The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 12, 1936 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 12, 1936
Page 11
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fmW$W^^^^ £!*> Vif' •" '' I* ''//<•<", •'',-> „ 4 V "- 1 ' r ' ^ " " 'i " - f'V' v ..V , I 1 ." . • "i, 1 '*; ' .' v THE BAKERSF1ELD CALIFORNIA*?, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 1936 TONE TTODB CLASSIFIED ADS SELL! For Sali—PurnHure FOR SAt/E—Two-piece, brown tapestry, Chesterfield net, newly upholstered. 01 g "Bye", utrefet, FOR SAUE-r-Baby's high grade bod nftil mattress In excellent condition. .Full gjite bed. Telephone 4SB5-W. FOR SALB—BUqk BAB range, grood conditions lilgh»oven with regulator! also (rood rcfrlR'ern.tdr. Phone 6058-J. SALE-^-Three-ploee vclour overstuffed set, excellent condition, $30. 714 Nlles street. BA-RQAIN—3-plcce bedroom set, walnut finish; set consists of bed, spring and mattress, vanity dresBer, vanity bench, chiffonier, white chest of drawers. Inquire at AHa, Vista Oolt Course, corner of Bernard and Alia Vista. 39 > . USED OFFICE FURNITURE Mahogany roll top desk $36.00 Inv. filing cabinet, 15 drwrs. $12.00 Sec. bookcase, four sections $12.00 Mahogany ofifee table, G ft. $10.95 Cigar case, 6 feet $4.50 HAMM SELLS ..FOR LESS 1100 18th, Cor. 18th and N .Street* Phone 341 52 Poultry and Livestock BABY and started chicks. Have now, week-old Reds and Leghorns, also 80 2-week-otd pure Hanson strain s. Rlverview Hatchery, om highway. FOR SALE—one buckskin stallion, 2& years old, gentle, well bred; bay mare, broke to ride, weight i860. Phone 1516. ' FOR SA1-IS Box 80, 100 young turkeys. Write CallfornlRn. P1K-OARDS prevent ploklng-plckouts. Produced fewer nulls. Investigate. B. Reed, t>!3 Thirty-fifth street, phonp 43SO-W. , FOR MAT^tS—Plymouth Rock pullets, BV4 months old. J. W. Dodds, first house on Union avenue, Casa l.onia Acre*. Phone 3278-.I. 37 Wlnton, mahogany case ' $05 Emerson, walnut case $75 Aldrlch, fumed oak $135 Starr, bungalow, beautiful mahogany case $165 All with benches to match. Pianos for rent. URNER'S. 1926 EYE ST. 38 USKD FURWTUR1S SPECIALS Robertl Bros, closet bed $7.95 Baby bed, cane paneled $0.95 5-pc. breakfast set, hardwood $7.95 3-pc. overstfd. bod davenp. set 129.60 3-po. enameled bedroom sot $14.95 2-pc. Robert! Bros, living room set, rust tapestry, like now $45.00 2-pc. Karpen living room set, green tapestry, like new $39.50 Many Other Big Bargains POPEL FURNITURE JSXCHANQH Ardlzsil-Olcese Bldg. 023 Simmer St. .lust west of Baker. Phone 1341 63 TI113 ARCHIBALD HATCHERY, Soquel, Calif. Through the fall and winter months, hatching White Leghorns, Barred Rocks nnd Rhode Island Reds, weekly. Write for catalog-. 38 FOR SALE OR TRADE—One span mules, $160.00: one team of bay horses, JtJG.OO; one saddle horse, $60.00. Call one mile south of Shnf- ter. W. Nickels, 87 Fruits and Vegetables WHITE HEATH peaches, COc per lug; only a few- left. Bring containers. 3718 .Tewett. CANNING PEACHES Lemon clings, now ready. Will last only few days. Come pick yourself, 35o HIR. Brandt Ranch, Harry Carlun, 1 mile east of Lament. 37 FREESTONE • ranch, Rio sales. peaches. Bravo. No Merrill Sunday 40 AUCTION SALE Sunday, September 13, II o'clock, 4 miles south of Bakersfleld on 09 highway. 30 horses—5 Shetland ponies, gentle mares and geldings. 10 gentle spotted mares, galled. 10 head of mares and geldlngH, gentle, solid colors, bays and blacks. 6 head work horses and mares. This Is 'one of the finest bunches of saddle horses money can buy. Terms can be arranged to suit you on these horses. Call Bakersfleld OOBO or HCO clerk day of sale. See stock now. A. M. Weaver, owner. 37 DELICIOUS fryers. Reds. Battery milk fed. "Their feet never touch the ground." Tender, Juicy. Dressed, delivered. 121 McCorcl. Phono OB57-J. 87 Dogs and Other Pets . ONE parakeet free with cage and stand purchased. Rose bushes and shrubs, 25c each. Rosebuds, 25c a dozen. Pots wanted. 1124 Third street. Phone 5S38-J. FOR SALE—Cheap, beautiful roller canaries, singers. Can be seen at JO.v East Seventh street. Phono 228Ii. S7 Wanted to Buy-Miscellaneous Beach Woman Is Dead tri Mystery (Attootatett frets located Wire,) LONG BEACH, Sept. U.—A bullet crushed into the body of Mrs. Marie Saner, 81-year-old waitress, In a municipal airport hanger last night and left police with a death pusurie toddy. AVilllam Buchanan, aviator and airplane designer, .told Detective Lieutenant C. E. Peterson he heard a shot and found her body on the hangar floor a moment after she had run from his living quartern above, taking ti. pistol from his dresser drawer. A wound In her chest left distinct marks of powder burns, the detec- live said. Her forehead was gashed and ono eye was bruised. In Buchanan's rooms, officers found bandages and u piece of raw meat which Mrs. Saner, twice married, apparently hud been applying to her eye. The airman said the cut on her forehead might have been received In n fall against a box of light switches at tho 'bottom of the stairs, 4 « » Landon Arrives in Maine for Windup (AiioolatrA Promt I,r,atcd Wire) PORTLAND, Maine, Sept. 12.