The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 30, 1944 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
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Saturday, September 30, 1944
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2 Soturdoy, September 30, 1944 gfre jfoktrgfldb Califomtan Seventh Army Pushes Into Vosges Passes to Rhine Com ;nuc'l 1-" estuary for troops lie mined tightly in western Holland. Lieutenant Courtney H. Hodges' douglilxns were puui-hin.c into G'-I-man defenses .main nil the \\.-iv from north of Aachen to tin? southern "!' oi Luxt tnhoui f;. Gain .Mile af Sittard They sained a. mile northeast o( •Sittairl on the Dutch-German frontier 20 :niles north ot Aachen and drove anew ngnin?t Hurtpen. 14 miles southeast of the besieged fort- re?? town. They made only what the com- muniiiue called "limited progress" in the j»iep:'i ied-ili niiny attac 1< M>uth- weM tit Prum. S milrs inMilr tin- (Jcr- man border nuduay between Aachen and Tri'T. l>ut knocked 'jut fight Btronppomts in a single attack and were idrging ahead. The doughboys liberated \loiipat h nnd Wasserhlllig on the Luxembourg' border just tl miles we.-l of Trier, and captured I laute-("onu: li miles south o[ the border town of Remich, \\hieli was won the day before. Heavy Na/i I-'ire The Sevrnih Army was running Into heavy fire of Henna n artillery concentrations—a whole thundering arsenal from field guns lo six- barrelled rocket mortar.". But it kept up its gtiins. mill- by mile. The Hermans for the first time were taking llu: initiative in patrol operations, however, probing Allied lines for thin spots in every Indication of a fierce fighting stand in the Yosgos. Licutcnanl-Gi'iicrril Alexander M. Patch's troops lapiured Si. GOI-RMII one mile south of the road network rom Page One town ot Rambervlllers in a 2-mile advance and were pushing; east on a 5-mile front. Sliijf Out Vosges Gains They :• lugged their way forward through desperate German resistance at the entrance of the narrow .A'osges foothills pass of Botivellieurs, 14 miles northeast of Kpinnl. A hard German counterattack was repulsed west of Le Thillot midway between F-plnnl and Belfort. French troops of the Seventh reached Bellahy and smashed on to the entrance of another Vosges pass at Chevestray, 11 miles northeast of Lure. The Seventh held its flalregoittle fo.ithold. 11 miles from Belfort. and repulsed a German scouting thrust against nearby M ignavillers. German hroad'.iists pictured a, violent and "\-ery fluctuating" battle to force the Vosges passes and Bel- fun gap guarding such cities as ! Strasbourg nnd Mulhouse. A thin i snowfall carpeted the Vosges foothills. Berlin said. | The I'nilcd States Third Army flung back German blows near Grave'.otte. just west of Mel'/, two others 11 miles northeast, of Nancy, and a heavy blow ; hove Lunevllle, IG miles southeast of Nancy, in the GERMAN CITIES HIT BY R. A. F. PLANES LAY MINES IN NAZI WATERS iHltcr battle, ground troops knocked out L'4 tanks yesterday, and the Nineteenth Tactical Air Force put 7 | mor.- out of action. With Thurs- ! da\'s toll o: K'. this bronchi the i Third Army's two-day score to at least 11.'i. i American troops have captured i several heights and forest areas east *if Luneville, and in the Chateau- Salius area on 1ht> Third Army Front, the German li]f;b communique said today. WPB Vice-Chairman Donald Davis Quits WASHINGTON, Sept. 3<i. (t:.P» — The resignation of Donald D. Davis. vice-chairman for field operations, was announced today by Acting Chairman J. A. Krug of the War Production Board. Krug Raid James Folgcr. WPB regional director In San Francisco, •would succeed Davis. Davis joined WPB early in 104.1. resigning the presidency of General Mills Corporation. Folger entered WPB in November. I!i4l', after resigning as president of the Folger Coffee Company. San Francisco. FIFTH RLOOD DONATION PORTI,A.