The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 12, 1936 · Page 9
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 9

Bakersfield, California
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Saturday, September 12, 1936
Page 9
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7<^fitf 5 f ] l' ' : , L»* i ' ' *- ., -4 t THE BAKERSP1ELD CALIFOUNtAN, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 1086 a/s Are i» ^| j^ ^ — ^^ ^^^^ J^ ^||» I i . V if to Knocking of Their Far * . # * * * * * # * # Good Initial Turnout for Football Here Shaf ter Coach Home Now After Trip Abroad • for Olympics By MURRAY ARNOLD C'HAFTER, Sept. 12.—W. B. "Bill" •^ White' .who will take over his duties as headman of Shatter High football team In a few days, answered some questions about the Olympic games here. Bill spent the summer herding a bicycle over * most of Europe and five weeks watching the athletics in Berlin. Ho visited athletic camps, every event, during his stay and talked with many of the athletes. According to White, the future of sports'In Germany Is very bright. "Germany is becoming, highly sport-minded, especially In track and field. Previously, there was little training in these branches of atlv letlcs during the young boys' and girls' growing periods. Hitler's Interest Hitler Is now anxious for train « Ing during this period. Ho has organized In each small town and in every city a "sportplat" or sport plucft. Here, professional directors train athletes from the grammar school age until they are ready to attend ; the university or start mill f tary service. All running events, " discus and in fact every thing which . goes to make up a modern track and field meet Is taught. The/physical directors are hired , at the government's expense and tho athletes are given room and board during the day in tho "sportplatz. 1 The Shatter mentor reports inter- eat' among high school and gram t mar school children is of tho keen " est. Athletes are chosen by track meets in bach province and the winners are sent to largo government camps. Know Our Stars "In talking with many boys ol Germany and other nations, I founc them well-advised as to tho names of our best athletes and just wha their best marks were. They Icnow out boys' ability to tho inch and second. Their, greatest ambition IH to be a .decathlon-champ. Glen Morris, who beat their decathlon king, is a hero in their eyes. .•"With, the added enthuBiaam now broadcast In German sport circles for training in track and field, we can expect keener competition from the Teutons In thp future. They aro dogged, and.brave and willing to go through anything to arrive at a do eirert end. "Athletes from all countries wore anxious to note the specialized toch nlcs used by tho Americans. Foj Draper, Glenn Cunningham and . JCSBC Owens were always willing to etop and show the Germans or moi of other countries anything p.bou form. Good Sportsmanship There was a wonderful feeling p: ' sportsmanship among all athletes,' he concluded. Besides Germany, White traveled through Austria, Belgium, France Denmark and Sweden. He report* the Scandanavlan countries showe tho Americans the best treatmen Most of his traveling on the eontin ont was on a.blcycjo. AMATEUR BOXING Bakmfiild Stadium NlneUinlh and V Streets 8)30 o'Olook p. m. Monday, Sept, 14 Miln tvtnt—rour Roundf-200 Poundi "Silent" Joe Hill Old Rlvtr vs, Ed Ward Lot AnulM lot Hu * QeM But Siml-Wlndup—Four Roundi—140 Ptundi Fuzzy Meyers Otkin'Uld vj, Eddie Bondshu Cut B«k«ntl»ld ' A R<m*teh 8M«I*I Ettnt—Four Roundi—124 Poundi Flash Jordan vi, Frankle Rodriquez Biktntlild Eut Lit AnotlM Fluh HOPM to Add Anothtr Win to HU Llit Fcur Round*—115 Poundi Tlg«r Davit v*. Lupt Monoi Olldalt ' ' Blkirifltld Qltd to H«v. Tl»tr BMk Four Ruund»—136 P»und« Henry Johnion vir Johnny Johnson OtllM LW AD|«lM May 'H» But Man Win Four Round*—Itt P»und» Ollii Lewi* vs. Qiiia Mook Btktntlold Ui Ollll Shtllld Win Thlt Ont Four «»«ndi-lll ftvntt Bobby QireU vi, III Otroli Lot 'A 6«4 QMn«r P(|IOt«l Rlnnldt 7»c. L*dlM M«l 0<n*rtl Admlulofl »»o. 0«H»nf 210! Twt Intludid - 8»»nMn* hy Amwltin L«il»o. ,- Fr»ni t, Mtyn*l<» PMt N*. 