The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 5, 2001 · Page 16
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 16

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 5, 2001
Page 16
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B6 SATURDAY. MAY 5. 2001 THE SALINA JOURNAL TRY REBOOTING YOUR COMPUTER. Baby Blues •—I,—< TuecAULe I/J!- V went cor For Better or For Ifltorse WEAREAT APARTMENT I "IHAN< I EMJOWED THe WALK., WOULD you UK£ 13 COME \UP ROR A MINUTE OR ,ii A MlMUTE-OE^^"^ "TUJO WOUL-D BE FINE! IT'S LfllE. l/OUR D/iU<5-H1feR ~Y^ em UIONT lOQNDER lOHERE ^OUj '^'^.^IRIS. LETTS PRETEN& lye 'RE WE COUPLE IN_ TRE MOVIE oje OUST SAW •AMD KEEP _ A>W STARTS SHRIKIK- OCR 6R4)1£ PROM , Blonili& vou cotJ 'T KISS < MO/ m ME THE SAME.'ARE ) ( MOT SEEIMS SOMEONE M% T^^ELSE &UT ARE youKissiNe S0ME30Py E^E?^i HOW OaiLP I SE KISSIN6 SOMEONE ELSE IF I 'M NOT SEBINS ELSE? IPUMMO/ eUT W/TH SOME OP THE WEIRC? MOVIES W£VE SEEN lAW^, mmm is POSSIBLE Rex Morgan, M.D. SOME BAD SUSHI UAST NKJHT? , A UTTCJFMew EVER/ VEAR BECAUSE THEIR WOAAEN C3VER- REACTEP, TTTO; yOJ JUST tf'AVE /WE A PHySICAL A MONTH A50...THIS IS A WASTE OF TWe/ Peanuts ^^V WATER PISH 15 eoNE i ~ cons' WOULP ANVONE UIAMT TO TAKE My WATER PISH? C^:^^;:;:^^:j:::v ^:|.^^.'|l*^;l•|{•f .gJ Crossword BY HENRI ARNOLD & MIKE ARGIRION Unscramble lhase four Jumbles, BY EUGENE SHEFFER one letter to each square, to form tour ordinary words. UGOBS We'll get a good price j -^wtien they get fal OSOOI -M UM Madli SaoHcu, Inc. AIRIghORtun ' LOOFI FLYJOU WABUSY 113 FOR A FARMER, FEEPING THE P\&5 IS THIS. Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the abov^ cartoon. Answer here: ^ 'T Y Y Y Y T' fTT ^ X A A A ^ k A A YBstarday's (Answers Monday) Jumbles: PIVOT MOUNT NEGATE BANISH Answer: What kind ol case was It for the whodunit addict?-OPEN AND SHUT Cryptoqulp YTO LONSIZZGDM ZTDL DFMON YNGOK FGYTDIY ZISSOZZ YD KNIH IL ZDHO VIZGMOZZ. Yesteniay's Cryptoquip: THE MODEL'S LONGTIME AGENCY ABRUPTLY CANNED HER. I GUESS SHE'S BEEN DE-POSED. Today's Ciyptoquip Clue: S equals C The Cryptoqulp Is a substitution cipher In which one letter stands for another. If you think that X equals O, It will equal 0 throughout the puzzle. Single letters, short words and words using an apostrophe give you clues to locating vowels. Solution Is by trial and error. ACROSS I Revue segments 6 Animal II Rum cocktail 12 Book after Acts 14 Honda model 15 Not alfresco 16 Annoy 17 Sliver Sp.) 19 Corral 20 Must have 22 Yalie 23Ttiey're found In pods 24Snorri's stories 26 Rogers' frequent partner 28 Anatomical duct 30Him*s • opposite 31 In short supply 35 Director Kurosawa 39 Claire and Balln 40 Nora Charles' portrayer 42 Goblet part 43 Chemist's place 44 Apportion 46 Turmoil 47 Relaxed 49 Country singer Larry 51 Re an extremist sect 52 Chinese book of divination 53 Expressionless 54 Verify DOWN 1 Holy 2 Complained 3 Judge Lance 4 Rain delay need 5 Inch along laterally 6 U.K.- related 7 Barrett or Jaffe 8 Sounds of hesitation 9 Asian capital 10 Make love? 11 Northern state 13 Detect 18 Menu phrase 21 yes I Can" autobiog- ' rapher 23 Historic bus 25 Took a meeting 27 Afternoon social 29 Magnum portrayer 31 Pale Solution time: 23 mlns. •Qo ass aaam Yaiterday'a anttmr ^ 32 Venue for three men? 33 Phone company nickname 34 100cts. 36 Slanted typeface 37 Symbol of loss 38 In the thick of 41 Of a Hindu discipline 44 "B" — "boy" 45 Speed- measuring device, for short 48- standstill 50 Word ignored in indexes II 11 14 -J06T THE DRIVER, LEROY.YOO DONT NEED - ALL OF THEIR NAMES AND ADDRESSES.- 9 10 13 For answers to today's crossword, call 1-000454-68731 eSC per minute, touchtone/rotary phones. (18+ only.) A King Features sendee, NYC. Family Circus Ziggy Q2001 BlIKun*. ... DU I. by King FMturti "I'll do today's drawing, Daddy. It's Cartoonists Day and you can sleep late!" Born Loser mmwBBR E0(IiN6 vou OWNER l^. oiMl ^windFil«ndi.lncJM«.l>ym,OT«lprwi Stodmn 5. KMCWUHMTOPNY P£NJLYT[HKO MO IDEK! Gathy fl THOU&KT SOU WERE SEEIN& , IRVIING- CflTHN. 00 flf»MTHlN& /n -TVE , PROfrRflmmEOJ TIME THIS WEEK, mom mowDAM's mEmi<& &OT SflMEO FOR WEOMESOAV., ...TUESDAYS &ar SflVlED FOR FRIDAW...IRVIM& GOT 5A\)E0 FOR NEXT WEEK... I ATE m LUNCH FOP. 6REAMAST...HA0A BREAKFAST BAR FOR OWNER... ...AND THE WORKOUTS THAT WERE IK THE fciSOflrh TimE SLOT WERE ALL SHELVED UNT\L JUME, S0mETimE5 I FEEL LIKE A HunftAN VCR. Sylvia Bo^XflAMewo i^<u »H-\ro Lover J^^^l

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