The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 14, 1936 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Monday, September 14, 1936
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' ' r ?,* EDITION COMPLETE ASSOCIATED PRESS. LEASED WIRE THE UADIHG NEWSPAPER OF THE SOUTHERN SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY FULL AND EXCLUSIVE UNITED PRESS REPORT LAST EDITION VOL. XLVI 18 PAGES BAKBRSP1ELD, CALIFORNIA, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 1936 TWO SECTIONS No. 38 BARTENDER SHOT BY TAFT WOMAN #• *. SUSPECT IN MARICOPA BANK ROBBERY SURRENDERS SUSPECT HELD Report Long Denies Any Knowledge of Holdup Attempt at Bank CHARGES FILED HERE Kern Sheriff Hints Man .to Face Other Counts Within Few Days 'DOBERT LONG, 39, Taft rig •^ builder charged with attempting to hold up a Marlcopa bank early the afternoon of August 21 and suspected of complicity in the Tupman mail robbery of July 16, was in Kern county jail at Bakersfield today after having surrendered to Taft police at midnight last niglit. Although the attempted robbery complaint is the only one filed so far, Sheriff Ed Chafripnesa indicated that Long would be named in charges arising from the mail rob- ,,l»or,x...oa., well, g« "several other 1obs" •within the next few days. Others Held Long, in giving himself tip.'. last night, said ho ~d|d, .not. know hei •yviis wanted by authorities until lie arrived in Taft yesterday and learned that both his brother-in-law, O. T. AVood and Mrs. Vlrgle Allen, 29, had been arrested on charges of aiding and nbetting a criminal. Long admitted he was the man who fled from Sheriff Champneas near Paso Babies last. Wednesday, ducking into the underbrush after the sheriff had fired several shots at him. "I didn't know you wanted me,' Long was quoted as saying, "I just ran because I was 'scared. J hud gotten into a little trouble with Home Filipinos at Salinas." Long said that after leaving J'aso Robles, ho walked all the way from there to Taft, sleeping out In the hills at night and subsisting chiefly on a couple of cans of baked beans. Not Wounded The accused man was not wounded, as was first believed, in the gun play at Paso Robles. Ho bore no evidence of an earlier wound, it was reported, the fact having significance in view of Bank Manager* A. R. Wiley's claim he wounded one of the two men who attempted to hold up the Marlcopa bank. Although withholding details of the chain of evidence which ho declares links Long to the two Kern holdups, Sheriff Champness said ho felt sure he had the "right man," and announced that his chief concern now was to find the "other man," in the two holdups. Wood, who was with Long at Sa linos, is -said to have shown conclusively ho was employed in another part of the state at the time the robberies occurred. Long surrendered last night to Police Chief H. R. Wiggins of Taft and was brought to Bakersfleld by Sheriff Champness and Undorsherlff Uea Pyle. 1*^: KLJGHT COMI'LUTK *MOSC'OW, Sept. 14. (A. P.)--Flight of two Russian airmen from San Pedro, Calif., to Moscow to chart a |>OR- slblo Uusso-Unlted States air rout" was complete today. •.Slglmmmd Lc- v&nevaky and Victor Levehenko landed here yesterday after the 6000- mile trip, which took 39 days. 74 Dead in Flood of Lake After Huge Landslide on Shores in Norway District NOTED MUSICIAN DIES IN DETROIT (A>*ortaled I're»» Lcaird Wirr) DETROIT, Sept. 14.—O««!p Qa"V brlelowitech, 58, conductor of the Detroit Symphony Orchetra ilnee 1018, died today after a long illness. 