The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 12, 1936 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Saturday, September 12, 1936
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^fi^s^-ps*^^ EDITION COMPLETE ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE THE LEADING NEWSPAPER OF THE SOUTHERN SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY KILL AND EXCLUSIVE UNITED PRESS REPORT VOL. XLVI 12 PAGES BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 19,16 TWO SECTIONS No. 37 .TROOPS BLOODY CONFLICT * * * # * * * -MERRIAM SAYS Alice Marble Wins Tennis Title at Forest Hills by Outpointing Helen Jacobs Governor Says Stale to Do Nothing Until Is Asked by County COWBOY VIGILANTES Reardon Watching State of Affairs in Area for His Office (United Prcts Leased Wire) OACRAMENTO, Sept. 12. —The ^ state will not Interfere In the Salinas strike unless county au thorltles request help, Governor Frank P. Morrinm said today. "There Is nothing much the ornor can do In a case like Oils un less he receives a request from the local authorities," Merrlam said. "Tim Reardon (Timothy A. Reardon, director of tho state department of Industrial relations) "Is down thero watching the situation and will report dovelopements to me. He has had conferences with both sides. Tho governor pointed out that ho hud no authority to call out the national guard to quiet strikes unless tho sheriff of tho county asked for troops and It Is apparent that tho,lon ha,4, advanced bey«nd.,4iio sheriff's control. • State< officials dldf however, order GO highway patrolmen to Sa- Unas 1 for the r primary purpose -of Udping traffic moving In the strike area. Most of the patrolmeifwcre taken from details at tho state fair. "Our only Interest; is to keep highway traffic moving smoothly," 1C. Raymond Cato, chief of the patrol, said. "We are not taking any liand in the dispute." PUT OFF FLIGHT TILL TOMORROW (Atioclatcd l'rr,t» Leafed Wire) I IVERPOOL, England, Sept, 12. L Heavy rain and strong westerly winds caused Harry Richman and Dick Merrill, American transatlantic flyers, to postpone their return flight to New York today. The time for the takeoff was set tentatively for dawn Sunday. Their plane, the Lady Peace, was returned to its hangar after half of a heavy load of gasoline had been removed to prevent undercarriage from being strained. Post-Mortem Ordered by Police After Foul Play Reported LOS ANGELES. Sept. 32.— Funeral plans for Mrs. Anna Powell Crookshank, 78, wealthy principal In a sensational divorce trial three months ago, were disrupted today by a police Investigation of her death. Detective Captain Blalne Steed ordered a post-mortem examination of tho body and summoned several per- LATE BULLETIN KOHKST IIILJUS, N. Y., Sept. 12. (U. I'.)—Bain Interrupted tho U. 8. national Hlnglon title match between Donald Budge, of Oakland, and Fred Perry of England, today. Tho rain started at 4:25 p. in., eastern daylight thno. Itudgc had won the first set, 6-2, and was trailing five gaums to two in the second. (AtHoclatcd Preis Loaned Wire) TfOREST HILLS, N. Y., Sept. 12.— •I- Helen Jacobs' four-year rolgn an United States singles tennis champion came to an end today as sho was beaten In the final of tho tournament by Alice Marble of San Fran Cisco, at 4-6, 6-3, 6-2. Tho 23-year-old San Francisco i player, who wan forced out. of com- i petition when she became 111 during | tho 1934 French hard court chain- plnoshlps In Paris, turned In ono of tho cleverest performances in tho history of the championship as sho spiked Miss Jacobs' ambition to become tho first playor to win the title flvo years In a row. .Miss Marble fooled everybody, including Miss Jacobs, who had watched her performances In tho early rounds of the tournament. They wero far below the devastating form she displayed in winning from the Berkeley, Calif., veteran, who won the All-Kiigland championship at Wimbledon this year. By virtue of her decisive victory. Miss Marble not only will have, her name Inscribed 'on the championship trophy, but laid a good foundation ,for—her-oialm--to«the • No. 1 > national ranking for this year. POLlfilAS GET ATTENTION Is Wildly Cheered When Addresses Youths in Large Stadium PREDICTS CONQUEST Dictator Says Lands to Be Economic Wealth of Germany (Coprrllht. Idill. by AuoclalKl Proul TVfUKNBERCi, Sept. 12.