The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 11, 1936 · Page 19
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 19

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 11, 1936
Page 19
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TUB BAKERSF1ELD CAUFOJlWAN, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 1936 NEW YORK CLOSE Interest in Selected Issue Lines Fajls to Attract General Increase By VICTOH EUBANK Attoolttfd 1'rww Klninclil Kdltor NEW YOHK, Sept. 11.—It wis a stool: market of contradictions today with trends decidedly diverse. While business find Industrial chcor stimulated Interest In selected issues, many traders and investors scorned disposed to adjourn to the sidelines, for the time holng. The cloudy European scene was still a deterrent to bullish sentiment. The list exhibited ah upward slant in early dealings, with several now highs for the past year or longer registered. Qulot profit taking soon appeared, however, and near the fburth hour declines predominated, Bonds displayed some Improvement, as did gains and cotton. Foreign currencies werb erratic. Sterling climbed in reflection of contl- , nental demand duo to the unsettled French financial situation. v Shares about unchanged to a point or so higher' included Crucible Steel, Sears Roebuck, Douglas Aircraft, United Aircraft, Wright Aeronautical, Western Union, Anaconda, Shell and Union Oil. Westinghouse, American Chain, Santa Fe, Pnra- mount, !Loew's, Continental Baiting and Equitable Office. Allied Chemical dropped 7 points, Crown-Cork lost nearly 3 and Johns- Manvlllo'und Du Pont 1 each. Recessions were recorded by United States Steel, Bethlehem, Republic Steel, Youngstown Sheet and Tube, • Chrysler, General Motors, Packard, Deere, American Telephone, Consolidated Edison. North American, Standard Oil ot New Jersey, American Can, General Klectrlc, Goodrich, Budd Manufacturing. New York Central, Pennsylvania, Union Pa•„ ciflc, Delaware & Hudson, Baltimore & Ohio, Southern Pacific and Montgomery Ward. LOS ANGELES STOCKS LATE RALLY AI (Attoclated rr«»» tented Wire) NBW YORK, Sept. 11.— Railroads Stock— Close Atchlson > 88 Baltimore & Ohio 26J4 Chesapeake & Ohio ?7H Brie 17H Oreat Northern pfd 41H Illinois Central I? , Missouri Pacific 2J4 New York Central 44% Northern Pacific *8H Pennsylvania .,...'. 39% Southern Pacific 48H Union Pacific HO InduitrUU American Can ""„, American Tel. & Tel "8% Bordens , 2i"4 Caterpillar Tractor 7SH Cities Service <\4 Columbia Ga» ; 21 Consolidated Oas 4»>i FINANCIAL LETTER D Expect All Mormons to Be Off Relief by October 1 Corn Product* 08 Curtlns-Wrlght fitt First National Stores 47H Fox Film "A" 81V4 Genera! Hlectrlc 40\i General Foods 89H Gold tmst 14 doodyenr Tire *. Rubber 24 Inlernallonal Harvester 18 International Tel. & Tel 12 Johns-Manvllle 116 Montgomery Ward 4flH North American , 32% Pacific Gas Electric 38 Radio Corporation 11 Saftfway Stores 80 Searo-Rooljuck , 88 TT. S. Rubber 31H Union Carbide & Carbon 97U United Aircraft 24% Warner Brothers 14 Western Union 91 WestlnglTouso Electric 144 Woolworth ... ,T. C. Penney., Transumerlca Pressure on Buying Proves Successful in Lifting Early Listlessness (Atinflated I'raiii Leaied Wlrt) SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 11.—Now demand appeared In the stock market during the lute forenoon today, lifting western stocks out of an early listless drift. As new buying Appeared, Sehles- Inger preferred, Hule Brothers, Shell OH and North American Investment went to new highs, the last two gaining a point. IM Giorgio 8s hiked up 5 points, and the common gained V4, California Cotton rose 1 and Tidewater Cs Vt- Bank of California slipped 4 points in the only largo decline. Anglo Bank was off %. On tho curb American Telephone and Montgomery Ward hit now highs on fractional gains, Bancatfier- lea Blair moved up slightly on active trading, Pacific Clay gained 2 and O'Connor Moffalt and Pacific Cement preferred %. There were a number of small losses, among them Kdlnon common and 6V4s down around % point. J. A. HOOLE A COMPANY Member* New York Stock Exchange The present stock market and the second>«rrad« bond market, too, act strong during the recent days of consolidation. Before the upward