The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on April 13, 1963 · Page 2
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 2

Ottawa, Kansas
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Saturday, April 13, 1963
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1 X THE OTTAWA HERALD Saturday, April 13, 1963 Dodgers Need Hits Worse Than Peace By MIKE RATHET •Associated Press Sports Writer ii "I'm a darned sight more concerned about this club scoring some runs than I am about dissension," said Walt Alston, mild- mannered manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers. He had better be. The Dodgers may not be hit by dissension, but on the other hand, they're not hitting. Alston made his remarks about dissension reports before the Dodgers took the field against Houston and rapped Dick Farrell for four hits and one run in 12 innings as the Colts squeezed out a 2-1 victory Friday night. In the only other game sched- uled Friday, Kansas City's Ed Rakow allowed only two hits as the A's won their first game, 6-0 over Minnesota. The Colts' victory also was their first. The low-hit performances by Rakow and Farrell were the eighth and ninth this season in which pitchers have allowed four hits or less. There have been a one-hitter, 3 two-hitters, 2 three- hitters and 3 four-hitters. The Dodgers, meanwhile, were still trying to find out how to score runs when they left the field at Houston after the tight struggle that for eight innings remained a pitchers' battle between two of the game's biggest losers, Farrell and Bob Miller. Farrell, 10-20 last season and a Scoreboard By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS American League W. L. Pet. G.B. Baltimore 3 0 1.1000 — New York 2 1 .667 1 Detroit 2 1 .667 1 Chicago 2 1 .667 1 Minnesota 1 2 .333 2 Los Angeles .... 1 2 .333 2 Boston 1 2 .333 2 Cleveland 1 2 .333 2 Washington .... 1 2 .333 2 Kansas City .... 1 2 .333 2 Friday's Result Kansas City 6, Minnesota 0 ,Only game scheduled Today's Games Detroit at Cleveland Boston at Washington Baltimore at New York Minnesota at Kansas City (N) Chicago at Los Angeles (N) Sunday's Games Chicago at Los Angeles Minnesota at Kansas City Detroit at Cleveland Boston at Washington Baltimore at New York Monday's Games No games scheduled. National League W. L. Pet. G.B. San Francisco .. 3 0 1.000 — Philadelphia ... 2 0 1.000 Vz St. Louis 2 0 1.000 V 2 Pittsburgh 2 1 .667 1 Los Angeles ... 2 2 .500 \Vz Cincinnati 1 2 .333 2 Milwaukee 1 2 .333 2 Chicago 1 2 .333 2 Houston 1 3 .250 2 1 / 2 New York 0 3 .000 3 Friday's Result Houston 2, Los Angeles 1 (12 innings) Only game scheduled Today's Games San Francisco at Chicago Pittsburgh at Cincinnati New York at Milwaukee Philadelphia at St. Louis Los Angeles at Houston (N) Sunday's Games San Francisco at Chicago Pittsburgh at Cincinnati New York at Milwaukee Los Angeles at Houston Philadelphia at St. Louis (2) Monday's Game New York at Milwaukee Only game scheduled. | SAME-DAY SISTERS - Two sisters rest in Kansas City f Ham., hospital bed* with their babies born this week on same ;day three hours apart. In foreground is Mrs. John Lanker, Sbawnee, with her girl, and in background is Mrs. Tom Sheldon, City, Mo., with boy. Mrs. Lanker is 25, Mrs. Sheldon, 20. OTTAWA BOWL 41*46 N. Main Phone CH 2-0741 DYNAMIC Brian** Dr»g»—J A. Baldwin 114 j. VMR , 163 K, tuition 165 Q, Oriacoe 123 O, Bond 13* V, W. WWtofre—t Ii, Oordl» 167 *, M«l(«n(«r 143 B. WMi 133 *, BflOd 3d J, JuUr Ml C«^-* 125 188 187 109 IM 164 161 702 106 135 160 161 147 148 IM 145 135 134 130 195 140 133 144 179 184 146 180 137 116 176 213 141 177 156 117 136 ISO 14» 171 114 113 149 160 113 111 IM 186 307 17* IM IM UO 83 134 -M IM •3 136 111 135 407 429 445 375 388 46* 435 406 477 4M 610 481 438 459 4*4 532 62* 353 421 533 431 603 410 610 636 313 331 346 311 4011 NIGHTHAWK Runs Ic F«U—0 B. Dixon jag j<g H, Ledom 123 97 A, Jones 182 147 D. Heckman 154 168 HualbmHn Oil—1 C. Keim 149 155 J. DeVore 151 143 D. Toumberlin 183 138 F. Heathman 143 141 E. Ferguson ite 160 Monti-ornery Ward—S K. Hollon 160 176 O. Jones us 1» A. Bennett 166 139 K. Redifer 94 113 K. Llegerot 181 16J ••no's, Inc.