—SuggOBt- of Russia's rich GUARD SHEDS OK iCIS COMPANY SALINAS, Sept. 12. (U. P.) — Vigilante cowboys, dressed In wild west regalia and armed with guns and lariats, today guarded the Valley Ice Company sheds in momentary anticipation oC violence between striking lettuce pickers and strikebreakers. Shippers constructed a fence protection' around the ice company grounds with tlio announced intention of loading lettuce in defiance of tlio 5000 members of the Km It and Vegetable Growers Union who struck two weeks ago, tying up the fall harvest of this largest producing area of tho United States. The union declared any lettuce shipped from tho plant would bo labelled "hot" by organized Workers throughout the country and would not be handled. Representatives of tho union today were to leave for Chicago, New York, 'Philadelphia, Tort Worth, Baltimore, St. Louis, Kansas City and other terminal points to "acquaint" union affiliates with conditions in Salinas and persuade them to boycott lettuce from the Sallnas- Watsonvillo district. OUR REGULAR MONDAY FEATURE Local Store Specials Sponsored by 32 ADVERTISERS Apti Tfrmlu Cnrnpinv, A>h A Aih. Mrt. BurttxTi Dlnlni noom. Cltr l^ir- cnltmV roraptnv, H»rt7 Cboy atom. i Drink-0-I/tok. Jlmmr Dunn, Fraior'i T»m»U OrotUi. lltrrv KntdtU IOIM, Srtratt Joc?«. KHn>r R*n>«. K»m noofln». Leo'i Bxrtuilra rur Shop. (f»m MOM, Utawr ruraltun Stan. Mr. Md Mn. (Mt. MeX»ute. Oaral Molflr, . Norm B»uty Shop. Ow«n« V»ri«t» Star*. .. roi>*l nimitiin ticb»D»«. Ptitf BMutjr B*loo. Kirk IU«linil Cr«un«y. SuU Ik WtUict. Kt. VTwcU C>f«, Sun Hnort- irui lUrUr kod llwuty H*lon. Trout- nin'i let CTMOI Hbop. Unufi Muttt ud AppUtan Start, WUi* spot Uu- k*t. noy WhlU IPunltun Stwt. Wtckn- «bun SHOP AS YOU PLKASK DO IT WITH BASK BUY TUESDAY Intimations of foul play. j In a divorce suit brought by 85- | year-old David C. Crookshank. re- j :lred rancher, Mrs. Crookshank was i accused of Intimacies with Thaddcus | Plckens, 21. Both Mrs. Crookshank and Plckons denied tho charges. The divorce was refused. Captain Steed said his principal in- tormant was Mrs. Grace Campbell of Newport Beach, friend of tho dead woman, who understood uho had addressed letters to 10 acquaintances, to bo opened after her death. The letters aro purported to be mysteriously missing, Steed said. ^ ,+. Prominent Man HangsSelf, N. Y. (Antedated Leaned Wire) NEW YORK, Sept. 12.—The body of John Langdon Lelghton, 39, socially prominent clubman, was found hanging early today from a bathroom clothes hook In a hotel (Petor Cooper) by his brldo of three weeks when she entered from an adjoining bedroom. Mrs. Lelghton pushed at tho door when her husband failed to answer her call, and when sho discovered. II!H body her screams brought a hou>l employe to her assistance. A belt was fastened about Lelghton's neck. A physician and ambulance crow sought for moro than an hour to revive Lelghton. Lelghton was a son of the lato Gcorgo Bridge Lelghton and Mrs. Ixjlghton of Boston and TInnipstcad, N. T. He was an ensign on tho staff of Roar Admiral William 8. Sims, comma'nder of tho American Heads for Maine in Speaking Tour; Groups Endorse Roosevelt naval forces World War. graduate. overseas. He was during the u Harvard Knox Starts Rest, Yellowstone Park (United Prcn Lentcd Wire) Aboard Knox Campaign Train, Sept. 12.