4> Gabrl«low!t»ch had been III alnce the »prlng of 1935 when he collapsed after giving a, piano recital In New York City. He underwent two operation! at Henry Ford Hotpltal In 1935 In •n attempt to relieve the (torn|eh disorder which had caused his Illness. He had been on a leave of absence from the Detroit Symphony since the start of his Illness. f TAILWAGGERS TO HAVE OWN WEEK (Associated Prem Leatcd Wire) H OLLYWOOD, Sept. 14, —The' Tallwagger Foundation of America has reached one goal. It has put National Dog week on the calendar, starting September 20. Two main purposes, however, still Inspire the foundation: A dog In every home. A good home for every dog. With National Dog week proclaimed for Los Angeles and Hollywood by Mayor Frank L. Shaw, TallwSgger officials at headquarters here Invited all the country to Join In honoring "man's best friend." Private Enterprise to Be Scrupulously Kepi in Germany By WADK WEKM5U (Copyright. 1930, by AuocltlM I'icss) NUHNBianG, Germany, Sept. 14. Germany will guard Jealously the principle of private enterprise In business, Chancellor Adolf Hitler as- orted today. Tho Nazi dictator denied that his plans for the future of. the nation Included marshalling all industrial establishments under governmental control and declared: "I will never permit bureaucrat!- zatlon of German Industry." Tho Reichschancellor's views on tho business future of his country were outlined In an informal conversation at Nurnberg Castle after n source close to tho Fuehrer had predicted a decree' to make effective his four year plan for economic In- depedence might be made, public this week. "I am convinced there must bo competition In business to bring the best to tho top," Hitler declared. ;•! could take over all business but what would I have then—nothing but a bureaucracy." 4 « » Magnus Johnson Dead in Litchf ield (A Modalti Preit heated Wire) LlTCHFriSLD, Minn., Sept. 14.~ The death of Magnus Johnson, colorful B4 ; year-old Swedish Immigrant farmer who served in I he U. S. Son- ate and House of Representatives, left a gap today In tho ranks of Minnesota's pioneer fanner-labor politicians. Johnson died of pneumonia at a hospital hero yesterday after a three- weeks' illness. His widow and six sons und daughters were nt his bedside. The one-tlmo Wisconsin lumberjack, a leader In tho Liberal political movement In Minnesota, was stricken August -'3. the day after bin former Fanner-1 <ii hor chief, Governor Floyd H. OlHon. died of a stomach ailment. Horn In Varmland, Kweden, September 1». 1!>7!, Johnson worked us a sailor nnd a glass-blower before coming to America when he was 19. Ho became Interested in liberal politics while In .Sweden, and carrie'd that Interest with him to America. (.\xfovlatcd l're»> I,rated Wire) L OISN, Norway. Sept. 14.—Rescue parties today searched beautiful Lake Loon, turned Into a death-trap by a roaring avalanche and resultant flood, for tho bodies of many of tho 74 victims of one of Norway's great natural disasters. The twin villages of Bodal and Nesdal, nestled at tho foot of 0388- foot Rogne mountain In this famous tourist region, were virtually wiped out when a huge mass of rock slid down into tho lake with a terrifying rumble and sent a great wall of water sweeping over tho area. Tho natives, startled from their early morning sleep, had no chance to escape from the great wave which poured through the narrow valley after tho massive rock—nt least 1200 feet broad and 1500 feet high—rolled Into the lake. Relief workers, Including 'doctors and nurses who flew hero from Bergen and Oslo, established temporary hospitals In the few remaining homes In this beauty spot. Bodies of human beings and animals, a.s well us furniture and household articles, floated on tint Experts Keep Watch on Results of Slate's Voje Today GOVERNORSHIP TEST Five Other Primaries to Be Run Off in U. S. Tomorrow Also (AuoHalffl /')•(•«» Lenffd Wire) TX/TAINR took its quadrennial place In tho ' political sun today aa citizens of the Pino Tree state 1 voted In their stale election. ! Throughout the nation political j I experts were on the alert, watching I for portents of the presidential out- i come in November. There IB much DEATH GOMES TO IRVING THALBERG (United rrrtt /.ranrrt irirr.