— Maine Republicans gathered In Portland today to greet their presidential nominee, Alf M. Landon, at tho wind-up tonight of the party's campaign for the "as goes Maine" state election Monday, The Kansas governor, traveling eastward by special train, faced a challenge from Governor Louis J Brann, Democratic U. S. Senate nominee, to Instruct tho Republican national treasurer to return J. Pier pont Morgan's $4000 campaign con trlbution. "The situation stands at this,' Brann told a cheering rally audience hero "they are going out with tho money of a racketeer, In tho dofinl lion of Governor Landon, to trj to defeat tho governor of Maine." Brann, discussing wealthy Amor leans' donations to the G. O. P. cof fers as reported by a Senate com mittee this week, said that "In 1930 Landon is on record as having sail Insull and Morgan wore racketeers.' TO COME HERE WANTRp TO BUY—A ffood cook stove; must be reasonable and In good condition. 434 Ueardslcy avenue, Illverview. NEW almonds (133C crop) for sale, from 1 pound to a ton. 1109 Stockton street, Bakersfleld. 44 Poultry and Livestock RHODE ISLAND UKD fryers for Male. Will dress. 1110 Fourth street. Phone 2171-J. Legal Notices WANTED—Old burlap and rags. Buy- Ing bottles and other Junk. Call 2170 for pick-up wagon. 717 Sumner street. B-15-tf BUST prices paid for bottles, rags, iron and other Junk. Phone 4178 for pickup wagon. Prompt service. 420 East Nineteenth. 7-9-H6-tf Japan Wants New Naval Pacts, Say Valley Police in Capture of Boy Here's Gollah, ono of tho tow animals In the big Colo Bros.-Clyde Itantly circus, whoso apartment is equipped with a private ' bath. This dainty (?) niaacot. will Lie ono of many attractions when tho circus shows here September 1R. (Continued From Page One) the NOTICE OF HEARING -Notice Is hdreby given that tho County Planning Commission of the County of Kern, State of California, by a resolution thereof adopted on tho 10th day of August, 19B8, did adopt the first unit of a land use plan, being a zoning or districting plan, an a part of tbo Master Plan of snld County, and did make a final report thereon to the Board of Supervisors of said County by recommending that said Board of Stipcrvluors adopt n pertain proposed ordinance of said County containing the basic structure of a land use'plan for Halt! County and applying certain regulations In detail to certain property adjacent to Golden State Highway In salcS County, a certified copy of which proposed ordinance is on flln in the office of tho County Clerk In the Court House, Ba- Itorsfleld, California, attached to a certified copy of the aforesaid resolution, to which copies reference Is hereby mado for tho particulars thereof. Notice is hereby given that tho Board of Supervisors of said County did set a certain time and place for a public, hearing on xald first unit of said land use plan and on said final report and on said proposed ordinance, which time and place Is as follows, to-wlt: At the hour of 11 a. in. on tho 14th day of September, 1930, In the Chambers of the Board of Supervisors In the Court House, Bakersfleld, California. Any and,all persons Interested In said matters may appear at the aforesaid time and ,pluco and bo beard thereon. F. IS. SMITH. County Clerk and Ex-Offlclo Clerk of tho Board of Supervisors of tho County of Kern, State of California. Publish: Aug. 81. Sept. 8, 10. 12. treaties a few months hence," cabinet minister asserted. The hint of now treaties was United with an emphatic declaration equality in naval strength must be granted to Japan. Ad- mlriil Nagano, who led his delegation from the London naval conference lust winter when (Japanese demands for parity were rejected, declared: "Any new naval treaty must rest on the basis of tho security of all the contracting nations. Tho Japanese navy believes that such security can most, satisfactorily be assured by quantitative equality among the principal naval powers." He expressed belief "and earnest hope the growth of understanding between Japan, the United States and Great Britain" would permit Borne form of naval agreement in the future—how soon ho could not estimate. Tho questions of whether Japan's new naval program would Include capital ships or whether such ships, if constructed, would carry 16-Inch or 14-Inch guns were evaded skillfully. I'rai TURI-OCK, Sept. 12.