—Frank Knox, Republican vice-presidential nominee, started a week end of rest and relaxation In Yellowstone National Park today after carrying his party's campaign into three states since Wednesday morning. Knox addressed thousands of persons from the rear platform of hto special train and ut night rallies in St. Paul, Minn., Rapid City, S, D.. and Casper, Wyo. Monday morning he will invade Montana on his tray to a tour on the Pacific coast. At Casper last night, with United States Senator Robert D. Carey and other state, candidates on the platform, Knox asserted that American progress "has not much more than started" nnd said that "there i« still a frontier"' for "pioneering" Americans. He continued his attacks upon the' Roowvolt admlnlslration's (Atioeiatcd I'reiis Leased Wire) Governor Alf M. Landon sped across tho northeast corner of tho country today, headed for the closing rally o£ tho Republican stato campaign In Maine. He will speak at Portland tonight. On Monday Maine voters will chooso a senator, governor and members of the national House of Representatives. As the Republican presidential nominee spent the day campaigning, his Democratic opponent. President Roosevelt worked at his desk In tho White House, he planned a cruise down tho Potomac tonight. From Chicago came word that an organization of self-styled liberals had launched a campaign for Mr. Roosevelt's re-election. Composed of representatives of political, labor and agricultural organizations, the groups appealed to all "progressive minded" voters to support tho Presl dent. Senator Robert M. La^Fol lette was chosen chairman of the organization. »• » Los Angeles Dark for Brief Period fAmociated Pre-tit Lea ltd Wire) LOS A NO ISLES, Sept. 12.—A mys- teriouspower failure threw largo parts of Los Angeles Into darkness early today, silenced radio stations, stopped electric clocks, set off burglar systems and halted machinery In Industrial plants for periods ranging 7 to 28 minutes. Tho failure wafl attributed Indirectly to a mishap at the Seal Beach plant of the Los Angeles Gas & lOlec- trlc. Company. J. O. Barlow, chief engineer of tho company, said tho failure was caused by a sudden Increase, In load of tho line serving the Southern Sierras Power Company In Imperial valley. Thla "robbed" tho magnetic field In a big generator and It ceased to function, he said. Cause of tho Increase was not explained. 4 « * agricultural lands to tho oast, Adolf Hitler today said Germany would triumph over Russia, "If tho hour over comes" when tho two nations face each other across a battlefield. In a few words, ho painted a picture of the plenty which such acquisition would bring in contrast with Qcrmnny's present difficult struggle against the raw matorlal! shortage. j Describing the Soviet surplus of | Innd and materials, ho declared "I ; am not In tho fortunate position of i the Soviet Jews. Novorlheless, Germany's problem must bo solved. "There is no such thing as saying It cannot bo done. It can bo done because It must be done. . ,"acrma.ny jnxust, live!" , "LeY him-carry his Soviet star," the German chancellor told a Cheering crowd of 80,000 young Naxls. "We will conquer in the sign of tho swastika," (Hitler referred (o tho black and red swastika emblem of Nazi Germany and the five-pointed red star of Soviet Russia.) "If tho hour ever comes when our old adversary makes an attempt upon us," the fuehrer told tho picked delegations of Junior Nazis, "you will be standing beside, behind and before me and will help me fight." Tho boys greeted his pronouncement with a chorus of cheers from their scats In the jammed Nurnberg stadium. "When I look upon you I realize I have not fought In vain," Hitler told the youths who were brought TULARE SUFFERS $100,000 BLAZE Pren f.eiuerf Wire) TULARE, Calif., Sept. 12.