The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 12, 1936 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
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Saturday, September 12, 1936
Page 7
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'.EV- \; EDITORIALS This section contains editorials, latest local news, world sports, a thrilling Aerial and news of general interest. WANT ADS Classified Advertising columns of The BakersHeld Californian close promptly at II o'clock every morning. Phone 31. LOCAL SECTION BAKERSFIBLD, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 1936 PAGES '7 TO 12 YOUNG MATRON KILLED AS AUTO HITS TRUCK Peacock Dairies, Inc., Will Be Listed on Exchange as Result Consolidation Move Association Executives, Volunteer Workers of State Plan Meet S]BT SEPT. 18 AND 19 Christmas Seal Sale to Be Major Subject at Local Conference 'PROM all parts of the state, tuber*• ctilOBls secretaries and volunteer workers of tho 60 local tuberculosis associations will gather in Bakersfield September 18 and 19 for a con ferenco preceding the annual Christmas Seal sale, according to an announcement from tho Callfor- nfa Tuberculosis Association. Tho Christmas Seal sale, which is not only a fund raising program but a widespread health education program, will be demonstrated in every detail for the benefit of the new associations pioneering In many ports of the state. Ways and means of lowering the cost of the sale and of extending the health work of the associations will be discussed. „ Charles Newcotnb, Seal sale director of tho National Tuberculosis Association, will be the guest .speaker at the conference, and will describe the work that is being done by tuberculosis associations throughout: the nation. The majority of those who atlond Iho conference will be volunteei workers who run 45 of the tuber culosls associations in the less popu lous counties, and who assist In thi work of the fitfier associations. The Christmas Heal sale will open this year on Thanksgiving day and continue uhtll Christmas. Tuber culosls workers are hopeful of rals ing.more money this year than last In Order to restore many_ of thel health projects" $lilch wefe'curtailei during the post few years. Poultry Group to Convene Thursday The second of a series of cduca t tonal meetings relative to the pou try Industry will bo held next Thurs day evening at the office of the Sai Joaquln Grain Company, Fourteen! <iud O streets, according to Lout Agnelli, proprietor. All poultry raisers and Intereste persons are. Invited to attend thl meeting. An open discussion will b led by Dr. Frederick Gilbert, a Jiuthorlty In the Industry. Fact and figures will be discussed and n selling or obligation imposed, say Mr. Agnettl. SCHOOLS IN CITY, AND COUNTY WILL OPEN ON MONDAY Rockpile Postpones Opening for Schoo The Rockpllo School will open one week from next Monday, September 21. Since the school building Is not yet complete, school will bo held, in two separate sessions. Pupils in grades four to eight will attend tho morning session and pupils In grades one, two and three will attend tho afternoon session. Tho nphool busses - will starl on their morning routes at 7 o'clock and on tho afternoon routes at 12 o'clock. Rosedale to Elect Farm Center Heads Officers for tho Roscdalc Farm Center will bo elected at a mooting of the organization In the Frultvalo School on Tuesday« September IB, it was announced today by Andrew S. Ilolmforth, director. Tho mooting hour Is 7 p. m The farm center will furnish its own entertainment program. II. T. Strong will bo one of tho speakers. A NTIOIPATINO a record enrollment ot pupils on Monday .at he opening of Kern county schools or the 1936-37 term, administrators ompleted details today for the aunchlng of classes. With the irst general teacher meetings checked off tho calendar in Bakers- leld, at the Kern County Union High School and in other districts, principals and teachers went'directly .0 their tasks today to got supplies ready for