trend changes days of large volume probably reaching 4,000,000-nhare day* will be seen. In line with this statement, one of the leading advisory *«rvlcos mnkes a strong assertion I" effect to not be misled or frightened by political chatter, newspaper headlines or present stock prices and goes on to nay that business will be bolter In the months to come, that 1886 will be better than 1»85, (hat l»37 will bo better thsn 1958 and to buy stocks and property today. This In probably the bent advice It is possible to get based on long-term Inflationary policies. Outcome of elections will have little effect on this long-term development. At the same time periodical trudorn will be tttk- Ing advantage of market swings. Tho present market will likely top out with volume sometime probably In October and will again bo In lino for purchasoe about the middle of December. Individual policies must bo developed with these market movements in mind. Commodity markets as a whole wore stronger despite the fact that government figures arc now all mnde public. Wheat figures wore about a Btundoff while corn WHS mildly bearish. Oversells markets show exceptional strength at this time for both wheat and cotton. Tho cotton mar kot gained a few points on tho session. Germans Expected to Declare Antagonism to Jews and Bolsheviks Soon By WADB WKRNBR (Aitvtlattd /»r««* Lvntttl Metals Amcrlcnn Smelting Anaconda TJId Asked 11 U » 74 17 V4 9% 28Mi (United 1'rctt Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES. Sept. 11.— Industrials Stock— Chrysler Claude Noon.. Globe, Milling. Pou«tns Aircraft Tnylor Milling. Lockheed Banks Citizens' National Security-First National Tranaamerlca " •/» Miscellaneous L A. Investment 5>i Pacific Finance ; 29 Public Utilities L. A. Gas ad Klec. pfd.... 107Vi Pacific Clan and Klec 38 Pacific Gas and Klec. A... 31% Pacific. Lighting- com. 51% So. Cal. Kdlsoii com 30% •So. Cal. ISdiSorifl pfd 2S»i So. Cal. Edlsfin 5',4 28 So Cal. Go. (1 pfd 31 So. .Pacific R. R 43V4 44 Oils Rolsa Chlca 7% s Pacific Western 14% 15 Standard Oil of California 38% 37 Union OH of California 2\\<, 21 Bethlehem Steel 70U International Nickel 08*4) Kennecott Copper 48H Republic Steel 24H U. H. Steel 71H Vanadium Steel 26H Tobacco and Sugar American Sugar 69 American Tobacco "A" 99 American Tobacco "B" 101 Cuban American Sugar 10V4 Great Western Sugar 37 R. J. Reynolds "B" 60U Oils Atlantic Refining 28U Consolidated 12U Mexican Seaboard 32H Phillips Petroleum 41H Shell Union 21H Standard of California 36% -*> L A, PRODUCE MARKET FOREIGN EXCHANGE. i (At»oc,toted freit Leated Wire) LOS ANGELES, Sept. 11. (U. S. Department of Agriculture): Grapes—San JoMquIn valley muncata 2Mi®2%c Ib.; seedless m<8>l%e; lady fingers, 2V4®3c; rtblors, 2iff2Vie; poorer lUc; local Concords and Isa- bellas, 3o; ordinary Concords, 2 v ,4c Ib. Lettuce—Santa Maria and Guadalupo dry pack 4s, t2.26tW2.3t>, bosl $2.50 crate;, $2l3>2.10', Lompoc 4s, $2.85(8)2.60 crate. Pens—Good Oeeatio. Cluadioupn and Ben-OS polo, OV4®7c Ib., ordinary 3® 8 Vic. poorer 2Vie; San Joso, S'/ie'Sc, poorer 2ci Berros sugar peas, Bffi'c; china peas, lOc Ib. Peaches—Local curry seedlings 60s, 2Vi@3c, 70s 2«i2Hc Ib.; Lovells 80® 84s, 30iHiS5c lug; Yucalpft c.urry seedlings 70s. 2Vl®2V>c; 80@84s, 2o Jb.i lain Klbertas 48<8>54B, DMjC, 60s 10 74 »i 2fl G2V4 13 Vi 5% 107 9* 38Ji 32(4 r>2U 3 Hi 2S<!i 2SW, Standard of Now Jersey Socony Vacuum 13H Texas Company 37 V6 Tidewater Ass'n (naw) 17 Motors Auburn Motors 31% Chrysler 114 "A General Motors 67H Hudson 18% Packard Motors 12Vi Studebaker ' 13% Tlmkon Roller Bearing 65V4 Equipments American Car Foundry 48 American Locomotive 31% Baldwin Locomotive 3V4 General Tank 57 Stewart Warner 19% POULTRY, BUTTER, EGGS S, F, LIVESTOCK (United Prrm Leaned Wtrf) NBW YORK Sept. 11.