The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 14, 1936 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
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Monday, September 14, 1936
Page 5
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v v '-.-.,.' ? r * fti -.-. - • '- CHARMING 85th Anniversary 1 ' ,. - ' . i ., J fl , .' . 1- - • L mf Mrs. Kreiser to Wdk 4 • . -. m '. ,' ^" < *'-'-- ,*k J - T ' a 1 ' Rebekah Lodge to 1 • ^ • — _m_ f tf l J ^ L ' I ^^^^^^^^ n Address U. D. C, Here Chapter'Meeting Overton.Ufl<Uff Wedding Complimenting Miss fla Business Events , Women of the Stockdalo Country Club Will meet Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock at, the olubhouse, it was announced today by Mrs. 3. C. BeggB, president of the wotnen'n organization, Tho schedule of golt-.tburnamenta, local women's days at the clubbotme, ftoolal eventB.that will mark the sea- aon, and other businesBNYlli be taken at the meeting 1 . ivoinon ure, response for many of the gay affairs at tho clubhouse during: thd season, and they Will probably wot the date for the., ,. t opening function at thd coming; br f aftl meeting. It J« expected that meht-lth« rELEBtlATiNG the nnnivcr^ftfy of the order, bers ttf BttkcrMficId R^bdlmh Lodge Jyo. 47 will convene Tiifcftlay evening nil. 0. 0* P, hall for a special fifOftfatft. / Afrl. E* 0. Klmberley l« chairman of the evening* Mrs, Henc WIlcN liable Rrttnd, announce* that nil hiertibcrs will Refreshments will He served. Club Group Knjoys Talk by T f I Dr. Schaper on Aslronotriy; Attend Dinner Proving one of ,iha moat luterent ihg- excursions ever enjoyed by tho Miss )*Mna Barbara Overtoil, the ctiiug'hter of Mrs, Julia overtoil and A* Ifl., Overton, been mo-the bride of William Powell ttaUift the son of Mr, antl Mrs. O. W. Uatliff, Saturday niffht at s fc*6io<ik nt Ht. duthollc lieclory. The cereinony In»|>tivii by tho UtftroUuU of Miss MlWnnl JtiUfie- ENJOYED BY CLUB Mr. and Mr*, t u\o daughter of dowse tiny, m« Members t?l, , to Quinby \V. thfe Bon of MVs. Albert AV. ArohU", Mo.» ari enohftiit* of Shakespearean j._j_ and .Professional Womon'H dlub,. 30 members journeyed to tveono Sunday to accept the hospitality of Doctor and Mr*. A, Schaper and Alias Holen fiporger in a tour of tftony Brook lletrettl and the Kern County i^re- vetUOrium, A talk by Doctor £cha- nor, illustrated by slides ntada by a new color process, nddod Interest to tho afternoon, At the dinner fclfcllt; 14.—AI hour a delectab'lo meal was served urn- triv^n i.rmotni,- „* al t-ho Prcjvcntorlum whoi*e tho chit- Waft tfven «»m > at d|W h||d Mfcb|lM M|g8 , t «tman S por, Mt% D. O. Whitton, in gor in developing a olrcua motif* bershlp will also be considered at the | honor Of Mffi, James lionper, nee Confectionary and wooden animate, session, • H t Piano Is Needed at ' Arvin Family Miss Wlltna Wright. attending wero Mesdames BelloW, DorHs Bright, Ada John Overtoil, B. 12. tato. Walter Overtoil, U. C. teolt-, C. C. Venttble, Billy ftftrker, Alarjorta Web- Th* loan,* the tftt of a piano I g«fr ^^UiS^TI 1 ^ Wilt be greatly appreciated at the §• ]J;af^^^nartuwi Ataa Migratory catifr of the l^f ^o ; M i 1 ^^ ment Administration at Aryln, it I fli010 ' 110U5 Mluer ail(I JNlltt - Kin »was announced today by Tom Col- lids, administrator Transportation charges or oven a small purchase price can be advanced Mr. Collins said. The piano is badly needed for tho community program?