The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 14, 1936 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 14, 1936
Page 7
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I— . '. ' '-. F '- I • •' - . . " - -: m ' -, I > . 1 -• ' -. -• - » v/ 1 r i I I - tffitlSfiMJBttSPlfiLO CAliiPQilNIAK, MONDAY,- SKPTBMBB& 14, 1936 - - — . " »-..•': . - •• -•-.''•. i ' ! -. - - . ' . • . . * . . v.-v-^ 1 -^ - •- • •*--' *• •^ f ' l 'y;vif#W-V^Ai i k^ '•! .."^•• ; . "• ; Vt, '^r^Vfr^:^ •-v 11 '- *"' -*^rs:< v^:^^^ ... •;• •-• " -A;/:." 1 /. -. "•• ' ,:v •';'/• :*H«-''Hx£<sfi^ ' - •' ' •; • ' * ' .-'.-• •'-:>.• • .- * "T"AV -." • ;x '-*-:--"^ m &rX^ • '"' - ••'- ^-• J • • hl -- in ons Mark Gath en meeting the Hfst Con CAlifotnla cnth Irkt H6n rift* •'Splendid Improvment Made; Teachers Added for Big Enrollment ,-_.. . L.L-l-l - * • Four new teachers have been added to the teaching staff of the Kockpllo grammar school which will h reftumo sessions, September 21, when a portion of the new building will be rendy for occupancy. _ .. *• Add to School Last spring three and one-half BecUons of land were added to tho Kockpllc district. This change of district linen will change the attendance of tho past year OC 71 to an expected attendance of near 200 pupils for this year. Therefore, many improvements wcro necessary at tho school this summer, tfour now rooms were added to the bulld- A now 49-pasBonger bus has 6f Mr enta and Teachers for the 1686-1087 wesson Announced for Friday Of thU week, will be a school of instruction for ft<*w president and chairmen. Mrs. Carl Nair will open the weaslon nt 1.0 o'clock in the morning at Jaatro park* -A potluck luncheon will be served at noon, and the women will continue in the afternoon with business and study of P, T. A. procedures. Mrs. Natr will present a report on a recfent meeting of the state board of htanAfffet* held in Oakland. !At RUES ELD MUNCH Memory of Popular Post Pocahonlns; Busy Schedule Begun Many Jobs Await Trained Women; Center Opens Soon •JI>»AI» | i .I.A.TOM 4> *' A NT woman badly in need of em-1 •"•ployment will Jhav6 an opportu* ' nlty to atop into tho bettor-paid class I of household employe* through the opening of the second class at the •\\*PA Household Employes Train- Mrs. McManus Is Back From South Mrs. Thomas "W. McManus and her children have returned from n been pnrGhaBcdV^ lBO°n*ow pilpils' I month's vacation at IA Jotla, where dOHko are some of tho new equip- they enjoyed beach activities. They mont added. Thcs school board has alao v | R ii e a the exposition at San through much effort made It possl- • ._ ,_ .. QHAtl/t . rl ,u n Vnrrt nnwi tola for tho children of tho district P*** 0 and attended the *ord Bowl to have some of tho bettor faclli- concerts there. Alfred ITcrt* dl- tics and equipment found in tho|rectod at the programs. A family best 'schools of tho state. Teaching Staff Teachers returning, to their regular positions are Mrs. Margaret .Welch Hauser who will teach third grade and Wilbur Hoke, principal and fifth and sixth grade teacher. Among tho four new teachers Is Miss Fern Grant, who Is a graduate of Southeastern Teachers' College of Oklahoma and who has also attended tho University of Southern California. She will teach first grades Miss Grant has had several yeui'H* teaching experience In tho Tlpton schools of Oklahoma. * Miss Amy kou WIldma.ii, a graduate of Broadoaks School of Education, AVhlttler College, will be the second grade teacher. Mrs. Carol Hamilton will tench f fourth grade* Mrs. Hamilton Is a graduate of Whittlor College and has taught several years In Ventura County. Lester Talbot of Fresno Stato •College