tho hordes of t>uplls who will transform every school building n the county into a hive of industry on Monday. Many Increases Herbert L. Healy, county suporln- :endent of schools, said today that school year will begin in Korn county most auspiciously with practically every district making ready Tor increased numbers of pupils and 14 major ones either aro launching building programs or just completing them. Delano Joint Union High School has just completed a fine new modern shop building and a now study hall and classroom building Is In the course of construction at the local campus. Taft elementary schools have made additions to building fa cllltlcs. New units have been added to the Longfellow Grammar School In Bakersfleld and new homo eco nomlc and Industrial art units are in tho course of construclion at tho Emerson grounds. New Schools Rosodale Grammar School IH planning a new grammar building and Rio Bravo dlstrlcl voted bonds for a new school unit. Kernvlllo will have a now grammar schoo building and Semltroplc residents voted bond for a new school. Wasco grammar schqol dlstrlc added new rooms to tho prlmarj building and a first grade room has been added to the kindergarten building at McFarland.' The Moun tain View School has made extensive repairs and additions and Fairfax Is likewise extending its school will new room units. Mojavo fs con templatlng the building of nn eniiro new structure. Building Auditorium Standard School al Olldalc will have its new $105,000 auditorium ready year. Tho schools has hold conferences with directors and supervisors and teacher meetings are scheduled for this month at various centers In tho county. The curriculum has been revised and work will go forward from the clang of the school bell L. E. Chenowcth, city superintendent of .schools, reported that the H city schools will open at 9 o'clock on Monday morning und (ho minimum day schedule will not be in force on Monday. High School The new school semester at the local high school will' begin Monday with classes in the best shapo they have ever been, and a plentiful supply of teachers to take care ot them, according to If. A. Splndt. principal. Books will be In classrooms Monday morning, so that classes can begin immediately at the ring of the 8 o'clock boll. In view of tho fact that thoro are more than 1000 freshman this year, many new teachers, and two now building additions rapidly nearing completion, tho 1936-87 year promises to be an outstanding .ono In tho history of tho school. Concerning the registration of tho last three days, for which the final tally has not been made. Ix>o B. Hart, counselor, stated: "Wo anticipate an enrollment of some 3500 students. Approximately 1800 students had registered at yesterday's counl, and tho total will be com pleled today. pEACOCK Dairies. Inc., of Bak•*• ersfield is included in Creameries of America, Incorporated, which has just been granted permission by the San Francisco Stock Exchange to list 516,178 shares of Is common stock of no par value on the exchange. Tho stock is represented by voting trust certificates. The effective date of listing s to be announced later, according .o an announcement by the Stock Exchange. Stock In Reserve Common stock outstanding totals 390,508 shares, the balance being rc< served for tho conversion feature attaching to tho Series "A" preferred stock and for the exercise of war•ants on the'company's debentures. Creameries of America, producers, manufacturers and distributors of dairy and agricultural products, was organized In 1929. In February this year a consolidation was effected which brought Into one operating unit several companies which previously had been controlled through slock ownership. Tho recent consolidation embraces Grays Harbor Dairy Products Com pany, Aberdeen, Wash.; Peacock Dairies; Mid-Western Dairy Prod ucts Company, Salt Lake City; Dairies, Incorporated, St. Loula, Mo. Crown City Dairy Company, Pasa dona; Protected Milk Products Com pany, Santa Clara. Subsidiaries