* nt the camp, and anyone having a piano, to loan of felves la retiueatetl to tele. vv £ uon ' th , . _, , , Mv ^nllltiH nt 8708.UM ™ e children present were Jack Mi. Collins at «7U3 u *. | Oyerto|n ^by Mnlei% U0(1ncy klflff( Mario Mole, Dorothy Frank*?, Jfay Wright, Junlco Webster, Barbara Barker, dene and .lack Whitton. tent favora, scores of balloons and " aWdU * 1 The Misses Lucy Wooder, Loi«ha i HotamaiiRnerirot flurrowfi. Marjorie Howker, Isabel 1 iUamanBpelK ° l Group In the evening the club women hnd tho prlvltego of using tho institutions' fine telescopes and Doctor Schaper gave a popular talk on astronomy. Among those attending besides Doctor and Mrs. Schaper and Miss ftorfofmed by the Hevurehd father Fred Crowiey, Attendants were Minn Krancaa Overtoil, ulster of tlm bride, and William Wallace of Fhofenlx. Mrs. ttatllff WH« gowned in & navy blue alreet dn>»« with lihtn ftcdes- And wore a gahionla oo rouge. brU1e«tnaid selected u green tftreet dress worn with blfto.k accessories. Her corsage was of American Beauty buds, Afttfr the cWetnbny, a reception Was held at Hotel radra. Mrs. Hntllff wtt« graduated from the local high school WHh tho class df 1D3S. She is a p^ulfti* membor or Taylor inftly term tiffed lunchoon and cara c . i r « ^ _ * . . Study Groups Ctucsls at Knar Home Here tho | floor of I-lotol Ml Tejoii by ' 13. Wlckerfthnm and ; allot* O. Wleki'rsham, 8f»i*ot'ity slaters of tho bt'ldo-oloot. Tho wedding will bo colabraUnl in liakorsfiuld In October, Tho betrothal is of interest to At an Informal ton, vuoiiUontnff ' ° c Club woro ttciooiunO imtfk Huiulay at th<* homo of Mrs. ARIIPH Montgomery Knar, f.t>2 HtMilo avontio, from 11 to C Vacation oxwricmwH worn oial and Atudcnt eltvles in the bay j oxclmftged ovor thn toaeups and a and pennihBuhi as well an Inlter was wnd from Mrs, M. J, woro. McyadarnoS Julia and tlomanlni, Theresa Yolanda Pierruccl, honor guest, Mrs, James Hopper, the hostesses, Mrs, T. J. Wright, Mrs. t>. 0. Whitton and Miss June osm^tics to Come Under Strict Rule LOB Atfd&IjtiS, Sept. J4. — fho state board of public health will demand stringent regulation of tho manufacture and sale oi! cosmetics by the next Legislature, Dr. Walter M. Dickie, executive officer, said today* "K 1 NOW Your Scliool" will bo the topic of Mrs. Claude Blodgnt, Rashes, sklh eruptions and other principal, at tho first this ^+~' •— -^ •— —• — — — ™ T --- — — — — -^ _^-____-^_ ._ _^ v « - ^ ^ ^ • • -. K^^r««i ««*^_ ^f *- • f • f^ ^ • V P *^ I dmfiguring ailments have been re- fall of Willintits P/T. A. Which will ported by hundreds of Women bo held at '2 o'clock Wednesday aft- throughout California who have Used Urnoon al tne BC hool auditorium, certain cosmotic brands, which can A reception will not be controlled under any present | mothers of children sWite law, Dodtor l^tcklo said. •riJUKKYS I'JjJfiN'WKUL TUtlLOOK. Oiilif., Sept. 14.