— England, pound, 5.00, up .OOH. Kngland 60-duy bill rate, 5.05Vi, (ttmtta 1'rctt Leated Iflre; NURNBBRQ, Qermany, Hept. 11. Prospeotlvo announcement of prac- leal steps to open a German antt aolshevlk crusade, which observers jelleved would climax Naxl declarft< ions niralnst llussla and Jews letghtened political Interest today In Murnberg. An antl-Bolshevlk campaign, begun by Adolf Hitler In his proclama Don opening tho Nnxl party conven tlon and developed In subsequent speeches by German offtelnls, np peivrod to be leading so systematic ally to such action that It was bo lleved widely some definite step was imminent. In somo quarters, Germany and Italy were linked in tho predicted crusade toward the establishment of an International bloc opposing Hus- slan governmental practices, The presence of a Fascist deU'ga- tlon from Italy at the national Socialist mealing and tho cordial reception given tho visitors was responsible for tho forecast of an alliance between Berlin and Home. Particularly importance was attached to a statement by Dr. Paul Joseph Ooebbels, Hitler's propaganda minister, warning "sides must be taken for or against (Bolshevism) with full acceptance of the consequences." - +•«,. .. .. President Starts Boulder Turbines IAL.T .LAKH CITY, Utah, Sept. 11. ) Mormon Church officials expected today to bo able to assuro the federal government by October 1 that none »f tho church's thousands of members will add to the federal relief burden during the winter. At that time. Harold B. Lee, managing director of the Mormon social security program, said, tho church expects to have on hand sufficient money, food, fuel, clothing and other necessities to provide for all Its needy. Tho Mormon relief plan, ho explained, does not anticipate that churchmen now employed on federal projects will quit their Jobs, hut oven If they do, the church believes It will have iideqtiato resources to meet all demands. Results of a, questionnaire now being circulated will be released on October 1. and officials will know approximately how many of their fellows will need assistance, and the extent of church means for meeting the requests, Church officers feel certain resources will bo adequate, i Lee said. ' j Leo's announcement culminated a i planning program Initiated , slxj months ago. All church members have abstained from two meals on tho first Sunday of each month, contributing the food saved or tho cash equivalent Into the relief funds. Many have donated food, fuel clothing, cash or other articles, which have been stored In warehouses In tho various states, or Canada, .0000 1-10. dollar, franc. $1.00 .0658 1-32, 7-10, up up off 70@84a, 2o; Klo gems from cold stor- (Asuootatcd Prcfi Leatcd "Wire) SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 11. (U. S. Department of Agriculture)— Hogs 200: load 188®21G-lb. Callfornl- ans $11.7G, top; few 100®105-lb. weights, $11.506'n.OO; packing BOWS steady, mostly $S.50®9. day, load 204-lb. local order, $11.80. Late Thurs- butohers on Cattle 100; two loads 9fl6<8>1020-lb. California short-fed steers, $7.75. lightly sorted, few $7.26; strictly good light fed steers absent, quoted up to $8.GO; good beef cows quoted up to JG.GO: bulls absent quoted mostly $5.50 down. Late Thursday, short load medium 112G-lb. steers from local feed lot, $6.85, with 3 per cent shrinkage. Calves 00; good to choice vealers quoted around $9®10. * Sheep GOO: lambs active, strong, two doekB 70©71-lb. woolud Oregon lambs, $S.7!i, aorted 10 per cent; two decks medium pelt California lambs arrived late, unsold; late Thursday, one deck S7-lb. wooled Nevada lambs. $8. CHICAGO GRAIN (Atioetated I'rai Leased Wire) CHICAGO, Sept. 11.—Cash wheat, No. 1 inlvod. |i.l5H; No. 2 inlxed. *1.14H®1.17; corn, No. 1 yellow, J1.J3 Ol.llW: No. a yellow, il.i30l.UH; No. 3 white, Jl.27',4: No. 5 white, »l.l7H®l-28'.4: sanipln grade. JI.IO® 1.12; oats, N<>. 1 white. 4r,%®46V4c; No. 2 white, 44^sjM6»ic; uamplo grade 40H©43Vic; no -rya; barley, No. 3 malting, tl.40; feed. 76&BGc; malting, tl.lOffl.40. (Untied I'rctt Leated Wire) LOS ANGELES, Sept. 11.— Butter Extras, 37Hc. Prime firsts, 34Vfcc. .Standards. 