The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 14, 1936 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 14, 1936
Page 4
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TOR BAKRWrBLD CAUFOtttttAN, MONDAY, StiPtteMBBtt M, 1&38 L FALL TIME IS ROOF TIME Roofn of Ml Kind* TILK AM) STItL'OTL'KAIi GLASS nralMlmimln HnlhroomN Slorn FVnnlii I'uvln* Tlln Uimlcit Pottery Nnw or Itomoitallitg Job* Kern County Roofing and Tile Company Office 427 Kn«t Twmity-flrttt Street Phono 7(52 KltAN'K 1'. .SMITH, Proprietor fefeAffi^i^m^ Grand Opening Sale Continues With Real VulucH in MEN'S. WOMEN'S, CHILDREN'S WEARING APPAREL HARRY CHOY 1308 Nineteenth Street Fall Is Overcoat Cleaning Time lie, rmuly f»r Hiinppy went hoi-, llavo It clmmotl lodiiy hy JIMMY DUNN direful Cleiiner to People Who Cure 805 Mint Htreel Phono 1820 Every Bottle of Our Milk \H It hot III- Of hlMlllll 1111(1 ftllllNllllin, Wllll till' IiiNlc Ihiil only Rood inllli run huvo, bodied In with run- unil I'leillillliC'HK. rilKAM, (OTTAfiK FltKNII K«10H Delivered Dully lo Your Door KIRK RAGLAND PHONE 1122-J Special at the CLASS A BEAUTY SHOP I'm- Vinir l'°ull llnlr Shampoo, Finger Wave, Rinse, 75c Oil Permanent Waves, $1.9,5, $2.50, $5 (Speeliill/InK In IHfflpllll llniiN) CAROL McLEY CtnfcH A lleiiuly Hhop 1807 lUichler Avenue Phonu I Mill Latest Styles in Natural Wood Furniture Just Arrived Odd Uvlnu Kooin I'loren, DM-MHOI H nnd for (In- lleilrimin nnd Hiilh—Illifli Cl anil Hull} I'l'i.v IVnit Select Wliiil Yon Need unil I'nliit It In Ynur Indlvliliiul TitHluH Roy White Furniture Store 2020 ClieMcr Avonuo I'linnc 1170-J Money to Loan Hofiiitmcinn (lily Homes Ink-rcsl Hiilc ( r ;. us IIH ELMER KARPE 1517 KlKhtuenth Street I'houc 210 RUG SPECIALS $42.00 ScamlcM \\mliiMcr. «\12 . S.U.OO ftxV |>cll llnic KUR «.<") 'IxU I'oll l)n»c Ku( $4.25 See One \Yli\clii\v IMxpluy nf WALNUT CKDAIl C1IKHTH $M.{)r> lo $.'18.50 CITY FURNITURE COMPANY 1(j 1111 Nlnelofnll) Htrtel I'hono UIH.I A Good Shingle Roof Properly Cared for Will Lust Seventy-five Years Let UH ftepnir nnd I'nint Your Koof WE Alt 1C KI'KDALISTH ASH & ASH I'liniir fl7H|.\V Aflor 0 1'. M, Cut-Kale Permanent Waves Hciiiitii'ul Scll'-Si'ltiuM Waves Thai Need No l»r Allci- ('.lire . v.uii- «P JL»c/O •*) ferBonalily Finder ffA rt *^ Wnvos...'. DUC * ,? ^ is •y Waves. O for Sam Moss Beauty Shop 1713 Klffhfecnlh SI reel Phono 500 |B«HaH r "If Your Htilr Isn'l, ii MecominK You Should i Be Coming lo Us" '; /1 I'frHOHflfl 1 * In tltr, Cllii JOE LA PLANTE rernmiiillfy llnlr CuMlitK ; ANN HAHOIHERKY ! MARGAKtST Mcl/AIN HUTU KMtiRSON Indlvldiiiil llnlr Hlylluls NORA'S BEAUTY SHOP DON'T WAIT TILL IT'S COLD TO PLAN WINTER WARMTH. PREPARE WITH A THERM-0-RAY The Thcrm-0-Ilay f»a« Heater Is the Most Economical and Beautiful Heater to Be Found See Our Window Display of Thcrm-O-Huy Gas Heaters Chase the Chills of Morning WlUt One of These 1028 BAKER