—(A. TurloCk served notice on the country today ihrough a 'Department of Agriculture survey, that there Wtiuld bo bo held for enrolling for Hit? flriit time at Williams School. Mrs. C. A. Renfro will outline program plnn.M for the your. Tea Will be Served by thn executive boo rd. Mr*. L. .1. Ulanchi will preside. Laura Nichols. Wthel Brown. M. T. Deliolt, Kffle Farris, pnmitlont, Hernloe Immb. Blanche Martin, Llllian Lola Summerft, Oor» trudo McDonald. Fannlo McOullon, Mao Galey, M In Mori I^ella Xelson, transportation chnlrman, Jo«slo Tbp- pftr. Hadle Cl«ndenen. Beatrice Uoy- nolds, Mildred UeBolt, Ixnil&o Hichoau, Kvolyn <3ombo«, Merlo Scatefl, Thorowv Moon, Dorothy T)a- vlH. Florehce MoCUlleti, .Teaniio Haupt, Yvonne BefgeHi Monte Bedwell and MVra Noljle. Honrd Convenes At a board meeting conducted Fri- day'evening at Mrs. Karris' home on Jefferson si-reel, plahti woro perfected for a liume-eoming banquet Heplembor 21* for activity in ooitnec- tion with Frontier "Days and for theater pHrtiow, bVid^e liaKiew, and other events. Several mombers will journey to Tulare Beptembr 1 Margaret Mury's Yotuiff lufttituto and 1ft organist for that or- ^aniaation. She also Is a inombor of the adult church choi* 1 at 8t, Francis Church. Mr. Hutllff Attended tho loaaVhinU school also. H« IB omployod by iho Commercial Drilling Company, 'l*ho young couplo arft honeymooning in the* south. Upon their return they will live ih Bakersfleld. Tho .brido 1ms been extensively feted recently, one of the later partlew including that presided over by Mrs. William Homero, a surprism kiteht*n shower FVIday evening at her homo, ItiOH 0 fllrool. Prt»cs were won by MI-M. Stewart Magec» MisH Doloi-on HhaughnoHtty, Airs. H, H> Hiel and the honoroo. Mmi Homero was assisted by hor aunt. Mrs. It. H. itiel. The guests besides the brido included Moscuunofl Poitrle A, 81 rooter, J. A. Mason, n, U. Uiel 4 HteWart Mngee, Uhet Roberta. Arthur Hoone» lllanoh Cyr, Julia Overtoil, William Homoro, Sally Morrow mid tho Misses Dolores HhnughnosHy and Frunwa Overtoh. Ui»lntlves attending tho included; Bernard 1^, Miller. Messrs, and MemiameA- MH Hay t a native daugh tor of liakcrsfiohl, rocolvwl her hitor education at tho t.'nlvoraity of cnll- Meadows, orgunlzor. MoadowM d&nt tfreotn\Kr» and In part, lt l am happy over the itnd Mr, Taylor, a petroleum enthuMnam and intprewt whown by r for tho Oenorat Potrolaum tho throo n^>w prtnidtmtft; tho »eanon Corporation. iH un alumnus of Stan-i of ttKtrt-37 should provo a worthwhile Everyman Resumes With New Costumes Htewart Magetv CharloB Morel Fred Johnson (LonR Hoach) Henry Morol W. A* May hew H. Qroior AlcHdainos Julia Ovorton H. L. HaUlfr \V.C. Nanoi? l,>. \V, Ualliff A. W, Overtoil U A.Duncan (HuntlngUm Park) \V. P. Nance W. P. Homoro Itou Hitrlow Hlanohe t'yr Ryman foul UhlverHity. The brido-olect Is a niomber of Omlc.ron Kappa Sorority, the AtnoHcan .Associatiun of Unl- Women and Mdvorat other or- yo,ar io all. May you ootHltuio to gauiztitiouH and hor finance i» Identi- flftd with -Helta chi Fraternity. l?reft#iUHtloh of n lovoly gucnt to tho brido-to-bo nccomt)ii- tho awarding or