will teach seventh and eighth grade. Mr. Talbot has taught In the Fresno Summer Schools for two sessions. Other Helpers Clarence Huascl will continue oe bus driver und caro taker. Clarence Yuussey will assist the caro laker and ulno drlvo a bus. Aaron Noft Is Clerk of tho board for this year. Other board members are J. JC. Saint and 13dgar Combs. .. reunion was held with Mrs. Monus* brothers, David and Joseph Bacon and their mother,, Mrs. IX N. Bacon of San Diogo, as well us with Dr. Bonn Bacon, another brother of Mrs. McManus, who resides at Kl Centro. Mrs. McManuts, who Is a local piano teacher, Is now making contacts with her pupils preparatory to opening her piano studio at her home, 2004 Verde street, for tho fall and winter season. Council Sponsors Successful Party Kl Tcjon Council. Xo. 215, Degree of PocnhonUiH onlertiilnod recently at the ficcoud of a series of card parties at Eagle* hall with Mrs. Margaret ClnfUn and Wlnnefrod DC* lagnoN us co-hoatesRcs. Prl/es were awarded In five hundred to Mrs. lOttii Reed, Mrs. Stella OaBtro and Mrs. Oail Caldwoll. Prizes wero awarded In pedro to Mrs. Melon Fujun, Mrs. Kitty Zchner and Mrs. ^taud Qulnn. Tho door prize \va« awarded to Mrs. (la 11 Culclwell. Tho third of the sorlefi will bo held Friday afternoon. September 25, at 2 o'clock In KngloH hall \vlth Mrs. Kthol AVllliH us huMtcMN. Vivo hundred and pedro will be tho Ramos played with prizes awarded in both tn memory of tho lato Mr». Ctitlv orm> Delanty, paat T>ocahonU», an Impressivfc service was held when Kl Tejon Council, No. 215, Degree of Pocahontas met in regular session recently nt Iflaslos hall, with Mrs. Gail Caldwell. Pocahontan, presiding. Mrs. Dolanty was a charter member of the council, Mrs, Cnld- well, Mm. W. C. Willis and Mrs. Atargarct. Claflin ofCicialoU during tho charter-draping service, A report on Groat Council sessions at lied Bluff wan given by Mrs. Palmu ttlauk. Mrs. Black and Mrs, Mary Pratl were the delegates from Kl Trjon Councjl. Next year's session will be hold In Stockton. Mrs. Grace- M.cMasters of Richmond, appointed Mrn. Black a member of j tho state publicity committee. Twmi- ty-six councils In tho following cillos are under her supervision: Stockton. Tulare. liunford, A venal, Merced, Modesto, McKittrick, BakorsfUMd, Santa Maria, Sunta Barbara, Los Angeles, San Pedro, Montebollo, Van Nnys, Long Beach, Tluntington Park, AVhittlcr, Belvedere Oardcnw. aiverslde, Lennox. Corona and Al- hambro. State and district prlsses aro to bo given and an active publicity campaign i» planned. For Mrs. Black Tn recognition of Mrs. Black's ap* pointmont tho members of 1S1 Tejon Council are sponsoring o'clock dinner at Kl Tejoi\ hotel Friday, September JS. All Interested persons are requested to call Mrs. Llndsey Lyons who Is chairman of the affair. On Wednesday cVening a card party devoted to five hundred will bo held at Mrs. Caliiwell'H homo, 2741 Sevicr street, Descuiiso .Park. Attractive, prlstefl will be given and refreshments served. Mrs. ClftfUnwind Mrs. CaUUvcll aro the hostesses. On September 2& a social session for members nncl invited Kuests la planned. Mrs. ICIIeen Waldron IH chairman hnd will announce details for this affair later. Tho third curd party of a scrlOR la scheduled for tho afternoon of September liB with Mrs. W. C. Willis find Mrs. Lyons us cohostesses. Adoption Soon Adoption of candidates will be October i»; tho dcgroo team under tiio direction of Llndsoy Lyons will exemplify the deffroo work. Mrs. W. C. Willis Is tho now district Uonuty sueoocillnK' Mrn. litlu Hood and Urcat Trusleo lOdna Gruco Cross, trained teacher of home economic* who will uso her' own