\n. Ore.. Sept. .'SO. OP)— Clover Kerr. former Hollywood radio station wtaff member who lost an arm and both legs in an accident seven years ago, has given her fifth donation of blood to the Red Cross plasma bank. She cumc here with 3,"i blood donors from the Rosehurg, Ore., area. Jackie Cooper to End Testimony ri,Mt<nu'-d I-'runi I'ngf One Juvenile Court Referee Albert L. Boyle she had "several rounds'' of intoxicants before going to one of the hotel rooms. The 15-year-old girl said the group had paired off. she with Bender. Miss Frederick with Cooper, and the 1<).year-old girl with the other sailor. She said she and Bender went to n room not connected with the flrct room, and In answer lo a direct question, she said she and Bender had sexual intercourse there. The 10-year-old girls testimony was similar to the point where the couples separated. Later, she said, she opened a connecting door Into another room and saw Miss Frederick lying nude on bed. The 16- year-old girl said she was not molested by her partner. Comedienne Xasu Pitts, testifying as a character witness for Cooper, said she appeared of her own Volition and had known Cooper since he was 7 years old. She snld "his reputation as to morality Is spotless; as to truth and veracity, good." Southside Assembly of God 930 L Street PAUL F. COOK, Pastor I'AUI. F. COOK u SUNDAY: 11 A. M. "PRAYER" SUNDAY: 7:15 P. M. Don's Miss This Great Prophetic Message The Rider on the White Horse" Beginning October 8 REV. CECIL GRICE Hear the WRIGHT EVANGELISTS REVIVAL f{| Now in Progress INSPIRATIONAL MUSIC TIMELY PREACHING ROSEDALE COMMUNITY CHURCH Rosedale Highway—in Rosedale GOSPEL MEETING October 1 lo If) Services 8:00 P. M. Daily Sundays 10:00 A. M. Preaching by Odell White PUBLIC INVITED Written Bible Questions Invited Church of Christ Oil Enst Eighteenth Street LONDON". Sept. 30. OW— Between T.'il) and 1000 Fortresses and Liberators today nttackcd Munster, llarnm and Kielsfeld In western Germany, headquarter* announced. Last nlRht It. A. K. Mosquito.s bombed Karlsruhe in an attack described by the air ministry as well concentrated. A communique said all the bombers returned from Kurlsruhe. Other K. A. P. planes In id mines in enemy waters. Tiu> ram paly n to destroy the German army's materiel and the means tu gft it to ihe front saw nearly LTiOO sorties flown In poor weather yesterday by the I'nlted States Ninth Air Force, the Second Tactical Air Force nnd the air defense force of Britain, most of them in direct support ot ground troops. The Germans again sent aioft a considerable force of fighters, with more than .'!0(i sighted In the Nijme- gcn nrea operatint,' in formations of from IS to (ill. Allied fighter pilots drove them off. The Ninth Air Force, making Its deepest bombing penetration into Germany, hit a supply depot nt .lullch, 10 miles from the Holland border, and n railway yard at Bingen, 25 miles west of Cologne, Friday evening. A force of about -'00 Marauders and Havocs went out in the operation, and "> Havocs were lost in Ihe Intense flak. Two other bombers were lost during the day. Hull Gets "Go-Ahead" Signal on Argentina WASHINGTON, Sept. no. (UP) — Secretary of State Cordell Hull today had a clear "go-ahead" signal from the White House on his policy of non-recognition of the present Argentine government which he has accused of being a Nazi-Fascist regime. Hull's policy has been subject to criticism in this country, especially from former Undersecretary of State Siimner Welles who has been urging recognition of Argentina in his weekly newspaper column. Some pro-Nazi elements In Argentina have asserted that Hull did not have Mr. Roosevelt's support bo- cause of the la tier's silence on the question. Some Latin • American sources were even reported to he saying that Welles, a personal friend of the President, was speaking for this country. GERMANS ROOTED FROM PO HEIGHTS BRITISH LOSE FIUMCINO BRIDGEHEAD TO NAZIS IN TWO COl NTKIKS—"This, is it" .shouts grinning Sergeant LeRoy Luce, of Brooklyn, X. Y., as. he enjoys unusual experience of standing with one foot in Belgium and one in Germany. He stradles border line near Aachen, Germany. MISSING LOS ANGKLRS, Sept. 30. <#>— Authorities were continuing a search today for James Montgomery Brown, 59-year-old editor and publisher of tho Atascadero News, who, his wife reported, has been missing since they came here last week to hear Governor Dewey's C'oliseijm address. Six Persons Killed by Flyingjiombs LONDON, Kept. l!0. OP)—Flying bombs killed at least H persons early today in the southern counties and the London area, and caused injuries to many others.. One bomb crashed on top of a tenement house, killing 3 residents and Injuring 12 others. Three persona were killed in a residential district, and a dozen homes were demolished. .Many others, including' children asleep in their beds, were injured seriously. Ceiling Prices Set on Mexican Beer SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 30. (UP) The Office of Price Administration today announced flat dollar-and- cents prices at wholesale and retail for all Mexican beer In the western region. Typical of highest retail prices which will be charged in California are 30 cents per Ill-ounce bottle for "A" brands: 25 cents a bottle for "B" and "C" brands. ROME, Sept. 30. (iP)—Furious German counterattacks have pinched out the small bridgehead won by the Britsh Kighth Army across the Fiumclno river 8 miles northwest of Rimini, but similar savage efforts to wrest Monte Battaglia. 