The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on October 26, 1996 · Page 42
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 42

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 26, 1996
Page 42
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14 SATURDAY. OCTOBER 26, 1996 THE SALINA JOURNAL DAYTIME Oct. 28-Nov. 1 MORNING a Rolonda92138 03 COD Caryl & Marilyn: Real Friends 44886 40022 tQ Movie (Wed) * * * The Competition" (2:15) 12601382 (10:15) (:15) (Fri) *** "The Abominable Dr. Phibes" (1:45)70782420 IB Ducktales IB (10:20) Movie (Wed) **x The Indian in the Cupboard" (1:36) 52972130 ED Hart to Hart EB The Word With Father Manning (Mon) Faith 20 (Tue) Family Times (Wed) Lifestyle Magazine (Thu) Hash- Ing It Out! (Fri) ED Movie (Wed) * * "Lady for a Night" (1:30) 847276 (Fri) ** "Let's Dance" (2:00) 101284 EB Dallas EB MTV Jams (Mon) EB Saturday Night Live EB Body Squad 50 Sportscenter EQ Gotta Sweat EB Magnum, P.I. CD Knots Landing EB (10:05) Empty Nest 00 Motorsports Hour (Fri) EQ Charlie's Angels 03 Main Ingredient (Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri) ED Ask the Family Therapist (Mon- Wed, Fri) Ask the Family Doctor (Thu) EB Housesmartl EB Elementary Spanish (Mon-Thu) Elementary School (Fri) EB Allegra's Window ES Mike Hammer 51 Video Vibrations EB La Pfcara Sonadora 38954 GO Real Life 44408 (T) Magic School Bus GD Lamb Chop's Play-Along (Mon- Wed, Fri) Lamb Chop In the Haunted Studio (Thu) 03 Kenneth Copeland (27) Dr. Qulnn, Medicine Woman TMC Movie (Wed) *** "An Affair to Remember" (1:55) 8495189 (10:20) (:20) (Thu) **x "Convict Cowboy" (1:40) 49491325 (10:15) (: 15) (Fri) **** "It Happened One Night" (1:50)96928178 10:30 B Shining Time Station Q Shining Time Station (Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri) |Q (10:45) Movie (Mon) **» "Diamond Head" (2:00)71223206 IB Care Bears IB Movie (Mon) ** "Bushwhacked" (1:30) 658751 (Tue) * * is The Stars Fell on Henrietta" (1:50)901875(10:45) (Fri) * * The Break" (1:44) 32775081. DO Hollywood One on One (Wed) 9042943 Q| Making of Forrest Gump (Wed) Movie (Thu) ** "Iron Eagle" (1:59) 927851 BD CNN & Company EB Life Lessons BD FIT TV ED Movie (Tue) * *x "Ride Clear of Diablo" (1:30)629233 EQ Body Squad IB Fitness Beach EB (10:35) Andy Griffith 00 Get Fit (Mon-Thu) B Handmade by Design (Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri) EB Geonauts (Mon, Wed) Elementary Spanish (Tue, Thu) EB Gullah Gullah Island OD Reading Rainbow QD Shining Time Station (Mon-Wed, Fri) QD Our Town (Mon) Helen Pensanti, M.D. (Tue) Lifestyle Magazine (Wed) Steve Brock (Thu) Gavin and Patti MacLeod (Fri) 11:00 B Arthur BID(27) Real Life 39916 121472 35288 BCD Dr. Qulnn, Medicine Woman B 81® (6X10) Young and the Rest- toss 39026 19190 75732 22206 24022 B Community Bulletin Board (Tue- Fri) 8 Maury56312 Lamb Chop's Play-Along (Mon- Tue, Thu-Fri) B Caryl ft Marilyn: Real Friend* 72374 BD ED (11:16) Movie (Tue) *** 'My Bodyguard" (1:45) 69406455 (11:15) (:15) (Thu) **x The Gumball Rail/ 1 (2:00)6101122 IB Dumbo's Circus IB