homf> at 2300 Sunset nvenuo na the laboratory fot* tho elftht-week' training course. The women and i KirlB enrolled will i*ecelv« Instruction In cooking, ehlM t*nro, ho\isi', N OPENING Fellows Women to Pick Leaders at Meeting Friday MOE THAN Gain Dntic^ Tuesday Night Is First of Several Autumn Events ANOTHER farm home dcpnrt- "•ment, the women of the Pel- Center on September 21. This cleaning, hy*!ene and ftthiea, Thoy Was tho nnnonncomont of Hcrshol i are provided with stroot car fnro ChampHn, labor co-otntinntor of the local fYderat ICmploymont Servloo, who paid today that thoro arc moro looal johs than thoro aro women to fill them. "Tho women who talco the train- Ing at tho school will have n fino chance to step Immediately into a Job xvlth good wages," ho mild. Tho second claim of tho local school will'be directed hy Mrs. Hay- itnd lunches and ar« given n work uniform and dress uniform at tho completion of the course. activities for fall of people of tlio Mutual Inv j provement AsBoclatlon of the Church of JOSUH Christ of Latter Day Saints Fruilvttlc Couple Celebrate Fifty Fifth Date of Wisconsin Vows Korn county boasts more than IU of "happy though married" mrlans. Among them are r. and Mrn. C. A. Green of Fruit- AppUcanta between tho ng^fl or 1rt;it dancing party and social evening antl 40 or more arts received and they may apply nt tho local employment office ixt Ktghleenth and I- Hi rent 8 or at tho Wl'A office nt 2504 M fctroot. Tlun'o is still vacancy for nevornl women nt tho training con* tor. it IH announced, Buttonwillow oys Kernville Western Are Party Guests i Now Being Filmed nUTTOXAVILLOAV. 8opt. 14.- A surprise, birthday party was given at the homo of Mr. and Sirs. Charles beini? made by the Reliable Tloturo K.EKNY1MJHJ, Sojit. 14,—Tho lut- Kernvlll** western tnovlo IH now ttohunnan Thursday in honor of Warren Bohonnan, who WUH U years old. Those enjoying (ho g&men , and refreshment* were: Bruce nml I Vlnronl - Tbo ' >!ctur ° Hodncy Uunkor, l-Yank and Donald Slooum, l-co and Arthur Uhilurduccl, Glen Faucher, Gene and .lack Whitton. Company of Hollywood. On location wtlh the company UN leading mnn and Indy arc Hob Ountcr and Victory will remain In Kcrnvlllo for u week he- fore returning to the movlo cnpltnl. Another compnny Is exported to at- set for Tuesday evening at 8:30 o'clock at tho new recreation hall located nt King and Monterey strrotH. Hcfreshments will be nerved. Those wishing to wear Frontier l>nyM cofltttincfl aro being Invited to do HO. although the costuming U on- tlroly optional, The occasion xvill provide an ex- opportunity for viewing tho new building. It is prolmhlc that dunces will be hold MI weekly Intervals on Frlrtny evcnlngH from now on, and tnectlngn will he conducted at 7:30 o'clock each TuoMday rvcnlng. Mrs. Plover Sander A hcadM tt»o yoinifr womotVw uult and J. D. Itayn, the young i Unit, will re*organi;M* for the year at n meeting to be held on Friday morning at 9:30 o'clock nt the home economics department of the Fellow* school. The demonstration will be on the buying of canned goods, with tomatoes as the special subject. Election of officers will be conducted at the business meeting. Miss Dorothy Wilkinson, farm home department demonstration agent will conduct the demonstration* •" "' '••••••• " ' • | M,\ (Jreen came to Kern county HOME PROM SOUTH t 15 years ago wlwm ho retired from Mr. and Mrs. U, A. Force and ' active railroad wervico. their children Richard and Shirley i The couple were born, reared and have returned from an 11-daya' stay j married In Wisconsin. They were in tho sotith where they wore guests wedded tn Mansion. Both are ac- of Mr*. Force's