The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on October 26, 1996 · Page 41
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 41

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 26, 1996
Page 41
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THE SALINA JOURNAL SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1996 13 DAYTIME Oct. 28-Nov. 1 MORNING 5:00 BB AgDay B Real Stories of the Highway Patrol B Community Bulletin Board (Tue- Frl) B This Morning's Business B ABC World News This Morning IB CD (3D Kenneth Copeland ID NBC News at Sunrise ID (5:15) Movie (Won) *** "Steel Magnolias" (2:00) 27615003 IB) Mickey's Mouse Tracks IB (5:05) Movie (Tue) ** "Arrow In the Dust" (1:20) 93262349(5:10) (Thu) *** The Counterfeit Traitor" (2:20) 78817054 BO Gulliver's Travels (Mon, Wed, Fri) Around the World In Eighty Dreams (Tue, Thu) BI (5:15) Movie (Tue) ** "Hiding Out" (1:38) 52024233(5:15) (Thu) ** "Air- heads" (1:31)2306324 Losing It All: The Realities of Alzheimer's Disease (Fri) BD Business Day 00 Personal fX: The Collectibles BD FIT TV Ql Movie (Mon) ***x The Great McGlnty" (1:30) 765041 CThu) *** The Old Dark House" (1:15) 3556667 (Fri) *** Two Years Before the Mast" (2:00)923555 (B Rude Awakening BD Sportscenter 69 Rex Magazine Workout EB Bloomberg Information Television CD Rudy and GoGo World Famous . Cartoon EB (5:05) Captain Planet and the Plan- eteera EB FITTV(Mon-Thu)Golf (Fri) QD Today's Business BI Media Show EB Bookmlce (Mon-Wed, Fri) Professor Iris (Thu) EB Adventures of Tlntln EB Evening at the Improv EB Marilyn Mickey 60 Notlclero Unlvlslon CD Homestretch (Tue-Fri) QH Behind the Scenes (5) CBS Morning News TCM Movie (Mon) ** "Law of the Underworld" (1:15) 74194393 (Tue) **K "CryWolP (1:30) 7354368 (Wed) *** "Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet" (2:00) 7232721 (Thu) **** "I Remember Mama" (2:30) 6592986 (Fri) *** "Allegheny Uprising" (1:30) 4384081 TMC (5:20) Movie (Fri) ** "Johnny Dangerously" (1:35)67208772 5:15 QD John Avanzlnl 5:23 CD Kukla, Fran & Ollle (Mon, Wed, Fri) Treasure Island (Tue, Thu) 5:30 B(27) NBC News at Sunrise B Life In the Word B B ® (10) CBS Morning News BBB News ffl This Morning's Business 09 (5:45) Movie (Thu) **x "Crime- wave" (1:30) 82832306 (Fri) ***» "Barry Lyndon" (3:15)89116449 B Tale Spin IB Movie (Mon) **» "Operation Mad Ball" (1:45) 8469111 (Wed) *** "Margie" (1:34)671721 (Fri) **"ANew Kind of Love" (1:50)448449 B Movie (Wed) **K "Kiss of Fire" (1:30)416721 8 Co-Ed Training Bloomberg Information Television SGarfleld and Friends (5:35) Scooby-Dpo Mysteries 8 Andy Griffith Family Values B Iris, the Happy Professor (Mon- Wed, Fri) B Alvln and the Chipmunks B Kenneth Copeland B Primer Impacto Extra @ Earth Revealed (Mon) Western Tradition (Tue) Discovering Psychology (Wed) Destines (Thu) Writer's Exchange (Fri) QD AgDay OS Benny Hlnn (5) Bright and Early TMC (5:40) Movie (Wed) *** The Canadians" (1:25) 77460653 (5:40) (:40) (Thu) *** The