The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 12, 1936 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 12, 1936
Page 2
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TEXAS, STANDARD !E Combine Marketing Knr.ilitics Under Name of California TCXUM Oil Co., Lid. ft'nltcil Fret* t.rimrtl ll'lrrl SIIANO1IAI, Cllliui, Kept. 12.--Til" TVxns Corporation, I.til., linn meruol flu rMrirlc'tlng fnellllleH In the fur flint with Uin Hlnnilnnl Oil ('ompiiny of California, forming tho new ('.'ill fornla Texim Oil Company, Mel., II Wn« reveiilecl here today. The coMHiilliliilliin IH ri'ciinlril ns iiinsl inipnrliiiil. In foinmorrliil circles and I* believed In lie a Mop toward expanded oil openitloim In Hie far eiint by larifo Amrrlean )>i<l rolcnm firms and the >)apaiic«i) compel HorN. Tin new eoiieern \vlll have u ntar- l<e| (urn Ini'ltKllMK nil of Aclll. AllH Irulla, New Xealand, (iml KIIH!. and South Africa. Thi! new firm will Imve nil supplied l>y reservcH ni Knlm-ln Isliind In the I'ersliin (inir HIM! from thn Arabian fleldii ami will HlrriiKlli"ii KB eoinpeililve POH|I|I>II In the fur i-jiM ;IH a remilt d ileeriutHed IratiH- portatlon eharKex. U IN iiml'THlnm! riloo that the new company ulll exploit umlevelopeil oil fleldH In Suninlni ami New 'iiilnen, nl which .hi IHIIIIW ImperlnllHtH have been ciiHllriK COVI'IOIIH eyew for many yearn. Plan Pipe Line Outlet for Shell Producer s Gas Flow PONSTUUCTION of u 7-mIlo vj line Ui oarry dry ga« from RhoU Oil Company'» abadrptlon plant In tho Ton Hootlon field to tho oullot. lit. Mitcna Vlnta I<aUo ga« flnld In nif-tnplritml by Houlhci'ii Oountlpn IH Company, It wns reported today. Fourteen million e.tililn fool of gad lally IN coming from Mholl'H <ll«- •nvory well inul going through Iho ilinorptlon plimt, where 7500 gallium if Kiniolln'i are extract!*)). Tho dry inn IH iiir-n hiowii Into tlio air. Waste cannot, bo checknd at pros' out, It l« declared, bacauto If tho vitlvo wero turned at Iho well tho proKHimt from tho deep sand would build up to a point wnero It would bronK tho fitting*). Ohio Oil Company has novora gMBHcm connected to Iho lln« run nlng from Huenii Vlsla l,nko gai field lo I,DM Angclon. To tlulo, how- over, tlicHii wnllM hnvi! not boon opened ll|). Wildcat Oil Test in Lerdo District Slated by Arkelo HK !-ordo dlntrlnt on tho highway ! north "f JJn.liornClt'ld la fjoliiK to i luivo a wlldwit drilled by ArHelo i I'etrolmmi Compnny of I/OH Anirel"r< ! which ulll nenrch for nn oil sand ! eHlllnnled to Me at .IfiOO feet, I ler- rlcli l« up and f'ontraclor .lack HhleldH In cxrnvnlliiK a mimp and bulldhlK a rain p. (leor(fo Venion of MINING LOCATIONS l> K llrndlfv -ijold NiiKK"'. In IliliHlftlililK lei. H A. 'Jrl-'-h --linn IlfiTNn, In Valley Vlovv, In llavllnli dlHlrli-l. Hay llorncr- • ''hennniloiih, Alien ami HIHIu M.. In (in ml illitlrlrt. AMERICA'S MOST COPIED RADIO always a year ahead I OFFERS FOR 1937 42 MODUS ... nvallobl. In four modern C cabinet flnlihai (wolnul...bon» whit*...tnapi» and «bon(Md)...prit«d from $29^5 fa $750* MODH B-S-154 FOR 21 YEARS THE FINEST HOMES IN AMERICA HAVE BEEN PROUD OF THEIR ZENITH Only Zenith Has All These Features • Lightning Station Finder (iim,h Sfinmr Mtilut) • Secret Volume Governor • Foreign Station Locater • Voice and High Fidelity Control • Target Tuning • Acoustic Adapter • Visualized Controls • Headphones for the llard-of-Hcaring • Exclusive Zenith Features Patcnt-Protcctcd Model 8-8-154, 8 Tubes, $94.95 WITHAM & BOOTH l''ox II SlrtTl Our K.