The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 30, 1944 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 30, 1944
Page 4
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RFXATIVKS —Pinff Ser^rrnnt tvillinm Cnrmona, v-'ho if fmmrwhrr<» in the PnrifU enlisted in November. JM:i. HIM \vilq, Mrs. K*tbrr Omnium, and 1hree rhil.lir-r re? trie at 1006 Snm h H.ikrr sli'M i. Jlrs. (';i t ntonn'n hrothf r. O^rpnrn I At VIM Ornna, \v ho is ?1;i I mnp*3 m Now ('• ) inon v it)i 1 \\r> f-nt; in*""'TN. «*nl iPtrrl jn Spptoinhn If 42. His wife. Mm. lIi-lM'ccri OIODH, n .-:i].-.s M nh |j-r imither. >Ir«. J.Jotmr "\ t'lanco, in A rvm. >'.A VY—W. H. Payne, former P) ndenl, <\( .J'.;i kcrsOekt Hith S'-hnnl. IH ntii l ionctt nt i ht> Nit vfi 1 Air Terbnien I Tra in I OK ( »• liter nt .Nff-mphlH, Tt-nn., a fter en I in t- nik* l.'ifl .lun<>. Hr» h«l(is tli»- rnnk of s.-i onil <•],'(HH Mfarnan. HIH father. M. K. ]';i>nr. n^-i.ieH ;it Kmile 4. Hux COft, Itrik- n .sfi.-ld. The irn HIPP won the trnjihy for HIM "omMnndmK ntliln.' of th" f];iHM nf 1H44" MM a n-Hult of bfiiitf active for fuur > i ar» In n ihlctit n. ARMY— Aviation OuJr-t Alex Genrce ^artnl. Jr.. is, him <>1 Mr. Jimi .Mrn. A I' 1 \nndf r S;t raft, !M S Qu" H y t-t 1 1"-\. \n Ft ill ioii'Ml iit Mont ini.i Statr- ( \.]tf•«»». lin/cnifin. Mnni.. xvhf'i •? I 1 '- i«; «t ud\ tin? r-ii ji men ring. J Its en li^i ••<! in June. 1 !M 4. fifni cam* 1 hnnin rt-rfijt fy } t y i-ianp on a 10-day rtirlouuh. A m ndnn 10 "f Kiist l-fakprRfieltj Miph Srbttnl. he w;,i om- plo.vrd hy llu» emei gt;-rn:y project before KoinB into Hcrvii-ti. HKTIRNS FROM OVKKSKAS In- k «'miner, nun of Mr. nnd Mrw. P. I-:. ri.iMHT. iif OiMiilc. ifl HtatiuiM'd nt 1>on A MK' V 1<-M A Ut in it "S N;I\':I 1 Air li;i fie a ftf-r Is niunUiM tci VM e in llic ponl h I'm if in :i i'( ;i. An a vijitinn mrlalsrnilh 1 trnL VliiHH. he aitHid'-d local s<-hoolH anrl \VIIH v*mi'loyi <1 a I Lm k)i<>f(l hpf'oro enlist iiiK jn l tit* nn vy in AiiKusI. 1 !M2. Ills wiffl IH tlic fci ini-r MIHS Mary Compton, of — Air Onus 1'huto IN ADVANCEI^— Aviation f'julot Kngpne Hollanrl, of Mr. and Mr«. C. K. llollund. lot DoiitflRH slrppi. Bakei-H- flelti. h«fl reported for advanced train- Jnw at (lie Army Air KOH'PH Jiornhardler Si'hool, at CarlHhad. N. M. Cadet Jlol- land'B wife la the former Miss Frances Kuttan, 1U17 DubruHky Dnve, J ink era- field. — I'lifito bv AitHlin. IX PACIFIC —Jack Kevllle Ross. 19. motor machinist's ma to ttiird i-ln«s, joined tlm navy in Ortoht-r. H*4;i, mid in now In the Pacific urea. A mn of Mr. »nd Mrs. Wullr-r P. Kn^, ^L'S Klnwer utreet, he attended Kant Unkr i^fn-ld High School and won (he ouLstandintf athlete's award in liMll-UM::. AIK COKT.S— Privato Dan Pahovich. Hon. «if Air. a nd Mrs. John Kabovlrh. of Ar- vm. is attondinj? radio wrhool at Scott 3-*idd, 111. lie iH a Kt'uduate of Jiak- i-rwfifld JI i«h Kf hool and W»H a ntudent n t 11n- local Junior college. Privale t^a luivich IH Jo In.' a radio opera lor on n It-lilt SuiKjrfortiTHH horn her. lie ru- Dortod for duty on May 4, l'J4<, NAVY' —Larry Lee Adolphson, son of Mrs. Kdith Adolphaon, of fi05 B street, liakerwfield, ia HI a tinned on the S. S. CharleH Kurz. Ho holds the rank of HPitmnn firnt clnnH and enlisted in tho navy upon Ilia Kraduat ion from RakerH- f ield IJJKh Mchciol last May. Seaman Adolphaon ia conne<:ted with the navy armed