The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 12, 1936 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 12, 1936
Page 10
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THE QUICKEST, CHEAPEST WAY TO SELL OR RENT IS BY MEANS OF Sgeolal Annonnocmenis Remember Pioneer Nursery for nil i varieties of beautiful cut flowers j for all occasions. Also Hprays for funerals, Imlf price,. Try us once, fanning ponchos nnd Rrapos. 50c Ing. Urlng containers. 715 L strcnt. " " Jot,. I,(HI Business Opportunities CAFK with heor and wine license on major highway, making money. Prlcn of $1200 Pttsh Includes everything. Lou* Iflasn at low rent, Don't fnll to Invenllgftto this. TO. II. flare, ProfeRploiml nnlUlhi£.__ US Schools—Instruction Help Wanted—Female WANTED—Whlta Klrl as triother'a helper; ono child: small salary, room and board; light work. Cat) at flirt Triixuin averm*. f!8 MKHKL ICnulneerH, AHuoolnted—AHBO- eliiti'd. Sperlnl uff«r. Warn while vim learn, r.'hailwlck. 151 Tejon ho- l el "I WANTED--—Unencumbered middle- nKcd woman capable of Inking full chargo of homo for employed couple; slay nights. Inqulrn between 2-4 p. m. or after 7:30. 31524 1, slfont. LET u.i fic'ire y trtH'Us Hint ItUtOK _ i'It'll SM-< Ice MOITIK htmly r.nirmm rnlifi'.riilii-1'h'.lfli' InHlllnle II71S VVIlHhlr". I-UK AnRelett ? For Sale—Improved^Projgertjf Financial Itl'.I.lAHt.l', party will) licnl rnfar- i iii.«.n wtdiiec id liorr»w J.iif'0; Can I i.iiy t::, per mdiilli. Appointment by, lli.x 7f>, The Cnllfornlnn, !1S I Cull Kil trenMl and ' ' DlilCSPM AKINl All work KiiiiriintCM'd I prlci-F I'lniiio 7181 \V. Kim Help Wanted—Salesmen I/OCA I/ salesman for heating cqulp- inont; n real opportunity for ft com- potent, man. Williams nftdltUor Co., I/IH AllKeleM. \VAXTKU~-Two rnnn who will fit i Ihoniselvftn Into permanent positions; neairie.s« ami norurftfy r«- fiulrefl. Apartment 2, Ohnslw Av«" !il'_ "L' ftr . 1 '!L. ( '!li!i—-I_P' JILiJli'Jl^SZi. _ WANTKI' Thro" Junior college or high Hfhixil men: part-time, Jobs; iihout Otic itn hour. Mr. Nchuyler, Ii!7B Che.Btnr Avenue, apartmontfi, Hiimlnv. »B!8T buy you will find In ft real nlco homn; near now high school Bite, barge dining room and living room with barrel celling, fireplace, hardwood floors throughout; two large bedroom* and den; modern Kitchen and breakfast nook; basement. Bamo a* now; perfect condition. Pricfl.only $4500; easy terms. See this any time; you will be surprised. Prlon fitnnley. 1700 K street. For Sale—Automobiles For Sale—Automobiles For Sale—Automobiles hi-niHllli'lllliK. l.<;ont r*Un! Why I'ay More? Tliea* pB.yinoiit.l Inrliido AT.I. rhai'gos.' Vnij Reculvn Von I'ny Monthly lino flO.60 for 12 months Ore poo 511 KB f "i" "< month* •|fl |"[|)(| J20 SI fur IS months 1_ ' i'| (> |,,iril'i'iiii» rat's '«r oilier nmounls. Oulck' (''infldentlnl' No rn-Hlgnarsl t .NT, HALAHY AHHiriNMBNTH [1 LoatiN or I'unlrnclH reflninicod. ^ninnrnff^ iJlJUr^ll o> H34 Krcc rurkliiK $4760—A. beautiful now homo In the north part of the city. Just completed. 13700.00—A modern B-room house fur- nlflhed complcto. Uenled for $40,00 a month. Also n. 3-rooin house In thn rear rnnt/>d unfurnished for $16.00. $5fi.OO Incomn on a $3760.00 Investlgatn-Think this over. $40.00 per month—A largo storeroom at tno high school nultable for lunches anil refrMhmonts for pupils. Ant quickly on thin. TAVt-Oll & TAYLOR I860 Chester Avenue. Phone 712 38 NKW hou»o I,n,ko streo for sale. Call at 2205 30 ANY AMUCNT I.OANF.U ON VOUIt IIOI'HKIIOUJ IF rn'lf TII -\i. S I-'AMII-V SH , ,ii,iil Ii i h. i-U ilii' fn I li\\ A III '1• i;s fur i Mldrci.. tin' . hue .-'HiiH Hi'll'll (.-nilifil I'll'iSATM'iN, III... Tin v pi-nlei-t • iilHl II !..