The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 11, 1946
Page 3
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MONDAY, MAKC11 11, 19-10 BLYTnE'VlLLK COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Says Whip Nation Can Inflation But U. S. Must Meet 3 Major Conditions, .Bowles Declares Y By SANDOn s. KLEIN United Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Mar. 11 (UP.) — Economic stabilizer Chester Bowles declared lodny Unit three mnjor "Us" stand between the country and the "greatest flood" O f consumer goods it has ever seen. Asserting that "fear and doubt and blind self-interest" were now serving''as production bottlenecks, Bowles expressed confidence that President Truman's new wage- price policy provided the blueprint to remove those obstacles. "1 ueueve that, we can make the plan work unu get the alt-out production nueued eventually to ucK imjauon," he saiu in a statement. "We have no nynt, to expect, now- cver, that this piun will work automatically." Bowles then listed the Uircc ma jor conditions wJncn he said uitis oe. met: 1. Every employer, worker and limner must "Wi.iu lo make it work." This means a "little less seli-mteresi; u little scrambling to get ahead of the next lei- low who may seem to nave some slight, temporary advantage." z. "We need eitcctive yovcrn- menta] tools to do the jou.' Tnis means extension ot tne Price Control Act, without, crippling amendment; retention 01 tuou sunsimcs to keep food prices irom soaring; •••id restoration by congress of re- enl cuts in vital appropriations t, the OPA, Wage Stabilization toard said Civilian Production dministration. 3. "All government agencies in- olved in tiie new stabilizalioi rogram must streamline then VRCtlincry even further and work ven harder to give businessmen armers and workers fair and uick decisions." Bowles said till .•as largely dependent upon res oration ol funds for udministra Ive purposes. The stabilization Chief voice ils beliefs as the House Bankin Jommittee continued hearings o egislation to extend the Pi ice Con rot Act, anithcr year beyond it June 30 expiration date. His statement accompanied fot mal publication of details of M Truman's wage-price policy. In a series of Dl questions an Coming Events TUESDAY Parent Teacher Association of Senior High School meeting at the school, 3 o'clock, preceded by nn executive board meeting at 2:30 o'clock. Mrs. 11. A. Porter hostess to Double O Club. Mrs. Jesse Taylor hostess to I'uesday Bridge Club. Charievolx Chapter of the daughters of the American Rovo- ulions meeting for a luncheon at Hotel Noble. 1 o'clock, with hostesses Mrs. W. T. Ouerst. Mrs. M O. Usrcy and Miss Cordelia Wll- There has never landed catcher in baseball. been w left- major league WBDNESDAY Sudbury PTA meeting at the school, 3 o'clock, proceeded by mi executive board meeting, 2i30 o'clock.'''. Mrs. ci.' G. Caudill hostess to Town and Country Club. Mrs. W. J.'. Wnnderlich hostess to Wednesday' Bridge Club. Chapter D,' P. E. O. Sisterhood meeting with Mrs. Charles S. Lemons. NOTICE OF MIOBATE OF Wll.I, Notice is hereby given that the lust Will mid Testament of Murtin Walter Ix;wis wns probated in common form by the Probr.te Court of the Chickiisawbn District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on the 25lh day ol February, 191C. An appeal from such probate can an effected only by filing a petition, stating the grounds of such appeal, with this court, within six to) months from the date of this notice. Witness my hand and seal this 2 day of March. 191U. T. W. POTTER, Clerk ol Said Court. EHnbcth Illy the, D. C. Claude p. Cooper, Attorney lor Executrix. 'vom '.my beuclUs \\\ suth estate. Dated "this the 2iHl day ol March, 19-10. | DOSIOTHY ROACH FOSTER. Administratrix. At The Hospital* Walls Hospital Admitted: Mrs. U. P. Brogdon Jr., city. C. E. Gaylord. city. C. W. Crawford, city. Mrs. J. M. Presnell, Rt. 1, city Mary White Cotton, Armorcl. Mrs. E. L. Ray. Rt. 3, city. Penrlic Jo Odom, Tyler, Mo. Lorene Thomas, city. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Walter 3ooley, city, twin sons this morning. Dismissed: Darrcll Caldwell, Stecle, Mo. Joe E. Sanlord. Stecle, Mo. B. 3. Wnkcflekl, m. 2. city. J. B. Lorren, Manila. Mrs. Nannie Lester, Holland, Mo. BIylhcvillc Hospital Admitted: Horace Green, city. Mary Fowler, city. Mrs. Russell Gill. Dell. Mrs. Thomas Hatficld, Portia, Ark C. W. AHlick, city. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Reed city, a daughter yesterday morning. Dismissed: Mrs. J. A. Bowling, Armorcl Mrs. Andrew Fullcrton. Stecle, Mo. James Calvin O'Biumou. city. H. U Halsell, city. Robert L. Holly. Steelc, Mo. Memphis Baptist Hospital C. Crump, city. Mrs. C. J. Mays, Hayti. Mo. Memphis aicthotlist Hospital Wayne Bryan, Osccola. NOTICE OF ADMINISTKAT1ON On January 9, 1EHQ. letters of administration upon the estate of Andrew Gulnn, deceased, were granted the undersigned, Mainye Guinn, whose address is Leachville, Arkansas. All persons having claims against said estate arc required to exhibit the same to the administratrix properly authenticated, wilhin six months Irom the dale o( the firsl publication of this notice, or the> will be forever barred and precluded from any benefits in such estate. Dated this the 2nd day of March ISHfi, MAMYE GUINN. Administratrix Claude F. Cooper Attorney for Administratrix. 3J4-11-18 NOTICIC Ol' ADMINISTKATION On February 25. IBM, letters los- tamentary upon the estate of Martin Walter Lewis, deceased, were grunted lo Ihc undersigned, Addle Josle lA.'wls, whose address Is Route I, Parugouml. Arkansas. All persons having claims against sold estate are required lo exhibit the same lo Ihe executrix, properly milhentlcnteu, within six iuw\tl\t> from the dale of Ihe first publication of Hits notice, or they will be orcver barred ami precluded fron ny benefits in such eslate. Daled (his the 2 dny ol March B-U>. AI3D1K JOSIK l.KWIS Executrix 3liUide P. Cooper Altornev lor Executrix. 3',4-lt-l six months from Uw date »( the first' iniMlratlun ol this notice, or they will be fo.-^vur burred and precluded from any benellts In such eslnle. li'tl this the 2nd day of March, BIG. Johnlc Ellcr Raspberry, Administratrix. liuuli 1 P. Cooper Attorney for Adinlnlslrulrlx. 3:4-11-18 NOTlCi: OF ADMIN1STHATION On January D. 191(1. tellers of nd nlntslnitkm upon Ihe estate i>( P. II Hnspburry, deceased, were I'.ranle to the inulcrslgiied, Johnte Kilo fji&crry, v.'iiose address Is Roule B!ythe\'llle, Arkansas. All persons having claims ngains the said estate are required to ex hlbll the same- to tin- udmlnisti'i trix, properly autlientleated, wilhin NO TICU OF SALK. Nollce is here- V Riven tliut Ibe undersigned movl- ill a muitgagc execuled by Hill Nlrliols to (he United Hlnlos on Ihe •itute of Aikiinsiis; pursuant lo the lowers granted under the lenns ol he aloiementloned morlBage, and jy the laws' of llw Stale uf Arkun- sus. wilt on the 1^ day of March. 1SMO, between Ihe horns of S) o'clock In I ho forenoon and 5 o'clock In (lie alli'inoon of said dale, at Nicholson's Farm. 2 ml. N. of Chclford In Ihe County of Mississippi. Slate ol Arkansas, oiler for sale lo the high ,t and best bidder for cash, the fol HEADACHE >vlng described property, lo-wll', Black Horse Mtilo, 1 Dlfick Horse Mule, 1 Yellow Jersey Cow; 2 Col- uis uiul 2 Sets Plow Ocnr; 1 J. D. ValkltiK Cultlvnlor; 1 J. D. Mlddlo- mster; 1 Double Shovel; 1 J, D. licaklnii Plow; 1 I. H. C, Planter; 1 J, D. Planter, 1 Harrow; 1 Black* smith outfit; I Lot 8w«$»;-.l'Lot Single Trees; 1 Prewiir* Cooker. WimeM my hand thu the 11 <U? of March, !»