The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 30, 1944 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 30, 1944
Page 11
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Pruttsmd Vegetable* HAVE ANOTHER LOAD OF TNEW NORTHERN FREESTONE PEACHES. THIS IS THE LAST LOAD. $1.69 A LUG. WHELDEN'S MARKET TWENTY-FIRST AND UNION 9.-! lARTLETT pears, tl. best grade: lettuce lOc; cabbage, celery. Ely Fruit Stand. Frultvale Highway. 63 ?9c FOR FULL LUG | Bring your own container!. Th« •am* khid of pear* we had last year. 1019 Baker East Bak«raf<eld 8-17-tf Large vlnerlpened 89c FULL LUG Bring your own containers 119 Baker Street. East Bakersfleld. 9-25-tf. Poultry and Livestock WELL BROKE blue roan horse and new saddle with taps: ..10-.30 Carbine and new bolster; white and red onions, $1 lug. Phone 2-2706. 58 WKITE and Homing pigeons for eale. Jeffrey atreet. Call after 4 o'clock. 500 63 FOR SALE—One perfect matched Belgian 7 and 8 year* old. with extra heavy harness. Etchecopar. Route 3, Box 763. Old nivcr Road. G3 FOR SALE—Young family cow. Guernsey and JerMV mixed. Mile and half south of Waato. A, R. Schmidt. 63 FOR SALE—Good, all-round saddle horse. tlOO, dark bay, blaze face, two clocking legs, well reineJ, plenty of life, fast walktr. valley or mountains. Dlck- erson Farm*. Meacham Road. Rnsedale. Phon* 2-1048. or see Mr. Dlckerson evening* at Hollo-Dome Skating Rink. 63 Four horses, well broken, and saddles. (Saddles $75 to $160.) We break colts. Jimmie and Bill at "B" barn, fairgrounds. 53 FOR SALE—Black Angus bull, well marked. John Elrlch, one-half mile west o£ Rosedale. Phone 2-3020. 54 FOR SALE—Six yearling heifers. or enough pasture tnr them; nlsn good davenport and Kay guitar. First house on left, west of Vumpkln Center on the Taft Highway. Route 3. Box 401. 6.1 FOR SALE—New Zealand bucks. 7 months old. Phone 6-5327. 119 Woodrow, Oildale. 53 SHACHAPI POTATOES—We now have some long, white and russet potatoes of commercial quality at hiB very low price of $3.49 per ack. Now Is the time to put away fpotatoes for winter. The potato • season at Tehachapi is about over. Stock up now. Mooney's Market Spot, Eighteenth & Union. Phone 1-0961. 9-23-tf $1.89 Full Lug. Bring your own containers. 1019 Baker East Bakersfield 9-7-tf FOR SALE—White Heath peaches. pick- Ing every day. Bring containers. Out Edison Highway to Magundon store, south on Fairfax Road out canal turn. went to third house. F. H. Marley. 63 OPEN Monday. October 2, 8 «. m. Just returning from vacation with a mock <if good Watscnvllle mountain apples. 15.50 per box. All klnrts of chicken feed • nd dairv feed. Earl Coats Market, 144 North Chester. 64 Poultry and Livestock R SALE)—Two wan of «ood work Fmares, one brood mare wltb colt. Mr. 3roat. Phone 2-7066. 7-19-tj ATTENTION Hood-tested baby chicks, kronderi, poultry isupplle* and feed. Witfbuy your eggs. FChlcka 115 hundred. 221$ Union, or 814 ,,Elghth. Phone 7-7028 nr t-»4S9. 2-1-tt |ABY. CHICKS. 115 per hundred. New Hampshire Red*, Rhode (eland Reda, 1 Plymouth Rocke, Rock and Red Cross. New shipment every Monday: order early. '[.Also plenty of metal feeders, fountalne rand poultry medicines. Ward'* Farm rStore. 2525 Cheater. 4-17-tf a number of outstanding y«ar- llng and 2-year-old registered Hereford bulli. A H. Karpe. Phone »-9«71. BT CHICKS itarted on order. We have >1ored broilers, roasting hens. River- dew Hatchery. US Roberta Lane. Phnne 1-9805. 7-l»-lt YOUNO DOES and liucks for Nlles. lale. 2014 HIGH GRADE Guernsey cow, tested, to be frenli; three high grade Holntcin heifers, highly trained saddle mare, broke to harness.- finest rfSlted jet black filly In the valley. Phone 2-6650. . 53 FOR SALE—Horse, eaddle, bridle; gentle. Phone 2-0931. FOR SALE—40 rabbits, does and bucks; very fiood breed of New Zealand Whites.: 4-compartment hutches that cost around • 50 apiece new. Will sell nil at fraction of origlna.l* cost If taken at once. Also several Imnty chic-kens, very reasonable. 41S Ooodmnn. 55 TWO does, one buck; .1-aparlment rabbit hutchea. $22. At 1223 Pacific.'. BEAUTIFUL sorrel saddle mare for snip. Lady's horse: price S85. Phone 2-5087. GOOD sarden mule with harrow, cultlvn- lor, drag and name-as. Phone; 2-4037. M WANTED TO BUY—Horses, note, cattle any amount. L Anderson. Route 2, Bo: 906. I'hone 2-7008. 6 NEW YORK STOCK CLOSE Close NEW YORK, Sept. 30. Stocks — •AlHska .luneatt ...... Allied Chemical and Dye Allia Chalmers American Car and Foundry American Locomotive American Had. and Std. San American Rolling Mill .... American Smelter and Ret American Tel. and Tel.. American Tobacco B Anaconda Armour ami To .................................. « Atrhlsnn. Santa !•> ............ f;7 Atlantic Refining ................................ ;s Aviation Corporation .......................... i> Baldwin Locomotive ......................... 2:1 Bendlx Avintlon ............................. ...... 44 Bethlehen Steel .................................. 62 Boeing Airplane Rorden ........................ BorK Warnc*- BriggH life California Pack ............................ Calumet & Hecln Canada Dry Canadian Pacific Case (./. I.) Caterpillar Tractor Celancse Corporation Chenapeak* & Ohio Chrysler Columbia flan and Kl« Oomme.-clRi Credit ..................... Commercial Investment Trust Commercial Solvents Commonwealt i Hdlson Commonwfalth & Southern Consolidate.] Helicon ....... Consolidated Vultef Container ^ornora tlon Continental Oil Del Crown Zel'erbnch .. Curtlss-Wi-iaht Douglas Aircraft Du Pont DP Neniour .......................... Knstcrn Alrllnei, ............................ Klcclric An, i. Light ................. ........ Klectric Boai Electric Power <tt Light (ienera 1 . Electric General Moiors ..... „ Goodrich .............................................. Goodyear Tire & Rubber ................... Great Northern Railroad pfu ......... .19'i Greyhound Corporation ................... 21 :l « Homi'StakH Mlnlnp ............................ 4.'!'"; International Hiirvestoi- .................... 