•'! ••! llU'Mi In I'lv. Tile) Mislpt III • f.,r On IKK!; . Mm« wr-iir l.dw'iinlfl Arrli l.ilnn M.I.I ut H(iH- !•- HTdllK l,y X-riay 37 [ixl 1 . 1 . wor RKI'AV IN SICMI-MON'TllhV OH MONTHLY PAYMENTS HKK II« liLAUISH, Texlde, Latex, OrtlB Bun- (1rle«, llandaKUB, Novelties, old. Kearny Wholesale Drug, 456 Kearny, tinn KrandlHro. MAN n ml wife, with rnr, to dn»ion- Htrnto unusual arid unlqiin product for lurgo maniifnctiirlriK firm. DlB- nlfled worlt. KearnlnRS abovo nver- HKf. (!lvo UB" and full rtetalln In first letter. Write T\"\ 32, Tim California?!. ^ H-S HALKSMKN-'-Larun oricnnlratlon re- niinilng Itn oxfioiiNloti program iipenlnifii for n. few neat-up mul iiKifrefNlve, men. An opporlu- ' nlly In innke real tnoney In thn (II- j reel - to-t he-c:onnniner fUdd. No In* | ^'ewdnent reijulrod. Heo M". niery , I.efure 10 a. m. The L. B. Price | MercanlllA Company, MO Nineteenth ; Mrent. __ _ in I SltuaTlons Wanted—Male ; ,rt,'.\'KiH rollegn Imy wishes part-tlinoj rmplriyrnrnl; aflfirnoonn and ovp- tiliiK«. nr cither. 21 years of HK«; wlllUitf to wiirk 1'linne fi3H[. r.XI'KHT ,lnpinie«e KiirdeiKir wants corli Hay. nionlli or contniol. "20f> t 'Phone |KiH. M FOUR-HOOM horno otitaldo city; large lot, $1600, $100 cash, $20 monthly. Kolly & 8011, 1712 Chester avonno. Phono 303. 30 BICAUT1FUL modern homo; 7 rooms, on (50-foot lot. restricted southwest dlxtrlct; flno Miad*. garage, grape arbor, eto. [rnincdlato possession. $42-'iO, only $(150 down, balance like rent. I,li>t>cndorfflr, 1725 Chester. modern homes Just being complnted near high school. All modern convenience*, !1 and 4-bed- roorn houses, J. C. Uiirko. 1725 ' avemin. Office phone 118, , 1607-J. '84 BUICK 60 COU?B $896 '84 BUICK 40 SEDAN $745 •30 BUICK 60 SEDAN $29G '36 8TUDEBAKKR SEDAN $985 '34 NASH SEDAN $696 '34 HUDSON SEDAN $626 '35 CHRYSLER COUPE $74D •35 PLYMOUTH P.I COUPE $645 •34 PLYMOUTH COUPE $495 '31 PACKARD SEDAN $485 '30 PACKARD SEDAN $445 '29 LINCOLN SEDAN $396 '31 PONTIAC SEDAN $326 '29 NASH SEDAN $195 •34 WILLYS 77 SEDAN $325 '35 CHEV. SPT. SEDAN $695 '35 CHEVROLET COACH $646 '34 CHEVROLET COUPE $496 '36 PLYMOUTH SEDAN $635 '34 PLYMOUTH COUPE $495 •34 PLYMOUTH SEDAN $625 '36 FORD V-8 COUPE $565 '34,FORD V-8 SEDAN $496 •31 FORD A SEDAN • $295 '36 PONTIAC SEDAN $695 '34 STUDEBAKER SEDAN $645 '34 DODGE SEDAN $695 '35 CHEVROLET TRUCK $725 '34 FORD V-8 TRUCK $525 '30 CHEVllOLET TRUCK $160 '36 OLDSMOBILE TR, SED. $825 '34 OLDSMOBILE TR. SED $646 '35 OLDSMOBILE 8 COUPE $765 '33 PLYMOUTH COUPE $396 •31 DE SOTO COUPE $245 •32 FORD DLX FORDOR $366 '30 CHEVROLET TR. SED. $746 LAUNDRY SERVICE . Uondry Btrvlea UntxetlUd-TKtt U Our SloiU Ttn Olfftrifit StrvlMi ind Zorlc OdorlMi Dry Cleanlni CITIZENS LAUNDRY • BtrtttMh ind 0 Strut! PHoM J» '34 NASH SEDAN '31 BUICK SEDAN '30 HUDSON SEDAN '29 GRAHAM SED'AN '29 GARDNER SEDAN '31 FORD TUDOR '29 OAKLAND SEDAN '29 OLDSMOBILE COUPE $695 $385 $225 $246 $245 $285 $185 $195 BETWEEN 8 A. M. AND Ii P. M. PHONE 6300 FOR ALL DEPARTMENTS IIA»ICIlKK!,r>K HUILDINd IMIONK 54li H-7 If _ /p _ M'Dlll ;e Ca —'" Situations Wanted—Female SALARY Kf'IK If II. rellnlilli girl Jol W I'l In wauled; Japanese: lUmln 2. Oox fifiS. ll'Olt KAI.K Si'l sled Wilton with nuito pad, alKii liTxTil inch siniill ni(f. "lid 11 llxlJ I'llK'. hllllll 1 pUltlTII. HI' will BOll nil Mf)paniK.'ly. l. r .l!r> Thlrlitonth strool, Aparlincni I. hntwoon 5:30 nnd S:00 p. in. only. Us IIlT<'lli't".'K"^ ilAIIAIin. reur "' 423 Klnivei street I'lifjlK- 11471 HcM (•(|iilppnl MI,nil "hup In HiiluTBflelil. Tril«twnrtli> ni'I'Vlee lOnllllllltei. ehei'rfidjv i»ii ( n ''I wv: 'tin «t"i' >•• ll^lllK '''" >'>'" h irii> llm \\ • MONKY FOR SCHOOL 10XPKNSKS Ciiufldi'iitlal dprvlcu to fialurltid poopld and hejusowlvps Slfi llahcrfi'ldo