Continuing as subsidiaries of tho recent consolidation are Mldwes Dairies, Incorporated, of El Poao and Honolulu Dairymen's Assocla tlon of Honolulu, T. II. VJawal Brewing Corporation of Honolulu Is operating subsidiary of the latler Tho producls of all tho companies are distributed through branches and agencies In nine states and the Hawaiian Islands. General offices are In Los Ange les. Earnings of Creameries o America on the common Htock were 00 cents per share in 1932, 17 cent in 1933, S3 cents In 1934 and 4 cents In 1935. Net sales ranged fron $0,081,228 in 1932 to $7.470,826 in 193C. *-«-» Artery From Fairview to Double Bunk Is. Under Construction Now 125 MEN EMPLOYED CC Workers Constitute Majority of Those on Building Force •|7"ERNVILLE, Sept. 12,—With the Sheriff Holds Man, Woman as Result of Kern Holdup Probe; Long Still Fugitive BUTTON PUSHING NEMESIS OF EGG THAT radio I i IV arrival of a steam shovel this broadcast* may sometimes prove • deterrent to domestic tranquillity Is the opinion of Mrs. Fred Rollins of Panama who yesterday was hold- Ing an egg during the broadcait announcing that "President Roosevelt Is now pushing the button to 8tact the turbine at Boulder dam." She pushed at the same time. The egg broke. City Personals * * * * * . * Bits of News week at Roads' End CCC stub camp, blasting and shoveling operations wore started as the first actual construction steps in the building of the Falrvlew-Doublo Bunk road which heads a Hat of several United States forestry projects now receiving tho supervisorial attention of Forest Ranger Wllkle Brock and his assistants nt the Isabella ranger station. This road, which was tho subject of considerable, controversy earlier in tho year, will continue from the KR3 Inlake of tho. Southern California Edison Company to a point a short, distance above South creek. It will ,t.hon bridge the river and swing up the South creek drainage area to Double Bunk, lagging Koad Tho road Is to bo used for tho trucking of lumbar from proposed logging operations, and us a means of'opening up tho area in question to motorists. About 100 CCC enrollees and 26 civil service men are employed on the project which Is expected to be completed within the next 12 months. Mr. Brock announced that a temporary trail has been built around tho right-of-way for use of campers and deer hunters packing Into tho higher mountains. Mr. Brock also announced that a fencing project, financed through WPA funds, wan started on Thursday morning, This work will cm- ploy about 22 men and Is expected to bo completed In about a month and a half. It consists of about 4% miles of fencing along tho nallonal W/'HILE authorities pressed their ** search for Bob Long, fugitive . Taft rig builder wanted for invest!-! gallon concerning two West Side | robberies, charges of aiding and abetting a criminal today wore fllotl against O. T. Wood, his hrothor-ln- law, and Mrs. VIrgle Allen, 29, Long's assorted common-law wife, giving an unexpected turn to developments lu Kern county sheriff's office quest for the two bandits who In July held vip the United States mall near Tupman and subsequently attempted to hold up a Maricopn bank. Charges Filed Charges against Wood nncl Mrs. Allen, who were arrested after Long flod under gunfire Into tho Paso HUSBAND OF VICTIM, TWO CHILDREN HURT, CRASH NEAR GORMAN Robles hills Wednesday afternoon, J sengor car was bashed to » shape- wore filed by Undorsho.rlff HOB Pyle. .lens wrec.k by force of tho collision, Sheriff Fxi Champness, who re- Mrs. Rayflold being crushed In hot- turned to Hakorsflold Into yesterday seat and Instantly killed. TV/TRS. CHARLOTTE RAYFtELD. 