wodnemlay at. the Kox California theater. The first ID tho throe-powered romance, "Hussy," HlarrtiiK Joan Harlow, with Kmncliot Tone, Cary Grant, I,f.\vl« Htono. Drnlta Humo and ,Tncx Courtney. Tho second feature In tho thrilling "Public IJneniy'H Wlfn," starring Pat O'Brlon with Margaret Lindsay, Tlobcrt Armstrong and Cottar Koincro. Doctor "X," noted ueer and |>.syohologlnt, IH making dally appcarancos on tho California Ktago for tho entire woflt rinmverliiK rjucHtlonti for the tmtronti. Pate Hmltli In "Tnble Ten- nl»" nnd latent news events com- jilotf; tlm program. 5:00 to 5:30 p. WilXAI--Upeorrll!iB«; m. net worU-- IAIX to 6:00 p. m. Mao Hadlo iiulwork — Lux Kudlo Tunnel Under Pacific Not Believed by Geodetic Men W 'AtilMNim Count anil 'ON, Kept Oeodetle rejected a theory that a tunnel under AND—ALSO—PLUS •As Baffling As It's ThrillinK^i My KDDV . 14. - Thr ! Kurvey ha* ! uonioonn IH ! tlm I'aelfle. I "Honm tlni" IIKO," Miilil Captain ft. i T. finile. i-hli-r of Hid hydrography anil topography division, "our hoton- tlntM encountered Komn Hl.raiiKer l 'n- der«ea nnlMeH whlln conductIng elee Irlrnl Hounding" oft" the ('alU'ornla coant." 'I'lie ciitiiinolliin—a mirt of rl|e|<- cllcli-lhiid -thud—ocrurred at regular IrilervalH every day. When tlm HonnderM Informed the pulilli' of thn myMerlonn IIO|K<<M, a flood of IIIIHO She Plckod Him Off ot (in Aih Pile William POWELL Carole LOMBARD 0DFREY with Alice Drndy Qall Pnlrlok ROGER PRVOR GRACE BRADLEY PER r Kr. i. TON NOW I Ends WEDNESDAY (ilLMOKK j Helled hohitloiifi of thr pii^/ln hegan ! to arrive at the geodetle ol'fleo ] here. . I "one ot tin: longi'Nf and numt i ruriifftlly written," nald Ihe captain, 1 "wa.i from a lady In I'allfornla who ' mild fihe had reanon la hellevo a , ! Ininch of i'hlnciif. wern dlKKhiK I heir i . way over fiom tho orient." The woman wrote thai nhr> inur- rled a world traveler a in/in who ; hnd lieen everywhere and neen everv. I thhiu. lie told her at the altar that ' hlM piiMl life W;IH heldiid him and aHked her never to i|iieHtlon him iihout It "< Ine rla v ." i ;. plain Kudu ronl In tied, "Ihla lads heard her hiiHhainI lalltlnj; In hlr Mleep and he wan illn i HMHliiK the illni-liii; I'hhiene Hut. I eineinlierliif.' her vuw. fihe never lil'oll|;ht Up the Hllbjeet ." llenrliuc atioiM the mvM'-rUiHM nuh l.e» ufiiimU, f\\i- dlMpntrhed n le(ter lo \VllHh|lU<l"ll NUKKeMhlK that ••.•Illl'l her handa were lied at the altar, the government ml|.;ht lie tilde | () ipil/ her male "Shi. wild we hud heller hurrv up. too." nalil the laplaln. "heeaune the Illllionphrrle I'ondllloliH nndi-f the oeeaii hail hlenelied the dim;"TH and \(hen (hey leached the iiurl'ace \ve uouldu't he aid" ti) tell them from the rer.t of the I'ollui. "Inel'letitallj . \ve. have not fiolved Hie MMIIIllK " TELFD/AL if AlfNf !>|NklH«i IS ft ERE f JUST RECEIVED FIRST SHIPMENT OF THE KKItN' and Theater. 5:30 WfiXAI- Ko KKUN mid Tli'Titcr 0:00 to 6:30 p. m. \Vi!XA.I--Now< KliiKlH-u: «:15, Dill- MIT C'oiii-iTt. to (i:45. NMC network l,udy. KL'.ltN mill net wurli - \Vayno King anil Ori'lii'iilra. 