The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 11, 1936 · Page 14
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 14

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 11, 1936
Page 14
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T^ ^ ' ' TBJJ BAKBRSPIBtD CAMKOltmAN, FRIDAY, 8EPf»MBE& 11,1986 . Lutz and Strelich Win Wild Mat Wattles Here LARGE CROWD TURNS OUT FOR HOT TILTS N ICK LUTZ won tho feature bout of the wrestling program hero Inst. nltrlil whon ho took two fallH^ straight from Abln Freeman. A" packed house Raw Able, tho mat mauler, "knon" Nick nearly a dozen timns and finally lose whon dlx<|iiallflr>d by Colonel Tod Hopkins, roferuo. Thla section of tho bunt. liiBtecl 11 mlnutnn and 17 BOC- omln nnd would Imvo gonn to lIonoHt Ali" hu.d he nnt cnKtitfrd In foul play. l''rccnuin continued to life Mkull- duggery at tliu start i>f the nocond frame. Howevnr, LulJ! nuido n Mtionj? ivimobnok with elbow blocks and l<-ftn and rltfhlN to tho head. Tho full lasted (i mlnutcM and 30 necondH. Our f on In re hold WIIH n. cmill" hold need by iS'lcli In which h" Hirwulied Abo to the mnt time nftor tlmo. N'lcU bnckeil Able Into n eornnr. administered n imiinil beating iirul thiin drugwd him out of tlm ropen to win wllh H body pin. Thn floml-wlndtip wn« by far nnd nwny tlio rowdy hoiil of ihn nlftht nnd WIIH wiui by Sieve Slrellch, who defeated I.ouie .Miller. In (ho In si full of the melee, bnth of these big, roiitfb IxiyH ivent nut of the rlnc and III nil over (lie I line- keeper nnd Mime nonrliy fnim. Slrellch miniled Louie, rllinlipd linelt Inlo the rini; utter 17 nee (mils (if (lie frnciiH, where he WIIM irlvrn the fall when Miller fulled to return. 'The flr"worli« Ktnrlnd when Miller routined |||M HCMIHOB and climbed biicli nfler hclMK collided out. I In Hlnrleil u "beef" with Hlovo. Colonel llopldtiH, I'lnmoler Murli Hiielmimii find IIOii iiiiuiid Announcer Mill I'ow- ecu. bi'hlilc Hiindry fiinn KII! Inlo the fmy. For n few mlnutcH, It wan n bnllle ruyiii wllh every fun In tho Illume on hid feet. \Vlim In Seven NprniidH .Steve net a new record for n idinrt tlrno fnll when he won tho flt'Hl HOC(Ion of tho rumior>up bout In neven HocondR. Tie tmed a drop kick, immeklng Loulo on Iho chin nnd col- Inrbono boforo tho Armenian hue] time to turn away from bin corner. HlrelU'h appeared to bn In hotter condition thun frinn hnva «oon him In runny inonlhH. Ho WIIH n. hard ninn to bcni nt nny (lino but Millar took the deoond frntnt) In 8 tnlmiUH nnd H woondH wllh n HOrlfln of forearms to the chin nnd n body nlnm. Hteve hnil tried imother dro)> kick but It. mlimed. Mlllor pounued on fitrnllch find noon bad htm flat on bin buck. Ciileniiin Wins Opener The oponer went to Hobby Cob)' mini nfter :!. r i mlnntOH when bo tied up 1'at MeUlll with an Indian doutb knot llnliby nnd the Irloh ftrap|)l«!r full on a Ifisl. bout which made a bljr hit wllh Ihn fntiH. Spaulding's Hope Soars Jor Bruins tA niifinlij/nrt I'm** Lrnnfit Wirf) ].<)» ANOI'il.liJH, Hnpt. II.