—Cltl- I zens manned rooftops early today t'o save Tulare's business section from a fire which drove guests from the Cosmopolitan hotel In their night clothes and caused damage estimated by Fire Chief 3. E. Rounsavllle at $100,000. For a time the blaze, of undetermined origin, threatened to sweep the entire lower section of the city. It was controlled after two hours of fighting by the entire Tulare fire department, equipment from nearby Vlsalla and volunteers. No one was Injured. The Cosmopolitan hotel, the Harry Crowe Hardware Company and the Tuttle Furniture Company were destroyed. Volunteers with buckets of water, hoses and wet sacks protected nearby roofs from the flying sparks. -BLOODY FRAY- REBELS, LOYALISTS LOCKED IN CONFLICT ON TALAVERA FRONT Japanese Official Hints New Naval Pacts Are Desired Now LATE BULLETINS SAN SEBASTIAN. Sept. II. (Copyright, l!»36, by the Associated Press)—Government forces abandoned this bcsIeRcd city to Fascist forces today. Bt'IUiOS. Spain, Sept. 12. (A. P.1—Fascist commanders announced today tholr forces had advanced 10 mllcB closer to Madrid on the northern front, By LKSTKR ZIKFIU2N, t'tilled Tress Staff Correspondent (Copjrljhi. 1M«. by I'nltwl Vmal "IX/rADIUD, Sept. 12.—Rebels and loyalists were locked in a big-scale •*•'-*• battle today on tho Talavera front southwest of tho capital and it was admitted that the campaign there might prove decisive. Offlcal re; reports conceded (hat a fierce rebel attack threw loyalists in the area i back In tho first phase of tho engagement, but said that the loyalist T OHIO, Sept. 12.—Japanese doslro | linos had reformed. So urgent was the situation that the government for new naval treaties, based on j broadcast a summons to Captain Alberto Uuyo, commanding a Catalan- parity with Groat Drltaln and tho United StatoR, was hinted today by Admiral Osiiml Nagano, minister of ! tho navy. i Admiral Nagnno, In an exclusive ! Interview, expressed confidence peace will continue In the Pacific J with expiration of the London and Washington pacts next .Innuary. He dlHclnlmed Japanese Intent to Inaugurate il naval building race. NO NAVAL CONTEST Predicts Long Peace in Pacific; Treaties Will End in Few Months By GLKNN BABII (Coiiyrtibt, 1030. br Anm-uinl Vc«s> Valenc.lan army Just arrived In capital from Barcelona, to report to the war ministry. AU night men were leaving for the front along the Madrid-Toledo i and Madrld-Talavora highways. ; BellevliiK that the fnto of tlio Al- ! cuzar at Toledo might bo linked wlih ; that of Talavcni. tho loyalists besieging the undent fortress-palace, Political, Agricultural and Labor Fields in Group at Meeting prepared an Infantry attack on It, with'tiio t'nlted sTntcH and" O rent ] reliable mniroeH Hald. "which might . Britain after termination of tho prove tho most sensational of the i HCOOrlS 01 LOlTHYlUniSUC war," Official dispatches left no room '' for doubt here that tho rebel attack wan of serious proportions. (Continued on Pdpfl Klevcn) Operations Rouse an Intensive Search fAttotMteii t'rett looted Wlrt) CHICAGO. Sept. 12.— An orgiinlzft- tlon of solf-styled liberals from political, labor and agricultural fields today launched a campaign for tho re-election of President Roosevelt. ., . .-. , ,./-,. . . ,,».,, T , A parley of 110 conferees mooting] Big Buscbnll ClUSSlC Will Be DATES ARE SET (Continued on Page Elrvrnj Baseball Results ua the "National Progressive Conference," concluded last night with nil agroemont to buck tho chief executive, an appeal for till "pi-ogros- Hive-minded" voters to Join the drive and expressions of opposition to tho Republican presidential candidacy of Governor Alf M. Landon of Kansas. A telegram was dispatched to Mr. Roosevelt, notifying him of his endorsement and adding "We arc now proceeding to organize In every slnte In tho Union for the purpose of wug- Ing a vigorous campaign for your re-election and the furtherance, of the (fight for equality of opportunity." Senator Robert M. La Vollette, I Wisconsin Progressive., was named i chairman of an executive committee •of 15 to supervise tho group's efforts j and send speakers to tho huntlngH. ; It