guard. — \VAl I'lintu IN TRAINING —MIPS J-olR Ham. sn-yc-nr- old Bakernfield miss, is now taking lu-r basic training at Kort Ues Moine^. lo\va, Jn the women 1 * a riny corps. She was employed as a. draftsman before entrr- in*f the p^rvU e nnd exiJt'cts to U'VH her etrvicea in that dlviBk-n to tho army. uintnn C WlUuirn, son of Mr. and Mm. Bornie K. Willmrn. of < > I Id ale, h:iH been com miss toned an a second llent'-naiit In ihe army air c rops, it t the ! Vcos Advanced J'ilot School, PCCOP. Texas. Ltentcnnnt AVilburn was K student at the UaKenifteld Junior BUSSING —According to word received, from the war department hy his mother, Mrs. Silvia Narducci, of Bakeraf'ield. Paratrooper Marino A. Narducci is listed us iniHuhiK in Frartte. He is n graduati* of Hakei-Hfleld Hinh School and enlisted in September. 3!»42, heitiK the first Baker.stiuld boy to enlist iu the paratroopers. —1'lioto tiy Ktlvvuitlh JiAVY —Donald Senior, Keamtin, first clatH, It*, Hon of Mr. and Mm. .lam>/H II. Senior, 1 -14 Qumcy MreH. Httciidi-d, Kast iJakersfleld liiifh School before his «n licit men t. Ho is now btationtd m the South Pacific. IN SAIPAN —After r<veivtn« shrnpnel •\vounds and being confined in a Saipan lioNpituI, 1'rivatM l^irBt. (Ma*is John J-\ 3i;i!Tit«nn t niiirine from Ha kern field. Is back, on duty on the Inland with bis mill. Private Harrison t*nlisted in the (-ervire on Ut-cemher '.I, 11ML'. Ho ia the t-on of M. K. HurriHun of this ciiy. —Air t'orps 1'huiu FINlSIIKfl BASIC—Aviation Cadet Haslie 11 Bund.v. Hon of Mr. and Mrs, .Wai- tor F. Hundy. Bakernfiehl, hue cnin- lileted his baste train IIIK in "\V:u o, Texau, and IH now In advanced school, •where, upon completion of his course, be TV ill receive hit* silver pilot's wings. SERVIC ItebeWfielb Californfatl Saturday, September 30, 1944 Staff Sergeant Thomas J. Carter, who has charge of a regimental pont office in the marine corps, visiled Mrs. Carter and daughter, Betty Jo, at 60-' H street, recently, accompanied hy Private Torn Alvey of Louisville, Ky., wlio works with Sfr- gpant Carter. They are both sta- tinnrd in the Pacific aroa.. A family dinner was enjoyed while they were here at which Jtr, anil Mrs. Glenn Carter, a son and daughter-in-law, and j\II.«H Allie Mae Ryan were jirea» ent. Sergeant and Mrs. Carter's oldest son, .Staff Sergeant Thomas K. Carter, Is an aviation machinist in the army air corps at Pollock Field, Alexandria, I.,a. He is a graduate of UnUersfielcl High School and was attending junior college when he enlisted in Fliruary, 1941. A second son, Jloy C. Carter, pharmacist's iTinte second class, is somewhere in the Pacific where ho has been stationed for two years. lie was attending Rakersfield High School when he enlisted in May, 1041. He was a member of the Drillers. Private First Class "Wayne A. Seaton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Vida Soaton. 217 Heardsley avenue; Corporal Robert Ij. Kresl<y, son of .Mr. and Mrs. I,. M. Kresky, C17 Thirtieth street, and Staff Sergeant Ralph "W. .Tarvis. son of W. T. .Tarvis, *»l. r i AVoodrow avenue. Oildale, and husband of Patsy .Foster .Tarvis, 70!) AVoodrnw avenue, Oildale, have wnn high commendation for helping shatter world's records overhauling aircraft engines at an air service command depot in Kim- land. 