lllilg. Phnnn 'J200 ICXPHIlll^N''!'',!) I'dinptomnle.r opera- Ini denlren position. Telephone _ 4n -' l(1 !!L: ~ IK'.MI'", LAl.:NI)UV--Work called for, di'llvi-reil. Hppclal rntPH lo fiimllloH. Mctidlnu free 2!'0.'i K street. Around "circle on Highway BO. Phone, 4MS._ ^_ J] For Rent—Rooms lltnl I ullle fr.,11, you i Hill KOI I ItK.NT I.eili in, in, Modern room; " thren- IM, 'lullal'li' for two men. Mhiiwi.r. -110 IJj;^"'^ 1 _ Nlrely furnished front inline 'if ileslred. UH(J ut ', I, ill-eel. BIX-HOOM houso, completely and ; beautifully furnlfihnd, Including Krlgldalr", brand-new range, Him- ; moim springs and Innnr-sprlng mat- ; tresses. Walking dlHtanoo. For quick sale, |37!JO. Howard Nichols, _J J1 o.__ __ 0-ljMf ; IN' West Park, two blocks from high school, 7 rooms, hardwood floorst, pavnil street; nlco shrubs and lawn. ).'I760.00, JiiOO.OO down, balance Ilko | rent. Harry C. rlemnnts, 11)30 i Nineteenth street. Phone 2042-J or ; 004. _ 43 USED CAR DEPT. 2112 Chester Avcuue Phone 423 USED CAR DEPT. 18th and N or 20th and 1708 Phono 421 USED CAR DEPT, M. .Twenty-second and "Eye" Phone 420 56 For Sale—Automobiles For Sale—Automobiles WANT lo buy house, near Phono 20B1-J. from owner, small St, Joseph 80)100!. 30 : For Sale—Automobiles HUMAVF.KA HAHK--New five-room house, largo sorx'lco porch. Hpa.tlng system. ttxlra large lot. Double gnragc with sleeping room above. Owner transferred. Hon. I.oyd Hands, Thn Uoblnson Agoncy, 1825 Chester avnnue. • 37 AND MONEY SAVING OPPORTUNITY! }27(iO.OO—Two-bedroom homo' In restricted district; fruit nnd whade troe.8, HOO down. Tho Scott Agency. 180f> Chimtnr uvenun. rotaage CCD AI, uoin;in MATTIIKSS IM-IIII luff. »;.<i» New i.rrtPi. iMinilli viplu,Intel Inif iin> Furniture i'dmp teenlh Mtreel 0 114 If ill I n, .K SMIII i-ly fiirn il i"' liihnd lied In Lacuna Hi'coud Hlroot nil teliiil i-tt mliilr ufai-tiii -I Phone i 11; il In <K ell'l f,4 mil riiithlnir niilnli-Mi*. Imn ti-r i-nn l>e ii noKln I Irllr I'OIM'I.Alt PIANO, mmlorii. rapid. thorough. Vaw KnKti-r melhcd. !.«»Kins In '"in linine. 51. riiarHilln I'rU-sl. I''|II.IH- U I' I'l _ M tin. In iiefltn of Inlcr Hrli-nllfli-. odorli'KB. i'i n. All \vnHte mul e ii'i'n A lumnfliln ilinu n Is minlc nf vmir Inli'Hl Imil t 'I'llll CHUM; (if !HI% of 111! till nunlH IU- In Hi" liircn Inli'iillnri Hi- I'lcan lii"lile, nn vvi-ll an outside. S!ui-Il rnliilltlcilin KK rliimtlpllllMll. heinnri-li'ililK. priislBlo Iroublfn. hl^l) mill l'^ v lilooil |i|(-^hUI'o, riililN. iheiimuMMii. Uhthmii. kldn«y dlHi-iim 1 mul "tlii-t ullinniilH veNpiiml \vjtli nimiiilMK r«-Mill!i. Ki In 2Ii K of pill n 11 ill in \i'aler uwinl. uli, 1 1 II Ii. In liilvn u i-iilmili itn IntMniil iniiiiHliKe. Ar«l( 1,111- VKninln Mlni'inl Thi-rapy. turo's iiii-ihnil of rerlurhij: KlfinOulnr Lvhtein In normitli'Y ((U'r-s >-nii pep' liorti.r'i .1 M !'*.lnn nor I'nlemiin, v^hlropt ui'dit-n 'iroigi- liny I'.ldif. Phono HI'. 1 S Krniilt Iliiinluihl rlu'inii-iil I .iibnnilory ITiil K MTIIKi:i AS.^AVIMi ID-' i il'IKS \nul.VMi. of tllln Wlili-r Snlln Inlng hath. in N'TI.II Imli'l nniler ni-iv manago- n,, nl Hi,iimn in-'ilr-i n tub mid -.lii.ui-i I,alii. l-'ri-o parking. Ono- hnir lili»-k from H. I' depot. 8091,4 liaki-i i.ln-el. US NKW, nr-iilly fnrnlKhcd I ml hill mill roll! Htnnl, Arvln, i 'ulif. hfldroom fur wator. Mrs, 37 Vacation Kunds Aviillahle MONKY AT ONflC NO II1CI) TAl'IC NO nMllAKMAHSINt. INVKHTIOATIONH 1 uurloouH nnil ('i)iitlilontlitl For Rent—Houses KICN'T iien only. urnlslii'il riniiill lioiinn, Applv IH'.'H Q »lrpel. KINANCI5 COMPANY WOO CHICHTICH A VIC. IMIONK Jil.20 V 1(1 llfl-tf lo (ulnrli'tl proplo o\i Junt your Lost Found — Strayed Loans Arningoil ImmcdliUoly NO KMI1AIIUASHINO IN'VIOHTIUATION Kill! IIIONT IJnfurnliihiMl ! - I.eili ,,0111 i duplex: "III In- romiileleil IIIN! of Kpplfmbnr: 'K'nnl dlnlrlci. Ailult.i, no pniH. _ Pl^j. 1 ^, 1 ;^ 1 "!!