Movie (Thu) ** "Oblivion" (1:29) 554054 03 Movie (Mon-Tue) **x "Beryl Markham: Shadow on the Sun" (1:45) 3593428 (Wed) *** "Les Girts" (2:00) 9938092 (Thu) **» "How to Make an American Quilt" (2:00) 9905764 (Fri) **K "Heroes" (2:00) 2094333 B) Movie (Wed) ** "Like Father, Like Son" (1:38) 9332672 (Fri) **» "Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home" (1:36) 2371449 S3 Movie (Tue) ** Tough Enough" (1:46) 9175207 (Wed) ** The House on Carroll Street" (1:41) 3470419 (Fri) *** "Beach Party" (1:41)4221739 EB NewsDay Personal fX: The Collectibles Inspiration, Please! Rescue 911 Movie (Mon) *** "Carousel" (2:10)76690461 (Thu) ***» "I Walked With a Zombie" (1:15)3082122 EB Aleene's Crafts EQ Music Videos (Mon-Thu) Top 20 Video Countdown (Fri) ES Kids in the Hall (Mon-Wed, Fri) Saturday Night Live Halloween (Thu) EB Women's College Volleyball (Mon) Boxing' (Tue) Tennis (Wed) Powerboat Racing (Thu) This Week In NASCAR (Fri) EB Sportscenter EB Flex Appeal EQ Major Dad ED CHIPS * EB (11:05) Mattock EB Women's College Volleyball (Mon- Tue, Thu-Fri) Tennis (Wed) EQ Geraldo Rivera 299472 EB Martha Stewart Living 00 Inside Opinion B Dining Around EB Start to Finish EB Lynette Jennings Home EB Little Bear EB Qulncy SO Dlvlna Obseslon 18190 0 Barney & Friends QD Storytlme QD All My Children 60886 QD Mike Barber (Mon) Carol Lawrence (Tue) Reginald Cherry (Wed) Donald Whltaker (Thu) Walt Mills (Fri) TCM Movie (Mon) *** "Hollywood Canteen* (2:10) 33396312 (Tue) *** "On a Clear Day You Can See Forever" (2:30) 7245349 (Wed) *** "Action in the North Atlantic" (2:30) 7205721 (Thu) *** "Ghost Ship" (1:30) 7386967 (Fri) **ss The Light Touch" (2:00)3738246 TMC (11:15) Movie (Mon) *** "I Don't Want to Talk About It" (1:45) 79101461 11:30 B Magic School Bus B Barney & Friends (Mon-Tue, Thu- Fri) IB] Adventures in Wonderland 01 Making of The Professional (Mon) Movie (Tue) *** "Racing With the Moon" (1:48)705726 EB Movie (Mon) ** "Roommates" (1:48) 998916 (Thu) *** Tap" (1:50) 550702 EB Burden of Proof EB Life Choices for Wellness Movie (Wed) *** "My Friend Flic- (1:30)788996 Tracey Ullman (Mon-Wed, Fri) Bodyshaplng Major Dad Our Home Power Lunch Essence of Emerll Interior Motives Wedding Story Blue's Clues Sesame Street CO) Barney & Friends QD Precious Memories (Mon) Nancy Harmon (Tue) Dean and Mary Brown (Wed) Betty Jean Robinson (Thu) E.V. Hill (Fri) TMC (11:45) Movie (Tue) **» "For Keeps" (1:40) 78483417 (11:65) (:55) (Wed) * "Murder Elite" (1:40)69338011 AFTERNOON 12:00 B Lamb Chop's Play-Along (Mon- Wed, Fri) Lamb Chop In the Haunted Studio (Thu) B(27) Day* of Our Live* 47848 68044 I Sally 15190 B B OP CD CD 03(5X10) News B Sesame Street BB All My Children 16138 64664 B Pr. Qulnn, Medicine Woman ka" CD ID (12:15) Movie (Wed) *** The Great Santini" (2:00) 1474450 (Fri) ** "Dr. Phibes Rises Again" (1:30) 6855333 IB Gumml Bears IB Movie (Mon) *** "Bye Bye, Love" (1:46) 575428 (Wed) "Playing Dangerous" (1:26)917491 ED Movie (Mon) ** "Odd Jobs" (1:28) 101867 EB CNN Today SO Eight Is Enough EB Home Life EB Home & Family 560596 ED