34c. Undorgrade, 33\4c. Egg* (Candled) Large—Clean extras, 34c; light dirty extras, 31c; clean standards, 2Sc; lleht dirty standards, 26c; checks, 2Gc. Modlum—Clean extras, 27c: light dirty extras, 2Sc; clean standards, 24o; light dirty standards, 2Sc; checks, 22c. Poultry Hens, Leghorns, 2% to 3U pounds, 13c. Hens, Leghorns, over 3V4 nnd up to 4 pounds, 14c. Hens, Leghorns, over 4 pounds, ICc. liens, colored, 3U to 4 pounds, 20c. Hens, colored, 4 pounds and up, 23c. Broilers, ovor 1 ai\d up to 1V4 pounds, SOc. Broilers, over IH and up to 2U pounds, 20c. Kryers, Leghorns, over 2'4 and up to 3 pounds. IBc. Fryers, colored, 2 l /i and up to 8Vi pounds, 17c. Fryers, colored, over 3U and up to 4 pounds, IBc. Roasters, soft bone, Barred Rocks ovor 4 pounds and Up, -Oc. Roasters, soft bone, other than Barred Hocks, over 4 pounds and up SOc. Stags, 12c. Old roosters, Oc. Ducklings, 4>£ pounds and up, 14c Ducklings, under 4V4 pounds, 12c. Old ducks, Ho. Geese, lOe. Young torn turkeys, 13 pounds and up to IS pounds, 19c. Young hen turkeys, over IS pounds 20c. Hen turkeys, 0 pounds and up, SOc Old torn tqrkeyH, 14r. Old hen turkeys, 14c. Squabs, under 11 pounds, per dozen 24c. Squabs, 11 pounds, per dozen and up. aoc. Capons, under 7 pounds, 28<:. Cations, 7 i^ounds and up, 2Sc. Rubbits. N'O. 1 white 3Ms to 4</ poundti, each 12c. Rabbits, No. 1 mixed colors, 3V and 4% pounds, each, lOc. Hubblts, No. 1, old flc. When You Arc In Los Angeles— . . . you are cordially invited to make use of our Loa Angelo office. Our telephone and city directory are at your disposal. Your local newspaper, too, ia received daily and is on file for your use. J. A.HOGLE &CO, MtMUM f/IW YORK STOCK EXCHMGt Lti An[il*i Sttek iMthtnit (.Ante.) mi ttbtr tf*Jii>t BtvunLT Hiu » lot AMnrtct SAM Duixi OtW.N France, .0000 1-10. Italy. Urn, ,078 Gurmany, mark, ,4023. Switzerland, franc, ,3258, up ,0002. Holliuul. guilder, .0783, up .0001. Spain, peseta, unchanged. Sweden, kronii. .JS09. up .0002. Norway, krnno, .2543, up .0002. Denmark, krone, .2259V4, up .0002V4- Japan, yen, .2DOO. URO 48®OOs. 5®BHc Ib., 70s, llales 70®80s. Sfl-SJAe best, showing Internal browning 2p2Wo San Joaquln valley curry senallnKH from cold storage OOs. 8V4i-. 70s 3c; champions 60s. 3c, 70s 3',lc; San Jose snlways 4S5y«Os 3c: Placer county salwnys, SHff'U 0 ' Washington Hales 5H-1U. flats 40({i 70s, aOc«f.$1; Utah elbertiiH 2 VI -Inch mill. J2W2.25; bushel baskets 2-inch 11.00(9) .05; 1%-lnoh J1.254J1.40; lug nln. 3H@3%c, l»i-inch mln. er Ib. Squash — Local white pummnr, I1.1B T1.2r,, best $1.8B, fair Sr..'<fi$1j good ark colored Italian $1.2Gftl.3n, bent l.&O, llBht colored 75W85<!, fair BOW Oc, yellow rrooknec.k, $1.15®1. 26; pink ianana, JlTi&'ZO ton. Potatoes— dood Stocktons, $2.259> .30 i-wt., fair J2.10(ff2.1B, ordinary 1.70@1.75; Oregon russets U. a. No. _. $2.86; Santa Maria russets U. S. No. 1, J2.50; U, S. No. 2, $L76 cwt. Dawes Home Is Guarded by Police (Annotated rrett Leated Wtrg) CHICAGO. Sept. 11. — Polled guarded Uio homo ot former Vice- Presldoni Charles G. Dawes in sub urban Evansion today nfrnlnst tho reappearance of a mysterlouH loll eror noticed by a neighbor's chauffeur. Police I/loutrnant f'nrl I3kman said (lonerul Dawi-s nnkeil for po llco protection until nflor tho wod SAN FRANCISCO STOCKS I (Attoclated J'rett Leated Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 11.— Slock— High Close Jrown Kell. com. Vtc S% 8"» Crown Kell. prfd. "A" 105 105 TJl Giorgio Ft. Corp. com.. 14H 14V4 Bl Glorfflo Ft. Corp. pfd... fil «1 fireman's Fund Ins 8'Jli 99% VI UK n a vox Co. Ltd 3>4 %Vt March, Calo. March, corn.. 24 24 North American Oil 15 1C Ry. Eq. & Rt. Ltd. 6% pfd. 21 U 21 n. F. Bchleslnger A com.. 13 13 B. F. Schlostnger pfd 11 Vi 1 Hi Shell Union Oil com 21H 21 Southern Pacific Co 44 44 Standard Oil of Calif 37 37 Tidewater Aasoc. Oil com. 17 17 Tidewater Assoc Oil. pfd..lor> 105 Transamerlcti Corp'n 13Vi I3f4 Union Oil of Cullf 22 22 W, P. & St. of Calif, com. 38 38 ding tomorrow of daughter, Virginia, his to ndoptei 1 Ulchari! Thompson Crugg, BOH of Mr. and Mrs. Earl J. Cragg of iSvanslon. Ivan llelland, tho chauffeur, do scribed the loiterer slight, dark man. * « «• ns a young Fair Prize Goes to San Joaquin TREASURY REPORT (Amootatrd Preii Lcaied Wtre) WASH1KOTON, Sept 11.—The position of the treasury on Hoptomber 0: UeuelptB. $67,054,388.GO; expenditures, $08,462,098.45; balnncc, $1,801,71)0,- 9B9.25. Customs receipts for tho month $8,835,356.04. RooclptH for the fiscal year (slnvo July 1), $738,824,104.94: expenditures, $1,178.424,130.26 .Including $417,066,633.68 of cmergehcy rxpwidl- tures); exuesn of oxpendltures. $444,- 6»D,H35.32. Gross debt. $33,800,128,767.73. a decrease of $1,284,122.50 under the previous -day. (Jold assets, $10,736,487,762.7*. LOS ANGELES LIVESTOCK 4>- GOVERNMENT BONDS (Antnriatrd Prci* f-rated Wtrt) NKW YORK. Sept. 11.