The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on October 26, 1996 · Page 39
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 39

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 26, 1996
Page 39
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THE SALINA JOURNAL SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26. 1'996 II SATURDAY November 2 AFTERNOON 2:00 63 Absolutely Fabulous §Q College Football Cincinnati at Southern Mississippi. 60 (2:05) Movie *** "Kelly's Heroes' (1970) Clint Eastwood, Telly Savalas. Time Approximate. (3:00) m Cyberllfe BD Renovation Guide BD Welnervllle 63 Investigative Reports 03 Callente CD Travels In Europe QD Betty Jean Robinson TCM Movie ** "Cattle King" (1963) Robert Taylor, Joan Caullield. (2:00) 2:30 B Cabin Country Q Emergency With Alex Paen (CC) Q IB [3(10) College Football Regional Coverage — Florida vs. Georgia from Jacksonville, Fla., or Syracuse at West Virginia. Q Hometlme BODQD College Football Regional Coverage — Washington at Southern California or Game to Be Announced. IB New WKRP In Cincinnati 03) Audubon's Animal Adventures GO Hollywood One on One 80 Moneyweek (CC) BD Baseball, Minnesota B9 Rifleman 63 Choose or B TraceyUllman BD College Football Scoreboard BO World's Strongest Man Competition Q9 Next Step 09 Renovation Guide BD Beetlejulce BD Control CD BurtWoH's Gatherings 4 Celebrations QD RayBrubaker (5) College Football TMC (2:50) Movie * * "End of the Line* (1988) Wllford Brimley, Levon Helm. 'PG' (1:45) 3:00 B Texas Parks and Wildlife B IB CH(27) USGA Special B Baywatch(CC) B Ghostwriter (CC) IB Movie * * * The Parent Trap' (1961). Hayley Mills, Maureen O'Hara. 'G' (2:04) IB (3:15) Movie **» "TheShadow"(1994) Alec Baldwin, John Lone. (CC) (2:00) BO Inside Business BO Baseball, Minnesota 63 Frugal Gourmet Keeps the Feast B9 High Chaparral SB Shadetree Mechanic 63 Choose or Lose Vote-In 63 Movie *** "Amorel" (1993) Jack Scalia, Kathy Ireland. (2:00) BO Day Shift 03 Movie *** "Blaze" (1989) Paul Newman, Lolita Davidovich. (2:30) CD Fllntstones 03 Xena: Warrior Princess (CC) 03 Beyond 2000 03 Hometlme 03 Global G.U.T.S. CTa American Justice 03 Benson BD Pellcula "El Rey de Oros" Antonio Aguilar, Felicia Mercado. (2:00) (D Marcla Adams' Kitchen QD Auction Continues QD Walt Mills 3:30 B Inspiration of Painting B Newton's Apple (CC) 03 Movie **» "A Piece of the Action' (1977) Sidney Poitier, Bill Cosby. (CC) (2:30) fQ Movie **** "Malcolm X" (1992) Denzel Washington, Spike Lee. 'PG-13' (3:21) Bl Movie **x "Perfect Alibi' (1994) Ten Garr, Hector Elizondo.'NR' (1:36) B9 Managing BO Baseball, Minnesota BD Other Side of Racing ' B Shadetree Mechanic BO Tennis ATP Paris Open Indoor Championship — Semifinal. (Same-day Tape) 63 World's Strongest Man Competition CB Fllntstones 09 Movie Magic BO Hometlme 63 Ship to Shore CD World of Collector Cars QD Reginald Cherry 4:00 B Autumn Art Auction Preview B IB GD(27) NBA Preview B Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (CC) B Visiting the Salina Animal Shelter B Access Hollywood (CC) B Arthur (CC) 63 Movie ** "Clean Slate" (1994) Dana Carvey, Valeria Golino. 'PG-13' (1:47) BO Early Prime BD Baseball, Minnesota 69 Country Crossroads ' 69 Bonanza: The Lost Episodes 61 Movie * * * The Flame and the Arrow' (1950) Burt Lancaster, Virginia Mayo. (1:30) 63 Inside NASCAR 63 Choose or Lose ED Scooby Dooby Doo CD Hercules: The Legendary Journeys EQ Movie ** "Jewels" (1992) (Part 2 of 2) Annette OToole, Anthony Andrews. (2:30) BD Management Today 03 World's Greatest Stunts Part I BO Vampires — Thirst for the Truth 03 Land of the Lost 03 America's Castles 03 BET Shop CD Joy of Painting CTD Mike Barber TCM Movie ** "Nothing but