was decided to establish units In every state, each under the direction of un executive committee of niRn and women and then raise- a Opened September 30 ut National Winner (Ai>ocinte,d PrfiK Ltimrd Wire) The urea, except for Toledo and the Trfcirtvnf the Alrnwr, has•<been, lltlln publicized* ;> Tnlavem dn In llfllna—-now en lied by the loyalists Tiilnvcrs de la T«jo—Is. an Important railway point and highway junction flff miles southwest of Madrid and 40 miles west of Toledo. Roads branch out from It In all directions. (Talavcra's name was changed be- j causa Do la Relna queen, tv royalist Spanish for Tagus (Vnited Pre.n l.tate<t \firr) WASHINGTON, sept. 12.—officers Of the third naval district at N«w Vork \vcre Instructed by tho navy detriment today to conduct A thorough Inquiry Into charges that communistic activities wero responsible for a wcent fire aboard the heavy cruiser Indianapolis. Officials refused to reveal whether suspected activities among the NISW YORK, Sept. 12.~Club.own- ! "«« neur Taliivortt and empties In . _ • > i H.A AMu.\fl«* ____ IPstl.n.. \ Hi mnntm of the i crew of thp crulsnr or "among civil- allusion. Tojo 1« ! lnn olll l>loyen of the New A'ork na\T ii the river which i yan * ^fnere tho ship was berthed for NATIONAL LEAGUE At Now York— R. H. 13. Chicago C 11 I New York 0 4 3 Batteries: Warneke und Hartnett; .Schumacher, Oumbcrl, Castelinan, MancuBO and Spencer. At Brooklyn— R. IT. K. St. Loulu 8 12 0 Brooklyn 9 14 2 Batteries: Johnson, TCarnshaw, J. Dean and Ogrodownkl; KrankhouHct. Winston, Baker, Jeffooal and PholpB (Hccond game) At Brooklyn— R. II. E. St. Loulo 10 in 0 Brooklyn 3 7 3 BaUcrleB: J. Dean and Rylm; 151- nenstal, Winston, 1'helps und Oau- treaux. em of tho major league, pennant contending baseball clubw, meeting with CommlHsloner 1C, M. Lundla today, decided to Blurt tho world series on Wednesday, September !IO, tn tho pork of thn National Ix-iigue winner. Thla mcunx that the championship Iwttle, with tho New York Ynnkeen representing the American League, will Hturl at the Polo grounds, h«re, .Sportsmans Park In HI. fjouls or Wrlgley field In ChlcuKo, with the changed, like (he current Htandlng of tho clubs, In that order. The. first two games will Ixi played under National league auspices, also the sixth nnd weventh, If noccHsary. The third, fourth und fifth will be the Atlantic—Editor.) After the rebels took Hadajoz, on the Portffuenc fmntler, an army under Colonel Juan Yague, a veteran Foreign Tjeglon commander, xvaa sent easttvard to try to relieve the Toledo ga'rrlson. It mudo astonishingly fast, progress. Then at Tnla- vora, thn loyalist main defense line was formed and tho advance, \y-as I stopped cold. ' | loyalists began a counter offen- j slvo Thursday and made «otno prog-; (Mimpulgn fund. Lu Folletto sold j contested at the Yankee stadium, several thousand dollars wan con- j Assuming It will be an ail-Now Htrmiglhanod j general overhaul when the fire broke out on August 25. Tho blaze originated In a short circuit In an electric power cable. Navy officers who conducted a preliminary Investigation mild phonograph needles and nails, driven Into tho cable were responsible for th« short circuit. The officers reported to the navy department that tampering with the cubic was "deliberate NubotiiKC." The Indianapolis coat the American government nearly $13.000,000. It served as "floating Whllo House" for President ItooMovelt on his cruise to Hawaii two yeart* ago. Navy officials at New York said ress, but particularly their front. Then at dawn yesterday the re.b-1 els began a new offensive. Dispatches Indicated that they o d-i tnere lmd l)e ' >n "° arrests, and no vancfld 8 mtlnN during the day. This | onc ln Particular was under sun- was deduced from reports of fight-' I'lcion. trlbuted to the purse ut tho session, j York series, the specific playing | 1"B * miles east of Tulavera whereas At