—U. S. bonds closed today; Treasurlat 3U", 43-45. 108.26. 4s, 44-45, I14.D. 3Hs, 40-43 June, 108.11. 3%s, 4S-47 reg., 109.7. 3'- 4 », 41, 109.9. a>i6, 44-48, 108.17. 3i{s, 46-49. 107.4. 3«, 4G-48, 100.S. » Stt, &1-5D. 105.1U. 2n«. 6f>-«0, 108.6. CTn.", r,r.-C» reg., 103.4. 2%B, 46-47, 104.17. 2*Is, 4J-&1. 102.81. 2«i», 51-&4. 101.2$. Federal Fsrm Mortgage 2^8, 42-47, 108.4. IS, 47, 104.11. 38, 4a. 103.81. Home Owntr* Loan 3c, Af.2. 103.23. :\B, 4U, 102.2. 2<4S, 42-44, 102.8. (United Frett Lrnted Wlrt) LOS ANGICLKS. Sept. 11.— HogH steady to strong, bulk Jll.Bjtf 11.75, top 111."?.. * Cattle 600. Htf-iidy, good light steers $$.2t>tr*.8B grass heifers >8 downy-rrrw^ $4.&og>6.60; cutter grade*. $2,7Dtf4.S5 calves 280, steady vcalers to $9,DO calves, $6.6097.60, few to }8. Sheep 750, holdover* 878, full] steady, medium to good lamb*. »8.85 /if9; plain ewes, 12.25$3.23. from rage Ont) church subdivision, where relief operations will center. slstanco and recommend those who Are to receive aid. Continued Trains, Late Scon as Recovery Means From Dry Months (Atnaclated Preit treated Wire) WASHINGTON, Sept. 11,—Continued, rains, a late frost and a mild winter were listed today by federal crop experts as factors that could help remove the scars of drought between now and a now growing sea« >o achieved by aiming for restriction if national Income—real nallunal In- loino—but by aiming for more abuu- lunt and more widely distributed na- lonal Income. "A satisfying standard ot living and security for a imtlonnl IIOUMO- lold of noarly 180,000,000 poo^lo," ho said, "Is to be realised only by high irotluctlvlly, broadly and equitably dtstrlbutod, and wisely proportioned with respect to its drain on natural csources and to the variety of hu- nan wants U Is doslinod to satisfy." Dr. Sproul Now at U. C. L. A. Home (Attoetatfd Pre»» Leatrd Wlrt) . LOS ANORUiS, Sopt. 11.--The WestwooJ ea/npus of tho University i of California at bos Angeles was the official resilience today of Dr. Robert Gordon Sproul, president of tho University of California. "1 think my greatest Joli Is to bring together tho seven campuses of tho university," said Doctor Sproul. "It wns because I thought I could lenrn to understand more fully the U. C. U. A. problems that I decided to move to Westwood." Doctor Hproul, who Is head of all tho branches of tho university, cnmo hero from Berkeley whoro In past years ho has mailo his homo. He j saltl he would establish residence on , tho U. C. I... A. campus for tho full academic year. Another reduction of nearly 2 p«r cent In the estimated total yield of Ward bishops and the church re- i the nation's crops for this year was llof society, a woman's organization, i coupled yesterday with a statement will Investigate application), for as- Ulnt ,,, 0 drought of ]a36 wafl , esa damaging than the 1934 tirid season. "Now that one can look back without worrying about losses still to come, the drought appears to have been a less serious national calamity lhan wo-i that of 1934," said the federal crop reporting board. Widespread rains late In August and since September I were said to have, ended crop deterioration In two-thirds" of the May Transfer Bay Consulate^ L. A. (Aitotlated Frtut Lrnttd Wirt> LOS ANUELES, Sept. 11.-Thn j Mexico City, Rlcnrtlo Hill disclosed. Hill, Mexican consul h«r<>, snlil Los Angeles was growing In Importance In Mexican-American business and cultural relationships. Italy Agrees to Return to League southwest and 1 The crop board said the total acre- .tiro harvested this year will proh- ahly bo "about 10 per cent below average but still about 10 per cent greater than in 1934." It estimated total crop yields at "perhaps 16 per cent below average" but still "2 or 3 per rent greater" than two years ago. • (',4*»flcfalnd Pre»> Stated t Sept. ll.-ltnly will s\imo collaboration in League of Nations affairs, provided tho Kthloplan Issue Is not raised to embarass her, FIVK KILLED IN CRASH ST. CHARLES. Mo.. Sept. 11. re- 1 (A. P.>— At least five men were killed Relief Load Drop Noted in Report fUnttrit rrrtt l,ra»ed Wire) SACRAM13NTO, Sept. 1.