—Coach Wllllnm II. (Hill) HpruildliiK, whone llnlverHlly of I'fillfornla nt I,OH An- Kelew ItriiliiH flnlnhed Hi" lUIITi Hea- HUM with InHH tban 20 Halliard on tlio «i|iiiid. IIHM a vawtly brlKblnr iiullooli thin full. • I'riiHpertM lid' Hint H|ianldlliK will linve two Hi- more rapnhl>i nien available lor eneh poNltlon, IneludliiK rrioHl. of lnnt. yenr'M I'nrlflc coa«t CO' cliaiiiploiiHhlp iiiilfll. With u linn that may aveniKrt nearly SOO iionndn, t'. ('. f.. A. ban Heveinl ball eurrlern nf npoed and weight. In one rnmlilmiI Ion Hpaifld ln/< had l'"red l''iinl< nnd Mill Spauld- IIIR, Jr., at hnlf, Mob \VllllamH at full and lOiirle Harrl'i al 'luarter- LAUNCH DRIVE FOR ALL-AMERICA BERTHS BAKERSFIELD, OCTOBER 3 AND 4" We ctttr rverrihlni for (lie mm In <h« pidillf- only rnilurlni <i\i«llir •nd «t rliiIn prlrci. Genuine IX H. Wilktr VlnlU Suddlei—Kumtd Viiiljn I tumult Kin—Slirnoi Ilooti— Juiiln I3no(i~Sl«l«im Hit*. Alto • full line of KntlUh mill Pnlo Siditltry. FRKK CATALOG V1SALIA STOCK SADDLE CO. J113 MAIIKET ST., SAN FRANCISCO Kontbn.ll Is In the nlr and footballM fill ib't air an fall practice gets tinder way on all frontn. Tho abdvo vlmvH can bn obtained on atiy college campus or high school practices Mold. Upper loft, a liirgo llni'iiuui "takes oul" a tackling dovlcii. Tires cuinn In bandy In preparatory work. Upper right, bacliH oil swivel hips by gingerly prancing through tires. Lower left, oagia-eynd passers score bull's- eyes through spares. Lower right, a savage young tackier brings a self-righting dummy to earth. Phone MArktt 1*51 AIIMIKAI, HAN PHI WO. Hept. 11. (A. P.)— Vine-Hubert Admiral HOHI, commander of tlm Hrllldh naval nlntlnn fnr Anierlcu. ami Ibn U'eHt InillOH. IH dun to iirrlvn here next Tluirsday on Ills fluilfililp, the II. M. H. Apollo. HOItNK KIDI5H STKEICTCAH HAN KKANCIHCO, Hnpt. II. (U. I 1 .) Tho gradually disappearing hurso Htlll oxlHtN. Onn hit-run rlrtorlcisn niiddlo rnilriuil jiimpeil aboard a Hun Kranclmjo Hlreotrar, kicked out neven wlnrtmvH, and dlHappnared, L. A* Police Win Honors at Perry YOU T\rVO ARE EQUALS! WORLD'S FINEST BEER (Atiinclateit 1'reat /.rated Vflre) CAMP PlorittY, Vhlo, Hcpt. 11.— Tho Los Angeles pollen department pistol tram, nosing out tho United Htati-H marine team by three polnu, today held the national pistol team lltlo, Tho Callfornlans' scoro wan U'64 out of 11 posnlblo 1COO, com- pnred with tho marines' 1261. Tho winning Low Angeles marksmen «our>>d as follow: K. K. .lonos, 2«0; .1. J. ISngbrucht, 250; W. U. Htark, 253; M. K. Wheoler, 2BO; and n. r,. Starkoy, 242. Thu national Individual rifle championship was won by Waldo A. Prlimey, United HtatoN marine cnrpH, Washington, D. (*., by shuot- Inif Ihn final Htngo ovur tho 1000- yard course at slow fire with a perfect 50. His total score for tho flvo HliiRos wan 244 out of a posulblo 260. Ilonry .T. Adams, Jr., San Diego Hherlff'H deputy, who WIIH Hod for Hut lead at the end of tho .fourth flnltmud fourteenth with a of 289, Tho matches went Into tho final luday MM 11U teams of 10 mom- bm-H each took to tho .30-callber ranges. Chips Issued for Tennis Showdowi Have you tried this "Pilsner Test"? AffAiii nurl atfnin in <vxt» hfra nmi abroail — bfer 01- pnrln « r o / A i ni Brown Darby th« of iniportmi PROFN _JBb DERBY Open n bottle of imported Pilsner —and a bottle or can of Brown Derby. See what a deep, creuiny collar tops both brews. Then get n whiff of those aromatic froths-—note how each makes your mouth water. Next, taste each beer for that rare Pilsner geschmack — not BROWA ' AT YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD GROCERY, , , SAFEWAY bitter, not sweet, just delldously in between. If you don't agree Brown Derby measures up —your money back I That's how confident we are