The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 14, 1936 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 14, 1936
Page 2
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L^ _ - ' •'? , n •i.- ; r f i 'V , 4 . Gibson Move Foreshadows New Activity at Devils Den •**.»*- •. ACTIVITY IH expected In tho " Devils Den district from tho reported purchase by Glb«on Oil Company of Richfield Oil Company'H Al- ferltjs loawo In noctlon 14, ilfi-18. Two mnuU proOuner« bavo boon comiiletod hero In tho hard fonnntlonH of tho ssono at 2600 fcftt, anil Idlo. both arc Throo mllOH noutlieiutt tho iroloum Company hn,H cnBiiiK nt 700 foot fit HH wlldni No. 1 on HCM?tlon 20, ar.-lft, ami to 752, A proflwllon I.HH!. \H v** to hnvc brought up Minall nntountH an ffritvity oil. MIV^^PVBP^^MIM i i i !• i —• •-•••-- Gum Tree's First Ore Shipment Has Fine Gold Content r^, ~*.+imr+ + li Wells Out From Field Get etter Commutes by Air to Wyoming Area For »omo Inoxpllcahlo rmiHon, •fnrthcr nwiiy from llui north of Fruitvalo Hold that MolmwU oil Company gorn on lt.8 lonsn on n<uillf»n 23, 20-27, tho bljocor JH llu» prodtir tlon. KCI* !!«•« IIUH just boon roin- ploloil In tho top Knnd by DrlllliiK Contractor II. li. Whlslon for a flow of 250 bnrrols dully of 18.^ Kravlly oil. Depth In aia« and HH-inrh wising is onmontod nt non.'l. Thin Is ov'cr twlco tho production H"<!iirwl from No. 2 In thi- wnmn mind two Month and n*'nrM' tho flHd. Citllahun of Woo(l-(Jnllahan Oil Company uIIowH sovnn bourn to makn Iho trli» from ItnUfCHfl«>l»l to thfi ttoiiJpuny'M I»>/IHO In norlhwcHtr-rn Wyoming In lil« now Wimo ri-|niHH«-n- l?or cabin pin no. HtopH nro mnilo for iifl at KHM Vegan, Nc-v. ( ami Hull nko City. Tho dlHtuneo IM HBO [»lnno and Jfi7fi by roml, K air routo nil advantaKo of n 700 inUr-H. PropurntlfiiiH for rlrllllntf on Menil provon litinl in-nr thn Illi Domo fkilil. with rqulpim'nt from Cnllfornla, IH-M mulcr wi»v Sept. !<!<—An Initial of ore from the whftft being sunk by Harvey nioitd on the Gum Tree properly showed valucH of $12.80 In gold, uccording to uHHays made at the Hurlon Hrothorfl 1 mill. The shipment made last week came from ore produced in the procoHH of development. The shaft lian reuchcd a depth of 105 feet and will he continued another .15 feet, at which point drifting and cruaacuUlflff will be done, according to the operators The (Jum Tree IH ou the flouth of Uowern hill and adjoin* the Standard group. It embraces the Liberty and Victory clalniH, recently purchaHed hy JCSH Knight from Pat Wulff of Mojave. (US Uftlflf) AOAINHT RAIIDITH LONDON, Hopt. M. (0. I'-) PolH IM b»»ln(C iiwud in nn effort to rx UioiiMiindH (»f nibbllM. F^ 1 — ttb T' M k* -M t-t" • 'H *-n:-* •^MLtli- -" ' - "m , . .,.' ' " IMWN* "•*+* -^-'-.>;-•-•.-C! "*• *- . . *"*-^.p'. U * \tHl\ [I 1 t'. !UU 1 t > » y*: 1 ,, ,^-*^-,.. kJt4i'| f*~ *- -. + \r - J -^-at\, y ^*. •-• )< • i C ' h M n«-rt|. f^* > »i & *+ **. -—i**. rr ;, „. Y /• ^fcfefF / /// —-" -I / i i X ^ J r w wo t 0 ouc t • * 0 t ONV U \v n wo n an j h I 1- " £' *J* 'I I, i m , i » i ar -|. .• 11 r nn»' •*• i * IT i i i i ii NATURE MINE SHOWN NEW AGREEMENTS FILED ^ L 1 V h u.~ L-h - L" - ' *V- of ivftrvuiQii Hoy at U «a< t.Ad., to Daytd I section Ifi, north • «..«- --—£—,•» -* Wan-A B UnUnt Vnc.lWty : nfth north ha f ?5oMon it H,-J>«th_ hirif of .-H ' - i i _ • Mountain Carries to W Drilling Sliowa Water on tho Hldo toward Taft and oil on tho mountain Hldo nppwirti to 1m Iho Munition at tho antlcUnu of Iho Williams im-a. On the Taft Hldo, wellH havo boon pumping for several years while the? other flank of tho structure IM virgin territory. Pan American Petroleum Company's Buena Ko No, CO on section U2, 32-23, hiiH hit tho oil ssone high but hurt found that U contains gray mind and tho probabilities of getting a commercial w»»ll uro said to be sinull. Tho c-roHt of tho narrow structure IH bclloved to nomc between this location and tho big production farther west. Indications ura that the wcfltern limit of production IM Inside d. C. M. O/s outpost W. P. No. 1 on sncUoit 28, whlnh In lonatcn] U mile to tho. ftotithwoHt. Only Ktnall oil HhowlrigM havo bifon oncountorod down to 2000 ffot uud tho dlpH in tho cores aro stoop. Gas 8 dOp ject I par c«nt oil, oto,, from Wood Ifthan Kern County weltir No*, ,1 ... 