—California's direct relief load has dropped below SO,000 cases for (ho first time slnco relief became a major problem in tho state. Harold J. Pomoroy, Ho re-urged a public policy that j administrator, roportpd to Governor ' Informed sources reported today. when IS freight and oil cars of an M-K-T train were derailed and destroyed by fire last night 20 miles southwest ot here and rescuers ex- would bring about a wider dlstrlbu ion of energy at tho "lowest povsl- ilo cost" and a decentralization of Industry. Sheer Inertia," ho said, "has Frank F. Morrlam today. Thcro arc 29,500 cases on direct relief now, nnd tho number Is diminishing dally. Pomoroy said. There wero moro than 00,000 cases last Tho agreement was reached, these j pro? pod fear today several other sources declared, during conferences i transients may liave burned to between Premier Mussolini and I death. Joseph A. C. Avenol. secretary gon- i ^rr — oral of the lenguo. j (Tho Itallnn delegtitlon to Uenevaj withdrew last Junn after l-:niporor Hallo Selnsslo of ICthlopIn Hpponred to defend bin demand tho league punish Italy for aggression In Kast Africa.) caused us to neglect formulating a | i> ( >ccmlu>r before PWA began opera- public policy that would promotu opportunity for people to tnko ad- lions. vantage of tho flexibility of electrical energy; that would send It out wher-1 ovor nnd whenever wanted at tho lowest possible cost." ' Mr. Hoosovelt spokn a word of de- j fonsc also for tho "public policy" j toward electricity. Ho said: "Quo who considers tho matter with vision cannot convince himself that public policy for promotion of availability of electric energy can really hamj, tho electric Industry that exists today." Tho President snld It was not "Irrational to believe that in our command over electric energy a corresponding Industrial and social revolution IH potential; that It may all-curly be undor way without our perceiving It." Find Small Boys Drifting in Boat (Vn\ted I'rett l.tatrii Wire) Canada Bars Mrs. Hauptmann's Trip (Afiortalfil I'rfKt l,tastd W(re) UOUSKS POINT, N. Y.. Sept. 11. Mrs. Anna Hauptinnnn. Imrrod from Canada becaxiso nho could not prove United States citizenship, looked to thi» dominion government today to overrule immigration Inspectors and allow her to continue, to Montreal. Kmllo Levin of thr> MAHTINK/, Hi-pt. 11, Four small! ^nn,.,! stains Immigration service hoys. ol>J«cl« of an all-nlKht search j w)lo ,,,,,, Ht |,, ni ,a Mrs. llaiipunann and In the channels of Sulxun buy, were j a ( . omliun | 01 , O n tholr return from found by sheriff's officers today, I ftn ,, 11HU cccNi.fiil effort to gain a.l after. havliiK sjiont tho night In an | n ,| m ion to Oinntln nt Oantio, Quo., open rowbout. Thn youths, Hobblo and Ki-snklo Datloya, ll-year-old twins, Hlchard Doran, 11, nnd Hoy Cnrlor, 10, left Iho Hay Point Yoclit Club yesterday afternoon. They told police they worts caught In rough water and lost their oars during the night. expressed belief tho widow of tho convicted kldnnp-murdor«r was "stay- Ing somewhere In tho vicinity Incognito," pending action upon hor up- pen I. Lovln explained an appeal against oxcliuion from Canada IN automatically filed at Ottawa, and a decision usually Is glvon within 72 hours. THE WEATHER Sun .Tonquln valley: Pair tonight and Saturday; normal temperature; northwest wind. Han Francisco bay region: Pair nnd mild tonlubt and Saturday but overcoat tonight; moderate west- Prly wind. Northern California: Fair tonight niul Saturday but overcast on the coast; ooolor Interior north portion Hnluttlay; moderate variable wind off the coast. Sierra Nevada: Knlr tonight and Saturday; little chang* In temperature; lluht variable winds. Sacramento valley: Pair tonight and Saturday; cool north portion; southerly wind. Santa Clara vall*iy: Fair and mild mnlght and Saturday; over- rant In early morning? northwest wind. Salinas valley: Fair and mild tonight and Saturday but morning ff>R In lower valley; northwest wind. Southern California: Fair tonight and Saturday hut overcast oa the const In morning: little change fn temperature; gentle to moderate northwest wind off the coast. (Vnited 1'rcn Ltnttit \Yirtl SACUAMENTO. Hept. 11.