79% Internal ionn 1 Nickel Can .................... HO Intcrnationp ' Paper ...................... 1!» Internationa! Tel. *- Tel ................ 18Vi .17 'i 38 "4 21 V» 12 l fi u"* 40 182 ! .i 67 Si 15 «i .1:1 40 40 27 «i « ", 31 lo-'i .17 '.« f>l 36 46 l i 92' 4% 41 *i 47 *» Ifllfe 27% 1/16 24 5 ii ld»i 6'4i 69>,i 154 Vii 39 1'i 1 n '•» 4'j 27 ',; 61'% 5074 48' .Inhna-Manville Kennecou Libbey-O\V€; ib-Folcl lllitss Loew's, In:. , Marl In IO. L.) Martin Parr> MrKesao * R.ibhlns , Mnntiromerv Ward Nash Kelvinator National Biscuit , National Cash Register National Dniry Products National Power anO Light New York Central . North American Aviation North American Co Northern Pacific Ohio Oil 1'itc ific tias nnd IClecl nu Packard Motors Pan American Airways Paramount Pictures Penney's Pennsylvania Railroad Pepsi-Cola Phclns Dodge Philip Morrin Phillips Petroleum Public' Service of N. .1 Pullman Radio Corp. of America nacllo-Kelth-Orpheum Rayonier. Inc Republic .Steel Reynolds Tobacco B Schenley Distillery Sear*. Roebuck Shell rnion Oil Socony Vacuum Southern Pacific Southern Railway Sperry Corporation Standard Brands Standard Clns * Electric S4 pfd. Standard Oil of California Standard Oil of Indiana 327-i Standard Oil of New Jersey S3 7 * Studebaker 1JU Texas Company 45 \t Tide Water Associated Oil 14 "i Transamerico 31 Tfc Transamericii & Western Air -H'.ii t.'nlon Oil of California 1ST* Vnlon Pacific lUT'i I'nited Air Lines 317* rnlted Aircraft 31 "» t'nlled Corporation 1'a Tnlted States Rubber r.n'', 1'niled Slaten Steel fiS'i Warner Brothers Pictures 12H Western fnlon Teleftrnph 4S Woolworth 4'*\ Youngstown Sheet !• Tube 39 U 34H r,8 20 Vi II 7 * 18 '« 9 n * 1S'\ It Ifi'i 2B 1 ,* HI "» 4:1 '» 17',it 48 10 ? fc 8V« 10'A Ill .IS rivi 93% l!9 l i 26 "» *-'~ ;l * 29 -4 S'i :t.'. '<. FULL-GROWN young white ducks for sale Phone 7-73CC. 6 NEW HAMPSHIRE chicks every Tuesday $16 per 100. Lenhorns 115. Modest Hatchery. Route 6. Modesto. TWO 4-H Hereford steers, welsh aboti 900 noun'ls, grain fed, In ffocifl shape ti butcher. Choice for 16o pound. Las house on north side of street on Green Acrc-H Drive. Green Acres. 6 FOR SALE—Rabbits, two does and tw hutches. J6. Call 317 H street. Bakers field, on phone 2-1376. FOR SALE—One-5'ear-nld Leghorn hens laying. Yen choose them at 11.50 each I'hone 2-0000. 5 WHITE LEGHORN hens, bean poles, rab bit hutches. electric brooders an chicken eqquiprr.cnt. Phone 3-1883. THREE white does and one buck, tw hutches. 2-2265. 420 Nlles. FOR SALE—About 17 laying hens. 2 veal old. Phone. 2-6891. Dogs and Other Pots FOR SALE—Young warbler canary sing era._ tfi.iO. Phone 2-3787. 5 IRISH SETTETl pups for sale, reasonable Phone 5-5282. ATTENTION. POULTRYMEN! Our Market le Open Pay Tope for Fryers end Roasters Block West of Bait Bakerefleld Post Office llOt Kern Street Dial 2-2458 BRADFORD POULTRY MARKET |BBITS and hutches for sale cheap, blncnln. East Bakersfleld. 612 _JY. SELL or trade, ell klnde of live- T, etock. Phone 2-3022. Roy Johnson. 1 mil* oorth Pumpkin Center, 200 yards east on Hosklns Road. 68 Legal Notlcm i OF SALE OP RK.AI, PROPERTY AT 1'RIVATK 8ALK No. 200.119 In the Superior Court of the State of allfornia, in and for the County of. Los ngelei. In the Matter of the Salute of ALFRED JWARD VENTON, (also known as E. VENTON). Deceased. f-Notlce Is hereby given, that the under- ned, Dorothy Agnes Venton. Admin- ratrlx with the Will annexed ot the ate of said Alfred Edward Venton. de- ksed, will sell at private sale, to the Behest and best bidder, upon the term* conditions hereinafter specified and bject to confirmation by said Superior urt. on and after October 21. 1944. at pr« office of said Administratrix with Will annexed, Rooms 201-2-3-4 Neville tillding. In the City of Monrovia, Call- Irnla. all the right, title, interest and •tale of said decedent in and to all that Main real property described as follows: The East Half of the Kast Half of the orthwest Quarter; the East Half of the rest Half of the Northwest Quarter; the puthwest Quarter of the Northeast Quar- of the Northwest Qunrter; and the outhwest Quarter of the Southeast Quur- »r of the Northwest Quarter, and the Vest 20 feet of the Northwest Quarter •t the Southeast Quarter of the North- vest Quarter, all In Section 11. Township B5 South. Range 26 Kast, Mount Diablo Rase and Meridian, In the County of Kern. State of California, and containing acres, more or less. Term* and conditions of sale are cash, vful money of the United States, on bnflrmation of sale and delivery of deed said Administratrix with the Will .jiexed. [Bald real property will be sold subject I County Taxes for the fiscal year 1944-45 nd subject also to all conditions, reserva- ons, covenants, restrictions, easement*, and rights of way or record, It an]', affect- Ing said real property and subject further a reservation of one-half of all oil, gas, Etroleum and other hydrocarbonate sub[.stances found or undcrylying said land or bat may be produced and saved therefrom. Bids or offers for the purchase of said .1 property must be In writing and will received by said Administratrix with he Will annexed at the office aforesaid at •ny time after the first publication of this police and before the date of sale. L Da ted this 29th day of September. 1!