Movie (Tue) **x "Istanbul" (1:30) 907097 (12:15) (:15) (Thu) *** The Seventh Victim" (1:15) 36242238 (Fri) * * * "Dear Ruth" (1:45) 6019739 EB Wlldhorse Saloon EB Politically Incorrect (Mon-Wed, Fri) 3289225 Movie (Thu) **K "Over Her Dead Body" (2:00)8959342 EB PBT Billiards (Thu) Cycle World (Fri) BD College Football (Mon) NFL's Greatest Moments (Tue) Latin Futbol Weekly (Wed) Black College Sports Today (Thu) Tennis (Fri) ES Fabulous Sports Babe 09 USA Live 125312 ED Thunder in Paradise 03 (12:05) Movie (Mon) ** The Haunting of Sarah Hardy" (2:00) 7429799 (12:05) (:05) (Tue) *» "Jaws the Revenge" (2:00) 7316271 (12:05) (:05) (Wed) *** "Jaws 2" (2:00) 7383943 (12:05) (:05) (Thu) ** The Girl in the Empty Grave" (2:00) 7350615 (12:05) (:05) (Fri) *** "Geronimo" (2:00) 4539826 03 Designing Women B Carol Duvall EB Home Matters EB Essentials 675848 EB Busy World of Richard Scarry EB Equalizer EB UnReal EB Morella 53312 QH Arthur QD Behind the Scenes TMC Movie (Thu) ***» "A Room With a View",, (2:00) 565054 (12:05) (:05) (Fri) **n The Last American Hero" (1:35) 95389517 12:15 QD JohnAvanzlnl 12:30 B Barney & Friends (Mon-Wed, Fri) O IB (23(5X10) Bold and the Beautiful 16041 70225 69747 21751 85157 B News ID (12:45) Movie (Mon) *** "Steel Magnolias" (2:00) 39860374 IB) Charlie Brown and Snoopy 09 Movie (Tue) **x "Far From Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog" (1:20) 725981 (Thu) * * The Next Karate Kid" (1:44) 5893306 (Fri) ** "Head Office" (1:31)466284 IB (12:45) Movie (Mon) *x "Wagons East!" (2:15)48372138 Hollywood One on One (Tue) 9255523 ED (12:45) Movie (Wed) ** The Legend of Billie Jean" (1:36) 10329092 (Thu) ** "Iron Eagle II" (1:45) 2792431(12:45) (Fri) The Danger of Love" (1:34)76645197 EB (12:45) Movie (Tue) **x "Gung Ho" (1:51) 1678349(12:45) (Wed) ** "Pajama Party" (1:25) 60228276(12:45) S ) **» "Annie O" (1:33)18441130 Cope B Dally Show (Mon-Wed, Fri) 6570409 BB NFL's Greatest Moments (Tue) Survival of the Fittest (Thu) OB USA Live With People's Court 837645 B Sports Innerview (Mon) B Nurses B Decorating With Style B Papa Beaver's Storytlme S3 Days of Our Lives 328886 @D Mister Rogers QD Repples (Mon) Tots TV (Tue) Dooley (Wed) Big Comfy Couch (Thu) Shelly T. Turtle (Fri) OD The City 59683 QD Casey Treat TCM MOM Parade (Thu) 1:00 B Nova (Mon) Painting With Brenda Harris (Tue) Nature (Wed) Joy of Painting (Thu) New Garden (Fri) BB(27) Another World 66596 21231211312 B Blossom BB(3(6X10) Ac the World Turns 11596 68480 92312 26206 73312 8 Community Bulletin Board (Mon) Gordon Elliott 73138 B Nature (Mon) Wild America (Tue) Lawrence Welk Show (Wed) Inn Country Chef* (Thy) My.Uryl (Fri) BBSS One Lti« to Live 24886 73312 54138 d Movie (Tue) *** "See No Evil" (1:30) 4929833 (1:15) (:15) (Thu) ** The Return of the Musketeers" (1:45) 86144306 IB) Donald's Quack Attack (Mon-Wed, • Fri) Disney Halloween (Thu) BD (1:15) Movie (Tue) ** "Class Act" (1:45) 80565349 (Wed) *x The Adventures of Captain Zoom in Outer Space" (1:45) 9982092 (Fri) *** "Casper" (1:45)5025420 Hollywood One on One (Thu) 9855899 