The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 11, 1936 · Page 17
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 17

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 11, 1936
Page 17
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THE BAKER8FIELD CALIFORNIAN, FRIDAY, 9RPTEMBER 11, 1836 jjggj&bftgtf&gaagggtf^ ADS FOR SURE RESULTS fiesorf Parties EndvrSeason Sale—Automobile* FOH iJALB—188B 828«. .,.. flleliup. Phone For Sale—MUoellaneoui POR0 T sedan or road, delivery 1928 Dodge panel, runs good studsbftker sedan, overhauled 11-1 S*S9 Rooaevatt sed., overbid. 1927 flssex coach, (food tires C. C. ftOTjQtjASfl, aOTlf AND U BUIdK 81-07 do luxe sedan, « wlr* wh«ftlfl, Wfeeltehl cdndfllon; private owner, Price $886. Call Hay Build- Ingj ME Mneteeiyth, re>om 140, USED TRAOTOftB For Solo or Rent All Reconditioned, Guaranteed flARNBTT TRACTOR CO. £130 Chester Ave, 7-30-tt FOR ftAIjI3—»19?fl" Oldsmoblle touring sedan low mileage. Yoiir old t!iu' as do\v»t payment; terms to suit. CalLQ1S7-.T after.O^O.p^m., _, . 88 FOR _.. ttilxor. ... - Onfe-SaoK- OonofSt* Meors Lumber Go. Phon« For Sale—Furniture Winton, mahogany caflo ?65 Emerson, walnut case $75 Aldricli, fumed oak $136 Starr, tmngalotf, beautiful mdhosnny ease $165 All with benches to watch. PlaiibS for font. WINER'S. 1925 BYB ST. 38 Business Cards L W, HUNT, QEOLOQIST PllflUuffl «nd Mlnlhf EAifttir 1711 DDtiUf Ainnul Ph»M MS RMldintl »2i'f*.nlUth Chin. tttt. 1932 RliSO panel truck, good condition. Special $150. „ tffllon TfUcl "' Fourth and Union avenue. Typewriters—Office Supplies NOTICE Students. Wfl have ft supply of ttayal typswrlters for fent or snlc. Special rental priaes ta students on portables arid standard Royals, machine You can depend on the that we have, tiyneh Typowrltor Company, ld«0 Chester PhOne 4486. .87 For Sale— Miscellaneous flJ - u - l j-_t_-_1_fV^-l.'\. ' ,^_Tij^t*^iJ-U<-P-irtriiir J M- ! iJ^jr\J-J^J~ u~fat~*1 MAYTAQ Wkfther, usdd; $39.GO; tertna. Don 0. Preston, 19th and H etraetft. _-_ _________ 38 Fon SAMB—Whita ifla.tal tea bos in tfOod cotldltton. <(H iBta.1 ico Chester POU.SAL&—Throe llyljigf J-6om tatil«rt , find .Hthifi stfthd, J18.BO, Good con- ditimi. ijoa yourtfi. . ._u LAUNDRY SERVICE I4NIM Uni«e»ll«d-Th«l U Oat ttn Olllffint SwvliM iait 2»rl» Od«M«l ttt) OIII|I|AI CITIZENS LAUNDRY «l*UinlH Mt 6 Strlltt Che«« JOHN W, OULLITON PUILIO AOOOUNTANT INCOME TAX SlftVlOt, AUDIfB, 8Y8TIIU M»-6 ProttMltntl 4MI (CoMI»*td Mahogany roll top desk $36,00 Iftv. llling cablneti IB drwra $12,00 Sea, bookcase, tour seollons $12,00 Mahogany office table, 6 fl. $10.96 Olgaf case, 6 feet $4.60 MAMM "' FOR 8AL15— 4-shbt, b6lt fttitlotl 410 shotgun, 18. jBoys' stylo saddle. Phone 4670. western FOK 8AL13—I33toeptionally large, nice MaBlo Chef gas rangs. Cost J210, will take $160. Phone 4882. Can bs seen dftlbffl,ltll'g .fttol'flfi6.. FOH oven eotili'ol. Phone 448, .. Premier gas ri tiOOd ootidltton. $ls. HUNT13RB—30.00 Savage super sportcr rule. Bargain. Can bo 6ean tonlffbt only at Shell station, corner California and Ii street. FOU 1100 18th, cor. 18th and N streets. Phono 341 52 SJMifONS b«d sprllnts and colton inatlress, 16.00. Kitchen cabinet, 17.60. R. C. A. combination radio and phonrtRt-auli. |19.6D. DAVIS FUKNlfmtK e 210R Chester AveiiU»'. U8EQ POnK'lTUtiJS SPECIAU. fcobeftl ,Bras. closet bed |7.9R Baby tied, dfthe paneled G-pri, breakfast set, hardwood B.fls 8-pa; OVferVtfVl b$d'clavenp;."^1>t lifl'.fio 8-po, on*m6l6d bedroom set JH.D6 2-»c. nobertl Bt-os, living room Set, rust tapestry, like new |46.00 2-ne. Karpen living; room s«l. , fereeh tftp«Str.v, like hew $3».80 Many Other fllB fiaraalns Ardlaiil-Oldfcs* lildg, 668 Bumnoi 1 St. Just wesl of Bfikiir. Phftfifl 1841 62 PAYNE & SON FUNERAL OIAIGTORS Nlitniintn tnl I ttrtitt I. C. Ptynt J. Brut. P*»n« mi P*}M OOUQHTY-CALHOUN-O'MEARA Funiral Dlr»cttr» and Ambuianes sirrlet ilOO Truxlun Avtnut, »t N strut PHoni tt7 U4 Poultry and Livestock Kealand whiles and redB, Pleitllah Qlanta and Delglann, Jl.CO hhd up. Cite mile south of Boftfdfile)' School or one-half mile north of Oalt street bridge on Pierce Oow for tiale. Intjulra at lOlfl .Klnft or; pllpne dSftl. Radios, Musical Instruments FOR SAMS-—Hou«e trailer, furhlslied ooittplftle,...tJ76.. .Call. 1122 .King... 87 CABUAtJlS, cauliflower and lettuce " plahlsl alfto prlmrosn fefns and col- euS. K. Tanakn, 031 Sixth street. TBlnphon.e.l.