Philadelphia— R. H. B. Cincinnati ., 1 0 3 Philadelphia 7 9 1 Batteries; Davis, Htlne. Alooty and Lombard); Passeau, Bengn and Q race. At Boston— R. U. K. Pittsburgh 2 7 1 Boston 3 S 1. Batteries: lloyt and PUddcn: Bush and La Toilette, was authorized to name j dates will lie September 30 and Oc other members of the executive, hotly. I tober 1 at the I'olo grounds. October Senator George W. Norrls, Nebraska | 2, 8 and 4, at the Vunkeo stadium, Independent Republican, wu« chosen j October 5 and 0 ut. the Polo grounds, honorary president of thu committee;! if necessary. Senator Edward F. CoHtlgun, Colo-; .».«..» rado .Democrat, honorary vlet>-prcsl- j dent; Grace. Abbott, Chicago worn-j an's leader, honorary vtcc-chulrmun;! nnd Frank P. Walsh, head of th« New York power authority, acting treasurer. Two Are Dead in Army previously the lines had been Immediately east of the city. The dlsputuheN seemed to show that the reVi'l ntlurk hud been slowed and stopped lutn hi the day. Hut It wan said frankly that a now und evnn fierce attach WHS regarded certain. The frankness of government und the prompt urgent AMERICAN LEAGUE Seaplane Lands at End of Long Trip (A initiated Preii heated Wire) NEW YORK, Sept. 12.—The Oer- i man flying boat, Aoous, arrived at Port Washington, Manlmsset Bay, Long Island, from Bermuda at 2:69 p. m.. eastern standard time, today, completing the 770-mile leg of a flight from the A cores which started j from "a catapult iihlp Thuraday night. The 10-ton ship' circled tho harbor, with a convoy of half a dozen welcoming plane* following her. Hhe alighted at 3:02 p. in. 100 yards from her sinter ship the (Klrst game) At St. Louis— Boston K. II. H. 4 11 2 8 11 0 Ostermualler, Henry, Ol| son and ft, Ferrell; Thomas, Knott {and Giuliani. Eagle Rock Youth Is Heldjn Slaying j fAtinriulrri 1'rem l.faied \\tre) CINCINNATI. Hept. is. — Deteo- | lives took ii. youth registered us I Jack Halley. 22. of Kugiu Rc.rk, Calif., to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jnfieph Kvegan today and Bald they Identified him «« their son, Frunlt Keegan, Indicted for first degi-eci murder In the Hlaylng of Patrolman Lawrence Robblns. The detective* said thn youth denied <hn Identification. "I never saw you, you're not my parents." Detective Walter Hurt quoted the suspect an nnylng. Chief of Detectives Kinme-tl Kir- gun tiald UiUlcy's flngerprlntn corresponded with thowe of Keegun unit that Alonzo Thompson. 19, of Clienu. peaks, W. Va.. now serving a life term for the Robblns' slaying, had Identified a photograph of Keegan aw that of his accomplice. * * » Circulars Put Out (United rrrMi Letued tt'irt) MARCH KIKLD, Cullf.. Sept, II. Two army flyers wero killed tn-j slanlly when their Rptody Northrop attack plane crashed H half mllu from the nrmy IHUIC early today. The two victims wore Lieutenant JmneH T. f'orter. the pilot. HOII of I)r. JaineH T. Ourter. 147 Mllln avenue, Kpurlnnburg, H. C'., and his I mechanic, 1'rlvnte Milton J. Cutting, »on of Mrs. Matilda Trynke, 1733 Hazel iiveniie. liny ward, Calif. Cutting was a nallvo of lle At Cleveland— R H. E. Washington 12 17 2 Cleveland ..2 7 3 Batt«rle«: Uenhong and Hogan; Mllnur, Harder and Sullivan. At Chicago— R. H. K. Philadelphia ....i a 2 Chicago 6 12 2 Htttterlea: Ro«» and Hayes; White- head'and He well. Brtgiuller General Wlos C. Km- j coimimiidHtit of the. first: wing corps to wblcli tin two flyers I were utln'.'het). appointed, n of three officers to Investigate, crash. both were characteristic of the new recline of Hie forceful Socialist leaders Kranrlsco Ijirpo C»- ballero and liidalcclo I'rleto. • Tho dramatic slcgo of the Alcazar i assumed added Importance bevitupu i of the new rebel attack. Working i by searchlight, loyalist nrtlllftry-j men shelled tho buttered pulnce nil j night while preparations for a direct j Infantry assault continued. I Fall KUbL. A. Portrait Artist i San Jose Will Be ! Convention City I < \nnciateil I'rrti Lraird Wire} j SANTA MONICA, Sept. 12.