> HOLLYWOOD,, Sept. 14,—lrv- n Infl Thalbe'rg, husband of Norma Shearer, film star, and known as the "boy genius" of the films through his executive ability, died suddenly today. At his bedside were his wife; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Willlam Thalberg; his two sisters, Mrs. • Lawrence Welngarten and Mr«. Bernle Hyman; and his mother-in-law, Mrs. Edith Shearer. Death came In the 37- year-old producer's home at Santa Monica. He became III last week when he contracted a head cold while on a Labor day trip to northern California. His condition became grave yesterday -and early today he sank Into a coma from which he did not rally. -RICHMAN. MERRIU -TAFT MAN SHOT- bred by the farmers of tho region. An old steamboat, perched 850 feet up the mountainside .since », „ 'similar'disaster in 1905 In which 60 were killed, wna, ( {Knottier »<300 feet higher-by. the" iniinense, 'wave. ''•',. The water rushed a mile Inland at some points, destroying'an fclsbtriclty plant, sawmills, roads and bridges. Most of the survivors in Bodal and Nesdal — only about 20 were saved, and 13 of them were in serious condition—-lost all their possessions. "Tho avalanche made a noise like thunder," said one of those rescued. "Nothing Is left of my family or my home—everything Is gone.' lion can bo considered a "weather | vane" of national sentiment, but! every four yearn the major parties •seek- *«vei'y*tftfr dunce of Pwseld&nt Roosts volt, viBitnd tho state some time ago, to be followed by Governor Alt, M. London, who made a speech at Portland Saturday night. Ono of the principal contests is between the Democrat ic governor, Louis •!. Itrann uml (lie Republican senator, Wallace II. White, Jr.. for the latter'K senatorial Neat. Governor, members of {'.ongretm und other state officials also will bo elected. Presidential balloting In Maine, as In other states, will The flood swept one farmer 1200 I take place In November. feet, but ho came through alive. He hail been asleep in a small field house. Several of those killed were carried hundreds of yards, and some apparently froze to death. Ten complete families were wiped out, and not one family In the two villages was without a victim. Thirty children were- killed. Beautiful Lake Loon, narrow but 2 miles long, is bordered by rock cliffs. 1000 feet high, lowering pro. clpitounly over the water, There have been frequent avalanches, blit none to compare with yesterday's with the exception of that In 1905. • « « • September Snow StopsJig Blaze Voters of five states ballot tomorrow In state primaries. Following aro some of the high lights of tho contests: Massachusetts—Much public interest centers on tho contest for tho Democratic senatorial nomination. Candidates aro Governor James M. Curley; Mayor Robert 13. Greenwood of Fltchburg, son-in-law of the rellr- i Ing Democratic Senator Marcun A. Coolldge; and Thomas C. O'Brien, who Is also Union party candidate for vice-president. O'Hrlen Is not on the senatorial ballot, but backers are. conducting a campaign for "write-In" votes. Republican candidates for the Senate nro Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., Alonzo n. Cook, and Guy M. dray. i New Hampshire—Two former political allies,. Governor II. Htyles ,. . . . „ , . Bridges. 3R years old, and the vet- x,, C u*/',1?* ,"""" Cdl " rC; cnln K*-«w»lor r.eorgo H. Moses AUbSUULA, Mont., Sept. H.—(are contesting for the Republican nomination to the Sena to seat from which tho Republican Senator Henry W. Koyes is retiring. A | third entry In the race Is William J. Callahan, state representative, campaigning as Townsend candidate. In the Democratic ranks, United HtHtoH Representative William N. Rogers Is unopposed for the senatorial nomination. Wisconsin Voles Wisconsin—Governor Philip F. La Follotle In unopposed for the Progressive nomination for governor. The contestants for the Democratic and Republican nominations all have directed their fire against La Follette. The Democratic candidates are Blnte Senator William I), Carroll and Arthur W. Lueck; the Republicans lire Alexander Wiley and John H, Chappie. New York mate—Townsend and September snow, coupled with rain, was credited today with helping 1000 volunteer fire fighters extinguish a blaze which had menaced heavy timber for three days. *•» Baseball -Jiesults NATIONAL LEAGUE At HoBton — H. Cincinnati ............... 