'Kngines overhauled last month with fellnw mechanics totaled L',."i'(i,. (Kill horsepower, the highest figure recorded since air service command began operations in Kngland. Pharmacist's Mate First Class Norris .). Peters and wife announce the birth of a hoy born September 1 at the Magnolia, Hospital in L»ng Reach. Mrs. Peters, the former Lorraine Owens of Rakersfield, is receiving her friends at the family home at MOO Santa Ana Boulevard, Cornpton. Main Peters served in. the invasion of the Marshall islands, Kwajalein atoll, nnd the a.ttack on, Saipan and Tinian. He is now stationed in the Hawaiian islands. The promotion of doorge Darccy C.ilfillan, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Potter of 9(10 Thirty-first street, to the rating of aviation ordnancoman first class from aviation ordnance- man second class was announced recently at the I'nited States Naval Air Station, Jacksonville, Fla. His wife, the former Patricia King, lives at his home address. Robert TJ. Mahiru 23, Route 1, Arvin, and "William 11. Jlodd, 21, 1 if street, were commissioned ensigns in the T'nited States Naval Reserve when they graduated recently from the Naval Reserve Midshipmen's School at Abbott Hall. Northwestern University, Chicago, 111. They will now see action with the fleet as deck officers. Henry R. Wallace, 21. son of Mr. and Mrs. Linden D. Wallace of HOMO Chester Lane, has been awarded his silver pilot's wings and appointed an officer in the army air 1'orces at Pampa Army Air Field, Pampa, Texas. "WAC Sergeant Mary Rita Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Smith, ]f>26 Flower street, landed in New Guinea on September f> with a large contingent of the "Women's Army Corps. Sergeant Smith was thrilled with her new assignment overseas, but not nearly as thrilled as she was to find that her brother, Lieutenant Allan A. Smith, was stationed nearby. It was a happy reunion for the Smiths who hadn't seen each other for two years, and their first meeting was a, real "old- home week"' affair. Sergeant Mary Joined the Women's Army Corps in April, 1!M3. Prior to her enlistment she was a stenographer in Bakersfield. The award to Technical Sergeant Charles S. Lung of a mechanic's badge for proficiency in repair and maintenance of motor vehicles over a period of two years has recently been announced by headquarters of the Ninth Air Force Service Command group to which he is assigned, smnewhere in the European theater of operations. Sergeant Long owned and managed a wheat ranch at Arvin before entering the service in February, ltl-12. His wife, Mrs. Katherine Long, lives at 1221 Kl Rancho ]>rlvo and his brother, Mil- tun F. Long, Is a sergeant in the engineer corps. Cnrporal AVillinm C-. Compton is a member of tin* air transport wing which has flown more than liO(M) tuns of vital A. A. F. war cargo to Franee' aud evacuated mnre than 24,. IHIII wiiimded American soldiers on (lie return flights to Kngland. Cor- pi.ral Compton. who has been in the Kuropcan theater of operations I'm- nine months, i.s the son of Dr. nnd Mis. C. S. Compton of 42S Holtliy Road. His brother, Technical Sergeant Fdward Cmnptori, is assigned to an armored division. A graduate of Air Transport Command, pilot trainee class, at Douglas Army Air Field, Ari/.., Rexi'ord H. McKee, of Rakersl'ield, received liis wings and was appointed a flight officer in the army air forces. Before entering military service, he was a