—San • Jose wins the 1SS7 convention of tho i California league of Municipalities, ; with Jean 1.. Vlricenz. public works ; commiMlonvr -of Krcuno. serving ae I proBldent (or the year. | AJI officials of 400 cities of the j nUitc dl«Lmndcd Iwiv today they ; were on record as favoring: A uniform accounting system by I municipal governments. ! More comprehensive use of police i radio svateniii. i Financial support by the state of 1 si>eclal training for city fln-mcn. British Soldier Is in (fnitrd I'ren Lfntrd Wire) JERUSALKM. Sept. 12.—A (Vniltd Prrti Lnurd Wlrr) • . CHICAGO, .Sept. U'.—Count Ar- '• ' naldo Cosellu Tmnburnl. M, Los An- j ! Kolen portrait unit « friend of J i Henllo Mussolini. ill"tl today utter j i plunging from th« second fliKir of i St. Luke's Uospltitl. where he wus i being treated for u nientul disorder. ! I'ollcQ reported Tamburlni wan i i well known In art circles unil In ' Chicago and Los Angeles society Brit- V *^« »• »J ».»*» « J J»**T» | «,i'V|f V. * tor i-V t»| Ifc- ' 111 J» I Ish infantry sergeant and five Arabs 1 »" 1 recently had stayed at u largo i were klll**cl In a five-hour fight on | Chicago hotel. He entered m. Luke*, tho slopes of Mlt. Curmel, where i Hospital two days ago. uiid his phy Klljuh destroyed the prophets uf destroyed the prophets . -n i -wr> t • \ Hual, a dispatch nald today. in Baby Kidnaping! A« the i^uit or me nuiiun con ——- j sul's warning yesterday to Italians to have their passports ready In cane it wan nec«Mury to leave Palestine, and u rumor that the German consul had given a similar warning to Germans, eonie Italians At Detroit— (A nodalfd 1'rcn Seated Wire) DBTROIT, Kept. U.—Thirty thou- mind more circulars de*crlblng 20- month-old Harry Browo were din- tributed today a» police admitted they were "completely at a*a" In tho search for the mlstilng child. Actlne Chief of »L«ctlvc>s Willin m J Collln« igUd If the baby In in the hands of klrtnapum, b« wan "up- Hlcluu, Dr. G^orgo W. Hall, sold he diagnosed bin Illneiui ua ituruliold praecox. Tamburlnl's wii'e, Dollo, was believed ut the family bouit-, 1719 A. Clinton slrvut, In Los Angeles. _..,....,. that ih* new <!«al'« I Which nrrlvwl ;»«-ii? dlrwtly rmm the 1 New. .York ..,..,...,...,. I "whole nhiJo»opuy ia uneou«4." jAxo«a» TlimmOay uJifhl, ," " ' It. 11. K. j pc'u|liiK to them \u turn him over to and German*' prepared today to tak« Jl'MI'KK IS HKCOVEKIXO LOS ANOELES. Sept. 12. (A, P.)— Hope for the recovery of John Buch"vocation*" In Italy or Lebanon, j B nan. Stockton. N." J,, p*rachut« No general exodus was expected. ; juniper Injured at the national air j Many Germans and ItallanH drew 12 0 whom they inay { bol* would races, waa cxprpsjsed by hU phywl- crucifixes pn doors and eaten ofU-imi today. Buchanun, who fell 50 | fe<>t when hl« 'chuto fouled, wa» r*- t t>orte<l r«KOlnlng ~ consciouaneAti Uc- 1 apUo u .biiaui bkull their homcw, hoping that the sym' ' pmtoct Uiciu Jews, INDEX TO ADVERTISERS PA8C AMATEUR BOXING 1 AMBASSADOR CLUB * BASH. THE * BEARDSLEY DANCE i BURKE. ). C * COLE BROS. CIRCUS « ORIMK-O.LINK •• * CL ADOBE MOTOR HOTEL ... t rOX CALIFORNIA S TOX THEATER * GOLF TOURNAMENT -.» OOODRICH SILVERTOWN » GRANADA THEATER S HELM. EB • MOCLE L CO.. J. A. II HUFF. JOHN R 3 HUGHES. THE •* IL TltOVATORE t JOHNSON'S FIRESTONE TIRES S KERN COUNTY PRINTER'S ASSK J KIM8ALL 4. STONE 3 LA GRANADA BALLROOM « LANTERN. THE * MANDARIN. THE « NILE THEATER i PEKIN HEKB CO 4 PHILLIPS MUSIC COMPANY 4 PRESTON. DON C. S PYLE. T. P.. OARAGE J RADIO CLUB * REX THEATER ,..-i RIALTO THEATER , C SAM JOAQUIN GRAIN CO * 8T. FRANCES CAFE 3 SUN KON6 HERB CO 3 UNION AVENUE DANCE C UNION CEMETERY ...I. M VALLEY AUTO WRECKING 1 VIROINIA THEATER I WICKERSHAM-S JEWELRY CO 2 WITHAH i BOOTH „. * t'tiA^ikJi^kfJ.i.u^^fc^^^jjIstt^.ia

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