21 , H. B. (WOODY) WOOD,, M*tokM»lt*r Ylikitl *n lilt tt fwuthfl-n Hotil. Rti* 0*ld»t»ln'i dttk. tkt*» HWl *|M OMdM'i »•*«« «k*i. UM Wtytlte U»! Johnny Jokn. M*'I, Cut Btk»rt(l.ld. »ltdliiM Pk*M III2 4 Miservatlons Held Mot Later Thin PIPEFULS T>Y AUTOMOBILE, horse and •*-* airplane, men and womon are preparing final trips into the Sierra, for the opening of the doer hunting season September 1G in thifd district The old-timers say this is the finest month for hunt- Ing and fishing. Parties leaving the city next week may combine the two sports. Tho annual warning against shooting at anything but a doer bearing antlers is issued again. Oarlessness, stupidity,, may take a life. No gun balHstically less in power than a .80-30 should be used on deer. Too many animals have been crippled and left to die in agony—this results when a hunter is "tinder-gunned." The fire hazard is still here and the timber regions have been dried by a rainless summer. Tho greatest care should be exercised in the use of fire and only fools will do otherwise. Mr. and Mrs. Mel Brlttan, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Nichols and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dlgler will pack in on horsos to the high Sierra from the Glennvillb country this week. Three days' ride from Olennvllle they will establish a base camp. Tha men intend to hunt deer and the women will do some fishing. Buford Fox, W. B. Woodbum and Jack French, a deputy district attorney . from Imperial courtly will secure a pack outfit and go into the Sierra from the Bishop country. This party will combine deer hunting with fishing and will bo gone a week. Tom Maguire of this city shot a net 68 in qualifying for the annual Casa del lloy golf tourna-. ment at Santa Cruz over the Pasatiempo course, according to a scout.* First and second rounds will be played Sunday and the finals on September 20. The American Legion here holds the permits for both amateur and professional boxing in this city and Messrs. H. B. Woody and S. Davidau aro the matchmakers for the Legion which holds the bonds and official permits for these sports. Yesterday this department used the word "promoter" in connection with those men. The department has been informed that Messrs. Woody and Davidau are working for the Legion in connection with these two sports. JACK FROST STARTS TRAINING HIS BOYS ON GRIFFITH FIELD Arvin to Invade Oildale^for Tilt Arvin will invade Olldale tomorrow afternoon to tanglo with the Qann & Ross hardball club nt 2 o'clock. This promises to be a tight contest and the Olldulo players have prepared for tho worst. They have formed a pitching staff of Reynolds, Hopper and Hcber to stand tho gaff. Taft Jaysee Coach Will Expect Crew of About 35 Footballers fpAFT, Sept. 12.—Coach Les Kien•*• holz,' Jaysee grid mentor here expects a turnout of approximately 36 players Monday when ho calls his football tllass Into session for the 1036 season. Like every other coach in the country, Klenholz haa his losses to replace. Every man on the forward wall that started the final game against Bakersfield last year with the exception .of one, Walter Singleton, guard, will be missing when the head man checks In next week. Both ends, Walter Wackeen, tho best wlngman ever to wear the Maroon and White and Earl Ford, two powerhouse tackles in Captain Stan Ramage and Hront Safarjlan; Bill Peden, guard; and 13d Dostlck, dependable pivot man, aro lost either through graduation or the two-year ruling. Oilier Men Missing Add to this loss Marshall' L,ott, speedy wlngman; Walter Anderson and Dale Il'uoy, a couple of better than average tackles; Charlie Robinson and Bob Burnqulst, guards; and Jake Garlow, scrappy but light center, and tho coach has something that must be compensated for In a big way. The backfhsld was not hit so hard, but Willard Tate,' 190-pound left halfback; Dick