The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 2, 1944 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, October 2, 1944
Page 10
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" When courtin'.." SAYS P •'. •'. ' *> i V :W\ , -. - *;v 4( When courtin 1 is over, hus- Imrids ^nerally turn out to be one of three kinds... prize, surprise, or consolation prize " PEtT SAYS: "You'll say you have tho prize of Ulcin rr// —and I moan grnnitlatcrt xflftjis— when yon use Toot's. In the washing mricliine, those, wunder-working suds maku clothes sparkling white and hripht. In thn dishpan, Poet's makes china shine, glassware gleam." PEET SAYS: "Beauty is only skin deep, but that's deep enough." PEET SAYS: "Women who use P n P t' a Granulated Sonp know how beautifully smooth it leaves their Lands—even after do- Ing a l)ig pan of dinhna. And those quick, thick suds aro just as gentle to your daintiest things. Yes. Poet's ift a different soap. No wonder three times as many women now use It! Why don't try Peet's, too?" EET'S The quick-sudsing granulated soap M ...•.. ••"•?£•' f i vj ;&.•;• * DR. R. P EDWARDS. D C. Health Restored by Modern Druglcss Non-Surgical Methods in the Largest Most Modern Health Center m Kern County Food Allergy Baeal Metabolism Physio-Therapy Colon Therapy Diet Correction Manipulation Complete X-Ray X-Ray Fluoroscope DR. EDWARDS 2728 Chester Avenue Phone 2-3570 RARERSFIELD CITRON to- BROCKS Expert sad Qssrsntecd Wstcb Repslrisg JTbc Californium Mondoy, October 2, 1944 Kern Bridal Couple Visit Here En Route to New Home Through Bakcrrtflelfl and other Kern points during the lust week end were Lieutenant mid Mrs. Coring F. Bennett, Jr., whose marriage was an oven I of late September in the sanctuary oi First Methodist Church here. They loft for the const following n rccentlnn held at the hnine of Mrs. Bnnn*.'lt's uunt and uncle. Mr. and Mi-:?. W. K. McFaddin, -lift Hutirhin Rnitd. yoing to I'isinn for llmlr wodding trip. They l\\, by Mr. and Mrs. Khner Huiichln, alsn aim* and uncle fif the . brldn and the croup journeyerl to tlin Houchfn ranch In the mountains ! nonr (he roa^t. for a barbecue. With ; tin-in \vr-re Mr. and Mrs. Karl Howard and thfjr daughter, Mrs. Betty ! Hoy. lieutenant Bennett Is stationed at Oceanside and the couple will live i near Enclnltun. by the bride's mothor, Mrs. Joe Vlusnlk of Bwtton- \viilo\v, «nd the bridegroom's mother, Mrs. Loring F. Bennett, Sr., of Taft, the couple journeyed south Sunday. j Mrs. Bennett r-nd Mrs. Vlusntk will spend a day™ or two in Long Beach and Los Angeles. While here, the nowly wcrldpd couple visited in the BennoU and VJa.snik homes, and railed on J3ukersf!f?lrt relatives. The bride is an alumna of Taft schools and University of California. Their wedding was a charmingly arranged autumn function officiated over by the Reverend N, A. Chris- ten.sen In the presence of a large crowd of friends and relatives. Escort Team Will Convene Tuesday Members of the victory escort team of Kl Tojon o. N(jtiv« School Tuesday at 7:30 p. m. All members are requested to be OaiiKhtcrs of the Golden West, will (present. Those unable to attend are hold another pr;u i tico at Hakr-rsfleld ' urfir-d to call Miss I.ucy Supertino NTAL FIGHTING WAR f TOO Over-all dental program of the Army has made a million men available for service DR. PAINLESS PARKER SAYS: "Figures released by the army show the contribution of dentists to victory. The dental eorps has 'raised' ;m army of 1,000000 by making thai many men lit for service. These men would have been dental casualties if they hud not hecn brought up to par physically." ACCEPTED CREDIT Meet home-front dental needs by budgeting the cost of repairs. Safeguard postwar health through dental service. Reasonable prices for dentistry of all kinds. 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BUY THOSE EXTRA WAR BONDS NOW FOR TOTAL VICTORY DENTIST Bak«r»ffeld Offices—TeUphon* Bak«r«fl«ld 2-1880 and Chester Avenue Others in Fresno, Los Angela, Si ot lit on and in AH Leading Pacific Coast Cities -: x- • ri f. v.-.