>44. DOROTHY AGNES VENTON. Jminlstratrlx with the Will annexed of the Estate of Alfred Edward Venton. also known as A. E. Venton). deceased. . Dunn & Sturgeon, 201-2-3-4 Neville Blclg.. Monrovia, California. Attorneys for said , Administratrix, C. T. A. [ September 29, October 16 Incl. .OTICG OF HEARINU BEFOKK THE PLANNING COMMISSION Of B THK CITY OF DAKKR8F1EI.U. MOTICB IS HEREBY GIVEN that "hearing will be heard before the _.nnlng Commission of the City of Jkersfleld at 7:30 P. M.. on Wednos- ly, October 25, 1944, In the Council limber In the City Hall of the City Bakersfleld, County of Kern, State allforniu, for the purpose of hearing objections to the petition of the irn County Land Company, a cor- 'atlon, by which said corporation has iltioned to have Section 3 of Ordi- Jice No. 501 New Series of the City JBakersfleld, relating to agricultural lies, amended so as to provide that _ following described areas now ,lhln an A District In the City of Bak- Jfield may be used for the purpose [drilling for and producing oil and gas hd other hydro-carbon substances. Said areas or parcels of land are •re particularly described as follows: Jrea 1—Bhe Southerly boundary shall fe the Northerly line of Twenty- eventh Street produced; the Westerly boundary shall be the City Limits along _lthe Kern River: the Northerly boun- rdary shall be the City Limits of the ::„ of Bakersfleld from the Kern ,$lver lo the point of intersection of paid City Limits with the Westerly .jundary of "(3" Street, and thence along the Westerly boundary of "O" Itreet to the intersection thereof with Westerly boundary of "E" Street _ thence South along the Westerly^ lindary of "E" Street to the tntersec- ,.. thereof with'the northerly line of venty-Mventu rftreet produced. ."-.".:. S—>Th« Southerly boundary ill be the North line of First Street: Westerly boundary shall be the ._ line of the Kern Island Canal been First and Third Streets; the therly boundary shall be the South- line of Third Street and the terly boundary shall be the Wcst- Hn* of "V" Street. IRISH SETTER pupplc-s for sale. Intiulre at 1100 Belle Terrace or phone 6-tl2S(i BLACK Cockor puppies, both male am female. (100 El Prado Drive or phon li-5183. FREE—Two cute kitten Phone 2-9212. B to Blve away. Legal NoticM NOTICE TO APPKAB AND SHOW CAUSE No. 0611C, limit. I In the Superior Court of the Slat* o California, In and (or th» County of Freino In th« Matter of the Application ot C. V HAWKINS, A. J. CUBB8, J. W GUYLBR J. B. WHEBLBH and Q. H REYNOLDS. b«\ng more than one-halt o the total Dumber of the Board of Ol rectora of the CALIFORNIA PEACH A Flo GROWERS, a corporation, former!; CALIFORNIA PKACH GROWERS, for tn dissolution of tald corporation. To all etocktioldere, trust certificate holders, and creditors of tba CALIFORNIA PEACH ft FIO GROWERS, a corpora, tion, formerly CALIFORNIA PEACH GROWERS: You and each of you are hereby notified that on the 16th day of May, 1»44, C. A. HAWI'INS. A. J. COBB, J. W. GUILER. .T. R WHEELER and G. H. REYNOLDS. being more than one-half of th» total number of the Board of Directors «f the CALJ< FORNIA PEACH 4 Fid GROWERS. L corporation. formerly CALIFORNIA PEACH GROWERS, filed their petition in this Court, praylnv that said corporation be dISeolved and Us assets be distributed amonc Its stockholders and trust certificate holders after payment of debts, If any. You are hereby further notified that by order of the Court a hearlnc upon said application will be had before said Rnurl in Department No. 2 In the Courthouse In the County of Fresno. State of California, en the 2nd day ot October, 1944. at 8:30 o'clock a. m. of said day, when and where all persona Interested may appear and show cause. If any they have, why said application ehould not be •ranted. You are further notified that claims of stockholders, trust certificate bolder*, and creditors acalnst the Corporation may be filed at the office of the Corporation located at 611 T. W. Patterson Bulldlnf. Fresno. California, up to the date of saK hearing. At the time ot Mid hearlns the Court will be asked to tlz and determine '.he rlcnte of all etockholdere. trust certificate holders, and creditors and shall distribute the sssetn of the Corporation In accordance! with said ftndlncs. To assure payment to the proper parttei entitled, It l» necessary that all stock and trust certificate" be surrendered to the Corporation at Us office at 111 T. W, Patterson Bulldlnr Fresno, California, prior to he 2nd day of October, 1(44. B. DUSENBKRRT. Clerk. By E. W. BILAND. Deputy Clerk. July 12, *»; Aur I, 12, 11, !•• Sept. 2. 0. II. 21, 10. NOTICE OF FILING REPORT OF BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE IHIKNA VISTA WATKR 8TORAUR DISTRICT, WHERE THE SAME MAY BK INSPECTED. AND THE TIME AND PLACE OF HEARING PRO- blldlnff R. H. HUBBARD. Inspector and Ex-Officlo ril£.nb*r or the Planning Commission the City of Bakerefield, California, this 10th day ot September. 1944. To the Landowner* within the Boundaries of the Duena Vista Water Storage District, and to all other Persons Whom It May Concern; Please take notice that the Board of Directors of the Buena A'lsta Water Storage District has caused to be prepared a report showinsr the stage to which its eald works have been completed and paid for. and the sum or sums that will be required for the maintenance, repair, and operation of said works, and for the conduct and management of the District and Us works, with reasonable particularity, together with the plans and specifications for the work to be done and an estimate of the aggregate cost thereof, a copy of which said report^?, wllh the plans end specifications. Is on file with the Secretary of said Board at the office of said District In Buttonwillow, Kern County, California. Said report may be Inspected by any person Interested and protests against the adoption of said report and the levying of any assessment thereunder may be filed with the Secretary at the said office of the District on or before the 10th day of October. 1944. A public hearing will be held by the Board of Directors at said office of the District on the llth day of October. 