sister, Miss Houlnh Uvo In church oirctos. having been ShlnUlc. at Santa Monica and Mr. ! workers tn the Methodist Church and MI-H, William Wycoff of Fuller- j ami Kulvution Army. The other mem- ton, formerly of ItnkorattelU. In Wan ! her of tho family la Mrs. Charles Dlogo they vtaltcd Mrs. Frank j Ilahn. a daughter, of Davenport. nunbttr* lown. i vaU- who hu v« been wedded 5 yearn, and who celebrated their an* nlversnry Sppli-inbe.r 4 at an Informal HiirprlHo party arranged by their daiightur, Mrs. Kronk Lane, and their granddaughter, Miss Alice COWS STAMPKDK CROWD HLIKSK1K1.D, Ohio. Sept. H. (U. i P.)—A lempnrftinenlal cow that ob jectcd to participation In a milkin led a hord of TO into n crowd rivi- in Kcrnvtlla shortly after tho { of 6000 pcrflonn nt the nilftMVUl llar- of tho present one. vest KoMlvnl. Nono was hurt. i Et-ftv •vl WELC Scoop etter D WITH GAS PAINS LD LADY G "Gastric Pains from Aw- n f ul Gas Kept Me Awake All Night I Urge All Sufferers to Try Van-Tage." Read This Amazing Experience of a California Club Woman. KVery pornon who sufforu from 111* ness should investigate the roaJly amitzing rcaulta local men and women aro getting from Van-Taffb— the now Internal Medicine. Thou* sands of bottles have been sold in this vicinity alone, and many grate- r fUl people have gotten biassed relief. if ^ Suffered for Years * ^ * * A prominent lodge worker, Mra. o Oilmore, 71'4 Bernard BakorafioW, writes enthusias- , . -. tically: "This statement of 'mine IB the whole truth in every respect, l will; verify it to anybody. I have been a sufferer from ulugfelsh.atom* aoh and liver for years. I was racked with gas pains that finally went to my lo\v*r bowels* severe gastrio pains from awful gas kept me awake all night, I would OChG all oV&r. I had bilious spells and frlfhtfu^ head* aches. 1 tried medicine after medicine but none did me any good and t had alinoHt given up hope until I trtok Vkn*Tage. "It han a wonderful action on my Htomach organs, working out tho KOH and bloatlnK, Now I eat what I want and enjoy my incaln. My nerve* arc much better, and my nl««P la unbroken hy pain. Van* Tago la a wondorful medicine and I am glad to authorize you to uffe my nama to send thin nows to all who suffer an I did, I urge them to try the medicine that has rebuilt my strength. What Van-Tage Is VANVTAQJS is nationally recommended by leading druggists, and Cook of Long J touch will visit thy I council in tliu noiir future . 1 Tho next muotlng \\i\\ bo Friday, September 25, at 7 o'clock proradhitf th<s HtK'Uil HOHsion planned Cor that pvcning. Following tho meeting. r«- froMhnicntH \voro Horvi'U In tht' Imn- quct room by Mrs. Caldwoll and her coinmlttoo. Senior League Has Pleasant Evening Monolopy. ICftsy Money and Chl- ncso chi-ekei'H were the ganu*H en- Joyed whbn iho senior iCpworlh League of First MethodiHt Ohurch WUH ontertatned recently at tho home of Mrs. H. A. McCorinae. ft IS Oleander avenue. Mrs. McCormuc was assisted by Miss M audio Baker and Miss AVIlma Shore. Among thoflo attending were Misses Madeline Dexter, Frances ttoxler, Phyllis llalston, Wilma Shore, Oraco Anderson, Uraco De- Oroot, Fmncfts Baker, Bllllo Cox, InoJ! Haveroraft, Katherino Hancock, Janet AVmman, Jflvolyn lllgglns, Maudie bakor and Messrs. Wlwyn tttldo, Charles Anderson, Ira Wolfe ana tho Bovorend Orovor lialston. Studio Couch! 