The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 1, 1950
Page 8
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PACK EIGHT BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, MAT 1, Truman Depends On Homey Tour Trackside Chats Planned to Stir Fair Deal Support By Vrnesl B. VACCOTO ' WASHINGTON, May 1. CAP) — President Truman Ls depending on eight prepared speeches and any number of homey "Iracksido ehnts'' tills month to strengthen his "Fair Deal." To meet this exccptcd barrage, Lhc Republicans laid plans for calling up their own btg gun.s whenever Mr. Truman speaks out. I-Te starts for the \ next Sunday on a 6400-mile stumping tour carrying him Into 16 states, Such Republicans as Senator Taft of Ohio, Rep. Martin of Pennsylvania, Senator Wherry of Nebraska imcl National Chairman Guy Gn- briehon are expected to be ready to reply on any issues Mr. Tniman raises alou? the route. "This Is a rifthl" "This L 1 ; a fight and we're going to be :n It every minute," said Senator Brewster of Maine, chainnan of the GOP senntorml campaign committee. . The presidential tour Is the first of a serifs of cross-country trins Mr. Tnmiaii will make before (he voting in November, rt will be built around the eight prcpnrcd speeches —one n day—stnrLing Monday. May 8 at Lincoln, Neb. However, he will make dozcm.s of over talks from the rear platform of his bulletproof orivate c^r. Chally Aiinenls , These chatty, neighborly appeal; to the voters featured his 31.5DO- inile campaign for the Presidency in 1948. The men around him feel that he is e.sueciftlly effective in these personal talks to crowds along the railroad tracks at owns .through which he passes. The President's itinerary, made _ public last nisht. made no attempt to list the towns at which he p!nn.s to make platform appearances. However, one of his top aides told reporters that "you may be •sure that the President'will be prepared to .step out and talk at almost any ' town where his train stops." Other Talks Planned In addition to the Lincoln speech .the Fre&klent plans prepared talks nl Casper, Wyo.. Mav 9; Pendleton, Ore., May 10; Grand Coulee Dam, Wash,, May 11; Butlc, Mont. r May 12; Fargo, N.D., May 13; Madison, Wls., May H; and Chicago May N 15. The Chicago speech will De politically rally to climax the triu. He will return to Washington the next -day, His audience In Chicago will be a big •"gntherlng of Democrats, Including his cabinet and leaders Irom Congress, the national committee and state, city and county 'governments. : '^ Mr. Truman will have an opportunity, to toss a few., oratorical brickbats at Sena tor ' Joseph McCarthy, one of the most .severe Republican critics of his administration, when he enters \yisconsin for his Madison speech. 'However, May 14 is a Sunday and Presidential ' .associates said not to expect "any political speeches from the President . on Sunday — it's against his Baptist- training." Dockers Strike Ends in London . LONDON, May l. OT>—The linge London harbor hummed with full life today fo' the first time in nearly two weeks as 14,000 dockworkers streamed back to work after a crippling, wildcat strike crushed by the government. ; Food came pouring off Idle ships and valuable do liar- earning cargoes were loaded. The strike, denounced by the government as Communist inspired, began April 19 in protest against the expulsion of three men from the transport and general workers union for leading a similar walkout Iftst. ^iimniAr Notionalist* now Kola only Formoto, >k< Cku- win Islands and teat* tt/td mountain areas 4**» in Interior China. QIIMH tommofldi Britain's ship Ion* between Hona KOM and Singapore. nirkanllf ncorat is the portion of Viet Nam held by Ike Communist Ho Chi Minh's guenillaj, making Red infill (at ion of Indo'China easy. MORE THAN AN ISLAND IS LOST—Capture o( the island of Hainan by Chinese; Reds is a loss, not only to Chiang Kai-shek's Nationalist government, but to the anti-Communist world. Map high- 1 lights significant aspects of this latest Communist conquest. Two Arkansas Airmen Die in Crash LEBANON, III., May 1. (IF)—Six* Air Porcre crewmen were kilted yesterday in a crash of their B-25 bomber in *. vacant lot of a residential nrea. The dead were listed by the Air Force as Col. Richard A. Livingstone, the pilot, Pnwluckcl, R. I.: Maj. Donuld II. Bruncr, coral Gables, Pla.; 2nd I A. nicliard U Watson, Little Rock, Ark.; SJSgt James A. Strum, Nashville, N. fj., and TiSgt. William I. Ball, O/un, Ark. 