The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 11, 1936 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 11, 1936
Page 12
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THE BAKEKSl'lELD CALIFORNIA!*, FRIDAY, 11, Bette Davis Says Will Play Anyhow POWELL CAST AS ASH'CAN BUTLER (A»xocintc<t 7'ri?»s t^nifit Vlrit) PARIS, Sopl. 1l.--Hpttr> Davtf, Amorleiiii film stnr, ftHHcrlnd today sho Intended tu net In n British motion picture deni>lt<i an Injunction obtained In London by Warner Brothers. The Hollywood tmirhii't-rs applied for nnd m-i'lv-il ii torn porn vy Injunction AVedin-Hilay nrnlillilllntc Miss Davis from npporirlnir In n Too pi I IK production "I'll Tnlto tint bow Kond." Tho aelroNN divlliipfl to dlwusH till 1 Ipitnl nHjx'clH nf Ihf 1'iiJip nnd do- volml inoHl of III.T (lino In I'nrln to buying clot lies. She wan a.ecoinpii- tilo'd by her buHbnnd, Harmon Nelson. Tin* VN'iirncr Mrolliorn' Injmirtliin prohibited M|HH Havts from npiieiir intr In Ht:iK'' or film productions In Kngliuvl find ntlorneyM snld tlin qtlC'Btlon of iliiirmKi'H mlnlit be brought up If HIM riino K"«'H to ti lillfh lourt. BANK ON BEING THERE TONIGHT l.tiMilmnl mill Wlllluin I'owc'll On the Air KOO.KPO —NltloflM Bro»i)c«ltln( Cum- p«ny—»uptll«i nmoroni lot KFI, KECA, KPRD, KUW, KEX, KOMO, KHQ, KJR, KOA. KOA, KOHL, KDYI., KOIR, KTAfl. KrWC-CHIl—Don Lit and Culumblt—Sup- pllni pronrumi to: KHI, K0», KD8. KM), KOW, KFBK, KERN, KOL, KVI, K8L, KOIN, KEPY, BlOO to B[30 p. m, K.I3HN* ti.tnl network—Hollywood MOtPl. WflXAJ —nwijordlnui); r,:ir,, MHO llllllBolf. B:30 to »iOO p. m. ' ICKHS" und network—-I folly wood Ifntfl. WCXAI KpRoriHriKH. 8lOO to 6:30 p. m. KKHN mill nnlwork —Anrtro Ko«- WMXAF- Nciv/!, Fla/ibrin; (i':16, Din- nor CVirionrt If; DHB. 6:30 to 7lOO p. m. KKIIN n ml network—Marbli of Thnp; «:•(,•, HtrniiKn aw It BOPIIIH. •\VUXAI—il:45, Skotrhen In Moloily. 7:00 to 7i30 p. m. KKIIN mill network - William Jlaril, Hiipfikcr: 7:1Ti, Kenfrcw of tho Mounl''il. WfiXAf—lib anil '/fb; 7:15, World 7i30 to 8:00 p. m. KKIIN mill net work-Dirk Stiihllo OrnlinKlra; 7:46,'Tho (Jnyntlnn. WdXAI—.hiiiRlu Jim, 7: / lt», Cecil and H/illy. 8:00 to 8:30 p. m. KKIIN am! mil work-- (ioriHB Crook Pnrnon; S:lf>, KI«lii»r'M llollywoorl INSANE! Thdi I»IM Mi NEI / Ii ii (M II i tin rlil circuit — Wittuun. POWELL QOMU, O I'KNINf, m ih» Kox tod/iy for iin cxU'Hilnil run IH Hi" third ut tho Kri'iit'T movie m'liNon pi'oduc- tlfin«, "My Mull Uodfrcy," din ffrfdlcHt liniKli picture licudliiK (lie rir'W Hi-rcfii BfiiMon with \Vllllnm I'owcll. Cnrol" l.omlmrd. Alice llriidv. (lull I'nlrlcli. .(run lilxon nnd KIIKI-HK I'lilli'iic, Tli" picture will be 1,'lvi'ii MM extcndeil run I" 1 euiiMi,' (tt KM popularlly. '('hone who huvi' rfnd Ih" Hlory ulll ri-nir'mber thul (lodfri'V l'nrl<e (U'lllliim I'ow ell) IH picked fioni mi null pile mid 'oinf'/* M Imtler foe the niilHi'Ht fiunlly In Mm whole connir.v The liHHoelute feature will bft on the Moon," with F'ryor find 'Irnfo Hrndlny. |>'ox Mdvlrturi" Nc'WH find liilr'Ht IHMIIO til' the Miirch of Time coinpIeK' thin program. The lio.v offlci- opcim l"nU:lit ul ii o'eloclt find (lie iloorH open ni i!:,'|0. Missing Clerk Is Object of Search I her : win CRIME STORY ;TKAi,r,MA, sept today iiHlied pulli'e of thrim •H to nlil Diem III thi'lr