4 on northwest quarter vadtlon JO. 30-20, Wood-Callatmn Co\Vftn Woll No. l on portion northeast quarter motion 30, 30-20, and twoHhlrty-flfth« of 1 pei* oont oil, nic., fr6m "VVood-Callanan wells No*. 1 nnd 2 on Portion northeast n mirier section 25, 30-28, Maurice M. Armstrong to. Fox Petroleum for p.—LOAHO dated September 0, Itolfl. one-sixth royalty, six month/? firming «1a«»e, north half of north half of northeast quarter Boctlon 1C. 31-22. f „ • Mattle Fornoy and H. O, Cashpn mortify oil IGILRO on south half lot 28, section 21, 20-27, to extend drilling tlnrm to October 12, 1936, Hank of America, trustee estate of W. W, I'Yazler, deceased, to Btandard Oil Co.—Lea«A dated Juno 24, IflSfl, ouo-olghth royalty, thrco-ycar drUUnjs elmisn, northeast quarter, north half of southeast quarter, south 100 iicro« of flouthwpwt quarter section 18, 30-27, except Southern Paelflo right of way; lots 19, 20. northeast quarter of soijth- west quarter, nast half of northwest quarter of aouthwma quarter, soclion 24, 30-20, '.„„*, Paul Hornung ot ux, Htolla 13. Martin ot ux to Standard Oil Co.—LOUHO dnlrd July 21, 1M«, oncs-nlghth royalty, five-year drilling rlausft, south half of northeast quarter, northeast quart pr of 'northeast quarter, west half of southwest duarlf-r, southeast quarter of Bputhwnflt quarter of northwest quarter, north half of northwest cinarlnf of northwest quarter, north half of south half of northwest quar- of northwoHt quarter auction 14, [i, antl north half of southwest •tnr of northwest quarter and half of south half of northwest north half ot nouth naif section 16, north half of south half of sduthftAst quarter fcfecilon 16, and tlorth»a«t quarter of northeast quarter section 14. all In 20-81, account misrepresentation fraud. Caroline Mason to Ohio Oil Co.— M ( clause, southeast quarter of northeast quarter of southeast quarter section 20, 11.18. ISlvon MunlcU et ux to Ball-Baker dated August 6, 1036, one- quarter section 34, 20-28. J. M. Dlxon ot ux to Ohio Oil Co.— Ijeaso dated August 28, 3030, one- otRhth royalty, three*year d clause, east half of southwest q sentlon 8, 11-10. B, II. Thomas et ux ' and J, A, Thomas ot tix to Continental Oil Co.— Jjeaso dated August 20, 103fl, one- eighth royalty, five-year drilling clause, lots 837, 328, 329 and 880, Fourth Homo Kxtenslon Colony. ^» ^B ^ ' ^A ^k "" "" '""" ^^ - Jfldlson Tjttnd & L/lI l h *Q* fcM *L*B8»HI5 UEL, ^ ^- —. F ^ _._ , one-sixth royalty, two-year drilling clause, tiouthwost quarter of northwest quarter section 4, nouth half of Southeast .qtiarlfir of northeast quarter and northwest quarter of southeast quarter of northeast quarter «eo- tlon r», ao-20. subject to vtghlfi of Bdl- Hon Hohooi district In 2.08 acres. Wqultable Llqutdatorft to Krod t>. Turnor--f,cftflo dated Atareh 1ft, one-Heventh royalty, drilling April fl, 1036, northeast quar.ter of northwest quarter section 15 and went hMf of southwest Quarter Hocllon 10, 32-23. I,. 