\prrlrncr ) tun Stitln(neliiin 2881 ANNOUNCING THE OPENING OF T. P. PYLE GARAGE 1412 Twenty.fourth Street, Next to Hill's Paint Shop Telephone 171)7 Monday, September 14 FEATURING TRUCK AND AUTO REPAIRS All Work flunrnnleecl Twenty4wo Years Kxperieni-e Cylinder Honing „ Specialty Kant TtakcrxfUild la *u|>nrlntondont of Iho nomtmny. Tho location, 090 forH noulli anil 3,10 Piml of thn went rimirtnr corner of Hocilnn 23, 28-2(1, IH In lino a south iirolyiiKul.lon of n fmrinlnml fault which IH Biippo«cil to panill'-l th« I'roinlor flfld fault. A fow rnontlm IIBO cmvornl (if tho major cornpfiiiloH acqulrod lanrl on thl« line niirt north of Ihln locution, Hhfll Oil roiniiiiny nrmi'i time ngo flrlllml In Ilin ii|i|i(iwllc inul of tho« HOC- tlon uiifl (iliitiulonod Iho holo at 442-1 foot. •» « . Into cHtl and Harris & Curtis to Plug Bottom Hlnro water did not deereawn In Oil Incorporated'!! No. I on the Harris * CurtlH leiiMij In nun I I'Vultvnlo field, weellon i!(l. Hli-27, the well will be lillled anil Ilin bottom purtlon of the bolo up to 8,140 foot will bo off, niid another prodnetlon iniidn. Tho well wiuj turned Hie tunUn la«t week with an flow of 300 bnrrelM of oil 700 harrHx of wntnr. Huocood- dny'M flow did not Itnprovo Ihn wale.r e.nt, )ul( i a i t| m oH tho output wan all wulor. North aoroHH the, highway, ISIboa Petroleum Company, whloh In owiiod by tho auino InlereMlH, ban not boon able to get a flow out of Mlltnor No. I, and tlm hole IN lining treated with aelil to I'lear mud bnlilnd tho perforation;!. ThlH will ntaml HO bourn and thmi thn well will bo hailed again for production. Deplh IH amii'i feet with HtrhiK oomonloil nt IKIL'O .feet, and a (IH-lneh blank liner net on bottom and perforated with a Varbn perforator. OIL AGREEMENTS i Fnllolo l.iiuiitiilot In Tuft Wrll iM'llllrig f'onipn.ny~-l.MiHn ilnted July 2. IIHIil; onn-nluhlli royalty, B-yeiir ilrllllnn rluiDir, lulu 7 and H, Hcrtlon IIn, HO-DT: Hiiliordliintloii of fnrm lemm lo (mill nil li'iilin liy Flanll It. l.ollHtil- Inl ot ux allnrliOfl, It. T. Minion ft n< lo (icnrife K. lielty. Incorporated I,IIUKI> ilaleil Jnlv IV I Mil; iinn-elghth roynlty, n- your ilrlllliiK rluitmi; lot II. million «ii, no ::v. P. A. <'outer el nx In llurkliolilcr J ''II i 'orporallon -AmilKninent I's per runt nil, i,|i- from Honthwofll i|iinr- tor uf Moul IH-KM iiiiitrlnr, nncllon 23, llnrhliukiiler oil forporalloii lo II. It I 'Iliy Mlllnn MR nliovn It. l>. Knlchi'i-liiicltiir I't in lii II. M. AVllmiii -A."»l(tniiir'iii | pnr i'nnt oil, el' 1 . fruiii I'lihl half lot 27, unrllon IB, 2H- 27. 1'nclflr Wi'otnrii Oil r'unipiiuy lo Ailulph Svvri'l. pliv, i>t nl Surrender l.i'ii.'in on nuiihi'iiHl i|iiiirli», iH'utliiii 2, 2fi. III. I,. U Helm el ux mid T. |i. M\\\ H i'l n\ to KMI p. Pnllt Hiirrpinlor ICIIHC on went lialf of norttiriint qiinrlcr, MOi'tllHI 4. 