The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 2, 1944 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, October 2, 1944
Page 8
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g Mon<!0y, October 2, 1944 Cftc gafctrrffelb California!! SHARING betmenthe SHEARS Kv MAE SAINOERS Further steps will he taken now in support of the 24-hotir schools for children with the endorsement given the plan this weelo by the California Federation of Women s Clubs. The plan proposed by Senator J. II. Dorsey. of Hakersticld. will probably incorporate the features recommended for Inclusion by'i he federated women's chilis. The woinrii requested In establishing such schools for pivdelin- iiuent children that they bo established under control of local board of education, to combat juvenile delinquency. This is excellent reasoning and keeps educational controls at the local level. The women also recommended that a child be assigned to the state school only with the approval of a community board and by the child's local school. This will prevent teachers or parents from "passing off problem children to the state without justification." There can be little worry that parents will generally want to put their children in a "4-hour school, although th" children of many families now attend boarding schools. There are. however, many children whoso own homes are unsuitable! for them, because of environmental conditions, lack of parental responsibility, unkind stepparents, or children who have made miMiit.'ible playmates of loinit'd "gungs" Then- are some children who are left also as orphans. In some instances parents can and will be willing to pay for support of their children in such •schools. The federated clubwomen recommended that such schools he : " financed by slate and local con- POWERFUL LIQUID PROMPTLY SOOTHES TORTURE I KILLS 6ERMS* THAT CAUSE intuitions with the parents paying a just portion, according to their ability to pay The clubwomen said, however, tiff ore tho new schools are set up, temporary relief to tho delinquency pri.lilem should l>e Riven by increasing the numbci of stale schools lor clrlinc|uents anil with salaries for personnel high enough to attract iiuallfied personnel. PILOT TRAINING RETENTION SET STUDENTS WILL BE RETAINED FIVE WEEKS Today's children that become delinquent, says Father Flanagan, of Hoys Town, come from homes that are at fault. Father Flanagan says, "Our teen age boy problem is nothing else but a problem of unloved, unsupervised homes; and in many cases a problem where the child lives for the most of his waking hours on the streets with nothing to do. Hoys who are unloved and unprotected are not likely to love others and protect the rights of others. Devoid of proper training of mind and heart, his thoughts and actions are most like the Instinct used by the foraging predatory animal." ATHLETES FOOT If you're discouraged about* mean, bard to relieve case — then just try ErtraStrengthZEMO. First applications relieve itchy soreness between cracked peeling toes and *on contact actually kill the germs that most commonly causa and spread Athlete a Foot. Zemo is a Doctor's wonderful soothing yet powerfully medicated liquid backed by 35 years' success. First trial with Zemo convinces! All drugstores. COJWS GO FAST! U.e Dr. Scboll't Zino-padt and forget you have corral They in- •tantly »top pain- I ful shoe friction; I lift presiure and quickly, gently remove corns. Coat but • trifle. Sold everywhere. D-Scholls Zino-pads In the city of Bakersfield. a good step was taken recently in the Jefferson School district to restore 1 the after-school playgrounds. Jl docs take lime and effort to keep such a program going, it is a fine thing that Jefferson teachers will take time from their own leisure to supervise such a program, it would be a fine thing in the community If the after-school playground bo- came general, instead of in only one or two districts. WAVE to Interview Bakersfield Women Martha Robbing, specialist recruiter for the \VAVKH from Los Angeles procurement office, will be in Hakersl'leld Monday through Thursday at which time ehe will welcome the opportunity to meet and talk with women interested in joining the WAVES, from 9 a. in. to fi p. in., nt the recruiting station in the Bakersfield post office building. The navy will continue to expand rather than reduce personnel, Miss Kobbins stated, tint cautioned those interested to join now, since there nmy be reductions in quotas by the first of the year. Kern county 1ms been assigned a quota, of oft applications for WAVH enlistment for tho month of October and women between the. ages of 2(1 to ttfi without children under IS are urged to investigate the opportunities offered by this branch of the service at the navy recruiting station. IN ENGLAND Sergeant Leonard B. Ncuberger, husband of Mrs. Margaret Neuberger of 1721 Baker street, has been awarded the good conduct medal nt an Eighth Fighter Command station in Britain. Sergeant Neuberger is a radio mechanic in his fighter squadron and has been overseas for a year. EDITOn'S NOTK—This rflraso dtrortly itrrptta <-;i1ein now suuloned at Minter FiHiI. Jiuk'TBfleld bani« I'ilot school. Students In western flying training command pilot will be retained in the phases of training in which they are currently engaged for an additional five weeks commencing October Hi, it was announced today by Majoi-Ceneral Ralph I'. Cousins, i ommandlng general. A