The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 2, 1944 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, October 2, 1944
Page 12
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12 Mondoy, October 2, 1944 ftfje $abrr0fielb Caltforntan AIR PROGRAMS ll.flO In fi.-.'in |i. m. K1--II.N* — Nrws; 6:1.'.. S»!in- l-y Lf>n i'ayne. Kl-'l — A S..--K i« 1! ..... KI'Mr —,--! Hi-mid. f, i.". S.i'-m Tisl. f,.;m In 1:1)0 p. m. KI.'UN — S|-i-r.,t:l;l I!.-, r..l.-, t. .,:.. i 1 .,;,!,.' KI'.Mr Ho 7:11(1 (n 7 :.'<!) p. in. KKTtN-- l'.:iMN--:id lil:im .^A.T.S. 1 \~ , 'l'ft\ M.I !<.>,'-. )<!•"!— On ii.n "-i t -':KM'r-<] II' n K"Mr--Hcnr-, r,l:nl»t'.' r . 7.r.. I.'....-r!| Tlum,;,.',. ;::«> (n «;<>(> p. iu. Ki:i!.V — Id .It TiiTu- pir Hi: i-.-j Kri----l.'C" ti.r I. <j. KI'.Mi:--!. ..... I!:n.t:i r. H-nn in «::((> p. 111. KKI; v — \\ at. i. Hi.-. \v.-.: ,.i i,., PI , > i .. I.UII1 ;in.| M.I . I Ki-'i ~TI . jiu-.L- .-in. i . s -i -,. i ,, . ••• ,.,,d r , n i\ 1 n i KI'MC:— IM.' -! li ll'-br-.- X:'.W In It:(MI p. m. KIIKX — |--,.ii,l. !..;.>. Kl-'l- i'.i\ ..... ).• i : > .;.. r ,. Kr.Mi'-~i',..' - si. i : . !l:00 In !l:.'i(t [i. in. K i-;uv -n -..i ii.n. KKI - T. V|,l,,,!i.' Hum : Cil',-' I, .1 i.. .. Kr.Mt:- N.--.*'- ; !> 1.",. i • . ! T....IM, H-.yn In 10:1111 p. m. KKI'.X - Hi :n :• .1. '! ,M ...i . 'i i;.. Km 1 \ :,ii.-i--: iii"l (n-rli- -i : ,i, ;i .,,-. .\. n s KTI-- H.-lullir.. in- II, .n>. . Kl'iH'— I-'H|MI> l,r-n:- jr.: ? i:,. \<v.v lll:(lil In I ll :.">(! p. rn. KI.IIN — Ai.i.,i'iir I' t."t- KI-M—Tli.. i:. ... ni-r : 1" U. M:i!,. IL-I-IT I:. "i. I-,. KI'.M' i: i:V.i '•> W.i- K. 1" !.-, No on l'|f.|. u! -,l.,m Vi. I. IH:'ill In I I mil p. in. K i:i:.v- A i;. v . i ; 1 1 n- i ., r..n..| Kl-'l- li,-'!.- II,, .N>v.-. l'i.4.'i, M.'h.Is in Ml]'-:' KI'MU-- AI-. A r l',.i. if- 1 I :IIO In II : :l(l p. in. KI'MV — Y.i'ik- -n I!,' • T :•:.'. 1 I i '.. Hi n:v K : j: n,, I-., MI -i Kl-'l- l^fv, Mh II, ill \, \\s: 1 ! 1,", MM*-- :i! li -,-i !,|,|, , 1 I •:'<. I'. ,.-, ,li. I. in-,. Kr.\l.-~N< v.- 1 ! •>-,. t I-.-. r \-.,-luri,o. I I ::»> In 1^:011 Mlilnicht KKP.V--CI1III i!-' I. II V. |. . 11 \:,. l'.iil!.i'I.-ii,- I!',... N.w> KI'.Ml -S.lvi I' ,\l- 11111:1 POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT CUT GOVERNMENT RED TAPE Hear Governor Earl Warren Broadcasting From MINNEAPOLIS in Behalf of Dewey- Bricker Tonight 6:45 to 7:00 o'clock on KPMC and Mutual Network VOTE DEWEY-BRICKER Tl.'KSIMY (i:(HI to A:SO ». m. hi:n\--.M MM . .1 .MnilncK.-. «::lll In 7:00 a. in. K KP.V- MUM, .-ll Hnvi'illf. I K l-'l-- i'h,j.-k U'iii.nn .himlinipr- t, i:,. i KI'Mi" .M".«" ;il Cliiik: 6 M.. On I ho i '.i i in 7:00 lo 7::(ll p. in. hl:r;.v--.Vi-H-s, 7:15, .Mnrlin Acmnnky. K I I 'l.,-l.i\ 5- lifiucs; 7:i;,, i-"i(;ol \\ ood I.TVli.n. KI'.M' '—.V••«.