Rico, an experienced field general; and Oscar VanHorn, 186-pound block-back, are gone. Tate Joined the benedicts, Rice has had his two years and VanHorn is said to have shown a preference for California Poly at San Luis, Outside of Singleton, the only other man on tho team that might bo classed as a regular Is Kddlc Ad klsson. Mo checked out of school at the midterm and there is no guarantee of his return. Joe Gibson, end and Art Carpenter, guard, who is said to have changed his mind about San Jose gives Klenhols: two men upon whom ho can depend. Bill llanawalt, guard, discovered in spring practice, Stanley Coombes and Lexlo .Lynch, tackles; and Cecl lluddleston, end, are other boys who may be heard from. _ Upturning Backs " "Returning" backs are topped by Eddie Dunn, all-valley quarterback Fred Henry, regular fullback, who will have two running mates In Luke Bollochl und Roy Koyes. Halfback choices lie between Woodrow Stone Joe Linden, Bob Pott and Herb Leek man. Porterville Will Engage Drillers Krnest Dalbom pulled a surprise yesterday when ho announced ho had tho Portervlllo varsity and lightweight teams signed for a doubleheader hero September 26, with tho Dilllors ojid Sundabs. The first game, will present tho two lightweight teams In action starting at 6 o'clock under the lights of Griffith Field. Coach George Williamson has Issued nearly TO Hulls and expects to give out more at tho start of next week. The Drillers as yet are an unknown quantity, especially since the loss of such stars as Mosconl, Harper, Barbosa, Guthrle and a flock of other standouts. TVfEARLY three squads of Rone•*•* gades turned out for drill last night when Coach Jack Frost ran his charges through a set of exercises. Strong ,ou fundamentals as always, Jack Is giving his boys a Ino foundation in tackling and clocking long before plays and phases of strategy are even discussed. A strong nucleus of returning nen welcomed the Renegade mentor on the first night of practice al- bough tho line lacks tackles -and ho backfleld could use a Nate O'Brien, a' Cal Haggard or a Jim FYaney. Frost Is looking about him for a heady ball carrier or two with some experience back of him. So far, Ray Frankel lodks like the best money. Here arc some of. the men with at least ono season fff Renegade football: Bill Monroe, end, 175 pounds; Dick Jeffries, fullback, ISO pounds: Wayne Fllkel, tackle, 175 pounds; Bob llackett, guard, 175 pounds; Hill Hackney, end, 165 pounds; Glen Maddux, quarterback, 100 pounds; Ed Mohr, end, 160 pounds; Willy Neill, quarterback, 146 poumls; John Sprngue, tackle, 205 pounds; Stan Svimlnoff, tackle. 176 pounds: Tom Robosky, center, ISO pounds; Allan center, 180 pounds; Frank i mer Sandab flash, 140; former Driller George \? and now out for halfback, 180; Vernon HARD HITTER Oldershaw, gtlard on tho 1038 Driller squad and guard on tho 1034 Bear frosh at Berkoloy, 160; Bill Trout, ! no previous experience but may "pan out" as a fullback, 220; Jack Vermllllon, fullback from YVaseo, 190; Foster Webb. Driller guard three years ago. 186; Vincent Yan- coy, former Driller quarterback and chosen tho most valuable man on the 193G oloven because of blocking ability, 150; Bob Sheldon, Driller tackto, 1S5 Kxpecls More Men Coach Frost lias not formed definite strings as yot but lias boon giving all of his men a chance to show their stuff. He expects more men to don suits early next week as some of tho boys have boon working and aro not yet finished with their jobs, Tho Jaysees West Side Field for Fall Exhibition have little time In which to prepare, for the first gamo which Is with Long Beach Jaysoo at Long Beach September 2S. Wattron, played guard two years ago, 1.75 pounds; Kay Frankol. fullback, 170 pounds. New Men Signed Following aro the now men signed up for the BOntiou: Roy Harper, former Drlllor halfback, 100; Monty Jonos, center from Tafl High and u graduate of Bukersfleld last spring, 186; Frank Cowan, tackle from Tehachapl, 187; Gone Duncan, guard from Brca