11 miles below Imola, from the Fifth Army have failed, Allied headquarters announced today. Steadily rooting the enemy from commanding heights overlooking the roads Into the Po valley, both American and British forces of the Fifth Army reported moderate gains in the central sector of the Italian front. The Americans captured Giugnola, an important highway town 7'i miles northeast of Firenzuola, and patrols forged ahead into Belvedere, 18 miles south-southeast of Bologna. Other American units pushed more than 3 miles up highway 65 toward Bologna from La Mazetta to Flligare. Enemy efforts to regain Monte Battaglia. which overlooks most of the route down the northern slope of the Apennines to the Bologna- Rimini highway, were launched in heavy strength. One Nazi regiment was beaten off Thursday and another yesterday. Other Fifth Army troops captured the village of Montefredente, 9 miles northwest of Firenzuola, and nearby Monte Bnlestra. Russians Open New Drive on Hungary <j Cunt limed from Pane One j ihe main German defenses covering Uiga from the north and east. Nazi resistance was stiffening as the Red army drive neared the city and the Moscow communique indicated that the Soviets were forced to fight for every yard of advance yesetrday. MAIL I OK FIGHTERS NKW YORK, Sept. 30. OP)—Thirty thousand sacks of mail containing SOU,(too packaged gifts were moved toward the scattered American fighting fronts yesterday, the army em- bra kation post office said, setting an all-tirne shipping record. Navy Secretary Cites Supply Pr6blem in War With Japs SAN FRANCISCO. Sept. ;10. lrP>— The supply problem in the war against Japan is three times that of the war in Europe, James Forrestal, secretary of the navy, eald here today. "We. have ihe power now with which to heal the Japanese." Forrestal added, "but the transport of that power is our problem." Commenting on reports o[ Japanese ship and plane losses. Forrestal said the United States Xavy has "sufficient .strength to enable us to seek battle with the Japanese at any time and any place." "Admiral llalsoy and General MacArthur have been clipping the Japanese under both ot their barbaric ears in the past two months," he told a press conference. "These successes, while imposing, cannot be regarded as an indication of a quick victory. There Is still a good part of the Japanese navy left and from three and a half lo four million fighting effectives in the Japanese army. "There isn't any question but that the Japanese, know they are thoroughly beaten if our national will is sufficient to carry through, and I suspect that all that they now count on is the hope that we shall be bored with war when the German end of this war is finished. "The Japanese hope we are going to let them off the hook. I believe they are badly mistaken." Are grown under expert field supervision to meet rigid AGGRER ft MUSSER QuoRtySpecificotioiis ACGElFRtMUSStR SKED COMPANY BRANCHES IN BRAWLEY. GAROfNA, SALINAS. VISALIA, SAN OILGO, SANTA MARIA LET "Things Worth While" Brighten Your Life KPMC at 3:30 P. M. LET IVERS FURNITURE COMPANY Brighten Your Home Thu Home ot UuHllt.v, 8lrl> aud Beauty in Furniture 625 Nineteenth Street Phone 4-4711 Commenting on the shipbuilding program, which he said could be reduced little if at all after the war ends in Europe, Forrestal said the navy's greatest need at present is more assault shipping. "We need ships that are ready to fight when they arrive. Two years ago our top priority was for destroyer escorts. Last year it was for landing craft. Now our only real lack Is assault shipping." Forrestal said he did not know when the Pearl Harbor inquiry would be finished or whether the results would be made public immediately. He said it would be presumptions for him to comment on the effect of Japanese advances