The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on October 26, 1996 · Page 43
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 43

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 26, 1996
Page 43
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gALINA JQU,RNAL SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26, 199(6 • 0\ (v J'.i ' • •'.' -—I'.'Vu''!'.. f/i.'i—rr 15 DAYTIME Oct. 28-Nov. 1 AFTERNOON 2:30 EB Wedding Story EB Ren & Stlmpy (Thu) 60 Columbo (Mon) Banacek (Tue) CD Dinosaurs QD Simply Painting: Acrylics TMC (2:35) Movie (Mon) * * "Butch and Sundance: The Early Days" (1:50) 43684732 (2:55) (:55) (Tue) **« "Sleep With Me" (1:30)2161146 3:00 B NewlywedGame Q - Eeklstravaganza BID Maury 93515 48041 B Montel Williams 65995 B Kratts' Creatures Jerry Springer 48645 Inside Edition B Day & Date • |Q Movie (Thu) **K The Karate Kid, Part Two" (2:00) 5832238 (3:15) (:15) (Fri) ** The Climb" (1:30)8214888 B (3:15) Movie (Wed) *** "Forever Young" (1:42)40242566 OH Movie (Mon) **x"TheWar" (2:15) 44257799 (Tue) **K "Matinee" (2:00) 4670271 81 (3:15) Movie (Mon) ** "Dennis the Menace" (1:36) 16264206(3:15) (Tue) * *K "Made in America" (1:50) 6670078 (Wed) *** This Is My Life" (1:34) 572450 IB (3:15) Movie (Mon) *K The New Adventures of Pippl Longstocking" (1:40) 11562206 Efl Inside Politics 83 Mission: Impossible B Born Free (Mon) Family Theatre (Tue) Campbells (Wed) Peaceable Kingdom (Thu) Prime Time Playhouse (Fri) B SmallTalk B Movie (Mon) **x "Kansas Raiders" (1:30)812022 EB Dallas EQ Most Wanted Jams (Mon-Thu) Weekend Warm-up (Fri) B Movie (Mon) ** "P.C.U." (2:00) 6822515 (Tue) ** "Pizza Man" (2:00) 6899287 (Wed) ** Take This Job and Shove It" . (2:00) 6793059 (Fri) * "Zapped!" (2:00)4308517 B College Football (Mon) Motor- sports Hour (Thu) B Mountain Biking (Mon) Oshkosh Fly-In (Tue) Major League Soccer Season Review (Wed) Tennis (Thu) B Auto Racing (Mon-Tue, Thu) NBA Fantastic Series (Fri) B America's Most Wanted: Final Justice ED Movie (Mon) ** "Cowboy" (2:00) 433119 (Tue) **x The Jayhawkers" (2:00) 237981 (Wed) **x "The Godchild" (2:00) 111943 (Thu) **st The Kentucklan" (2:00) 218667 (Fri) *** "Posse" (2:00)9782.84 . B (3:05) Taz-Manla 6B 1981 Wimbledon Official Film (Mon) Carl Olson vs. Sugar Ray Robinson — II (Tue) Main Event — Floyd Pat* terson vs. Tommy Jackson (Thu) S Beverly Hills, 90210 L.A. Law B Market Wrap B Muchmuslc Countdown (Mon) Z Music (Tue) Delivery Room (Wed) Classic Concerts (Thu) The Box (Fri) B World Class Cuisine B Essential* 140577 8 DeugfThu) B Lovejoy Mysteries (Wed-Fri) B Cristlna 84461 CS The Mask CD) Homestretch OS Scoop 1867 . (B) John Hagot Today (5) Rick) Lake 91799 (10) Qprah Winfrey 48041 (87) HOaltQ'DonneU 75799 TCM MflivJB (Mon) ***• •Romance on the HJgh Seas' (2:00) 8045041 (Tue) * * * The Last Time I Saw Paris* (2:00) 2949913 (Wed) **x "Grounds for Marriage" (2:00) 2916585 (Thu) t* The KlsSna Bandit* (2:00) 2963267 (Fn 1 ) ** •rtwewnopn' (2:00) 1709968 TWO k-tO) Movie (Wed) ** "Peych- Qut- (1:313) 3937108 (3;20) (SO) (Thu) „ **» The Conqueror Worm" (1:30) 3993764 (3:10) (:10) (Fri) *m "B.S. I Love You* (1:30)7284420 9:90 B Wlfhbone B Dating Game B Adventures of Batman and Robin BOS Imagination Station IB (2 Jeopardy! E9 Charlie Brown and Snoopy (Mon, Wed, Fri) B Movie (Fri) ** "White Water Summer* (1:29)993046 CD (3:45) Movie (Thu) *** "Angus" (2:00) 79142764 EB Movie (Thu) *x "Manny's Orphans" (1:30)4042667 EB Early Prime EB Ramona (Tue) Brooklyn Bridge (Wed) EQ) Walt'Til You Have Kids ED (3:35) Movie (Tue) *** "Man About Town" (1:30) 3471097 (Thu) *** The Fly" (1:45) 6688801 (Fri) *** "Kitty" (1:45)9758771 m Destination Extreme (Wed) Best of PGA Golf (Fri) EB Auto Racing (Wed) NBA Finals Films (Fri) GB Top Cops EB (3:35) Real Adventures of Jonny Quest EB NFL Night at the Classics (Thu) B Z Music (Tue) EB Great Chefs of Hawaii (Mon, Wed) Great Chefs — Great Cities (Tue, Thu) Great Chefs of the West (Fri) EB Rugrats (Thu) ® Gargoyles QD Marilyn Hlckey 4:00 OO® 3D Where In Time Is Carmen Sandlego? B Kansas Live B Big Bad Beetleborgs B Montel Williams 72022 B Coronado School 6th Grade Memories (Mon) Salina Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet: Jack Kemp (Tue) Strictly Salina (Wed) How to Change History In Six Weeks (Thu) Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum (Fri) B Extra Bias(27) Oprah Winfrey 50480 299161888654206 00 Judge Judy B Rosle O'DonneH 773848 fQ (4:15) Movlo (Mon) **» "Best Friends" (2:00) 4077022 (4:15) (:15) (Tue) **** "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb" (1:45) 45849146 (4:15) (:15) (Wed) * * The House on Carroll Street" (1:45)45816818 B Tale Spin (Mon-Wed, Fri) For Better or for Worse (Thu) B Movie (Mon) ** "My Mother's Secret Life" (1:40) 1829848 (Tue) ** "Body Slam" (1:29) 152610 (Thu) **x "Fandango" (1:31)987306 B Movie (Thu) *** The Bridges of Madison County" (2:15) 19087Q (Fri) *x •Date With an Angel" (1:45)853975 EB Fall Guy B Christopher Closeup (Mon) Center Street (Tue) Scriptures Alive! (Wed) Illuminations (Thu) Nuestra Famllla (Fri) B Family Challenge (Mon-Thu) New Family Challenge (Fri) B (4:15) Movie (Wed) *** "South Pacific" (2:45)76024653 B Wlldhorse Saloon CO Michael Jordan Video (Mon) Real World (Tue-Fri) B Movie (Thu) ** "Lucky Stiff" (2:00) 1807561 B World Team Tennis (Wed) Golf Colorado (Thu) Women's College Volleyball (Fri) B9 NBA Fantastic Series (Mon) NBA Jams (Tue) Inside the Senior PGA Tour (Fri) B NBA Fantastic Series (Fri) S wings (4:05) Saved by the Bell Sport* Challenge (Mon-Tue) Happy Felton's Knothole Gang (Wed) (4:15) NFL Night at the Classics (Thu) Basketball Hall of Fame Gala and Golf Tournament (Fri) S Family Matter* Commlsh 1 Music Top Tsn (Tue) pig Ticket SKI) Straight Ahead (Thu) Twitch (Fri) Travelers Great Country Inns B Are You Afraid of the Park? (Mon- Wed, Fri) Aaahhll! Real Monsters (Thu) I Mike Hammer Teen