Magic Bubble" (1:30) 6398325 6:00 B B B B B B B ffl <10)(87) News B GD Bananas In Pajamas B (6:15) Stretching for Life ID (6:15) Movie (Tue) *** "See No Evil" (1:30) 51091610 (6:15) (:15) (Wed) *** "Inside Moves" (2:00)2493818 IB) Goof Troop HD Friendly Giant (Mon) Around the World In Eighty Dreams (Tue, Thu) Gulliver's Travels (Wed, Fri) BI Movie (Mon) * * "Blankman" (1:32) 7491886 Lifestories: Families In Crisis (Wed) Shakespeare: The Animated Tales (Fri) BD Paddlngton's Birthday Bonanza (Mon) Treasure Island (Tue-Thu) Ship to Shore (Fri) EB Early Edition BD Family Affair BI Movie (Tue) **x "Has Anybody Seen My Gal" (1:30) 914829 (6:15) (:15) (Thu) *** Tower of London" (1:45) 35677054 IB Grind BD Sportscenter 69 Gotta Sweat 03 Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog CD Pink Panther EB (6:05) Jetsons EB Body Squad (Mon-Thu) ED Feed the Children (Mon) Winning Walk (Tue) In Touch (Wed) Love Worth Finding (Thu) Jack Van Impe (Fri) BI World News SJ Rory and Me (Mon-Wed) Rory's Place (Thu-Fri) EB Welnervllle EB Classroom ; Si Lawrence C. Callahan (Mon) Lovell (Wed) Life In the Word (Thu) Benny Hlnn (Fri) 3D Tres Generaclones ® Earth Revealed (Mon) Western Tradition (Tue) Discovering Psychology (Wed) Destines (Thu) Writer's Exchange (Fri) QD Body Electric QD ABC World News This Morning QD T.L. Osborne (Mon) Dean and Mary Brown (Tue) Laverne and Edith Trlpp (Wed) Answer With Dan Sheaffer (Thu) Mike Purkey (Fri) (5) Bright and Early TCM (6:15) Movie (Mon) **» "I Take This Woman" (1:45)22354393 TMC Movie (Mon) "Lessons for the Lovelorn" (1:40) 4966312 (6:05) (:05) (Tue) *** The Quiller Memorandum" (1:45)41973542 6:23 m Kukla, Fran & Ollle (Mon, Wed, Fri) Treasure Island (Tue, Thu) 6:30 B Beast Wars (Mon-Tue) VOR- Tech (Wed) Reboot (Thu) G.I. Joe: Extreme (Fri) BOD News B Bloomberg Business News B News (Tue-Fri) B Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers IB Movie (Tue) ** "Man Trouble" (1:40)8869959 BI Movie (Wed) *x "Wild Thing" (1:32) 669585(6:45) (Thu) **x "Bebe's Kids" (1:13) 13165851 (Fri) *K "Date With an Angel" (1:45)841826 BD Treasure Island (Mon-Thu) Ship to Shore (Fri) QD Nanny and the Professor B Movie (Mon) *** "Green Hell" (1:30)909157 EB MTV Jams B Fitness Beach SB Street Sharks O Taz-Manla B (6:35) Fllntstones B Body Squad (Mon-Thu) ED Andy Griffith S Everyday Workout Global View (Mon) World Report (Tue-Fri) B Pappyland B Beetlejulce fit IV Milliard (Tue) BUI Winston (Wed) Bethel A.M.E. Church (Thu) Life In the Word (Fri) g CamiMl de las Americas NBC News at Sunrise C3 Morning Business Report QD Mister Roger* QD Reginald Cherry (Mon) Dale Evans (Tue) Betty Jean Robinson (Wed) Walt Mills (Thu) Steve Brock (Fri) (5) Bright and Early TCM Movie (Tue) *** "Possessed" (1:50) 50318184 (Fri) **x "Rage in Heaven" (1:30)4017159 TMC (6:55) Movie (Fri) *** "Obsessed" (1:45)80815062 6:45 GD Stretching for Life 7:00 B Bloomberg Business News B DSD (27) Today 30645 771931 81393 85747 B Aladdin