civilian flight instructor ' at the Army Flying School at Hemet. He will be assigned to duty with the Ferrying Division of the Air Transport Command. Private First Class Olaf A. I*ing- soih is a. convoy leader and driver for a truck company which is hauling explosives and equipment to combat bases oC the Ninth Air Force throughout the Kuropean theater of operations. His wife, Mrs. Patricia Langseth, is living \vith her parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. R. Shcllinberger of Bakersl'icM. Marine Private First Cass Joseph Litni, son of Mrs. Alniida Limi, Route 2. Bakersl'ield, is stationed at the maine barracks, Klamath Falls, Oregon, rehabilitation center, following his return to the states from the Pacific. Private Limi served at Samoa and in the Wai Us islands. George L. Nelms, 24, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Nelms, 146 Linda Vista Drive, recently was awarded the silver wings of a pilot at La Junta. Air Field, Colo. He was grad- ua.tcd as second lieutnant. SK.AIIKK —On duty somewhere In the wouth Pacific IH Gus H. KcihfioM. son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kohfielil. for- Jllprly of Shaffer. Connected with the naval conHtruction bnttalion. he hnlils the rank of third class petty officer 1 . Prior to entering tho. service, ho \vaa employed at Johnnie's Barber Shop. IVtty Officer Kohfield is the hrolhcr oC Mis. Charles Fleislmuer of Bukerstield. OVERSEAS SERVICE—Paul \V. Hurnis- ton. 'JO, yon of Mr. and Mrs. D. M. HumiHton, 1201 Second street, who has been nervine as an aviation ordnance- man secund in the navy, has been overseas eif,'ht months, lie saw service on Guadalcanal, Boupainville and the .Uussell islands. He hait le.emly been home on 30-day leave und has reported to Santa Hosa NAVY —David W. King, son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Joe Kinn, L'f»14 O street, Bak- ersfleld. Is In "boot" training at the San Diego Naval Traininy Station. He left for Merviee with the navy on Au- Cionii Miii'Kall. N. C. Serteant Trainer field Hi.'th School. AiM'iemice Seaman Kinc's brother. Joyce .Artiil Kiny, i.s in, the Himth Pacific, and bus been servinff •with the navy tnr two years. Ho holds the rank of seaman first class. Ilia wife resides nt tho home of his parents, WAVE —Jean Campbell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Allan 13. Campbell, has enlisted In the WAVES as an officer's candidate and will leave soon for the Naval Keserve Midshipman's School, Smith Colleue. Northampton. Mass., for tiainiiiK. She Is n graduate of Hukers- fieltl Itiph School and also attended tho I'niversity of California and Stanford University from which she received her A. 1-t. degree. MisH Campbell's father is a local lawyer and her uncle, Krank (I. Swnln. is a Superior Court judge in Los Anuelcf. PARATROOPER —Percrant Howard B. Pnilher, 21. sun of Mrs. Kertic Plainer of 1127 Lincoln street, entered the service in January, r.i-l.'l. and was sent to Camp U'iberts. T'orl Ilennitm', I'la., and is nu\v training with the paratroops at Kiisl L'.'i. H«' is a j:radii;ite nt Haltcrs- ultcncled Ilak.