6;30 to 7:00 p, m. WflXAt- ij:l-'., Ski-li-lii>« In MflnOy. rvflC noUvijrU--Hyinphony ciri'hca- ti-a. KI^.HN iiiiil lift work -• Marfh of Time; 0:45, The HoHwell HlH- tcra. 7:00 to 7:30 p. m. WtlXAl - t.ol'n Lianeo; 7:lii, World Age Limit Twelve for Doll Contest Great Interest Is being shown by aakersfleld boys and girls between :ho ages of 0 and .12 who are writing essays 6f BO words or le»B stating "Why 1 Would Like to Go to tho LOB Angeles County Fair." The essays are being submitted to the Fox, Nile and California thea- tors whore tho (lolls are on display. There will bo three prizes awarded for the best and neatest reasons submitted and the prizes will be awarded on September 26 at the Saturday morning meeting of the Fox Mickey Mouse Club at tho Fox theater. All cusays are to be sent In by Saturday, September 19 rit which time tho contest closes, giving tho judges ample time to read the hundreds of letters and determine the winners. In addition to tho three Shirley Temple Ranger dolls to bo awarded D.H first, second and third prizes, two additional dolls will bo given to other boys and girls who attend tho meeting at tho Fox theater, Saturday morning September 20. Tho dolls have been sent to Bak- ersfleld by tho Los Angeles County Fair Association who have mado this contest poHslblo through the cooperation of tho Fox theaters and tho Bakersfleld- California. 'n' Andy; .•,'11'" nnlwork — Anifis "MS, 1,11111 and Abncr. K101IN anil net work — \Vlltluin Hard. upouUfr; 7:1", Hitnfrow of tlii! Moiintnil. 7:30 to 8:00 p, m. AVHXAI Lfiv« Story; 7:4i, l.'coll Mir] Hully. NHi' ni'lworU Volrp nt l^tri'Htono. K'l'',ltN and network-- 1'k-li and 1'at. 8:00 to 8:30 p, m. \VT,XAI • Hollywood on I'anulc, " p l ft, Frank Wiininubn. N'ln' iK-twork— l''lbljnr MI-I.IOO and Mr>lly. KKKN ami nnUvorli — Jan Clurljcr :in<] 01 f-hi'Kl i a. 8:30 to 0:00 p. \V(lXAI--l!oniu Kollui: rk — II Inilu l>lnliM K l-ll IN anil i,ftn nrli Cullfi. 9:00 to 9:30 p. WilXAl --N'OWM nasb^o mill Mncon.'B. NH'' iifl work - llu« I li K'l'IKN anil nclworli - m. \'lc I States Barter to | Help Unemployed j i A»snalaled I'rctt Leased Wire) HKLKNA, .Mont., Sept. 14.—Montana and Town, are resorting to barter to lic-lp keep children of relief cllentn warn) this winter. Through a "trude." mado by relief directors, Montana will send Iowa lu.OOu untanncd Hheep polls. Iowa will pull Ihc, wool, make It Into cloth, BPial 11,000 yards back to Montana and keep enough to pay tho cost of producing It. "Our WI'A Mowing rooms will make clothing for Montana, youngsters with the cloth." aald Joseph WtilHon, Montana relief director, as ho announced tho trade. Freight for the. exchangen will bo paid by federal relief authorities, WiitHon mild. IIu said ho was attempting to timingc another "tradti" with Minnesota In which pelts would bo exchanged for sheep-lined garment.". "All three Btaten will gain, bill Iheri! IH no profit-making by any HtHte," he said. The sheep pelts wore from drought prno'.'SHfid whoop bought by th<- federal government In 1'JII-t. 4 » > Elect President, State Fair Group AT FOX Nevada Holdings Bought by Firm (United 1'rctt Lcaied Wire) CARSON CITY, Nov., Sept. 14.— The Pacific Slates Auxiliary Corporation of San Francisco u>day held title to tho vast John G. Taylor, Incorporated ranch holdings In Novada, purchased for JOSo.OOO. Tho nrlco was approved by Loo F. Schmttt. receiver for seven stato banks of the \Vingfiold chain and Morlcy Grlswold, attorney for the Henderson Bank and Mortgage Corporation. Tho Janies A. Clayton Company ot San Jose, Calif., bid $630.000 but declined to go higher. The final prlco wa.i $110.000 higher than tho original hid made by Robert