brldgo prlv-ow to Mr«. Joiieph Consanl ami Mr». Hoblrmoh. Rainbow tnporw of panto) HhadoH ooniained In tho cent«rplooo of white UHtors, HccopUnl tho lovolttU'KH of the table carpet of pink n«terH, and hariuonlxod with pluoo o^rdft de- Hl(«nHl With old-fAfthlontMt Tallies niul BCOI-O pndu wnro in color Hohomo of KllVer and white. tho *ow in harmony, oo-oporatlon and a lovo of fltndy." Attend Dranm Mrs. Kaar pronvntod a description of iho Dotting, lighting nod color* in "HSvory Man," which »bo enjoyod 1 rnhMinnin mumly nt Hollywood Howl. iv-mtuuiuu MI»H. W, H. ttolmnn, ohairman I tho oxocutivo oomtnittiH\ pourod t 'TIIR life of Hftphacl Semmcii, nn •*• American Confederate com* mander, captain of the cruiser Alabama, will be reviewed by Mrs. Hnlph Kretser when members of Mildred Lee Chapter, United Daughters of Confederacy meet Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the homo or Mr». J. II. Smlthey, 424 Truxtun avenue. Mrs. C. J, PfltterHon, contralto, will be the vocfll wololst of the afternoon. Mrs. William Golding will be co-hostesH with Mrs, Smlthey; Mrs, O. M. Armstrong will prcMde. Membership certificates will be distributed. SURPRISE NIGHI Old Time for -'".'f in Costume CHAPTER EVENI Stars to Kastern Unjoy Program at Meet Wednesday Evening j -^-- **.. M ^ fc . h *•-• i j f t ! old-fashioned games and carda wjll h*? played with as many of the gueifai Frontier Day cowtuntfts ai when liarold Brown Auatll- iary No. H6S, V>toran* of Foreign Wars, how* n soe.ial hour a business mdtttine \v<*dn«»ftdtty ev«- At 8 o'clock In Memorial hall. Mrs, M, h. KcwM^p Mill preside over thf liHef tuisinefts rt^Hsion. Tho ohtvH%thinent i» the first sitft* vnralion and officers aro a f\ili runpunsn. jfiach member to bring an p»ii?ibly candidate hinftniA will Iw *<?rV«*d in Ing with Frontier l)ays ( aro in charge of Mrr H. Hubly and Mr**. FVwier. ;... Mori* than t»0 persona attended. 'ft*. i ;i ri fllfttod by Mrs. J), \V. Wells aiul Mr« A. K. lUWhowr.M. of tho oxccutivi* cotunilt* Tuesday Hvoninfl u and honoroo HI mat John Loufltaloi John i*ayitt> Monry Alack t'onsanl <»orald Htiy John Hoard Harriott TJpton (Arvin) . Marlon TibbeltM Virgil Young' Itrty Tollo (Tfcft) William .Louis Hurry Conron Hurry Hlrtkor Wiirl Huiytho Walter Htovon son Krod Hoof lold '(\VaMoo) MoCltire Myron Huy •n«y \von> nmdo that Mary Ardon Ohnptor will ineot j'Vi- day. HtMUnniber :IH, at tho home of Mrs. U, li. l-iuott«. pn>«idoitt, H<«p. tfmlK»r 2-1. Husanna Hall chnpitn* l» scluMiul*»d t^) i*oHiMiio nicntingH Sf*p- ti*rnb(«r 17 ut tho homo of Mrs. C. A. Burton, Ifii 11 Rtroot. • MumborH lUlentlinp, .in Rdrlltlou to Mrs. Knnr, n. IV Lucas, Mthi\ \V. els, It. J. Kltoh. T. \V. Julumcm, H KiUloch. MHO Kafford. Anno Thornton. H A, UndorAvood. Klla \Vorthoit*t, D. \v. AVriiH. A. n, 11*. A. Uurton, FroU Ne<»r- Hntith, .John VJiinn, MitHflu I'tMitn. James l r itnc, WllHnni K. Patrick. W. U, llolnmn, Phil "tfurpHs*> Mght 11 \vlll tt<- reU'bratfHl by Cnlotlonta Chaptor No. R»l. O. K. 8. at Druids' hall at 8 o'clock Tuf>»- tlay evening, Tho eonunlUtfo Is not King df^ta11a of |>lanH but |»roih* int^reHtln& ontenalrtment following Uu> buittneKH mootlnjr. ThiMMi in ohur«i» Include Men- dninnH John L. Sultlvnn, chitlrtnah, Kfrio iv»aiit<». Ulldti Smythn, Nollli* Austin, Htnii* c"raln. Flossie Uoddlg: hnd I,IH> J. (,'rnin. Mrs. Vanfo Strobl*' IH tho worthy mat run imd Joh;» L, Sullivan in thi? worthy pntron. A'lrtUorn will hi> WP!