13. Plymata et ux to U O. Helm LORRO dated August 21, 1930 _ _ ^ DJAVJ3, Scut. 14* — Clnnebar enough to dptibte- : the,lif6iu3tidri of mercury in the United Btatea^ex- ist* in Inyo coiinty near Coup': Hot and IT. J. Sauriders Santa Barbara, owners of tho property. tiring 1934, tho United States .173,920-pounds of quick- this mine, according to tho owners, would produce in one year a total of 1,221,852 pounds of quicksilver, more than all the Olivers in tho nation combined. Would Interest U. S. The owners are trying to tho United States government tho mine, and hope to obtain oral aid in tho Insulation of ' n help aro favored by tho fact that quicksilver, when combined with nit He acid and alcohol, forms ono tho most powerful known, nnrl IB therefor a valuable factor in national defense. Ix&ffe and Stutmlera have installed a small retort, Treating In their experimental plant approximately a ton of i'lnnebur a day, 90 *-*^* ^ ^^^^— ^^ -^ ^^ ^ ^ — ^ ^ ^ r r f ^ ^ l ^^ & OIIH Oornpuuy'H wlfdcat, Citlirurnla WrHtcrn No. 1, northwuHt «.ff' Al- INiUtfh on nofttton 7, 23-32. ThtB project IB Booking a new gas flold In Tularo county along a lino paral- lot to and six nilUm from tho trend of the Trlcu gan flold which (lie company dtocuvorcd on tho Kern county line, Tho lioltf has been drUlrjil t<i 3187 f«ot and plugged back to tost tho upper guH Bhowing. In tho nun in nocllon MUhctm Oil CotnpHity, whloh HUH takou over tho old Alburgh wlldnit, IUIH ruachocl a clopth of 5400 f^t jiflcr from the- old d"|>th of 1838 . laimrtftr of northwest quarter, section I I^oaflo dated August 21, 1930, pno- nnn sand IH rnporlwl In Trlno Oil j l " B 2 0-2S I eighth royalty, five-year tlrllll " i.yle Calder ot ux to Standard Oil C!o.~~n«a«Q (Intod Juno 24, 1986, onc- olghih royally, throo-yoar drilling t-liiiiBO, north 20 acres of west GO aoroM of north half of wouthwest quarter Hootlon 20, 211-20. Tim MlU'lml Co., Md., ct al and fltandard Oil Co. confirm leaso on northeast quarter section 0, 27-211, dated .Inly Itt, IttftC, lor term of three yoars from dale. r. |i\ Wnston to Jufl. P. Georgo— Koifpo of rosrlsMlon of agreement to i tliox nnrllicant quarter of unction Mouthwrst quarter of northwest quarter and northwest quarter of mmthwftRt quarter HAotton 25, ca&l half of wost half section 25, south half of northwoHt quarter fioctlon 2fi, north half of northeast quarter section 27. wnsi half of southwest quart or Sheppard Rigs or Maricopa •i*riJ-»-m ^M i ^p^m^ani Hhcppnrd ull Company In rigging up tlm Inrgn wooden dnrrlnk that IIHH bofii Ht/mdlng for noum tlrjio on Iho <'<l#i> of Aliirlcopa f^iHt of Iho ftt-hool/HPCtlou lii. 11-24, and drilling IB whcdulnd to Marl. In a few duys. This IH mi tlio Snook loauo and IH Of'Hllnr'd to Iw a <lcrp tost In tho Ilruwu Rhnlo of formatloim below tho pi'PRonl known horizons. II. Hyr-r Is prcsldtMit of tlui company. Dan Hhnppurtl lit vlcp-preMdorU and HimrloH H. Ktono IB Boorotary and "0 f ' clause, north half of setUlon 3(1, 27-24, and west 38 acres of south half of northwest quarter uec- tlon 31, 27-25. U a. Helm ot ux to Associated Oil Co.—ABMlgnment of above, Prod D. Turner et ux to D, ID. T>un- Inp Oil Co.—An*lgnm«nt of IcitBo on north half of west half of southwest quart or nectlnn 10, ftnd northeast quarter of northwest quarter section 16. 32-23. Farmer* and Merchants National Hank of Txm Ahgelftft to tho Potroloum Corporation ot al—Relative to 5 per cent royalty Interest in northeast (luarler of northeast quarter of Houth- oast quarter of southeast quarter wec- tlon 32, 30-20. Thn Petroleum Cornomtlon to TT. A, Harth, Jr.—Assignment of above. in ksUp Field , 7200 pounds, of qulclwtlver was extracted and mat-koted. In 6tlior wftf*.... dor crudn coiidltlonw, pro«uced about 34 pounds of uulckfitlvef per ton of ore treated, they Sdy. - . •• . *. i" T ~ ' ' Tho deposit is ftiiiud tn a-volcanic area of blanUot formation oxtfendinff over several hundred acres. W. Burley Tucker of tho California State Bureau of Mines, visited the deposit and reported In tho state mining Journal the presence ot an estimated million tons ot ore. \ l Importance Shown Tho Importance of so extensive a deposit Is proved by the fact that two mines, one In Spain and one In Italy, have heretofore produced 80 per cent of the world's gulckiUV , No mlnea of Importance havb b,eeh developed in Japan, 'but; according to the