Trouble' (1944) Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy. (1:30) 4:30 B George Burns and Grade Allen B Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (CC) B Magic School Bus (CC) B3 Evans & Novak (CC) BD Baseball, Minnesota S3 Southern Stage 63 Choose or Lose Vote-In 63 World's Strongest Man Competition CD Dexter's Laboratory QD Scan 63 Ren & Stlmpy (CC) CD Hometlme QD Hugh Ross TMC Movie ** "Sunset" (1988) Bruce Willis, James Gamer.'R' (1:47) 5:00 B Wild America (CC) B Dr. Qulnn, Medicine Woman (CC) B Total Fitness B News(CC) B New Explorers (CC) IB News IB Avonlea (CC) 00 (5:15) Movie **» The Cure" (1995) Joseph Mazzello, Brad Renfro. (1:45) BI (5:15) Movie **» Tremors II: Aftershocks' (1996) Fred Ward, Christopher Gartin.'PG-13'(CC) (1:40) BO CNN Worldvlew (CC) BD Baseball, Minnesota 83 Highway BD Hardcastle and McCormlck 63 Racetalk 63 Dally Show ED Taz-Mania (CC) CB WCW Saturday Night (CC) Q3 Highlander: The Series QD How to Succeed In Business 63 Discover Magazine BD Doug (CC) 03 Home Again 0D Anabel U) This Old House (CC) (D Victory Garden (CC) QD Jack Graham 5:30 B Newton's Apple (CC) BOB©(27) NBC Nightly News (CC) O Inside the KVRC 60 Pinnacle BD College Football UCLA at Stanford. 63 Adventures of the Black Stallion 61 Movie **K "Criss Cross' (1948) Burt Lancaster, Yvonne De Carlo. (1:30) B3 Choose or Lose 63 Dally Show 69 College Football Stanford at UCLA. BD Sportscenter 69 World's Strongest Man Competition Q9 Movie **x "Suspect" (1987) Cher, Dennis Quaid. (2:30) CD Fteal Adventures of Jonny Quest QD Strictly Business BD Rocko's Modern Life (CC) 63 Home Again BD Notlclero Unlvlslon (D This Old House (CC) QD Zola Levitt TCM Movie *** "Air Raid Wardens' (1943) Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy. (1:30) 6:00 B Internet) HOD 03(3(10) News B Home Improvement (CC) 1(5) News (CC) B Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum B Entertainment Tonight (CC) O Aerial Britain 00 Simpsons (CC) 03 Movie *** Tap" (1989) Gregory Hlnes, Sammy Davis Jr. (CC) (2:00) 03 Movie *** "Iron Will' (1994) Mackenzie Astin, Kevin Spacey. 'PG' (1:48) 63 Movie *** "Forget Paris" (1995) Billy Crystal, Debra Winger. 'PG-13 1 (CC) (1:41) BD Capital Gang B3 Our House 69 Super Bloopers & New Practical Jokes 63 talent Roundup 63 Choose or Lose 63 Politically Incorrect BD College Football Atlantic Coast Conference Game — Teams TBA. 63 College Football Arkansas at Auburn. ED In the Heat of the Night (CC) 03 Family Matters (CC) QD Weekly Business 03 Immortality on Ice 00 How'd They Do That? BD Aaahhll! Real Monsters (CC) 03 Mysteries of the Bible 0D AmorGlgante (5] Step by Step (CC) CD Lawrence Welk Show (ID Lights, Camera, Auction QD Hercules: The Legendary Journeys QD James Kennedy (27) Senate Debate TMC (6:20) Movie ** "Mixed Nuts' (1994) Steve Martin, Rita Wilson. 'PG-13 1 (1:37) 6:30 B In the Mix (CC) B Political Debate B Mad About You (CC) B(5)(10) Wheel of Fortune (CC) B Inside Edition Weekend (CC) fig Chiefs Update 03 CD Andy Griffith 00 Simpsons (CC) BO Inside Politics Weekend 63 Choose or Lose 63 Politically Incorrect 03 Family Matters (CC) 03 Women of the House (CC) QD Tim Russert BD Rugrats (CC) CD Seinfeld (CC) TUNE IN TOMORROW ALL MY CHILDREN When Noah told his sister that he saw their mother, she was upset that Noah wants nothing to do with Rose. Adam and Brooke scared off a thug, Grady, who threatened a terrified Rose. When Rose nixed telling Belinda anything about Grady, she had Derek run a check on him which showed Grady has criminal connections. Belinda is worried about Rose, who collapsed. Kelsey was hurt when Palmer offered to pay her to give Bobby an annulment, but Kelsey agreed to give Bobby the annulment after she heard him defend her to their classmates. To