(IM-J. Foil BAUO—-6ulbran»an uprlttht piano, perfect condition, $f>0. Calfbetwoon ft and 7 p,,, 131ft...Peaiti, avenge. US FOR 21 * B— iilfeh-ovon «as range, $10. t seventh Btrget, ; _ 37 FOK BAbli^-Bby's bicycle. 810 I street. Call after 10 u. m. or 4 p. in. 87 FOR SAL.T3—ll;3s1S An&elo Persian rug With pad. Cost J3G9, Bell for $128. Almost now. Also galvanized chicken feeders. 1010 Flower street. 98 FOH SAIjlC—Now and used prain hags, colton picking bags, alfalfa Moed, Prices right. \Vatlenlmrger Feed Slore, 2621 East California avenue, phono 991. 3T C1,15ARANCH prleen on all dlos to tnako room for 1(187 uru- IIOWB. See our prices toddy oti all models. Open this evening. Huff's, 1063 Chester uVenue, WE have the largest and bast selection of pianos In rtorh county. New sfrand and upright pianos. Alsp re- unfit plttnos eSfieclaliy flno l»or the student. All pianos sold by Us ars ftilly guaralileed. Prices oW and rental twins. Vallay Muslo Slorc, IflJit Nineteenth. »» AI^Ki cheap, ono exceptionally fine Holstoln heifer. Juit fregli, and heavy R))fliiKlng brindle heifer, both first-calf helfirs. '" " " 4:no. Phone 3(120 after !S' ARCMtteA^T) HATCHBnr, Roquel, calif. Through tlift fall ftnd winter months, hatfthlng White beghortiH, Barred Rocks and Ultodo Island Reds, W6oltly. Write for , ^ _, 38 NOTICE—Bradford's Poultry and Habbltry wishes to annottnos that after tho beginning of school, service must b« limited to after-school hours and Saturdays, orders win ha taken at any time during week days, delivery to ba mada after 6 o'clock. Open Saturday from 0 to 0, The jit-flflford urotbors.. FOR SALE—ft. 1. red pullets and rooster, big Mllsoova ducks and drake, some yoUnff ducks, duck eggs. .. Also potjed ferns" 1,118 ta-ko street. Meadow had As firuesta Messrs, and Mosdames Roy Glllesplo of Weed Patch, C, Molt tot Kent Jtlver Fields, MlsAes Charlefle Hblt, Kleanor Brain, Helen Holt, Lucille oilliwmlo nnd Winifred Holt, ftldlng was en- Joyed early Sunday morning by tho younger sst. nriti«n firlttan canyon waa deserted with the exception of Mr. and Mre. Mel Brlttan, who spent the most of their time riding and playing quoits. Their guests wero Mr. and Mrs. Prank Leipzig, Dlxio Brlttan, Wally Leipzig and Mel Brlttan, Jr. Helnzo, California, had several residents present on the mountain over the week end. Mr. add Mrs. Tom Price. Mrs. Price being n sister of Abblo Jluht Of Mossier flat, Mr. and Mrs. Jim feuoll and Mrs. Ida Branch. Tho William Dumbte cabin had as additional guest Bob Sttirdevant. Tho Dumblea expect to close their cabin this next week for the summer. At Lodge Among those registered at the lodge over tho holiday period ware Messrs, and Mesdaine's Walter Combs, Andrew PolklnsUorno, Fred Ollvera of Hossler Flat. Boh Cooper of Insbolla, Jack Oidffald Of Bodftsh, Jimmy Dunn, 1 J . Htlno of Havlliih, Loroy HanUln of Walkers Bnsln, Clyde Marks of Delano, Bob Hey- nolds of Bore!, Joaquln Valunxuela, W, D. Sceales, Leonard Bhort, B. L. Espey, llalptt Andrews, W. A. Allender of El dentrp, II. L, Meteher t Fred McMillan of Bodfish nnd JteB- damen Shade Combs, M. J. Cecil, Ross Shaw, Peggy Dougherty; Misses Dona Leo Bhoi't, Norma L«e Scoales, Hope Ollvera, Jean Reynolds, Phyllis Curran, Florcnco pldfleld. Helen Ciir- ran, Dorothy Oldfleld, Dorothy Banks; Messrs. Marty \Voods of Keysvlllc. Clom Lelblc, liudy Lclbal, Frank Loiblo of Isabella, tSlmer Arnold, Pete Mslors, Arthur Currnn, Jr., Bill Haokney, William Currnn, Bob Hacked, Ralph Smith, Nick Agras of Keene, Jack ValunsKiieln, B. O. Bradshaw of Kornville, T. J. Prouox of LOB Angeles, C. F. Reynolds. Mr. Prouex is a honvy Htockliolder In the famous "Drunkard's Dream" mine. MoH86 l'«Hle» Enjoyed Several house parties wero combined for a gala gathering at Die W. E. Drury mountain homo oh Breckcnrldgo over tho holidays, tho good times being Interrupted Texas Company Will Enter New Oil Area at Lost Hills T ATKST arrival In the rteW shal- J-J U>W field north Of I.oftt Hills, Id the Texas QomtJany, which W grading for ThoUi No. 1 at n location mllo wuit and sotitli Of Anxoolntod Cftmpftny's Williamson No. 4, now drilling nt 1022 foot. This Is In tho northwest corner