BD Life Goes On ED (1:10)Llve Ghost (Mon) Movie (Wed) **x "Son of All Baba" (1:15) 7786856 EB VldeoPM EQ Romeo and Juliet (Fri) EB Soap (Mon-Wed, Fri) EB Women's College Volleyball (Mon) Boxing (Tue) Women's Pro Beach Volleyball (Wed) Motorsports Hour (Fri) BB Yachting (Wed) Shell Air and Sea Show (Thu) EB Dangerous and Endangered (Mon- Wed) NFL's Greatest Moments (Thu) NBA 2Night Preview (Fri) 09 USA Live With Love Connection 865428 ED How the West Was Won QO 1978 Superteams Final: Cowboys vs. Royals. (Mon) Indiana vs. Syracuse (Tue) Triathlon (Wed) Home Run Derby (Thu) Mountain Biking (Fri) ED Magnum, P.I. EQ Movie (Mon) "Deadly Love" (2:00) 574799 (Tue) **x "Mommy" (2:00) 345233 (Wed) The Haunting of Lisa" (2:00) 229295 (Thu) *x "Haunted Honeymoon" (2:00) 103257 (Fri) ** "How to Beat the High Cost of Living" (2:00) 924456 00 Money Wheel Q Romantic Inns of America EB Housesmartl EB Dream Living EB Tiny Toon Adventures EB Columbo (Mon, Thu) McMillan and Wife (Tue, Fri) McCloud (Wed) EB Pecado de Amor 93393 CD Instructional Programming QD Naturally Floral QD James Roblson TCM (1:10) Movie (Mon) ** "April Showers" (1:50) 64064374 (Thu) ***x The Haunting" (2:00) 7039306 (Fri) *u "Death of a Scoundrel" (2:00)2631371 TMC Movie (Mon) ** "Radio Inside" .(1:35) 1830190 (1:25) (:25) (Tue) *x The First Time" (1:30)6365542 1:25 EB Soccer (Wed) 1:30 B Fresh Paint (Tue) Art Workshop (Thu) Collecting Across America (Fri) B Dinosaurs B Joy of Music (Tue) America Sews (Thu) ID Movie (Fri) **x "Steelyard Blues" (1:45)6546791 IB New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (Mon-Wed, Fri) B Movie (Wed) ** "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead" (1:45)8165837 83 Movie (Thu) * * * x Three Women" (2:15) 83131290 ED Movie (Mon) ** Three Amigosl" (1:45) 9697206 (Tue) **x "Andre" (1:34)9591078 EB Mo vie (Mon) **n "Harmony Cats" (1:44) 2513567 (Thu) ** "State Fair" (1:58)919431 ED Movie (Mon) **x "Curly Top* (1:30) 826190 (Tue) * * * * "A Streetcar Named Desire" (2:05) 72943271 (Thu) * * *x The Hunchback of Notre Dame" (2:00) 722967 (1:45) (:45) (Fri) **** "The Major and the Minor* (1:45) 24938178 EQ Music Videos (Fri) B Whose Line Is It Anyway? (Mon- Wed, Fri) |B NFL's Greatest Moments (Tue) America's Horse (Wed) B Dangerous and Endangered (Mon- Tue) NFL's Greatest Moments (Thu) NBA Jams (Fri) 00 Sports Challenge (Thu) B Getaway S Great Country Inns Alvln and the Chipmunks CD Another World 329515 CO) Martha's Sewing Room 09 Benny Hlnn TCM Inside the Dream Factory (Tue) Movie (Wed) *** The Actress" (1:30) 3475905 TMC (1:35) Movie (Wed) * * * The Owl and the Pussycat" (1:35) 58019011 (1:40)(:40) (Fri) ** "Johnny Dangerously" (1:30)5568264 8:00 B Frugal Gourmet (Mon) Inspiration of Painting (Tue) Computer Chron- icles (Wed) Sewing Connection (Thu) Creative Living (Fri) B(27) Rlckl Lake 27683 64867 B Darkwlng Duck DIBE)(5X10) Guiding Light 66645 14157707996495489461 B Community Bulletin Board (Tue- Fri) B Geraldo Rivera 11751 B Classical Music .