^'; _ Full Ill'iNT- - l-'lvi'-roiim unfurnli«hoil liniinn In Highland Parlt. JST.fin. li'li'Nl anil UiHt inonlh, rent In ml vanci 1 Wider paid. Phono BSfiO'W. For Rent— Apartments fill Itl-'.NT - Two-room iipai'lmmit ; »rll riirnlshud: reanonahli*. Al«» riimpKi'oniiiK 4J1I lletivdNley avenue. Hlvcrvlew. __ .MAI. ' furnlHhed apnrtinonl. You inn net iiheiid here. Krlgldalrp, ga«, ll(:litn free. Apply "I to 1, at 002-C Se\'i'lH eent h 'ill-pel Wanted to Rent—Rooms "mild homu'lu'epliig room In iKn on ground floor Kdlt SAMC—2'4 ncres planted to | swept corn; 2-room liounn; fine Boll I and plenty of water. J1600; $500 r down, JL'fi monthly. Or will soil I'.i [ _ acre.-". Howaril Nlclmln, Inc. 8-13-lf ' FOR SALE:, by owner, now California j Cnlonlal typo K-lmdroom house, Highland Parli l.awn, shrubs, shade. • elr. Piiymenlii lens than rent. Phono 21)81 for appointment. 231) I _ Arvln. S7 | COMPLETELY furnlBhod homo,; four rooma aud largo sleeping j porch, good district, ^2350, terms, j Kolly & Son, 1712 Chester avo-) iiuo. 1'hono M3. 39 i Cl'J'V Incotno paying 6 per cent net on J2r.,riSO.OO. Soil or trtido for : hon.Hi-H or land. Wasoo, Hhaftor, ' Hiittonwlllow or where. You maUo price, nnd terms and unbuilt, It's '. t-uuy to haiulli). Or half aero and j acre. tnictH with now gorgmm« ; nhady covn homos yon will lilto. \ null al rocli lioitom prices. Now; IM yriur lime. Phnno B1-|f-" after n p. m. It. \V. Union, JIO'J Stooktun ! Hirorl._Jllnl<('r8fU'|id. 3S J i Ki )H SALK-41-room IIOIIHO with fur- | i IIIII'P, two hloi'kn from high school. I 1 lleiiutlful NhrtibH, trims. 2-H5 Parlt j ' v '""' : ' AFTER 23 YEARS PIONEER AUTOMOBILE MAN WILL LEAVE BUSINESS FIELD ALL MAKES AND MODELS AT GIVE-AWAY PRICES NO REASONABLE OFFER REFUSED LOWEST TERMS TRADES ACCEPTED ACT NOW USED CAR DEPARTMENT 'J229 CHESTER AVENUE. OPEN EVENINGS AND SUNDAYS. 1936 Ford 4-dr touring sedan $76 :93't Ford victoria sedan $46 1934 Ford dlx ope, spec whls $48 1935 Ford do luxe coupe $58 1932 Ford sport coupe, R. S. $33 1932 Ford de luxe coupe • $33 1936 Chevrolet town sedan $79 1936 Dodge touring sedan $92 1936 Terraplane brgm (new) $85 1936 Terraplane sedan (new) $90 1935 Plymouth tour, sedan $67 1935 Dodge sedan , $74 1929 Chevrolet cabriolet $13 1929 Ford coupe $12 1929 Ford roadster $6 1931 Buick sport coupe $29 1928 Buick coupe $11 1929 Buick sedan •• $9 1933 Buick sedan $49 1927 Chrysler sedan $9 1930 Hupmoblle 6 coupe $12 TERMS AND TRADES Open Evenings 'and Sunday TWENTY-FOURTH and CHESTER Phone 5828 52 Business Cards L w, HUNT, aiottibitt Petrolium and Mining EnilMir 1712 Chittir'Avinui PhoM'Mt Reildinet 292S Twintliih , Pll»«« MM-W JOHN W, CULLITON PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT INCOME TAX 8IRVICE. AUDITS, SYSTEM* 20J-B Proleiilonil Dulldlni 4911 PAYNE Jr SON F-UNERAL DIRECTORS Nlntttinth Mi E StreiU . i 0. Ptyni J,"Bruet P»yn§ FMd PM»» OOUGHTY.CALHOUN-O'MEARA Funersl Directors ind Ambulanea Servlo* 1100 Truxtun Avtnui. «t N Strut Phent ««7 • v . ' , Udy A««nd»nl For Sale—Miscellaneous LADIES' SILK HOSE, lonff i or lengths, Imperfects, 6 pairs *1.00. Men's 16 pairs 11.00. Postpaid. Satisfaction guaranteed. ECONOMY HOSIERY CO.. Asheboro. N. C. FOR SALE—Dxl2 seamless Wilton rug In perfect condition. 1525 Thirteenth street, Apartment 4. Call Sunday heforn 1 p. m. ' ---•.'".'•:. POn SALE—Stoody grinder, reasonable. Machine' Co., 1124 street • • flexible shaft Kern ; Valley Twohtynlnth ', 89 HIGH rangro wood stove,' large . 