= ; V:1S. Alolo.lit-H ol Today. 7 :.'<0 In HMill R. m. KKIl.v - .l.m.'-s Ahlic OlniiTvm 7.43. 'I'll'.- I.S-.IITU I'llfl. Kl-'i M;n. I, in \ .. ini-M '-in Mtisic-nl I: ,11:1,i IP 7 1 r, Sn ni Ilji \ <'.<* KI'Mi"—Tr,i Tiinp.s; 7'4». Wf-iU'n Nowi: ~: I ". -\ I V, .. 8:110 in K:.'!<! a. m. Ki:i:v- ri,.,.|-.i",,.i,.n. ».i5 Victory Man l.i'« Kl- I .I..IIIMIV Mnriiiy. 6-1.7 T li. I I'.liiloM.-i, KI'M' ' -Miailv \',il!.--v l-'..|kn H:Hll in 11:00 a. m. i-: i-:f::;— 11.. ..kfan' CIMI. j K l-'l --A! •.- Mi.Mi^iiuiki.|-:i II,.ui , s 45, ' I ni.,,: llaiiini I KI'M,' - Wnilv 'l'.,M-n>-,-nrl; S I', I,, Ynur N. -ii!,,..ii i s :, , i,.-^ nun !l:0ll In !i:.lll a. ni Ki:i:.N \'>«s ,-,! Hi., \\<,i|,|, !i-l«, I.oral N"\\ i <i Ii7. |i'-i'-4 llnficn Kf-'l ."-., \\-. . !' n". l-;.i\iiinl JorcniiFiin : 1' 1 ",. I.-u i-y Sin Hi. KI'Mi-—lloako CUTI.T: 9 1.1, Nnmcs and 1'!.-!, i-.'f 111 ill,- Ne\\ .H 1J..-:»I In 10:011 n. m. KKIl.\ Pii'uktaHt .-,! S.-iidiH Kl-'l .\PV^H. ',i l«i .Maca/ini' I'acc; ri:46, IJnni," MarNfirlrl KI'Mi :- .Mnll.-iii.l. I'. S. A.; B.4J, The A tna/.iiiK .li-nii li, i I,ni;an 10:110 in l(l::)(l n. m. Kl:i:N—T,:,:y Mi.i re; in-lfi. Jack mill HI* HO.VH KI''l--Vi.ii-c nl n Nation: 1fl:15. Pi'tcr i!, 1 i.itna'.'i f'lifr'iii^. KI'.\H'—.\CIVR, 1M ].'>, Tprry's I-Iouso I'd if.. 1(1:30 lo 11:00 n. m. KI-:UN'--Mv Tnii- Hlory; JO 4fi. Tile .N 'nil JfTnlltui Slin\\ . Kl'l Ainu .Mnu lH:4r,. Ait nnki-r. KI'Mi ' Tip» l-'fiiln Til.lifllH. 10;4i, A ii,--r.' a'i \\'iilliiil,'.-i .1 u i V. 11:00 In I I ::ill n. m. KKI;\' Ha-il.-liai:.. Talking; 11 15, Island Mrli.illi-K Kl-'l iliiidini; I.'ulit; 11.15. Tnrtny's i'I hint). Kl'.Mi' ;-(.<lili- I'; 11 1C, Wnllz TIIIII-. I II ::lll In r::OII Noun 1 KDIIN-r;,i,m,.nr M,-II,.T. K I'l- -U'nmi-n MI \Vlnii-, II C, Hvmns KI'M'' .Manliullan lIlKhliKllla . il;l;,. .Sk; hi.... ^ .T-onaoi-. l',':0(l In I'JJfin p. in. Kl.llX -N'.-wv ol thp Wnrlil; U.ln, I ..i. nl New.-.. llMii, Hnllywdinl Slur i 'I',mi-. | Kl'l -Noon Km in litpni li-r; 12:1;, M» I'. rUins. KI'Mi'—Ni-w«: K':ll. Noon Tmio .Nock I nui. j I';::i0 In 1:00 n. m. I Ki:i!N— 1!..iw-i'i'ii Hit-'«; i::1ii. ! Ku-rlnin'M (..'iini'T-. | Kl'l - 1'rppiT Ynunu'fl I-'milily; 1:4.1, : I: tin u, M:,IM ..-s. 1 KI'Mi' -I'll 111, i. y Ciiiniiirnlaioi-; 1: 4;,, i MU.-II-. 1:00 In l:;lll p. m. Kl-:i!.\ -Sain Ha>"s: 1:1:,. lli.l, \:,|in| N . ! Jvl'l - HiukMaKi- Wile; 1.1,'j, Slc-lln | I >a lias. KI'Mr—Think Haul Niiw. 1:K,, Dramas III Lili:. : I ::(0 III '!:00 p. m. KKliN—Tinii- Vl'.'ws tin- Ni'\vs; 1 -«r,. Hill" \.'\M-i<iuin Hi-vu-w; 1 :;,(!. (Icln-rHl Maloni-. lvl-'[-- I ,',i oir/.,i .Inni-s; 1:4;",. Vininc W:.