speed up their plot, Liza and Adam let Brooke and Tad think they slept together. Janet and Skye told Erica that they tied to Marian that Janet and Jonathan had an affair and that Jonathan suddenly split town. Erica, Janet and Skye plotted to get Marian off their backs by terrorizing her into leaving town. Hayley and Mateo talked about a wedding date- • ANOTHER WORLD Josie had nightmares in which Cody was trying to kill her. To avoid tipping Cody to Josie's whereabouts, she and Gary decided to get married secretly. Grant told Josle that Cody is back in the U.S., and later Josle filmed when she learned Gary knew, but kept her In the dark about Cody's return. Matt was miffed when Nick convinced Sofia to talk to him. Rafael tipped Nick that Matt and Sofia had a date. When Matt was delayed, Nick showed up at the meeting place after intercepting Matt's message to Sofia. Nick realized Rafael is up to something when he asked questions about trust funds. Bobby denied stealing Jake's coffee mug, which was found on Vicky's porch railing. Bobby was trying to convince Vicky that her house is not haunted just as a flower pot inexplicably f$U and broke. AS THE WORLD TURNS Taking Kirk's advice, Connor went to make up with Mark, but learned he and Jones (T) had gone to a romantic inn together. Connor was also upset to learn Mark and Jones have spent time at the treehouse, which was Connor and Mark's special place. After making love, Mark and Jones made plans for a future together -- just as Connor showed up on the doorstep. Emily urged Susan to tell Cal that she loves him, while Cal told Lily that he fears Susan has fallen for him. Lily told Sarah that Paul had killed his father, James. Paul, fantasized about getting James out of his life forever, and was upset that Sarah said she knows he killed James. Lucinda reminded Tilton not to tell Paul that she is the major Investor in his company. Emily reminded Sarah that Paul is off limits to her. Martin urged Lisa to go national with her fashion line so he can use the shipments to smuggle bonds into the States. THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Mike insisted to Sheila that she and James will never have a relationship, but Sheila thinks James is falling for her. Sheila was arrested for parole violation because she trespassed on the Forrester estate. Lauren and Maggie told the parole board they think Sheila poisoned Stephanie, but have no proof. Sheila was set free, but warned that she will be arrested if it is proved she poisoned Stephanie. Ridge told Brooke that he forgives her relationship with Grant, but he is still marrying Taylor. Sally let Clarke recuperate in her home, but warned him to toe the line. THE CITY Tracy took over Sydney's penthouse after skipping out on a huge hotel bill she owed. Jocelyn told Tracy and the other loft shareholders that Sydney purposely stuck them with the debt- laden building. Tracy wrote off Gino until she learned he is rich. Richard is worried about Nick, who underwent a liver transplant. Danny was thrilled to learn Sydney arranged for him to be editor in chief of Generation X Magazine. Tony told Carta that he wants to end, their marriage after one year. Angle has not told Jacob that she is thinking of going to a fertility clinic. DAYS OF OUR LIVES Needing to know the truth about Peter, Jennifer conned Daniel into thinking she knew all about Peter's evil deeds, and Daniel unwittingly confirmed all of Jack's accusations against Peter. Daniel stunned Jennifer when hp revealed Peter's scheme to drive Laura insane. Jennifer was surprised to see Jack, who said he has a Hong Kong job offer, but will not go if she does not want him to. Bo forced Franco to appear in a line-up, then was