6 H. K. 12 0 Utttterle«: bardl: Chaplin and and 5 3 Lorn- McMahon Says Was Paid by Unnamed Nation to Make Assault LATH BULLKT1N LONDON, Sept. M. (i;. P.)— George Andrew McMnhon was convicted In Old Halley Pnllro Court today of "producing » revolver near the pornon of the king with Intent to alarm him." (AHnftatfi /'rent I,pntr<t Wire I LONDON. Sept.. 14.—Georgo Andrew Mc.Mah.on, acquitted on two out of three charges In tho celebrated pistol Incident of King Kil- i ward's Constitution Hill parade, j testified today "a foreign power" i had wanted him to shoot tho new j monarch on an enrllftr occasion. j This "powor," which the pudgy, j crippled Irish-Scot did not identify, tried to get him to become a «py against Britain, bo declared. Ho said the king w«* to have been shot on tho ceremonial birthday trooping of the colors lout Junn 23, and that ho was to receive £160 ($760) for doing the shooting. That was before the occasion, lam July 10. when McMahon "Blithered" a revolver at tho foot of tho king's horse. McMnhon pleaded with the t-ourt to sond him to prison to proKwt him from those who, he suM, h" hud betrayed by falling to i-urry out tho deed. "I want to go to prison." ho crte.d, nervously fingering the rail of the box. "J want you to give mn the heaviest Hp.nt.enro you possibly can. It 1» only by remaining In prlHon that I can save my life from the people whom I have given away." The prisoner Mild he hnd told (ho Hrltlnh war office of the pur- |M>rted "forcleit power" plot. Hitting In the \vlliicsH box, tic wrote on H piece of paper, which was handed to the judge, Jury nnd nUorncy-Kcnoral, thi> nnmc of the person "in the vinbiiHMy of Iho foreign po\vpr" who, l|o wild, up- pronrhcd him, I Leaves Beach in Perfect j Take-Off Sunday; Make i Conlucl All \Vay RETURN TRIP SHOUT Only Sixteen Hours to Return I'Yom Coast of England LATI5 lUJLLKTINS NKW YORK. Sept. II. ll'. P.)— Captain Kddlc Klrlu>nl>aclicr, president of Kastorti Airlines received a telegram from Dlrlt .Merrill advising that he and Hurry Hlchiimii were forced down at Miingrove Harbor, X. !•*., today when llu'lr piano (he "Lndy Pence'' run out of fuiiollnc. Thu telegram mild: "Made forced landing account of gun. Damaged propellor." A (dmllur taUigrum was received by George Woods, manager of Itlolimuii, ..,,,., 8T, .JOWL'S. ^Newfoundland, Sept. M, (IJ.; P.)— Merrill, cnic|t transport pilot, and Hurry Richman, night club entertainer nnd sportsman, crashed today in n Newfoundland bog on the return flight <if dm first round trip airplane voyage across lh« north Atlantic between Kurope anil North America. The flyers, who tuicredoil In flying noiiHlop from New Yorli to» Lliindllo, Wales, In the record lime of approximately 18 hours, cracked up In a forced landing near MtiNuravo harbor at 2:30 p. in., eastern standard time, 1(1 hours ami 3ft minutes after they left Soutliporl, KiiRlioul. MuNgrnvo harbor IN MO nillea northwest of SI, Johns on the bleak Newfoundland coast. SHOTGUN BLAST MAY BE FATAL; ASSAILANT IS BEATEN BY VICTIM in tho stomach with a .•110 gauge shotgun. Howard Loath. 