of a 40- acr« loano thiit tho tomnany owns, comprising: tho northeast quarter of tho northoftsl quart or of section 11, 26-20. H-i 611 To*fts Cotnpany te forttinato In having this aroa che«Uor-boardPd with 40«u«T6 Ifeases, Any ono or all of which may ovolvo Into proven oil land. ISxtont of tho acctifnula- lion hero Is hot known either lat- «rly or vertlcnlly. Associated Oil hnvlng already discovered tAvo com- merclally prdductlvd snnds, now In No. A, Is golns; down to prospect u third sand estimated to lid at 2200 feet. Expensive Wildcat Project Is Abandoned by Standard Old River Test Begun by Ohio AH10 OIL COMPANY hag w spudded H« deep try for th* Miocene oil sand of the new Ten Section field, on the flat valley floor, Section 19, ?"-26, at a location one and one luarlor miles north And west of the Shell's discovery well. Three-quarters of a mile cast, Standard Oil Company's crew has drilled KCU.10-1 do*h to 6000 feet in IS days after npudding. Murieopn No, 3 Completed Recently Discovered Pool of OldDiatrlct M OST expensive of tho wildcats In California, Standard Oil's United No. 1, north of Lost Hills, has been than can bo accounted for by tho height of tho outcrop In the mountains. Extraordinarily largft slae rasing abandoned With drill ptpo stuck on j wn(4 c , ? | 11ont p(i (,, tho W eil, including bottom, after n total expenditure said to amount to over $400,000 In IK months' drilling. WI«h-h6ftJl, hot, salt wnter made 166(5 feet of 22-Inch, 83TS feot of 13$i-lnC!h nnd fi760 feet of O'Hi-lnMi. None of this pipe shut off the flow- water, and drilling uperatlons drilling & "headache" almost from I had to bo conducted under pressure the Start, It would bring In sand, with a tiohony-Slono outfit. 8t>hw freexo tho drill pipe, nnd sometimes oil showings wet-ft nicked up around break loose and flow over the top, I r>SOu fuel In what was .Indued to It Is estimated that tho cost of the Spealat Weighted drilling mud used to Withstand the, pressure., amounted tho Kocone, but no production could bo obtained. Thn location, on suction 5, 2(1-20, Fruits and Vegetables CANNING PEACHES t»emon clings, notv ready. Will last only fc.w days, come pick your- snlf, or<c lug. Brandt Ranch, Marty Cat-Ian, 1 mlla ?aht of Lamont. 37. No. 1 quality—10-oz, ; 8-feet at . 90c 9-feet at 95<! 10-teet at $1.05 12-feet ttt $1.25 A. 11. KARPE IMP. HOUSE 38 FREESTONE peaches. Merrill ranch, ftlo Bravo. No Sunday 46 NEW almonds (1036 crop) for sale, from 1 pound to a ton. 1109 Stockton street, Bakersflcld. 44 Poultry and Livestock FOR MALE OR TRADE—Ono span mules, $1CO.OO; onn 'team of bay horses, $125.00; one saddle horse, $00.00. Call one mllo south of Shatter. AV. Nickels. 87 AUCTION SALE Sunday, September 18, 11 o'clock, 4 miles south of BakersflolA on 99 highway. 30 horses—5 Shetland ponies, gentle mares and geldings. 10 gentle Spotted marcs, galtad. 10 head of mareu and gcldlntrx, gentle, solid colors, hays and blacks. 5 head work hoi*es and mares. This Is one of tho finest bunches of saddle horses money can buy. Terms can be arranged to suit you on these horses. Call Bakersfleld 8060 or see Clerk dny of sale. See stock uotv. A. M. Weaver, owner. St terday by Several members coming down for a inatlneo performance of Anthony Adverse at Nile theater. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Willis were at tho Follx Galtes home. At tho Drury's were Mr. and Mrs. W. 10. Vati Meter, Mr. and Mi's. Harry Hogan, Hollywood; l.*a Dupon. Carl Mergmuii, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Harps and Airs. J. Harps. At tho Fred 1'lmpcll cottage wero Mrs. (leorgo IQlllott, Mr. and Mrs. Qrover Kayes, Mrs. i-'ioronco Hewso of Los Angeles and Mrs. L. M. Paullsoll of Hnnta Monica. Mrs. Pauliseii Is on tho executive staff at Bawtclle Hosptlal. lo more than tho several strings of i Is only half a mllo west of thn new casing cemented in tho hole. A ' shallow field discovered hy Assucl- strango feature of the flowing wntPi- j alod oil Company on the same spoon this portion of the Ixisl HlllK- lion, and Inter some shallow' wnlls Kettlemah anticline, Is that It seems may hn drilled which will be moro to be under higher Artesian hcnd ! successful than Ill-fated No. 1. Sampling Method ToldJby^Chemist Tho process of samplliiff ores t.