4 burner gas stove, windmill pump; also hand pump and gasoline en- glne. 8781. L street. ' 38 FOR SAL,E-r-Three-quarter " Kapok filled Simmons mattress, same as now. Apply 2631 California avenue. 38 MAYTAG washer, used; $89.60; terrnsi Don C. Preston,,19th.and H streets. , / -• 38 FOR SALE—Used Premier gas rarige, oven control. Good condition.' ,$16. Phone 443. • ' 37 FOR SALE—House trailer, furnished complete, t!76. Call'1128-King: : .'87 CABBAGE, cauliflower and lettuce plants; also primrose ferns and'col- BUS. K; Tanaka, 631 Sixth street. Telephone 1663-J. . . 37 -V- FOR SALE—Gulbransan upright piano, perfect condition, $50. Call between 5 and 7 p. m., 1316 Bealo avenue. < 83 FOR SALE—High-oven gas range, $10. 214 East Seventh street. 37 FOR SALE—Boy's bicycle. 810 I street. Call after 10 a. m. or 4 P. m. 37 For Sale—Improved Farms ; For^ Sale—Automobiles TIIHKIs-BKUItUOM housn neur high nchuol, $3000, only $500 down. Sun- tiei Purli dlHirlct. 7-room house, $r,7uO. mi terniH: $1000 rush. B. It. Clare, Professional liulldlnpr. B7 WANT TO 'HULL? LIHT YOUVl PIlOPIcrtTY WITH 1SLMKK F. KAItPU ANM 1'Ai'K VOUIl 13 K- I.ONGING.S. MKMIIKU UAKKKK- KIKLIi MIH.T1PLK LISTING H K jIIVI r K. P-10-tf Ki.Hl SALH—-(l-room liousu nnd four Hepurate apart mi>ntn, partly fur- nlHherl; good f"r $1!>0 P'>r month: near huHpltal mul now hl|?h school. JC260; terms. Ilowanl Nichols, Inc. n-12-tf ROSE RANCH—Four miles cast on ISillHOn highway, 5 acres, all In ' fruit mid berries. Modern 7-rooni i Blui!co house, three other houses, now routing for JliO per month, all furnished. 200 turkeys. DO chickens, cow, IIUK and plenty flab In reser- ; volr. V'hono 21-K-12. 43: Oil Lands WILL buy good paying .land—owners' oil-producing royultlea. H. C. Duhl. 2334 East KJghth street, Loa AngeloB. For Sale!—Automobiles LOST - I'nrl! !r M card,* ami (in |i, i (Hill I".' l-'Ulli I.US'I liliirk M" N hit i- iiiurU Inn . 7041 \\ . PA HI V I;. In I.In. wnti-li 1 foniliin uffli lilllf.iliV will, ,, u. ,l,r nr-.'lv I'li "II 'I III' ft. Mil,I lll VV. IIIMII t. 11,-M lll I'.et urn In Tim I * u inufilii-lHi lih 1110 EIGHTEENTH STREET In u liappy hmnfl ctirr for l'*oi- In II31II .1 lifter Ii p. in a'.I 1!01 Mnhorfntilo lIullilliiR. M ronmnuit mealti. Kiini Personals HAVl; vim uny ol.l ,lolln«i Itnlll KOOI|H lo iluniile Hull repaired, i lenin-il nnd I'u'M-. uol-lhv J.O..I al . Pli ii The Ciixiilulll MilM.n, i: ' HOMIOunil tichdiil fin nirilrli'il fill (Iron. Add'nith sulii' iilv [i'•!'.' Wllhhlro lluiilfviiid. L«j" AiiK"l- C'ullf. WILL n"' W AN'TKll Uniilli In > niiiiK Uuly. i 'ulifnt ulan pi-lvuii) family Wrlln Hi"* 311. Tho For Rent— Rooms With Board lltiAllli Well i-oolu'il. tmliini'ed meals. . I'hono 4IU2-M. ALMOST new frumo rcsldonoo In Mantn I'p Addition; hardwood (loorM, renl modnrn. 1'rloo J35SO, easy ! lormn. I'l'loc Slnnlry. 1*00 K slreet. I , \VK HAVE JUBl IIMfd onn of the ni'W- j pM and finest homon In Iliiltorsfldld, liiilll IIIM II.IIIK enough lo have yard beautifully landsriippil nnd dcvel- I'peil. Sluci'0. I lie roofed Imilee, thnriiuKhly Inwuliileil. never ijot over i S3 I his KUininPi', hiLvcinPiit with >mlt heating system: H large liPdroonir. i oiui uf whk'h Is arraiiKGil for nnild with shnwor and toilet conncoUnK- Maln ha Ih has tile floor and all Ulmhi of other illo worh. Com- plelplv. (ixpcnt'lvely and lipaliUfully , fnrnlhhed. liu'linlliiK Krund piano. Dunhlit Burngi'. lot OiSxlijri. In a vory nluiiB dlntrli't. JIO.TfiO; terms. eilhUo pofHesHlnn. Howard Nidi- IIH-. 