60. *-" Tafl bartender. IH battling for life at. West Side Hospital today and Mrs. Margaret McClintock, 60. Is technically In custody at the same hospital, she WUH taken for treatment after bt*lni; struck on tho head with the stock of the gun with which she asse.rtediy shot Loath. Tho shooting occurred In the Pioneer buffet, whore Loath wa* on duty, at fi o'clock lust evening. Mrs. McClintock, with whom Loath is Bald to have been friendly for many years, Is alleged to hiivo fired nt the bartender from polntblani. range, tho charge of shot striking him in tho pit of the stomach. Leath was drawing a glass nt beer as tho^- —— shot was fired. The glass shattered on the floor. Lenth, witnesses declared, walked around tins bar, took iho gun from tins woman's hands, and clubbed I her to tho floor. 1 . Condition Grave : He fell beside hor. bleeding heavily from the Jagged wound in his abdomen. The man \\as reported hanging lietweon life tuid death ill ; tin 1 hospital today. The woman Is und»r nrre»t on suspicion of annault with a timidly weapon, nnd will lir> brought to Kuril , county Jail In Bukurnflold as soon a« her Injuries pi-rmlt. H IH reported. j Authorities at a lute hour today ' had not determined tho CHUNK of tlu: : shooting. Mrs. McClintock wan <lf! dared to have been under the Influ- i enco of liquor when taken Into uu»- , tody. Militiamen Capital I- Assemble t ii Route to Taluvern Front Coughlln candidate* numbering more than a dozen ni-f |)ltl«;<l agalnNl regu- Inr Democratic and Hepubllcan President to Hold Meet of Executives . (Anoctalfri rretf Leaied Wlrrt WASHINGTON, Sept. 14.—Prcsl- dent Roosevelt haa arranged a conference with a group of insurance company executives at the White House tomorrow. White Houtie official* would make no statement today an to the purpose of the meeting, nor. would they comment on reports it was prompted by a «pe«!h by Colonel Frank Knox. neptibllerm Vice-Presidential candl . date, at Allcntown. Pn.. l*er 5 (First game) At Philadelphia— R, H. 13 Pittsburgh 11 14 1 Philadelphia 4 7 3 Batteries: Hwlft. and Todd; Ucngc. 'leslgnoes for Congress. Minority and Grace. i leader Bortrund H. Hnell fuoos opposition from Jesso W. Williams, At Hrooklyn— R. 11. K. • Townsendlte. ] Chicago' 1 6 o Michigan—Hero also observers Brooklyn 2 10 1 i watched to see what strength Is dlsBatteries: Henshaw, Warneke, j played by Coughlin or Townsendlte, French and Hartnett: Mungo and I endorsed candidates. There aro a Berres. i number of men bearing such on- Two Killed When Auto Leaves Road At New York U. 11. 12. St. Louis .............. 0 13 2 New York . . ............ 7 g o Hatt«rten: Walker, Wlnford, Me- One, Heuseer, 4. Dean and Uavl«, Otcrodowakl; OabJer. Coffman, Hubbell and ManCuso. B. 1 in the races for party nomlnatloim for conjjreiiijlonal KeaUi. NominationM for Benutor, governor and other offices D|HO will be "OIU)SSL\ KXAGGKHATKIl" NEW YOUK, 8ept. U. (A. V.)— Albert Barraut. former Radical- SuclalUt premier of Krant-e, de*cribed an "irrowly pxagfferatfd" report.* that hi* country 1* on the brink of fVnitrd rrrtt hrtucd Wirr) PLACKUV1LLK. Sept. 14.- It, It. (tnl t )nvvuy, 26. of Kiilrflflil, and Thoninit Crumb. 68. I'lurervllle, wero killed when Iho automobile. In which j the runwwy ii K htiMl by rilrk th,..v wen, riding left the ro.,1 n^ar j flare,, a« t.i, plane loaZl (I'nilfit I'rrnt l.rnifil Wirr) ICW YORK, Hept. 14.—Dick Merrill and Hurry Illchmun, first flyers to attempt a round trip to Kngliuid and back, roared down tho Atlantic- coast toward homo today, driven by tallwlnds In clour weather that gave unlimited visibility. Tho Airlines radio contacted the ulrplano Lady Peace at 1:02 p. m., I-J. D. T., sometime after the steamer Oily of Baltimore had relayed messages from the off tho Now Foundland count saying all was well. Alrplnno operators said th« piano's small radio faded before they could Kf't the exact position. An Airline official Halt) tho plune, driven by the titlhvlndH, should In. oi-ooHo HH spood the rest of the way Into New York and land at Floyd Bennett Field about 6:110 p. m., 10. I). T. "There Is, beautiful sunshine all down the coast, unlimited visibility and tallwlnds," the Airline reported. Under thoMo conditions the Lady Peace was expected to bolter its I9!t- mllo-an-hour aveiiigo