112-ZU. I .AUK SAII.KO 75 YK'AltH \VlHTi;ilAI,l,, N. Y., Hepl. 12. (U. I 1 .) 1'iipliilh (IKIII-KII H. Hwnonoy, 80, liellevi-M In- IIIIM hijl Miimethlng nf a naiillciil record, having m»rveil 75 yetu-H nil pilot on I .alto ('hiintplnln. lie KOI lil« Hlart at Iho nijo of 11, worliliiK on llm old HlrnniboatH ply. hu: oil Iho Inlte, CALIFORNIA'S NEWEST GASOLINE REFINERY NOW IN PRODUCTION Now III production-—tho two and it half million dollar Dubbn Process cracking reflnory, recently completed by thu Wlldhlro Oil Company, Inc., lo produce Kconomy Super-Oclano giiBollno. Pictured ubuvo arc general views of tho refinery at Hanta Fo Springs. Upper left—tho anti-knock machine which registers the octane number of tho gaHollno. Upper cen- built for refinery. Interesting camera study of one of the fractionating towers. Upper right—• first load of Kconomy Super- Ootano leaving tho refinery. Lower loft—section of tho crack- ter—largest cooling tower over Ing plant. Lower center—general view of refinery. Lower right— section of tho refinery control panel, with M. A. Machrla, general field superintendent, calling attention to control which regulates cqulClux furnace used In refinery at Santa Fo Springs. Pp. Civ* your youngilor the light ilnl with proper j fiullilling «nd equipment Our I Coil Aulo Loan Plan iuppli*t cash quickly with no_ ; to ngneii and no saUiy aslijn- i mtnlt PUnly ol lima lo lapayl tTDIIT Substance Theme at Science Church "Now faith Is tho Hiibslanee of hlngH hoped for, llm evidence of iiKH not Hoen." This verso from he nplntlo to Ihii Ilobroww was tho Kolden text In Iho loHSon-sornion on 'HubHtiinco" on Hundiiy In all ChrlH- tlan Helenee churches, branches of The Mother Church. Tho First Church of Christ, Scientist, In Boa- ton, MllHH. One of tho scriptural selections prcMented them- vorfti'H from Luko: "And one of tho company said unto him, MiiHler. speak to my brother, that be dlvldo Iho Inheritance with mo. And bu said unto him. Man, who mada mo a Judgo or a divider ovor you? And ho said unto them, Take heed, and beware of coyotousness: for a man's llfo coiiKlHtcth not In I hi' abundanro of tbo things which bo poHMOHNeth." Tho leHSun-normon Included also Hume words from tho Christian i-fel- onc» textbook, "Hclonro and Health with Key to tbo Hcrlptures," by Mary ICddy linker: "As (,!od Is Kiili- Hlaiire and man IH tho dlvlno Iniugn and lllieneiiH. man should wish Tor, and In reality him, only tho nub- Htnnoo of Rood, the substunco of Hplrll, not mnttor." Parole Member of Counterfeit Gang (Unittit 1'rrift t,ca*cd Wire) SAN QU ISN'T IN PKISON. Calif., Hupt. 12.—Bernard Kert, asserted "brains" of tho counterfeiting gung 1 which made bogus money Inside San (.Jucnlln prison, while serving a term on Hlute charges of grand Iheft, was placed on three and ono-half years parole to tho custody of federal authorities, It was announced today. Kert WIIM taken from San Quentln when the counterfeiting plot vjas re- vnalnd, and was tried and convicted on federal charges of counterfeiting. Kort and threo others word charged with counterfeiting money through use of equipment In tho prison printing plant. The money was smuggled out of prison through lining a clergyman as u "dupe" but the plot was discovered when ut- tempts were iniido to pass it up and | down the Pacific coast. • i » COLONIAL AUMY ROMK, Sept. 12. (A. P.)