—Two 10 year-old youths who escaped fron Whlttler Reformatory In Houlheri California and made their wa; north In five stolen automobiles three of which thoy burnod to throx pursuers off their trail, were holi In custody by police lions today fo lowing their capture In a wild elms through the San Joaquin valley. Warned that the boys were "typical cop haters," officers throughout the San Joaquln valley wore watch- Ing for tho pair when a patrolman sighted thorn on a highway near here driving a car purportedly stolen In Merced. Following them, tho officer pursued them Into Turlock where they abandoned the car nnd fled into a lumber yard, where they hid while a hastily summoned posse of county and city police started a city-wide search. Tho youths. Lcroy McQauhey and Raymond Haas, emerged from their hiding; place and wore attempting to leave tho town when they wore captured at tho city limits by Officer Tony Silva. (Attoclaletl rrett tifOftil SOUTH -SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 12. It. S, Department of Agriculture!— logs: For five days, 8460; compared vlth laat Friday: Butchers mostly 2Rc ower, packing sown steayd; wsek'w op 111.90; bulk 1BOe>235-H>. weights, 1t.7Giffll.nO; closing top and tmlk, 11.75; HOWKiR-lbs, at *lt.25Him.B5; iround 2400260-lb. average*, {11.264P 1.40; packing sows, $S.2fi(ff9. Halt!*: For five days 1500. oomparpd |Rt Friday: Steers and heifers mostly steady, cows steady to !Bc lower, bulls steady; half lond good ST3-H>. fi>d ! itners, $8; bulk under 1100-lh, short ! od and granny steers. t0.75<ij>7.7S, load lili-lb. slews from local feed lot. 16.SB, with 3 pnr cent shrinkage; oom- uon to good range COWB, $4.2Sfi 5,60; ow cutters and cutters, $3Q4; medium bulls up to JCTiO. Calves: For five days ISO; compared nst Friday: Better grades absent, Jholce vealers quoted up to $10; lower frndfs dull, weak; medium to good 406-lb. calves, tfi; common venlers, $<. Sheep: For five days 4350; compared ftst Friday: All classes active, strong, spots shade higher: fivo decks good 0<fi ; i9-lb, wooled California and Oregon liunba. $S.76; sorted 10W15 per lent; good 70-lb. shorn Inmbs, JS. sorted 10 per cent; deck 64-lb, feeder nhs, J6.75; good yearling*, }7.fiO; wolhnrB, JD.2B; choice ewes qimtr-d up to »3.7B. Some Slocks Go to Now High Mnrks, Others Drop or Remain Stationary Hitler Claims His Nation Needs Land (Continued from Page One) to thn national socialist convention for "meritorious service to tho ptirty." As he spoke, 200 heavy bombers nnd hundreds of pursuit plnnei wheeled and circled above tho con gross hall. It was only for a brief minute li his long speech, however, that Hit ler suggested tho advantages tier many would gain by the ponscsBloi of hinds tci tbo enst. "If I bud the Urals, if wo pos sossed Siberia, If wo had tho Uk mine, national socialist Herman would bo swimming In surplus pros perlty," ho wild. Tho Helchnfuohrer'8 whole speech wus a plea for patience, fnrtllttdo and determination In tho task which, ho iidmltted, might tnko n generation to solve. - 4 « » Stanford Man Is Leaderof Group (Atanciatnt Prea* l,rafrd Wire) WASHINGTON, Sept. 12.— -Dr. William J>". Dunind. of Palo Alto. Calif., professor emeritus of Lelanit Stanford University, today wn« elected president of tho Third World Power Conference,, an organization of 3000 scientists and indUBtrlnllsts from f>2 nations. He succeeds Dr. Julius Dorpmoul- lor, of Germany, head of tho Helen's railroads. LOS ANGELES LIVESTOCK (Associated Press Letted Wire) 1.O.S' ANGK^reS. Sept. 12.—Hop Tteeelpto for week 80ft; steady to 25< lower; bulk ll1.S5Wll.7f>; top J11.75 locals $11.26 down; hen vies |9.00ili 10.00; sown fS.OOfr S.76. Cattle: Tlee.olptH for week 6100; Bloom steady to SSo hlslier; cows 2fu to 35o. lower; other classes steady: fed steers $7.50* S.40; (irans nnd nhort fed sleern J8.25Si7.25; Mexicans, fS.60 <tjfi,7fi; feeders }&.00iii (1.25; short fed heifers $t.66$f-7.00; grass heifers $5.00 rHt>.2!>; cows $4.504(5.50; fow $f>.lKi'i(> 5,75; cutter grades $2.7&«f4->!5; bulls $5.00JJ»6.00. Calves: Receipts for week 1450; Sfie to 60o higher; vealors $8.00ifT!'-50; calven $fi.76(87.75. Mhoep; Hecelpts for week 3150 steady to strong; medium lo gooi lambs $8.20(fjll.OO; common $«.