set, on the firm stages of. th" flltrht after it left HouOiporl. Kngliind, at 10:03 p. m. (K. IJ. T.», litBt night The. take-off from the beach, which hnd been especially prtv pared, WAN perfect. Merrill anil Richman hail hnd a disagreement over a place fur the liike-nff. Merrill hail (bought Die Spelio nlr- droine, ul Liverpool, soiilli of here, suitable, while Richman, owner of Hie plune, wanted a longer runway. ThmiKh Ihreo miles nt bench had been Nintiolheij unit flattened, tho l*ndy Pence lifted herself Into tho air In less than a mll<>. It wax curly morning, but thousands lined oil Trouble Reported in Salinas Strike LATK IH'LLKTIN SALINAS, Sept. II. (I. P.>— Striking lettuce workers stoned a grower's automobile nn a hlgliuay south of here today, showering (he vehicle with rocks and smashing its window*, before being dispersed by state lilehway pHtnil- men who arrestrd n\\ of the workers. (I'nittd I'rtu halted Wirr) HAL1NAK, Kept. 14.--First trouble In tho Kullnas "salad bowl" strike WILH reported today at Molus. 16 miles south of hero, when highway palrolmen dispersed pickets with drawn guns as strikebreakers wort taken Into fields for ing. I Other strike fronts, meantime, ; wero reported quint. Deputies patrolled the streets and ' the Hullnus Valley Ice Company ' plant, where employers havo thrown ' up a barbed wire fence protection and assembled city and stati> po- lios, armod with tear ifus bombs and other riot equipment. In oxpoetu- i tlon of resistance from pickets to • put tho Iftliioo on tniliiM. ! Quiet ulso was reported In Wat- ! sunvlllo and <!omtalo«, other vege-| tahle.growlng centers where truutilt? j hud been anticipated. I " - * « »Rescue Patients in Hospital Fire! (Annnriatrd 1'rrti I.ratrit \\~lrr) i HOLL1PTKH. Kept. 14.- -Twenty- j five pMtlentB were reached today as ! flro Destroyed the nmln building of | thu Kan Hi-nllo hos')liul, throe miles i south of Holllsler. i j The fire Blurted from an over- ! j healed pipe In tho Mtch*n and d»-! ! Htroyod the 25-room l.ulldlng befor« { | flro etiuipment arrived from Tres j Plnos. ; ; Mrs. Anna Buw, In charge of the | ! hospital, HU]>ervise(| removal of tho • | patlenlN and then summoned Hunger j j Warden Hy Wymun The [util»nls j | were removed to n<>arl>y cal>lns. 8ur- i Instruments also weru saved. i U.v LKSTKK ZIFFRKX - , "'ow'rtiiii. IS.IB. hj l'nl(<vi riT!,n MADRID, Sept. 14.— Thousands ttf^ mllliliijnon from nil 'p.'irm of the'loy : all«t territory crowded tho capital's KlrtH'tn und the itiads to th*- south today, on thelrwuy to the Talavcra front. LoynllHl leaders believe they have stopped th^ rebel offensive on Madrid nnd Toledo from Tnlavora. but they i»r«' Inking nn chance-s. I^ile report N from government headquarters said rebel artillery opened n l"lg l«>mli.'ir(lnicnt and the loyalist guns w«>re rospondlng. For the first time rlifrf was night airplane activity nnd Heitlvhll^ht.*) und nntl-alrcraft nuns wi-re active. Signalizing tho government's d* Icrmlniukin to maHK nil UK available Htrength tit the from, the capital's «ti-«oiK, usually fairly normal, , became those of n war town. Stroelx and cafes wen? fllle<I with young volunteers, nil In tho l>lue oventll and ti-f-nch cap. The quick. French-like Catalan nnd Levant dialect* could bo heard above the softer <' cpwi.-h in the cafes a.t the militiamen nivl their girls, some mllltluwomcn, upt-nl ihflr last eve- carrot harvem- j nllll > together last night. At 11 1 p. m. HghtK wont out for tho ctin- tomnrv blackout (thl« L« the first reference of tin- resumption of nightly blackouts In precaution ugufnM rebel air raids) and the city wa« quiet again until thin morning. galloiiM of gasoline, lurched uloiiK : the beach, Kutbevlng spi-wl, liur i motor spitting blue flames and' throwing a (jrcai cloud of sand; Three Kill Selves in Week End in L. A. Communl»m,, In an Interview today an he Bulled for home on the liner lie <Je France. Ills atronext Imprcs* j AMERICAN LEAGUE (First same) At Chicago— it, H. Washington 4 1J Chicago .,, t 10 2. - •— — • I TiatiArics: Apple ton and Hocan * ion of hls fourt1 ' tri l» '<» «"" "nllwd I Millies: LyonK, Brown and Sewell. «<« lf * w o« "tho calm and sood order i - - -of the-AmcrUian preeidentiut ram- All other Kumcs unflnlahnd • pu.i(r«." he wild' • Digger Indian Springs. 