The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 27, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 27, 1947
Page 5
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FRIDAY, JUNE 27, 1947. BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.T COURIER NEWS FAGB Indiana Woman Slain in Atlanta Georgia Capital Has Second Sex-Murder In Less Than 7 Weeks BY IKO SOItOKA (\lrt\tfi Press Staff Corirouunilenl} .ATTAN«A, Ga., June 27. -.UI'I — The liruVW sex slaying of :m attractive 30-year-olcl Indiana woman gave authorities their second mysterious murder case to<lay less than seven weeks after the gar- roling of Mrs. Paul Roloule, sorla;- ile wife ol a French art instructor. The battered body of Mrs. Rolln M. Reymau was found in her pickup truck In Eastern Allnutn. Sue was raped and her face was smashed in by blows from a heavy instrument,, possibly a 1113 wrench. Mrs. noynian was reported, missing by her husband when she (ailed to return to her BOj;:ul, O;i. home from an Atlanta I rip to purchase equipment for '.heir riding academy and tourist camp. The Rcymans and the ulain woman's 11-year-old son by a former marriage came here several months ago from Winchester, Hid. They purchased 303 acres of land on which they built a string of tourist cabins. Mrs. Rcyman's body was wrapped In a quilt underneath'.heavy pack- Ins; eases and red !calher : tojpped stools she had purchased. . Eloocl dripping trom the , tailgate of the truck led to the ( discovery. Two salesmen sit a plant near where the truck wa* parked by a man described as "heavy set" had noticed the stains, pcekea in the truck, lifted a corner of the quilt^feposing Mrs. Reymau's bare foot. Mrs^pevmaii's harkis were bound behiii^P her back with wire. Her feet were tied witli rope. She was attired in a fashionable For Lighter Breakfasts L-- We the Women BY nU'Ill MU.1.KTT NEA Stuff Wrlter^^^ "Why doesn't 'Ro'mebody lell women lh:it it i s a lot more Important for a nuiu to be proud of his wife's looks thiiti it ever was before they were married?" The man wliD asked that ques lion in his iLllei f went ou • to sus [ how many men of j Enth MllleH Cheerful daylight floods (lie breakfast nook when it Is given the plass block treatment. A corner panel of block mixes and softly diffuses the light from two directions while filtering out harsh glare. Insulux glass block Rives insulation, is easily cleaned with a damp cloth and requires no muinlei'.ancc. Ueing nun-l,raiisii;ircnl, it aftords complete privacy. . '•-.,..., Farley Says Roosevelt Lied At Crucial Moment In His Career with flowered shirtwaist. BY I.YLK C. WILSON' (United Press Staff Corrt'.ypondcm) WASHINGTON, June 27. (UP)For a dime at the newsstand:! today you can buy the half-way installment of James T. Farley's recollections of the late Franklin D. Roosevelt including passage suit Her undergarments wero missing. Believed Killcrl in \Vnoils Fragments of dead leaves and blades of grass on the quilt and on the woman's feet led to Ihe theory that the woman had been slain in a wooded section. Police were informed iha r , a truck similar to Mrs. Reyman's with a man and woman in the cab had turned into a side road described as a "lover's lane." The husband said that he trusted his wife, and that she "didn't run around." i Medical reirerts disclosed that Mrs. Reyman before raped. was severly beaten Dr. Herman Jones, Fulton County Toxicologist wno made laboratory tests in the unsolved Refoule case, said that death was caused by three blows whtch almost completely crushed the left side of the woman's skul 1 . '; In the Refoulc case the murderer strangled his.victim wit'i a rope, raped her-and -tossoil ' her body in Peachtree Creek several miles from whcf^ Mrs. Reyman's body Police theorized that Mrs. Rcy- nian was accosted while shopping, criminally assaulted ant! bludgeoned. They said there wer-j indications that the ICO pouiv.l woman bitterly fought her assailant. At least two witnesses noticed a husky man leave the cab, go around to the back to adjust ropes which tied down stools and a section of a restaurant counter, and then leave. Police reported one woman witness said that she "felt sure" she could identify ihe man. that FDR lied at a most crucial moment i:i his political career. Tlie third Farley story on "Why I Broke with Roosevelt" ij in the current Collier's. Two more are to conic. Woven through them so far is the story ol the rivalry of two men (or the presidenc,;/. But, there was more than that to the break