— Well Informed sources said tonight Ihn Italian cabinet, meeting tomorrow, will | approve a decree creating a permanent colonial army for the new empire. Tim army will be composed of 3500 officers and 110,000 men, of whom 20.000 will be white. Defer Action on Paroles for Seven (United I'rot Leated Wire) SAN QUBNTIN PRISON, Sept. 12. Tho state board of prison terms and paroles today postponed until December action on tho parole applications of seven men convicted of reckless possession of explosives in connection with labor trouble near Modesto. Tho convicted men were said lo have obtained dynamite In a plot to destroy property of tbo Standard Oil Company, against which a strike had been called. They charged they were tho victims of a "frftmoup." , They wore John Burrows:, 39; Robert J. Fitzgerald, 40; Victor H. Johnson, 24;.JI«nry Sllvti, 28; Heuel Stanfield, 38; John Souza, 34; and .John Rodger, 81. I'HKASANT .MOTHERS CHICKS SIOUX FALLS, S. D.. Sept. 12. (U. P.)--C. R. Masker of Sioux Falls j bus discovered a ben pheasant that | bus taken charge of a brood of whlto leghorn chickens. The chicks, he said, are as wild as Iho mother of tho brood, which apparently found and hutched the eggs In a hidden nest, far from surrounding farms. SUNDAY SERVICES IN LOCAL CHURCHES Klrsl Church of Christ, Scientist 4M Johnson's Firestone Auto Supply and Service Stores, Ino. Oheiltr lit Twinty-foyrth Striet Phoni 4060 nth and (.' Htrcets l-'lr»t Church of Chrlnl. Solontlot, of llukvrHflnld, n liriiiioh of ThB Mother Church, The l''lr«t Churrli of 1'lirlnt, Si'lentl.'il, In Mo.ston, Moan.. conilnrtH Huiuliiy iiervU-DH ut 11 u. in. mill ut K p. m. Thn \VoclniHilay evening nieelliiK >>t S o'olooh, lurliulOH ti'HtllnonleH of healliiB In ChrlsUim Sclrnor. Kuiuluy Hehuo) convenes ut II:JO Sunday mot'nlnff for pupllx up lo (he n no of 80, and at 11 o'clock for |)ti|)llH under 12. The public IN Invited to enji'j' prlvl|cK)*H of tlln r«adli<K room miiliitiilneij by Hie church nt No. n Iliilierfcldo Aroiule, open dully exeepl SiimlavH, \Vrnlnvmlny anil lioll- ilayti from 0 n. in. until D p. m., clou- Inn Wodnnnduyi ut 7 p. nt.; open holiday n and Kuiuhiyn until J p. m. The iiiilijeci for next HuiKluy'a I,eii»oii- Si'i'iuoti IH: "Nulintiiuce." Trinity Mothudlftt Churcli Corner Nlleo anil KliiK Hlrontn. 1 111 Hi Illllli'l sflllhl I'.'rneHt U. Cole, I'an tor Suntlay nchool, |i:4fi u. ni. Morning mrvli'e, II n'elock. "OiU'lieHH." Chrlnt'H nriijiM' for hlsi pen|ile. Tnxl, John, 17:l'l-2!l. Kvenlnu nnrvlce, 7:8H o'cloi'lt. Stihjeol, "MtiKhiK (he Train lind Keeping 11*11," Texl, 1 Cor. lfl:R,1. A Hpix'lal for younu folUn. l>!|i\vnrth I.eaguoN a I ti:l',0 p. m. tlllile Nlinly iilltl prayer mertiufr on \\'eilner(ila\' iilulit at 7:ilfl. "Hunliounot ilay." Sep'- Ictnher S7, In honor of fallirra tnul molhrrH of pluiivnr ilayn. (lilircli uf (ioil 'I'liliernaclc Chi'Nter Avenue mid Docatiir Street, Ollilalo It. It. llreen. I'lintor "I' service," fl;4, r , to 11:10 u. in. "Council In JeriiHiilem ' will ho the IOHKOII ami u ncrinon liy the imxtor. lijvenlinf sci'vU'o, 7:il> o'clook. "Tlio UttlmllliiB ChrlHi" will l»> thu mil>- Jei't of the incttmiKU hy tlio paHlor. Yoiliut pi'ople'H Hervlce. 