Henrch for' \\'l Inni H. Klmir, .',•!, |niNtn.l I'liM-lt ; for :n yi'iii-H, wliu IH miltl to I ii ntlHHJiiK fur IK l-ft i. re Hi<pl"ii !s! __ v ALICE BRADY / i GAIL PATRICK I « fujeite PAUEHE \ , t S.i,.,..i n,i... \ ALSO The March of Time' -*"•"' PRy ° R Gr«:« BRADLEY LATEST NEWS EVENTS ^^^'•^^Vy.'' Mv;^ ier I In |)| H nnloniolille mid Hiild he \ /m K"lnK to I'lveri'll. \\'IIM|I . to joh hlfi wife, llelen, there, frlendH In 'n rcporl'ul. ; lie ri'Ul.slered 11 N nil (int-of Hlule driver nl AHhlnnd. (ire., lull «lnce : lln'M Mpimrently had not heen hciird \ from, i WflXAf—Meillywood on T'Hritdn; 8:15, Trunk Watnnabo. 8:30 to 9:00 p, m. KKKN and network -CalllnB All ''urn; S:'I5, Jlnnny l>or«cy'H Or- idiftHtra. WiIXAl Wnokly; 8:4», III Illlarlllpii. 9:00 to 0:30 p. m. KKKN and network—Jimmy Dor- Bey'H iifelicnlra. W8XAI NI-WH Klaiihcn; 0:15, Hllii and l''.n<'(ireK. 9:30 to 10:00 p. m. KKIIN and network -Jan Onrber nnfl f iretiewt rn. WiIXAl • Iniunais of l.lfn; !l:4f,, Hliythni und Uoniuiuie. 10:00 to 10:30 p. m. KKIIN- World In Itnvlnw; 10:10, I'Mlln Klniliall OrcheMni. W8XAI--All rui|Ui.'Ht proKram. 10:30 to 11:00 p. m. ICI1IIN nnd network — Hurry 1,owls' On'heKtrii. W8XAI--AII rcitunnt proKrum. 11:00 to 11:30 p. m. KKRN and tint work—J.Mek ,hir- KUII'M Orolicstrn. 11:30 to 12:00 p. m. KKItN and ni'lwork—Jlinmy Hld- BANK on 2 ACE HITS TONIUHT Arrrii 7 «mi n p. M. TOMonnow MATINEE > p. M. Showing of JAMES DUNN In "TWO-FISTED QENTLEMAN" dliirlii hi iiurl 'IMIKKK innjor nil niiUI<,n> iu'il<i' I up tin |n ouriiiii nluiw tin; iniln.v und Iuiiiorrtuv nt llu> l''nx l'nl!h,|-> Mill I hcntcr. Thf fli'vl IM Mi,- I hi III tllK IMllrdfT IIIVMtl'IX. "'I'll,' I'rlhin ul' lir. l''(,i lii'M." nllh liliiiiH silent, llnlii it Kent, .1. I'Mniinl I li in nl» M: llciir\- Ai-MU'llll. S.lli, (|;H|. n iili,l A Ian I Mnrlilll I . 'I'll, I" < mill I, III III " IM .Illi'll 1 ,II|II|»II'H Illllilllll; ,<'i|H> I lo "Cllll nf tin- \Vllll." '^X'lllti. l-'lllK." fi'iiliirlni: Mli liai'l \\'liiilin l .linn Mulr. Slim SuiMinrrvlll, nii.l "IJrlil tiliiK." tin' Wdtnlcf <ld|{. Tlii' Illlli i-liilptfr nl "I'iiHlrr'.'i I.IIH! ,Minn,l" iiml Mclrdlnni- NI-\VII I'dinplvtr ih,- TWO THRILLING Shows Each Week A Different Drama Every THURSDAY AT 8 P.M. KNX & KSFO '^VjGr.^A^'P^,,:':<-'fl''A;C K E D ' ; -.Q,-A;-S O : L.I:N! E PRESENTS TRUE CRIME DRAMATIZATIONS TODAY! TOMORROW 3 BIG HITS IT'S COOL Your FrlflnUty Thrntrq Michael WIIAI.I!N .It-nil MUIK, "I.KIIITNINII" Slim SlJMMI!HVII,l 1! JACK LONDON'S "WHITE FANG" fllorln STUART Knlicrl KHNT Henry ARAlllTI'A "THE CRIME OF DR. FORBES" Rise early...not surly ... tomorrow I Chapter R "OUSTER'S LAST STAND" TODAY-2 010 FEATUHE9 VIRGINIA TODAY and SATUHDAV TWO BIG FEATURES Edmund Lowe Virginia Bruce "GARDEN MURDER CASE" Ken Maynard "THE CATTLE THIEF" Comedy, Newi and Curtoun "You'r* right—I'm glum. I've teoion, lo<^" EKplalnt lh« gloomy Marabu. "N»»l time, toy 'CAIVMT'," >ay« Hi* iloik, "And doii'l forgit why lli»re - » a corh I" CLEAR HEADS CALL FOR Calvert WHISKIES LAHQE! NOW...a half hour later on COLUMBIA DON LEE Network 8:30 P.M. FRIDAYS KERN :w W/AVUIM u jw! If* «tc«Uht wfiKku I »Mr anil • manlk. oMl *»"lr«L»h" FRIDAY, SATURDAY BOB 8TEEU In "SMOKY SMITH" Bobby Breen, Vivian Oiborne "LET'S SINO AQAIN" Frank Merrlwell (6), Comedy, New» GRANADA