* Is described by Frai * Unusually high yield ot 4JB rels dally In Issuing fttim Otis Jtoyfs Martcopa No. 3 in Sunset field from & depth of 1706 feet, on What In. sota6 ways is the most unusual leano on the West Hide. Location Is one mllo east of Maricopa on section T, 11-29, near the highway where oil men looking 1 for hew production have be«n pausing for scveml years. It is like tho rtew accumulation found on th« cYOss fault south of Mount Pdso field on highway In this INSsfJect And HornUohl, Bakorsflold chemist. I:, j n . lso the new Ten Section field where tho following nrtlolu: high points nppcarS to b* near tho Taf(-Uakef8fleld highway, over "ManiplInK Is tho most Irnpftrtnt t which oil men, geologists and pro- procedure In arriving! at the value rnoters Imvi* been riding since the of an ore. Ttaforo sninpllng, clenn ' fresh faces must bo exposed In order to prevent the possibility of Nailing, "IlnvliiR: taken a large representative sample by chlsolltlft 3 to fi Inches wide nnd t to 3 Inches dpop completely across the vein, the larger pieces are broken up und tho Went Side fields were discovered. A unique feature of Otis Hoyt's new well It that the heftrj* 14-grav- II.v crude oil is lifted by means of a CMttnprnssor which forces air down (lie cimlng at 310 pounds pressure. It Is said to be the only well on nn nlr-llft In Sunset field. County Schools Win Fair Prizes t'rom I'agt >. i Ochoe. ButtonwIIHiw, third; Walter Htftward, third: JUvelyn .TOIIBH, Mill Hills, third; Jesus Sttnelio?., Cullentu, fifth; Jimn Reynolds. Vaughn, fourth; "\VnlUu- Ixlrelicnman, lilch- Ihnd, fourth. Classes nnd schools that won prljios UN groups wero: Fifth nnil sixth ffradOM, Mountain Vlow, second In woodcraft; seventh grade ivt Jlei Landon's Lead in Drop in Pollings (Vuntlnutd /''com rage Ptltlro sample thuwuKhly mixed on i 13*1 IIIlos, Iho company's auperln- iv Sampling cloth, the wholo shov- j tondent, l» using; a new typo Allis- oled Into ft uniform i>one. flattened • Chalmers wnll-|\ulllng machine on Into tho shape, of u plo, ami til v Id ml \ tho lease, which eliminates the ne- llito quarters. Two opposite qunr- ; cesvslly for derricks. T«ls is a tors nro tnkcn nut nnd the ivmntn- '. wlnch-lrncior on large automobile Ing ore idled Into it cone, nnd the ! Hit's, which carries a 48-foot Collap- qunrtcrlng ugaln repealed with u j slblc innflt and a four-cylinder tfos- further breaking up of the larger ! engine hoist which Is said to he eapa- lumps hetwenn qimrtr<rlngN until a | ble. of pulling 7000 feet of «« «-•»»• sample of B to 10 pounds Is left. ' This la then tnkt-n to tho assay office. "A« one jilocc of ore may bo rich nnd another worthless, or the same pleoo rich on ono cml, nml worth- leM on thn other, tho snmpln must bo the nvcruite nf nil tlto oro nnd contain hundreds of small pk-cos. tubing. Roosevelt with naflS voles marked for thn Republican candidate to 21 OH ballots In favor of thn Democratic nomlnoo. An addition of over 11.000 votes j The smaller the »l*.i (preferably not j view*.. "Adobe Houses" by Clarent* Local Houses Win Praise1ar_ Design (Continual fro* Paft Ttn) fi«m from Ini.fniiHMi limrimses . last week lead of over Ihtsw to two rMP ,, t Ulo ,,. UB Vftmo of tlu> lll ' grBI * ltir thlxn one-qilnrter Inch), the ; t'ulllmorc, nrohltt>ct. says in . Br ,. urn , oly w|1 , „„, M(Un| ,,, 1 ,,,,,. ,. Thoso fractionally. ! rnltr.irnla Imvo long boon overlookftd rldgo, second In bookonift; 2A clnsH, I On thn basin of an electoral col Beardsley, first in unit on Social studies; seventh grade, Clfnpovlne, becond In bookcmft; seventh ftnd fllghth grade, A/.tec', social science; "In sampling pln<<ern the. vnrlu- I by architects in their efforts t(J do lions urn HO groat, nml the vniuos i aivhltncture through European ln> eighth grndn girls. Vlnelanil. weav- j "f_,tlm r.O.lHC, poll voterH who Voted !CKO dlvlnli>n HO fur Lalidon would i\s u rulo uro »" low, II Is neroFsary ! ttntliins. Theso venerable Itindmarks receive H>."i votes to Knosovelt's 34. j to construct n h:ilf or Ono cublo • of domestic architecture III CttllfOr* An iinnlyHlH of how tho NAIIIO voters voted In I03L' luillcmoM that r>fi4,S ELECTRIC ico box, BV4 sqitam feet. For rjulck hale, |2Ii. streot. BIO Pacific CONSOLE electric sewing macblno. good condition, $35.00. street. 