<IO®7.00 short wpthcrn $5.75; common to medium cxvea $2.2r>4f3.50. TREASURY REPORT STATEMENT OF MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE BOARD HELD MONDAY, AUGUST 31, 1936. ET SEQUITUR. A. M. with all to correct as- Board met at 10:13 members present. Assessor authorized sessment rolls. Allowances to Indigents were made. Minutes of tho Meeting of August 24, 1938, et seq., were approved and Statement of Mlnuteu approved and ordered publlthed. Offer of Native Daughters and Native Sotm to present Bear Flag accepted, Supervisor Wlminer to make arrangements. Delegation from Mojavo spoke In re location of new school. S" Permits to move Indivisible loads were granted. Business license applications were granted. Claims against tho County wore al„ lowed. Tax Collector authorized to »ell a parcel of tax deeded land. Taxes for tho year 1936-37 were fixed. Requisitions were approved. Right of Way Deed accepted, Arthur Dlx, et ux, Road 828. Purchase of Veterans' Memorial Bldg. from Bakerafleld Club consummated. Hearing Viewers' Report 967 continued without date. Hearing had and Road 959- declared public highway and deeds accepted. petition to close Merton Avenue partly heard, matter referred back to County Planning Commlsulon. ., neslgnatlon of C. H, Morgan, Trustee West Side Cemetery District accepted. Rex MusHdr appointed Trustee, West Bide Cemetery District, vice Morgan. Board recessed to Tuesday, Sept 1, 1936. 2 Tuesday. Sept. 1, 1888, Board met at .8:30 A. M. with all present. The Board canvassed the Absent Voters' Ballots with tho assistance of two canvassing Boards of five each appointed by the Board, and re- cesssd until Wednesday. Sept, 2, 1936, at 2:00 P. M, Wednesday. Sept. 2, 1936, Board met at J'.SO P. M., All present. <• Tho Board canvasaod the returns of the s.(>ucnt«6 voter* and took an nd- joucnmept to tho next regular incot- Slayer of Six Is Hanged at Prison (Associated Prut LenttA Wire) WALL/A WALT..A. Wash., Snpt. 12.-r-The state hanged Leo Bernard Hall and wrote "avenged" today across the record of tho glmstiv ErlandB Point massacre In which six persons were K'aughtered in a summer -cottage more than two years ago. Hall, ohce a seminary atudcrt, went gamely to his deatn on the gallows in the state penten'lary he-re lost night, declaring a man convicted of a murder in Oregon was innocent. Kven as tho vrap dropped ITAH'n brother, Clus Hall, was racing in an airplane from Wu'.lu AValla across Iho state toward Olympic in ti laat, desperate effort to win a reprieve fi om tho governor. State Must Have Lost Cost Works (Associated Press Lea»cd Wire) LOS ANaiSLl^, Sept. ^.—California' miiHt develop low-cost projects to provide rollof for tho needy this winter under the new Kodernl \Vorl<s Progress AdmtnlHtratlon program, said stale WPA director Frank Y. McLaughlln. Only $150 may go for non-labor itema out of un average of $D28 per man-year of employment, MeLiuigh lin declared. ZOO ItOAR RUNS AMUCK HOOSICK FALLS, N. Y., Slept, 12 (U. P.)—A pet peccary, three-toed American species of wild boar, gorod Hans Ehmler In the right leg, Ehmler, zoo proprietor, pried tho pea- cary's tusk from hifo leg with a cane. Fifty BtltcbeB were taken to close tho jagged, three-cornered wound. +• • KUCHAHIST MBET SET NEW ORLEANS, Sept/12. (A. P.) Archbishop ,Joscph F. Hummel announced today that tho eighth. National KuchurlRltc Congress of tho United Ktalcs would bo held In New Orleans In Iho fall of 1989. (Aitottinled 1'reit Treated Wirr) WASIIINUTON, Sopt. 12. —The po Klllon of tbo Treasury on Koptombo 10: ItPopiplM, fir,,-llO,SSn Sr>; oxpoiull turi>s, J22,302,Ri>S.2!l; balance, $1.7!ir,. ! | 04,!'71..'II; iMiMnniH receipts for tb month, JP,ti2fi,l"2i>.!il; reoplpts for the fiscal year (slnpp July I), $748,S38, •H>!>,2C; rxiiniiriltiirox, }1,£00,515.0911.fil! liU'liiillHK ?42!*.017,7S<i.SI'.l of iMiiertte I'Xpc'nrtlturcH; PXI'TNH of oxpoortlturfK J451.07ll.ii2ti.3r,; groMn debt, JS:!.!I58. CIH.1i23.4l!. a ilci-reaso of »1 .[,!!C,,K34.2r, uiHlrr tbo iiri-vloiiN <Ui>': K"h! HHRrts, J10.738,935,7B1.21. (,4jt«oc(n/rd Press Leasi'd ll"(re^ HAN FKANCIHCO, Sept. 12.— Market whims turned price trends regular here today. 1'tcspito H larger ntimbcr of declines tlmii K«lns, 5 stocks wont lo j cities tew high murks for the recovery icrloil, Umporluni und Halo llros. kept .ho rise of department store Mia res (nlng, hitllng now peaks on frnc- lonal gulnn. Hn.lnier Paper com- non went lip 2Vj to a new penl< nt 44 and the A stock gained 2 for a record price of 37. Pacific Telephone connected with 141 for the first time In yours, up 1. Trn nun merlon came Into new demand toward tho clone, gaining H it 13»i with 3200 shares traded. Ul tlorglo Gs rose 2 find Iho common i, along with Onlnmba and Bishop OH. 1'nclfic I.lghtlnK lost >v. Hen- ral Tiilnt % nnd Caterpillar 1 Vi>. (United rrrtt l.rnsed Wire) NEW YORK. Sept. 12.— Railroads Stock Atchlson ......................... *3 Bnltlmoro A Ohio ................ 