|I|,M- Hio\vn. KI'Air -/.i-l, iinvi-r: l:4n. Handy Man. THIS CURIOtS WORLD •••••••••••••••I THERE ARE By WILLIAM FERGUSON IN A FULL DECK OF PLAYING CARDS.., THE NUMBER OF AND THE SUM OF ALL THE CARDS IN THE FOUR SUITS, PLUS ONE FOR THE JOKER, IS 3 <&&••• THE NUMBER, OF &Ayy IN AVEAR. Qf&&r#O</tf$ SELDOM DIE OF O SIN£»THROU&H YOUR NOSE, YOU CLOSE W. ALDERSON LYNCH, 10-2. T ' M - REG - u - 8 - MT - off. SIOK CJLANCKS By GALBRAmi POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT HOLMES GETS A 200- YEAR-OLD MURDERER Invilcd out fur luiicli, llolini's and \Va<son find (heir host murdered. To learn lio\v Sherlock Holmes eased (hront;li a mass (if motives to finally trap the culprit, (uiic in to- night ill 8:00. Station lil'MC. I're- by the I'etri \Vin« ( onipaiiy, ! Francisco, California. HEAR Lieutenant-Governor Fred HOUSER Candidate for United States Senator on What Kind of Peace? Introduction by Randolph V. Whiting Tonight 6:45 KFRC Don Lee Network ;*--. •" y ^/_ , . .:- \^_ r; r ^K^ \ v; V:^s I ;; (•'T-Fl K^. 4 }4J*~Mzy- COP». 1944 BY NE« SERVICE. INC. T. M. BEG. U. S. P*T. OFF "( niiNiilcriiiK I ln< wiiy (hey are relriisiiiK wnini'ii fruin «ar »-nrk. inn.rln> their inolhi-i-H Hill marl liiklni: care nt Iliein «( aiul »e ciin iitiiiu use Ihr "III ll'i'l! UN JUKI a pure loariiiK nluci-, as <i<nl lutiMiileill" FINNY Itl.SINKKS ]jy IIKKSHBKHGBU POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT (All micinal sl'-',:i-.u l,,-,iail,:iist l,y jioi mif;siun (if lliL. ci.lulo of S,r poylo.) PIN-UP PROGRAM with the Boys in the Service Don't miss the fun... TUNE IN 9:00 P. M. KERN ir S A BLUE NHWORK PROGRAM POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT VOTE NO Hear Mrs. Edward G. Robinson TUESDAY 2:00 P. M. KPMC A Message to the Women of California Tonight Don't Miss Attorney General ROBERT W. KENNY WHY YOU SHOULD VOTE "NO" on No. 12 Tonight KPMC 10:15 P. M. "lie iiihihlx on sllrUIni li i nil ml—«iiiiH'Ilni(-« I cut off n lilt nf I'lir!' "(.I'ttiiiB a littlo arliiiii Inln the- nlistiii'lp i rst- h.v niittliiB in n nnilii r\cr.v t't'\v Mii'ilsl" TOPS AT 2:45 MATS DOM MATURING ) AIT 1INKLETTER KERN2£ flMWATS • THWMATt POLAR FROSTED FOODS THE CHILDREN'S BOOK Hi'in In a liuciklfl Ilia i-liiUlum will love, wilh lis uiitliuo dniwings of lltllo nnlmala. liikllo.i. imiier fnliliiitr. 'IHIIH-H and inln of ollu-r tntei ustlnt tliiliKB. It nisi) Inclllilt'S BloricN inn) vercos •from lln> bi'Bl-lovcil rlnHKlrn nf rhlld- hnoil. Thirty-two liugl'B of cnln -m inniont 'or Die lilllp HIII-H. Ten ci'iila poslpahl. This c.inpnn Tli« naltPi-Bficlrt Cnlifni-nliin -liifurinMllon Unnau, Slli K.