- IU»fro«»hinnnlH will bo snrvoU. ptibltc oaH party Saturday evening in Memorial hrtll, Prize* wer* nwar(U-<l to A. Habockcr, H. A* Hickfl. IK M, lum&cll, Mewdames AdA Hilda WesUjriuml and Two ttppoifti awardu want to Me k-k» nnd Mian ttoattle. A door \va« uwunl^d to " Mr». Thompson. Arrangement* wrrfr in the of Mo(Hlnm<*M ti. UuHy ( HleVe Marflton. H. Hrocktvay and U. Another party will be Rircti nntay at tho eainr* place at a o'clock. Mt»mtior« aro, nskofl to bHil ar- tlclea for a rumrna^r; »aks to WOOU'H (OMMITTKK TO MKKT Moinborn of tho onnl part ACCBPT8 MOOO JOll LOS ANOKLKS, Sept. 14. (A, AVUahlro Pre*byteHa.n Churefe vuliod br. Martin K. Anderson, of tho On t nil 1'roubyterikft no shortage of turkeys • during Iho of th<s c ^ e cutivft board of tho holiday seasons. Tho report showed ltma p t Tt A> , v|11 hloct TU|tR(ltty that over 11,001} blrdtj Were b*>ing | ornooh ^ raided ort one fai-ni alono. 4 o'clock at tho school Ii0tis(?. Mrs. F. W. T.lndfjUlBt. pros idcnt, will conduct the nc&Hton. v BUUGLAKS Itbl! VAUL* GljKNDAL-E, Sept. 14. (A. P Burglars took $160 from the vault of the Jesse E. Smith Automobile (Ford) agency during the night, police reported today. DANCE For Poise, Health, Happiness Classes Begin This Week PIPK KOR MOVIK8 POMONA. Sept. 14. (A. P.)—A ton chunk of concrete water pipe, part of the Colorado river aqueduct, will bo used us a projection room for sound motion pictures at tho Los Angeles county fair horo this month. Kept. 14.— ooHtumoft which forced a ono-night i-ancellatlon of tho tnf- dluvn.1 morality Ulay, "Wvorymnn," worn rnpairpd todny. A Hiuall blaxe Hturtrd in iho Women's wardrobe after Satiu'day ntght'ti l>orfnrmnni«e f btit was quickly extinguished. Hollywood Bowl WfiB dark last night, but will hoUso the spoctaclo ago tn tonight, Director JohannoM Poulson said. ^ KING HKTUKNS KLETHAAI, Middlesex. Kng., Wept. 14. (A. 1\>—King K'dward VIII landed at the airdrome? hero at 6:30 p. m. today, returning from his mld- ISuropeart vacation. Kvinlro i*yr Loulwo Duncan \VJnifwl J)unoun Ruth Siniih Monntn Duiu Mary 1..oo Hmytho V\'. H. Welker John Cryslor Dr. O. P. Ooodull Ohlldron— Chnrleno Johnson * (Uinfe Beach) Wil- r Special rate io w L pupils who take both class and private lessons Sfllurd«) ( § for Out-oi'tdwft Students WILLIAM SHfiPPIELD Tap Instructor MISS MARTIN'S School of the Dance Ploor Taylor Building Phorics 987-J Rei. 3862.W Thftflbhool TWO GUESTS-ONE PRICE F ' ^^-^-* ^^^™-^^F^ xtra tW6, fitfto oecupyirtfl ih* **m« room THE MAYFLOWER LOS ANCILIS* NfiWtSf mcif (•nfrjillr located d6Wntown hettl. Directly across from th« Blltmora adjoining beautiful Llbrnry Park RATES GUARANTEED AS PUBLISHED 350 CVBST ROOMS DoubU Bcdt < Choic*. Twin or DoubU $2.50 $3.00. $3.50 .\O.