New Style HculerB Prom MINIVER'S CALL "900" There's a Difference in Laying Linoleum For that now homo, or refurnished kitchen or bath, have your linoleum custom laid and note the difference. I'abco nnd Armstrong Lines Lalett Patterns McNAUL'S Floor CovcrlngH and Appliance*) 1117 Halter I'hotie 600 Popular Piano Kvorclt Jones Is now re- colvlnff enrollments for nluOy In popular ()a'/,z) piano. Mr. .loncn' method of liiBtructlon la tia tulaptablu to tbo begin- iilng BUirtont In mimlo RH It In to tho inoflt capable nuiRlclan. lilt) abort, Hlmple COUI-BCH have proved n boon to tho pypll that really wlsbos to leurn to play modern miifllc In a modern man- iu-r. l r or ilolatlH plea«o phono .1370. Htudlos: L'429 Nlnctocnth streot, and 313 North Btroot, 'i'aft. i&'^WK&:,°:Si£&£i^iii$&3f&^^'-£ti${^&m&£U£& lRlif<>mifh Ntrect PHONIC im CORONATION Newest Doaign in COMMUNITY PLATE Th* World'! Flnor Sllv«r Plat* ONLY 1 $100 DOWN 50c WKKKLY PAYMENTS FREE TARNISH-PROOF CHESTS vtly »iyleil In rich «fr*cn | with lutttntii lining* and of iliirdy conitrucilon. • A nutttrpitr* ol snmit . , modern liemity, In tl<« lm»»t, mo«t-d«nlr*d of nil Sllv»rw«rv, ami In iiorvlco* for *• 1 linU m $24.75. ThU matin living* ! . . . und our Club Plan T«rm» tni-an : you cin htv* your R»I NOW) . • Olh»r Communily Plat* Dcilgni ! avallabU at tamo low prlcti and '• on our Club Plan T«rm«l - COROIlflTIOn REGULAR PRICE $1.00 A nm»tt ncwdfiviiiK piece (nt n»linl nuts, bonbons, iiiintx, liors iroi>nvien. Wickersham COMPANY JEWELERS Nineleenlh and "Kye" "Save With Safety" KENDALL JONES Anlo - Fire - Casualty - Life ;">% Auto Finance 1511 EIGHTEENTH PHONE 99 Now... At the ST. FRANCIS CAFE . . . Full Course KA/» Dinner tlUL Soup, SiiitKU Spaghetti, Entroo, Vogclablo, Drink, Dessert 35c Noon Luncheon The Dost at Prevailing Prices St. Francis Cafe 1717 Chester Avenue Fall Is Here! Shop as You Please; DoItWithEase; Buy Tuesday! Schools Open Get a New Oil Permanent Wave Expert Work by Experienced Operators am Snodgrass llnrber and Ucauty Salon 1116 Eighteenth Street Phone 2437 SCHOOL DAYS Aro liii|iiirliinl (u CHILD MOTHER TEACH EH Itoiyily I'roblcniK Need Not Hot her If Von Srcli Trained Smart Women I'refvr PEGGY'S Beauty Salon 173U ClifNlrr Avciiitn ! I'hono ir."! i FRONTIER DAYS OCTOBER 3.4 TUESDAY SPECIALS Banner Milk Tull Cans 3 for 21 c Hominy Table Queen 3 for 29c . Kraut— Costle Brand 3 for 29c Tonmlu Juice- -Campbell's 3 for 2lc Pork und Beuns—Armour's 2 for 20c Apples--Bellefleur 8 Ibs. 19c MEAT SPECIALS Beef—Fresh Ground .2 Ibs. 29c Vcnl Chops lb. 22e White Spot Market 1101 NilcH Street Phone 910 *x!i!a^^ Your Fur Coat Remodeled by an Expert Furrier < i ifivs'ivi: uit'i' VIIM vi • Now Kur Coats. $39.50 Up Leo's Exclusive Fur Shop \\lth I'lipcl l'uriillnn> ICMluuiKi' (I'M Suiiuun- Slrcot .IMioiu> 11! 11 :•". i , "•••••-. ^.-fv , '.•• '.sJMii'jW .». >-f '•<••«!•.•>••.• -i-. : t --*. ^.i^li.i.