- • I \ -:• • j V >' —Plioio ny Cal William.s LIVING IX ^XC'IXITAS — Here over the week end following their wedding trip to coast points, wei'c tenant and Mrs. Lorin^ I-\ tt, Jr. JLit-utenant I»ennett is stationed with the marine corps at (X-eansiclP. Mrs. Bennett is the former .Miss Klizabrth VJawnJk. P. T. A. NOTES AVa.sbinjrton P, T. A, \vil] open a iiK'inlwrship drive today, it was announced here by the president, Mrs. K. X. Knmlley. Speakers at Ihe, first fall meeting of i he group, hold recently, were -Miss Betty Gould and Herbert Hlnrkhurn. Tho new teachers wore to the group by Mr. The new touchers were to the group by air. introduced Hlackburn. introduced —thit'i why hit "lame back" took 10 long to cure. Don't endure muicle aches, pains and •trains. 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Make an appointment nowl VICTORIA EMPRESS VICTORIA GRAND PRIZE TOWER BEAUTY SALON 1682 Chester Avenue Phone 8-8135 .--' i .Blackburn. A piano sold wan given during the meeting by Audrey Foster, and a violin solo by .Tack Lewis. AVIth the main topic of discussion "Health in Our Town," a meeting of tho Edison School Parent- Teachers Association was held at 7:4f> p. m. Thursday, In the Edison j School auditorium, according to Mrs. Stanley Thompson, president. After the regular business -meeting, moving pictures (in Hdmlnistor- ing first aid were shown to the gnmp. WHAT O (By BEUNICE liARRELL CHIPMAN) Buroaurracy has become one of tlio major Jssues of tiie political campaign. Sornft weens apo this column discussed the number of go vorn mental hiircvius and com- mispions as they liave increased during the recent years. Anyone \vlio would like to pursue this subject further, will be interested in "The Bureaucrat," by John H. Criik-r, "a natural history of the bureaucrat, his habitat, feeding habits, protective coloration, fertility, and ubiquitous activities. 11 From this nub-title by the author, it la evident that the question IH approached by him with a Jitfht touch. This is no deep research into the phenomenon of buroaucnu'y, nor la it intended as such. Mr. Cridc-r in a political reporter and analyst for the "Xew York Times,'• and au expert in governmental administration, and has had, through his experience as a newspaperman, ample opportunity to know and study ut first hand the strange genus that hns overrun our country, the strange plague that lias eaten into our democratic structure. Defies Involution Says Mr. CYider: "The biological tsjMvirn, known as bureaucrat, defies the law of evolution. He is imich the same today, enthroned in the classical grandeur of a Constitution Avenue office building, as was his prototype in the originals of such architecture in Komc. Athens or Corinth. In fact, the species dates from those early days of history, when local governments bt.'cjnne .sufficiently wUibill/ed to develop an export who thought he knew more about how the thing ran than those for whom i I wa s r it n, and c vr ry w 1J ere, i n -icni writingw is found examples this spcciiiu-n which has multiplied .so rapidly in the past century." Decline and Decay Komo had Us strangling bureaucracy, and Sparta. The Jewish religion was controlled by bureaucrats, tlic scribes and Pharisees, whom Christ so roundly rebuked. Bureaucracy reached au all-time liiKh in Prussia from 17:'0 to 1808, and in France at the time of the. expulsion of Louis 1'hillipe, there were itnuble the number of civil functionaries as of men in the armed forces. So it appears that bureaucracy, us it has developed In the United States, is no new thing. But it is an ominous thing, since history demonstrates that it is the forerunner of decline and decay. "Bureaucracy is the graying of the hair of government administration, the hardening of its arteries—a block of impenetrable liaxe between the governors and the governed, which in a dpmocracy, makes representative government a mockery." And why is this? Because the bureaucrat worships form rather than substance, cares for records more than for right, and considers precedents before people. History shows that ns a central government grows bigger and bigger, providing more and more services for the people, more and more regulation to protect the people, U Tim Jumper cruze luis no limit Ihene .\s! Yuu'lt want outs such as this slock priru:c»s ali'le Hint dnuhlt.-H in snui rlm.'SH ami wear. Add ttic rl ash I UK little Jacket, and inalie them in vivid plaid wools, li'u a fall-wlntpr ensi'mble you'll live In! 1'aHcrn No. BG40 corona in Pizen 11. 