Summit 711374 Primer Impacto Tlmon ft Pumkaa (Mon) Quack Pack (Tue-Thu) Mighty Ducks (Fri) m Day & Date OS Praise the Lord (6) Hard Copy (10) m»ld* Edition TMC (4:25) Movie (Mon) ** "Short Circuit 2" (1:55) 49896480 (4:25) (:25) (Tue) **TheRoadtoWellville" (2:00) 4005436 4:30 HOOD Bill Nye the Science Guy B Power Rangers ZEO B Strictly Salfna (Wed) B Access Hollywood 03 Hard Copy ID (4:45) Movie (Fri) ***x "Barry Lyndon" (3:15)92645536 C9 Ducktales DO Hollywood One on One (Wed, Fri) 8130769 ED Movie (Wed) **** "Forrest Gump" (2:22)224837 EB (4:45) Movie (Wed) *** "Obsessed"* (1:43) 34459092 EB Showbiz Today EB 30 Good Minutes (Mon) Family Times (Tue) Perspectives (Wed) Midpoint (Thu) Today's Life Choices (Fri) ED Movie (Mon) * * * "A Time to Love and a Time to Die" (2:30) 564409 EQ To Be Announced (Tue, Thu-Fri) Romeo and Juliet (Wed) • EB College Water Polo (Tue) Golf Colorado (Thu) m NBA Inside Stuff (Mon) NBA Today (Tue) NBA Jams (Wed) Inside the PGA Tour (Fri) EB NBA Finals Films (Fri) EB Wings EB (4:35) Saved by the Bell GB Home Run Derby (Mon) Main Event — Billy Graham vs. Joey Glardello (Tue) (4:45) Press Conference USA — Arthur Ashe (Wed) (4:50) NFL Night at the Classics (Thu) EB California Dreams ED Spotlight (Mon) PPV Sneak Peek (Fri) EB Homeworks EB Rocko's Modern Life (Mon-Wed, Fri) Aaahhll! Real Monsters (Thu) GO Step by Step E) Wishbone (5) Jeopardy! (10) American Journal TMC (4:40) Movie (Wed) *** "Miami Rhapsody" (1:40) 23382360 (4:50) (:50) (Thu) **x The Oblong Box" (1:30) 1667239 (4:40) (:40) (Fri) *K "Man Accused" (1:00)4967449 5:00 B Reading Rainbow B B B B B IB IB CD<5) News B Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri) Flash (Wed) B Bobby Rocks Drum Clinic (Tue) Community Access Presents (Wed) Older Kansas Employment (Thu) B Little House on the Prairie CO Movie (Thii) * * * "House of Usher" (1:28)2690035 B Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers B Movie (Wed) ** "Dutch" (1:47) 428479 (Fri) **x "She's Having a Baby" (1:45)278420 03 (5:15) Movie (Mon) ** "Like Father, Like Son" (1:45) 94267225 (Tue) * * K The Uttle Rascals" (1:30) 2556523 (5:15) (:15) (Wed) **x "Moon Over Parador" (1:45) 94138769 (Fri) *** The Endless Summer II" (2:00)2040623 B Making of The Professional (Mon) (5:15) Movie (Tue) ** «A Dangerous Place" (1:37)81390184 EB Movla (Mon) *** "La Samba" (1:48) 120867 (Tue) * * * "It Could Happen to You" (1:41)9875417(5:15) (Thu) "Shadow Zone: The Undead Express" (1:35) 31579431(5:15) (Fri) ** "Fluke" (1:36)60975642 B WorldVlew S A-Team Old Country Church Songbook (Mon) Mormon Tabernacle Choir (Tue) Highway (Wed) Joy of Music (Thu) Americana Sunday Sampler (Fri) B Carol Burnett and Friends B (5:05) Movie (Tue) *** "Prince of Foxes" (1:55) 18581875 (5:15) (:15) (Thu) ***» "Hush... Hush, Sweet Charlotte" (2:15) 77271967 (5:15) (:15) (Fri) **** "A Guide for the Married Man" B (5) 71299710 Club Dance I Ran ft Stjmpy Tracey Ullman (Mon-Wed) Dennis