\o Slri'ol. N. L'., Wualiinulon (L'l, D. C. 1 i-ru/loHe heri'witl) 10 rrnin in coin (rurofully wrapped In paper) for a i-opy uf Tho Clilldrcn'a Bnuk. Nnnie •„ Si i n'I or Hum I 1 tonic „. City „ blute.. w (Mall to \VaHhlnKtoii, U. C.) OUT OtB WAY By J. R. WILLIAMS I'M MORE OE. LESS \ COMVIMCED, MVSELP, \_ THAT THE SAILS CCULDW'T BE.BLOWIIOG PORV7A12D AMD THE FLAGS EACKWAeD--EUr J. DOtO'T KUOW VJHV VOU GET •SO MAD WHEIO YOUR SOKi HAS THE IWTELLIGC.IOCE TO MCmCE IT/ V T AIN'T WHAT HE SEi—ITe. HOW H& SEX IT.' LIKE IM <3OUO' AROUKiD WITH APUMKI10 FOE A HEAD. BOVINi' OIL, PWrsfTIN'S THAT WOULD BKIKiG A LAUGH IKi A I'M THROUGH OPEN1IN' MVTC!AP MR '-*£»,• v vOHV MOVHESS OLR BOARDING IIOLSK With MAJOR HOOPLB HEARD TrA&MlGSUS SLIPPED TMEUrXLTER ON!* SOU FOR A PERFORrAPxNCE AS MIGHT AT THE GLOE FACTORS /-*-lNi HOMOROF 6EIM6 STOC^TH'E FIR-^T PROTECT SOUR. WE'VE BOUGHT SOU PA\LTO MfcTCrA SOUR. APPETITE/ IriTELLIGENiT THE GIMPS Andy's Weighty Problem By GUS EUSCON BI/A LEFT U6PKACTICAU.Y Y OK.fO.K-.' 6IFT \ X*IVX' W SOMEONE! f PENNILESS ANC> YOU LET I OR NO fi-IFT. I'LLX STOLSN! ^. ITWAS THAT S5OO. SUP THROUGH YOUR/5ELLTHE BLASTER) SOMEOHE AHHH-H-H! JL THIN<SS.' ^^SU0SnTUTSP ONTHETRMN ROCKGI J QUICK/HfS NITWIT.'WHY PIPN'T "\ MAMA, PARLIN6-1 DIFFICULT?! YOU SELL THAT SUCKER X.PLEAS6 PONT J THAT'S THE YEAR'S THOSE IRON POORSTOPS? I BB PFFICULT- ( PRIZE UNPERSTATEMENT- //MfOS5»te THE WORP; GASOLINE ALLEY Now Customer By KINO DOUBT. tVS SEEM FICHTIM 1 THIS cow CM wee I TRY TO <££? MV HIP UNDEf? IS THE NAME. I'M NOT SO HOT DISHINC OUT THE PAMDELIONS. SOMEHOW YOUK NAME SOUNDS FAMIUAP, VERY SOON, BUSHEL BUT THEV TOO WILL LEAK OUT. yi EMSAIJASSlNO. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES 1 ^ 6^ \.oo\<: FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS / * I'LL M/VNA6E YOUR CAMPAIGN. LARD. AMD GET VOL) ELECTED x- COMMISSIONER / YOU OF ATHLETICS.' SAID THE FIRST \ IT/ STEP is TO see WHAT HILDA DOES —THEN WE'LL GO HEE. ONE BETTER/ A Rank Failure By MERRILL BLOSSEtt WASH Tl BUS Addni),' Two and J'wo By LESLIE TURNER, SEEMS LIKE THIS IS THE W(?ON<S ADDRESS FOR HELP IV SER3EANT LINK...SAY.' SHE DOESN'T LOOK LIKE A JAP.' NOT EVEN F<9R THE \ OPEN WINDOW BREATH OF FRESH / PERMITTED FOR AIR AIR? WHOEVER SHE IS, SUES A PRISONER...MAYBE THIS APDRE5S ISNT SO WRON<S AFTER ALL! COLONEL NOT PERMIT DEPARTURE FROM HOUSE RED RYDER , Fox Finds a Hole By FRED BARMAN BUT I'A NOT THIS NECN OF W \\'OOD5 TILL 1 LEARS) WHAT Y DADE IS UP TO DON'T SHOOT, 1 COWBOY.' 1 KECKON 1 COULD lror ' NOBODY'S JOE HAYtS, OA^eiER Al^D CONFIDENCE HE PICKS RE.D RYDER FORA. SUCKfef?/. ALLEY OOP She Seems Calm About It By V. T. HAMLIN LOOK.' ALREAD THEY'VE OH.' SO THAT'S THE DIABOLICAL PLAN/ HAVE BEGUN AND WE MUST g»l THEIR ATTEMPT / HASTEN/ HERE, THIS WJ^ ON ALLEY'S J BLADE WILL BE ^ LIFE? -^ MORE SUITED TO R THIS NIGHT'S WORK; , NO NEED NOW DEPEND ON fH BE THE DELAY MAY / FATALITY.' BE FATA*./ WHILE VILLAINS TRY TO SLAY THE POTENTATE (ALLEY OOP), KING SOLOMON'S AGENT AND THE SLAVE GIRL (OOOLA 1 ) TAKE ACTION TO FRUSTRATE THE PLOT/

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