B Community Bulletin Board (Mon) B Morning Show 57041 B Nightly Business Report B63QD Good Morning America 7300325751 61515 B3E(10) This Morning 27119 76461 25751 d (7:15) Movie (Mon) **» Three O'Clock High" (1:30) 5451119 (7:15) (:15) (Thu) **x The Karate Kid, Part' Two" (2:00)7495219 SQ New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh 19 (7:15) Movie (Mon) "In the Line of Duty: Street War" (1:36) 79786634 (Wed) **x "War of the Buttons" (1:30) 681419 OD Movie (Mon-Tue) ** "Hoover vs. the Kennedys: The Second Civil War" (2:00) 9914596 (Wed) *** The D.I." (1:45) 3537108 (Thu) *** The Nightmare Before Christmas" (1:30) 5028290 (Fri) *** The Endless Summer II" (2:00)1179994 81 Making of Drop Zone (Tue) BD Treasure Island (Mon-Tue, Thu) Movie (Wed) *** "Obsessed" (1:43) 301363 (Fri) ***x The Charge of the Light Brigade" (2:08) 64691062 BD Fantasy Island 69 Highway (Mon) Songs of Praise (Tue) Americana Sunday Sampler (Wed) Mormon Tabernacle Choir (Thu) Joy of Music (Fri) BD Highway to Heaven BI Movie (Wed) **x "Stowaway" (1:30) 844189 (Fri) *** "Iceland" (1:30) 694130 S3 Rude Awakening 63 Politically Incorrect 2208799 BD Sportscenter 69 Flex Appeal EB Mighty Max (Mon-Wed, Fri) Canter- vllle Ghost fThu) CD Real Adventures of Jonny Quest EB (7:05) Brady Bunch EB Women's College Volleyball (Mon- Wed) College Soccer (Thu) FOX Sports News (Fri) CD Bugs 'n' Daffy EB What Every Baby Knows QD Capitol Gains BI Scoreboard Central Ql David the Gnome EB Looney Tunes EB Columbo (Mon, Thu) McMillan and Wife (Tue, Fri) McCloud (Wed) EB Breath of Life (Mon) John A. Cherry (Tue) Amazing Facts (Wed) Breakthrough (Fri) EB Plaza Sdsamo ffl Sesame Street QD Barney & Friends QD Joy (Mon-Tue) Pamela Carter (Wed) Our Town (Thu) Alvln Slaughter (Fri) (5) News TCM Movie (Wed) *** Two-Faced Woman" (1:50)9742905 TMC (7:05) Movie (Wed) *** "Miami Rhapsody" (1:35) 58840585 (7:10) (:10) (Thu) ** "Does This Mean We're Married?" (1:35)58896764 7:30 B Body Electric B Bobby's World B Puzzle Place (Man) Imagineland (Tue) Big Comfy Couch (Wed) Wishbone (Thu) Huggabug Club (Fri) IB (7:45) Movie (Tue) * * "Aloha Summer" (1:45)68268165 B Little Mermaid B Movie (Thu) **x "Look Who's Talking" (1:30) 6160967 (Fri) **x'Off Limits" (1:29)372807 B (7:45) Movie (Mon) * * * * "Driving Miss Daisy* (1:39) 26026515 (Tue) ** "Fast Forward* (1:50)622320 B Movie (Mon) *** "La Bajtiba" (1:48) 944490 (Tue) *** "Fate Is the Hunter"" (1:46) 4270981 (Thu) "Shadow Zone: The Undead Express" (1:35) 4214326 B Marble Collegiate Church (Mon) Breath of Life (Tue) Word for Today (Wed) From the Heart (Thu) Worship: United Methodist (Fri) B Movie (Tue) **x The Sleeping City" (1:30)824252 B Dally Show 2287206 B Bodyshaplng B Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (Mon-Wed, Fri) Chipmunks Halloween (Thu) B Scooby Dooby Doo (7:35) Bewitched B Body Squad (Fri) CO Anlmanlacs S KIds These Days Squawk Box B Scoreboard Central S Chicken Minute Peter Poppoff (Wed) QD El Chavo QD