Miller: Black & White (Fri) B World Championship Wrestling (Thy) B Up Close B B«M Profiles (Mon) Men's Journal (Tue) American Angler (Thu) Sports* man'* Queet (Fri) ( Renegade In the Heat of the Night (6:Q5) Family Matter* Chicago Cubs at St (.out* Cardinal* (Mon) 10*9 Wimbledon Official Film (Tue) (5:16) Way It Was — Notre Dame vs. Southern California Football (Wed) FOX Sports News (Fri) EQ Saved by the Bell: The College Years (Mon-Wed) Saved by the Bell (Thu-Fri) GB Supermarket Sweep EQ Business Insiders ED Animals A to Z (Mon) Movie (Tue) **« "Frankenstein and Me" (1:35) 6057271 Company of Animals (Wed) Year by Year (Thu) To Be Announced (Fri) EB Go for It! EB Furniture to Go EEI Clarissa Explains It All (Mon-Wed, Fri) Aaahhlll Real Monsters (Thu) EB Qulncy 3D El Doctor Candldo Perez GD Coach (SOD Kratts'Creatures QD Home Improvement (10)(27) Jeopardy! TCM Movie (Mon) * * *x The Postman Always Rings Twice" (2:00) 4886683 (Tue) ** "Winner Take All" (2:00) 4780455 (Wed) *** "Sweet Bird of Youth" (2:00) 4757127 (Thu) ** "Satan Met a Lady" (2:00) 4724899 (Fri) ** The Big Street" (2:00) 1799178 5:30 B Nightly Business Report BCQCD(27) NBC Nightly News B Roseanne QB1® (5X10) CBS Evening News B Salina & Its People (Thu) Rolling Hills Refuge Wildlife Conservation Center (Fri) B National News BfiSQI) ABC World News Tonight C9 Goof Troop IB (5:45) Movie (Mon) ** The Page- master" (1:15) 46417585 (Tue) ** "My Best Friend Is a Vampire" (1:29) 640252 (Thu) "All Dressed Up and No Place to Go" (1:11)6924325 03 (5:45) Movie (Thu) *** The Nightmare Before Christmas" (1:17) 36701257 CD Movie (Mon) *u "Brain Smasher... A Love Story" (1:28)567670 EB One In the Spirit (Mon) God Squad (Tue) On Main Street (Wed) Faces on Faith (Thu) Lifestyle Magazine (Fri) EB Carol Burnett and Friends EQ Superock S3 Dream On (Mon-Wed, Fri) EB Sportscenter EB Granada to Dakar Rally Highlights EB (5:35) Family Matters EQ Saved by the Bell: The College Years (Mon-Wed) Saved by the Bell (Thu-Fri) EB Debt EB Business Tonight EO Kitty Bartholomew: You're Home (Wed) EB Home Pro EB Tiny Toon Adventures (Mon-Wed, Fri) Aaahhll! Real Monsters (Thu) EB Screen Scene (Mon-Thu) News (Fri) BD Notlclero Unlvlslon ® Bill Nye the Science Guy QD Wishbone TMC (5:40) Movie (Fri) ***« Terminator 2: Judgment Day" (2:20) 97906159 6:00 BBCBQD Newshour With Jim Lehrer B OH O IB IB m G> (3 Q3(5)(io)(27) News B Home Improvement B Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum (Mon, Thu) Strictly Salina (Tue) How to Change History In Six Weeks (Wed) Visiting the Salina Animal Shelter (Fri) CO (6:15) Movie (Mon) * ** "My Bodyguard" (1:45) 22053596 (Tue) *** The Great Santlnl" (2:00) 2813504 (Wed) **n The Gumball Rally" (2:00) 2880276 (6:28) (:28) (Thu) **» Tales of Terror" (1:32)52411325 B Movie (Mon) * * * The Dark Crystal" (1:35) 6597664 (Wed) "Susie 0" (1:30) 598943 (Thu) **H "Frankenstein and Me" (1:31) 5428580 (Fri) *** "Robin Hood* (1:23)9354352 