Ollmla, IfiO; Jim Moon, first string Driller end, 106; 13d Barbosn, first string Driller end, Kovacevich Ready for Motor Races A,big week end of racing Is ahead for John KovacovJch, Arvin speed pilot. Today, ho will enter his hydroplane. In the Pacific Coast chatn- i plonship meet In t^ako Men-lit, Oakland. Tomorrow at 2:40 p. m., he will roar over tho same, course In his flashy little Muscat Kid, a racing irunabout In tho class V division. .The Sunday race Is for the national, championship. Kovacovlch Is In the favored class as fat us tho Sunday race is concerned, eseclally after coming within a fraction of a second of the world's record last woek. Just after Troy CoWan, Driller sub end, 160; i making this mark, ho throw a crank- Roosevelt Pollock, center from Jesse I shaft A now motor has made his Stockton's string, 150; I^eo Plerruccl, boat as good as new and ho Is nl- transfer from Saint Mary's and for-1 ready to go out after new laurels. AGED CAPITALIST '"PAFT, Sept. 12.—Among the en- 1 tries received by C, A, Williams, secretary -manager of tho Kern County Horse Show Association, are Included 18 Hneknoys and Shet- lands entered by one person com- petiint In these- harness classes. Theso entries camo by long distance telephone- from Sacramento where- these famous show ponies are appearing at tho horse show of the California Htato Fair. Their owner, a professional show man who exhibits his horses In all parts of tho United States, ships from point to point in palace, horse cars which aro Bchcdulofl to arrive In Taft by train on Wednesday, September 23. These 'will probably bo tho only horses among moro than 100 entries, coming to Taft by train an practically everyone today ships by truc.k or trailer, Hecelvhiff Kntrles i At a meeting held at the city hall! Secretary AVilllams assured tho j board of directors of the Kern j County Horse Show Association that j entries for the three-day event already received assured a flno show and entries aro coming In dally from Hacramento where the association has a representative on the grounds. Heavy Ticket Sales O. A, iCommers, in charge of box and ticket Hales, reported practically a 00 per cent sellout already! however, a number of choice boxes are still available and anyone wishing to reserve a box for this show should get In touch with Mr. Kommers at his office at the San Joaqutn Ulghl and Power Corporation us it Is ex peeled lhat he ofCe.etlvo *-»* National Tennis Its Opportunity Pounds for Whole Week on Door of Mr. Frisch i Astoeialrd Prtil Leased \\~ire) II some people, opportunity knocks only once. For Frankle Frisch and his Cardinals, it's been bunging on the door for a •reek— but the gas house gang won't let It in. As a result, they're still four games behind the league-leading Giants today, and. with only 17 games left to play, tho Job of catching up looks as tough as trying to hit one of Curl Hubhell's screwball special*. Tho setup was no different yesterday. Tho Ulants won their one game against tho Cubs, 5-1, with ITubbnH pitching a four-hitter lor hlH thirteenth mraight win and twenty-third of the season. The Cardinals, with u double header agalnat the Dodgers, could have gained a half-game by taking both. Instead, they won only the opener, 12-8, as Koolcio Don Gutler- Idgo belted out two homers and a i triple, and then dropped the night- J.OS ANUI2LK8, Sept. r. 1 .—Mn»-1 cap, 6-t, their Iwits helpless before *lve Olln Dutra, swarthy Californlan | an Mungo's strikeout elbowing, who formerly held tho national opon i The Pirates, who mill have that title, yesterday played two par-shat- j one chance in u thousand, climbed torlng rounds to win tho »10()0 Hun-,; aboard young Bill Weir's patching l«o Hmith, canliM- flolil of tho Los Angeles Athletic Club team will show here tomorrow when his squitd moots tho Hnkorsfleld Boon at Hocroatlon Park, according to Unrt HntllngHWorth, manager of tho local nine. Th«" K'Vino IH set for 2:30 p. m. Olin Dutra Wins Sunset Golf Cash set Fields open golf In the lost 38 holes with a total scor». of 2K2. ! Dulrn scored a 09 on his rirnt i round mill a 73 on tho second to) flliMh n stroke abend of Art Hell I of Pasadena who shot a 70 on tho last 18 holes for an aggregate of Mangrum was third with Silent Joe Hill Will Fight Here in Feature at Arena HORIZONTAL 2 Retired industrial leader. 