yearbook report for .1936 on mercury by the United Stated Bureau of Minos, qiiahtitles* of ihercijey are being shipped to Jafrtin from Mexico through Japanese^mlnlrig interests In the southern nation. Tho- latest yearbook report Bhows that for 1934 only 16,446 flasks, averaging 26 pounds oacli, wero produced In tho United States. Mr. Lecgo Is a native of Ixnnpoc, Calif., and Mr, Saunders is ffom Tennessee. Thoy wow In Mojave for tho purpose of .arranging for a test run on gold ores which they say are also avallaV»16 on their Coso holdings. More derricks are going up In the closely drilled part of kakevlew.area of Sunset field. Hig Contractor Frank Be I^a Mar hem built a 130- foot wooden derrick for Julius Frled'a Aterrlt Annex Oil Company at a location approximately 200 feet southwest of No. 1 on section 25, Offsetting this. Contractor erected a similar C. Drilling these rival holoH will start iiB soon aa machinery is Installed. A short distance west, Oil Company has spudded In tho name section. Hallmark Ha No. 6 Pop-Slide-Click! "Denture Static" Betrays FALSE TEETH But nobody can tell you wear plates, when you uao FASTfiBTH. This adhesive 'powder grips plfctes tight for 24 hours. Gives clear speech. Stops. mumbling, hissing, clicking* popping out. Can't cause soro rums** burning or denture breath, bfecalifle It's alkaline. Tasteless. Not gummy. Get KASTKBTH at any' drug store. When mouth tissues change, see your dentist.*—Adv. AVAHIirNOTON, Hopt. 14.—Tim noM.lnnlloM of nuMnboi'H of Joint board Nn. Ifil. representing Cnllfornla. Nu- vntlii niul drogori, for Iho (ulrnlnlH- trallnn of tho motor cur carrier net WM.H npiM'ovoil toilny by tho IjilorttUUc Tho bunrU inontborfl named aro \\ r urrcn J. llrowu, rllrwclor of transportation of thu Nevada I'ubllu Horvlrn (MnmilNHluii nnd A. I" 1 , llnr- vry, i'liU'1' i if th« rnlo dupnrtiniMil of tho OroKon I'ubllc Utllltlos Coin- "It's Better'' "It's Paster" "It's Cheaper" "Unexcelled Work" "Finest Plant" Complete Service" e ew V • *' * CIUU a va '; L'fl r ; i v a' I • 15% Discount If You Bring Your Bundle to Our Office t i s o i r a » a » u i 0 a a a t* ii J" , 11 So*> CONSUMERS C STfttlT •*!-• -V (Til Vf^ ' -t - frv .*: BRAKES RELINED Hi Johnson's Firestoni Auto Supply and Service Stores, Ino. QhliUr •( Twinty-fourlh Strati Phoni 4080 ''- -- ^ <* i '' ' m HI. to 3 ; n Uake tuc ven (Alt* in 4tte Clnb 430 KENTUCKY AT TULARE LOOK AT THESE PRICES! LOWEST EVER FOR SUPERIOR WORK! —i Evidently Bnkcrsfield has been waiting for a service like this, for the response has been tremendous. Family Flat Work: Starched, Ironed, And here is the reason: Our work is done in * _. _ _ _ ^** >A A * . • > ^ Slips Other Mended. Sheets pieces in proportion. Rough Dry: Flat Work Washed, Ironed and Folded. Apparel Starched. 30 Pieces, $1.00. Finished Work. Unexcelled in Kern \ County. Shirts only 15c! Men's suits .dry cleaned and pressed for only 85c, All Other Prices Correspondingly Low! Only PURE SOAP and SOFT WATER used! French Hand Laundry If Desired! one of the finest and mbst modern plants in the \V Cfi |—we give one-day service—the quality of our work is unexcelled—our prices arc much less than elsewhere, r We also offer* a complete dry cleaning service. Men's und women's suits, coats, dresses and ^ _Palm Beaches. Hats cleaned and blocked. Other services include cleaning of rugs, car- pels, drapes and curtains, and renovating of furniture coverings, feathers and mattresses. Try this faster and belter service! It saves wear on your clothes because of superior 'methods. Call us now and we will have your laundry back in one day. t VALLEY LA UNDR Y DR Y CLEANING 430 KJENTUCKY AT TULARE -I T' V -, »- . ; « - -'1 n ,i - • - ^ - -.' • ,- , - '1 " ' ' - " -. - • t ' "': '-»- , - H "r L -• ~ ^. ^^ v'.£.'.>^ : ^ h --u.;- '- •• :.- V ' • f . ••-- .- -

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