0-8-lf '36 Lincoln Zephyr sedan $1295 '30 Buick 01 Bodun $1095 '30 Uulck 41 coupe $895 j 'Ilfi Pontlnc touring sedan $895 1 '30 Chov. town sodan $605 | '3(i Dodgo trunk sedan $845 '30 Ford sedan, latent series $705 , '33 Willys 77 sedan ; $195 I '29 Buick sport poupo $145 Open Evenings aud Sunday 52 WITH A REAL GUARANTEE 1936 FORD TOUR. SEDAN $095 1935. FORD DLX. CP., RADIO $025 1935 FORD TRUCK SPCL. $795* 1935 FORD DLX. COUPE $595 1934 FORD DE LUXE COUPE, RADIO $495 1934 FORD COUPE $475 1934 PLYMOUTH DLX. SED. $545 1934 TERRAPLANE COUPE $445 1935 CHEV. MAS. TG. COACH $595 1932 KURD CPE., RENEWED $325 1931 FORD VICTqRIA RNWD $295 1931 FORD CPE., RENEWED $285 HUDSON AND TERRAPLANE 1934 Terraplane coupe $475 1930 Dodge sedan $245 1934 Ford V8 coach $405 1930 Pontlac coupe $225 1934 Terraplane sedan $575 1935 Hudson coupe $725 1929 Hudson sedan $195 1929 Essex coupe $75 1930 Chevrolet coach $150 1929 De Solo sedan $185 1934 Terraplane pickup tk. $475 1929 Willys-Knight sedan $165 2220 CHESTER AVENUE Phone 3955 FOR SALE—11:3x18 Angelo Persian ruff with pad. Cost $309. sell for |125. Almost new. Also galvanized chicken feeders. 1619 Flower street. 38 FOR SALE—New and used grain bags, cotton picking bags, alfalfa seed. Prices right. Wattenbarger Feed Store, 2521 East California, avenno, phone 901, • ; 37 46 NOW IS THE TIME to ON A FINE USED CAR at the No, 1 quality—10-oz. 8-feet at 90c 9-feet at 95c 10-feet at $1.05 12-feet at $1.25 A. H. KARPE IMP. HOUSE 3S ONE snooker table and three pool tables for sale or trade for good used car. Inquire for A. K. Jebb. 712 Nineteenth street. 37 FOR SALE—Pipe furnace, medium size. Wood or coal, used very little. Reasonable. Herman tfnruh. Shatter. Route 1, Box 318. • 87 i l a|'l>eai it in c lon ' 'nil ut Uu< mi n t M idi'ohn llelDi '•nil N'l-IAIl nnd hoiinl for f.lx lil^h hrlionl three IdortiH from hl|th school, ollilhUi \irlre. I'L' I Ull'lllKll'l' <•!' I-'IVK-I'MT modnrn oourl, partly fnr- iilflheil; Income $105 per month; noar m.w high school. J5000; tormd. llownnl N'lcholn. Im\ »-12-tf myself, 10.« rom. l* Business Opportunities AUTl.) COl'HT and d'M, .n i.n . i, Ji',1 hlKlnia)'. i'luM(. ii, iin.'i;i'". ' Mlilo $I2'"I liuwii. I'oui i " .-. ii.,,-. with tfi'uuntl U-UHO aluiu \vniih }!IMMI Thftro are ihriu' niuu l nicni •- im idshed, plenty room to liviiKI s nr I" oublriH. Total price $:'inn, iiurt'i 13000. Keo Hhnffer, 1401 Se\ eniemMI, Htreet, 101 Tejuii hnlM luilldliiK Ws COMBINATION tlUOi'r.llV AM' HI3KV1CI: STATION. s l:m.,M riOUSI''!, UNI" Arilli) I.AM" iiN HIOIIWAY; KHADr;, flAH. 1:1.1.' TIUC1TY. NKT IIUfilNTSS I'uK 1835 WAS J2241. WILL <!I\'K TRIAL. C A. RIIUEHT. NVI'.ST OLIVr: STHKKT. I'OHTKllVlI.l.l' CALI1''. I" CAFV! for bale on l''J highway, '.'. mlleH north of Maliorffield. Uood lm»,l- IIOHH. Call ut Uwl Caf», nexi to Hlrhfleld Hoac'on, aftnr 6 p. 111 JJ CIX3BK-1N Income—Hoomlng IIOUMO with 2 apartments, OG-foot lot: building complntoly furnlKliod. Monthly Income *4UO ur linltpr. 1'nlnl nrlcn fH.fiOO.OO. Imlf t'utili. Kplnndld proposition for man and wife, monthly expanses furnlahnd on r«- <iue»t. Elmer V. Kurpo, 1617 Elsht- ««enlb street. »-fO-lf ANTK men ',il«t NIlH'tlM'l , \VANTK|i. . i,.h MulU f. M .'l t III "I'M I'll'(II Mimla\ Otltllllll' llllll'llllKM'V A II Km pi hath, tem'hei . iil .iiljolnlnu Nlnepei M. i. I'M i'hnnl, nU'n room ml.loln- Hiilttihln fur «clmol o cnol tiiiNemi'itt room. 'iilh. Miluihlr fur iliiy .il'l i tli-utuli'i', or phumi 37 UllOH Illlll ', IHu Wanted to Rent — Houses NVANTMIi—T. pprinani'iil ii I d e ti. t \v o i • rent u teiiiiiiin, nirls. nr silltVliT Miilluii vviiiili ai: iii.'.^r \nutiu iilleudalit .\d\iin,-i' ii"'nt ili\.' i rfi i'i HIT:- \VrHe l'.»\ '-". Tli,' ('al if'Tiiian ;is iil'N'i! Mi;\ I'arn \\htle learning lMir.,-1 Si-i' I'h.ulwli'K. K| Tejon |ID. til w,- ( , liis'.lfti ,ut,'ii-• "Si'hooln.-- _Jje|pJryjnjed-— Female lillll. or to tulio > in e of lml,\ miirnlnnn, no houxevvorU or Innndry Wlilin or i-oloiid. Kli:' I i^fnrnlHliPd, liv i duplex. lioln i Ihri'tj-bedroom | o rimiii UO\IHO, ', uiamnil. Phono 10 I WANTKIi l-'uriiu.heil 1l»rei' In falull) Pi'i I Hi'. 