-isfiel'l llmh School and was employed by Golilcn Trust Hakery bi'fnre KOIIIK into service. Hy was home recently on a turlouyh. ItKOTIIKK AMI SISTER—Pictured nbovo arc Edna and Bert Cooler, daughter und snn ot Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Cooler, of 75 A street, Bakersfleld. MIsB Cooler, who is known on the stase as ICdoa Eaton, is connected with the USO camp shows and at present la stationed in England. She has been a member of the tf'inpe for approximately 14 months. Miss Cooler was educated in the Balters- fieM schools and graduated from I'.akersfield lliBh School. Hert Cooler, pharmacist's male second class, has been nlationed in New Hebrides since last March. He enlisted m September. 194:;, after completinB a year at Bukersfield Junior College. NAVY —Omrah A. Hall, son of Mrs. AKiH'M M. Hall and the late Henry T. Hall, of 21u!i Oregon yiroet. Is a phnr- macisl's male second class and is stationed in Tiiiian islan<!. He was formerly employed by Thrasher Motors Company and sales manager lor the Art Frost Company of illendale before his enlistment in September, 1!M~ His sister. .Mrs. Alta Hall Held, resides at the home address. AWARDED —Private First Class .Tunn O. t/atlena, 21). son nf Mr. ami Mrs. Frank Cadena of liiittonwillow. recently re<(.i\-(>rl cointnendat iou from commanding officer tor exemplary soldierly spirit and swift aciion displayed in critical siitiation. Vrivate Cadena is stationed at Fort Jackson S. C., with an army tank destroyer company. He was formerly employed by Houchiiw Warehouse at Uuttonwillow. AIll CORPS —Corporal Vernie Grose en. listed in October 1041, and Is now sta* tioned at 101 Paso, Texas, with the transport command. He received basic training at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., and graduated from clerical school at Fort l.oBan, Colo., In March, 1942. He attended Phalter schools and ha» been visit inf? his parents, Mr, and Mrs. W. C.- Urose, of Shatter. AK.MY —Corporal ]''loyd Montel, who is with a medical battalion, is now at t- tioned at. Foi r Leonard Wood, Mo. Ho is the son oi .Mrs. iNick -Marvel, 7]1 East California avenue. He attended I-iakers- field HiKh School and at the time of bis induction he was credit manager for • Sears. Itneblick and Company at San Jose, where his wife and daughter now 11 side AWARDED — Captain Warren Roean Harreil. now in the central Pacific, has been awa riled the DistinKUlshed Flying Cross and the Air Medal will) three Oak Leaf. Clusters after completing HO fly- 1i:c missions. Tie attended P.akersfield Hit,'h School and was attending University of Sout.hern. California at the time of his enlistment. He is expected home on a furloj^h soon, according to word received by his parents in Long Bench. NAVY 7 —Eugene S. Neumann, 18, I* nerving as an apprentice seaman at San Diego. He enlisted In August. 1944. A former student at East Bakersfield High School, he wan employed at Southern Pacific before going In the service. He is son of Mr. a nd Mrs. Fred Neumann, 2231! North (Jage street. NAVY" —Robert T. Moore, 18, seaman necond class, is stationed at Camp Scott, Farragnt, Idaho. He attended Kast Bakersficld Tilth School. His par- enls, Mr. and Mrs. Dave K. Jloore, 13 "Water street, are at present living in Wilmington. IN MARINES —Bryson C. Roberts, 23, son of Mrs. L. C. Roberts, 111 West Moneta avenue, is a member of the United States Marine Corps and stationed at. Camp Pendleton. He Is a native of Long Beach and joined the 7uarines in June of this year. His wife and son. now residing at 405 Beech street, will join him soon. *.'