\K Nutrition and Deficiency Diseases Told at Meeting hot By HOWARD W. ^AMBUUXHil, MUKS., Sept. 14,— People who starve eating full meals were Oewcribcd at a symposium on "nutrition and deficiency tllft- eiiftes," hold *rtt tlarvhfd Modioal School today a« part of the Harvard tercentenary* 1'wo newly recognized cuimea of thift siai'Vatloa Were txt)lttinea. One a mysterious "X: factor/ 1 believed to be a still Unidentified stomach secretion, which some persons lack. Another Is protein starvation. A group ot more common ill feelings due lo diet was explained by George It. Minbt, M. 1)., who perfected the liver treatment for perni cious anemia, itfl largely ut-e io IK- norancc, Htupldlty and * Uodtor Minot asuertfd the medloal World here and abroad IH excited about the "X factor." Its discoverer, William fc. Catitle, M* X)., aaftociiatc l>rofe*sor of medicine at Harvard, nald that lack ot this dj^entive Kocrp- sprue, a tropical and oceafdOtiiil northern tllHon-so in which fat Ifc not dlgcHt-ctl, pcllnRra and "Iprfs fined conditlonH." the "X (no tor" i« the pepsin and hydrochloric fluid other known tllgesllvo fertnt?ntB eon* tlnuti to \vork normally, tout ono or more uf the subalaneeH hi food cftson- tittl to health are not afttrarted. rt is boilevod, shld Doctor Cantlo, that tho (I X factor" IH the only unknown digestive mibfUfttiqe, Certain dletft ft|jpeaf lo siipply it automatically, aw liver in ca«e of anemia. J'auy JuhiiHOTi (Loiij? Ht>ach Annabclle MtiReo Mclvin <*yr v * * * SoreiiKons Home Airs. ].. I 1 . SoreiiHtMi and dMUf?h(er-i]i-law. Mrs. I. M. Sorr have roturned from I<OIIK lionch \vluMV they s|)«>nt wovoml wooks. MI'H. L. P. Sorenscn alno vacationed on Oroenhorn for nome tlmo, 1-. P. Soronwon. a Hlalo offloer of tho California Nursery AHSoHntion, w • IHIH been attcndiiiK the nurHory con- vontion in Sun JOHC. Mo iM proprietor of iho JUiikerHfioliI Numory, in behalf of which Mr. and Mrn. L. M. Koronsen left Saturday on a buy- liiK trip. * * • Hero From South Mr. and AlrA. ThoMiun Unnu'ii of are horn viniting Mi*«. Hrown'H parentM, Mr. and Mr». Wank u. Wfowh, 1401 l^ocunt Ravine. * » * Bacli Worn ICIiimath Mr. and Mr«. Pwlw Tun^r have Marglf* Hay Knilu>rlno * * * \VrlhiiAli-Atihtry Woddlnjt Alias- Mildred .AVeHinnn, the tor of AirH, Mary \VeIhniin, mid Kon noth Aubroy, tlio Hon of 1 Mrs, low Aubroy. we it? wodUod «t N'oRiiH, Noviuia. ScpU'iiibor S lt> Iteverond Mr. (.itlborl. It WUH tniirnod hero tmlfiy. They aro now nt hntno on don In nvenuo. tlll« city, follow- liiK u WoddlnK trip (o Houldor drttn and other point H nf Intorenl rn »*o t j to. Mrw. Aubryy wan nutro<l in n imvy blue sport rnntujno and woro a fcur- donln corwuKo. Th« younjc people, aro alumni of tho local schools, • * * \Vcddo.d Kalurday Woddlne: Horvii-ort WM« hold Sat- unlay morning at it o'rlooJt for Minn Kffio l^'llo llolcomb of Delano ami John .M. DonakiM of Hhttfttir. Tho rorcmonioH wfiro rondUoH'd ih tin? parloi-H of I'^irhi Maptlst Cbiiroh with the Hovcrond II. <^. i.lurro,tt r tho VOWH. « » * Kormor Twiohcr VlitiM MlH» Winnlfred tlfiimoiiH of former moitlbnc of l3u.knhifteld'ft oity teaching rtiaff, wa« a roocint visitor al tho, home* of Mrs. A. O. n -.. . .uiK-n. " ; '*• ""V 1 ""' V" Mt-MuiwrH uf \ ho i»nr*I puny pom- ! pantdr of tho Ontrftl Proflbyterikft