1208 Third 30 ONE Snooker table, and three pool tables for sale or trado for good used car. Inquire for A. H. Jcbb, 71S Nineteenth street. 87 FOR SALE—Pipe furnace, medium size. Wood or coal, used Very llt- tla. Reasonable. Herman UnrUh, Bimfter, Route 1, Box 318. 81 SPEClAlj red fryers, COe caohi also fnt red hens, choice pullets and large red fryers. We dross .and deliver free. Bradford's, 1106 Kern street. Phono 3041-U. FOR SALE OR TRADE—New ZPfllttnd while rabbits, tloon and biioKs, Bradford's, 1106 Horn strobt. Phonu 0041-R. FOR SALE—Feeder hops. Poland* China boar Kcrvluo. Photic 4408-J. Sixth house on CaSa l.omfc Iirlvn. FOll BALE—Plymouth Hook pullMS, 5Vj months old. J. W. Dodds, first house on Union livonue, (Jasa Lama. A urns. Phone 827(!"J. S7 FOR SALE—fryers, 2So pound, dressed, drutfn and delivered froo. 1'hono 2S-F-4. F11VER8, Barred Hock, large, 22o pound; while. Ma; hous. 20c; prime young turkays, 2(>o Ib. Drdssed BARGAIN scoop—Ono perfect diamond, close to 1 cttrat, hnlf price, $aoo. Tteud this blggcBt bargain In tills city. Diamond over 2 carat, perfect Slono, tiH In platinum luoiinUnir wllh two squaro diamonds on tho Side. IIZOO value for }600. watch department, Brock's Store. 37 FOH SALE—Wine kegs and barrels. Mining! machinery, " rock cruuhcrs, conveyors, »cra«ns, elevators, t?ru- ztays, lino Hhaftlng, 3-Inch pipe. 514 ThtrtUtli. - 87 SINGER electric portable, $2!>.4n. Troadlo, J10. White electric console, like now, $40.60. Expert repairing. Parts. J700 K street. Phone C330. r,n FOH SALE—Heal vaJues, ono 1«!!9 Chevrolet sport coupe, good condition, $150, *12fi canli. Ono Dalton combination c«»U register and adding machine, $05. One Wlnohosier 88•',:,. good doer rifle, $20. Call PER 1000 PT. No. 4 common Legal Notices bigLlCIOUS fn-ei-9. Reds. Batlery milk fed. "Their foot never touch the ground." Tender, Juicy. Dressed, • " ' "" Mocord. ~ delivered, C657-J. 181 Phone 87 Dogs and Other Pets Roosevelt Speaks to Mammoth Rally (Uontinued from I'age Out) KITT13NS to «lve away. Call at 1985 TWfttity-UiIrd streBt. FOR f4ALE—Cheap, beautiful roller onnarltis, singers. Can bo ne«n at 103 East Seventh street. Phone 37 Wanted to Buy^MlsoBllaneous WANT TO BUV—TWO small h.ou««n to be inovod. StueSv-, 310 Jeffrey Rakernflald, Cullf. 80 UE8T prices paid for bottles, rags, Iron and other Junk. Phono 417S for pickup wagon. Prompt service. East NltiBtetnlh. . 4SO t-8-8fl-tf Wanted to Buy-Mlictllaneout REDWOOD SIDING 0 $20 1x4 to 1x10, K4H Finish, $42 1x4 FLOORING, $89 1x4 "E" Kiln Drlad T, & CI $10.00 Hou«e Paint, all'colors, gal 1.25 2-OxJ-O Sash, 1 H. Qlazeii l»0o Redwood Posts, 8x4-8' ea 180 HHINOLES, BUXULB 70c LESS B% CASH DISC. Twelve Million Pool-Block 101 Bariums 101 NOTICE OF MEBTlNd OF BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OP KERN COUNTY, CALIFORNIA. TO CONSUMMATE PURCHASE OF REAL PROPERTY FOR PUBLIC PURPOSES. Notice Is hereby plvrn that th« Board of .Supervlsoro of Kern County will meet at (hair rooniK In the County Court Uoiino, City of Bakers- flold. County of Kern. State of California, ut iijoo o'clock a. in.. Monday, September 14. lM"i!. for tho pur • pole of consuinmutltifi the purenas« from C. J<. Taylor and Oln R. Tuylor. his wife. Raymond O. Taylor am) Dora Ixiulne Taylor, hln wife, for lh« Rum Of J1400.00. of thA following hereinafter described real property, towit: Th« west half of Villa ixit 4« of Drury's Addition In the County of Kern, Klntft nf California, as per map recorded March 18. IftOT. In Book 1. Page 101 of Maps In thrt offlfln of th« County Recorder of said County, excepting therefrom tho Kftuth 75 toot; and also excepting therefrom a strip SO feet wld» on the north and west Bides thereof reserved for public road*. Bald property Is to be used for Dublin purponPB, to-wit: for Hospital Grounds. Any and all persons InUrestod In UIA matter may appear at the above mentioned Unto and plaoo and be heard. Dated August ID, 1986. ' F. 15. HM1TH, Clork of tlio Board. Augusl SI to 8o))tomb«r 11, inc. WANTED—Old burlap nnd rags. Buy- Ing botlleM and other junk, call 2170 for pick-up wagon. 717 Bum- ner strEpt. ^ B-ig-tf WANTED—Old burlap and rags. Buy. Ing bottle« and other junk. Call 2170 for plek-up wagon. 717 Sumner slrcot. 