—1 J. Clark 137 165 J. Wilimte 183 160 M. Reno 134 154 H. Wnneman 157 143 Hurry Smltk Aulo Supply—4 N. WWta 170 168 D. Mclntlre 15B 123 C. Brandon m 199 B. Bond 175 211 F. Simmon* 173 113 WhIU FnrelUrt-0 »• Settee i«9 i 3g B, White 127 132 E. Lawrence 178 181 H. Thrasher m 162 C. Dodd las 3H 134 412 91 318 167 496 160 482 144 438 163 457 142 463 140 429 208 664 162 497 133 394 185 409 186 393 19i) 533 141 443 131 473 91 379 160 400 167 415 145 426 173 651 176 663 180 4M 166 471 122 Ml 160 60* 143 483 163 48* loser in the Colts opener, and newly-acquired Miller, 1-12 last year with the New York Mets, were hooked up in a scoreless duel until Miller left in the eighth when the Colts threatened. The Dodgers scored first, pushing across a run in the t«p of the ninth on Frank Howard's run- scoring single, but the Colts tied it in their half on Carl Warwick's single. Thtn, in the 12th, Howie Goss, recently acquired from Pittsburgh and hitting .444, wrapped the game up for Farrell. Goss, who beat out three infield singles while failing to get the ball out of the infield in five previous trips to the plate, came up with the bases loaded and lashed an Ed Roebuck pitch down the third base line, sending Al Spangler across with the deciding run. Tommy Davis Top Punter NEW YORK (AP) - Tommy Davis, who boomed one kick 82 yards, was officially crowned the National Football League's punting champion Friday. Final statistics released by the league show Davis kicking 48 times for an average of 45.6, just grabbing the title from Los Angeles' Danny Villanueva. The Rams kicker punted 87 times for a 45. average. Sam Baker of Dallas was third with a 45.4 average, followed by Detroit's Yale Lary at 45.3. San Francisco took the team title, solely on Davis' kicking. No other player attempted a punt. Davis punted for a total of 2,188 yards. Los Angeles was second, with Villanueva accounting for all the Rams' 3,960 yards. Women's Golf Pairings Set Pairings for women's golf play Tuesday at the Ottawa Country Club were announced, as follows: Kelsey, Fredeen, Roberts and Speer. Lyman, Huckaby and H. Kramer. Peters, Crawford and Elder. J. Karmer, Shepard and Worthington. Foulks, Sheldon and Goss. Hill and Fletcher. Read and Young. For reservations or cancellations call CH 2-1872 or CH 2-3844 before Monday noon. Canadians Lead In ABC Booster BUFFALO, N. U. (AP) - A Canadian team, making its first appearance in an American Bowling Congress Tournament, stood atop the booster division today with 2,865. The Royal Hotel team of Sault Ste. Marie, Ont, took the division lead Friday night from Andrea's TV of San Juan. The Puerto Ricans fired 2,815 Wednesday. Eddie Sachetti led the Canadians with a 610 series. The booster division is for teams averaging 850 or less. There were no other changes among division leaders. The 10- week tournament has two weeks left. .;<,,;,-»< "',sa w ».j •. # ••»,'.:,-,wi¥,:.,,-.1, ' ' ' " , 'l ' I ) luV I ' ' *"'" m -«' i r ' ' ! HOT STOWAWAY - Sam Lindsay, parcel post carrier, Independence, heard an odd noise in engine of his postoffice truck after driving several blocks, so he stopped and investigated. He found this frightened Cocker Spaniel under hood. Dog was taken to a veterinarian and found to be unharmed. It apparently had crawled up next to engine while truck was parked. Dog, named Brown* ie, was returned to its owner, Eldo Cordes, who said he thought Brownie would now stay after hitchhiking experience. Bowling Women And Boys Bowling Standouts The women and the boys were the standouts in three league sessions last night at Ottawa bowling lanes. Sally Simmons led the women in the Friday Night Ladies League at the Royal T, rolling a 531 for Ottawa Bowl, 3-1 winner over Helen & Bill's Cafe. Sally's line scores were 195177-159. Sue rolled lines of 168177-178. Elaine Hills added an 192 line and 498 series as the Royal T Girls posted a 2328 scratch series. The boys in t h e Men's Night hawk League at the