1944, at the hour of 10:00 A. M. at which hearing all Protestants will be permitted to appear m person or by any attorney, and present their objection* to such report. If any. The said Board proposes to levy an assessment on the lands within the District on the basic of the report finally adopted and pursuant to the provisions of Section 22 of the California Water Storage District Act. Dated: September !lst. 1944. BOARD OF DIRECTORS * WATER OF THE STORAGE secretiiry ' NOTICE OF INTENTION TO ENOAGK IN THE SALE OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE'S. September 2«, 1944. To Whom It May Concern: Notlre l« hereby given that fifteen day* after the date posted, the underpinned proposes to sell alcoholic beverage* .it these premises; described a a follow*: Northeast corner Intersection Highway 19 and Taft Highway, t mile* south of Bakemllcld. Pursuant to such Intention, the undersigned la applying to the State Board of Equalization for - Issuance of an alcoholic beverage license (or licenses) for these premises a* follow*: On Sat* Beer and Wine license, On Wale Distilled Spirits License, and Off Sal* Distilled Spirit* License. Anyone daiir- Ing to protest the Issuance of such II- cense(s) may file a verified protest wltb tha State Board of Equalisation at Sacramento. California, atatlng ground* for denial a* provided by law. The premises arc now licensed tor the sale of alcoholic beverage*. Sept. 30. ALEXANDER ADRIAN, JAME8 ROT MILLER. 30 Gains Registered at San Francisco SA.V FRANCISCO, Sept. 30. (JP>— The stock market wound up the month with a show of strength In today's short session. There were 30 gains against G losses on sale of 14.292 shares worth $224,212. The exchange average picked up 14 cents to $34.92, Caluveras Cement preferred, an infrequent seller, added 5>i points to 60. Lockheed gained "g to 22 &; Southern California Edison 6V4 preferred and Gallant! each %; Union Oil nnd Anglo Bank, each s ,g: Ryan Aeronautical, Vi to a new high of 4?i, and Transamerica \' a to O'/fc. Southern California Edison 6Vis preferred dipped %. Other losses were in smallest fractions. Storks— Close Aircraft Accessories 6 Calaveras i ement pfd RO Central Euieka li.l!0 frown Zelkrbacli pfd 102% Farnsworth 14'4 Oalland Men lii ',4 Hale Bro- 2.1 % Hawaiian Pineapple 24*;• Leslla SaL 34 Lockheed Aircraft H2 'i Magnavox 8 ly Mesnasco Mfa 1.10 Nstomas Company 10';* North Amor. Invent. f»'.a Pft. pfd fiK'iii Pacific O. * K. C pet. pfd .17'i Rheem Manufacturing 17 1 /* Hyan Aeronautical 4\ Southern rallf. <Ja» pfd. A 36-U Southern Pacific L'SHi SPPIT.V com ;7^» Standard Oil California ;!54i Tide Water Oil 14' t Trannamerira 9'.a fnion Oil California ISTi Western Dopt. Stores 24!4 Lo* AngeiU* Livestock LOS ANGELES. Sept. 30. (ft —Catlle salable for week 11.300; cows and heifers steady to 2i"ie lower, other classe* steady; good steers $14.50^15.25: medium to good $13i5>14; common to medium $10©12.75; medium to good heifers I10.50W14; medium to good cows $10.60® U'.25; cutter nnd common $8.50®10.25; canncrs and cutters J6.75«S>8.25: bulls to $11: Mockers and feeders I7.60iai2.20; few tl3@13.60. Calves eatable for week 3485. SI®! lower: medium to choice calves $10®12.50: one load J12.90. Hogs salable for week 3700: steady; bnlk medium to choice 180-240 His. $15.75; heavier weights at $15; sows $14@15. Sheep salable for week (50; steady: good to choice wooled lambs quoted $13.50(^14; mixed lambs and yearlings $12; medium to good ewea $4.50, Poultry and Eggs LOS AXGBLES. Sept. 30. (UP)—Eggs: Wholesale prices, consumer grade: Large, irrade A 5u®[)6c. grade B 3:!@>35c; medium, grade A 48@50c; small, erade A 21(&'23c. Retail price* to consumer: Large, grade A A «6@68c. grade A «2(S>68r grade B 40@>43c; medium, grade AA 56@>61c, grade A S0@60c; small, grade A 26®32c. Candled graded eggs to retailers (cases): Large, grade AA B8',i ®69c. grade A B6 <6>57c, grade B 36@38c; medium, grade AA 60Q>»2c. grade A 480i5!c; small, grade A 24i9>27c. Butter unchanged at ceilings. Sugar Shares Up on N. Y. Stock Market NEW YORK, Sept. 30. <UP>— Stocks hardened In the short session today as aircraft, airline and sugar shares moved moderately higher. The demand for alrcrafts reflected new indications this week of a good postwar future for the plane producers. A developing shortage in sugar In retail stores hns brought buying into shares of eugar companies while the mercanlile shares rose to new ]»44 highs on continued heavy retail sales. A factor in rising store sales has heen the steady advance in monetary circulation, which climbed another $100,000,000 the past week. Gains in the aircraft group generally were fractional with new highs for the year noted in Douglas, Consolidated-Vultee, Grumman, and United. North American Aviation equalled Its top for the year. Airline shares also firmed moderately. Apart from a small dip in Chrysler, the entire motor group was up. Steels were steady. Nickel Plate preferred ran up a point in an otherwise quiet rail group. Bucyrus-Erie rose >/4 point to a new high in the rail equipments. Preliminary closing Dow-Jones averages: Industrials 146.69, up 0.38; railroads 40.93, up 0.21; utilities 24.88, up 0.08; 65 stocks 52.57, tip 0.17. Sales totaled 502,290 shares compared with 311,910 last Saturday. Curb turnover was 156,874 shares against 123,690 last Saturday. Cotton Future* NEW YORK. Sept. 30. UP)— Cotton futures rallied aa much as 95 cents a bale today following announc-ement of details on the Commodity Credit Corp- pot-Htion purchase program. Trade and commission house buying mnt only scale up hedge selling, al- IhouBh gains were pared by subsequent profit taking. Futures closed 45 to 85 cpnla a bale higher. October 22.14. December 22.US, March 22.13. May 22.14. July 21.93. Middling spot 22.55 nominal. Government Bonds NEW YORK. Sept. .10. OP)—The closing prices of bonds on the New York Stock Exchange: Treasury 2'is, fin-54, June 100 8. 2'«s. (!9-fl4. Dffpmher 100 6. S '.-> K, 72-S7. 