'Hie plane exploded as it crashed, set fire to two houses nnd showered, the urea with flaming gasoline and debris. The home of Frank IT. Wolf was destroyed by the fire, and the home of Walter Bridges was damaged. Army officers said the plane was from Perrin Air, Tex., and had just taken off from Scott, Air Base, Eellcvllle, ill,, on a cross-country (light. College Costs Up For Arkonsans L1TTIJS ROOK, May 1. (AP) — It's probably news lo no one—but. anyhow, it's official now: 11 cc more to go to college than it did 10 3'ears ago. The Arkansas Kducatloii Department reported that, results of a survey showed tuition, room and board, etc., In Arkansas inslitntluns or higher education Increased approximately 11 per cent from 193!) to 1940. For example, the University of Arkansas comparison was J3A7 183!) against $562 last year. The report pointed out that the survey dirtn't include increases ii cosis of book, clothe.?, entertainment, etc. When Pope Gregory started th Georgian calendar in 158?, he directed mat Oct. 4 should be follow cd by Oct. 15. In Manhattan, New York, whe: builders dig the basement Tor a ne< skyscraper, they must use pncn mate! stone drills and dynamite ti get through the rock. Sander Figures Set Annoying Crank Calls I SWAN!—"Swan at Dawn" is Ihe title given this topper modeled *>y Penny Karno of Chicago. It's mutle of while leathers from the breast of a swan. Chinese Reds Harness , Manchurian Liao River SAN FRANCr.SCO —WV~ Chl- icse ComwumisUs say 250,000 peasants ami soldiers have been pui work:., on H giant project U imnicss -(-he-floods of the Liao rive in Manchuria. The Liao drains th western plain of Manchuria, . pos sibly the richest ngiJcultnrnl regio' in thiil sprawling area. The rive always lias been cantankerous be cruise of heavy rains on its watershed. A broadcast, from Helping heard here said more than 310 miles of new dikes are being built on the west bank. About 600 miles of old dikes on the rrmln stream and Its tributaries are being repaired- Moscow, USA s American On May Day MOSCOW. Idaho, May 1. ( he boy and Eirl scouts and camp- re girls of Moscow, Idaho, aren't king a back scat to the bigwigs i Moscow, Russia, today. In the USSR's Moscow, May Day, ic traditional Soviet holiday, Is xlng celebrated with military par- des, acres of tted bunting, speeches i»d mass homage to portraits of italin, Lenin and members of the lolitburo, In the USA's Moscow, the boys nd girls are setting up booths on nain street and passing out badges aylng the wearer likes being an American anr 1 believes in democ- •acy. This 1- the first year this college own of 10,000 Is celebrating Maj 111 this fashion. The badge Idea ras fostered by the chamber of commerce. Chamber Secretary Don. P. Wilon explained that America's Moscow thinks it should have some answer to the big going on In the other place on May day. The chamber Is giving away the Dadges as n counter-event affirm ing "Friendship and Democracy,' tie said. Restless? Got a Bad Headache? It Could Be Electrical Buzz MANCHESTER, N. H., May ff>j—Annoying telephone calls we smissed as the work of a "nui • a "crank" today by princip gures in the case o[ Dr. Hermar . Sander. Dr. Benjamin p. Burpee, a mem cr of the .state board of registr on In medicine, and prosecution .gures in the case of the young hy.sicmn reported over the week- nd they have received heckling alls and critical letters. Dr. Burpee said that only last Thursday a male caller told his vifc he "could see a boy putting omething under yovir porch and it oot:s to me like a bomb." Attorney General William L. ^hinney, Comity Solicitor William I. Craig and Medical Referee Dr. Robert E. Blron also said they rec- ived calls and letters from 'eranks." Police Chief James P. O'Ncil, for- ner national commander of the American Legion, said in Indian- polls he has ordered an investigation. He is attending a conference of Legion officials at nation! headquarters. Dr. Sander said at his Candia home the calls and letters are "very nnfortnnate and horrible" ami he hopes they stop "immediately." The 41-year-old physician was acquitted of a murder charge in the death of a cancer patient, but was barred from practicing in New Elampshire by the state board of registration in medicine. ton and their son, Garry Don, sev en. The only survivor was Mary An Houston, whose mother tossed he from the burning wreckage of th family's private plane. Houston, a sheriff's deputy froi Stanislaus County. Calif., and th boy burned to death in the plan after it struck Leather-wood Moun tain, 30 miles south of here. Mrs. Houston, who had trouble unfastening her safety, belt, suffered burns which proved fatal. By Howard W. Bliketlee Associated Press Science Editor DETROIT, May 1. <AP)—Rest- ess? Got a headache Dizzy? . j Maybe the reason—-a new one hown to the American Psychiatric Associatl«n today—is buzzing elec- rlelty In your brain. The buzzing is exceedingly, rapid mhes of electrical energy. JO to 40 per second. That Is half to more nan half a.? fast as the pulsations of alternating current In your louse electric lights. It occurs In both the central and forward parts of your brain. The discovery was shown In an exhibit bv the Veterans Administration Mines (HI.) Hospital and University of Illinois College of Medicine. Exhibitors were Frederick A. Gibbs. W A Stcphcnson. Pearce Bailey, H. A. Kildce, E. L. Gibbs and F 1 . M. Lorlmer. Elchty-flve per cent of persons with these fnst waves suffered from headaches. 