(Mon) Joy of Painting (Tue) Sewing Connection (Wed) Watercolor Workshop (Thu) Quilting From the Heartland (Fri) BODQD General Hospital 60041 89461 25225 IB Days of Our Lives 390799 EO (2:15) Movie (Wed) *** "Inside Moves" (2:00)8307740 IB Movie (Mon) *** The Neverend- ing Story II: Trie Next Chapter" (1:29) 438799 (Tue) * * x "Blackboard's Ghost" (1:47) 662368 (Wed) ** The Munslers' Revenge" (1:40) 6535363 (Fri) *>s "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" (1:36)4222265 IB Movie (Mon) ** "Congo" (1:48) 375026 (Tue) **x "Batrnan Forever" (2:01) 838368(2:15) (Thu) **x "Stuart Saves His Family" (1:35) 62210509 (Fri) "Demolition Day" (1:30)513826 ED (2:15) Movie (Thu) **** "Driving Miss Daisy" (1:39) 18035325 EB (2:20) Movie (Wed) *** "Chaplin" (2:24) 24024018(2:25) (Fri) **** "Patton" (2:49) 13335710 EB TalkbackLlve EB Pet Department EB Courtship of Eddie's Father B New Shop Til You Drop B (2:15) Movie (Wed) *** The Prince and the Showgirl" (2:00) 3166011 EB America's Country Hits EQ Music Videos (Mon-Thu) EB Saturday Night Live (Mon-Wed, Fri) Movie (Thu) *x "Haunted Honeymoon" (2:00) 2122832 B Cycle World (Thu) Golf (Fri) EB American Muscle (Tue) Equestrian (Thu) Survival of the Fittest (Fri) EB NFL's Greatest Moments (Mon- Tue, Thu) NBA Fantastic Series (Fri) 09 USA Live With the Big Date 965867 ED Wild, Wild West 03 (2:05) Fllntstones 09 Sugar Ray Robinson vs. Randy Turpln — I (Tue) New York Rangers at Vancouver Canucks (Wed) 1953 World Series: Brooklyn Dodgers vs. New York Yankees (Thu) Golf (Fri) QO Beauty and the Beast 00 Street Signs B Yogi & Friends (Mon) Jetsons (Tue) Smurfs (Wed) Fllntstone Kids (Thu) Tom and Jerry (Fri) B Interior Motives EB Simply Style B Nick In the Afternoon (Mon-Wed, Fri) Rocko's Modern Life (Thu) EB Rap City OTJ Clao Italia QD To Be Announced TMC Movie (Thu) * *» The Comedy of Terrors" (1:20)9174141 2:30 B Sesame Street B Samurai Pizza Cats Q Sit and Be Fit (Tue) Sewing With Nancy (Wed) Plttard's Painting (Thu) Quilt In a Day (Fri) ID (2:45) Movie (Mon) **x Three O'clock High" (1:30) 7929515 (Tue) ** "Aloha Summer" (1:45)32583542 B Scooby and the Reluctant Werewolf (Thu) IB (2:45) Movie (Wed) *x "Double Dragon" (1:45) 36609189 (2:45) (:45) (Fri) ** The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu" (1:45)85816468 B Llfestorlea: Families In Crisis (Wed) Movie (Fri) *** "Judgment" (1:30)633468 B (2:45) Movie (Tue) ***»"ARiver Runs Thrpugh It" (2:03) 66914788 SO FXMD (Mon, Thu) Family Business (Tue) Fix-It (Wed) Garden Variety (Fri) B Adventure* of the Black Stallion B Shopping Spree (Mon, Wed, Fri) Shopping Spree (Tue, Thu) B Women'* College Volleyball (Tue) College Water Polo (Wed) B Scholastic Sports America (Mon) Survival of the Fittest (Tue) Racehorse Digest (Wed) Billiards (Fri) EB NFL's Greatest Moment* (Tue, Thu) NBA'* Greatest Game* (Fri) B USA Live 671916 8 (2:35) Scooby-Doo Myvterie* Reflection* In Gold (Mon) B Great Chef*--Great CW** (Mon) Great Chef* of Hawaii (Tue) Great Chel* of San Francisco (Wed) Great Chef* of the Weat (Thu) Great Chef* of New Orleans (Fri)

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