25 1* Chesapeake & Ohio .............. 6«H Krlo ............................. 17% Gr\»nt Nt>ri hern pf d .............. 4 1 VI Illinois Ontral .................. 28 New York Central ............... 45 Northern Pnclf In ................ 2*H Pennsylvania .................... 39 U Southern Pacific ................ m« Industrials American ('un ................... 125% American Tel. * Tel ............. 17SH POULTRY, BUTTER, EGOS Tractor .............. 73',i Servloo ................... 4 U Columlila l'!ns ................... 20^ Consolldrttod Oa« ................ 43 Corn 1'rortucts ................... fiS rnrtlss-WrlRht .................. 8S First Niitlonal Stores ............ 4>>H Fox Film "A" .................... SI "i OenM-al Klcotrjc ................. 4i>H (If nornl Foods ................... 3!Hi Gold mist ........................ 14 Oondyonr Tlrr> * Tluliricr ......... 24 H International Harvester ......... 78H TiMwrmtloiinl Tel. &• Tel ......... 12% .TohiiR-Mftitvlllo .................. 115 MontKomory Ward .............. 49 v, Norlli ArnftHrun ................. 32*i Bonds Active in Trading orf New York Market; Grain Firm; Cotton Bases By KLMEB C. WALZER' (United Press teased Wire) NEW YORK.. Sept. 12.—Stocks moved irregularly In a dull, uninteresting session on the stock oxchangij today. Bonds were fairly active and mixed. Grains firmed. Cotton eased. United States Steel was a favorltn In the industrial section. It touched 72T4. up 1% points, and held part of It. Meantime. Youngstown Sheet and Tube lost 2 points and Bethlehem nearly a point. Automobile issues, firm In the early dealings, slipped back to fractional losses. Utilities eased 'on bonrtah Interpretation of President Roosevelt's utility speech delivered Radio Corporation 11U ntle ,. lh e clow yesterday. Oils were sU n rs-"Hoebuo.k" \\'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.\'.'.'. R7 I mlxci ' na wcro chemicals. A thin CHICAGO GRAIN Circle Entertains at Layette Party fAstoctatrd I'rcti I.rated Wire) CHICAUO, Nopl. 12.—(,'anli wheat, No. 1 hard, $1.20Hi i-orn, llllnolw proportional No. 1 yellow, J1.16V4, No, 2 ytilluw, $l.lli'», No. I) yellow, JI.KjHW 1.10; lake billing No. 2 yellow, Jl.15',4. No. 3 yellow, ? 1.14'.j, 0 1.U>: No. 2 ! white. $1 HO; ontx. No. 1 while. 4i!';iiii | <!i<7' 4 r : No. 2 whitn. 45>^'iJ'4fii,ic'; No. 1.1 while. 4ic, no rye; barley nrlunl »1e, }1.fl6; fopil, 7f>itfSOo nominal; , $1.105)1.40 nomlnnl. Harold Bullmun was tho honoreo at a luyelto shower when Naomi t'lrclo of First Chrlntlnn Church met at Iho homo of Mro. C, K. Martin, 1681 Benlo avenue, with Mm, Martin, Mrs. Merle Sutllff, Mrs. O. A. Hankln and Mr«. R. Kntgrht us hoBtesses. Many lovely gifts were opened and Inspected. Devotlonnls were led by Mrs. Martin. During tbo business meet- Ing planH were completed for a "school days" party. ' HefroshmentB wnro served iilonsr with dainty white booteoH filled with candles, which were given nn fuvoi-H. * Attending were Mesdnmos l^eone Nowlin, Myrtle Nichols, Hay Walt, Dcun Trammel, JJcxter Unrrott, Ague, Loo AS'llhlto, Newell 1'Yank 1'lerson, Harriet War- M. Garner, Hnrold Hultmnn, Uyers, Merle Sulllff, O. A. Kankln, C. C. Martin, \V. L, .Turret!, H. Knight. Jullun Hullmnn, Jack Allen, M!BH KOHO Marie Allen, nnd the children. 1'utny Knight, Ronald Nowlin, Judith Cirpon, Hmldy Taylor, Ella Mae Byera and Dick Jarrelt, Kloyd Orecn, ner. K. J. L. IX)W HID KNTBKKI) LOR A.NOISLEH. Kept. 12. (A. P.)— The low bid of $283,932.46 on the El Cajon avenue Improvement project was entered by the Daley Corporation of Kan Diego, Iho state depart I mcnt of highways announced. September K. 8. 8. 18 ACCOUNTING IS REALLY ACCOUNT (Associated I'rcsi Leaic'l Wire) A TLANTA, Ga., Sept. 12—J. 3. Shettlesworth goes Into detail In reporting campaign expense*—down to the last shoestring. Here's the way the defeated legislative candidate reported the $142.46 cost of hit campaign: Entrance fee, $125; cards, $16; eight street car tickets, 60 cents; seven wieners (entertainment), 35 cents; seven bowls of soup (entertainment), 70 cents; exchange on entrance fee check which came back marked "insufficient funds," 16 cents; shoestrings to replace pair, broken while campaigning, 5 cents; half sole* worn out campaigning, 60 tents.' " Political Followers Watch Maine Election Closely to See r Cuff nf Press l.ensed Wlrej T.OS ANlUiMr.8, Sept. 11,~ Butter Kxtras, 37'v.o. 1'rlme flrHlH, 34'jc, Standards, 34c, I'ndcrKraile, S.Ufcc Egot (Candled) IdirRe—Clean evtriiN, 34c; light dirty extras, Sir; clean standards, '„'$(•; light dlrly standard.". 26e: checks, 2.">c. Medium- Clemi rxlrns. 27c; light dirty exira.", 85e; clean wtnndHrdn, 84e; light dlrly MandardH, 2.V; cheeks, SSo. ! Poultry i lions, Leghorn*. 