The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on April 12, 1963 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 4

Ottawa, Kansas
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Friday, April 12, 1963
Page 4
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I OTTAWA HERALD Page Foot Friday, April 12, 1963 Editorials A Bright Farm Future .- A number of Kansas farmers, including Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Neal, Williamsburg, were honored at Manhattan this Week when they received Master Farmer- Farm Homemaker awards. The award session provided a backdrop for several searching observations from Dr. Glenn Beck, dean of agriculture at Kansas State. Dr. Beck pointed out that agriculture is not "dying" and that the need for trained individuals in that industry is as great as ever. : "Today's 7 million farmers may decrease to 4 million," he said. "However, the growing food production industry is adding 6 million to the farm services labor force and 10 million others are employed in manufacturing and food processing." One need not be particularly observant nor a student of agriculture to realize that the farming business is undergoing revolutionary change. Farming is now a skilled business, requiring smart management, technical knowledge and considerable investment in money and hard work. This And That by jph Dr. Beck, pointing out that only one of seven Kansas youths today will have a place on the farms of the future, put it nicely when he made a plea for advance training of farm children, training beyond high school. This is a necessity, he said, if they are to become farmers, or take their places in business off the farm but tied to the nation's agriculture. "Employers in agri-business prefer farm-reared, farm-trained boys for many jobs." Farm youths of today, he added, are moving in three educational directions, agricultural for those who will return to the farms, agricultural science for those who will be specialists in farm problems, and business training for those who will work in farm-related businesses. Farms may become larger, farm population may shrink, but the nation's population continues to grow and everybody eats. For those wiUm? to adan 4 - to change, who will pinnate themselves, the future was never brighter. Television Log Channel 4, NBC Channel* 5-18, CBS Channel 9, ABC Friday Yew Seng On The Fence JPH SINGAPORE — I can't pretend to be an old friend of Sin Yew Seng, but we have been together on several former occasions, so we now exchange views with the frankness newspapermen generally do. He is Chinese, it goes without saying, holds a responsible position on a paper here and has a background of 30 years of journalism in southeast Asia. During a leisurely lunch today he let me pick his brains. Yew Seng is neither pro nor anti Communist, pro nor anti western, but merely objective. He accepts whatever comes to pass with the greatest placidity and seems to find comfort in the fact that things did not turn out any worse. We talked first of "Malaysia," the subject of keenest political interest hereabout at the moment. Malaysia is the proposed merger of Malaya with Singapore, now an independent political entity, and with three British territories in North Borneo. Tengku Abdul Rahman, the Prime Minister of Malaya, inspired it The British foreign office approves it. The people of the three areas, with the exception of the Communists who are a strong minority always to be reckoned with, favor it. Indonesia is strongly opposed. "Sukarno calls Malaysia neocolonialism and in a way it is a plan for permitting Britain to pull some of her old chestnuts out of the fire. Sukarno has taken such a strong position that he can't back down. And it is true that should Indonesia attack the Boreno territories, there is not much either we or the British could do to stop it. There isn't much in a military way to be put up against Indonesia, except your Seventh Fleet." That brought Yew Seng to a criticism of the United States. He thought its present policy was double-faced in that it was trying to get along with both sides. He favored a strong American position, in favor