The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on April 11, 1963 · Page 12
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 12

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 11, 1963
Page 12
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W IRE OTTAWA HERALD Thursday, April 11, 1963 Faith In The Cross Of Christ ,• EDITOR'S NOTE — Christian 'theologian* always have given a' good deal of attention to Jesus' death and resurrection. The views of three theologians are set forth by the Rev. Dr. Thomas S. Kepler in this fourth of five articles on the significance of the Easter story. The articles are excerpts from his books, "The Meaning and Mystery of the Resurrection," published by Association -Press and copyright by the National Board of YMCAs.-THE EDITOR By DR. THOMAS S. KEPLER Among contemporary theologians who offer vital suggestions to moderm man as he contemplates the mystery of Jesus' resurrection, three scholars are especially stimulating: Rudolf Otto, Rudolf Bultmann and Paul Tillich. One of the classics in religious thought is "Das Heilige," in which Rudolf Otto discriminates between objects in religion which can be thought conceptually and termed rational) and those which can be merely felt but not rationalized (termed the irrational or numinous). Otto views the resurrection of Jesus as a numinous event, which man cannot rationalize, but feels, "recognizing that the experiences concerned with the Resurrection were mystical experiences and their source 'the Spirit.' " The resurrection thus belongs not to faith-knowledge which does not rely on data from the senses. "To speak of 'resurrection' is to utter a mystery, and mystery is a subject of faith, not science." The "empty tomb" narratives are holy legends, according to Otto, which later develop around the mystical experiences of Christ "in which the supra- rational relation of the eternal to the temporal is mirrored in the medium of contemporary thought. They have enduring value to us from the incomparable beauty and power with which they symbolize the essence of the 'mystery.' "The cosmology of the New Testament is essentially mythical in character," writes Rudolf Bultman, and it is the purpose of the modern biblical interpreter to "demytholigize" these myths for modern man's understanding of the great Christian truths. Myth is involved in the dualism of Satan and his demons vying with God and his angels, to be resolved by a cosmic catastrophe of judgment to end the conflict, into which the "saving ev- lent" of Jesus comes with his preexistence, death, resurrection and expected return, with the Church as the setting for the "saving event." The death of Christ, Bultmann continues to assert, is thus both a sacrifice and a cosmic event, in which Christ is both Messiah and the Second Adam. The cross, viewed mythologically, portrays the pre-existent sinless Son of God whose blood atones us, as he frees us from death in his taking gin and death upon himself. The existential and cosmic value of the cross lies in our taking Christ's cross as our own, the meaning of which through faith is present for believers in the sacraments of baptism and me Lord's Supper (Rom. 6:3; I Cor. cannot be separated without losing their meaning," writes Paul Tillich. "The Cross of Christ is the Cross of the one who has conquered the death of existential estrangement. Otherwise it would only be one more tragic event (which it also is) in the long history of the tragedy of man. "And the Resurrection of the Christ is the Resurrection of the one who, as the Christ, subjected himself to the death of existen- jtial estrangement. Otherwise it would be only one more questionable miracle story (which it also is in the records)." Tillich sees the cross and the resurrection as "both reality and symbol," in which something is really occurring in both events, though "there is a qualitative difference": the stories of the cross are undoubtedly factual about an event observed in history, while a mystery enshrouds the resurrection event experienced by but a few. While the event on the cross took place as a fact in space and time, it became a symbol and part of the myth about the death of one who conquered the powers t of the old eon, when Jesus became the Christ. Also, the resurrection was a symbol which became a fact, when the disciples believed that Jesus' awful death was that of the Christ. In their certainty of Je- sus' resurrection, the disciples gave birth to the Church, "and since the Christ is not the Christ without the Church, he has become the Christ." While Otto, Bultmann and Til- lich represent individualistic views regarding the interpretation and meaning of Jesus' resu- rection, they all belong to what is called the "existentialist" approach. Jesus' death and resurrection are validated because they speak to man's experience, and they lie beyond rational explanation. Tomorrow: Reality and Mystery. Children's Easter Patent Shoes White PAINE'S BOOTERY Clean White Large A Swiff! HBrilS 3 48-oz. Cans 39c Libby Tomato Juice .... Shurfine Salad Dressing C & H Brown Sugar ... Welch's Grape Jelly 20 j° azr 39c UK. Qt. Boxes ^^* Sweet Rasher w" ]l bweet nasner | VanCamp', (BACON Lb. 39C Swifts Proien QWUIS fro i en Pork & Beans Round Steak...... u,. 79c Fresh *. XVF71A. Ground Beef 2 u> 89c Prem Lamb Roasts or Chops The cross and the resurrection, however, have cosmic unity; they go together, as "He (Jesus) was put to death for our trespasses and raised for our justification" (Rom. 4:25). Hence "faith in the resurrection is really the same thing as faith in the saving efficacy of the cross, faith in the cross as the cross of Christ." But the resurrection in itself is an object of faith is neither a historical nor a mythical event. The historical event to which the resurrection is attached is still the actual crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The Easter story cannot be called historical if the resurrection is called an "event;" but it can be termed historical if it is the beginning of the belief in the resurrection. " "The Cross of Christ' and the 'Resurrection of Christ' are interdependent symbols; they 'Night Jail' For Drunk Drivers ' MIAMI, Fla. (AP)—A proposal before a county courts committee send persons convicted of driving to "night" jail. Judge Frederick Barad, •or. said Wednesday the ._ _ would allow offenders to ^Huring the day, thus reduc- the use of public money to irt their families. Under the , offenders would serve time on their days off from work. 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