of Brown Derby. /'ram //Toned Wtrt) FOHI3HT JI1LLS, N. Y., Sept. 11. Tho chlpH wore down today in the U. 8. hlnirloH tunnla 'championships with tho preHHtiro on the olx Amerl can Hurvlvors. li'rod I'orry of Knglanvl was a top- heavy I'nvorlto to repeat his recent triumph over Bryan (bltny) Grant, Jr., of Atlanta, and hlM compatriot, Kuy KtiuiunorB, the sliiHhlng nouth paw, WIIM bold on oypn tormn with tliilrn .lucubH, tho four UIIICH title holder, In ihn ouUlnnUIng matohos of tho four Knml-flnuU. In the otlipr Homl-flnalB, Don tiudtfu, Onldiiml, Calif., rodhoad, on- Rafted Kranklo 1'arkor of Hprltis Lako, N. .1., and Alice Marble of Sun I-'roiiolneo oppopcd Melon Peder- BPII of Stamford, Cinin., wllh BudKQ and Minn Marble favored to gain tho final. I'hlof IntereMt In tho ponulltmnto oonlestH cpntprod In tho Anglo AniM-ltMui m?(jllngr between Ml»s Stiinunei-H and MlNM .lat'ubs. Helen still In biithorod by a dlnlocatoi] thumb on her right hand, but tho Injury didn't noptn to bothor her ,- whon K)I« eruslu'd Uunslo r of Han Kranolseo, fl-l, 0-0 HtamniorB, playing In tho : chnniplouHhlp for th6 third tlmo niudo u big 1 liiiprosMlon on obnervuns I wo days u«o In boating Carolyn Uuln'ook, tjON Angulcn, I'orry's path to tho title »o<nm IOHH haisnrdo\iH than Minn Jacobs' Itinh Urant and lUulgo appear to b( ovortsnnlHHod, what with ootiHtant cainpalKtilng slneo February. Pet whipped ttumi both at Wimbledon thl« year on Iho way to hla third straight All-England title. Vivrkor npont a Kt>«at deal of an< orgy In hla three-hour, five-net con que«t of Urefory Mungln yestonlay, while Budftn hardly worked up per- uplratlon In cutting down John Mo Ulimnlil In Mtrnlght nat», 11ALLY VS. 1115 GIIASSU HOLLYWOOD. Sept. 11. (A. P.V— Wnlly Utilly, niggoa young featherweight from Hitburban Alhumbra and clever Potw Dw Umaso of New York, hoiidlhm tunlKht'it fight cart at tho Loglon Ktadium. IIally, Ipier by a itaoteion to Bab> Ailvsiut-iKll in his l»Ht Itnpiirtunl boui bun dlnco boon tukon ovor by Ton . liajlory, I^OB Anirclcn RporUman an< ! former promoter, and Ou« Wilson 1 vclernw fight (valuer. Net Bulletin I' Leaned Wire) FOREST HILLS, N. Y., Sept. 11.—Alice Marble, the blonde haired San Francisco girl who was forced out of competition two years ago by an injury suffered In Paris, gained tho final of the women's national singles tennis championship today by defeating Helen Pederscn of Stamford, Conn,. 0-1, 0-1, THOKNIIILL OPTIMISTIC PALO ALTO, Sept. 11. (A. P.)— 'Everything Is going to bo all right," said Stanford's Coach "Tiny" Thorn- illl, riH be looked over 90 varsity 'ootbnll aspirants. "We'll bo right up there battling .ho rest of tho coast teams oven," 10 declared. Stanford was one of tho hardest ill teams in the conforenco as gards loss of veterans. Sixteen let- crmen are gone, Including the "Vow Boys" who won tho coast championship tho last throe years. Oregon State to Depend , Upon Junior Players to Bolster 1936 Grid Team By WILLIAM E. FII1PPS Unlt«i) 1>reM Buff CorrMwmdtnt pOflVALLTS, Ore., Sept. 11.