Orlell. representative for Pacific States Auxiliary Corporation. Germans Will Not Enter Cars in Race Iloger \'ryur utid Onit-o Bradley CHOWING for tho last times to- O day und Tuesday Is it romance In rhythm, ".Sitting on tho Moon," with rtoger Pry or, Clraco Bradley and Pert Kclton heading tho cast. Tho second feature nhowlng Is the first five Btar triumph of tho new niovlo season, Wllllttin Powell, Carolo Lomhurd, Alice Brady, Gall Patrick and Jean Dlxon In "Aly Man Godfrey" which relates tho mad, merry monkey shines and astonishing confessions of the dizziest debutante who over broke loose. Found In an ash pile, Powell Is picked up, becomes a butler and a merry romance begins. The latest edition of Tho March of Time, showing "The Lunatic Fringe," the Reverend Gerald Smith, "Maine's Passamaquoddy," an attempt to harness the moon, and "U. H. Milky Way," tho story of tho little known 40-year battlo to prevent spread ot mllk-borno disease, started by "Arncrlcti's Pasteur," is also being shown. (AttoHatcd I'rcas Leased BERLIN. Sept. 14.— Tho Gorman Auto Union, which originally planned to send three cars after the Vandor- bllt cup in the 400-mile race at tho new Roosevelt speedway, New York, October 12, has decided it will not be represented In tho International speed test. The protest of the American Automobile Association against four records claimed by Hans Stuck, Geri man driver, the American curved Football Player's Husband Is Angry (United Press Leased \VlrcJ VIENNA, Sept. 14.— Karl Lutz, husband of tho famous woman football player Maria Lutz, a pr.ctty blondo who plays halfback on tho Tempo team, brought action for dl vorce today. Ho pleaded that ho musl cook keep house and tend the baby while his wife plays football. It was understood that members of the team would testify for tho wife. t < » - MENIAL LIFE 1 i tracks and exchange difficulties all I today In Its first test flight. U was ! figured In the decision of the Auto j learned today. I Mlftii I'rcis l.i-ascd Wire! Union. So far as It could bo learned HAI 'RAMUNTO, Sept. II. U. J. In Die absence of officials, tho A. A. Stnrbiick, Fulli-rton, Oratigo county ; A. protowt against Stuck has not tigrtc ill turn! Inspector, was elected ! been withdrawn. I president of tho Stnto Fair K.vhlbl- 0:30 t Itr to 10:00 mniif of p. l.lfi- Alfrrtl llnrv' '•lir-l'l I il . KKIlN uii'l Hour. 10-00 \Vf.\M AM KI'.IIN iinil lli-\tr-«. 1 ork i 'nlifornta'a p. 10:.IO i|in--il I'I-'I v.'.ili \Vi , .Ilinniy torn AHSoclnllon lodny. lie .succeeds | M. W. Armstrong, Oakland, executive of Hit' Aliuivila County Development AHNUCllltlllll. Other officers elected woro i'. II. i Hurdle. Volo county agricultural ] I'onimlHuloncr. vIco-proHldent. and i r'rnnk Kellogg. Santa Cruz agricultural eoninilHHloner, Hocretavy. I'MVKKSITV OKTS MONKV | I.US ANC.KLI5S. Sept. 14. (A. P.)— ' The I'nlverslty of California was ; $:|'i.OOO richer today aa the result of KlfU accepted by tho board of ro- I gents. , The largest Mnglc gift was $5000 by the Chemical Foundation of Now York. uiannini's Company Would Be Owner of Insolvent Pacific Mutual (United Press Ltated Wire) LOS ANOELBS, Sept. 14.