between the campaign manager of Mr. Roosevelt's most spce- tucular political successes and the master of Hytle Park. Dealing with the development of the third term idea in this article, Farley traces from Ihe beginning his efforts and those of other something I have never told a' other living soul.';-RoosevcK drop jiccl his voice ''to a whisper, 'o course I will not run for a thin term.'" That is the way Fnrtey tells i and he kept ample and accurat notes of his conversations wn. Mr. Roosevelt mid evjiyone els By implication F'arley snys the ide that Mr. Roosevelt' was "drafted for 1940 is as phoney as Confed crnte money, lie a&rioiuus t> draft build-up to Henry A. Wallace, Tommy the "Cork Corcoran and to the late Harry Hopkins. As for Mr. Roosevelt, Parley says this: f *jr'' - ^^w —~ " ...•• . — .'• i^.*" _j •mere She Blows! his aequalntaiiCi had married ut< tractive girls who, in a few short years losl most of their attractiveness. He reasoned — id perhaps rightly so—that Ihe omen who grow careless abou leir figures nml are unlmughu- ve iiboul (heir dress—Just don'i ealizo how Important Ihelr look re to Iho mini they married. When girls are oik lo get hus- Riids, they ecrliiinly know that a inn \vnnls to be proud of hi; ale. They'll spend two hours [:ot- 'ii(! ri'iscty to go to the movies ml hnlf a day glamorizing Ihcm- ch'f.s for a dance. 'AKKS WILL 1'OWKIt Ot course, most women—after hey Ink,., on the full-lime Job of irusckcepln;; and being a mother —h.ivc less time to spend on their ppi'iirancc. But with a lldlo will power they •tin keep their figures. With luiag- nntion ami planning [hey can qel Resldcnti of Hoojubnri]' .Tnpji'i,' lni'"cli Ilili Inijje' 15 by 12-foot^ kite, probably the largest In lln world, which they made for the' resumption of kite flylnfi contos'.n. suspended for the pn;t Icn years In Japan. Weight of tho 1:11-1 mid r.trlii'« to control it lolalr. 1430) 'pounds. Some 050 rhccts of \v.-\ir:; "0 bamboo pclc:, nml fivoj, •~ "- gallons of Irlt v.-evj used to mnka II." Delicate 4-Hour Heart Operation i Performed on Vet . any age. All they that it is need lo remember is much more Important to a man to be able to say wjlh |:r!de, "This is ntv wife" thnn it ever was for him'to say, "This la llls brclltlll »K ""1 curbln,; the Hi Miss so-and-so." ' , A delicate four-hour oporu.Umi hail freed Bridges' hcnrl from Ihc pcf- icardlum which hud held It in steadily-tightening vice, hiimprrlni Ground Control Approach — Is a landing system by which pilots are "talked down" by radio instructions from technicians following the plane's progress on radar scopes. Despite their proverbial nine lives, more cat s arc killed on American highways than any other domestic animal. has contributed to Collier there will be considerably chew- And "He let himself be persuaded there was only one man possessing both the qualifications mid the experience necessary to administer the nation." The man, of course, was, FDR. '"I cannot appoint ii Jew to the ing on tlie passage In which Frtr- ley tell:; about recoitiinendding to Mr. Roosevelt a nnname<l but proiiilncnl lawyer for appointment to the Court of Appeals liciv. Far- thc late president us ley quotes replying: of blooil with a tourniquet of muscle. The rare operation, performed several weeks ago, was revealed for the first time lod.iy. H was the first of its kind ever performed ul Kennedy Vetcn'.ns Hospital here. Bridges wns a victim of progressive form of constrlcllva pericardi- tis when he was admitted '/) the hospital. His pericardium— Ihu sni: in which the heart .normally lies —was,.thickening Into i\. leulhcr- likc condition and shrinking until :it constricted the movements of the heart. Dr. Felix Hughes, who pcrrorm- :d the operation, explained thai it was necessary to cut and peel the tough sac from nhoivt, the heart "much 113 you'd peel a lough orange." 