10 per cent were restless and 55 ner cent complained of dizziness. Also 15 per cent said they had "spells of some sort," and many of them had suffered personality upsets. i These waves were discovered by tnicliv; brain pulses during drowsiness. The pulses are picked up by pasting little electrodes on the f.kin or scalp, with line wires attached to carry away the current. The drowsiness readings are part of a new way of detecting important brain waves during sleep. The report said that sleep "takes the blanket off the brain" and lets the waves out better than during wakefulness. The sleep studies showed that sometimes one side of the brain beats faster electrically than the other. This happens In hemiplegla. a common trouble among wounded OI'« in hemiplegla part of the body is paralyKd, but only on one side. This paralysis comes from the brain. Columba to List Pulitzer Winners NEW YORK, May 1. (#•)—The 1950 Pulitzer prizes will be announced late today at Columbia University. The traditional American awards for newspaper work and literature are expected to br made public shortly after 3 p.m. (EST). The annual prizes are given for the best public service by a newspaper, the best work by a reporter and best and most wholesome novel play, verse, editorial, cartoon, biography and history of ,the preced ng year. The first pulttezr prizes wert awarded In 1918. They were wt up by the will of th« publisher Jo«pb Pulitzer, who died In 1911. The story of Cinderella go«s back at least to the year 610 B.C., in the legend of the Egyptian pharaoh Psammetlchus. He prdered the country searched for the owner of a leather sandal dropped at hi* feet by an eagle, when he found her, he made her his queen. Guaranteed Fishing Worm Getter Four a little EARLY BIRD where worms are—on rich, damp loll, under large rocks, boards, Worms crawl to surface la few minutei. Doesn't hurt worm*. Saves money, time, work, aha from running out of worms on trips. Fun to use. Guaranteed results or money back. LOOK lasting bottle KAKI,V BIRD onlj Sl.OO at— Bill Godwin Sporting Goods ARCHIE LOVELACE Plumbing Girl Survives Arkansas Crash MOUNTAIN HOME. Ark., May 1 three-year-old girl Is the only survivor of n California family of four whose flight' to visit Ark ansas relatives ended In a crash on a fog-shrouded mountain peak yesterday. Dead are Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hous- The National Gcorgraphie Society says that, pound [or pound the leopard is tile most dcslruclive Rnimal. Happy Is The Day When Backache Goes Away .... A* we E-'t «Mor, Blrw njiA slmm. ovc c.)M suruel'iimw sTmvs down fci.incy fur linn. This may lesul many folks \n e».i pTnin of nasKint: l^knoru,, ]»** of TCP « uii niclils f>r frttiiu 1 nt itn^ntfca in:iy rvMil'. from m1nr>r bfti-tiiiT iTritatmn:- iluu to oil-!, or «Iii!lnry imliscrdium. if your ilisi-mnfi.rls arc rfiie lo tVs«r CBIWW. dotTi vrftil, Vry ItoaiTa X'iUa. » m»M cn <ilWr«i>c ny times _Dua nr, itV BmaJ-inc how k'ivc !i»Pl>y relief — LOANS ON CARS, TRUCKS AND TRACTORS liniled insurance Agency Isl * Main CHj Drug niydicville, Ark. PROFIT By Reading the Classified Ads Every Day! PROFIT BLY By Advertising In The Classified Columns When You Want to Buy or Sell ADS PLACED BEFORE 9 A.M. . WILL APPEAR SAME DAY All Classified Advertising Payable in Advance PHONE 4461 NEVILLE COURIER NEWS HI Arkot 2-1 Cotton Seed Produced by University of Arkansas Experiment Sin. BREEDERS SEED Available to Arkansas Growers Extremely early in fruiting and matures quick. Harvest <>r> to SO per cent of crop at first picking. High gin turn out. Staple: 1-1/32 to 1-5/32 inches. Three-year average at Delta Substation 712 pounds lint per acre. Other production records in 1949: At Mnrianna—892 pounds per acre; At Hope — B28 pounds per acre; In Craighead County—722 pounds per acre. Big boll. Predominately five-locked. Easy picked by hand or machine. Seed are of high germination. See Your Ginner or RAY F. PRICE \Ve offer you the services of Jim Caruthers, master plumber, whose 25 years of experience assure you of the expert workmanship you have always received in the past from our concern. 311 North 6th West Walnut Phone 2271. ..Long Blytheville, Ark. Distance 13 <KXAV»oo Phone 2186 8Y FELIX CARNC You're flirting with trouble if , you try to fix up your radio yourself when it begins to sho* signs that something'* wronj, If your set fadrs out or has unnecessary static Interference, call an expert repairman . call Blytheville SakJ Co. Not only will your radio be really fixed right, but you'll also save a lot of future expense that might result from tinkering with it. Call 361S. "filiation," According f 0 Hannah, "ii aHentiwi wttHour iotenKonT POR FBfS SST/AMres fXPfKT K4D/0 SAUS At/D SfftVCf f* LYTHEVILIE SALES CO. 6 ( 138 E. MAIN ST. BLYTHEVILLE.ARK n Mississippi County's MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR CROP WILL AFFECT YOUR FUTURE Know Cotton-Boost Cotton-Buy Cotton SUPPORT COTTON WEEK Hear ALLAN KLINE, President of the American Farm Bureau Osceola High School, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY FARM BUREAU

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