in China. Asked about a story published In the Seattle Post-Intelligencer to the effect that the Russian government is operating a "rendezvous" port on American soil, Forrestal said the Russians had been given facilities for an "assembly point for cargoes and supplies." but that it did not constitute a military base. POLISH GENERAL OUSTED IN MOVE TO PLACATE REDS LONDON, Sept. 30. (JP)— General Kazimierz Sosnkowskl was ousted today as commander-in-chlef of Poland's armed forces in a move to placate Russia and pave the way for resumption of friendly Polish-Soviet relations. Yielding finally to the persuasion of peasant-born Polish Premier Stanislaw Mikolajczky and the pressure of the British government. President Wladyslaw Rackiewicz signed the decree dismissing his long-time friend as Poland's military leader. The country's military leadership was transferred at the same time to the hero of the Warsaw uprising and commander of Poland's underground army. General Tadeusz (Bor) Ko- morowskf—until a few days ago known only as "General Bor." Bor was regarded in London quarters as acceptable to Moscow. His communiques from within Warsaw in recent days have reported that his forces were working in close co-operation with the Red army. Reception Planned at Delano Church DELANO, Sept. 30.—Members of the Delano Joint Union High School and elementary achool faculties will be completed at a reception from 3 to 5 p, m., Sunday, in the social rooms of the Community Methodist Church, by membirs of the Woman's Society of Christian Service of the church. This is an annual affair of the society. Committees are: Invitations, Me«dames Marion Smith and Richard Ward; refreshments, Mesdarnes H. B. Ramsey, Sr., and E. M. Smith; decorations, Mesdames A. L. Smith and Marion Smith. Pouring will be Mesdames Ronald White and A. L. Smith. In the receiving line will b» the Reverend and Mrs. White and officers of the society. SENTENCED TO DEATH FORT FRANCES, Ont , Sept. 30. (JP) —Four men convicted of causing the death of Mrs. Viola Jamieson, from burns by placing her atop a hot stove while robbing her home were sentenced last, night to die by hanging December 6. CfmrAf(times cm RCII or GOD Oildalo Drive and HI Tcjon Avenue, Oildale The Reverend R. R. Green. Pastor Sunday Brhonl, 9:45 a. m. Morning sorv- If-e. 10:4", o'clock. The Reverend John Drntiui, uvatiKPllM. of Tucson. Ariz., will liraii'h at Doth Sunday Rervlcea nnd will conduct two-weeks evan(rell«tlo uprvice* with meetings ul 7:45 p. m. each night cppt Satiii-diy until October 15. fjvenin* •ervlce. ":•(.") o'clock. Young people's service, Wednesday, 7:30 l». m. FIRST till K( II OK CHRIST, SCIENTIST Kleventh and Kensington. Delano A branch of The Mother Church, The Hi-Hi Church of Christ. SrlimllBt. In Bon- inn, MaBS. Sunday Bchonl. 8:45 a. m. fur pupils up to the age nf 20 years. Morn- inK service. U o'clock. Lesson-sermon aub- ji'i-i. ' Tnrfnllty." Wednesday meeting «t 8 n. m. The readinv room IB open on Monday. Wednesday and Friday from- 3 to u:30 p. m. CHRISTIAN SCIKNCK SOCIETY Kernvilli? A blanch of The Mother Church, The KhMl Church uf Christ. Scientist, in Boa- ton. MHHH. Sunday achool, 11 a. m., for punlln up in 211 year of age Morning tu'rvice. 11 o'clock. Lesson-sermon HUb- .UH-t. "I'n.rality." Wednesday meeting the firm Wednesday of each month at S D. in. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETY Sixth and K Streets, WABCO A branch of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston. Mass. Sunday school, 10 a. m., for luipilH up to :M) years of age -Morning tiorvice. 11 o'clock. Lcuson-sermon subject, "I'nfoallty." Wednesday meetinff the fir»t \\cdiicsduy of each month at 8 p. m. CIIIKCII OF CHRIST Lament James I'. Galbralth, Minister Bible cluBBCH. 10 a. m. Morning nftrv- ii e. 11 o'clock. Sermon subject. "Man Blest But Not Satisfied." Evening serv- ii e, 7:3U o'clock. Mermon subject, "A Mirrt.r for the youl." CIIIKOH OF CHRIST Fourth and Hai-iow Streets, McFailand E. M. Boiden, Jr.. nnd K. M. Dorden, Sr., Milliners Bible olaanes, 10 a. in. Preaching, It u. m. Peacliinir, 8 p. m. Bible drill at 8 D. m. Thliifday. 1C. M. Bordi'ii, Jr., will preach both morning and evening. FIRST I'NITY TEMI-I.E Woman'.i Improvement Club Building 6-11 North Street, T*fl Delia Shutts, Minister Sunda- school, 9:45 «. m. Unity sub- iect, "St-lriiuul Vision." Evening service, 8 o'clock. (Sermon Dubject, "ABsurance of Ultimate Spiritual Victory." COMMUNITY CONGREGATIONAL Oildale Thu tlcveiend Charles W. Ople, Paitor Sunday s -hool, 8:45 a. m. Morning service. 