Puzzle Place QD Dlno (Mon) Alive (Tue) Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International Networking (Wed) Helen Pen- santl, M.D. (Thu) Diane Blsh (Fri) TCM Movie (Thu) * "Cairo" (1:45) 67054764 TMC (7:40) Movie (Mon) * * "Short Circuit 2" (1:50) 93264062 (7:50) (:50) (Tue) *** "In Custody" (2:05) 13789078 8:00 BQQD Sesame Street B Masked Rider B(5) This Morning 70409 106503 B Community Bulletin Board (Tue- Fri) ID (8:15) Movie (Wed) ** The House on Carroll Street" (1:45)93040498 IS Adventures In Wonderland IB (8:15) Movie (Tue) **x "Chapter Two" (2:04)66237639 BI Movie (Wed) ***x "Forrest Gump" (2:22) 454932 (Thu) *** The Bridges of Madison County" (2:15) 993054 0D Morning News 3D Trapper John, M.D. 69 Dally Mass BD Waltons BI Movie (Mon) ** "Bagdad" (1:30) 172916 (Thu) *** The Body Snatcher" (1:30)734702 63 VideoMomlng EB Movie (Mon) *x The Heavenly Kid" (2:00) 4155585 (Tue) ** "Pizza Man" (2:00) 3404897 (Wed) ** Take This Job and Shove It" (2:00) 7709009 (Thu) ** "Lucky Stir (2:00) 5509621 (Fri) * "Zapped!" (2:00)6237997 63 Body Squad (Mon-Thu) 6D •Sportscenter 69 Crunch Fitness EB MacGyver (Mon-Thu) Weird Science (Fri) EB (8:05) Little House on the Prairie EB Fast Pitch, USA (Thu) NBA Action (Fri) EB Woody Woodpecker EB Sisters BI Early Edition 2599119 3D Assignment Discovery EB Little Star EB Rugrats 3i Screen Scene (Mon-Thu) Real Business (Fri) EB Chespirito CD Shining Time Station QD Richard and Lindsay Roberts TCM Movie (Mon) *** The Bride Came C.O.D." (1:35) 7484312 (8:20) (:20) (Tue) ** "Embraceable You" (1:20) 64252523 (Fri) * x "Her Cardboard Lover" (1:40)9351081 8:30 B Tlmon & Pumbaa (Mon) Quack Pack (Tue-Thu) Mighty Ducks (Fri) IB (8:45) Movie (Mon) **x "Best Friends" (2:00) 67561138 (8:45) (:45) (Fri> **x The Conqueror Worm" (1:30) 4801642 09 Under the Umbrella Tree IB Movie (Wed) **x "Necessary Roughness" (1:48)5307127 HO (8:45) Movie (Wed) **x "Moon Over Parador" (1:45)46188276 Hollywood One on One (Thu) 9099851 B Movie (Fri) *** "1492: Conquest of Paradise" (2:25) 877062 69 Nuestra Famllla (Mon) Christopher Closeup (Tue) Accent (Wed) Search (Thu) 50th Anniversary of Pope John Paul ll's Ordination (Fri) B Movie (Wed) ** "Wheel of Fortune" (1:30) 663740 (Fri) *x The Blue Bird" (1:30)420081 B Body Squad (Mon-Thu) B Co-Ed Training B Facts of Life (Fri) BI Flintstones EB Sports Innervlew (Thu) Body Squad (Fri) EB Bewitched B Rory's Place (Mon, Thu) Rory and Me (Tue-Wed, Fri) B Busy World of Richard Scarry B Columbo (Mon) Banacek (Tue) S Talk (Mon-Thu) Benson (Fri) Barney & Friends QD John Hagee Today TCM (8:50) Movie (Wed) * * * "Edge of Darkness' (2:10) 16148906 TMC (8:40) Movie (Wed) *** "Mima" (1:20) 30832011 (8:45) (:45) (Thu) **K "Lady In Cement" (1:35)40835431 (8:40) (:40) (Fri) *** There Goes My Baby" (1:35)60692492 9:00 B Puzzle Place B(6M10) Live — Regie ft Kathle Lee 32190 56374 27206 8 Gargoyles Dating Game B Fox After Breakfast 71008 B Mister Rogers (Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri) Sedgwlck County Commission Meeting (Wed) Q QD Sally-852848 30732 13 Rosle O'Donnell 27206 13(7) Monte) Williams 12374 78916 IB Pat Bullard 898916 ID (9:15) Movie (Thu) **» "Best Friends" (2:00) 2642306 IB) Groundling Marsh IB Movie (Mon) The Wolves" (1:28) 554596(9:15) (Thu) ** "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" (1:37) 96713764 (Fri) ** "Bom to Be Wild" (1:40) 1985246 101 Movie (Mon) * * "Like Father, Like Son" (2:00) 6489409 (Thu) ** "Iron Eagle II" (2:00) 6310325 (Fri) **» "Under the Yum Yum Tree" (2:00)2124623 Hollywood One on One (Tue) 9159287 m (9:15) Movie (Tue) *** "It Could Happen to You" (1:41) 27911523 (Wed) **)i "Muscle Beach Party" (1:34) 674721(9:15) (Thu) *** * The Adventures of Baron Munchausen" (2:06) 27101865(9:15) (Fri) ** "Fluke" (1-'36) 88028807 * 00 Vega$ 69 Central Message (Mon) Frazer Family (Tue) How Can I Live? (Wed) In Search (Thu) QD 700 Club 61 Movie (Tue) ** is The Remarkable Andrew" (1:30)883558 BQ Michael Jordan Video (Mon) MTV Jams (Tue-Fri) BD Sportscenter 69 Flex Appeal EB Murder, She Wrote CD Gilllgan's Island EB (9:05) Who's the Boss? EB Get Fit (Mon-Thu) Cycle World (Fri) EB Andy Griffith EB Designing Women (Mon-Tue, Thu- Fri) Lifetime Applauds: The Fight Against Breast Cancer (Wed) GO Money Wheel BI FIT TV 03 Home Matters 3D Pappyland 33 Rupert EQ Lovejoy Mysteries (Wed-Fri) EB Hit List 0D PapdSoltero [3(27) Leeza 83846 849374 GO Lamb Chop's Play-Along QD Sesame Street QD Rod Parsley TCM (9:15) Movie (Thu) **x "Cabin in the Sky" (1:45)43432306 9:30 B Mister Rogers B Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego? B Newlywed Game B Reading Rainbow (Mon-Tue, Thu- Fri) d Movie (Tue) * * * * "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb" (1:45) 71715788 IB Welcome to Pooh Corner B3 Movie (Tue) **is The Little Rascals" (1:30)5143252 BI Movie (Mon) *** "Steel Magnolias" (1:58) 243913 (Tue) *** "French Kiss" (1:51)837165 6D Movie (Mon) *** "Inside Moves" (1:53)208645 Q] Quentin Road (Mon) Crossvlew (Tue) Hope for Life's Journey (Thu) 2082851 Today's Life Choices (Fri) BI Movie (Mon) **» "Forbidden" (1:30) 395645 (Thu) ** The Mask" (1:30)957431 B Crunch Fitness B Gilllgan's Island EB (9:35) Family Ties «* EB FIT TV (Mon-Thu) EB Empty Nest B Our Home (Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri) BB David the Gnome GB Muppet Babies BD El Doctor Cdndldo Perez (D Puzzle Place QD Marilyn Hlckey TCM (9:35) Movie (Mon) ** "Make Your Own Bed" (1:25) 13755409 (9:40) (:40) (Tue) * * The Younger Brothers" (1:20) 13731829 (9:40) (:40) (Fri) **» "Action in Arabia" (1:20)55138826 TMC Movie (Mon) *x "King Kong Lives" (1:45) 4707683 (9:55) (:65) (Tue) **» "Young Sherlock Holmes' (1:50) 46427287 10:00 B Storytlme BB Leeza42480721616 S Fox After Breakfast 93954 BE)(S)(10) Price Is Right Community Bulletin Board (Mon) 8 Jenny Jones 43848 Barney & Friends (Mon-Tue, Thu- • Fri)

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