of Malaysia, of course. "I think Malaysia will come into being, but probably not on August 31, as now scheduled. Sukarno must be given time to save face, obtain concessions, and compromise. As for the Philippines, they are only opportunists who would like to obtain the oil in Brunei." Our talk drifted to other things. Of the Chinese invasion of India. "Most of us in Singapore are not Communists, but we are Chinese. It gave us a certain satisfaction to see India get her com- uppance." Of the Singapore situation. "It is always touch and go between our semi-left government and the Communists, and rising unemployment makes for greater instability. If the Malaysian union comes about, it will help adjust matters." As to affairs in South Viet Nam Yew Seng has little recent information and almost a profound indifference. He has no feeling about the American military effort there and an unconcern about which side ultimately prevails. He only added that western soldiers with their heavy equipment and their desire for all the comforts of home are not at their best in jungle warfare. "With Thailand, though, it is different," the local newspaperman went on. "Tailand is the key. Should it ever go neutralist, it would be most hazardous for Malaya and Singapore." Sin Yew Seng sipped another cup of tea. I like the man. He is one of the few Asians I know who can down a cup of tea without slurping and in silence. After a moment he gave me his summation: "You in the west cannot win southeast Asia. It is not ready for what you know as democracy and perhaps will never be. If you try too hard to remake it in your image, you might lose it. "But what troubles me' a little is that in your efforts you might bring about another world war, which would start somewhere out here. Were that to come about, I'm afraid that you would suffer more from it than we would." His conclusions depress me a little. I've heard substantially the same ones stated too many times before on this trip. Prayer For Today Jesus, knowing that all was now finished, said (to fulfil the scripture), "I thirst" (John 19:28. RSV.) PRAYER: Dear Lord, Thou didst suffer unspeakable agonies of body and spirit while bearing our sins on the cross. How can we show our love and gratitude to Thee, Lover of souls? Take our lives as sacrifices and make them pleasing in Thy sight. Help us to bring others into Thy kingdom to share Thine eternal salvation. In Thy name we pray. Amen. &!(, 4—Se» Hunt 13—Huckleberry Round >—Torey and Friend* 5:16 6— Whirlyblrds »:SO 4—Dragnet 9—Rebel 13—City Election 5:45 5— Waltei Cronklt* l3—Bport» 13- Weather «:00 4-5-13- New* •—News 4—Sports 5-9-Weathet 8:18 4—News, Huntley-BrtnkUy 6—Sports 9—News 13—News 8:3(5 5—Spesk-Op «:39 4—International Showtime 5-13—Rawhide 9—Five Fingers i :3U 4—Sing Along With Mitch 9—Flints tones 6-13- Route 86 4:00 9— I'm Dlcken* He's Fluster «:HO 4— Death Valley Day* 5-Alfred Hitchcock 9—77 Sunset Strip 13—Story of a Basketball Coach »:00 4—Jack Paar 13—G. E. True •I :3li 5-13- Eye Witness B—M Squad lo: i] 4-5-tMH New* 10:10 4-5-9—Weather 10:15 4—Johnny Carson 5—Movie, "Words and Music" 9—Steve Allen 13—Weather 0:20 4-13—Sport* L0::<0 13-Llfelln* 10:35 13—Alfred Hitchcock 11:35 13—Movie, "Life of the Party" II :45 9—Man FronS Chocbls* I2:<ltl Mldnifbt 4— News 12:05 4-Unity Dally Word 12:15 B—New* 12:30 B—Almanac Newsreel 12:35 9—Faith For Our Tim** 12:40 5—Movie, "Texas Rangers Ride Again'' Saturday 5—Moment of MedltaUoo 7:00 5—Farm Report 7:30 4—Town and Country 5—Postmark Mid-America 1:45 5—One-way to Safety 9—Call to Worship 7:55 9—News 8:00 4—Bleep and Sam 6-13—Captain Kangaroo 9—P'arm Hour 8:30 4—Superman 9—Felix The Cat 9:00 4—Shan Lewie 8-13—Alvln 9—Bugs Bunny • :30 4—King Leonardo 5-13— Mighty Mourn 9—Tokey and Friends 10:00 4—Fury 5—Rln Tin Tin 13—Rln Tin Tin 9—Torey and Friends 10:30 4—Touche Turtle 5—Roy Rogers 9—Beany and Cecil 13—Roy Rogers 11:09 4-Jeffs Colllo 5-13—Sky King 9—Cartoonles 11:30 4—Exploring 5-13—Reading Room 9—Movie, "Hold That Hypntist" 12:00 5—Movie, "Words and Music" 13—News 12:30 4—Catagorles 1:00 4—Movie, "Tarzan and His Mate' 13—Baseball—Orioles vs. Yankees 1:30 9-13—Challenge