upset when Jill did not show up. Jill phoned to say she was leaving town. Franco plotted to break up Bo and Hope by getting Bo and Billie back together. A surprised Lexie learned the jewels Stefano left her were not ill-gotten. Sami liked Vivian's suggestion to get Carrie angry enough to strike her sp she can tell a judge that she is afraid Carrie will harm her or Will. Stefano advised Kristen to secretly marry John before Mariena tells him the truth about her. GENERAL HOSPITAL Monica could not give Alan a reason for not wanting Pierce to return to the General Hospital staff. Luke asked Sonny to help him rid Port Charles of the Cassadine "curse." To avoid contending with Luke and Laura's disagreements over the Cassadines, Lucky spent hours playing a computer game, but is unaware that Stefan is his opponent. After Mac talked to her, and after seeing Kevin in a near catatonic state, Felicia decided to drop the charges against him. Tom and Felicia got their romance back on track. Ned hopes to oust both Sonny and Jax from ELQ. Jax is determined to keep a mystery from his past a secret. Brenda told Ned that Lois had their baby. GUIDING LIGHT Still upset and angry over Vanessa's "death," Bill blurted out that he wished Matt had been the one who died. During her intervention session, Annie raged at Reva, accusing her of still loving Josh even though she married Buzz. Annie also accused Josh of still being In love with Reva. After Blake left the room, Annie told a stunned Rick that he is the father of one of Blake's unborn twins. Rick confronted Blake, who reminded him that Annie is an addict, and said she is lying about the baby's paternity. Rick had a case of the guilts when Abigail said she did not believe Amanda's claim that he slept with Blake and fathered her babies. After begging Phillip for help, Annie panicked when she woke up In the Bauer cabin with him. To bring Alan-Michael and Phillip back together, Alan confessed that he framed Phillip for the bombing. ONE LIFE TO LIVE At Viki's cabin, Todd was relieved when he was able to keep Blair from seeing the photo of him and Starr at the cabin. Emily accused Kevin and Cassie of ruining her life after they printed their expose on how Alex used city funds to pay Emily for her baby. After talking to Emily about legal adoption for her baby, Cassie suggested she and Andrew adopt the child. After learning about Kevin and Cassie's scoop on Alex, Blair and Todd got Asa to give them the story about Alex's faked pregnancy. Even RJ does not want to be connected to Alex, who lied to Hank that she did not misuse city funds. Carlo threatened Elliot with a gun when he tried to leave town, then forced him to hypnotize Viki to kill Kevin, and to give Carlo the "trigger" that will make Viki do the deed. Marty and Patrick learned the clue to Carlo's past, "Irish Air," is a song, and that a book dealer bought Siobhan's book of Irish Airs. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS A bum, Kurt, asked Katherine for something to eat and drink. Katherine agreed to Esther's suggestion that she hire Kurt. Katherine then let Kurt move into a house by her stables. Jack convinced Diane to have lunch after she was released from the hospital. John warned Jill to be discreet when Billy got very upset after seeing her kiss Silva. Neil said Dru did the right thing when she rejected Ty and Tate's offer to make her a star model. Ryan wondered if Vickl is only toying with his affections, but could not resist her kisses. Vicki told Cole that she was moving in with Victor. Chris denied Mary's accusation that she has postponed having a family. Victor learned Hope is depressed over Cliff's death.

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