IMfvr nnd tho MtMNi»R Ollviiv llodin- mil too »>f Frnnk S. lU*ynuUl9 'Knit. ; Uhui'nh of Hetiver. and ho will ao- fror. Mnrjtfiroi Kuehn. Mary Mont- | Amorloan l^Klon Auxiliary, will con- i efipt tbo $SOOO a year post, it wo* vono toniftrht tu 7 nVluck nl legion announred today. He wan pastor hall, and tin- drill Uvim will con- of tho Westminister Presbyterlaft voiM' at S <>'cloc*k. Mrw, \VU1ard Ailoli- (^hurob in I>otroU btifore ffOlng « IH ohalrmwn of tho tojvni. ! Tk»nver 10 ycaf» Mnritnrot Knchn. Mary Rout- Del Hhlvely, Mrtrle Hmwn, Mvelyn Fergiiwon, Wily thn Mtatitnn, llnlnlm Hnndet-H atid Mlldrod tThler, a FRATERNAL 4i r •• i WtMnloraft Party NdwhborH of Woodri-afi will tain MI a publlo oiird party ' cvnnliiK at H n'olook at Uniitu-H hall. Kivo hundrod will In* plfiyot) for prlr.os. HofroHlun^nlH will bo rt*»rv**d. MI-H. M. V*. MMvlbboii IK rhalmtah of iirranRotnontH. C'nr4l Vnriy Tonight A card party will bo sponnonHl by hat'knwnmui Council, Degroo of Po< cfthontaH, tori IK lit nt tbo home of Mm. Mario Finn, 2S01 Potts HVOIUIO. MrH. Uetlio Smith -will bo tbo co-hoot* Five hundred K-TIIIOH will bo bo* at 8 o'clock. Klftht prlxpH will Klvon, Mix for high KCOI-OH and it door ami oonnolailnh uwani. .'r ' LONG DISTANCE ^ I r f + * Trlbo No. Ifi4, Improved Oiilor of Tloa Men, will inooi In n.'gu- Hir Ho»»lot» tonight at 7iJ)0 o'clock at tho K. of P. ball, with 1). K. Will- lrtm»t *aoh4»m* prnrfltllng. 42 MODUS . . available in four otnl < woltiut. . . bone from . -. map!* returned frain A ien-day flflitltig trl|i lo the KUunath hnd l3el Hlver odunlry. VUUn Mm. U\ 13 Turner of Lakes left guiifluy (ifto some Unit* wllh her tmrotlU, Mr, and Mrs. u v. Hutllim, 2424 tl Htrodt and o^her iTlatlvoif. * * *• Home J'>om Vtillejo , Mrs. Cdilon Roland returned from a .ViMlt In Vallejo* . M« M, assistant profcfieor of medicine, Harvard, ro ported any of several oatiHAH of pro* loin Mtarvatlon may lead to mu«cle \vantlMK, \voalcnpAH, owelltn^ of the lownr limtm and tohdenoy to abnormal accumulAtiomi of wator Ih Two common cauftotr of II BAT POPS COIIN liriOWNHTOWN, Jiul., Hejit. (A. l\) — Clyde McChtry looked through liiH popcorn patch today ftfui found one ear on which more thhn half tho ^rnliiM had Imen popped by the heftt. Mother of Author Dead, Long Beach ^~**r~+.*+i± lt ,£r protein starvation in "ujvil nald Dr. Jones, aro bad economic conditions atid coh«titultona) lion anemia, tlbillty. WALNUT J1AHVKS1 Calif,, ««JH, 14. (A. P.) Harvedting of thn JflBfl walnut wan Under Way today, to .the 450 to GOO area- or walnut In ihl« }*rftt LeMrtl J?WACa s Callf. ( Mr«, JuH«»i.t« O. Potter, of Harold Hell \Vrl«ht f th« at hor homo here terday. two dautfhtora. Mm. i, *, < • ^ j ' f . WrlirhL of JCaevndMo, Oallf., ana Mm, Harriet J,. Alien of Portland, or*., find oti<t**6ti. nionn A. potter of Yiiklnm, WfWh. inenu* havtt not Men oomptaiftti. Thft BHtMt mint' wiruoH 17,000,000 MIHCID tflON CLAMS. 1 IIHITH nrHYIt «HO TAIU HADIO MODit 6-S-I47 fctft FOH YIARS THl FINFST HOMES IN AMIHICA •-*•+'. .*: • -r-v ^.- '.'^ > v •.'! -.-.-. yX 1 W>>:^- ' -.r. 'V Vt ' »'-'»' X^ * -• ' '. -til .*.'.'. •W i ' -.'/.• ^ '••:i .* - -. • -. • .