Disney Halloween (Tue) B Inside the NFL (Fri) S Moneyllne In Living Color B Inspiration, Please! (Mon-Thu) 50th Anniversary of Pope John Paul ll's Ordination (Fri) B Walton* (Mon-Tue, Thu) Here Come* the Bride, There Goes the Groom (Wed) Very Best of Ed Sullivan II (Fri) B Puke* of H«*ard B Beavl* and Butt-head B Politically Incorrect (Mon-Wed) 6061190 Saturday Night Live Halloween (Thu) lndecl*lon '». Setting the Agenda (Fri) ' EB Coach Bill Snyder (Mon) Coach Fisher DeBerry (Tue) Coach Sonny Lu- blck (Wed) Coach Tom Osborne (Thu) Coach Dennis Franchlone (Fri) m Early Night Shift (Fri) EB RPM 2Nlght GB Highlander: The Series (Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri) Cantervllle Ghost (Wed) CD In the Heat of the Night (Mon-Thu) NBA Tip-off (Fri) EB (6:05) America's Funniest Home Videos q EB Cut to the Chase — The World Series (Tue) 1974 Masters Film (Wed) Distant Replay (Thu) FOX Sports News (Fri) CD Family Matters OB Hope & Gloria EB Money Club ED Room by Room (Wed) History Alive (Thu) EB Beyond 2000 EB Hometlme EB Doug (Mon-Wed, Fri) Aaahhll! Real Monsters (Thu) S3 Equalizer & Hit List * £0 Canclon de Amor (Mon) 59596 Tu yYo(Tue-Fri) 15418 03 Lifestyle Magazine (Mon) Charisma Magazine (Tue) Jerry Barnard (Thu) TMC (6:20) Movie (Mon) *s "Human Timebomb" (1:40)61775461 (6:25) (:25) (Tue) ** "In the Army Now" (1:35) 31920639 (6:20) (:20) (Wed) ** "Dangerous Minds" (1:40) 61646905 (6:20) (:20) (Thu) *** "The Abominable Dr. Phibes" (1:40)61613677 6:25 EB Cyberlife 6:30 BE) Seinfeld Q Mad About You Q IB (3(5X10) Wheel of Fortune O Strictly Salina (Tue) BCQ Entertainment Tonight O(27) Inside Edition IB OS Home Improvement IB (6:45) Behind the Scenes (Thu) 03 Hollywood One on One (Tue) 2074349 QI Movie (Thu) ** "Airheads" (1:31) 734141 £B (6:40) On the Set: Larger Than Life (Tue) Inside Tyson vs. Holyfleld: Finally! (Wed) EB Crossfire 601157 EB No Relation (Mon-Wed, Fri) Movt* (Thu) **** "Planet of the Apes" (2:30) 1221412 EB Courtship of Eddie's Father (Mon- Thu) ED Singled Out (Mon-Thu) Week In Rock (Fri) m Dally Show (Mon-Wed) 5085770 EB Coach Rick Neuhelsel (Mon) Talk- Ing Baseball (Tue) Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference Week In Review (Wed) Baseball, Minnesota (Fri) EB NFL Prime Monday (Mon) NHL Hockey (Tue) PBA Bowling (Wed) Weekend Klckoff (Thu) ED English League Soccer (Mon) Motorcycle Racing (Tue) NHL Hockey (Wed-Thu) Motoworld (Fri) 09 Chipmunks Halloween (Wed) CB (6:35) America's Funniest Home Videos CB Legend of Johnny Rutherford (Thu) CD Bzzzl EB Designing Women CB Steals and Deals ED (6:35) Movla (Tue) * * The Watcher in the Woods" (1:25)37908349 What's Your Hobby (Wed) EB (6:35) Next Step B Hometlme EB Rugrats (Mon-Wed, Fri) AaahhW Real Monster* (Thu) QD Bishop Jakes (Mon) Hal Undsey (Tue) Thlv Week In Bible Prophecy (Thu) 6:56 fill College Football (Thu) Your Total News Source Salina Journal

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