war department announcement from Washington. D. C., said I bat tin; temporary retention in phase was directed by army air force headquarters "because the army's reservoir of pilots is filled." The order applies to all phases of undergraduate pilot training throughout the A. A. F. training command's nation-wide network of flying schools including prefllght, primary, basic and advanced, officials here said. Ten weeks is the normal period for each of these phases. By this action, graduation ceremonies in which advanced students get their wings and appointments as flight officers or second lieutenants, are postponed from October 16 to November 20. The war department emphasized the fact that the five-week time limit set for the period of additional training was based on a continuing war with Cermany. and. that in the the interim, the situation will be reviewed again. Additional Trainiui; Set In commenting on the directive. Lleiitenant-fieneral Marion K. Vomit, commanding general of the A. A. F. Training Command, said from his headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, "It is our intention to utilize this additional training period to the fullest extent to increase the proficiency of our graduates. Detailed curricula for the extra five weeks have been drawn up anr! will be put into operation on October Ifi." Training command officials said that commanders throughout its nationwide network of flying schools assembled their students this morning to announce the action and describe details of the additional training. A letter signed by General Yount and addressed to the pilot trainees was read to all assemblies. Only to I'ndcrfrraduates The war department announcement said that the directive applies only to undergraduates in pilot training. It does not apply to bombardier ami navigator training, nor to training programs for Air Transport, Command, foreign and women pilots. (.Graduate pilots receiving training In two and four-engine speciall/ed schools and fighter pilot transition schools are not. affected. They will move on to their next assignments on schedule. Clraduato pilots to fill the classes scheduled to enter the transition schools on October 10 will be drawn from other sources. PROMOTED The promotion of Kay Suey ,Tue, 20-year-old radio operator and gunner on an Eighth Air Force B-17 Flying Fortress, from the grade of staff sergeant to technical sergeant has been announced. Sergeant Jue Is the sou of Mr. and Mrs. Duck Lim Jue of 710 East Nineteenth street. He, was a student before enlisting in the army air forces. POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT HEAR California's Governor EARL WARREN Monday 6:45 P. M. Mutual Over Radio Station KPMC Network Speaking From Minneapolis on Behalf of Republican Candidate for PRESIDENT Thomas E. DEWEY This Advertisement Sponsored lr> Kern County Republican Central Committee NEWSPAPERS SET BY WARREN GOVERNOR COMMENDS RECORD OF PRESS SOITII AMERICA BOUND— Joe Anne and Virla Mae Dowdy, two sixth grade students at Horace Mann School, are eagerly awaiting their passports in order that they may go to South .America with their parents,, who are missionaries. They plan to fly from Miami, Fla.. to Caracas in Venezuela, where they will live at least one year. They expect to remain in South America for five years. Jo Anne and Virla Mae have never visited any foreign country before. They have lived in Texas near San Antonio and studied Spanish while there. The girls said their parents had wanted to go to China before the war. Houser Extends Campaign to Northern California Asserting that California industry and agriculture is entitled to "representation rather than absenteeism." in j'ongress, Lientenant-dovernor I'Yed Houser, beginning .Monday. Oe- toher _, will extend his campaign for I'niled Stales senator through the northern California shipbuilding and interior farm areas, lie is scheduled to arrive in Fresno on Saturday, October 7. Key addresses have been scheduled at Richmond, Sacramento, Stockton, Martinez, Turlock, Lodi, Modesto and Merced. "In these critical war days," said Houser, "it Is imperative that we have fair dealings with labor, industry, agriculture and business to aid in the war effort and to safe- guard the welfare of the state in the postwar era." A group of southern Calit'ornians, led by Joseph Scott, outstanding civic leader, and Thomas A. .!. Dockweiler, yesterday came out with ringing endorsements for Houser in his campaign for I'niled States senator. Quite a number of Democrats in the group emphasized the non-partisan character of the campaign under the prevailing wartime conditions. "1 am supporting Fred Houser in this campaign." said Dockweiler, "and I am urging my friends to vote for him, because, as a Democrat, I am devoted to the principles of Jeffersonian democracy. I believe that Fred Houser will more ably represent this state in Washington than any other candidate. Stanford Professor Addresses Alumni Dr. Paul Leonard, associate professor in the school of education at Stanford t'niversity, spoke to a group of alumni at a luncheon meeting at Hotel El Tejon Saturday Doctor Leonard gave an account of the educational program now being carried on at the university and the plans for future development. Those attending the meeting were former students or graduates of the school of education. One purpose of the meeting was the formation of a Stanford Education Society. Dr. Carl