Ottawa Bowl helped Harry Smith Auto Supply beat Wiiite's Furniture, 4-0. Billy Bond, a pinboy, rolled 562, and another teenager, Charles Brandon, rolled 553. E. Ferguson rolled 564 for Heathman Oil which beat Russ & Pat's, 4-0, in the Nighthawk League. Ellen Speer rolled the top 2 line series, 301, in the Ottawa High girls GAA League at the Royal T this week. Ellen's Twisters beat the Gutter Bugs, 3-0. Top line honors went to Betty Mangum with an 186 for the Pin Poppers, 3-0 winner over the Splitters. Betty's series was 295. Team results and individual scores in the Ottawa Bowl leagues appear elsewhere on this 'page. Here are team results and high individual scores in the Royal T leagues: GAA JUNIORS Pin Poppers—It High 10-30 ~ Betty Mangum, 185-295 Splitters—0 High 10-30 — D. Waymire, 132-235 Strikes & Spares—S High 10-30 — 8. Mulcahey, X10-215 Lane Duffers—0 High 10-30 — O. Davenport, 148-239 Twisters—:! High 10-30 — Ellen Speer, 162-301 Gutter Bugs—0 High 10 — Linda Shaughnessy, 120 High 30 — Dee Stinc, 216 Bopin' Bowlers—I! High 10 — Pat Rybolt, 140 High 30 — Linda Wheeler, 222 Sleeper*, '0 (Forflet) Fin Topplers—2 High 10-3Q — P. Carey, 125-241 Unpredictable*—1 High 10 — Eulene Milton, 12» High 30 — Kris Ziegler, 239 FRIDAY NIGHT LADIES Royal T—3 High 10 — E. Hills, 192 Hi&h 30 — Sue Wolgast, 5J3 Helen ft Bill's Cafe—1 High 10-30 — V. Hoffman, 165-459 McFadden's Palntinf—3 High 10-30 — N. Heckman, 157-42* Wills Cafe—1 High 10-30 — H. Reddlck, 183-451 Pence Food Center—It High 10 — M. A. Zielsdorf, 173 High 30 — B. Leach, 412 Kramer's Draga—1 High 10-30 — F. Hughes, U3-4M Ottawa Bowl—3 High 10-30 — 8. Simmons, 196-531 Gambles—] High 10-30 — R. Boyer, 162-453 Parmelee—S High 10-30 — H. Foushee, 143-M1 Fairmont—1 High 10-30 — C. Roller. 174-451 Shirley Assures "Hazel's" Success By BOB THOMAS , AP Movie-Television Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP)-At a time when many television series are warily awaiting a life-or-death sentence, "Hazel" is happily launching its new season. The NBC comedy show, one of the few series with a single sponsor, has begun shooting its programs for the 1963-64 season. After 13 are in the can, the company will disband for a summer vacation, reporting back for the rest of the season in the fall. •c^ "Hazel" seems destined for a long life, largely because of the engaging personality of its star, Shirley Booth. Beginning her third year as the nosy, warm-hearted maid, she appears willing to continue in the role indefinitely. A top award-winner of both the stage and screen, she raised eyebrows among her fellow actors when she accepted the series. They asked why she needed the television grind. For Insurance On dwellings, household goods, buildings and automobilnp See Dean Berlin, Agent 109 E Second Phone (TH 2-2804 The answer seems to be that she doesn't consider it a grind, and that may explain at least part of "Hazel's" success. "I like my work," she com mented. "It's confining, but I compensate for that. I have adjusted to the kind of life I lead." When Miss Booth is working here, she lives at the Chateau Marmont, a homey place that is favored by New York visitors. Unlike many New York actors, she likes living here—"take away the smog and you've got paradise." But her permanent home is in the East. She owns an apartment in New York and a house on Cape Cod. With "Hazel" prospering, she doesn't even think about a return to the stage. "I still have scripts sent to me, but I don't read them," she said. "My agent knows not even to submit them to me." BLUE GRASS SOD FOB SALE FREE ESTIMATES Ph. Lawrence, KMISM VI 2-1282; VI 3-8235 BRAKES GONE? It's never too early to get into the Ford Quality Car Care habit! Start today by letting us install premium-quality Genuine FoMoCo brake linings in your Ford while you wait. At our Ford Quality Car Care Service Center you get fast, friendly service . . . good old Ford "know-how"... right parts ... right price! Big or little, your Ford's service needs are in good hands when you bring 'em back home to us. Your Ford needs