2S, of !»26 West Seventy-seventh •*•'•*• street, Los Angeles, was killed; hor 3-year-old daughter. Joyce, was critically Injured; and her husband. Robert, and son, Bobby, age 7, escaped with lesser hurts when their automobile hurtled into the rear end of a heavy truck at Gorman ou the Ridge route early today. Rayfield told officers of the California Highway Patrol he failed to see the truck, which ho said, appeared to be parked on the highway. H° said he was later Informed, however, that the truck was moving. Both vehicles wore headed north. Ray-*-— fleld said he saw the hulk of tho I truck at the last moment and tried to swing around H to the left. The right front eldo of tho PRB- Fnrm Adviser Lindsay Tells of Safest Methods for Raising Whiskers Measures for the control of loaf hoppers and*other dest.ructlvo Insects In Whlakerlno foliage were discussed today by Farm Adviser M. A. Lindsay for th benefit of Frontier Days celebrants. In reply to many requests for Information, Mr. Lindsay said that his office has a complete afler tnillltig Long from Salinas to, where the man escaped near Paso j Rohles, salil ho was convinced LOUR I Is connected with the robberies. i "Wo gave him a olmnee to surrender. He wouldn't Iwvo nmdo a run for It If his conscience had been clear," the sheriff declared 1 . Breaks for Woods Sheriff Clmmpnows said Long rodo all the way from Salinas to tho service station near Paso Hobles In au automobile with Mrs. Allen and "Slick" Short, another Taft man. Evidently having spotted the. officer's car behind, Long lt>ft his companions nt the service station and nmdo a break for tho wooded country, nearby, ho suld. When Long rofusod to hall, tho sheriff said, he and Deputy Aehton .(onsen opened flro with their pistols •first attempting to frighten him. linby Joyce, also on tho right side of the car, suffered a possible skill! fracture and other Injuries which nmy prove falnl. The 1 child, us well ns her small brother and father, was rushed to Mercy llos- pltal In Hnkersflolil for treatment. Tho accident occurred almost directly In front of Gorman station, shortly before 1 a. m. The body of Mrs. Kayfleld Is (it Payne * Kon chnpol here. DEFENDANT FACES FEDERAL Ghurfie Pressed file of booklets on sprays which aro later shooting to drop him. Although j available free of charge. the fugitive had n lead of almost 150 i Counterfeit "Brush patched are always har- yards ou the officers, Sheriff Champ- ! . . ,, ... «..-,. bors for-Injurious Insects," Mr. Llnd-1 ness said bo believed tho man was i AgHlllSi Merrill; \\lfe IS say said. "One good method of con-] hit once In the shoulder. Ho dlsap- ! (InillliMl trol Is to burn off tho urea In ques- pcared into a heavily wooded ravine | «mvvi Qurrilon Vrrnclly " tlon. If the growth Is 'in a bio spot, deep plowing will aid In the Investigators d the belief! Merrill. .,... .,,. — ,., ^. -,,,,, i-.,.. .,...(, ..... ....... ... *.,..., Jilt «jr»i 1(^(11 vf i ci VAlil^'nOi'liI VIII* I.M'llfM * i * > 1*1*1 destruction of tho pupa.) stages of that both Wood and Mrs. Allen who' ? <luy f "''''' 1 trlnl ln1f " lll ' rHl r "" rt -. . . . . . •!••»•« It >1-J1I»1II, rlll<Jl ( ,|. . .Mil.*... ,-.*• •\.l.JUA.JIilt11.. .,(1,1 «-,.! ..1. for occupancy early next county suporlntondcnl of Union Cemetery is a NON-PROFIT CORPORATION, which means that all income goes into the Cemetery treasury. It la conducted for the benefit of the public and not for individual profit. 40% of the sales of this Cemetery »oes into the Perpetual Care Fund to insur* Perpetual Care Of fire at ihe Cemetery Telephone 22S? Business activity in Bakorsfleld showed an Increase of 15 por cent during August over the corresponding month of last year, an reflected by the volume of telegrams handled hero, It was announced today by R. R. Forlan, local manager of tho Western Union Telegraph Company. Mr. Ferlan says tho telegraph in ono of tho most accurate barometers of business. Flro believed caused by a translenl deslroyed a garage at Bonn, railroad siding near Edison, at 2:30 o'clock this morning. Tho garage, valued at $25, belonged lo W. K. .Kline. Tho state forestry service saved two adjoining houses. Mrs. W. J. Adklsson, 517 Pacific street, is visiting in 151 Paso, Texas, with her son-in-law and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Rodman, and family and hor brother, II. D. Head. Sho will be gone about two months. Mr. and Mrs; John Ingram, of Dolano, announce birth of son al Delano Seplembor 10. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Arnold of Bakorsflold are grandparents of the child. Miss Jcanette Chaffce, an employe In tho city hall.xjs enjoying a month's visit with her parents near Reno, Nov. Olcio Kramer, newly appointed deputy sheriff, Is assisting In clerical work al Iho sheriff's office. Fred Peterson of Los Angeles Is a vlsllor In Bakorsflold this week end. forosl boundary between creek and the Fay ranch. Caldwell Its pur- poso Is to control tho drift of catllo along that lino. Cedar posts for the project aro being mado on Greenhorn mountain. Now Project Another fencing project, expected to got under way within the month, entails D miles of fencing between Ihc upper end of Kennedy meadows and Ihe mouth of Trout creek just west of Kern river. Trail maintenance work which has been carried on throughout tbo summer by the forestry department will soon be completed for the season, according to Mr. Hrock. * • » Expect New Mark on Liner's Trip detrimental Insects. Gouts May Aid "Pasturing goats upon tho foliage \ will result In complete eradication not only of Insacts but oC tho. vegetation which harbors them. As n last resort, carbon bisulphide may Iw applied. This method Is not recommended for smokers, however, as tho liquid IH highly Inflammable." Where It Is closlrcd to avoid destruction of tho crop while at tho same time eradicating tho Insects, which aro much In evidence at this stage In tho season, Mr. Lindsay ad- j vised spraying with black loaf 40, which Is a good control for thrlps as well nn loiifhoppors. For tho promotion of hirsute growth tho farm advisor recommends a diet rich lu pro- BUhsoqiiontly wero apprehended at > ' ""'»"" <> r I>;""" > '|- H| "K and passing ^•zi^&'^w^SxS&Z- sm s^r— "''!£ B -~" H' H: oral Commissioner Phil Wagy. I on tho samo count, were dismissed i at request of federal officers. Morrlll was remanded to tho county Jail, his ball having Iteen i Increased from JUIiOO to $f,000. at the bearing Mrs. Fillmore Is Considered Sane! tolas. Proteins Needed t.tutorialnl I'rftt l.ciuril H'Jrr.l LOS AN'OKLRS, Sept. 12.—Nino persons, Including throo psychla- Irlnts, testified today that they considered Mrn. Margaret Vlllmoro, sinter of Mary Miles Mltitor, former Hcroeri actress, to be wino, and .Superior Judgo George Bullock abruptly dismissed lunacy charges against hor. Tho charge.H were brought by Mrs. wero Mrs. Hoy Muss, of Kdltion, who t»-H- , .$52.0,'10 Is Ask oil by Group of Plaintiffs us Hesfill of Three-Car •Sinush Suits aggregating JH2.0.10 has boon filed hen* by Injured iiliilntlffs in the latest "batch" of automobile collision ncdilentM. In two civil actions Motnm Markloy, Thohna Markley. John .I. l-Vnnoyor. \Vrno Pennoyer. J. IVnnojor, Kills V. Churchman. JamoH A. 'Knoton and C. G. Watson are suing liutli Sllmson for judR- ments totalling $52,030, according to a civil complaint. In another separate complaint Coroner N. C. Hauzo. as public tul- mlnlstrulor. IH suing Guldo Dollar- Ingn and tho Advance Beverage Comjiany,'acting nn behalf of the heir* of Frank I lusted, deceased. The coroner alleges in Ills complaint tluil 11 listed diet) of Injuries suffered In an automobile collision at I be intersection of \\lhlo Koad and I'aiiaiiin IJIIIP on May 30. The official seek* to obtain for the New York heirs of llnsteil. .Attorney Calvin Con- rou represents tho coroner. Tho two Hulls aKalnst Uuih Slim- won, prepared bore by Harvey. .!• illusion & liiiker. aro the result of a collision between three automobiles near Thirty-nix hill on tho Bakers- riold-Tafl highway July 2S. of this year, according to the civil complaint. The three cars In tho collision were tin' StiniBon machine and automobiles piloted by Kills Church- ..,,1 . .. .. . t '«« i J»-»««ien;»»»*i-iuiM«»u^iti \ty i»u n. "Blnee vegetal on that grows upon i charlotte Hholby. mother of Mrs. he faco Is largely protein, ' ho said, , jrillmoro and M!HB Mlntpr. Mrs. Flllmoro voluntarily wotil to ( I'romt I,raff it WlreJ SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 12.