11 o'clock. Nursa/y for small children during church atrvlcts. CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN 605 Second Street. McKarland John 1. Coffman. Factor Sunday school, 8:45 a. m., Ernest R. Snell. general nuper'ntendenl. Morning service, 11 o'clock. Evening service, 7 '30 o'clock Thn a capella choir of Mln- ler Field, known as "Wings of Melody." will sing for the evenlnv program. Ladles' Aid, first and tbird Thursday of each month, _ ' FIRST CHl'RCII OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST til 5 Kern Street, Tafi A brunch of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ. Scientist, in Boston. Mass. Sunday school, 9:30 a. m. Morning service, 11 o'clock: sermon subject. "Reality." Wednesday evening meeting. 8 o'clock. The reading room In front of the church IB open 12 noon tn 5 p. m. daily except Sundays and holidays. COMMUNITY R jedale Highway, Rosedale The Reverend L. W. Kolb, Pastor Sunday school, 9:45 u. m. Norman Elmore. superintendent. Morning service. 11 o'clock. Communion service, Sermon by the pastor. Evening service. 7:46 o'clock. Evangelist Charles Wright speaking. Special i —isle each night alone with preaching. COMMUNITY BAPTIST 200 First Street, Buttonwlllow F. A. Landers, Pastor Sunday school, 10 a, in. Morning service, 11 o'clock. Memorial service. Sermon subject "The Second Mile.' Evening aervlce 8 o'clock. Youth Fellowship hour. Midweek prayer service, Thursday, 8 p. m. Clll'RCH OF CHRIS'l Woman'* Club Building. Shatter W. J. Lynch. Jr., Minister Morning lervlce 10:30 o'clock, Sermon subject. "The Christian Race." Evening service. : o'clock. Sermon subject. "The Minding of Satan." C. R. Wnrsham, of Bakersfleld, will speak at both services. CHl'RCH OF CHRIST Boy Scout Building. Buttonwlllow E. M. Taylor, Minister Sunday school, 10 a. m. Morning service, 11 o'clock. Sermon subject, "Faith and Works." Radio programs Sunday, 12:30 and 4-30 p. m., KPMC. CHURCH OF CHRIST 667 Snnta F« Highway. Shatter E. M. Borden. Mlolslet Bible classes. 10 a. m. Preaching. 11 a. m. Subject, 'The Law of Liberty." Preaching. S p. m. Subject. 'Giving Ood PANAMA CONGREGATIONAL John B. Buus. Pastor Sunday school, 10 a. m. Morning service. 11 o'clock. Sermon subject, "Christ in World-Wide Fellowship." LUTHERAN SUNDAY SCHOOL Berth* P. Elliott Hall, OildaU K, J. Jagels. Pastor Sunday school, 9:u't a. m. trtricc* in IfakersfieU* FIRST CHRISTIAN Sixteenth and "Eye" Streets Holl »ter B. Miller, Minuter Bible ichool, 9:45 s. m.. Jam en Carter, superintendent. Men's Biblo clan, t:4& a. in.. .". H. Allen, teacher. Tearhers and officers of the Bible achool anC the classes will be installed at a special ceremony by the minister In Iho mornlnir worship hour, 10:50 «. m. Sermon subjecr, "Let's Fire Some Teachers!" Nursery undet adult supervision is provided for during the Bible school and mornlntf worship hours. Seven Christian Endeavor societies convene at 6:30 p. m. Evening worship. 7:110 pi m.. hour for the evtning service throughout the winter mcntht. Sermon theme, "Prisoners of Hi-pe." Youth recreation. Monday, 7 n. m. Official board nfeetlnc. Tuesday, 7:46 p m. Meditation and melody night, Wednesday, 7 to 9 p. m. Prayer meetlnt Wednesday. 7:30 p. m. Choir rehearsal, Thursday, 7:30 p. m. County Christian F'ndeavor rally at the Norris Road Church of Christ Friday. 8 p. m. TIIK SALVATION ARMY Twentieth and K Streets Captain John Ritchie. Pastor Sunday achool. 9:45 a. m. Lender. Lesson: "Saul's Early Victories." Holiness service, 11 a. m. Sermon subject, "Death of the Old Mun." Outpost Sunday school. 2:31 p. m.; Young 1'eople'a meeting. 6 p. m. Leader. Olive Gunther. Lesson: "Salvation Army Beginnings." Street service. 7 p. m.. at Nineteenth and L streets; evening service, 7:30 o'clock, evan- Kpjislic service. Sermon subject. "Dead Flies Cause the Ointment of the Apolhe- carv to Senrt Forth a StinklnB Savior." Tuesday. V:ilO n. m., teachers' training class: Wednesday. 10 a. m.. Ladies' Home League, at 4119 Enst Twenty-first street: Thursday. 7:30 p m.. street service; 8 p. in.. Bible study service: Friday. 7:30 p. m.. Corps Cadets and field drill; Friday, l!:4Ti p. m.. radio broadcast over KPMC: Saturday. 