Oolf fl:30 4—Movie, "Wee Willie Winkle" 5—Championship Bowling 9-Wide World of Sport* S:30 4—Bowling 5—Sports Spectacular 4:00 9—Phil Silvers 13—Industry on Parado 4:30 4—Bullwlnkle 9—Aquanauts 13—John Glenn Btory 5:00 4—McKeever and tb* Colonel 5—Mr. Ed 13—Serenaders 5:30 4—Two Faces West 5—Bowling 9—Checkmate 13—Your Question Pleas* 6:45 13— New* Kaw Valley Heart Dinner AprUlS Mrs. Verne W. Alden, Homer Henning and Dr. David G. Laury, Franklin County directors of the Kaw Valley Heart Association, and George Lister, Franklin County Heart Fund chairman, have announced that invitations are out for the annual meeting and dinner of the association on Thursday evening April 18. ' Dr. George E. Wakerlin, re- eearch scientist and teacher of medicine who recently was named medical director of the Ameri- fcan Heart Association, will , tme meeting will be at Midway School northwest of Atchi- eon. , A reception before the dinner pill be from 6 to 7 p.m. Dinner will be at 7, and the program ^Pl he completed by 9. f A team of three doctors from the Medical Center, with a cal student as "patient" will ; to the reception, and demon- B, a cardiac defibrillator, a Cardiac monitor, a heart • lung being used today for resuscitation; diagnosis and treatment. Ticketi for the prune ribi of beef dinner at $2.50 may be obtained from the association office at the KU Medical Center, Kansas City, Kas. Reservations will be accepted to the capacity of the gymnasium through Monday, April 15. An Old Shell Still "Alive" WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. (AP)A live mortar shell, believed to have been fired during the Civil War, has been found near this suburb of Memphis, Tenn. Army experts examined the shell Thursday and decided to take it to Ft. Chafee to disarm or explode it. The 11-pound, brass-fused shell was discovered earlier this week by an 8-year-old boy whose father notified the Army. The Herald pays $5 every week for the best news tip turned in by a reader. Ottawa Roller Rial Public Sessions Wed. and Fri 7:30 to 10:00 Sat nights 8:00 to 11:00 Private Parties CH 2-9704 Mon.. Tues. and Thurs Sun Matinee: 1:00 to 3:00 Children 12 and under TAKE ONE FAT GOOSE . . . Goose grease used to be found in most medicine chests. For a long time, it was a common remedy for chest colds and pneumonia. The high mortality rate of lung patients proves how ineffective this remedy was. Modern medications—particularly the antibiotics—have drastically reduced the death toll of pneumonia victims, shortened hospital stays and relieved untold pain and suffering. So, don't medicate yourself. Let your physician do the diagnosing and prescribing. Then come to us for any medications lie may recommend. Kramer Drug Store Professional Pharmacy 131 S. Main CH 2-2055 CH 2-3547 Professional Be 4_News 5—News, Weather 13—Sportsman Friend «:*5 4__Comment S—Speak Op 4—flam Benedict 9-Oallant Men C-13—Jackie Gleason 4__Joey Bishop 5-13—Defenders 9—Hootenanny 11:00 4—Movie, "I'd Climb the Highest Mountain" t— Lawrence Welk 1:30 5-13—Have Gun Will Travel •:00 13—Gunsmoke 9—Boxing 9:45 i 9—Make that Spare 0:00 5-9—News, Weather 13—News, Weather Sport* .0:15 4—Movie, "Shake Hands with the Devil" 5—Movie, "Easter Parade" 9—Movie, "Voodoo Island" 0:30 13—Naked City :30 13—Movie, "Government Girl" 1:45 9—Movie, "Falcon In Mexico" 2:00 4—Wrestling 2:25 5—Movie, "Tropic Holiday" 1:15 9—News 1:25 9—Almanac Newsreel 9—Faith For Our Time* Sunday 7:50 9— Call to Worship 7:»> 9 — Almanac Newsreel *:Wl 5— Light Time 9— Morman Conference 13- Oral Roberts 8:15 5— Davey and Goliath »:30 4- Sacred Heart 5 — Christophers 13— This Is The Life 1:45 4 — Chrostopbers • :00 4 !niiusii> .,i> farad* 5-13 — Mlssa Domini 9— Topper i:l» 4— Americans at Work 9:30 4— Faith For Today B — Alakacam 4 — Easter Service — Presbyterian 5-13 — Easter Service— Baptist 9— My Friend Flick* 10:80 9— Wonderama 11 :0fl 4— This Is The Life 5— Profile 13— Church Service 11:30 4 — Insight 5-13— Washington Report 9— Movie, "April In Paris" 12:00 Noun 4 — Cameo Theater 5 — Championship Bridge 13 — Championship Bridge 12:80 5— Lone Ranger 13— Film Feature 12:45 13— Baseball. Orioles vs. Yankees 1:00 4 — Let's Get Growing 5 — Movie, ''Easter Parade" 9 — Closeup 1:30 4— Movie, "Shake Hands With The Devil" 2:00 9— Movie, "King of Kings" 3:00 5 — Science Fair 3:30 4 — Fred Waring 5 — Inquiry 4:00 . 