100 16. Bail Set at S3000 for Accused Escapee Charged with escaping from the road camp, Ynocencia Gonzales Sen- ohui had his preliminary examination yesterday in Judge Stewart Magee's Sixth Township Court. He was held to answer. Bail was set at $3000, which was not furnished. Charged with four counts of burglary against Sherry's Liquor store, Frank Gordon Lamond was arraigned and had his preliminary examination. He waa held to answer with bail set at $3000. Case was dismissed against Harron House, charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Insufficient evidence was given as the reason for dismissal. On the request of the complaining witness, the case was dismissed against Ethel Brown, charged with three counts of child desertion. Cloudiness, Rain in Mountains Forecast The weather forecast for the farmers of the southern San Joaquin ,'alley, as prepared by the United states weather bureau in co-operation with the Kern county farm adviser's office of the agricultural ex- ension service, is reported to be: "Slowly decreasing cloudiness today, with light showers on the north slope of the mountains. Fair weathes is expected Sunday and Uonday with a maximum temperature of 80 and a minimum at niaht of 50 to 55 degrees. The moderately ilgh humidity will gradually become ower, reaching a mean of 30 per cent by Monday. This Weather wtll urther slow cotton maturity. High •esterday was 84 degrees and low oday Is expected to be 56." Notlc«« HUE? A V18TA WATER STORAGE Buttonwillow, California Notice ii hvreby «lv«n th«t an IntUII-, Intrreit on AiMMnVcnt No. 1 of lent of In he Bucna Vlnta Water Storm* Dlitrlct In ha ainoun. of 13,7174Sft o* th/i balance of he Interei: accrued thereon and unpaid rom July 1. 1S2B. to October 1, 1844. I* ayubla within thirty (10) day* from Octo- er 1, 1944. by all aaicaaed landowners of aid Dlatrloi In tb* County,,,of Kern, State t California, to the Treasurer of Kern • unty. All or any part of aald Installment ot ntereat whUh remain* unpaid on the 10th ay of October, 1844 will be delinquent, ogetber with accrued Intereat thereon, with en per cent (10ft) of auch Installment and ntereat thereon added aa penalty. Dated: September if. 1*44. PRAMX U. WILK80.V. •i. .. - ..Tr«*»urer of Kern County, ept. 30, Oct. 7, H. Defective Heater Causes $500 Blaze Sparks from a defective water heater started a $500 fire at a house owned by Robert Sawyer and occupied by T. U Prator at 2104 North Inyo street, Friday at 1:53 p. m., according to reports from the county fire department. At Mojave two mattresses in a garage were set on fire by a careless smoker at,a loss of $10, Friday at 6:28 p. m., reports state. Owner of the garage Is unknown. A trash fire at the Peacock Dairy, Twenty-second and I streets, at 4:CO p. m., and a small blaze at the M. O. Johnson Oilfields Service Corporation at Twenty-eighth street and Chester avenue at 0:45 p. m. were reported by the city fire department, No damage was done by either. Potluck Dinner Slated byJ>J. A. TAFT, Sept. 30.—A politick dinner at C:30 p. m., on October 9, will begin activities of the fall season tor the High School P. T. A., according to plans made at a board meeting recently. A question box will be in evidence and the speakers of the evening, Eugene M. Johnston, superintendent, and Miss Eloise Smith, dean of girls, will tuke care of the answers. Mrs. A. Woolens, legislation chairman for the P. T. A., will also be on the program. For the dinner, to which all members of the family are Invited, the mothers are asked to bring the vegetable dishes, salads and desserts. Money Is being collected from the teachers for the meat dish. InsuranceChieTWill Be Honoredat Dinner Horace S. Beckman, superintendent of the Minnesota Mutual Life Insurance' Company,' will be honored at a dinner for valley representatives of the company- on Monday at 7 p. m. at Hotel Padre. Mr. Becklmm, visiting from St. Paul, Minn., accompanied »Earl Parker, local agency manager, on a tour of the valley for Inspection of the area. Mr. Parker will be host at the dinner. The insurance superintendent will at 1:15 thin morning at Nineteenth writers' Association at a luncheon meetliur Tuesday noon at Hotel El ~ mp Air Arguments on Ration Board Consolidation tinp nut "A" bunks recently wns accomplished bec.'insc volunteer workers stayed at the board until midnight to do the job. Double Bus Sorvirc "The double bu? service to Kast Bnkei-sfield makes it the logical location for the consolidated boards. Mnny persons from the Cas.i Loma and Brtindage I^nne nrea now use the board. "Outside of the 1C,000 persons served by the Oildale board. East Bakersfield is an Ideal location. "The East Bakersfleld bonrcl now serves clear east to the Arvln board boundaries that may in time be reincorporated. "The mall service is exceedingly slow on rationing nnd. uwunlly, I have from three 1 to six cases of ration books lost in the mall. The mailmen are overburdened and have difficulties of their own to face. "Foolish to Move" Mrs. C. X. Fuller, -12'M L,indora street, said, "In my opinion it is foolish to move the ration board to the fairgrounds because of the transportation difficulties. You \vill have crowds of people agnin with no service. Our volunteers will refuse to go to work at the fairgrounds." Mrs. Sadie Safford, 51 !l Niles street: "I think the board should be left in East Bakorafield. I think East Bakersfleld now serves the greatest number of people. The fairgrounds is a long way to go on a bus nnd the transportation service is poor." Itoliert Cottom, "Naturally I would rather have the board In East Bak- rrsfieid, because it's on my way home. It. would bo better located there, than at the fairgrounds. Mrs. A. E. Herrald, L'PiT Flower street, "if the boards are to be consolidated, it would be better to have the board in Bakersfield. Almost everyone has to go into Bakersfield anyway and It Is more convenient than the fairgrounds. However, If the fairgrounds is more central for everyone, J s ippose it should be at the fairgrounds. Living in East Bakersfield, naturally 1 find the East Bakersfield board location more convenient for me where It is." Continued on Pago Eleven Russell Taylor, chairman of the Oildale ration board, said today: "The fairgrounds Is equl-distant from nil of the present boards. We serve :!2,onn persons in Oildale. We do not like to see the matter become one of controversy. A survey was made by Floyd B. Cope, district OP"A board operations executive for J. H. Farrior, district director, and he selected the fairgrounds site and gakerstfiilfj Californian Soturdoy, Scptembtr 30,1944 ] J CHECK ON CHILD CAHNERS WIN MKERSSLATED STRICT SUPERVISION OF LABOR LAWS SET A vigilant supervision of tho. employment oC nil school children in Kern rounly in co-operation