7:.10 p. m,. street service, 8 p. m.. Free and Glory service. FIRST CHfRCII OF THE NA7.AKENE Chester Avenue and Fourth Street The Reverend F. Arthur Anderson, Pastor Sunday school, 9:46 a. m. Rally Day. Willard Howard, superintendent. Horning service. 1L o'clock. Sermon subject. "This Is the Victory." Junior church at 11 o'clock, a service for children under 14 years. Young People's service. 6 p. m., Milton Durhy in chaise. Evening serv- Me. 7:30 o'clock. Sermon Mjhject. "Qnes- non nf Consofiucnce." LvmiseHst Harold L. Volk will preach at Sunday services and every night this coming week at 7:30 o'clock. The young people of this church offt-'r the radio program. "The Nazarene Young People's Hour." each Sunday at 5 p. in., over KERX. ST. MARK'S METHODIST Building Site: Hurrle Avenue Between Norris Road and Second Street The Reverend Willard J. Rand, Jr., Pastor Sunday school, 11:45 a. m. Morning service, 11 o'clock. Evening service, 7:30 o'clock Services held at the First Methodist Church. St. Mark's Church potluck dinner Sunday, 6 p. m. at Jastro Park. The "Mlzpab" Circle will meet at the home of Mrs Vernon Batz, 202 Bradford Way, Friday, October 6. at 8 p. m. The "Mary Martha" Circle will meet with Mrs. H. F. Mennie. 405 El Tejon, Oildale, Friday, October 6, at 8 p. m. FIRST CONGREGATIONAL Seventeenth and G Streets Thomas Kenwlck Lund, Th.D., D. D., Pastor rhurch school. 6:45 a. m. Morning worship, 11 o'clock. Sermon subject. "The Sin of the Closed Ear." Nursery for smaller children during the service. Choir rehearsal for the high school group, 6 p. m. Church of Youth. 6:30 p. m. Leader, Betty Wilkinson. Thursday, Ladies' Aid meets in church parlor. Thursday, 7:30 p. m., choir rehearsal LUTHERAN CHI RCH OF THE MESSIAH Eighteenth and D Streets. Woman's Club John M. Bruneer. Student Pastor Sunday school and adult Bible class. 9:45 a. m., Mrs. Albert Woltmann. superintendent. Morning service. 11 o'clock. Sermon subject, "Christian Liberty." A special service will be held October 15. when the missionary to Africa of the Augustana Church will be present. This service will alsu be a reception for new members. FILL GOSPEL TABERNACLE Seventeenth and O Streets W. E. Long. Pastor L. L. Davies. Associate Pastor Sunday school. 9:45 a. m. Hazel Alexander, superintendent. Morning service. 11 o'clock. Communion will be served. Evening service, 7:45 o'clock. Sermon subject, "Perfect World Order." Christ's Ambassadors. 6:30 p. m. Radio programs over KERN. "The Church by the Side of the Road." t a. m., and the Victory Hour, 10 p. m. _____ SOUTH SIDE ASSEMBLY OF GOD 930 L Street Paul F. Cook, Pastor Sunday school. 9:45 A. m.. Mrs. Mamie Shoopman. general superintendent. Morn- Ing service, 11 o'clock. Sermon subject, "Prayer." Fourth of a series. Evening service, 7:45 o'clock. Sermon subject, "The Rider, on the White Horse." Tuesday, 7.45 p. m., Bible study. PENTECOSTAL, TABERNACLE 3701 L Street E. H. Townlney, Pastor Sunday school, 9:45 a. m. ; morning service, 11 o'clock: evening service. 8 o'clock. Prayer 'meeting for servicemen Monday, 7:45 p. m... and Friday, 10:30 a. m. ; prayer meeting Wednesday, 8 p, m.; jubilee service Saturday, 8 p. m. CHL'RCH OF THE BRETHREN 329 A Street E. J. Glover. Pastor Sunday school, 10 a. m.. Paul Teter, superintendent; A. A. Flke, assistant. Morning service. 11 o'clock. Consecration service for the newly elected church and Sunday school staff. 6:45 o'clock, Bible study period. 7:30 p. m., selected song service. 8 p. m.. studies from the Parables. Prayer meeting Thursday. 8 p. m. ST. PAUL'S EPISCOPAL Seventeenth and I Streets The Revel end Ralph H. Cox, Rector Holy communion and corporate communion of young people, 8 a. m. Children's service and church school. 9:45 a. m. Morning service snd sermon by the rector, 11 a. m. Sermon subject, "What Think Ye of Chrltt? 1 ' NORTH PARK Clll'RCH OF THE NAZARENE Wistaria and Warren Streets C. M. Swatzell, Pastor Sunday school, 9:46 a. m., Margarette Abbott, superintendent. Morning service, 11 o'clock. Evening service, 8 o'clock. N. Y. P. S., 7 p. m. Sunday. Wednesday night, prayer meeting. CHURCH OF THE UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD 1523 F Street Thelma P. Echols. Director Chapel open at all hours. WORSHIP WITH US 11 A. M., Worship Service MISSIONARY MESSAGE Pastor W. E. Long 7:45 P. M., Evangelistic Service PERFECT WORLD ORDER Tuiie in to— "The Church by the Side of the Road" 9 A. M.—KERN and "THE VICTORY HOUR" 10 P. M.