— Ha Joaquln county won first prize 1 ho almond sweepstakes at tho slat 'air today. Holnno and Yolo coun- ICH tied for second prlio. Tho Himalayan fur farm of Hayward won first prize for having the jest display of rabbits. Mrs. U. tvttersen, Huyward, won second Sweepstake awards for the best exhibit of pigeons went to David M. 3rr of Selnm. Lund's Pet Store, Oakland, and Henry W. Curler, Tin-lock, won socond and third prizes, respectively. Parents of Browe Liberals to Talk , „.„„.„ ni:nD , n nry Infant in Appeal! Over Chain Radio WOMAN BEDRIDDEN Dl'ITUOIT, 1'rett l.eatnl Vtrtj Kept. 11.— Tho grief- Search for Brite Brothers Renewed <tin(tcd Vrru I.ented Wire) YUEKA, Cullf., Sept. II. Search for tho fugitive Brite brothers, accused of the triple slaying near hero two weeks ago. turned again to tho Moran crock unction where the brothers' camp W.IH located. Officials expressed a belief that thuy might still bo In hiding near their parents' ranch. Other authorities continued to search for Cieorgc Balloy, former member of tho Cole Brothers-Clyde Bnutty circus, said to havo shitn Hob- crl Collet, fellow employe, In a quarrel hero n week ago. Meanwhile, a fourth murder RUM- pact, Robert Harr Miller, allegedly Implicated In the slaying a year ago of F. H. Duw. iJunitniulr police chief, was to be returned from Ban Pedro by Sheriff W. O. Chandler. stricken father of little Harry Urowo, missing since lust (Saturday, ap- pcalod to tho public today to givo the kidnapers — If the 20-inonth-old boy Is tho victim of an abduction — n clear path to opon negotiations for his return. "Ever stnco our son hiiil bnon missing." said Itobcrt Browe, tho father, "our home has been an attraction for hundreds of curious persons. It would be hnrd for anyone to approach us with no many j around. I am asking the merely curious If they will kindly slay away. Wo appreciate their nym- mthy but wo want to muko U an ,'ttsy an possible for the baby's return." Still COTTON FUTURES FUNERALS I (AHOClatcd Tr«« Levied Wlrit) I NEW VOHK. Sept. H.—Cotton dei cllned after an orienlng ivdvunce un- i df-r hedging and liquidation. Rf- I ncwed buying later held prices gen- ! orally steady. After Boiling to 18.11 | or 8 point* net lower December wa« I holding around HMD with tins mld- Hftornoon market Khowtng net ad- > vances of about 5 tu 10 polnly. Fiiturun cloned steady, 3 to 9 points i higher. October, 12.16; December, January, 12.12; March, 12.08; May, 12.04f 12.06: July, 11.98. Kpot steady; middling, 12.56. BROGKH— Kunrral «»rvle«« for -Mrs. June XrooliH, 46, of 1911) mrcnt, wern conducted at 1C o'i'locic this incirnlnt al 1'ujno & Son chiipol, with the n«v. A. H r>onai offlciailiid. Intonnftit was li I Memorial i'ark. another appeal wns Issued >y Acting Chief of Detectives William J. Collins, who said ho did not iftvo a slnglo promising clue to the whereabouts of tho baby boy who vanished from his carrluge In Clark Park here. Our chief Interest Is In tho sufo return of tho baby." he said. "If he Is in tho hands of kidnapers who fear to return him, I nm appealing to them to (urn the boy over to nny clergyman they mtiy choose." ------ + . • -------- SI'ICCIAI, NKKSION CAUJW AUSTIN, Toxitu, Sopl. 11. (A. P.>— Governor .lumen V. Allred today rillCACO, Sept. 11.--Senator Hobert LnKollettn ninl Governor Phillip LaKollette of WlHcoiiHln, atteiullliK a conference, of self-described liberals horo today, will speak over Nlu: at j A1(ulv Sur f t , ror8 . crippled and In !) p. in., castnrn standard Urn* to- ngoiiy'for yenm, by Arthritis. .Sola- night, i tica, Ne\irlils. and lilmllar troubles FOR 15 MONTHS Arthritis Victim Now Aotive Again cnuswl by over-acid conditions In tin 1 William Hard's regular llnp caj) comment will be on tho (.'US system, tiro finding UO-MAKl their network at 0 p. in., with a repeal for flrsl relief from the«e painful all- j thn went at 10 p in. ! ments. The expert«'nc<! of Mrs. Ar»-*-» I lluir Wnilo. 