—Oro- gon State ColleBe leans heavily on tliu old football tradition that Junior teams are the aomo of effec- Llvotiosfl as its main hope that the Beavers will be in tlio first division of the 1030 Pacific coast conference race. With glaring line weaknesses confronting him, Head Coach Alonzo L. Stlnor 1« prepared to throw throe Seniors and eight Juniors against the conference as his first string—and hope that their experience tinder tire will carry them through untroubled by the bugaboo ot overconfldohoe that has knocked many a, senior team out of a championship. In this Willamette valley grid camp the' scarcity of capable ends Is Just as acutb as at the University of Orogon» 41 miles to the south. Htlner lost ten men by graduation from his 1035 outfit which wound up in seventh place. Six of those men were linemen and three of them were ends. How drastically the ends have been hit is shown by SUner'a announcement ho will use Dick Sutherland, letterman guard, at one flank. In addition he has Dale Lilllebo, Howard "VVoaver, both lettermen, and a pair of youngsters from the 1935 rook team — Joe Wcndllck and Don Coons. The tackle nlUiatlon is but little better. .Tim Miller, 202-pound veteran, Is buck but. his running mate last year, Don Fisher, may bo kept out all season by a lingering back ailment. No surprise would be the moving of Ken Denting, one of tho cotist'a boat centers, to Fisher's tackle spot. He weighs over 200 and is tops both on offense and defense. TnclUe Prospects Other tackle possibilities aro Glen Moody, Warren Glllls, Otto Houdok and L,eon Sterling, but Moody is 1 tjio only lettorman and tho only oho to weigh 200 pounds. Tho center sector of the lino is a formidable unit and should not causa Sllnor to worry overtime, but If he places Doming in tho tackle gap, it may not only weaken tho center but the guards as well because of the additional burden they may have to boar with an inexperienced center between them. The veteran Ed Strack will take one guard post and Frank Ramsey, 230-pound letterman reserve, will try to ease tho loss of Stan Me* Clurg by graduation. Other aspirants are Ell Cagle, up from the rooks: Dwlght Baker, one-striper, and Sophomore Jlmm Orr. If Demlng goes to tackle the cen tor Job will-bo split between Orr and Bob McCauley, another inexperienced sophomore. But If a weak line, without suit able reserve material, bothers Stlner, ho can at least look at his veteran backfleld with a sigh of relief. All tho Beaver lino has to do is open holes and carrot-topped Joe Gray & Company aro off to tho races. Gray has all it takes even if he Is a bit slow getting started. As a sophomore last year he was a mild sensation—flashy In a broken field, especially when returning kicks, accurate on passes, cool as a field general and ono of the tough est backs In tho league to drag off his feet. l-Io'll bo the key loft half. NUTRITIOUS POOD HORIZONTAL 1 Plant pictured here. 4 It is a grass. 9 Automaton. 11 To hasten. 12 Musical note. 14 Cry of distress 16 Myself. 17 Native metal. 10 Starting device. 22 Mature. 24 Craftier. 25 Wet. 27 X 28— is ob- 50 Form of "be." tained from it.« Bucket. 32 Half an cm. ^2 Mover's truck. 33 Inferior. ?4 Since 30 Therefore. 16 ' 37 Nimbus. Answer to Previous Puzzle KTIBMI ILILIfelwIftl II6IMITI mrn § I:HIJCI fllll-] \'J\41ME i " « « 1 •*l*VM*l* -.f. 38 Large stringed 37 Instrument. 40 Volcanic mud. 59 Form of. "a." 41 Tatter. 43 To scream, 45 Diamonds, 46 Compact. 48 To percolate. 60 It,is rich Jn 61 It Is the-— diet of the Orient. VERTICAL 1 One who works lor reform. 2 Credit. 3 Aurora, 4 Prices. 5 And. 0 Exclamation. 7 One who aims 53 Negative 8 To ogle. wori 10 Genus ot 36 Mister. cattle. 58 South 13 Genus of slugs America. 