5 — Amateur Hour 9 — Major Adams 4:80 4 — He is Risen 5-13 - Q-E College Bowl 5:00 5-13— Twentieth Century 9 — Wyatt Earp 5:30 4 — Shannon 5— News 9 — Riverboat 5:45 5— To' Be Announced 5:55 5— Speak Op •:OV 4— News, weather, sport* 5-13— Lassie •:25 4— Comment 6:30 4— Walt Disney 5-13— Dennis The Menace 9— Movie, "Unforgiven" 1:00 5-13— Ed Sllivan 1:30 4— CM 64 1:00 4-13 — Bob Hope 5— Real McCoy* H:30 5— O. B. True 9:00 4 — Dinah Shore 5-13— Candid Camera 9 — Voice of Firestone 9:30 5-13— What's My Line 9 — Movie, "Operation Secret" 10:llU 4-5-13— New* 10. '15 4— Movie, "Whirlpool" 5 — Movie, "Fight Command" 13 — News. Weatnei Now! PERFECT ENTERTAINMENT! Jules Verne* IHSWCHOFm uSif B •«•»*« ftttiMMtt. to • — and — Week Days and Sat. Eve. TARZAN —7:35 CASTAWAYS — 9:15 Saturday Matinee TARZAN — 1:35 CASTAWAYS — 3:15 CONTINOUS SUNDAY Dr. Motaei By DR. JOSEPH G. MOLNER Dear Dr Molner: I was recently furloughed on a year's trial after four months of treatment in mental hospital. I am only 19 and not ready to be shut off from he fun in life. However, the young friends I know would say I am, after being in "that place." Older people seem to be more understanding, but I don't want o associate only with them. I wish my friends could see for themselves what a wonderful >lace these hospitals are, and what a great job the psy- chiartists are doing. One doctor explained to me that "no one is mmune to mental or emotional illness." How can I make my young riends realize that I am no longer sick? 1 haven't yet been asked to a movie or a bowling match by any of them, and I am getting a little depressed again. If you print this letter some of my friends may ee it and realize. — "CAST ASIDE." Well son things may not be as gloomy as you hink. First, I agree that it would be fine if everybody :new more about mental hospitals and mental ealth. But it takes time to learn — it takes time. And it's true that nobody is immune to mental or emotional illness. The important thing, though, is that in these lays a great deal more is known about treatment, •md recovery is much more rapid. However, what about you, and your problem? You say nobody has asked you to go to the movies or to go bowling. But have you asked any of them? Try inviting some friends to your home 'irst. In fairness, remember that your friends, know- ng only that you have been in the hospital, have no idea how much (or how little) you have changed. They don't know what to think. Per- laps they ought to realize that, aside from an nterval of illness, you are the same as before and are interested in the same things. But they don't. Invited one of your friends to go to the movies or to go bowling because youwant to get back in )ractice. It's a two-way street, this business of 'riendship. It won't take long for the word to get around that you're the same young fellow you used .to be. And by doing this, you'll be making it easier for somebody else who experiences what you have experienced. Dear Dr. Molner: Is there any danger in using plastic containers for vegetables, soups and jtews? With, some, there seems to be a peculiar taste.-M.R.N. To Your Good Health A Need For Friends Colleagues who study exactly such matter* H these give me a flat "no." There is no danger. Dear Dr. Molner: 1 had a bladder infection which may doctor cleared up with antibiotics but I was still having trouble with the urethra and he sent me to a urologist who has given me four dilating treatments. He said unless it gets too painful I can wait three months before taking the next treatment. I am becoming discouraged.