—KERN FULL GOSPEL TABERNACLE Seventeenth and O Street* W. B. LOXG L. L. DAVIES FIRST BAPTIST ruxtun Avenue Between L and M Streets The Reverend Dr. Burton C. Barrett. Pastor The Reverend 9am KlelnsasHer. Assistant Sunda school, 9:30 a. m. F. Pat Kd- londson. general superintendent. Morning ..jrvlce, 11 o'clock Doctor Barrett preaching. Nursery care Is provided for children inder 6 years of ago during the morning vorshlp. Evening- servicr. 7:30 o'clock, the Reverend Mr. Kleinsasser preaching. Sermon subject "That I May Know Him." Sunday, 6:30 p. m., Baptist Youth Fellowship. The ordinance m baptism will be administered at the evening service and the regular Sunday evening sing-time will be held under the direction of Ira Needham. B. Y. F. slngsplration and follow- ihip hour, k:4.i p. m. Monday 4 p. m., Instruct Ion class for Juniors and Intermediates. Wednesday. 7:30 p. m., midweek congregational asrembly. Thursday, Women's Union all-day meeting. GOSPEL GLKANERS •Asaemblleu of Gud 1701 Niles Street The Reverend C. D. Spencer. Pnstor Lawrence U. Krause. Associate famcr Sunday school. 9:45 a. m. Mrs. W. P. Young, superintendent. Morning service, 11 o'clock. Special prayer for the sick. .Sermon subject, "The Walk of a Progressive Church." Evening service. 7:45 o'clock. Sermon subject, "Then Sudden Destruction.' Radio broadcast 7 p. m. Sunday. Tuesday, 7:30 p. m. Bible study. Tuesday; from 10 to 12 a. m.. Ladies' Missionary Council members will go to Red roaa center In Kast Bakersfleld. Wertnea- dnv. 2 p. m., prayer meeting. Thursday. "0 ;i. in., young people'v service. Al Moiso, president. ST. JOHN'S Ll'TIIKRAN (The Church of the Lutheran Hour) Twentieth and C Streets R. J. Jagels, Pastor Sunday school, 9:45 a, m.. Fred Scheie. superintendent. Lenson, "Elijah." Two morning services. 8:45 and 11 o'clock, with Holy Communion at the 11 o'clock service. Sermon subject, "Spiritual 1'riile." Sundays, 9:30 a. m.. The Lutheran Hour over KPMC. Wednesday. 7 I), m.. choir practice. Wednesday. 8 p. m.. church council. Thursday. 2 p. m., the Ladles' Aid. Thursday, 7:30 p. m.. adult membership clans. Friday, 7:30 p. m.. Women's Missionary Lenpite. Saturday, 9:30 a. m., children's confirmation class. TRINITY METHODIST Niles mid King SI reels Ulilon Wesley Throcktnorton. Pamnr Sunday school, 9:45 a. m. Henry M. Dnsch, general superintendent. Morning service. 11 o'clock. \\orld-Wide Communion service. Sormou subject, "Communion, the Fellowship of Suffering and Service." Churclitime nursery for small children. Youth Fellowship meetings. 6:30 p. m.. for junior high and senior youths, hjvening service. 7:30 o'clock. Second of a series of sermons on "Paths to the Presence of God." Wednesday. 7:30 p. m.. Trinity will observe Religious Education Week, at dinner. John R. King, chairman. FIRST UNITY TEMPLE 123 Southern Hotel Wee Wisdom Choir, 9:30 a. m. Sunday- school, 9:45 a. m. Subject. "Spiritual Vision." Morning service. 11 o'clock. Sermon subject, "Assurance of Ultimate Spiritual Victory." Unity Temple open frnni 9 %. m. to 5 p. m.. Noon Silence daily, 12:15 to 12:45 (six days). Wednesday, class in Spiritual Obedience. 2 p, m. Victory Prayer Corps (half hour of prayer for the armed forces). 7:30 p. m. Study clasB. 8 p. m. Unity Business Club meets Thursday at the Hotel El Tejon. FIRST 801THKRN BAPTIST River Boulevard and Water Street The Reverend G. F. Loving, Pastor Sunday school. 8:45 a. m. Promotion service. Morning service. 11 o'clock. Sermon subject, "Christians Working Together." Training Union. 7 p. m. Eve- nlnc service. S p. tn. Installation services. Sermon subject. "The HiKh Cost of Sinning and Who Pays the Bill." Choir rehearsal, Friday, 8 p. m. Clll'RCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS Eighteenth and B Streets William E. Davis. Branch President Sunday school. 10:30 a. m. William Croft, superintendent. Evening aervlce. 7:30 o'clock. Priesthood meeting. 6:30 p. m. Monday: primary, 2 p. m. Saturday: Mutual Improvement Association. 7:30 p. m. Tuesday. CHURCH Of CHRIST K. of P. Hall. Kern and Lake Streets W. C. Harrison. Minister Sunday school, 10 a. m. Classes for all ages. Morning service. 11 o'clock. Communion, 1). 45. Evening service. 8:45 o'clock. Radio program, KPMC, 4:30 p. m.. W. C. Harrison, speaker. FIRST METHODIST' Truxfin Avenue and H Street The Reverend N. A. Chrlstensen. Pastor The Reverend Willard J. Rand. Jr., S Associate Sunday school. 