—Th« Occidental Life Insurance Company .» today awaited an answer from officers of the Insolvent Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company to Its proposal to take over tho latter organization's policies. The offer 16 reinsure Pacific Mu- » tual contracts with the exception of noneancellable policies was made by L, M. Olanninl, Ban Francisco banker and president of tho Occidental Life. Me transmitted his formal offer to Samuel L. Carpenter, stato Insurance commissioner, who Is conservator of Pacific mutual assets during tho company's reorganization. The Occidental Lite, which Is affll- ated with Transamerlca Corporation, declared that tho offer was made to "stop any further Injury to western life insurance." Olannlnt's letter to Carpenter declared: We have taken Into consideration tho interest of various classes of pollcyholders and other groups Involved, It being our desire to provide a Just and liberal action to all concerned." * Tho offer, Qlannlnl declared, would be open only for five days, after which It was withdrawn. Tho Occidental proposal contained tho following points: 1. Transamerlca group to underwrite an Increase In tho capital anil surplus of Occidental equal to the . capital and surplus In tho now Pacific Mutual Company recently proposed. 2. Occidental to give representa-. lion on Its board of directors of all groups In Pacific Mutual. 3. Carpenter to transfer to Occidental with court approval all contracts except noncancellablo contracts and Occidental to assume anil reinsure them without Hon. 4. Occidental to enter Into equitable and mutually satisfactory agreements with all agents and other company representatives anil to retain all satisfactory personnel.* •« « » Change Cruisers in European Sea" fVnltcd fri'ss Leased Ifirc) WASHINGTON, Sept. 14.—Tho. light cruiser Raleigh will replace tho heavy cruiser Quincy In European waters early in October, tho navy department announced today. The Quincy will return to tho United States to conduct her final acceptance trials which were Interrupted when she was ordered to duty In Spanish waters lout month The plane, largest ever built by ' while on her shake-down cruise. A. tho Douglas Aircraft Company, has number of speed and othur trials attracted the attention of Pun Amer- remain to bo undergone before the lean officials who may buy It for navy department takes final accept- use on their Chinese routes, It was > unoe of the big cruiser from her reported. I biulders, the Fore River Shipyard at A modification of tho four-englned Quincy. Muss. "clipper" ships now flying between The Ualolgh, also a produce of tho San Francisco and Manila, the fly- shipyards at Quincy. was commts- Ing boat bus been designed to cruise j tdoned In February, 192-1. and Is tin- 1800 miles without refueling. It has i dergolng overhaul at tho .Norfolk a probablu cruising speed of 16T navy yard. The Raleigh i,s corn- New Douglas Plane to Receive Tests I'rcis Leaned U'irel SANTA MONICA. Sept. 14.— A twln-englncd 32-passenger flying boat, which possibly may bo bought by the Japanese government or the Pan American Airways, Is scheduled to take off from Santa Monica Bay miles per hour, and a maximum ppeed of IS." miles per hour. manded by Captain Little Kock, Ark. Edward J. Foy, irlil In I lor.ii'y 10:30 to 11 :00 p. m \\ii\AI -All Kl'JIlN inn! l wurli •- Jan (.iar- Bid HITS COOI .Icini IIAKLOW "SUZY" 1'nl 0'I1KH!N "PUBLIC ENEMY'S WIFt" BAKERSFIELD Friday <| A Sept. JL O TULARF. AND KENTUCKY STH. max* A 12-Tuht Sri . . . Mnal Tubei Inth Sheakrr . . ' 12- dlt-H'orld Rtffption . . , Patented "J'iolin -Shaped" Cabinet. U