12 Blood pump. 14 Mover's truck 15 Nimble. 17 Genus of uukt> 18 Clenched hands. 20 Kiln. 21 Beam. 22 Flower. 24 To dine. 25 Within. 26 Agreed on. 28 Chaos. 29 Pussy 30 Before. 31 Rifle report. 33 To bark, '; 35 Cautious. 37 To require. 39 Pertaining to • air. * 40 To gaze fixedly. 41 Ringlet. 43 X. 44 Lair. Answer to Trcvlous PuM.le 45 Measure of area. 46Road. 47 Myself. 49 Southeast. 50 Italian river. 51 Constellation 85 Father. 57 He accumulated a tremendous " ••. !>fl Ho wns nn oil . VERTICAL 1 He hns given vast sums to 2 Spirited. 3 English coin. 4 Court. 5To exhibit. 6 Swifter. 7 Whole. 8 Musical note. 9 Self. 10 To cleave. 11 He has lived nearly^ —— 13 Enthusiasm, 1C Thin. 18 Moor. 19 Perched. 22 Secured. 23 Wool liber knots. 2fi Prank. 27 Wife's shnrc of an estate. 29 Unsoilcd. 32 Peeled. 34 To-come m. 36 Red flowers. 38 Action. 39 Particle. 40 Slick. 42 To jeer. 40 To dccny. 48 Roof point covering. 56 Pair. 51 Upon, , r )2 Note m scale. 53 Either. .•54 Northeast. 50 Form of "a." tlvo STANDINGS I KOlllCHT Hll.LH, N. Y., Sept. 12. The American women's Mingles ten- i nntfng'(L«wn"tram $75 to nls title was safety In the 1 nlted j ., »^» States today for tho sixth consecu-' year but Die men's trophy destined to take, a. permanent trip acroHN tho Atlantic to ICng- land. Who wn« to Keep tho women's trophy here wan to be deeldud on . tho court* of llio West Hldis Tennis i Chili today when a, pair of Caltfor- nlaim- Helen Jacobs und Alice | Marbla—clnshml In tho tlllu round. | The challenger for tho men's tltlo ' \VIIN J. Doimid Budge, Oakland, j Calif., red-hend, lono barrlor to for five runs In tho first inning to sow tip a 10-3 victory over the Bees. A surprise turned tip for the Ueds In Philadelphia M the'Phil- lies, wltll Kolph dunllU's bijt tat .setting the pace, landed on Wild Hill Hallahon and two other Cincinnati throwers for 13 hits and a il-6 win. Tho White Sox equalled the major pitcher 1.1s- Detroit wan next with 286. Charlie I enltou for "li safeties und a 17-2 win Guest and Wee AVIlllo Hunter tied i over the Athletics, as Monty Strat- for slj;th with "SS. '< ton hold tin- Mackmen to six hits. Mud Oakley of Crvlishnw Fairway*, ! (iohrlc Hits Third who had led (n the early play, l,,ok , ,.•„,., , >lasUH , ,„„ tn , nl ho nil S" "11 nls lA-Nt i*otlii(i lo tiiilNli - * i ^ the Hoason — to lead the Yankees to a 14-4 conquest of the Tigers. Battle Break* Tie That ImtlU! for third place in the | American league shifted again, and _., j the Senators broke a tie with the ~ 'Tigers and took sole possession by •' a0 ' 1 Dallies of Oakinom won am- j it 1^0 'eompie'te"seliou't' will ' lllPUI ' honors when ho finished fourth ! league record for hits off ono pit .•e In a few more days I with 286 while Ueorgi> Von Kim of I In one game, walloping Horace ., " COAST JS.VUL'K Won Lost Pe.t. Port lain! 95 7S .549 8nn DloRO 93 7« .541 irounclnt; tho Ixullv slipping Cleveland Indians, 7-2, behind Bart White- hlll'x six-hit hurlhlfr. Tho Hcrt Kox topped the Browns. fl-2. with Wcs Korrell pitching a six- hitter. * Meullli- 1)2 On kin nil . !