so little cart. . . it't just good sense to give it the best! FORD QUALITY L CAR CARL ROBERTSON MOTOR CO., INC. H3-M9W.3rcl Ottawa, Kansas Sanders Fires 61; Player Way Back By KEN ALYTA Associated Press Sports Writer GREENSBORO, N.C. (AP) Gary Player relearned an old lesson—golf is a humbling game— and in the process he slipped from first place to a tie for 17th as the $35,000 Greater Greensboro Open Tournament moved into its third round today. The little South African was almost lost in the pack after a second round 74 Friday during which he four-putted the 17th green, missing a backhander from about three inches. Whfle Player was having his troubles, Doug Sanders unleashed a 3540—61 round, only one over the event record, and moved into the halfway lead on a record-tying 133. The Georgia native with the short swing held a three-shot edge over Pave Marr of New Rochelle, N.Y., whose 67 gave him a 136 total. Player, almost apologetically, recounted his miseries on the closing holes when he shot bogey golf on the 15th and 16th holes and a double bogey six on the 17th. "I really fett I was playing well, but it was one of those rounds when everything went wrong," he explained sadly. "The ball bounced off the hard greens a couple of times and cost me strokes. I missed my second putt College Baseball Missouri 2-9, Iowa State 0-1 Nebraska 1-2, Kansas 04 Colorado 6-10, Oklahoma State 5-5 Oklahoma 6-3, Kansas State 2-2 TRACK Springfield, Mo. State 73, Cape Girardeau, Mo. State 68, Holla Mines 29 Missouri 86, Oklahoma 55, Iowa 39 1 TENNIS Oklahoma 7, Missouri 0 GOLF Kansas State 7'/i, Wichita 7% (tie) Kansas State 10'/i, Iowa State 4H Wichita 9, Iowa State 6 BASEBALL TOURNAMENT At JONESBORO, ARK. St Louis University 8, Central Missouri 1 St. Louis University 6, Arkansas State 1 Murray, Ky. State 16, Central Missouri 4 Curved AUTO Glass Popular MafcM in stock SUFFRON Gloss Co. 418 N. Main Phone CH 2-2511 from about two feet on 17 and I backhanded the third from about three inches—and it missed." It took a score of 148 or better to qualify 66 pros for the last two days of play on the 7,000-yard Sedgefield Country Club course, over which 6,000 spectators swarmed Friday. Sharing third place at 137 were Dick Mayer, Tom Aaron, Don FairfieW and Kel Nagle. Seven- time winner Sam Snead and Jimmy Clark were next at 138, with eight men one shot back of them. Celtics Want This One For Bob BOSTON (AP) - There ar^ plenty of reasons—not the least of which is money—why the old pro Boston Celtics want a fifth sraight National Basketball Association playoff championship and sixth in seven years. The Celtics begin the best-of-7 finals against Los Angeles Sunday night at Boston Garden. Ask Tommy Heinsohn why the Celtics want this title so much and he replies: "I guess the biggest reason is that everyone jumped off our bandwagon at the beginning of the year. All of a sudden the Lakers were the team—the team of the future. That hurt." The winner of this series, which continues here Tuesday night and then moves to Los Angeles Wednesday and Friday, gets $21,000. The loser takes in $14,000. But there's more to it than that. The Celtics want to prove they're not over the hill and have dedicated this one to retiring Capt. Bob Cousy. The Lakers are driven by the desire to avenge their loss to Boston in the full seven games a year ago when the Celtics pulled out a frantic 110-107 overtime verdict hi the final game. Both teams are just coming off full seven game semifinals in which the Celtics outlasted Cincinnati and-the Lakers eliminated St Louis. J GILLETTE J <) Super Power Bar + •Tractor Tires • J See Us for J J FAST, EFFICIENT J J TIRE SERVICE J J on All Tractors! • T 110 West 4th St. T T Right Down Town T _ Tire ft 4, 9 Supply, Inc. A Tl «^4U ^ CH Be Really INFORMED READ The Ottawa Herald * Local News * Nation-Wide News * Sports * Society * Weather * Markets * Ads — to SAVE you money * News briefs EVERY DAY EVERY WAY! It's Your Ottawa Herald Read Your Daily Paper V*—*•*•- Jr.

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