Hmllli'i •TAIIIE IfNNIH' n<> Ihr HlRO»— In All Thli Wr«k DR. "X' VIRGINIA Opmi . l_2- Today and Tueiday Two Big Postures WARNER BAXTER GLORIA STUART "THE PRISONER OF SHARK ISLAND" BOB STEELE "THE LAW RIDES" Also Comedy «nd Nt>w» GRANADA NOW-OHARUE CHAPLIN "MODERN TIMES" ,ind WARNER OLANO in "Charlie Chan al tho Circus" Aleo News, Short SuhlocU A L L N THIS YEAH' FAR BIGGER AND GREATER THAN EVER! io«oPtOPLt- NEW TO AMERICA 400 ARC NIC 5! ARS "f A V A T T A - 60 CLOWNS — *i **•**• * f+ lit MtNAOERIE TROUPE ANIMALS— 30 fUf HANTS — 3 ». R. TRAINS Of DOUBU LtNOlH CARS LOADID WITH WONDtRS FROM ALL PARTS OF IHt WORLD —S7.500 DAILY EXPENSE COLOSSAL FREE STREET PARADE 11"».' M~. 11 :00 to 11:30 p. m. mnl ni-i work --Dlolt Jur- K«h i (iri-lii-hlrii. 11:30 to Mldnlalit KK.KN ud nolwiirk .Ilinniy llld- tlli-H mnl lirflii'cirii. NOTICE TO ALL FRIENDS OF MAJOR BOWES Al HOUR Germs DOUBLE PLAY INNI* JACKIT OF XIUOfHANt" Opini from Iht Tap Now on EVERY •RURSDAY: STATION KERN—S to 6 P.C.T. COLUMBIA COAST-TO-COAfTNCTWORK SPONSORED BY PLYMOUTH-DODGE DESOTO CHRYSLER DEALERS OUTl* JACKIT OF "CIUOPHANI" Opini from IK* l»Hom FOR YOUR CIGARETTE MONEY! 9 nii>tnt. IN Tilt WORLD ZOEPPE FAMILY iu n o P r'i *iNfcA- TIONAl tnUIU*HIIT<» TWICE DAILY 2 &8 P.M. DOORS OPJN 1 A 7 r. M. POPULAR PRICES ENDS TODAY William POWELL. Jenn ARTHUR "THE EX-MRS. BRADFORD" and Blu Rnce Track Hit "KENTUCKY BLUE STREAK" Major Qowes Amateur*; Newt. Heaervetl jitut Admlnitlon llckntt on Sale Clrcm Day nt Klmbnll >t Blone. Drii09. NlMRtflenth ri^d C/hnatrr He 00c» Roanilna, Not Olomnlny Mary Bolnnd, Chariot Fluaglen In "EARLY TO BED" and Eleanor Whltnry, Rol'l. Ciiinmlng.9 In "THREE CHEERS FOR LOVE" rtoon A., t NOWH U.ikemfleUI'» Mont Unk|uo Ca»e CHOW MEIN CHOP SUEY 25c Sarveti Prom & |>. m. to U:30 p. m. Unlly FREE COCKTAIL With ftOc Oril«r or Mni-n Chinrm or AmerUtii) Uuhc.i THREE FLOOR SHOWS NIOHTLY SIIIHl.KY 7'KiWPrf?. /oivlv llttl* 201h (>Mfnr>'-Fax .Stnr, n/iou'c /low fosv It U loTKLEDlAt.! • Tune in 1S stations in 15 .seconds with new TKI.EDIAL! Easier to dial than your telephone! Go from one station to another its fast ns you can flip your finger. N c w " V i o 1 i n • Shaped" cabinet produces finest tone in radio. Sec and hear it today. JOHN R. HUFF 1682 Chester Avenue Near the Clock Tower Cash for Old Gold Do Not Sell to Stranger* Wickersham Co. " Hlnetoonth «nd "Eye" Struts Dr. YUM Meter (Jives Specinl Attention to Artificial Teeth All iilKloi* mink' In our own laborutory THEY'RE DOUBLE-MELLOW THEY RE DOUBLY FRESH THEVRE DOUBLY GUARANTEED THEY'RE DOl/SLE-MELLOW... with the delightful flavor and fragrance of PRIZE CROP tobaccos ... the choicest of home-grown and imported leaf. THEY'RE DOUBLY FRESH . . . Every package is wrapped in 2 jackets of the highest quality moisture-proof Cellophane . . . Proof against dampness, dryness and dust. THEY'RE DOUBLY GUARANTEED. Smoke half a pack of "Double-Mellow" Old Golds ... If then, you're not more than pleased, mail us the remaining 10 cigarettes within 30 days of this date and we'll send you double the price you paid for the full package, plus postage. P. LORILLARD COMPANY, Inc. (Established 1760) 119 West 40th Street.... New York City COOTldkh 1*3*. ky r. UMUw< C*., KM. PRIZE CROP TOBACCOS 2 JACKETS, DOUBLE "CELLOPHANE," make them DOUBLE-MELLOW keep them FACTORY-FRESH

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