1 .1 liefure "i|onir_ PI-:ltM AM-;N'T. rellnlilo router wunts .' <" nun,' I'Dili'inini f\irnl!.lH'd house liefule Seplouil'pr JH; rvfuroUOOB. NO i-hllilr.Mi. I'liiHie ;ia70. ____ 37 Wanted to Rent, Miscellaneous O'.l IIKlllWAY fronlagP! 2 full acres, uvnr 100 troop, excellent location, ii-niom house; vxoollent water con- [ dltlnns. Thn IIPHI spot In Kern | county for 1111 auto ramp. Huy this, i liulhl 'HOIIIP. cabins and haw an old j am' pension for life. Prlco for all. ' onlv f.l.'iOO; U-rmn. Price Slunlpy, •• 1700 K »<treer_ 1'hoiu- 1S01. ^S , for Sale—City Lots .. FKW irood IIUA-H loft of «ekoted rlly l-PNldentnl lots. JilSO to $500. j Tho flcoll Asuncy, 1S05 Chester uve- | inio, 1'\>U KALI3—Heuutlful oornor lot, 05x125 feel. South Chester. Phone J?'?L_^-..^ ^5 PAU'l nloo lot«, Flower street, $400 value for »375, Phono 84-F.2, after H p. m. 3S FOU niSAL VALU1SS 1035 Pl>'inoutli tourtug sodan $085 1IKID Ford ile luxe coupe $685 11186 Ford Hcdan $565 1029 Ford coach JH5 1028 llulclc coupe' ?125 1928 Buick coacl) $125 1028 Buick sodau $125 1929 Chovrolot HOdau as Is $135 1020 Chevrolet coach $32.50 1109 EIGHTEENTH STttlflET Phono 831 52 J1931 FORD. TUDOR, R'N'W'D $285 1931 PLYMOUTH COACH $295 1931 FORD TRUCK $295 1930 FORD COUPE $235 1929 FORD TOURING $165 1929 FORD COUPE $166 1929 DE SOTO SEDAN $195 1929 FORD TUDOR $145 MANY OTHERS $25 AND UP USED CAR LOT Just West of Fox Theater 38 BARGAIN scoop—One perfect diamond, close to 1 carat, half price, 7200. Read thla biggest bargain In this city. Diamond over 2 carat, perfpct atone, set In platinum mounting with two square diamonds on the side. . {1200 value for $600. Watch department. Brock's Store; -37 FOR SALE—Wine kegs and barrels. •Mining machinery, 2 rock crushers, conveyors, screens, elevators, grlz- xleys, line shafting, 3-inch pipe. 514 Thirtieth. 87 SIN'GBU electric portable, $89,45. Treadle, J10. White electric console, lllco new, $40.BO. Expert repairing. Parts. 1708 K street. Phono 6330. 60 REO SALES AND SE11VICE 1933 Dodge sedan, 6 w\v $525 193G Dodgo de luxe sedan $845 j 1934 Buick S-57 sedan $745 1932 Chevrolet coupe $295 21ST AND K. PHONE 1034 52 FOR SALE—1935 Ford pickup. Phono 32SS. 37 ilGth and Cheater Opp. Courthouse Phone 701 Open Evenings 52 s SELLING All gooi' waul a FOR LESS THAN $100 (ninsportiUlou, It you good lined car tor less money, see our selection. 13AKEHSFIISLD USED CAR t do WANTI'.l) ut iiiu'e • lt.,liahl,. hoii-n«. Itcrppr, ai(e SO to Ml. ri-f rl'i'liccs Vu- null-oil (iuod home uml uood i-alnry. Apply I MH I'hestoi' iivemie. I'honn — 'iil"- J^'_ lor _" l'-J_n. MR.1-\V'. 3S AVANTKli llftUerxflelil high hi-hool o, Junior oolloue K ir|, |,, ,|o IlKhl -.Miili nftor M-liool mini 10 1>. t't\, _JL2lll™J'^Ill!i_2_' ) !L!L_l!L 1 - S(>( "- w . WOMAN fur Kunenil hnn««\vnrlc. hhoulil IIP nhle to ilrlvc eiu- llox ;ii;i, Mrl''nrlan<l. H7 o 'L'Pl.i; with new haiun trailer t\ UhoH in rent i.hihly I'arklnif Hpaoi) and luuhi'uum prlvilvKOH. Phono _I:.K:H. r I For Sale—Improved Property j \VALKINU dtslanco to buatuoBB dls- ! irk't, Kuod tiv«vroom homo, basuinont: flno nolgUborhood; $3600, $BOO down, '$3B monthly. Kolly & Won, 17t2 CuuBtor avomio. Phono •in'i <ia tlUtl. - UV •KOH HAL13, bV owner, five-room fur nlxliod hauKv, clone, to school and parlv. JIOOO, $400 cosh, l.alnnoo 1 a month, .Phone 110*4.\VX. 8*01 avenue. .• 8t KtlH KALli3~Un'KO roBli'Ioteit lot, i frontiiKo 73 foot; u bargain for $S60 , fiiah, Hkyllno 1'uvli, Ouk avenue, < riionft K721-J-13. 