9:45 ;' m Mrs. T. R. Totton general superintendent. Rally Day this Sunday In all departments Mornlne service. 11 f'clock World-wide Communion Sunday sermon subject. "The Mysteries of thr; Communion." Doctor Chrls- tensen preaching Evening service. 7:30 o'clock CDinmunlon sorvlce. The Hev- erend Mr. Hnnd preaching on "Many Lights. One Lnmi' " Youns peoples meeting. 6:30 |i. in. ' School of Christian Living" will begin Monday. 7:30 p. m.. in the educational building. Woman's Society ot Christian Service, mission study course, • Tuesday. 10 a. m.. In the church parlor. £. The study book will be "West of the Date Line." by Constance Itallock. Fun Night for all youths Wednesday. 7 to 9:30 p. m.. in the gymnnsiuin. Camp Fire Girls and Blue Blrda Thursday. 4 p. m. Choir re- _. hcarsal, Thursday. 7:3C p. m.. In the nanc- w tuary. ^^_____ FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Corner of Sevcnlecnlh and H Streets The Reverend John Murdoch. Pastor Sunday school, 9:43 a. in.. Leland Golils- wnrthy. genera! superintendent. Morninff service. 11 o'clock. Theme: "In the Light of ihe Cross." Text: Malt. 27-86. Communion meditation. Observance of the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper nn this worldwide Communion Sunday. Nursery for children under 6 at both Sunday school and morning worship. Westminster Senior Youth Fellowship. 7 p. m.. at the home of the Murdoch's. 2324 Cedar street. Topic: "In the Midst of Devastation— , China." Lender. Reynold Stone. The sen- 1 eral topic is: "Christianity In Power." Tuesday. 7:30 p. m., session, deacons and! trustees. Thursday. 7:30 p. m.. choir rehearsal. Friday. 7 p. m.. Boy Scouts. CAVALRY BAPTIST Niles Street at Kern Henry J. Lorenz, Pastor Sunday school. 9:45 a. m.. Ben Herndon, peiif'i-al superintendent. Morning service, 11 o'clock. Sermon oubject. "The Spirit of Anti-Christ." 7 p. m., Junior High, Senior B. Y. F. Searchers and ndult Bible class. Kvpnins service, 8 o'clock. Sermon subject. "When He Cometh." Junior HiKh Huodla Girls' meeting ut 3:30 p. m. each Monday. Wednesday. 7:30 p. m.. Hible study and prayer service. Wednesday. 8:30 p. tn. choir rehearsal. Sunday* October 8, "Homecoming Day." FIRST C'llfKf'll OF CHRIST. SCIENTIST ICiylneenlh and ',' .Streets A liriinrh of The .Mother Church. The First Church of Christ. Scientist, in Boston. Mass. Sunday school, 9:30 and It a. m. for pupils up to 20 years of age. < Morning service. 11 o'jlock. Lesson-sermon subject. "Unreality." Evening service. 8 o'clock. The Wednesday meeting at 8 p. m. includes testitnoniew ol Christian Science healing. The free public readlnff room maintained by the church at No. 5 Arcade, Haberfelde building, Seventeenth and Chfsto:. is open daily excepting Sun- riav and holidays, from 10 to E. evenings 7 to 9, closing Wednesday a» 6. CHURCH OF CHRIST Cll East Eighteenth Street Odell White. Minister Morning service. 10:30 o'clock. Sermon subject. "Christian Responsibility." Evening service. 8 o'clock. Sermon subject. "Indifference." Odell White will preach in a meeting which will begin with th« morning service. Sunday, Services will be conducted each night beginning at 8 p, m., through October 15. Congregational Bins- ing at each service will be held with Ster- lir-r Merritt in charge. CHURCH OF CHRIST 630 California Avenue Curtis W. Posey. Minister Sunday school. 10 a. m. Morning service. 11 o'clo"k. Evening service. 8 o'clock. Sons drill and Bible study Wednesday. 7:30 p m Ladles' Biblo classes Thursday. Young folks' Bible classes Friday, 8 p. m. Had 10 prnKrams Sunday. 12:30 and 4:30 p. m.. KPMC. FAITH TABERNACLE Height and Nelson Mrs. E. B. Smith. Pastor Sunday achool. 9:45 n. m. Mnrnlne service. 11 o'clock. Evening service, 8 o'clock. Tune In Sindiyt The Old Faihloacd Revival Hour KPMC !•-!! P. M. International Gospel Broadcast Charles E. Fuller Director Americans Have Freedom of Worship —USE IT— The Churches of BAKERSFIELD Invite You to Their Services on WORLD-WIDE . COMMUNION SUNDAY October 1, 1944 Through this world-wide service the Christian people of the world express their unity, faith and fellowship. BAKERSFIELD MINISTERIAL UNION utto/tu eowto wtmfuxu4je Chester Avenue at Fourth Street, Bakersfield Come, Hear EVANGELIST HAROLD VOLK Sunday, October 1 11 :00 a. m. and 7 :30 p. m. Every Night Next Week at 7 :30 Special Music

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