7 p. in Suli- Jeot, "Klvo (ireat (MirlmimiH." I'rayer nieelltiK WediumiUiy. 7:30 p, m. Olldale Conminnlly Clnirrli I.lncolu anil Cnllfornlii Ktr««tM, nililitltt llowrvnil Cyril M, Illi ks. I'uHtor .Himilny school, 9:S« a, m.i for nil dBeN, ISVeilliiK Hei'VlCn, n'oltmk, Hiibjoot, "tlooil Hiwrtt)." grim felloWHhlji, B:;iO p. in. icieotlim of officers, l.iullixs' Alii m«uts ilny, 3 p. m, Churcli Council TiHHMlny, 7 p. in. Unity Truth Outer Urllu KhtltU, MlniKlei 183 Son I hern I Intel Slllliluy tichoul, 1>;45 H. n\, Kprvloe, 11 n, m, Tvveivo riiwrj'n of Mnn I'|HM, Tiifisduy, 8 p. KI. llnllv •jlenoo, 10 R. m. I.OKIUMW in Truth el«fs», Havoy hotel, Tuft, Moiuluy S p, in. ChHMInn UII»(III>»H Cluh .l''ri<in\- 7;3« u. m,, Hotel Kl Tisjun. C'liiirch of thn llrelhron Palm and A Strcots I^eonurd Ulrkln, 1'aslor Sunday school, !>:4G a. m. Morning snrvlca. II a. m., sfirinon, "Opon the Door to JCMIIH." Trxt, John 10:1-11, Rpvolallon n:2n, "llchold T Stnnd at tho l>oor nnd Knock." ISvenlng service, 7:45 o'clock. Cartoon, "Thn Watch That SpoaliN." Mormon, "Thn Joy of Siihntlon." Text, Hvvelatlon 19:6-9, t'nulni 51:12, Mallhcw 5:12. HOIIK sorv- Icn at 6:t'i p. in. Group meelTjiRB, 7 lo 7:45 p. in. Prayer meeting Wadnen- duy ni the oliurch, 7:SO. ColtHRe pniyrr niPPtlnR in preparation for our pomliiK rovivnl, Thurndnx, 7:SO p, m., ut tho homo of Hrnlher Joe Walton. Klrsl 1'rcsbytnrlnti C'luirrli Conirr of HevftntftiMith Nnd II Streela ltcv*rond John Murdoch, Pantor Sundny nchuol, 9:4,' n. m., clntifftH for nil IIRCK, Mr*. 13. B. Housn, nil- porlntt'iidcMit. Morning ni-rvlci>, II Them*, "Thn Dlvlno rthyllim " Text John 3-8. Nuntsry inoriiliiR Kcrvlco. ISvcnlng 7:*ln o'clock. Theme, "PaKK- old I jiiulmnrkii." Text, t.uko o'clock. of l.lfc. m-rvlc ?:ilO J'll- ilii> f>-4. clirlHtltin (Cndeavor JimlorN, II n. m.: High School, 0:15 p. in.; VOIIIIK IVtiple'H, ll:JO p. in. Ciiln A. M. 1C. rhurrli Cnllfornln Avenue nnd. Ci Slrp»ta Itevorend II, C. Clavbrook, F'astoi 1 , Sunday Ni'bool, !l:4u a. in., Mlns Illiber, 1'niiip Hiiiicrlnteiident. Morn, Ini; nervlce, II o'elncli. Hoverend J. ! It. Allen of llrenliuni, Texan, will : preach. Tr\l, fll Punlms, vnrHea 12 I nnd IS: St. John 10. VOIHP 10, Subject, "dive Hod a Chuneo. Evening m'l'vtce, S o'clock. Uoverend J. H. ; Allen. Text. .N'ehemlnh 2, yer*« IS. i Stibjcct service. .Special trimtve rally. j Klrxt UiiptlNt riiureh I Truxlun Avenue botween I, and M ! Stl'liBlH j l>r. Iturtun C. Uurroll. 1'nmtor I Sunday ncbool, n:30 a. in, MornlUK i service, II o'clock. Sermon subject UK uiimmnceil, "\Vutiled--More f.lfe!" KveidnK service, 7. CO o\ lock. Surnion hublect u« announced, "A I'reiicher ItruakH Juil!" First Methodist Church Truxtuu Avenue aiul H 8tro«l Ui'over Ualstoii, Minuter cburch »cUool. 9:45 a. m., Mrs. llan-y Uuigc, general *up«rlnt«ml«nt. * ,"• '"••, l< "t'. l«ftlnh SO. Subject fcbouiiierlne ono'u Own U««pon«Utl1- tty. \o\ing people's nu-«UiiK S:30 p. in. The happy hour, 7:SO p, m, Mission of I.OVP SplrltunllM Kern Street between Crtllfonihi ' Avenue and Klevenlb Street Mvenln v service. 