38 j' JftOfl r. ml up buys a 50-foot tut In A Ha VlRtit, the, moHt il«nlrnl)>o roaldence dlstrtot In Uukei-HfUUl. ReHtrtotod an to race, building costs, location of houiMi, eto. We mnko the»prloe, you mako the terms. Taylor & Taylor. IflflO Climiter Ave. Phone 11 S. 8-aT-tf TWENTIETH AND M Phone 208 C.3 For Sal»—Improvid Farms 80 ACRES south of Wnsco. all lovelftd und under Cultivation. Ample •»'«.• j tcr, Bi«all uou»e. Worth |8Dft per •.ore. t<u>" U now »l $175 per &cr«. „ „ _ On»-h»,lf of oil rljjhu rfttervprt. txnTlALlB, ohwip. Olds 1MO ««fl»n, Wlmer R Knrpe, 1517 Blshteeuth, Auburn IPJIl Bodan, both perfect, street, Bnkercftold.! IKH Tw«tul«th «tr««t UAK12RSP1ELD MOTOR CO. Is 1935 Chov, Hodun. radio $DC5 1934 Plymouth deluxe seUuu $545 1934 Chov. master sedan $545 i033'Wllly8 sedan $SGO 1930 ITord spt. rdet., air whls. $230 Open Evenlnes and Sunday CORNER SOTH AND "EYE" ' Phono 1724 S? isier Motors Used Car Store Where Cars Are Properly Reconditioned and Displayed LOOK FOR THE YELLOW FRONT 1935 Do Soto Airflow sedan 1035 Chevrolet Master 2-dr. 1934 Plymouth 2-dr. sedan i!932 Buick trunk sedan ' 1933 Chevrolet 6 w, sedun 11932 De Soto 0 w. sedan 1934 Willys 77 sedun ! 1932 Ford Model B sedan 11931 Ford Victoria i 193J Chevrolet coach 1930 Oldsmoblle sedan 1930 Chevrolet coupe THE UU1CK 31-07 lie luxe Hoclan, 6 wire wheels, excellent condition; prlva.te owner. Price $385. Call Hay Build- Ing. 1012 Nineteenth, room HO. 37 ,. USED TRACTORS Por Sole or Rent, All Reconditioned, Guaranteed BARNETT TRACTOR CO. j 2130 Chester Ave. 7-30-tN PER 1000 FT. No. 4 common REDWOOD' SIDING @- >20 ixt to 1x10. S4S Finish. *43 1x4 FLOORING,' $20 . U4 "E" Kiln Dried T.'&-0....:$1>.00 House Paint, all colors, gal 1.25. 2-0x3-0 Bash, 1 It, Qlazod...... 95o Redwood Posts, 8x4-0' ea. .... 18o SHINGLES. BUNDLE! 70c LESS 6% CASH DISC. Twelve Million Foot Stoch 101 Barealns 101 , SALE—1980 Oldsmoblle tourlnt sedan low inllomro. Your old. car UK down payment: terms to suit. I Call OI67-J after 0:30 p. m. 8S li»35 Willys 77 aedttn, 19,000 mlle«, good condlllon, private owner. Accept cheap our In trade. Can arrange, terms. Phono 394. at 8100 E. 38th St. 2100 APam» 87 i 18B9 Dodtrc D. A. cpe., new paint tZl& j ,12-1-30 Willis sedan. A1-, down «5 | 9-19-34 Willys sedan, low miles }315 $1045 $625 $495 *475 $395 $345 $345 $295 $295 $245 *f~Ai»-Ul >1 IIIJO nCUIAII) <V/» C. C, DOUGLASS, SOTH No. t USED grain bags for mllo. GHo each In lots of lOOO.or more. • Alfalfa seed. Cann molasses In drums. Prices rabidly advancing. Buy. now. San Joaquln Grain Co., Fourteenth and D streets. Phone 385. 9.5-tf FHU1T Jars, while they last, washed, quarts 24o and 84o dozen: plnt» 19o and 29c dozen; glasses, lOo doien. 717 Sumner street. "' 8-12-tf NOTICE Students. Wo have a good supply of Uoyal typewriters for rent or sale. Special rental prices to studonu on portables and standard HoyalB. You can depend on the machlno that we have. Lynch Typewriter Company, 1640 Chentor. Phone 4466. 87 For Sale—Miscellaneous USED CLOTHING THE ECONOMY 1913 L STREET BARGAINS IN MEN'S SLIGHTLY USE5D CLOTHING, SUITS, SHOES. BTO. B4 PHONE «882 8ALt3-rOn» Ute 198T .Buick coaoh and beautiful Chow puppies. 33} Moucu etreot, Ulvon-low. Phone FOR SALE—Four-wheel trailer. Will haul two bales seed cotton. $76.00. BRANDT INVESTMENT CO. 1815 it Street Phone 12BS 942-U FOH 8ALB—30-SO llemlnrlon trombone action rlflo. 604 Llnooln, OU> FRUIT JARS—Quarts, 24c: plntt. Ito. We alvo buy ra(r», bottles, junk of all kind*. Phone 1788 for pick-up watfon. 13Z East Twenty-first street. Funs—Factory Bample*. Fur ooat». iaokeU, fwt«», collars. Huge stopk. Vurs remodeled. "The Houie of «IOOO Fur Bargains," Dow'c Wliole- t*|e injrt. 183 Kearhey, San Fran- c<»eo. • ' 8J10 RBNT * —.. One-wok ,opnor«U - MMn Lurabv'Oo, P»em«

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