- -A Farm Adviser Staff to Speak via Radio Members of the farm ' adviser's •taff here will give five minute radio talks every day of tho vvook with tho cxooptlon of Uuuday, starling at 12:4D p. m.. M. A, Lindsay, farm advisor, announced today. The schedule for the farm and farm homo department addresses is aa follows: Dorothy Wilkinson. Monday: H. T. Strong, Tuesday; L. A. Burtch. agricultural commissioner, Wednesday: N. D. Hudson, Thursday; M. A. Lindsay, Friday, and H. W. Longfellow, Saturday. «• » NO BILLBOARDS NEAR BRIDGE SAN FRANCISCO. Sept. 12. (U,' P.)— The city planning commission today recommended to tho board of supervisors enactment of an ordinance prohibiting the erection of billboards within 800 feet of the San Francisco approach to the San tPranclsco-Oakland bay bridge • • + » » ' STREETS AVOID POLITICS CHAPEL HILL, N. C., Sept. 12. (O. P.)— Franklin street meets Boom- volt avenue In thin college town, but ihcro la no contemporary political significance. Tho avenue was namiNl after Theodore Rooaevelt in 1926, and tho tureet after Benjamin Franklin— In 1793. Scoutmasters to Meet Aides Here Scoutmasters mid their assistants In the BakerRflcld dlHtrlct will hold their first fall fellowship meeting at a dinner In Hi. Francis cafe al 0:30 o'clock next Tuesday evening. Olhor September ove'iitu Include a senior Seoul dinner for all boys over ID years of age. lo bo held Hnlut> day, September 19, at the Boy Hcout reservation on Kern river, and a dinner for scoutors and their wives, also at thn reservation on September 26. Tho latter meeting is an innovation this year. «-^T ULACK LEGION MAN TRIKI) DETROIT, Sept. 12. (A. P.)—Selection of a jury to try 10 men charged with the Black Legion "execution" of Churlea A. Pools last May 12 was completed today in Circuit Court. Although 12 men are oh trial in the state's "keyntone case" agalnat the Black Legion, two of them waived a Jury- now record for merchant ships between San Francisco and Honolulu was regarded today UH a possible Incidental roBtill of Ibo nix-day lloup of Dollar llnor Prosldonl Hoover. Captain George Yardloy of the llnor Indicated hu would attempt lo make up losi timo on the, trip to Honolulu with tho rcsull Iho Hoover's normal cruising speed of 18 knots might bo Hteppml up to 21 knots or boiler. Tbo ship vailed you- lerday. Tho record of throe days. 19 hours and 67 minutes for merchant ships was established by tho 11. F. Alexander in 1916, when the vessel was known a* tho Great Northern. From unofficial sourceH. It was cmtlmaled tho six-day tleup of the liner because of a labor dlspulo ro- Nulling from tho discharge of ono seaman caused tho company an additional expense of Jf>0,000. URGENT WARNINGS OUT IX>8 ANGELES, 8«pt. 12. (A. P.)— Urgent warnings -were iMued today for four unidentified person*, who with two others were bitten by a mad tlog at'the national alr.raco.ii. Unlesa tho four report noon for I'IIH- t«ur treatments, they danger of developing rnblee. Dr. B. O. Son- ncland sold Mail Order Romeo Hearing_Is Today (Vn(tc<t frftt Lcatril tt'lrr) BAN FRANCISCO. Kept. 13.— Kamuol Frank, tobacco-chowliiR romco, wan to go on trial In tho Federal Courl of Judgo A. F. HI. Hiiro loday on clmrgo of using tlio mall lo defraud In connocllon with his mall order quest of a bride. Frank, who received approximately 18,000 acceptances from Indies throughout the country act-opting hl» /'parbon-copy" marriage proposal, Is charged with accepting money from the proHpeatlve brides then failing to make an account of it. tho "for vigorous growth it largo amount of protein In tho diet Is re- n "prlva"to""sain'liarliim a month ago quired. Foods such as beefsteak i for n rest after her mother had her and ham and oggs arc particularly | arraigned before Judge Hullock as an B° a "' ' ; insanity suspect. In this connection Mr. Lindsay ob-1 A t that timo. Mrs. Hholby testified