0 in State Deportment ired for Disloyalty WASHINGTON, June 27. (UP)— he State Department disclosed oday tliKl It has recently dismlss- 1 10 employes who were nuspecl- U of beliiR disloyal to the Unit- Stale.v Names of the 10 dismissed were ot disclosed, but a State Dc- iM-tment r.pokesman said tlwy were Ired "very recently." Secretary of State George C. ,!urs!mll was K nld to have ordered ]H' dismissal,; under a public law iiB him '"aUsohitc discretion" o lire 6lat5 Department cmployei In the Interests of tlio United -tales." ' | •i , Little Boy Aprons Infant Batiste Gowns TOT SHOP . '110 So. and St. " I'hone 2308 V • » *» »/* » ~VA- River Sand and Gravel Delivered to You Call A. H. Webb Phone 714 New Theater Manila's Finest NIGHT. Mallnra Baludajr * HMda » Ope^i WjMk Iteji liM Friday THE SEA HAWK" A W r arner Bros. Film ' ' with Krrol Flyini also Hliiirt Subjecl:i One by one as their name; .; ci-.nie "istriel Court of Appeals. There Is big time democrats to prevent that!up, Mr. Roosevelt rejected the men tradition-busting exp?dilion. N. Garner, Secretary of Corrtell Hull and Fnrley were the Jjbn wiio might succeed him. Stale Visits with Cardinal latter's candidates nomination. But for the join president of Truman Gets Bride Bill WASHINGTON, June 27. (UP)— The Senate esterday passed, and sent lo the White House a bill lo .extend through Dec. 31 the law ad_- mitling alien brides and fiances of O. I.' s into this country. The dynamite In thr; piece is caplicned "A Visit to the Cardinal." It was Cardinal M'.mde'.cia of Chjcaeo .with .\vliora_.Earijjy .rjiel Jn New York. The,-Cardinal sought Farley's support for Mr. Roosevelt's third term candidacy and, is quoted by Farley as-.follows: "'James,' he studied me earnestly, 'you have always been most frank and open with -pie so Ilia! I feel entirely free in broachini a most confidential matter lo you. "'It is my sincere feeling that a Reman catholic could not he elected president ->f the United the good of the country and the i States at this time or for many party, just as we have in the past.' years to conic. I hope, therefore, I that would have none of th?-n nor apyone else. • ,.•• . . "Ilyile Park Conference' 1 Finally in 1930 came the mcc;.- ing known around Washington as "the Hyde Park Conference." F:ir- iey appeared at the Roosevelt, estate on invitation and Farley reports the following: "'Jim, Mr. Roosevelt'said, dropping his voice and speakinj slov;- ly for emphasis, 'you and I have got to work together in 19-iO for strong feeling against the Jews throughout the country."' What Washington is wondering low is who ol tlie old New Dc,'.l crowd is going to answer the Farley recollections. When the nn- swer comes along it,better bs backed with facts because Farley's own material bristles with '.hem. He was the greatest diary keeper of onr times, not even excluding .former Treasury . Secretary Hcmy Mor- geuthau. Attention KIDS! Wr h:ivi' \\.\\ kinds tif fireworks unil hits u ( j;»in] t'Liiiily uiul Rimi. (Nune mi n\'cr unil lot'; li.ivc a UANO-IT Uinc! Buchanan's : Grocery i North Highway 61 f Announcing BOB'S ELECTRIC SHOP • House Wiring • Farm Wiring • Repairs Phone 2397 MO North Slh fllrtel Bob Powell T. W. 'Hop' Neil All Work Guaranteed Yonr BailncM Appreciated SATURDAY "Desperate Trails" ; A Universal IMclurc U'illi Jiilinny Muck Britwn Also Sliorts ., Silt until y Owl Show Sunday and RIoriday "The Jolsen Story" with . • .• - ... > Ijarry 'Parks us Al ,5»Ken J Selected Short Subjects' After (he outer surface tissue was removed, Dr. Hughes .ikiUfully anil carefully freed the heart undn- neath with his finders. Fw one short moment, he held Uild^cs' heart in his hand. Then In; returned the heart to Its chest cavity and It throbbed with a newfound freedom. . 10 BIG, COLD Miaous Drinks\ said nothing, waiting for]thai you will do nothing lo Involve! was to follow. He Iixecl his the Catholics in this country in eyes on me most intently and sel down his cigaret. > " Jim, I am going to tell yon another debacle* such as pericnced in II is a meaty article that Farley AT GSOttRS /Goal-Aid. You Wouldn't Stay in a Pig Pen Yet, sometimes we let the interiors of our cars get GO filled up with dirt — and junl: — tliat we have to apologize when we ask someone to ride with us. How About New .Seat Covers? To enjoy your trip . . . drive a nice clean car. Let us clean the npholsttry . . . put on ntw seat covers . . . new rubber floor mat3 . . , and vacuum the inside of your car — and give it a 1 thorough houscclcaning. The cost is LOW considering the pleasure that you cet 'rom drivinftj clean car. Our line of seat iGpcrs arc: beautiful . . . sanitary and tailor made to fit snug . , . look well and last. LOY EICH Chevrolet Co. Walnut & Railroad Phone 578 Read Courier News Want Ads. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark:; Fridiiy «ncl Saturday .i 'Song of trie Wasfe/ono 1 '' NOTICE Beginning July 1st my clinic will be closed for two to three months. Dr. J. A. Saliba IT'S A PLEASURE WHEN EVERYTHING RUNS SMOOTHLY A cranky, troublesome car can ruin a perfect vacation. 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