«,'United States « AtAeo kit, By Robert W. Downs, FSA Supervisor. FLOORS REFJNISHED New floors Laid and Finished. Make Your Old Floors Look New—Modern S»ndl»» Kqulpment Used. Call 469 for Free Estimate. Deal's Paint & Wallpaper StoJri Points, Wa/fpaper, Slats-O-Wood Awning* 1M S*. First "We Clean Mid Wax Flowi? Cash Buyers for Property! Old you fvcr noli™ that In my mis I ""t only filvn fern tlie DOWN I'AYMKNT «« tlie jnnporiy, liut also Ihe exact amount you are lo imy. \'<iu know lli« price before yon cumuli mo. A tooil way to adver- llse. List your property with roe. My commission \» 6%. H. C. CAMPBELL Office: 120 S. 2nd SI. Humes -IJIi or 2'.i;!0 ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Let us figure your bill of material* or the total Contract, including labor. WALPOLE ELECTRIC CO, • 110 So. Sec. Phone 3371 j of living which would destroy the benefits o! the adjustments. The average farmer—it means an increase in jl • answers on the ellects ot the j policy, the OPA, WSB and Office j , of Economic stabilization forecast ^ lmcrJ J. lools more refrigeration, washing machines, autos and other peacetime goods but not at "a higher level of prices." "The new wage price policy should have no effect on rents and little or no effect on food and product'fori," they ~ said" •'Special steps are being taken to increase production of low-priced clothing and thus reduce the average fam- lv's clothing bill." They cautioned, however, that -'iccs of some metal goods will increase somewhat. While such increases mean e bulge in the price line, they said, "There will be no breakthrough." The three agencies said the policy, if properly supported, \vovdd mean these beneliUi to the three main groups of Americans: The average employer— quicker settlement, of wage problems. I Prompt price relief where hardships exist under fair practicing standards. "It means the way is cleared for all-out production." The average worker— it means that barriers to fair \vage and salary adjustments through collective bargaining or otherwise are removed. It means the worker is protected against a runaway cost flow of ma oilier peace lime goods. It means Hint the dc dining income which many farm ers expected after V-J Day wi not materialize because purchasm power of workers will be kept up. ACT; To increase (low of urine and" relieve irritation o! the bladder from cicess acidity in the urrns Are you suffering: unnecesiary distress, fort Irom excess acidity in Ihe urine? Ar» you disturbed nights by a Ireqiient ietvrc lo pass water> Then you should Sino>- nhout Ihnt famous doctur'* discovery — DR. KILMER'S SWAMP ROOT — toat thousands say yives Messed relief. Sw*i"p Root is a carefully blended combin.tlon ct 16 herbs, roots, vesetables, b.lsams. Dr. Kilmer's is not h»rsh or habit-formlni la any way. Many say iu moru«fou* effect is «m»iinr. All dructistc sell 5w»mp Root. NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION On January 9, 1946, letters of administration upon the estate of Samuel Lonzo Roach, deceased, were grunted to the undersigned, Daio- Ihy Roach Foster, whose address Is 312 North Fifth Street, Blytheville, Arkansas. All persons having claims tmninsl aid estate are required to exhibit ic .same to the administratrix, roperly aulhenlicated, wilhin six lonths from Ihe date of the first ublication of tills notice, or they will be forever barred and precluded FAllLYTAVORifE FOR CHEST MUSCLE ACHES, IRRITATION AND OF COLDS' COUGH Children especially en- j oy p en t,iro's relief for colds. Just rub Pcnctro on thcst, throat, and back. Pun^tro (1) helps TIGHTNESS break local congestion, coses chest li^hlncss, and (2) relieves pain at nerve ends in skin. (3) Looscnsplilegm,cough- ing lessens, as vapors help you breathe easier, quickly. Acts fast, too. For Penetro is Grandma's famous mutlon suet idea made 1 Iwtter by nrvtern science. 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