TODAY nnd SATURDAY FLOBIOM SfitC/M JACK OAKIt SAUY OURS Irone Dunne, Allan Jones "SHOW BOAT" Also News inn) Short 8uti|«ct!i Dnknnfleld'i MO»t Unlquo CAfn NEW SHOW SATURDAY CHOW MEIN CHOP SUEY 8trv»il Front ft p. m. to Oi30 p, ni. Dally FREE COCKTAIL ' With ROo Order or Morn ChinoBo cii- Anini-lonn OUK«ii Old-Timers Dance Tonight 9 Until 1 o'clock BEARDSLEY DANCE PAVILION "Wh«r« Th«y All do for Fun" Hoir Wllion't Harmony land n«vlv« th« Old Fxvorlttt 15,00 Cnih Door Prti* Alio Spot Prlt*a Phon* M48-W Thr«« MUM North in ON fr«n, Hlihwu I USY ASEMENT H< PECIALS m ft m u^ w iL M R H HI BUn El Hi Ha •_H_JH «t Mm m WJHP^HP 1HW Hi WHIP! HUH Be Sure You're Ready for School Monday Smart New Styles In FALL DRESSES • New Silhouettes • New Vibrant Pall Shades • Princess Types • Tunics of Varying Lengths • Wools In Clever Styles SA95 TO $795 4 READY-TO-WEAR DEPARTMENT WASH DRESSES For the School Girl 1 to 3 3 to 6 7 to 14 Wcll-nmtle litllc dresses of fust color prints in udorublc styles. Smaller Sizes with panties. 59 c AND $1 00 1 Wool Flannel Skirts Just the right garment for many a school day. So practical with sweaters. Plaids and new fall shades. Sports Blouses Are twin needs with flannel skirts for scliooJ.days. And we. have tlicni in an interesting variety of broadcloths, silk crepes and sutins. Also a good range Oil of ^rcss-np blouses. *P JL i 3110 Girls' Rayon Panties Bunded Front, Elastic Back; Sizes 'J to' 10 School Girls' Anklets New Patterns and Colors; 7 to 10y 2 19c "Collegian" Cords •For the School Boy and His Younger Brother $J98 .Made of genuine Cromplon Corduroy. 'J'wo back flap pockets; 2 to 12. Si/cs 13 to 16, $2.45 Boys' Sanforized Peppered BLUE JEANS They're the hit of the year. They're favorites for school and they wear like iron! Si/es 4 to 10. $1 00 POLO SHIRTS All Sizes—All Popular Shades Your Choice of Cuiucho, button and zipper necks SNAPPY - STURDY SCHOOL OXFORDS FOR GIRLS In black or brown elk with kiltie tongue. Leather sole. Huill-up leather heel. $199 1 IN THE BASEMENT SHOE DEPARTMENT fi | ffi 4pi 9 W fi ' |ffi£ Every Well Educated Wardrobe Calls for a SUIT AND COAT We have them both in a variety of smart young styles. Priced at just $ 11 00 SWAGGER SUITS, SHORT JACKET SUITS in fine fleeces and worsteds. COATS belted and swagger in a full range of sizes. READY-TO-WEAR-DEPARTMENT Women's Panne Jfc m A A SATIN SLIPS SI 00 Lace-trimmed and tailored. In tea I rose or white. Size 32 to 44 Famous "Loomcraft" COTTON SLIPS For girls 2 to 14. Built-up shoulders. Fine quality Pure Silk Full Fashioned HOSE FOR SATURDAY ONLY Sheer Chiffons and service weights in full lengths or knee lengths. AH the popular fall shades. Sizes 8 Ms to JO Mi. SATURDAY ONLY AT , 50 Another School Boy Favorite I BIB OVERALLS Of Famous "Sturdy Boy" Make Made of fine quality extra heavy blue denim A School Special for Saturday Onlyl Boys' Elastic Jeans 89 C Regular Price $1.19 Boys' School Shirts Fast colors. Full cut. Finely tailored. A choice of plain colors. Fancy patterns, ' Deep-Tones, Some Duke of Ken Is; (i-14 ' 59 Children's School SHOES Iu a variety of clever styles, yet sturdy enough to stand the wear and tear of school days. $195 1 Red Goose Headquarters USY ASEMENT Is COOL

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