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, ]8 and 20, Size 32 jacket Uonfif alooves) requires 2\k yard« of SU-iiK'h mntcrtnl; short sleeves, 1 «i yards. The jumpor alono requires 2% yards, Tho new full and winter Uaue of "Fa ah Ion" Is now remly—,'H 1 paprn, ll'» a complete guide to your fall and -winter wardrobe. Send for your copy. Price 1j For this attractive pattern, send 20 cents in coins, with your name, nddress. pattern number and size to Tho Btikersfield Ca'i/ortiiun Today's Pattern Service, 709 3/ission (Street, Suit Franci&co S. also grows farther and farther from the people, and the past also proves that while it is easy to create new agencies, it is a very difficult process to take them away, as an agency fights for its life, fights for its powers and prerequisites, with UIP will, like all other species, to survive. As for his habits, "Tho bureaucrat Is distinguished from the true public by his authoritarian manner, his proficiency at soldiering on the Job to wait out his retirement age, his constant entanglement in red tape and his general disregard for econ- onvy. Indeed, to the true bureau crat, public service becomes merely an object of exploitation, and if you fail to find him in any other way, you can surely spot the bureaucrat us the fellow who ul- wnys knows what is best for you and me." His Habitat The natural habitat of the bureaucrat is in Washington. D. C., Ihe great meeting place of the breed, a war-swollen city which Mr. Crider describes most entertainingly, In all its sprawling congestion. Here are 250,000 of the species, while another two and throe-quarter million civilians ransro afaj*, and are now on the public payroll throughout this country and In f irons abroad. Strong' wings they have for wide flight, supported by the currents of federal funds. The protective coloring 1 nf the hutvuiKTat consists of Civil Service which make it hard lo fire an employe, pensions*, disability compensation, and strong union organizations among puhlle officials, established to protect jobs and tenures. His fortuity is unlimited, as one agency bogots another and ho propagates best during times of emergency. "So it is that the smart politician, seeking to spread the bureaucratic domain, will do his utmost to convince the public that conditions are sufficiently serious to warrant e-.nergeney action. The past 11 years constitute fine of the longest emergencies in the nation's history — the depression, poor relief, made relief, and now the war — and the result, more Uian l!4l)0 bureaus.' 1 (iullivcr and The larger purt of Mr. Cruler's hook concerns itself with the ubiquitous activities of the bureaucrat, as he has wormed himself into every cranny of the country's life, and whom we must ever remember is appointed— not elected — owing no allegiance save to the appointing power which ho must retain on high if he is to keep his job. Three million votes are a lot of votes out of our voting population, votes that will desire to maintain the status quo, in order that these bureaucrats may continue to draw a federal paycheck and to regulate the lives of those whose taxes must continue, to support them. These bureaucratic activities may shock you, or disturb you, or you — or perhaps all throe. after reading Mr. Cvulev's book, you will be conscious as never before, of the giant web that is being woven about UK — that in the end — unless we waken to our danger, will hold us in perpetual bondage, aiujUier Gulliver defeated by pygmies. Sorority Chapter nstalls Officers muse But Formal candlelight Installation of officers for the new session was held by Gamma Beta chapter, Alpha Zeta Beta sorority, Septeinber 27 in connection with a dinner in the palm room of Bakers!ield Inn. Miss Mary Kay Baker was installed as president, and the other officers seated were: Mrs. Clay Thomson, vice- president; Miss Virginia Conn, re- ordingT secretary; Mrs, Edward Ku'ehn, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Ernest Clements, treasurer; Mrs. Walter Wasein, editor and historian; Miss Rosemary Langun, guard, and Mrs. Dewey Annis, marshal. Miss Dorothy May Gibson was the installing marshal. The dinner tables were appointed with red and white candles, flowers and place cards. Plans were made to meet next Octobor 11 af the home of Mrs. Stanley Alexander, 9'J7 Thirtieth street. your age betrayed If you—like so many woman between the ages of 38 and Buffer from hot flashes, nervous tension, are weak, tired, cranky. » bit moody at timea-«U due to the functional m Hdlff age period peculiar to women—tiT&dta E. Plnkham'8 Vegetable Compound to reliavB mch aymptom* For almost a century — thousands upon thousands of women —rich and poor alike—^iave re* ported renuunble benefits. In fact