7:30 iVelwk. mid \\ eilncNilay nlRlit circle. Ulvine iind trm;. fiospol Gleaners Mission 1304 Virginia Street, ono-half block north 6f N'lles Street, oppoalto tho Williams .School, KaHt Mukcrsfleld. C. D. Spcncor, Pastor "l^et Us Meet Together In the House of Ood," Nehemlflh .8:10. Sun- clny school, 9:4B a. m. Morning worship. 11 o'clock, ISvanffellHtlc service, 7:30 p. m. T'rayer meolliiK Tuesday, 7:110 p. m. Yountr people'ii mpet- biK Thursday, 7:30 p. in. Street meet- luff Saturday, 7:80 p. m.. corner Baker and Siimnnr HtrcotH. Kinulay morn- IIIR broadcaat over rndlo elation WOJC/VI, 8:.10 to 0 o'clock. First CoitKreffntloniil Church Hovenleenth and O Streets Hoverend A. S. Donat, Pastor Sunday (ifhool rtepartmentB and cliissen for every age. Tins Friendship CIHSH for adult* meet* tit 10 a, m. Morning nervlce at 11 o'clock IK dedicated to ygutli and parents, Sermon wilbjfcl, "On Ciolnp to College." Hoger I'tabunn, national moderator of the Nu- tlouul Council, urges IIH to empbaaiKe reguhtr church attendance nnd to count the number at the morning dnrvlco rather than the number of church members. Klmt Christian Church , Sixteenth and I Streets <'buries n. Hulme, Minister Nlblo school at 9|4B. Men's "flD" oliiKH at ii!30. All members of ntble ncliool ui'neil to bo present for plans for rally day and promotion day. Sermon and communion Kt 10:45. Sermon, "Food for the Soul." Seven graded Christian Endeavor Societies at 6:30. TCvenlng »ervlco at 7:30. Sermon, "What About GhrUt." Tha choir, under leadership of AVIlltam O'Donnell. will begin regular program of special mimic thin week. HI. John's Lutheran Church Corner of Twentieth and C Streets Louis A. Kueffner, Pastor Sunday school and Blbl* CIMB, 0:80 u. m. All eltwen inevt In the iiurlHh hull on C »tr^it between Nineteenth «nd TWBiitleih. Cliwues for all Kt-udes, Dtvin« aervlceu ut 10:30 a. m. InHtriictlona preliarlnK children for conflrmatlun every Baturday at 9:90 a. in., In the vestry of tho church. St. r«ul'H Church (1'rotestant E|)lscopnl) Corner .Seventeontb and t Streets The Uov«r«nd William is, Patrick. tteotor lAiiirteenth Sunday after Trinity, strvii'w u H followb; s n. in., boly coinmiinion; 9:45 a, m., i-hurcb school; 1.1 ii, in., nun-nine prayer aiivt Kormon b.v the rector, c. 1C, Wukefleld. Jr.. cbolr director and Mrs. Laura 14. Nichols, organist. The church holds It* upenlug Burkholder to Drill on Orloff Property TAFT, Sept. 12.—Tho Burkholder Corporation Is preparing to drill its No. 2 well on the southwest corner of a 40-acre lease formerly held by Sam Orloff on Twenty Five lilll and offsetting Mascot Oil property. E. A. Bonder Is the drilling contractor. The No. I hole is to be deepened to a lower sand sought at about 2200 feet while tho No. 2 will bo produced from the shallow sand. Temblor Zone Found Barren ill Northern Edge Project, Edison-Sealc 4-1 L -- l:l ' • - 4 .Temblof formations down to 3400 foot In HJdlRon-Beale 4-t, an outpost north of Edison field, section 4, 8029, havo beon thoroughly explored by Ohio Oil Company without results, and operators will prospect deeper. Texas Company's suspended lEdlson-Seale 