served that planln of vigorous! ] u . r daughter habitually drank sev- growth always have n moro brll- I crn i bottlos of wlno and bard liquor Hani color than thoso which art* I dally and told of hearing imaginary slunlcd. If poor soil containing al-1 voices. Tho mothor tesllflod throal- kall spots Is encounlerod. tl may be j u y , in d drumallcally as to her ex- necessary to use lampblack and lo-jtremo rogrot at brliiBlng her daugh- dine, ho said. Through Iho Agrlcullural lOxlen- slon Service ot tho Uiilvorsily of California Mr. Lindsay's office In! equipped to mako soil surveys whore | ban-on spots aro encountered. Thin I lifted Mori-Ill 'had given' hor K ,J umn and \Vrn» Pennoyer. according to allegations of tho complaint. Legion Council to Elect New Chiefs Kloction of officers of Kern county council, American l»gion. will bt' represented by Attornoy'Ray Ualiey!! conducted In Tchnchtipl at a meet- fiO-oonl plocoB for Home chick- OHM, and Lowla \\'blto. who wild Morrlll had attempted to IHIHS some of tho coins to htm and bail boaxtod ho could gel "all ho wauled of them." Undorshorlff Roa Pyle of Korn sheriff's office and Leon (lopiidzo of the federal woorot service also testified ugalitNt Morrlll, who was Appellate Court Reverses Ruling tcr to court. work Is In charge of Nat liudnon, assistant farm advisor. Cowgirl's Saddle Is in Hotel Lobby Tho sllvor-mounlod saddle ihat Kern county's champion Frontier Days cowgirl will win October 4 is now on display In tho Padre hotel lobby. With tho Huddln goes u silver-mounted headploce, martingale and bit, tho oulflt costing $400. Camp, West ft Lowe Farms Company Is tho donor, following IU annual custom of providing thn cowgirl prlr.o. This year tho company has nddod' " rM thomsolvos. - ....- . . _ ! "At4lilutliii. Merriam Says No SeriousJTrouble (Altortntrt I'rtit Lr.nitil Win) SACRAMKNTO. Kept. 12. —Although condltlonii In California may bo. shaping up for critical labor troubles later on. Governor Merriam wait] today thero la nothing on tho Immediate horizon to cause apprehension, "At the Immediate time," h« sold, "labor t roubles are not a serious matter In any purt ot California. Tho difficulty ou the San Frannlwo water front has boon adjusted ut least temporarily. "While there Is u strlko al Salinas among Ibo lottuc-o pooplo It appears to Iw,' In proKronB <if millufnctory iul- i juMment by tbo groworw irtid work- Ing at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon. The now officers will be installed j by Paul Slaughter of liukersfleU. I firm vice-commander of the flfteenlh '• district. i t^eglonnalrws are expected from i Tehaclmpl. RundHlnirg. Uolatio. Mc- (AtMoelatftl I'rrm l.ratril wtrr> j Karland. \Vnsco. Shatter, Fellows. ANGELKH. Sept. 12.—Tho Taft and Bakorsfleld. Clyde Hrlte Superior Court's exoneration of the j of Tobachapl. flrwl vice-commander City of LOH Angeles In tho drowning ! <>f tho county council, will preside. Commander John R. Isaac and Mrs. I*nne having gone to the national of two brothers In H storm drain excavation was roverned by tbo Ap- Tho county auxiliary will also moot with MfK. Kthol Lewis of Follows presiding. All legionnaires and auxiliary members arc invited. pellalo Court In a decision on record i convention of Iho American Legion today. ! in " Daniel Mclendcz. 11, am) Rnlph, 13. mot. donth while playing on a raft May 7. 1986. Their father, Manuel T. Melendez. suod tho city for $400,000. ; •—*-*-• Declaring tho excavation pool wa» _ , T-» i a trap, with no warning signs i PrOgrCSSIVCS OECK pooled, and city authorities know of •»? ., , «« tho raft, tho Appellate Court fixed j rvOOSeVelt 3,1 rceipuiuilblllty on tho city. j 1 * • » j / itKvrtated }'rr** Lta$r4 Two Good Reasons for His Innocence , CHICAGO. Sept. 12.—The j llouai conference of progroKalve | or» here adopted a resolution en- ho candidacy of Prosldunt second and llilrd prizes, the forni"r At this (lino tlu>ri* IH no rcimon being Hllver-mounlod . spurs and the wh> ' {)w , l ", at " "''ould Inject ll«p|f Into any labor dlsptito, although of course th" good offices of Its adjust- arc at tho dlxpuaal of all latter n buckle. cowboy bolt und silver ment and are bolng ntlllz«>d." DIFFERENCE IN OPINIONS SALINAS, Bept. 12. (A. P.