0-16-tf tlOO B. »gth St. £100 ADams 16?t. 87 No. 1 USED grain bags for milo, «ach In lot* of 1000 ur more. Alfalfa send. Cane molasses in drums. Prices rapidly advancing. Buy now. San Joaquln Drain Co., Fourtetnth and p itreeta. Phone SSB. B-5-tf FRUIT Jars, while thsy last, wathed, . quarts 24o and S4c dot«ni pints \to and 29o dozen; glasn*», lOc dosett. 717 Sumner str«»t. 0-lS-tf USED CLOTHINQ TM13 ECONOMY " 1913 L STREET BARGAINS IN MEN'S SLIGHTLY USED CLOTHING, SUITS, SHOES, ETC, 54 Legal Notices NOTICE City of Bikeriflald Civil Service com* mission for the Polio* Department NOTICE JH ItlSriEBY GIVEN that competitive examination for the position of lieutenant of Polio's of tho Uakeraflold Pollca D«pBrti7it>iit will ho held at 1:00 lions throughout tho country, doolnring: "Today, because of betler prices for farm commodities, wo m-o aciu- (illy engaged in laklng these second steps. Not only htivo \v6 urouseil n public undefstnndlng and approval of the need of ending soil erosion and walor run-oft, but wo have enabled tho public, through a practical prosperity, to begin to pay their debts, to paint their houses, to buy farm tools and automobile, to sond more boys and girls through school and collego, lo put KOIIIO monny in tho bank and, Incidentally, to know for the first, time thai the money In tlio bank Is safe. "No mqn or woman, no family, can hopo in any part of the country to attain socurlly In a city on starvation wages any moro than they can hope on a farm to attain security on starvation corn prices, I do not hav« to tell you who llvo in any of these southern Mtales, which have factories in all of thorn, that a family that tries to stibstt oh a total wngo income of -100 dollars a year is just as much a drag on ihn prosperity of America us tho farm family that trie* to subsist on a to- yearly cauh Income of 100 dollars. "That IB why most thinking peo- pin btllovo that tho national recovery act, during Its short term of Ing, second; Indian School, basketry, second; eight li griliK.- girls. Ajitec. quill, first; Hrundngc School, Officially for Hoover I'mir years ago now Intend t" vnt,> fur Rodsovelt, Whllo 10, M'i: nf the 3-l.fiti't poll voters quill."Kpcond: eighth grndo in Vino- | who^nuirk their imllniH as voMug land, wcavlns, HOCOIKI. '"" " " ' " ' Revision of School System Is Urged for RonseveU four years iign Imll onto they will vot« for Lumloli In receives bis largest Magnet Prepares to Begin Drilling 1'ren Lnattit \\tit} of any state, voti< In Mlnnnsoin, j i l(?Bln« up tho hO,avy wooden derrlclc where his tally Is nearly s'H per j at ttayttioitr X». !i In west Fruit- con I of the total Ilinrn BO fur. j valo field, section 81. 29-'.'", nml ban Tho t'nlon ciindlilntn receives lens started drilling to tho oil sand ex- than u por cent of Ohio's total poll i peeled lit 410u foot. This Is foot box. inn! coiioonirttto the plnccr | nla are comliiK into their own as KAinplo nnd Kiibmtt the i oncentratcH | the Inspiration for modern California for assay remilts." I humps that possess In a Ii\rff9 do- Ki-eo qualities of picturesque ohftttn nnd nt'inilne infornml hospitality. The !)(• la Oueirn ItouSo M Santa litirbnm i\nd the Cn*c do Ksttldillo ttt Old Town near Man Diego are fair oxiunpleH of California's lovely """"~ , ,, , . ' homt-H of a coutury ago. They are Magnet Oil Company hn« finish.*! i att ,,„„,), ftt imlrc,i now ta then and tho publl rich man man's Job wna ndvocateil todny at thn opening session of thn thirty- third annual convention of tho National Conference of Juvenile AKCD cles. ,,., UM I.MV M. ..... '&SXm&T-u. me; llfe - accomplished us much for tho at plre tlou«e Number 1. at _Twen-| resiorailon of prospnrlty Ihrough ~ ...... t j jo ps ( ft |,]| 8 | )niet ,| of t ) lc minimum wugr. the Shortening of hours and tho elimination ot child labor ua any law put on Die slniuln bool<8 of tho federal government In the past ecu- tleth and K SlrooU, Bakersfleld. Cull- { fornla. Only niAtnbtrs of the Bakersfteld Police Departmcnl hsvlne Inroo >-ettrs experience UK regular pnlcl nenco of- flfeTK and who liave Norvcil on the BKkersfleld pollen Department for not ziHnnrniiQiu l um *t J.JPIIUI tinniiv lur T1U( tllrv " lesH than' olio yoar immodlatcly pro- | vur > • Tho phtingo would betti-r society by " 1O tnnj»r i«.rHnH M the rn lo of n,, crcutlnB greater i-cnpoci f,,r the I I'mxHnnt^ly fmir 1^«1la to .n, n working mnn nnioii K the wealthy ' " f '""''"'- |t " v " 1 " 1 :1'L.'"