with tlie asked for^ tho co-op<?ration of tlie j stale labor commission is now heiiiK undertaken, nororiiinK to tho division of rhilcl welfnrt; and auomlnnre in the cjffic'p of Loo B. Hart, county su- Board of Supervisors. "The amount needed to fix up the fairgrounds building would merely amount to a year's rent for the Kast Bakersfield board's present site, and the county would benefit from having an improved building. Money will he needed to fix the East Bakersfleld board, too, so T fed, it is much more economical to use the fairgrounds building. Cut Down Expenses ''Our volunteers will go with us to VICTORYPRIZES FAIR MANAGEMENT TELLS VICTORS IN COMPETITIOK A list of exhibitors . whose pro- ( esscd foods won ribbons and cash premiums was announced today by the management of the Fifteenth , Dlstrlot Agricultural .Association.! sponsors of the 19-H Victory Foods' the fairgrounds OPA is consolidating to cut down expenses and fewer paid employes will be needed with one board." Clarence C. Karns. Oildale businessman, said. "I think that if the boards are going to be consolidated, (lie fairgrounds is the logical location and much more central than East Bakersfield. During the day, the traffic on buses to Oildale is not nearly so heavy as It Is to East BaU- erst'leld and the parking space at the fairgrounds Is much better. We should get away from paying rent on a building and the repairs to a county building at the fairgrounds would be a permanent Improvement to county property." .More Central Mrs. Stanley Singleton, past-president of the Xorth-oC-the-River Women's Service Club, "The fairgrounds is the better place for the new ration board. H is more central to get to. I use the buses and I find using the Oildale bus is much easier than using the buses to East Bakersfleld as the latter are usually crowded." The new location of the ration board will probably lie decided on Monday at the County Board of Supervisors' meeting. All ]ilru-cs of employment, including tho harvest Holds, will |,e c-hockod and all in-ogularitirs regarding minors illegally employed, will he reported to the proper prosecuting authorities. "There is on the list Springer, 2 firsts, a second and third; Patricia Jelletlch, a first and' a second: Florence Bartel, 10 firsts, •I sc-c onds and a third: Norma. Mills, Wasco, 3 firsts and a second. The i no desire to ! above exhibitors were 4-H competi-i deprive j , ors- v \ farmers nnd other employers of the I T service of youthful workers legally 1 e oppn d ' v 'sion awards went: ' ' to Mrs. B. K. Harmon. 14 firsts, a| second and fi thirds: Mrsr. Charles L. employed," the announcement stated, "but every effort will bo made to Russian Use of U. S. Port Is Revealed SEATTLE, Sept. 30. Iff)—Operation by the Soviet government of a naval base on American soil and its use as a rendezvous port for shipment of cargoes and refueling of Russian armed vessels was reported tonight in a copyright article in the Post-Intelligencer. The article by Mel Meadows, a staff reporter, said the revelation that Russian armed vessels were being based at and operated out of an "American port" under Russian command was made to the paper by Representative Warren G. Magnuson (D-Wash.) Magnuson, ranking Pacific coast member of the House naval affairs committee, was quoted as saying that he had learned "only recently" of Russian operations in the American port, although they had been conducted .secretly for the last 15 months. JUOTA STRESSED N SEAL SALES GOAL MUST BE REACHED, KERN OFFICER STATES Survey of Local Rat Condition Slated G. W. Promo, county sanitarian, lias written Edward T. Ross, chief of the state bureau of sanitation and rodent control, requesting a survey of rat and rodent conditions in Bakersfield. An intensive rat eradication program is being planned, the sanitarian says. Bubonic plague has been present among squirrels in Kern county for several years, Mr. Premo says. He adds that there is danger of the plague spreading to the rats and rom them to humans. Two cases of bubonic plague have been reported in the northern part of the state during the past year, according to the state bureau of sani- ation. Colored Club to Meet atG.O.P.Office Members of tho Dewey-Bricker ilub for Colored Workers will meet his evening at 7 o'clock In Hepubli- an headquarters at 1709 Chester .venue, according to announcement if the chairman, John K. Ward. A irogram will be planned and work eviewed by members of the execu- ive committee. Executive committee members in- lude Mesdames Ruth Crawford, uth Wilkison, Helen Goodwin, adle Booker, Tillie Huston, Dan Jatts, Victoria Blackwell, Plna Barnes and W. S. Storey and Messrs. Dan Baits, Robert Davis, Richard Hailey and Bugesris. the Reverend J. S. Kern Prisoner Burned in San Quentin Row Isaac Edwards, 23-yeur-old prisoner at San Quentin, mTving a sentence as a forger upon a conviction of charges made in Kern county, may lose his eyesight, it was reported from the prison today by Warden Clinton T. Duffy. A fellow prisoner hurled a pint jar of lye solution into Edwards' face in the course of an argument. Sam Williams, 36, an Alameda county robber, the assailant, was placed In solitary confinement, the warden said. Edwards is In the prison hospital with severe face burns. The lye was to be used as a cleanser and a disinfectant. The entire Kern county quota of $26,000 in Christmas Seal sales must be raised if the Kern County Tuberculosis Association is to carry on its work in 1945, O. W. Treide, treasurer of the association, told sales committee members recently. The seal sale begins November L'O and continues until Christmas. The $21,750 raised last year was used for the following services: A total of 45 showings of 11 different films wns made to an audience of more than 15,000 persons. Approximately 2128 posters and 8738 pieces of literature were purchased and distributed. An extensive school program was maintained in addition to an X-ray survey of 3439 high school students, industrial workers, civilian employes of Minter Field, Gardner