75 r- • i ^"i ~nr Not exactly a salesman. He u a missionary of better household efficiency anil economy. He understand* the chemistry of washing clothes through scientific teats worked out in the factory laboratory. He understands the worn an'ft washday problem by having discussed it with thousands, by having personally demonstrated Maytag performance in homes, week after week. • It is the Maytag Man's idea to lot you *rli yourself, after he ha* demonstrated that a Maytag washes Just Pay 75c Down! A faster, l>ct MODEL 10 tnty It tht wortejamous gwltnt Multi-Metot. more economically and metre conveniently. Upon his courtesy and integrity rrm the reputation of The Maytag Company. Welcome the Mftytug Man. • enallt and 75c Weekly No Interest \\V11 lake n bow on ihl« value! Jta coir- struct Ion. stylo and conveniences will bo a Ktvui Mirprlsu to you at this price! It haw a bedding compartment, coil spring base, hi-irisors guide control, 27-lb, innerspring mum-ess, tuul utyled right! Just 91*4. 76. und 7f»f down will deliver it to your Iniine! . . 75c a week on the balance! No interest. Oilier Twin Muillo Couche.n uh l,«u as S TrnOe In Your Old Studio Couch to q/ // McMAHAN FURNITURE CO. Eighteenth and H Streets Phone 583 Bakersfleldp California Ifl (j 1 f 11\ AN Home Furnishers 1631 Eighteenth Bakersficld THE M "I had been a sufferer from s to in nrli l>lottt and gas for years," writes Mrs. Glhnoro of Bakersfield, "until I look Vati*ta»el" contains a combination of ingrodl- eniH found in no olhor formula^ These Ingredients mix with the food in one's stomach, thus throwing off potfldnfi that foster acid fctomach troubles and helping the liver and bowels to function properly. It will oieanso your bowels (ffradually—not drftstlo or severe) and lone them Into better daily ftctiou^ — Nature's Own Herbs U will bring out awful fraasoa and impurities (frequently from tho first dose) which may have been Inside of you for a long lime, contaminating your blood uml Inner organs, Hprcarl- ing this poison over your «y$tem in ] general ftnd rtiiislug you liiuiiy days of misery with liojulacho«, fllfcay f Hklii crnptlonfl, fo\il brwitli. , And, bobt of all, tho coat la unmli. Hjotly c«n iftkft VAN'-TAOIC for Just a few e«ml« dully! BUirt taking It TODAYt You can get n bottle ot tho Owl Drlig Store, th<* IContom Drug Btore, and all dru»fgi»tfi In Bak- ernfloia, Taft and Marlcopa. SUitt in today the VAK-TAOE way: Comfort in That Hour of Need ^ r is given everyone who comes to the Fllcklnger-Dlgler Chapel where we attempt to provide tho beat tor-on little aft possible. The entire funeral coat here U only the cost of the casket, which with tho value Offered. We also urpo you not to over- purchase. Telephone ..'"'-. * W , . - . FRANK OIGIEK 1227 CUBStER -AVMNCR stm Terms bottom Bag or French Doll! ith any Lane Cheat at $29,60 or more, wo will give you either this smart now featherweight traveling bag, black grain with green »iik in- torior, convenient poeketn and mirror ... or .80-inch French Doll! ENTIRELY FKBt Insu policy moths famous AUTOMATIC wonderful Home Furnishers T f ^mr ^•r r ^^ » "^^ ^ '•«•' ^^ — ^^- ^ ROADLOOM Weekly Roomful for Just Square Yard <? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^r^^^^^^^^^^^r^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^» a Month We bought u tremendous quantity of one color and secured a favorable price for you! . . . I u pebble weave type broadlooai, Ktuftrt ftuti practical, doesn't show up a trail or footprints, ea*y to clean, and wears wonderfully! 9 feet wide, and can bo cut AS LONG AS YOU WISH! A real value at $3.85 ft square yard! akcrsfield—Phonc 583 McMAHAN ^ Home Furnishers 1631 Eighteenth f Bnkersfield r m > - h A, i. I . - - - .1 -t •i * V-" .r tv t ",T-'- i - "I >«"?-•! 1 S» L -* 1 V I. •• •1-'. I V J -. P - t- - J. I . I •_• -r * .1 - - f I " -•'-. f . L J y tJ •_• -t ^ -i. . i i l ' 'I t - * -J • - 1

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