2',i to 3U pounds, in,-. Hmi», T.eghnrns, over 3'i nnd up to -I pounds. 14c. lion*. I,i»KhoriiN, over 4 pounds, Iflc, Menu, colored, 3U to 4 pounds, 20c. Hens, colored, 4 poundH nnd ii|>, 23e. Droller*, over 1 ami up to l!i pounds, 20c. Broilers, over I'.» mid up to 2Vi pounds. 20c. 1'Yyers, Leghorns, over 2'i and up to H pounds, H>c. Krynrs. colored. 2's uud up to 3>i pounds. 17c. I'YycrH. colored, over H 1 -* nnd up to 4 pound*. JKr. lloa.ilurs. mift hone, Harrcd Hnrka, ovnr 4 pounds nnd up. "f"'. HoiiKtoi-N, Hofl bone, other than HIIITIM! HocliK. iivpr 4 pound.* nnd up. Slaps. I2r. I'lui-kltiiRK. 4'v poumls iinil up. Hi. OiicUlliiKM, under 4 l « pounds, 12c. i lid ducks, lie. <;ee.-<e, KM-. Young loin turkeys, II! poundH anil up to IS pounds, 19c. Young lien lurkeya, over IS pound*, 20e. linn turkey*, 9 pounds nnd up, 20c. old torn turkeys. 14c Did hen turkeys, 14c. under 11 poiindn, ve Sqtiulm, 11 pounds, ppr do/.ou and up, 2«<-. I'npons. under 7 pounds, I'tto, ('iipmiH, 7 pounilM mill up. SSc. KnbhllH, No. I wlillr. IIH to 4H poiiodii, i-ni'li 12<\ KnlilillH. N<>. 1 inU'Ml rolurn. 3's and 4 \ii poiindu, t>arh, l(h\ HulibltH, No. 1, olil fir. U. S. Rubber .............. ; ...... 51 H Union Carbide & Carbon ........ !>B'/4 United A I re raft .................. 2." Wnrnrr Rrothers ................ 13*i Weslrrn tlnlim ............ . ..... 91 Westmnhouse Ulectrlr .......... 143's Wnolworth ...... ................ li^H .1. C. Penney ..................... 31 H Trancnmerloa .............. ..... 1^'(( Metals K.11; 40 70'» 56"i 47'i 24 <i 72 1 ', 24'» nethloliem Steel Intornatlonal Nickel Kennoeolt Copper Tlepubllc Steel T M. Steel Vunndltun Steel Tobacco Slid Sugar American Muicnr &s American Tobacco "\" !>S'i American Tohncco "H" 101 Cuban American Sutrnr in'* lirent Western Sugar SS'4 H. .1. Reynolds "IV'i Oils Atlantic UeflnlUK I7S Consolidated I2H Mexican Senbonrd 32<4 rbllllp.i 1'ete 40", Shell Union 21 »4 Ktnndnrd of California Sii'ii Ptnndnrd of New Jersey ft2H Socony Vacuum l!l-% TetnR Company 371^ Tldewnlor Asp'n. new IT Motors l 'brysler 111 'i General Motors RTi^ ITudnon ir>% Packard Motors 12-H market ilevelopd In Dupont and it broke more than 2 points on a few transactions. A few special Issues mado gains of a point or so while u few others made declines. Th» main Hat fluctuated in a narrow run ge. Universal Leaf Tobacco dropped more than 4 points. Philip Morris loot nearly 2 points. A. O. Smith rose 2 points on a few sales. Pressed Steel Car preferred gained nearly 3 points. American Chicle made a new high on a small gain. Atlantic Gulf preferred made u new top at 40%,' UP m. Coppers were mixed in a narrow range. United States Smelting declined nearly 2 points In the solvers. Gold mines were dull. Kleclrlcal equipment Issues wore barely changed. Farm equipment* were dull and steady. Mail orders eased with Sears Roebuck down a, point. GOVERNMENT BONDS 'l'llnki>n Roller H'arlntr Equipment!! Ame.rli'nn f'nr Poimdry | Ainxrlran Loi^oniolive j MiiMwIn Loi'oiiiullve j i lenernl Tnnli : Stewart Wnrnpr LOS ANQELES STOCKS (Vnitrd Prtst 1 rartit \\~irr) LOS ANC.KLKS. Sept. 12 Hid Asked Industrials r'hrynler Claude Neon f;lol>e M HHnR; IkMicliiK Alrcruft Taylor Mlllliut Lot'liheod Oanki Nntl Nnll Sei'iirlty-Flrst »€«-urlty-Klr»t .114 .IP* 73 MM, 51 >i 115 11 <» 10'4 74 2(1 f.2 52 ! Press Leased Wire) N13W YORK, Sept. 13.—U. S. bonds lotted today: Treaiurlei 4',in, 47-52, lld.8. 3'iR, 43-45, 10S.29. 3H», 43-47, 109.!>. SH». 41-43, March, 109 1«. 3Vin, 41, 10?.9. 3V,«. 44-4rt. 10S.1S 3Hs. 45-52, 106.20. 3*. 46-4S. 3a. M-5r>, 105.S. S^a. r>5-t5n. 103.* a^p, 45-47, 104 17 2',s, 4R-51. 102.27. Z\n, 61-54, 101.86. Federal Farm Mortgag* 2» 4 i», 42-47, 10U.4. St>, 49, 103.28. 3Ws, 64. 105.S. Home Owners Loan : >: Hs. 4D, 101.31. FOREIGN EXCHANGE 1 I METALS MARKET (Amoclatril Prcm Lranrrt ll'Jrr^ NKW TOHK. Sept. 12.—i'upper eady: electrolytic, spot and future, $3.75; export. $fl.S7Ms. Other metals nominally u II Trovatore Cafe Will Provide Music Ifrglniilng tonight and conllnuliiK every Sulurday and Hiindny nl^blR, 11 Trovuirtro cafo. lucutfil ill ISIghl- wnth nnd K Mtrt'otH, will provide muNla for patrotiH who cum to dnnc<\ It was announuvd today. Tho munlc will feature lio«i« II. 1'arcntl, plnno nnd accunllon and I'Ycrl I'nrpritl, BII.X- ophono. Tho cnfo, with many prl- vnlii boolliM. contalnH an uxuvllenl danco floor. Marking tho (I|>C>II|MK of the fnll BPUHon. tho liuffot IIIIH added n number of modernlHilc cocktail Uihloa and chalrn for tho convenlenuo of patrotiH. - +++. Workers Persuaded to Evacuate Plant (Atiociatfd I'm* Leaned Wire I J'AKIH, Ho|it. l2.