Field, Lockheed Aircraft Company and other Kern county industrial plants. "Our seal quota this year corresponds exactly with our 1945 need,' Mr. Treide continued. "Christmas Seal money is conscientiously budgeted and is spent with great cnre. If the entire quota is not collected It will mean curtailing services which are essential to the welfare of our communities. The 1945 program includes all services carried on last year and additional rehabilitation work," he went on. Kern County Tuberculosis Association office is at 1825 H street. Lieut. John Brock Is 20-30 ClubSpeaker Ouest speaker at the Twenty- Thirty Club meeting -Thursday at noon at Hotel Ki Tejon wns Xaval Lieutenant John Brock, who told of liis travels around the world on a Liberty ship. Guests nt the meeting were Lieutenant Munroc Brown, Dick Clark, Al Gregory, Gregory Malofy, of the Shaffer Twenty-Thirty; A. R. Arnold and Howard Elinson. Tuesday evening the Bakersflekl group will be the guests of the Siiaf- ter club at a dinner-dance at Shafter motel. children.' All employers are warned that the Saturday and vacation work permit, form No. B-S, is not valid during hours of the day when srliool la In session. This permit will, however, allow school children to work late afternoons providing they have been in attendnncu at school on that particular day. "It is essential that tlie employer know whom he is employing and Unit the proper permit lins lieen issued. Failure on his part may not only result in prosecution for viola- lion of thc> state labor laws, but may lay him liable to an expensive lawsuit in the event an employe Is injured," according to the announcement. Attention was drawn to the fact that the school child, his parents, and his employer are subject to arrest nnd prosecution for failure to comply with provisions of the state law. In releasing the announcement, Mr. Hart stated. "Sincere co-operation on tho part of the employer and the parent will Ijelp our children conform to regulations and to gain the advantages offered through full time attendance. All local school authorities are nlways glad to co-operate with employers in meeting needs for student lahor." their OPA Lifts Premium From Shell Sales Local hunters no longer need pay a 25 per cent premium for animitfrii- West Side Residents Attend Launching A delegation of West Side residents, headed by Supervisor A. W. Noon, chairman of the board, were In Sansnlito today to attend the formal launching of the tanker, "S.S. Buen.i Vi.sta Hills," at the northern point this evening. The tanker, one of a series named in honor of Kern county oilfield developments, will be launched promptly at 8 o'clock this evening. Construction of the series of "Hills" tankers named for Kern county was started several months ago and the. first ship to be launched was tho "S.S. Elk Hills." A largo delegation of Kern county residents from the West Side and tho Bakersfield area went north to participate in the event. The most recent launching of anothre of the series wns the "S.S. Antelope Hills." which was attended by S. F. Bowlby, divisional manager of the Shell Oil Company, and Manager Emory Gay Hoffman of the Kern County Chamber of Commerce. The Shell Company sunk the discovery well In the Antelope % aroa. Thoso going north for this evening's launching included: Supervisor and Mrs. Noon nnd their daughter, Miss Prances; Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wenzel and A. B. N'ewhy, all of Taft. and Judge J. K. Anderson of Maricopa. protect the Interest of school nge Tn "m>'is, 5 firsts, 11 seconds and 4 third awards: Mrs. Lloyd Howell, 2, firsts and a third; Dora Peterson, a I third: Verna L.. Bennett, a first; 1 Mrs. Ha7 C l !>ahl, a second; Mrs. L. R.! Denison. 2 firsts and a third. The list continues with Mrs. E L. ' Thompson, 'l firsts, 3 seconds and.- 1 a third: Selina Bartell. 5 firsts It- seconds. 3 thirds: Mrs. Al Bailey.i fehachapl. I 1 seconds and a. third; Louise Sandrinl. 2 firsts and a third; Mrs. R. M. Mills. Wnsco. 2 firsts, 4 seconds and 2 third prizes; Mrs. (..harles L. Jobe, 3 seconds and 31 third premiums: Mrs. Esther M.) Minner. two firsts and a third;' Xortna Mills, Wasco. 2 third awards, i Airs. Ruth E. Phair was awarded' - firsts and 3 seconds: Elsie A. Not-i tlngham gathered 5 firsts, a second! and 2 third prizes: Mrs. J. A. Free-' man, 2 firsts and a second; Mrs. O. C. Parriott, a first: Ruth H. Bennett, two firsts: Mary Ironside, of Te« harhapl. a second: Mrs. R. B. Maples, 2 firsts and a second; Margaret H. Minetti, a third, and Mrs. Joe Holley a second. There were 202 products entered In the open class and 25 in the 4-Hj class. Of these. 45 took firsts in' (lie open class, 43 took seconds and.! 32 took thirds. In the 4-H group, 16 first prizes were awarded, 8 sec-- ond prizes and 1 third prize. Canned' vegetables led In number of pro.) ducts entered, with canned fruit get-i ting the majority of first, second- and third prizes. Farm Machinery Off RationList Rationing of farm machinery in Kern county ended Thursday, Sep. tember 28, it was announced today by J. R. Bright, chairman of the local Agricultural Adjustment Agency. In a release from the state AAA committee it was stated that War Food Order 14 has been revoked and that all items except corn pickers are removed from rationing and distribution control. Mr. Bright pointed out that track type tractors are controlled by War Production Board Order L-53 and have never been distributed under the machinery rationing order, WFO-14, so that applications for releases will still have to be made for this type of equipment. "This action is In line with the AAA policy of removing wartime' rationing control when It U no longer essential," Bright declared. He said that applications and purchase certificates are no longer needed to secure delivery for such items as manure spreaders, power mower, side delivery rakes, pickup balers and wheel tractors, which, upi to now, have been under county quotas. Buttonwillow Gin Begins Operations Buttonwillow Cotton Gin at