125 Ilawthorno Way, nv • Hnn Jo»e, Calif., Is Just ono of tlic > Mothers will bi> particularly Intnr- nted In tho sale now In progress at Fnnilly 8IU>o store, un- cording to Harry nosenthal, proprietor. Nationally ndvoi lUeil shoes for children aro available, inclmllng the Edwards and Hobln Hood lines. An <ix-ruy inachtnu used by experienced filters enables nil children to ho per- fnctly fitted. Sherwood forest is the room specially reserved for children at tho store. A booklet, "Your Children's Feet and Their Cure," carrying no advertising and Issued by the advisory bureau of tho national foot health council for thn prevention of foot defects in children Is available to All patrons of Urn store, free of clmrgo. . a special soKftion of tho legis lature to eonvono Hnpteml«»r 28. Tho governor suld the primary purpose of tho session would Im to rtilsn ail dltlonal revpnues for paymont for old age grateful aflor taking ihls new HrlilRh formula. She pays: "I am FcmlliiK f<T two moro bottle* ] of RO-MAR1. It lui" certainly done 1 wonders for ma. 1 will take <>nn niore . hottl* »nd Imve another on hnnd for i Ui« in case I nhould feel It needful at nny time. I have bcpn In bed for IB montliH, Just lifted to H. wheel chair for J or 8 hmirn B <lny. Now I nm able j to get about a little. I rertulnly give i the credit for my Improvement to RO- I MAR1." Why emluro stiffness, puln. sleep- ICBH nights, lessoned iicllvKy? This I rcinnrkalile scltinlll'lc proscrlpilun, | developed by a physician In Ireland and used by eminent British doctors, may hulp you as It Inui helped oth Dr. Van Meter Gives Special Attention to Artificial Teeth AH plates made In our own laboratory. INTENTIONS TO WED DONAKIS-IIOl.<COMn— John M. Do- nftkl», 4f., Hlmft'r. and Kffla H Hol- 3S, lJ*lnno._ L, A, CASH GRAIN Pren Leatcd Wire) LOS ANOELES, Kept. 11.—Alfalfa hay Wait atronser today, the Federal- Htat» Market News Service report«d. Car lot grain arrivals: 7 wheat, 4 barley, IS corn, 26 hay. . Alfalfa, d«Hv«red Ityncs or Bl Monte: U. S. No. 1. tie.OO, «otne $16.60; U. ». \ No. 3. loafy. »l4.&oei«.00; U. ». No, 8, J13.60. METALS MARKET (Attorlatrd 1'rtn Lraictl Wire) NBW YORK. Sept. ll,~copper ? ulot; oleotrolyttc spot and future, 9.75; export. |9.8ZttG*.87H. Tin arely steady; upot and nearby 144.80 W4<.«H; future. M<-M«44.»H- I-*** 1 n toady; spot New York, $4.0004.05; Kw«t 8t. UoulB. $4.43. Kino dull! J3a«t St. Louis spot tttid future $4.s5. Qulclt- •llver, ftS.60&S8. Iron, aluminum. Antimony, platinum und wolframite unchanged. FANUCCHI—Hoottry Hervicnii for Mrn. Mary I'miucclii, 7C, of JlaUuiKfleld, will lie conducted «t I>oUfthty-Cul- liuund-ij'MeHru clmptl Kunduy «vo- itK at 7:20 o'clock, and mans will xolemnUed »t HI. Kran.'U Churuh at 9:30 o'clock Mooduy morning, LANDUCCI— nonary service* for Loul* JJiiiduopi. 34, uf 1128 HUlccnth Htreut, will be rttmluctml at l^ouehty- Calhuun-O'Meuin rhnpel thli evening at 7:!tO oVIocit, and mass will I>« solemnised Haturday morning at 9:80 o'clock at Bt. Kmncld Church. Interment will tin in tho family plot at Union cemetery. Union Cemetery FURNISHBt MONUMBrf)T» ORAVB MARKER* FUOWCR CONTA1NBR* PrlH« law I* «t (U«»Ury. with lb« lt«ii 2111 AUKTIN-flOOOHU'Il — JSddln I- Auit- tln, r.2, OraiiHe Hlulloii. und Mabel V. Goodrich, t«, Haknrsflvld. WILBt)N-)''OKTMANN— Alton 1C, Wll- Kim, 22. and MarlhH V. I'urtuianu, 18, both of Arvtn. Never Negl§ct Piles or Rectal Soreness If you urn troubled or mmoyed with piles or racial Nontnetm, <lu not neglect the sarno or run th« risk of an operation. Any itchjuc, »orene»« or painful piiKluuts of "tool I* nature's warning and proptr treatment nhould be Mcursd at once. V&r thin purpune fat from your druggist u little Ico- Mint and apply once or iwic» dally. Thin cooling and Koothlng preparation quickly r«ll«v«s tb» itahlti For Halo hi>r« oxcluslvoly by NEW 12 TUBE GENERAL ELECTRIC tiir and th p*ru Try It. Jc*- recommendM and It »«e b«"«ht of folly tM anyone to »«rfou« operation *Wh«n A simple rem •or»n«*N, stop* pain and hoal* th« «f • /cote? p*rur Try It. Jc*-Mlnl Js highly recommendM and It »«em« the " ig «" edy that Is pleasant md tsfo to un« inuy l»c h*d «t «uch tinall cost.— Adv. Other Models $29.95 and Up EASY TERMS WITHAM & BOOTH Pox Theater Building 2015 H Street I'hone 2881 Our Exiterteuct Assure* Your Satisfaction Johnson's Firestone Auto Supply and Service Stores. Inc. Chittir it Twinty>(«ir1li Strttt Phen* 4d«0 Cash for Old Gold Do Not Sell to Strangers Wickersham Co. Nla«tM«th ind "Eyt" StrnU CHINESE HERBS Rtli«v«« chronic *llm«nU et all kinds. Male and female trouble*. $1,09 PER BOX PEKIN HERB CO. IJ17 Twonti-sth Stre«l, Up»t»lf»

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