-»Thlrly tbou- aand tcxtllo workers nt Llll' 1 , who Dtruck and occupied tlmir pluc<?n of work, wfro ppii<undod today to evacuate Iho plant*. The itmploynn, H<'i>k|iiK lo npeod application of tins 40-hour week voted by tho Kroiu'li Parliament, rorodod frotn their poHltlon nflcr (>iinfi!n>nn)H with MlnlBler of thfi Interior Uugcr « S. F, LIVESTOCK (AttfHitnlrd t'rvtit Leaned Wire) SAN l-'KANl'INCO, Srpt. 12.— Ciil. 1'acli. Corp a;ii, 1,M (ilorul Kriitt..,. )T, a i 1)1 tllni'Kl F pfd li.1 Miirt'hunt Ciil«' N. Amer. I. fi'.j, pfd.. Tuc.lfl.; Can 1'ai-lflo (!. £• I". r>'/j 1st pfd rnoiric MKhlltiK I'aclflc Piildlt! KorvlPe.. 1'aciric T. .Si T. pfd Hy. Ki|, & HI. fi pfd llepiilillc J'elo Kohleslnger pfd Kouth I'nrlflo Soiitll I'. Uol. (! A I'nlon oil of California W«"!lern 1'lpo >t K 24', K11114 •i\ ll'f, . 7S .HI . SK'i '• I'« . 14 . 4.1's . I . 19'. 21 23 iC. I. A Invectmeiil 1'nclflc Klnaucn Public Utllltlei I.. A. CJas & Mlec., pfd 1'nclflc i!a» ft Klec Pacific C.IIH Ac Kim-. "A".. Pac. ijightliiK. com Bo. Cal. Kdlpon, com So. Cnl. Ifcllnnn. li. pfd.... 80 Cal. ICdlKiiii. t.'4 So. Cal, i in. B, pfd Ho. Pacific H. It Oils Holftn l.'hlc.ii, Parlfli! Wenlern Standard Oil of Cnl Union CHI of Calif f>2 80 V 31 7* t 14'j 361>, 21"» 2s »; I 11'nited Press Leased Wire) \ NK\V VOHK, Sept. 12.—Foreign ex- j change closing Irregular: Kngland, liO-Jav bill rule, u.O&^s, off •OOi.j,. Cunad.i, dollar 1.00 1-S2. Franco, franc .065SH. off .00 1-1S. Italy, lira ,07»SH, up .0001V4. llelglum, belga .1690H. Uerinany. mark .4023. Germany, travel mark .2250. Swluurland. franc .3259. up .0001. • Holland, Kullder .C7S7, up .0004. Spain, peseta unquoted. Sweden, kronu .2610. up .0001. Norway, krono .1544. up .0001 Denmark, krone .2240, up .000*4. Austria, uhtltlng .1S57. Cr.eoho»lovakla, koruna .0413H. Mexico, silver peso .27SS, Japan, yen .2561, up .0001. •*>- COTTON FUTURES «. . 4, ( -I funritttc ft /'ITM Ittaitpit It (re) NK\V YdHIC, Sept. IB U'ci-lc end hnrlgltiK nnd HqiildHtlon WH« nlmorbnil on (1>«<lti>r« nf f, nr fi polnlK In rotton today and prlr^n ndviun-cil Imer on mi Hi'tlvn ilfiiiaiii] from tlir. IriioV. roin- 1>ln''fl u'ltb rovorliiK anil foreign buy- IIIK. I'l.-i'i'iiibcr, jifli'i- Helling off to 12.12, uilviitircil lo IS.20 MIHI cliiHei) lit 12,17. with the g«n«r»l ninrkpi net unrliHiigeil to 7 polnln hlghnr. l-'uluroB cioKMl dleady, uiiohitiignd to 7 higher. On.,>: l>eo.. 12.IT4i 12.20: Jan.. 12 16; Miiivh, IS 0«y 12.10; Mav,; July, 12.05. .«|iol nleudv; inliblllng 12.6r,. IN APPRECIATION FUNERALS hiivn not forecuat uwunitoly the niitlonal rrwull. Tbo last time Maine wont Democratic In a presidential olcclluii wax In 1812 when Wllnon gained u plurality over Tuft nnd lloo»«;vell. (Associated Press Leased Wire) fJOJVTLAND Maine, Sept. 12.—The j polltlclanx lire awurc that five Buying, "an Maine goon, so goen wlnco Iho "d« KOCH Maine" lhe nation," lurned HtudeniN of poll- orlglimiud In 18-40. Itu Htale lien towurdit tho vote of Mulnti In I past election* loday as thp campaign of Mondny'H Mtntc election ncai i>d 1U end. Aware at a psychological advantage lo be gained In a Maine victory two months beforo Die national election, Democrats and Republican* bent tholr efforts toward HUCCCHD. Democniis In past years have coiiHldVred a Mutne victor}' In "">' major Ktate pontcst, or a reduced Itrpubllcan majority, a* »» bar- bliiBfr of nutloiml suecenn in November. On the other hand, for the same reason, Republicans strive for return of the Jarge ina- jorllle* (.Imt once marked their vie* torioM liere. The election in 1932 of Democratic (Jovonior Brann In emitted with having been tho flr«t Indication of (lie Roosevelt landslide, , " While placing much faith hi Maine a* MI indicator of the national trend. limes BANDIT KKU8TKATKI1 CHICAOO, Hsnt. 12. (U. I*.) — Jerome Kiiiltli, Negro filllnK »latlori attendant, WBH udeil to getting an o. k. from hln bom* when ho crujhed a check or extended credit, A robber ordered him to turn over the contents of the cash rpglnter and Bmlth »t«ppeil unwittingly to the door for an o. k. The robber fled. BLANTON'8 FATK AT STAKK AUSTIN. Twtoa. Sept. 1Z. (A, V.) A contrrewflonal veteran— friends call him the "watchdog of thu* trwwury" — lUipmlwntttllvo Tom Rlanton of fexn* fought the 'polilieal bAttlC; of hiflj <mre«r today on Texans votsd. In the atate run-off UKIIDOO I'lONKKU 111 KIICI) SAN HKHNATIDINO, Sept. 12. (A. !'.>—Funeral n»'rvloi*n were held today for Mm. Mtuid Aiulornon, r>fi, j wife of W. IX Anderson und «l8ti»r • of J. 7Jiil« Gi'iilry, prominent Han ' Uvrnurdliii) fltiiiitvlnr. She \\IIH born '• in I.lncotoi, Mlshourl, und had llvd > )i«-i-c 34 yi>ar«. i DII'IvOAJA-S (!