>y. OCARTERMASTER—Private Ralph G. Thompson, 19, son of Mr. and Mrs, Ed Thompson. MS South Chester, is stationed at Camp Lee. Va., -with the quartermaster corps. He is a graduate of Bakernfield High School, and before his enlistment in June, he was employed by the Carnation Company. MARINE —Private First Class Billy R. JSoyles, 18, is in tho south Pacific with the marlno corps and Is serving as an amphibious tank driver. lie attended Bakersfield High School and enlisted in December. 1!*4H. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Boyles, reside at 623 Thirty- Ihird street. IN FRANCE— Privale Johnny Arnold Koehn, so:i of Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Koehn of Shafler. is \\llh an armored division in France, He entered the service in February. 1043. His wife. Mrs. Lee Koehn, resides in Shafter. PILOT TRAINING—Karl J. Thurber. 24. son of Arthur T. Thurber, Route 2, Bakersfleld, Is receiving pilot training in an air transport command class at Douglas, Ariz. He enlisted in May. i, 1944. Before entering the service h*f/ was a civilian flight Instructor. Hl» wife, Mr«. Bernico Thurber, and Bon, reside at 1062 Robinson street. BOOT CAMP—Rerelvlng "hont" traln- fn* at the San Diego Naval Training Station l» Paul L. Goodrlt-h. Bon of .Mr, and Mr». V. I.. Ooodru;h, of 1417 K!n» (treet, Bakervtlelil. Tlic UHinoe l.-li tnr the navy In Auituot, havinv rnlixiMl In M»y. whew he eradualcd from liat.t ilak- •rifield Haiti School. IN FIX)KII)A— Fireman Flret Clans Tom Ciowlcy. son of Mr. and Mrs. James rrovvl'-y, (Jrocnfk'lcl, IH Btationed at J-'nrt I'M rci?, I-'la, He tb a Ki'inluutn of HHker^iiuUI Higli School HMCJ (-niiMiPd in the inivy last Junimry. The Un-onl'lpl't li'iy littx r<". mtly bewn aeeiKiitd tu small attack budta. IN HAWAII —Private Flrut Class Ray Kcquorlo, Hon of L. Kt*querlo, Orfen- fii'ld, ia stutloned in the Hawiillnn tslanrlM. Ho weaitt the Purple Heart anil Silver Star. Prlvaia P><(|iicrlo is a Ki-.nliial« o( Tlakri-sfickl High School, and left foivMuly with the army In 1940. AIK C'OKI'S —Private First CI.-IKS Robert A. Peterson Is a mrrh:inii' Millionth at Yiiinn Air Bane. Privale IVUMHOII. a KO'l of Mr:». A. T. Pi'loraon, 401 l''IuwtT sufT'l. ciillsteil nt Mmlrr Flold In ]:ML'. J'rlor to his cnliMtnicnt ho was R drat'ttf- uiaij at Lockheed Aircraft Company. N.VVY —J. P. Cook, former onBinriT at KI'.MC, iH now a i-hief radioniall in Ihe navy, Hti has eccn fcorvice in -M'i'ica. 8ii i 1 • nnd Normandy and wears three giurs for purttcipaliou ia three umjar combatB. —Air t'oips 1'hotu nBAOUATKD—Richard R. Workman, L'L'. son at Mr. and Mrs. \V. a. Workman, 200 Linda Vista J)rivc, recently \V«H awarded the silver wines of a iiilot nt La Junta Army -Mr Field. Colo. He was cummiasioned a second lieutenant. ARMY —Private Teter D. Kaehn, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Kaehn of Shafter. Is stationed at Fort Ord with an atnphihlan lank division. His wife. Mis. LoulHa, and son. Howard Daniel, are with him. Private Kaehn enlisted ID January, 1944. —Air Corp* FUeto PILOT—Kldon Bryant Gulley. 27, «on of Mrs. Maricaret O. Uulley, 61S Decatur street, Olldale, has been awarded hi* silver pilot's wings and appointed an officer lit the ariny air forces at Pampa Army Air Field, Texas. He is married to th* former Lorrlne TirnroU. J60» 1C •treet. >

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