— MRS. L.M. 4 Discouraged? Why? Signs of progress appear to be unmistakable. I grant that these troubles often take time, but reaching a point at which treatments are three months apart indicates headway. Bladder infections may often affect the urethra, or tube which drains the bladder. Sometimes there is scarring which partially blocks it, and gradual dilation corrects this. Acne is one of the most terrible problems of growing up. If you are afflicted with this aggravation, or if you have children who are, write to Dr. Molner, Box 158, Dundee, 111., for a copy of his helpful and comforting booklet, Acne — The Teenage Problem. Please enclose a long, self-addressed stamped envelope, and 20 cents in coin to cover handling. Auld Lang Syne *5 VEARS AGO A. P. Elder held open house at his home, 504 Elm, in observance of his 84th birthday. He had been a resident of the community since'he was four years old. Scottie Vincent, a baker at the Harms Bakery, resigned and went to Adrian, Mo., to open his own bakery. Miss Bertha Williamson, Latin teacher at Otta- a High School, went to Iowa City, Iowa to attend a national convention of language teachers. 50 FEARS AGO Father O. E. Degan announced plans for immediately starting a campaign for funds to rebuild Sacred Hearth Catholic Church, 4th and Cedar, which had been destroyed by fire a few days before. The church had been built only five years before. It was built in the form of a cross and it replaced an earlier church located at 4th and Mulberry. The building destroyed by fire at 4th and Cedar was constructed by William Bushong, contractor, at a cost of $12,000, and it was partially insured. The building committee that had served at the time the church was built was made up of W. R. Cody, 3. F. Fitzgerald and Peter Litch. IO:M 13—Changing Tlmei 10:45 13—All Star Wrestling 11:30 »—Movie, "Big Sky" 13—Movie, "Millionaire Playboy" 1:00 d-Newi 1:10 9—Almanac Newaree) 1:15 9—Faith for Our Tlmei Ottawa Herald 1962 FIRST IN KANSAS ^Sr« *"""" 106-iot B. uan Published d»n» oseopi Sunday ane Holidays. Second elaai puitac* at Ot tawa, Kansas. Robert B. Weiungto Editor And Publisher SUDtcnptinn rale* to trad* area—B> mail, one month $1.00, tare* month*. 13.00. «1» months. 16.00, on* year 9.00. 6uDscriplu>o rates outside trade ar*» -By mall, on* month, 11.60; three montni S4-26: *la month*, 18.00; 01 •/ear. $15.00. MEMBER Ot THE ABPOC1ATEP '111* Aasociated Prei* i* •ntiUM •*• ciu*iv*ly to th* UM foi publication of all the local new* printed IB th* now*. oncer a* wall «• *I1 AP patch. TV Highlights There'll be fortune telling on the "Rawhide" show this evening and one of the great stars of the entertainment world will be doing the fortune telling. He is Walter Slezak, playing the part of Gypsy Lazio Tzgorni. Channels 5 and 13 at 6:30. This is sing-along night and Mitch Miller has put together a show that sounds like a lot of entertainment. Leslie Uggams and Louise O'Brien will do the soloing. Miss Uggams will include one of her famed spiritual presentations, "Swing Low." The sing-along show is at 7:30 on Channel 4. Jack Paar will present a Good Friday show, and one of his guest stars will be Mahalial Jackson, the gospel singer of all gospel singers. Channel 4, at 9. Less Grain On Farms WASHINGTON (AP)-The Agriculture Department reported Wednesday that grain stocks on the Nation's farms totaled 195,878,000 bushels on April 1, the smallest for the date since 1958. Current wheat stocks were equivalent to 18 per cent of last year's production, and 7 per cent less than in 1962 and 10 per cent below the 1957-61 average for April 1. Corn held totaled 2,002,000,000 bushels on April 1, or 7 per cent less than the record high last year but 9 per cent above average. Figures of stocks by states showed: Corn stocks, April 1 — Iowa, 512,653; Illinois 350,069; Nebraska 260,086; Missouri, 70,482. Wheat stocks — Kansas, 21,117; Nebraska 19,913; Colorado 7,968. Tonite & Sot. Fun Plus Action JOSEPH E.UVMC .unwieOLOR-CINEMASOVe A Riot — 9:05 Yes! We're Open Every i Night it * * Sun. • Mon. • Tu«s. tPve and -Ajn In the eubwnbal HHW<"»»£:?• Lana M-.JANI JIMHUTTCN Kiddies Under 12 FREE HILLCREST Oof More Mileage Out Off Family lncom< Try a cheeking account for your personal needs THE NORTH SIDE BANK Tecumseh and Main Dial CH 2-1091 R. S Hill, Pres. Ed Hosier, Vice Pres. and CaiWef Mamie Sands, Asst. Cashier Glen Hayward, Asst. Caihier Howard Deputy, Asst. Cashier Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

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