>! MIsHtotv Si! l.os An^olcH fit! "DIG ED WARD of Los Angeles •^will bo here Monday night to battle Silent Joe Hill of Rosedale in the main event of the amateur bouts. Hill ran up against a, little hard luclc in Ills last fight here when ho was far outmatched. The heavyweight whom he mot was d good deal too big for him but Hill put up a game fight. At any rate, he lasted tho entire route when the fans flgruretl ho would go down when the mastodon from tho south be Hod Tho two boys head a program of seven bouts which will bo .opened at 8:30 o'clock. Fuzzy Myers, the boxnr, will meetj Eddie. Bondahu tho hitler In a somi- j wind up fracas, lioth boys aro wcl- ibrwclghtM and aro rematchcd. i Little Flasli Jordan, always a favorite, hero, will meet Franklo Rod- rcquo7. In the special ovont. Frankle' is from J-iOB Angeles. The rest tot the card will be made up of Tiger Duvte-ot Olldale versus him once. ! T^upo Munoz of liakersfleld; Henry Just now, Hill is ready to make) Johnson of Chleo versus Johnny a comeback and get back the stand- Johnson of Los Angeles! Olllo Lewis Ing he held before dropping a nod. Ed is tough but has had no moro experience than Joe. This should •make things about even. Of Bakersfield versus Gone Mock of i Los Angeles; Bal Oarcia of Los An- i gcles versus Bobby Garcia of Bak- i orsfiold. i ! Frederick John Perry of England in hlH march lo a ihird American title. Miss Jacobs, who lost not a single net In winning flvo matches on her way to tho final, wus an overwhelming 'favorite to mount to world supremacy in tennis. She has already j won the Wimbledon title and a vie- ! lory today would make her the first' woman to sweep both those chain- j plonshlps since Helen Wills Moody I turned the trick In 1P27, 1928 and ! l«2ft. A victory also would make tier tho first woman in history to take five consecutive American titles. Perry, who seemed off hi* Kruno as he past llryan Grant of ! Atlanta, 8-4, .-)•«, 7-5. 0-2 In yester- • day's semifinal, was something of in mystery,, tin had been an over- I whelming favorite to neoro over i Budgn today. But Ills trouble with i (.'Irani In contast to Budge's sniooth- j ne»n In liulllng Franklo Parker of Spring Irfike. X. J., li-.i; «-3, l)-n, made Homo exports wonder whether i lie IH slipping. San Krunclsoo 81 Sacramento H" st SI Sli Sfi 91 ion Sacramento, 8-2: Oakland. !!-4. Missions, "-7: l^is Angeles, a-&. Seattle. .1; Portland. 0. Han Francisco. 7; Nnn Diego. 5. NATIONAL j TAKT HALL HL'NDAV TAFT.* Hept. IS.—Opening the, winter hajMttmtl season, the rocrmtly • oriranlxeil Wnsi Hide MerchantM club. ! composed of Fnllows and Tnft ball i plnyors, will mm<{ tbo strong Long | Bench Merchants hero Humlay after; noon at 2;SO o'clock In the High i School Park. i Jimmy u'Connull, who Is maiing- ! Ing the local club, promised to have i on hand the very bout lineup that ho can possibly secure. It Is also be• Moved lhat us soon us the Coast '' League HOIUIOII riuln. Sid Ktrtngfol- ! low, wliu was ri.«oontly recalled from Hochestor by the Nolons, will Join up • with tin* MerclmnU. Won Lost Now Vork «3 r.-t Kt. 1 Mills 7« fix Chicago 7X fil Pittsburgh "•) (U (Mnclnnall 09 fis Boston 82 74 Brooklyn ">? 7B Philadelphia •!« 90 Yesterday's Hosults Plttshurg, 10; Bodton, 3. New York. G; Chicago, t. Pbtladelpbln, »: Cincinnati, e Ht. Ixjulw. 12--I; Broi.iklyn. 8-5. (ianie.s Today Plltstnu-Rh at Boston Hi. Ixiuls at Brooklyn, Chicago at New York i'liu;|nnntl nt Philadelphia. AMUHK'AN KK. \Von New Vork 93 Chicago "0 Washington ., 71 Del wit ., 73 Cleveland 72 Boston 71 81. l^oulH ., 49 Philadelphia ,. -l» Yesterday's HosulU Chicago, 17: Philadelphia.. 2, New York, 14; Detroit. 4. Washington. 7: Cleveland. 1 Boston, C: Kl, l.uuli', 2. Games Today Philadelphia at Chicago novlon u.t St. T^oulH NVw York at Detroit. Washington at Cleveland. .fioi Goodrieh SARIK Sflvettown I TIRES BATTERIES CAR RADIOS HOME RADIOS l.ootlricli Si TWEHTY-FIRST AND K PHONE 721 BUCK ROGERS, TWENTYJ?IPTH CENTURY A. D. Trail Is Lost By I'HIL NOWLAN and LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS AS TH£y CIO&D DOW O// WM- PAffALYS/S Wrot. . ALL RIGHT WILMAf 7 LET THEM HAVE »T/WE CAN REVIVE BOCK IN THEY W/LMA FIRED AGAW \ DON'T KNOW/WHERE COULD HE HAVE GONE? WHY/- HE'S i HE DODGED IN THERE - BETWEEN THOSE BLOCKS/ NOT HERE i WHERE DID AND GOING RIGHT IN / AFTER HIM/ MISSED/ •mi*? &4 t r » I*M r. »ttttt e» Tin Whistle Golf Tournament at the KERN RIVER COUNTRY CLUB Prizes. Will B« Given Sunday, Sept. 13 The Public I* Invlud te Com* Out' (or • Good Tint* \ .*>.,,.'.•&:

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