**.• ri h b 0 :•/>'-% •* ,i • *''.•.', •-'.+.".•..• .'_' x . ,v -- - * * L rW'^XB • j'. s& W* *'.'••.' ',• v .->* • . '.*. p * - • 'i ' io. ,y. :o - • • r . i t i i . i^-!. v: s i '.-.' T .'. L'L"- • -i t 'i o .-:->:£ 1 -. .T'l < ' -" f m .1 rt ••/-'!*:- v --j .' T *&£• - f+f* '$• r-<** w. n l £ JLfr • '_L.<, & «:* \'t< J - - \ '.\':-;M. v;v i f ' • -.. *'- • - \ • •B. •AV 'tV~ •"-X 1 ', r f # m •&&# -.-.'.' ~ fr f^ ^ v? W% I'/3 IK X* v .. '_*'.- •• .•'.-. *:•>:•.*:*»- * ;<:-:•-'\'^ • n «. '•£ *.-:' i-i -.' •:••• i * <• i' ' • *,.',' L ' h t h - " ..--, - L ,'* '.-'' , .'>, ?.>:•'* -.* • r- ^ - r •4'-' V*'l* v i '-v;*i^\v>jm- ^*'*X*!*X*X^ ' *- M. t.h '4 ~'• - *\*.t »,' t - 1 t • - r i r : • - • .' -„* • ' i « * « '-•'".•.V.-* r ' jTj P — j¥ ™ vy^-x. • * i • • i'_ -. • -. * p - -.;<_ ' L -T '.t .vv .:•/,'. * - .• t < • - v> i I '"•>' H -v - '- YsZ f b 4 L T ' ••-T. w i ,. i - .-*...v>yv ^•r A^r^P^r.'^! » , V b 1 ' - b ' 1. ' '.' L'd Vou rfon** hmrm !• lmrgt\i\l ll tq '&- _t.< '* ' ' H L ft » '-' -• ' -^.- r • P; F T F ' ' ' - ' .'. >/,• ' . ' - 'J 1 but only four bratm Werft inn HAVI BEEN PROUD THEIR ZENITH Only Zenith Has All These Features Lightning Station Finder (£*</r.V;*«c«r: •j- St • * * '!«'-'• v :p, ^ ;-.f. *£>.*. V**v:- . ' *.:-.&. * ' f ,'!' ;*:r * • _• • .1 O NX" SBfe • J r ' ' •*+•- • .* * .:'.'<. -' • • -:l& & All Outside R6dm>« Al with tub. shower rt MONTEREY COCKTAIL ROOM Dlgnifltd * tntlmatc • Smart Garage— Strvirt to door 50r-"|»tftf<fttff» *: MAYFLOWER HOTEL 53$ SOUTH GRAND AVE, v> ;>•' ? i.**j *» :»:*: * f m W -f x.H J-". ,\ - • ' -. i.' «'•> fe .« '-ft ^ •:«' »: :t.t: '1 &N l^- 1 LSK ENRY ^ v^ "J^-^ 1 ,-' ' Vi' V.TJV E'> •Vfft &# par out ,-..-. -> ' i i. ^r v-: ONc PRICE^TWO CUFSTS ifti-4^ fcfft.^ -time find *ayi PHILLIPS SCHOOL MUSIC set rac lots, toujraAtnonti tecof £ Hi Camels a real aid r ligestlOn, Camel! right! I smoke Camels never get nerves." .v. SB j * .*•>, ..i etter res Secret Volume Governor Foreign Station Locater Voice and High Fidelity Control Target Tuning Acoustic Adapter Visualized Control* • Headphones for the lUrd*of*Hcanng • Exclusive Zenith Features Patent-Protected Mod«l Shown Abov* $89.95 and $124.95 v,, V'' BOOTH f Rates V* • - •• J .'- - ^ h • •^- >. J- ' •••! OFFICE: n ^ I r. v J Nineteenth /V - .-. ' -.^ ",' > 7 y "i SMOKE ALL I WANT/' says Bill Fcrgu.on, star salesman."Thcrc'i nothing like Camels to set you right. I smoke them for digestion's sake. Camels give me a sense of well* being.** Catttis add extra pleasure to eating by encouraging tho flow of digestive fluids—'increasing alkalinity. And they give you a pleasant "lift.*' 2015 H Street Our KxperSenct Fox Theater Building Phone .U«um Tour Satitfaction V: Druggti ^ -• •-»- L . J -V - ^ FRB r-^- ,v • 1 L . - - -. I ' 55, '.'*' COSTLIER TOBACCOS! ' - 11 --.-,. .,.<•'• - - .•-•,'.--•• - - - - . ---."•---:.._-.-. -;vv .-rr • ,>.i'. ^,-Aj V ' ^ :•- •. : ^; * -- - .,nV*S.,X Bakersflelcl, Calif *"* -! Itkirtfnltf » ' -r rt—Radio t 1 \' 1'J r .- ^ • .' '•I - > M i '.,'- I . ', ^ I f. -Y. 1 *^ •"'. MS •fl* &i :i- » T I 'n- > > .- I I t - -I $K$i4^^i.^

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