The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on April 10, 1963 · Page 11
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 11

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 10, 1963
Page 11
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Eternal Life Through God's Grace EDITOR'S NOTE - Human life exists in space and time. But does it continue to exist beyond space and time — after What we know as death? Viewing this question as a problem in logic, the Rev. Dr. Thorns S. Kepler outlines three philosophical arguments and possible answers. This is an excerpt from Dr. Kepler's book, "The Meaning and Mystery of the Resurrection," published by Association Press and copyright by the National Board of YMCAs. It is the third in a series of five articles — The Editor. By DR. THOMAS S. KEPLER Modern Christian man who believes in the continuity of life beyond the experience of death, whether it be that of the immortality of the soul or the resurrection of the body, resorts to a number of solid arguments to establish his faith. Mainly he looks at thenature of God, called "Father" by our Lord, whose qualities of mercy and wisdom make it obligatory for God never to annihilate the immortal nature of his children. If this God is both moral and full of grace, immortality is a necessary postulate. Secondly, the experience of the human race, especially as seen through expressions of the great world religions, has shown the universal belief and hope of man's eternal nature. Different religious cultures hold diverse views of life after death; but the common belief and hope are nevertheless there. The conservation of values in the universe is a third argument which has convinced some of life's eternal continuity. If energy is conserved in the universe, how much more necessary is it that minds of men be conserved, if this be a rational universe, runs the argument. Especially if the universe is encompassed by the Spirit of God, such a preservation of values in terms of personalities is pre-supposed. If man, after his years of struggle to achieve purpose and meaning, is destroyed at death, one could only cry out, "What infinite waste!" Hence from the purpose of man's creation is deduced the assurance of his immorality. Along with the arguments of God's merciful purpose for man making immortality obligatory, the Christian holds the resurrection of Jesus in the New Testament as his cardinal argument for belief in life after death. For many this argument is all-sufficient for faith in life continuing beyond the grave. As modern man speaks of "life after death," he occasionally uses terms such as "immortality" and "resurrection" as synonyms, employing them interchangeably. The two terms, however, in their original usage have different connotations. "Immortality" belongs to Greek thought and' relates to the fact that the soul continues its existence apart from the body after the body dies. The soul belongs to the eternal world, while the body belongs to the temporal world. Immortality is thus not so much a gift from God as an accomplishment of man and deals with man's emancipation from his temporal body. Hence "immortality" is not a term used in the New Testament, for the focusing point of New Testament thought is that of the , bodily "resurrection" of Jesus, not the mere survival of his soul after his bodily death. The resurrection of Jesus and of "everyman" is a gift of God, who in the life beyond the grave gives man another body, namely one that is "glorified" or s p i r i t u a 1." New Testament thought never conceives man's continuity beyond the grave apart from some kind of 'body." Immortality and the resurrection have one characteristic in common, according to Ian T Ramsey: "At the outset let us recognize that all doctrines of a future life, whatever their variety, are alike in one important respect. They all arise as so many versions of one answer to a general logical problem which everyone who formulates religious language must face. The problem is this. In acknowledging any religious topic whatever, we acknowledge something which exceeds spatio- temporal." The resurrection of Jesus as a "mystery" left its influence upon men living in the spatio-temporal world of Jesus' day. In the centuries which followed, however, it was an event which was grasped by "faith-knowledge" rather than y empirical knowledge Men themselves do not contain he quality of deathlessness, but must receive it as a gift from God they are to overcome the de- Tuctive power of death (I Cor. 5:53-3). Jesus Christ's death nd resurrection have shown man hope and a way by which the orruption of his human life has >een effectively overcome (n Tim. 1:10; Rom. 11:7). While the Christian man to a arge degree "earns" the award eternal life by asserting his aim in Christ, the greater mean- ng for man's inheritance of eter- al life is through God's grace xtending him this gift Tomorrow: Answers from Theology) THE OTTAWA HERALD 11 Wednesday, April 10, 1963 • • for Fast Results READ and USE &HE WANT ADS REGULARLY! Phone CH2-4700 *- . ,,, - "c." ,'',i'*. 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