•»-'-. class, John 11. Criinor, director of j vocational training In the Connecticut School for Hoys, Meridon, (.'ontt,, In iiinklni; UHI proposal. have tho rnrn distinction of having exacted nhnllur genuine ndtniration cvMi during tho inldVtctortan period of tllnglc-dangles and do-dab* OC which they had none," I'lensliiK Structure The nd'obe house of Mr. and Mrs. frmn which balloin are i-e i ICIcctrlc wiring on tho rig was O. K. ytnnfleld ftt 2729 Twcnty-ftrtt ported. I doiut by 11 & O ISlnctrlc Compan)-. i ? tr<>ot of "?'" "'^ '• Pictured charm- Tho nmiLvHiH ,.f the ptmt polltlciil j which In nnotlu.T of tho many c<>n- lnK ^ ln th ? * nme lM "° by J 11 " 11 ^of the voters I-IJOWM that ,-erns which nr« (ollowlng tho l.onjf i Krnph ru) " flo °r rmn. The HUnfleld ' einlgrntlon to the valley. »-»•* CHICAGO Sept 11. Itnvlnl(>n of vol< " nnt ' "-^ |H ' r oon ' "' Oklfthonm's | i>n proven Innd, nearer the field 10 public school B.VHtem to tench tlio ' V<)1 " wltl1 II|H H '''"'" runglng between than the company'** |.revl.)li» coin- rich man's HOII how to do tint poor ! 'he»o two ration In the other six pletlmis which extended prtidiicilon, Lomko Is drawing his KtreiiHtb from < ii,\ini:it IIKAIUNU SKT LOH ANOISLKK. Kept. 1. (A. P.)— Four pniposeil county charier If the bunker's son were in go nmplidn)»Mitn. which would ostabllHh through a period of vocational tmln-ja oouilly ImMnosu manager nnd slm- Ingr similar lo thai of the youth who pllfy governmental functions, will be expected lo labor nil his life, C'ranor jglvon a public hearing Tuesday at dfulnred, there would be less friction j 10 a. m. by the suporvlsum. If tho about such Ihlngs nh social KPCtirlty, i proposllloiiH im< to appear on tho Wftgos and xvorltlng nnd living t'olidl- j Xovomhor election ballut. the super- i visors must tiprovo them beforu Knp- ! loinbor 18. lions. X7 xu I OlltnS A4-fo«L- /VllttCK ' 1'fftt l,rtt»fit H'( COM I'TON, Sept. 11. -- houne, also Mr. Culllmore's design, : ileycrlhed «* follows: "The character <>f the house Is not stylistic but early California luloho without pretense of IH-IIIK anything that it is not. This hoime Is cement plusterdd on tho exterior nnd colored a natural white cement color. On the interior It i» Three I off-wblte throughout. The floors art youths, accused of klilnap'rg und j oak plunks, tllo and cement. The in- crlmlnally assaulting Marvel Ren. i terlor is plastered with hardwall plas- fonner bathing beauty of thn silent non-en, were held today for trial In Superior Court. tor, modtflnd California texture. The Insulation afforded by the 18-inch fAtmclntclt Pren t<ra*r4 Wtrt) ] LOK ANOKMOH, Hept. 11.—-13iiMo L. Elliott. vlce-prc«lclent for th« ; past three years of the American ; Homo ICcoiiomlcs AKsriclullon, hnn been ftppolntod director of homo, toonamlcs for the California Fruit j Growers' K-. / v \V. B. liflssengtir, cxchnngo nd- | mone« mde Hie i tlinon th thick walls keops tho summer t»ni- Silim llea Identified the miMpectN. pcrftturo at leant SO degrees cooler II. Ol<lney. Dunlel Hallcy and I inalde than outsldo when it Is 100 Harvoy Xlke. when they appeared in 1 iiogn«>N outside." court at tholr prollmlnary hearing, j The stanfleld house was built in *., ."::.,_ .:.; ^-r.-^jj^;.. "..i""i :" -i 19,14 by V.. L. Murray, contractor. ' Tho author emphasizes the foot j thai tho preneni impetus for adobe i building has come about because of Its recognised equality of Insulation. ! Preen ntloim Used ! The author states that precaution* w Jin design, such as thick wall*. An adequate, concrete foundation, rotn* Il> IIOWAKD \V. IU.AKICSI.K15 j foi-ced concrete lintels and contlnu- AiM»-iiud l'i«« Scienct Kdiior ; ou» bond stones, trussed roofs tied X\MHniI)fJK, Mft.i«., Sept. 11. -i IllH Hubse<iuoni discoveries. Sovcml j Into the wiUls lUid exterior protection nrllflclul mule nfK bor- t ,. n(1H lf „ ,,,.,1,., h,,,-,,,..,,,.. ,.„ i from rain, will place mi adob<s house with "iippruxlmatcly five , . hounom-,., ho • (m ft wUn othcr wt . n . bullt houses. activity" of tho mUurul! (mUI ' h " vo ' " "»"'« b - v attaching,-- Appoint Woman to ,„ ^ ¥ T¥7f . f Fruit Growers' Job \Hermones Found Which Have Very Rapid Activity vertlslng muimger who made n,o i tim.m tho activity or inn imuirai - •- •-•••• ,.