4-25 which Is one fourth mile southeast, hit the Temblor oil zone at 3215 feet and produced oil and water for several weeks. Ohio's project, up the dtp, did not find this zone saturated after plugging back to 3450 feet and testing again. To date tho showings at this location havo not been encouraging. Tho Kdlson-Sealo lease was acquired by Ohio on a trade with Texas Company, wherein tho abandoned Ohio wildcat In the south end of the valley near San Bmldlo ranch, was exchanged for the leases along* tho railroad north of Kdlson field held by Texas Company. Texas Company's deepening job at the San Kmldlo wildcat hao not struck: any good showings to date so the trade so. far Is oven. V Await Completion of C. CM. 0. Job Oil scouts are waiting to seo if Chanslor-C'anfleld Midway OH- Company's No. .18 In the AVllllams area of the West Side, section 2J, 32-23* will stago an unusual performance like No, 17, one location north. N-J. 17 surprised operators by coming In for 470 barrels dally then gradually building up to 1800 In two weeks time. Tho new well, No. 18, Is maklny 331 barrels per day of 17 gravity crude from a depth ot 2163 feet. Water cut of tho gross output Is 11 per cent which may clear up later. Location Is down tho dip from tho big well with shut-off point 110 feel lower. PA8TOR-UMPIRK HEATS GAME PASADENA, Calif., Sept. 12. (U. P.— Tho Rev. William K. Roberts', pastor of the California Presbyterian Synod, called upon to umpire a ball game, had the. misfortune to have a, three-bagger pass directly through his straw hat, which ho was holding In his hand. Fellow ministers Immediately passed the hat to repair tho damage, collecting $6 for a new hat, >vhon it later developed that tho one ruined cost only $1.50 four years ago. ...IS YOUR DOG If he ii, it may be became you have been "»tufflng" him. Perhaps he require* a concentrated food. • Feed him leu—but give him more energy with KENNEL KING . . . a balanced food containing meat, bone, cereal* and vegetable! . . . fully mineralized and fully vitaminized for perjtct health. IT ISN'T THE BULK IT'S THE £*lt*te CALIFORNIA STATE INSPECTED KENNEL/ What's thii dog thinking? Can you tell? Why not try? Remember, the best answer received will win a full 30 days' supply of KENNEL KING • Just attach your answer to a label from a can of KENNEL KING (or • facsimile thereof) and send to KENNEL KING, 631 East First St., Los Angeles, California. ENTRX MUST IE IN .. w k.f.rt SEPTEMIEK POULTRYMEN ATTENTION! 'flic Second of n Series of Educational Meetings Under the Auspices of the SAN JOAQUIN GRAIN CO. Will He Held Next THURSDAY EVENING, September 17, at 7:30 o'Clock, at FOURTEENTH AND D STREETS Dr. Frederick Gilbert Will Conduct a Question and Answer Discussion Buy Your Printing "at Home" Kern County Printers' Association GLASS Automobile!, trucks, echool busses, etc, tnutalled while you wait Shatter proof, plat* and crystal «heat—the most complete auto (fla»8 shop In Bakernfleld with an expert glass man In charge. No Job lop large, none too email. Let us estimate your no»t Job. Valley Auto and Truck Wrecking Company riioue 6300 130 Mnc(rpnUi Street

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