Rich, curriculum director for Kern county schools, WHS selected as chairman to contact'; the university alumni president.' ' Those attending were Theron L,. McCuen, Carter N. T'hair, Bonnye Deal, Margo Crain, Helen Hoessel, Phil Nlederauer, John Morton, R, T. Neideffer, Carl Rich, Ed Nix, Margaret Schilling, IS. Ben Evans, Evelyn Schilling, Cecilc Coulthard, and Sheldon Hocssel. The luncheon was arranged by R. T. Neideffer, assistant superintendent of the Bakersfield city schools. Nl USE IN ENGLAND Wounded from France move swiftly on the road to recovery in smoothly running United Slates Army hospital at a United Kingdom base. Unloading teams from the hospital have handled several hundred patients in ;15 minutes. Among the nurses at this hospital are Second Lieutenant Isabel Dienstein of Taft and Second Lieutenant Gladys Mandavillo of Shatter. Have Your Eyes Examined u Open a Charge Account GLASSES • That are right for your eyes and your job. CONSULT DR. R. F. ABRAMS OPTOMETRIST 1507 Nineteenth Street Phone 2-7335 LET "Things Worth While" Brighten Your Life KPMC at 3:30 P. M. LET IVERS FURNITURE COMPANY Brighten Your Home Th» Homr ul QuiillO Style and lltaotr In r«rnlturr 625 Nineteenth Street Phone 4-4711 O. E. S. Caledonia Chapter No. 391, Order of the Eastern Star, will meet Tuesday at 8 p. m. in the Caledonia Masonic temple, at which time Job's Daughters, Bethel Xo. 127, will ex- emplfiy its obligation ceremony. Mrs. Clifford Renshaw and Mrs. Ben Thomas are chairmen. Visitors are welcome. To .Meet Tuesday Star of the Valley Lodge Xo. 270 will meet Tuesday at 1:110 p. m. in the Masonic, te-.nple. "California newspapers will from October 1 to 8 participate in the observance of National Newspaper Week. In recognition of the remarkable wartime record of the American press—a record of service to community, to the nation, and to the cause of world freedom—it is fitting that the entire citizenry of our state should join in tho observance," CIov- ernor Earl Warren said today. " "Working as a team, a free people enlightened by a free press, we have met the unprecedented demand of our day in an inspiring manner. Our production record and our fighting record stand as eloquent illustration of popular understanding of why battles have had to be fought and why victory must be complete," is Oov- ernor Warren's opinion. He also added, "Even in the face of wartime restrictions and curtailments, our press has risen to new heights of service. In a world that is on the march, it has kept us alerted to trends and realisms. On its pages will be found explanation of the tremendous determination and application of the people, and on those same pages will always be found encouragement for a central community effort and assumption of civilian responsibility." "With these thoughts in mind, I, Karl Warren, governor of California, take this occasion to commend the daily and weekly newspapers of California for the mnay and splendid public services performed during the months our nation has been at war, and do hereby urge that further public, recognition be given the truism that 'without a free press, there can be no democracy'." Signed, KARL WARREN, Governor of California. WOI;N|»K|>—Private First Class Lawrence Andrada, United States Marine Corps Reserve, has been wounded, according to a report from the war department through Associated Press. Private Andrada is the son of Mrs. Mary Andrada of 2L'()» C.urley street. PARATROOPER Private Joe R. Howard, 306 Irene street, has won the right to wear wings and boots of the United States paratroops. Private Howard is stationed at Fort Benning, C!a. Pensioners Complex Plans for Conventiqp Old age pensioners met Saturday night in the courthouse to complete plans for the entertainment of delegates from other California cities at an old age pensioners convention to be held in Bakersfield October 10, 11 and 12. Opening session of the three-day meeting will be a barbecue In Beale Turk, according to Wiley C. Dorris, president of the local organization. Aim of the convention is to outline a campaign on proposition No. 11 on the ballot , Mr. Dorris stated. The prn|in.sitiiiri provides for $60 per month for those over GO years of ' and a similar pension also for totally disabled. Two Marine Flyers^ Die in Plane Crash Two marine t... *rs were killed A^es- terday in an airplane crash nea/ the Mojave marine base, according'.!) the Kern county coroner's offtce.^ J ajnes of the victims wore withheld pending notification of the next of kin. Details of the crash were not released by marine officials. Mother Hen Staid %T Abort Cilfc NOW MODERN WAY WORKS FAST TO RELIEVE MISERIES STOMACH STIMULATES CHEST AND BACK SURFACES LIKE A WARMING POULTICE PENETRATES TO UPPER BRONCHIAL TUBES WITH ITS SPECIAL MEDICINAL VAPORS Relieve the distress of an upset stomach with soothing PEPTO-BlSMOLf Many doctors recommend PEPTO- BISMOL because it's pleasant-tasting, non-alkaline and non-laxative. Ask your druggist for PEPTO-BISMOL. when your stomach is upset. A NORWICH PRODUCT Acts Promptly to Help Relieve Congestion in Upper Breathing Passages, Coughing Spasms, SoreThroat, Muscular Soreness. 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Sttl-Two-plKt doublt-brtatttd loltro. Toilortd or Rayon SAantong. Ktmoiabl* *Mt» cftcitr with cot-vhittn bow, Gortrf itir* wiM built-up valitltnt. f/oci, Tin, Grna, A«4* 10-11. Main Floor

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