Buttonwillow has begun operating, being: one of the first eins in Kern county to begin the full season, according to J. B. Nielsen, assistant manager of the California Cotton Co-operative Association, announced today. Mr. Xlc'lscn said that tho rest of tlie gins in the county will probably begin operating on Monday. Ho also added that there has been no labor shortage in the Buttonwillow area so far; however, the exact labor situation will not be known until picking is more extensive. Ray Jarrard, of Old lliver, was the first to report ginning of the 1U44 cotton crop in Kern county. Tho crops ginned in Mr. Jarrard's machine wore grown in the southern part of tlie valley near Panama. WHISKY TAKKX Rosa Ellen Thomas, charged with theft <>f a pint of whisky from a owned by Lieutenant P. USO Council Will Sponsor Broadcast Bakersfield USO council will sponsor a broadcast tonight at 9 o'clock from Station KEHN with a novelty program. Following the buffet supper at the hall on Sunday night, a variety show will be presented by enter- tainerv from the Medern School of the Dance, through the courtesy of Mrs, Evelyn PenUer. The program will begin at 7:45 p. m. Dr. H. U laKoff will act an master of ceremonies. Motion pictures will be shown following the variety ahow. Restrictions Lifted on CottageCheese WASHINGTON, .Sept. ;iO. tcP)~All restrictions on the output of cotUiye, put and baker's cheese were lifted today by the War Food Administration. Quotas for other dairy by-products such as buttermilk and milk chocolate drinks remain at 1UO per cent of the June, 194:!, levels. FIRST SNOW FALLS CHICAGO, Sept. 30. (JP>— The first snqw of the season fell in the western half of -the nation today, the weather bureau reporting below- freezing temperatures and snow In' the central section of Montana. Snow waa reported In Great Falls, Ijiv- IngBton and Havre. CHILDREN IN CUSTODY Eleven children, all 16 years and under, were taken into custody last night for violation of the curfew law. They were on the streets after midnight. They were turned over to their parents, according to Police Chief Robert Towers and Chester streets by It. J. Garcia. Patrolman .Sheelt;y, and tiible.spoons. teaspoons ,. ii i i ,, , ; " 1(l " teacup owned by the Bamboo tion sold In loss than box lots, the I chopsticks ,- Pwt uiirant, was arrested Office of Price Administration an- at l;ir. this morning at Nineteenth nounced today. Hereafter, the OPA said, the maximum price for single- shells will be determined by dividing the box price by the number of shells in a standard box. , The agency also announced that it has fixed dollars and cents ceilings for B!) additional typos of ammunition recently released for sale, to civilians. Postwar Projects to Occupy Plan Group Kern County Planning Commission will meet Monday night at 7 i. m. at the commission offices In the courthouse, according to Com- nissioner Chester James. Probable topics of discussion will nclude consideration of a list of 385 jo-stwur projects and decision as to the most desirable to be presented .u the Board of Supervisors, and dis- .•usslon of the advisability of setting up a five-man district boundaries -•ornmission, Mr. James said. Marine Flier Killer in Gardner Crash A marine r'lior. Lieutenant Harold P. MoFann, was killed Thursday morning when his plane crashed in a takeoff from Gardner Field at Taft, according to reports from the Kern county coroner's office. Lieutenant McFann was stationed at El Toro Marine Base near Santa Monica. He made an emergency landing at Gardner Field Wednesday night nfter his plane developed en- Bine trouble, the coroner's office stated. OBITUARY NOTICES .S.-U'AKKK. I.KW'IS—l.-mu-ral .sorviut;s for l."Wi.* Suu:nez of Pclunn hiivo bcru si't lor 9 a. in. Monday from St. Maiy'B Ciillicilic.. ciiui-c.-li cif Dvlann with the Rev- CMCIK! Father I'aliifk l.eckly. pariah IMHSI. cii fu. uuiiiB. IntcniK'nt will ho In lllc> UcMiinn c-onu-tc'ry. Kosary services will t).- al S |». in. Sunday at the Mull of lln- .Mcxiian Honorary e..'omnii«sion. 701 l-'rernont stieei, Wont IVhino. Mr. Kalian/., u tiativf. of Mexico, anil 66 .veuiH old. i|ie,| SFptemher 27 In a Itak- ericflc-lil hospital. Hi> was employed nt Ihe SICI-I-H Vista runxh of the DK.IIOI-KIO Fruit c'ouioralion. Ho had resided m c 'iiliforma Tor ihu past !il years. FIKLIIS, K. S.—Funeral services for It. S. l-'i"liln. tij u h i died Sr-pieinbei- J:* at a local huMpitill. will be hold October 2 ftt 10 a. ni. at Ihe tlopscm Mortuary, the Itevcrc.u. H. C. Barrett officiating. In- lerment will lie In (;reenla\vci Memorial I'ark. Mr. Fields wa» a member of the Ymeland (JrallKo mid WHfr-dctivp in farm- IIIK in Arvin fur '21 years. He is sur- vived l).v ilia widow. Mrs. Ophelia Fields.- Arvin; BOMS. Churles Fields. Bakersfleld; Jnim M. Fields, aeabeei*: daughters, Mr«. Walter .V Smith. Bakerafleld; Mra. Henry M. Fortn field. Arvin; Mrs. L. L. Mtisi;rovo. Edison; grandchildren. Joy Fields and Pntsy S'leldg Bakersfltld: Mrs. D. K. Ro.-kwood. Taft; Jack LyncJl. F.dison; Mrs. Harry Goodman and Mr«. KrncBt Melone. Bakerstield: Richard Portnrileld. Prank Porterfleld. Henry Lea J'orterfK'k'. Uruce Porterfleld, Jimmy I'orterfleld. Dorothy Porterfleld ao4 diaries Portcrfield. all of Arvln. TOW.VSEXD. JfOV UIAVK — Funeral services for Judy Diane Tnwnaend, Infant dunghlrir of Mr. and Mr*. Wlllard K. Tcnvnaend, HO Hopkins «treet. who died September L'g at a local hospital. were hold September 30 at 10 a. m. at lireunlawn Chapel, the Revtrtnd Dillon IV. Throikmortop ofllc-latinr. Interment was in tin Rubyland section of Gr««n- laivn Mumorlal Park. Surviving th« baby, besides her parents. ar« a twta sister .loan Marie Townsend. UNION 7 CEMETERY Furnishes MONUMENTS FLOWEK CONTAINERS GKAVE MAKKEKS AT LOWEST PRICES Office Within the Grounds Monumental Display at Cemetery Entrance Phone 7-7185 Flickinger-Digier CHAPEL Distinctive funeral Service at Moderate Cort MIOIM 7-7MI Chester Avenue at Thirteen** AMBULANCE SERVICE «t DAY and MGKT

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