many wise women take Pinkham's Confound rtgutarty during this Lydla period to help bufld up rat* „ against such symptoms. Pinkham's Compound help* nature/ Also a grand stomachic tonic. Follow label directions. Pinkham's VEGHABU COMPOUND Alterations, Remodeling! Dressmaking, Tailoring Expertly Done, Moderate Prices Y HALL 1703 B Street Long riiysicIan-Surge 17)28 Truxtun Avenue Phone 3-1353 •"•- -r 1'LANB FINK SERIES — Miss Kclitha Howe!!, book section chairman for Krtkerflflolcl branch, American Association of University AVomcn, has arranged a varied serif a of meetings for the 19441945 season. The programs will open October 10 when Mrs. Lafayette Banes will discuss "Yankee From Olympus." Club Art Section Will Launch Work Art. section of Bakersfleld "Woman's Club will moot Tuesday at 10 a. m. to plan the year's study. Mrs. Ogden Allunis, instructor, will offer leather work, textile painting and glass etching. Tuesday's meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. A. K. Hoaglanrl, ui'J Chester avenue, south. Mrs. J. 11. Kllerrt is section chairman. Meetings are held the first and third Tuesdays, and a representative crowd is requested especially for this week's session to participate in deciding: the work to be launched. SOCIETY Returns From Texas Miss Gokiic AVhitley, 2l!07 California, avenue, ha.s jtist returned from a week's vi.sit with Lieutenant and Mrs. Lloyd C. Upton and son, James Michael, in Kl 1'asn, Texas. Miss Whitley is a Mister of Mrs. Upton, the latter being the? former Miss Kuth Whilley. Lieutenant and Mr.s. Upton urc former residents of this city, the lieutenant being a letter carrier here prior to induction in July. li»42. At present he. is with an ami-aircraft division at Fort Bliss, Texas. While in Texas, Miss Whitley visited Juarez, Mexico. * * * \\>d Here Miss Locklc Patsy Cook and Claud Miller, both of this city, were united in marriage at First Baptist Church Wednesday, September 27, nt 8:45 p. m. Mrs. Ida Van Tassel witnessed the ceremony. » * • . Visiting Here Lieutenant (j. g.) and Mrs. Jamos H. Smith and small son, Christopher, arc visiting at the home of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Smith, 1900 Vorde street. A. A. U. W. PLANS REVIEW SERIES f SUMMARIES, APPRAISALS TO FEATURE PROGRAMS "Yankee From Olympus" will ba reviewed by Mrs. Lafayette Banes when book section of American As- socK'Uion of University Women con» venes October 10 with Miss \Edltha Howcll, chairman, presiding. Mrs. Alfred Ames will assist Miss Ilowell as co-chairman, and will present, at each meeting, 10-minute thumbnail reviews of late fiction and nonfiction. The first meeting will ba held at the hume of Mrs. E. H. Clare, 1024 B street. Hostesses with Mw. Clare will be Mrs. John Waggoner, Miss Allene Clark and Miss Vuieu- Una Yallena. t In November, Mrs. Fred l Henry will read a modern play, and in December, Miss Kleanor Wilson will present the evening's progranjf. Paul C. Newell has been chfoen aa the reviewer for January and Mrs. Kmmett Henley for February. A French subject will be handled by Mrs. Eva LeFevre, who was in France aftqr occupation by the Nazis, at the March meeting. The April program will be in the hands of Dr. Arthur Tait of Bukersfield .Junior College psychology department, uping a book or books in the field of psychology. An estimate of the works of Stephen Vincent Benet will occupy, Mrs. lliehardn at the final meeting in May. completing the vur-l ietl and interesting series. Infants Friend League Holding First Meeting First meeting for the new season of Infants Friend League will be featured by election of officers, and surprise events, it wao announced by Mrs. Seymour H. Robinson, president. The meeting will he held Friday at 2 p. m. at Mrs. Robinson's home, 14G Linda Vista Drive. 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AV« M C».i. *-•»-*•j 5y:v :^:::yj -.-. .-*. •Xi s */.M te ; '.H. a: ?.%•* y$ M &.* .• .•' •f** j. •" .:•. S:V: S::?>' •'? •s* •ss. r T r n - ^•sgs *. . . I m f. I' ~ m V-'- ".".*>-:• • 4 • r • -*- n i . - . . - . "'0> -.'-•-.-.••.*'. '.-f '-' m •'.'•>. >:-.'. - -• > •: .*.' .- - • -. -'f. •:• -:-.».v,- --- &• y,- :** • P* NV - 'I P '' .'•I* '-• *. -' • -i ».-: :*:«: fr-»:v - * * -X-» - '.'' rf.*l.\vj?.\'*'*' •#'Mtt-:-:- *'. v .-':';:-: ;i '.» •-- :*. v :-v. - V I J • I I I t •. . I 1 '.', .•,•.•»• '- V-::^:o^^..'-:: V,\-.v.vX'p-> .-M->l o: .»>.'. 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