-..-.....„ ftppolntment. said MUs Klllolt would ! """Maniv were announced today at j addlllonal chemical.-, u, the original, bu In charge of the reclpo develop-i'ho Uurvard tercentenary by Dr.; puro mtlflclal hormone. ; coding the dato of tho oxamlnatlon aro «llgtlile. All applli'stlonn must be on file with the CommlBglon by nol laler lhan 13 o'clock liflpn, September 12, 1930. Further Information as to applications and ncope of examlnalloh may bo secured from th« Secretary of the i'ollco Civil Service ConmiUslOn, Clly Hall, BakprBfleia, Callforna. OROIUJ12 F. nlJOJIES. Chftlrinrin, Civil UnrvlCA Commlsilon. KI>l?CATOK INJUKKU KE0LANDS. Sept. 11. (A. P.H-Dr. Clarence liowo Thurber, prcslilsnt ot the University of U>Hilnnd«, was injured In an uutomobllo accident neiir Detroit, friends learned today. The educator, on an eastern biislneMK trip, suffered fractured ribs nnd lucura- nient work for citrus fruits. In a flvo-ponr porlod moro thnii fr»m Kui-lrh. C&O.OOO reHpn bonks and '.I.B'iO.ono i t "'' HotH of food bull"tln« fur cliivsnmni Instrtiotlun have bunn distributed by Ihu exchange, I'lizlckn, «Wts« chemlBt ; Thu nubiiUiiiue* iiHaclieU ar« chenv j leal "eHtoi'H." An ester Is u com that th* artificial i blnallon ot an alcohol and an or-! hnrnioncM mlghl bo linprm-eiil'-nlH, ganlc ucld. The «'*U;ris which make! I mi nature. Hut ho said It wuuld bo ] tho HUi^i'-hormoneH were fit>m fur- j | yearn lieforo any uwen for nuinjnilc, arvtilng and propionlc ncldf. i { wimlii likely be found, HOW TO FOLLOW THE NEWS FROM EUROPE \Vlth conditions as they ar« r,v«-r*pn>i, epochal IIOWH Is b»- Inir flawlipil from Europ* YNTKUDKIt SOUOIIT Their «ff«ct. w,,- P twrt «I by giv- I ?'„'^^0* th? o'nbTe.'Sffi tr Itiittti f.^ rtvit»k«ti> «•• It It .» M.".I»* 1* I •**•' « •>• • "•• ' • — Jtuctor 1'u/lckn a yenr ago made ] lug them to animals with growth, J the first wrtlflclal male sex luirmoim. i Mtunlod In "«i>cnndurv" Hex chanic NOHIH HOI.MM COD. S«pt, 11. j This chrmlcal "HyntheKl»" Was lin-i terlKtlcH mu-h iu« combs on montem. : I color map of (A. 1 J ,~A mnn who itttnmutMl to j potlant Ijocuuwf attack Mrs. Clarn (tiiro In her fluwcr i |i..,ve n»t yleMed garxlen eluded police radio cars In J niuno fur expi^T-lment. The artificial! with oilier chemicals In the body. '•• \ . . Snn Fernaiulo valley today. Officer : iiormonc nctc-d on uitimals tho ntimo and that Its specific cffucts on any nnlurnl sources 1 Tho di'iluctlon from nxperimentH I of tho hoi- : IH thut thu malu m-x horm.uu* ivacts suld th« fugltlvo's Identity UH the natural one. i part of the body depend partly on Tuduy Doctor I'li/U'Kn reported th» chemical* It finds the|-e. j FHU1T JAK8—QuarU. S4<;; pints. 18e, We »l»o buy rasB. beililes. Junk of all kinds. Phone 1,86 for pick-up wagon. 13S East Tncnty-flrat »tr«si. FTJRS-—Factory naiiipl»«. Fur 'coato. jacketM, foxAi", collar*. Huge stock. Furs rfinorteleiJ. "Th<s lltcun* of 1008 Kur Bargain*." t>ow'» Whole- i sale Fun. 1" Ku«raoy, b»n Frn>n- I ctsco. 8-10-tf tloiw of tho head and hands. August £& to HupUmber 11, nol. BUCK ROGERS, TWBNTY-FIPTH CENTURY A. D. Carried Off Hy I'HIL NOWLAX and LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS HB DASHED FORAPILG OF ftU/A/S TH£N H£ $MATCU£D UP ///J^ L/TTL E / INSTEAD ST/LL COME ON WILMA/-ON OUR FLYINO Beers/ AU6WUMPF BUT WILMA/- VOU'LL HIT/ BUCK TOO/ QOOR-R-F?-RLA SAVE HlrYS- EVEN IF WE 00 PARALYZE NAK WAVVA S. i»»« JOHN r, otutt PAT. orr. You will find this largo ftva- ipA. available only through our Washington Information Huri-au, especially limtily. It enalilea yuu to tr*o« cvi-ry iluvplopmsnt fr«m your MIUK r»ailti<v chair. It glv«* you n f!*nri"r nlcturo of ev«nt* us thi'v happen. This nintt show* old and n«tr tiouiid»rl<u>, give* old nnd. new xpflllnp nf UK canltals ahd other major dtle*. and on It* iic carrk-M all the fun- ocutiuinlc and yoUtt- cul tlatn. Have excellent Ulg map mailed to your hom«. OrJer tortny Th* vric* in only W cents, . Use This Coupon The ISnkersflcUl California!! Intoriiuulon Bureau, J. Ha*kin. D. C. I enclose h«r«wt»h 10 cents In coin (carefully wrapped) for « copy of th* Map ot Bu-

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