() HKfi(,IN(i ' BEMKlChKV, Sept. 12. (L*. J'.)—; Modern unlvt'mlly griwlimtt'ti appar- ! '•ntly Imvi! no )llu»luiiH left on the vuluc of u dlploinu, Ttili't.v-M«v«n ' (llploinu* belonging to thin year'« I KiiuluntliiK <-la«H of the 1'nlvi.irolly | of California u,rp walling for their own«r« to call for ihem. j ^ '"***'. * ^ i Our ulncercM approclatlnii IH ex- jil'omcil for I hi- many urlH of kllulnoflH by our frlninl« during utir re<;«>Mt be- |-i»»vemi'iit. the dentil of Mrs. ICmcim Jun'' ItronliB Mil. ANI.) MUS. l-'DUUKST K WM.I.AHI), MIKK KI'LA HH<H>K(5. •» * IliiMKItT HAMll/foN UKNSON— -Kunernl Hervloeis for Jack In ! llennon, 7-.veiir-old HOII of Mr. and j Mrs. K, Uaimoti of Hie Stnmlaril OH i Company tank farm, will be oon- • ducted ul JMiyiin A, Son ehnpel Mon- • day morn I us at 10:3(1 o'oliii'U. Th« | lUiverend Charleii llulnia will offl- | I'lttlC. __ ' PIM.KER—Tlie of William Hu- i ford Kulfer, 25, of th« Ktamlard tank i farm near Hiikerwflelil, was removed ! from 1'iiyna .t- Sun chapel ystiterdjy j afternoon to the Junzmi funeral pur- i lorn at Him ft or. where funeral B«rv- | icon will be eonijue(ei) early next i werlc. j KANCCJCHI- HoHiiry wirvlom for Men. ! Mary Kannm-hl, 7ii. of llakern.flvld, | will he coiiiluoircl nt lJou«hty- . Culhoun-O'Meura i-lutpe) Suiutuy i evenliiB Bt 7:30 o'cloc-U. nml ma-<M j will be HOlemnlxcfl Mf.nclity uinriiini; | «t P:SO oVIw-k at St. Fram-in ebureh. ! Hf'llMITS! Mass for I'aul S, -limit*, i 77. of Hell, I'allf. and a former! renli|ent of WttBi'o, will be solemn- ! ixeil at 81 Kram-lK Church Monday i moruliiK at II <>Vlo< -k, anil inter-', nient will follow in ihe family plot : lit I'nlon eeii\et<-r> Mr. Schmltz ; wax a native of U'cxtphalia. Mo. He | I* «iirviv.,i| by « wi.l.iu. Mrs. Annlo Hchmltz, of Hell: four (tons. Levi. ' Alexander, Theodore uiul Hugo, all of Kern county, ami three (laugh- i tern. Mrw Jtwephlne l.ylex, Mr«. i Kohple Santo uiul Mlxn ICurelia Srlinilti. alco of K<>m. I loUKlily - ('alhouii-it'Meura chapel 1* In c'harB* of imuiiK'.'UK'iil* , THE WEATHER San Joaquln valley — Partly rlourty tonight nnd Sunday, becoming unm-ttled: cooler north por-- tlon .Sunday; northwest wind. Kan Krnndseo bay resion—Cloudy and cool tonight nnd Sunday; un-- ncttliMl nt times; northwesterly wlndd. Northern California — Partly cloudy ami locally unsettled tonight nnd Sunday; cooler Interior south portion Sunday; probably shower* extreme north portions and over the Sierra; moderate west and northwest winds off the coast. Sierra Nevada — Cooler, with showers tonight and Sunday; snow ut high altitudes; fr«"-h southwest wind. Sacramento, S«ntn Clara and Salinas valleys—Partly cloudy miii mild tonight and Sunday; unsettled at time*: northwest wind. Southern California-—Fair emat and cloudy and unwilled west portion: nhowrs over high mountains Sunday; cooler eitut fwrtlon Sun- ilav; liioderaio wcatcfly wiuda off i;oa?t. I.u- BIRTHS —*, INTENTIONS TO WED Collum, 11, Bnd )H»rK«.r»'t nln«», SS. both ti IX A. Me- Jen- UOI'I'KU -To .Mr. an.l Mro. Conlriu I (upper. 2tl7 Kaite, u iltiiitihti'i'. I'herll Mario*', Si-pii-nplicr 7, lit Mercy liuKpitul. CiAOUITAS— To Mr. and Mis. IVriy OalililtOM, lluiile ti, McCuily a ton, Uordon l^e\vtn, Se|>G, Hi Mercy VAN HOY— To >tr. and Mm, .\llle>i V'ttii Hoy, 112 Itudlo Direct, u daughter, Myrua Jean Vui) Hoy. Hep t ember 3, ttl Mercy ho*plt«l. iiNMH C.invrwldti »i.rvici!x for die Joni-«. l^-tuuiithN-ultl of Mr*, 'riitlma Jonrfr. were cull* ducted at I'nlon cemetery at 3 o'< l»«;k >*-ntt'rtluy afternoon. Hop- HOII mortuary WAM In cliHrite of ar> niii({i'meiitii. Tin 1 ch||,l \VJI_K victim c»f a fir* which destroyed the Jones h»mt> Thursday aflci nuuii — Kuin-ral xervicv* for Mr*- I'.lln l-:iixnlii«(h Jolin«oii, 6:1, «.f H»S Truxtuu avenue. vt-<*n* cDiidudoil «l II o'rhx'k Ihlx Mioroliit at lb'|'">" i:hap»l. xvllh the ltf\. Mr. l>ouKlu* otni'latini; unit HU-luml Skinner :.M vooul HuJoiHt. liilnnuiMH was lu (Sreeiilawn Mnmorlut l*ark. COWA1AN—Born to Mr. anil .Mm. H. K. Cowman of helicon, u d«ugh- i tcr, Dorothy Ann, un Sci)t«nibcr 10, j at Slr». Walnou'n bospltal, The h«l>> ( IM welcxjinwl by two brother* »ml u I wit-tor. • ' > Union Cemetery FURNISHES MONUMENTS QRAVB MARKERS FLOWER CONTAINERS Prlcis lew In kttalnc wHa tht thai* OMIos il OimtUry. Tiltpbeni ttll When You Are In Los Angeles— . . . you are cordially invited to male use of our Los Angeles office. Our telephone and city directory are at your disposal. Your-local newspaper, wo, is received daily and U on file for your use. J. A. HOGLE & CO. UtMUU .vsir ronK STOCK* (4MM.) OKTICJS Bmttr HIUJ S.\s lH«i«

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