15 Eastern. 18 Roof point covering. 20 Singing voice. 21 To watch. 23 Themes. 26 Tissue, 28 Contest. 29 Harp-like instruments. 30 You and" me. 31 To decay. 34 Company. 35 Sound of surprise. 37 Residence. 39 Pretense. 40 Worth. 41 Cloak. 42 To donate. 44 Lawful. 45 Apertures. 48 Of that kind. 47 Dibbles. 49 Johnnyoake, 51 Twltchlhg. LTndemudids are Veteran Bob Mountain 'and Johnny Alexander, 147- pound blonde star of the 1585 rook* who plays Cotton Warburton roles. Blacking Assignment ' Tommy Swanson and Ray Woodman, both lettermen, can take core of the blocking Job. Veterans Bill Juncan and John Ellers have the ;dge at quarter, and Elmer Kolborg, 3lck JOBlin and John Watts, a sea? son ed trio, gave plenty of fullback- 'ng power. The outlook IB far from encouraging, all in all, but there are two bright spots: (1) A mldseaoon breather which Washington. U. C. L. A., Oregon, California and W. Si C. do not have. The Beavers can rest against" little Montana after facing the Bears, Huskies and Bruins while getting 'eady for tho stretch against the lougars, Indians and Webfeet.' (2) Possibility that Oregon State might blossom out with another 'Iron man" troupe like tho' one which marked Stiner's first year at tho Beaver helm In 1933. Oregon's Schedule Oregon State's schedule: September 26 Southern California at Los Angeles; October 3. Willamette at Corvallla; October 10, California at Corvallls: October 37, "Washington at Seattle; October 24, U. C. L. A. at Los Angeles; October 31, Montana at Corvallls; November 7, Washington State at Pullman; November 14, Stanford at Portland; November 21, Oregon at Corvallls; November 28, Nebraska at Portland. TO BERKELEY, Sept. 11. (A. P,>— University of California football players don their bright new Jerseys and cavort beforo cameras today We- foro settling "down to serious practice. Ninety varsity candidates turned out for tho first day's work. •»« » STANDINGS COAST LEAGUE Won Lost Portland 04 77 San Diego 03 78 Scattlo 91 80 Oakland 90 80 Mission 85 8D Los Angeles 85 85 San Franolsco 80 91 Sacramento C6 108 Yesterday's Results San Diego, 8; San Francisco, 2. Missions, 8; Los Angeles, 7. Portland, 4; Seattle, 3. Games Today Mission at Los Angeles. San Diego at San Francisco. Oakland at Sacramento. Seattle at Portland. AMERICAN LEAGUE Won Lost New York 92 47 Chicago 74 64 Pet. .550 .544, .532 .629 .000 .500 .468 .379 Pet. .662 .536 .525 ,525 .62$ '.604 .SCO .368 Washington 73 CO Detroit 73 6G Cleveland 72 66 Boston 70 69 St. l>ouls 49 S5 Philadelphia 49 8« 1'estcrday's Results Cleveland, 5; Now York, 4. Detroit, 5; Washington, 2. -»• Philadelphia, 12-4; St. Louis, 7-4 (second game called 9th, darkness). Only games scheduled. Games Today New York at Detroit. Philadelphia at Chicago. Boston at St. Louis. Washington at Cleveland. NATIONAL LEAGUE Won Lost Now York 82 64 St. Louis 78 57 Chicago 78 CO Pittsburgh 73 64 Cincinnati 69 67 Boston 02 73 Brooklyn 56 78 Philadelphia 45 90 Yesterday's K«mil(s Cincinnati, 7; New York, 2. St. Louis, 3; Boston, 2. Pittsburgh, 11; Brooklyn, C. Chicago, 3: Philadelphia, 3. Games Today Pittsburgh at Boston. St. Louts at Brooklyn. Chicago at New York. Cincinnati at Philadelphia. Pet. .603 .578 .565 .533 .507 .459 .4 IS .333 Dominos Smoothy Mildness Today ClUOPHANf.WRAPPED i uBOUCHETT SLOE Gil •ur IUK 11*; IK. t*l(*lt. lUIMIt

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