>—Mrs. Yoehlko Miyamoto fllcid suit for divorce from Banjl Miyamoto, charging cruelty. She explained she was American born and believed in the equality of women. Her husband, she -charged, believed in the subjugation of wonMin.^ DR. SPROUL LEAVES LOS ANOELKIsl, Sept. U. (A. P.)— Appointed by President Rouse veil to the Harvard I7nlv«r»ity ary cpwiroinalon, Proirtdpnt- Gordon. Sproul of the University of California loavea here Monday for Cambridge, MOBS. . Cowgirl contestants will be judged for personality HI a big banquet. Friday ovnnlng, October 1, and homo- munshlp trials will bo run off on Huturday morning. Kntrles ure now being accepted nt Frontier lJay» hcadquartni-H In Padre liou-l. j Tho eaddlo which Is on dlttplay, i of brown leather, Is to bo glvon aa | a prize In thn Kern county horse show at Tqft Bcnlember 26 to 27. bo. I ing provided by the Bakcr»?lold i Frontier Days Association, bin al duplicate has been donated by Camp, I West A Lowe for the winning cow-1 ,, ^ i Mrs. McKee cam« to America 65 ; years MKO from her native Ireland and wati married at Holllster, Calif. Hbo and \wr husband resided in | Pioneer Woman to I Be LaidUo Rest I (Aiioclaiftl I'rnt l,tntt<l Wire) I SAN DlKCiQ, Kepi. 12.—Funeral services will b« hold hero Tuosday Agues June MoKeo, McKee, Pasadena died at her in Truck at Fulton **•**»* tor century. DELANO, sept. 12. — Busier Rubbish Blaze Sets Weaver, 28, D«lano electrician and riUi^l.'^-. n tn* son of Mr». W. R Weaver of I C/IUCKen C/OOP McFarland, wa« found unconscious in the cab of his truck near Fulton I ^ spokesman for Senator Robert I'rni l.tatrit Wire) M. IM Follotto, chairman of the IIANFOKD, Hopt. 12.—A man I conference, »uld tho vot«> \vus unani- la prosumed to !«• Innocent until i nious. Ho also wild I'rosldenl Roose- proven gullly and that proeutnptlon j volt would bt- notified by tologram BoniollniwH may porslHt cvon when to !»• draflod by Represenlutive tho man plpuds gullly, UH In tho iuu<o I Maury Maverick. Tt-xas Iwmocrat. of Pedro 'Jarcla. who won willing to | •• • • - •• go lo jail on a charge of hit-and-run i driving aUliough he wan falsely ac- j cuned. | He WHS charged with running j down John Hi-a, an aged p**di>iitrlan , An Investigation wan started und j resulted In tho discovery, flrxt, that j Uarcla WBB not driving his car the i night of tho accident and, second, that the car would not run anyway, Tho ca»« was Trousers Are Taken as Owner Slumbers! Troy Owe ns of 141 Mon I la streel,! Rlvervlew. much lo his chagrin, is a j sound sleeper. While Air. Owens { slept last night, a burglar entered | his house, removed his trousers from i th« foot of the bed, removed IIS from the trousers pockets and departed, it was reported to Kern county sheriff's office. Ranger' station this morning. The windows o( 'ho cab. worn closed and Fire caused by sparks from a neighbor's rubbish flro lato yoster- day. burned an eniply chicken coop Iho motor of the truck wan running. | In th>< backyard of a home belong- 108 Lake street. Police Chlof C. 4- Cheek of DoUuiohng to J. F. Mr. Weaver tout a wifo and two •mail daughters living in Delano. Action by Bukernfleld fire depart- mont prevented spreading. , tho flames , from KIECKHEFER TO HE BURIEl) CHICAGO, Bept. 18. (U. P.)—Augle Kleckhefer. fanner world three cushion billiards champion, who died suddenly yesterday, will bo burled ] near his birthplace In Milwaukee. | relatives announced today. Klcuk- i hefer, only ranking left-handed bll-j lUmls slant in the game, won the j world tltlo In 191$, 1819, 1921. 1927 and 1932. lie was 47 •' SALE OF MONUMENTS Sept. 1 to Sept. 15 SOME AT LESS THAN WHOLESALE All Greatly Reduced MANY DESIGNS TO CHOOSE PROM ED. HELM .Monument* KIGUTH AND BAKER Phon* 130

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