30 miles east of here, and plunged down a 76- foot embankment, Coroner A. J. Orelll reported today. The accident occurred when Iho j back on tho two were returning to Kyburz early Hunday from a dance at Merryman's, the coropur said. Both men ware employes of a box factory at Kyburz, Oallaway's parentM und u brother live at Kali-field. * «» ' (I*iociate4 I'rri* I,r.titr,<l Wire/ KKKK BLACK SKDAN LOS ANOKLKS, Sept. 14.--Official ELT, N'ev.. B«pt. 14. (U. P.)—All- i police reports today told how threo thorites today sought a black se- j i»-rBon« solved problems of living d4n seen at th* ISly airport shortly i that seemed Insurmountable, before fire destroyed a hangar and j Mary K. Chamberlain hanged one plane and can sod U 0,000 dam- j herself In her workshop at home, •age, Harry Clark, owner of a j Myrtle Paul, 42, took poison. Hwallow training plane destroyed i Benjamin (Sadden, 83, died or car!•>• the Wn»s iww tho car leave the ] ban monoxide Ban In his automobile, airport, which Is three mile* from j "This Js tho best way out." a note Kly. ' on the steering wheel said. Showman Hurt in Automobile Crash Mn«or(<ifd< l're»i I.eatrti Wire) PAWNEE, OkUx.. Sept. 14.—Major ! Oordun \V. Lllllts <Puwne« Hill) 76. : colorful "wild went" showman, und i Mm. Llllle wen- In a hospital today j with injuries suffered lost night In I a crash of the told colored uuionio- j bile they received on their recent Kolden wedding anniversary, i With Major Ullle at the wheel. [ the car collided with one driven by \ j Leslie Adalr, a Negro, near Clevc-| ! land, Okla. Physicians said Pawnee j j Bil.l suffei-ed a seven? sculp wound. ! \ Mrs. Llltlt! a fractured Jaw ami ; i fractured right knee., ' INDEX TO ADVERTISERS 4 . I 3. I. U TtRMITE CO *SM 4. ASM. ., ...... BAIUN'8 SHOP ....... BROCK. MALCOLM. CO BURTON'S DINING ROOM CAMPBCU,* OR CHOV, HANHV ' CITY fURNITURC CO carrct. MARK* COLE BROS, cincu* CAROL MeLCr .......... DRINK. 0-LINK DUNN. JIMMY rLICKINQCR. DICIER .. fOX CALIFORNIA FOX THEATER TRACER'S TAMALE GROTTO GRANADA THEATER HAKE. HARRY ......... HELM. EO HOOLE * CO. I. A Hurr. JOHN R ........ JOHNSON'S riRESTONE TIRES JONES. EVERETT JONES. KENDALL KARPC. ELMER KERN. COUNTY HDOMNU CO. KIMBALL 1 STONE ....... , LEO'S FUR SHOP McMAHAN FURNITURE CO MANDARIN. THE MeNAUL'S .................... . MINNER'S FURNITURE OC MISS MARTIN'S SCHOOL OF DANCE MR. 1 MRS. NEW CITY CLEANERS .. . NILE THEATER NORA'S BEAUTY SALON OWENS STORE PARKER. OR ................... PEHGY'S BEAUTY SALON ............. 4 PEKIN HERB CO ..... , . .............. S PHILLIPS SCHOOL OF MUSIC ........ S POfEL FURNITURE EXCHANGE. ..... 4 PRISON. DON C ...... .......... * HAGLANO. KIRK ...................... 4 REX THEATER ....... ............. I RIALTO THEATER ... , ............. « SAM MOSS BEAUTY SHOP .............. 4 SASIA 4. WALLACE ________ . .......... , 4 SNODCRASS. SAM .................. .. 4 SOUTHERN PACIFIC ............... , |J &T. FRANCIS CAKE ..... ............ J. 4 SUN KONC HERB CO.. . . ........... 1 TKOUTMAN'S ICE CREAM SHOP ....... 4 UNION CEMETERY .......... II, t) URNEB, OAVC E .......... . . 4 VALLEY LAUNDRY 4 DRY CLEANING I VAN METER. DR ........................ « VIRGINIA THEATER ..,....„ ......... I WEILL. Av. INC. ........ . .............. |* WHITE. 80V. FURNITURE STORE.. . 4 WHIT* SPAT MARKET. ............... 4 WICKERIHAM'S JEWELRY CO.,. ..... 4. t WITHAM «. BOOTH ................ * 4 J I I 4 t .. 4 || 17 ». t 2 4 4 4 4 J. I 4 1 t .. 4 4 S 4 « < 4 4 J

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