^.i.-.i 1*" Tl.., fc »5u«- ' t;..ii.^*. .-•.?^f?5 j J&'«M . 1 <«,.'.f i .- 1 ' •--•„'• B , -.* .«, A >V HOT DOG lOc ! 114 lin'lu'K long inul lultl In a UK hun, with p immtnnl V>I>?|IIH «iv«r OU liiohoH. i 1 * Troutmau's Ice Cream Shop I 1 ' siiHM't sit Tnixluu i—. •; i«4 ^i. <>K." •kU-'X,*fe'^«*^RSii.'tfi.-; S-MiiMaHi^ilspl^Sstr^Sif^t >:., «i*s#. iw»is*«L».i-j. wAW!ftsjj 4 iuai.'s«* ^ii»iwaVtta*«iai»*is,iiMii*.-:.** i jx;»s.;)!s,:i!ftii;iiivij / FREE 1 TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY \. aa-oiiuce Hair HUM, Wattle Tvpe With Anv | uxiauufi ' " k Speeiallv Priceil bTxainples: !t Ux 1 a Vol vet Ru« . . '. $22.50— Pad Free i Uxia lli«h Cu-ade Axminsler. .$29.95— Pud Free p HEATERS 1 • Large Stock Just Arrived; All Types * .^ Lowest Prices in the City " ' i Popel Furniture Exchange } (]2ll Sumner Street .I'honc 13-11 ^ rr P"'n ^ <i ' " - - ' L -^ 'm±m \ ii "*' " - : -'" '*' ] ' M ' :r - L M^t-'QQJJIlL J.ML- J,i- ^tJjtf AilVPWtftftii^^irj v^lv4 1.^t r ^ M X TOYS WAGONS, AUTOS SCOOTERS VELOCIPEDES HAND CARS 41 Largest Lines Quality Toys a , OWENS I 1228 Nineteenth Street If You Enjoy Excellent Food in Quiet, Refined Surroundings Try a Drink-O-Link De Luxe Steak Dinner 75c, 85c, $1.00 FOR GUESTS !jl Private narking upacc in :,; the rear for patrons of the I dining room and cocktail | lounge. ! Drink-O-Link iii Eighteenth and R Streets ii! Phone 6555-2061 A Steak You'll ftemembcr That's (ho Way Our CnntonierB Kent MR. and MRS. of Radio Fame Chester tit Eleventh Street "In All the World No Comfort Like Protection" INSURE!! No Matter What Your Insurance Needs See Harry Hake 1523 Twentieth Street i PHONE 391 DEAIJiRS IN BUTANE Including Installation, Storage Tanks, Butane Gas, Service for Commercial, School and Domestic Use nnd O'KEEFE AND MERRITT GAS RANGES ELECTROLUX REFRIGERATORS INSTANTANEOUS WATER HEATERS Approved by American Gas Association SASIA & WALLACE "Wo Live Here" 2526 Chester Avenue Phone 1654 ii 5 P. M. TO 8:30 P. ST. i In All the Valley No Chicken Dinner Like This ;i : Chicken served family stylo, with plenty of fre»h garden vegetable. 1 *, home-mnde pies and cakes. | It's a Real Treat . . 75c Full Course Dinner . 50c I BURTON'S DINING ROOM a! Stoclululc Highway Phone 4992 ! Extra Special Radio Value! Stewart Warner Console • Beautiful matched walnut cabinet. • 7 metal matched lubes. •Multicolor illuminated 2-speed airplane dial, with fast second hand pointer. • 12-inch dynamic speaker. • Foreign, police and standard wave bands. $59.50 Terms of $1.25 Weekly Supply Limited URNER'S 1925 "Eye" Street Telephone 1280 Fall's the Time for Tasty Food TBY Frager's Delicious Texas Tamales Freuli and Healthful Famous Spanish Dishes TRACER'S Tamale Grotto 925 East Nineteenth St. Open 11 n. in. lo 'J p. in. 3 p. in. to ANY HOME Apex Termite Co. 1700 K Street I'HONB 8833 ^ J.

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