The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 1, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 1, 1950
Page 7
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MONDAY, MAY 1, 1930 FLYTHKVTM.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN American Economic System Is Undersold, Stassen Says By Sterling F. Green 4 WASHINGTON, May 1. W) — i Harold E. Stnssen told business! leaders today thai as far as the' world's working people are concerned capitalism "Is the most undersold economic system in all history; and socialism hnd communism are the most oversold." He said Ihe Job of reversing that ' "situation rests with American in- jlust-ry. If Is succeeds, he added, ^ff- result could be an end to the cold war with Russia—and the possibility that a "third hot war" need never be fouyht. Economic Umlcrslaiidinsr In an address prepared for meeting of the United States Chamber of Commerce, the University of Pennsylvania president declared: "It Is my view (hat the most Important single Informational job that needs to be done in America 1? to develop a better understimtlinp by American workmen of (lie modern capitalistic economic system of which they are a part. "If tViey gel to thoroughly under .ifand it. they will never change It If they get to thoroughly under slintl it. they will force both majn political parties to slop the drif toward socialism in America. Must Be Understood "If they get to thoroughly under stand It. this country will rctai such freedom and economic powe that it will definitely win the cold war, and roll back Ihe tide of communism and Depression. Above all. Ihe winning of the cold war will make It more and more unlikely that a third hot war will need to be fought." Stassen. & former Minnesota governor who was an unsuccessful contender for the Republican presidential nomination In 1048. addressed some 2500 delegates to the chamber's 38th annual convention. His address followed one by tjjkrnber President Herman W. SJlnkraus which had as its theme thai "a united nation at home Is the best answer to the world silua- CARUTHERSVILL.f NEWS Bv Joan'Douglass — I'lioue 389-J IT GROWS BY THE FOOT—An ingenious "growin;;" bed. which can be made longer as Ihe child grows, was shown at Ihe annual exhibition ol French godgel-makers. in Paris. Foot at bed hat panels that pull out of the sides of the crib. ': lion." Workman Misinformed EDSON (Continued from Page 6) line five nights a week. They have in genera! been critical of McCarthy. Commentators like Fulton Lewis, Jr., and Edwin C. Hill, on Mrs. Roscoe, Pierce, Mrs. I/, p. Lumsden, and Miss Lucille Laccy were selected as delegates to al- tcnd (he Ninth District spring convention in perryville May 18. Tlie program for tile afternoon, "Accent on Youth," was given by Ihe citizenship department. The chairman, MIS. Joplin, introduced the speakers. .Two girt scouts of Caruthersville Troop 80 were present to explain their work and the enjoyment of scouting to the club members. The young ladies, in uniform, were Mona choate and Nod Frances Earnhaii. Miss N'otma Jean Bennett, a senior and president of the S.A.C. In the local high school told of the purpose, organization, projects and luiictlonings of Ihe student activity committee. Billy Abbott, the student representative to .sophomore pilgrimage at Jefferson City, gave a report on his trip which Is sponsored by the Federate! olubs, the Hemo CM: and the woman's 'club. Homejuaki-rs Have AJenthig Twenty-eight members of the Caruthersvillo Homemakcrs Extension club met for their regular meeting Tuesday at the home o Mrs. n. M. rwlkes. Two guests Mrs. Sadie James and Mrs. Willian James, attended. A covered dish luncheon was served with one of the main dishes being a seven-foot sail fish which Mrs. Fowlkos caught recently while deep sea fishing in Florida. A regular business meeting was conducted by tlie president, Mrs. J. F. Patterson, and members riis- ure. bridal gifts of the guests, after which the hostesses nerved assorted party foods. Games were enjoyed during Ihe remainder of the cvenlnR. Special guests were Mrs. Ira Cnl- um, mother of the honorce, and lie bride's sisters. Mrs. Culvin Stassen said the American workman is "grossly misinformed about the operation of his own economic system." and added: "It Is nob surprising. He has been subjected to a steady bombardment of misinformation by left-wingers, by many later leaders, and by many politicians. He has received precious little of accurate Information from businessmen, or from politicians, In understandable form." Stassen told his businessman audience that the task of informing American workers is "a Job to be done in your town, In your plant. In your office and among your neighbors—by you." Steinkraus took much the same linn In his address: __ "The Chamber of Commerce ol the United States and a! business organizations throughout the coun- tcfejinvc'lhe responsibility of clear- iSfifeie air so mir people will understand what, needs to be done," the chamber president declared. People Are Concerned . Stelnkraus said the American people are concerned over many International matters. He listed three: (1) the United Nations "has teen Moving haltingly and Its future is Insecure;" <2> Russia "ha.i taken control" of China: (3) "the concern about Communists in our government is a.rcflt one." (j "So. on the International scene, he said, "there are many uncertainties. The country could go ahead much stronger If we could clear the »lr, and the American people could see n program develop,,whlch would unite.the nation on these matters." Resolutions t»l* Out The chamber's concern over the nation's defense system was reflected In a bundle of resolutions laid before It by Its policy committee. They Included proposals for three-year stand-by draft law. the widening of American leadership In atomic development, and a speed-up In the stockpiling of war materials There Is no accurate gauge on what editorial opinion has been on the McCarthy charges. In general, the Knight, McCormick and Hearst press has been pro-McCarthy. Scripps-Howard, while critical of State Department's China policy, has held back on expressing any convictions about the McCarthy charges, waiting for all the evidence to be presented. Such newspapers as • New York Times. New York Herald-Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, Kansas City Star, Louisville Courier-Journal and St. Louts Post-Dispatch have been critical of McCarthy. Papers like Philadelphia Inmiirer. Wall Street Journal. Omaha World- Herald and Oakland Tribune have been pro-McCarthy. McCarthy himself Is extremely critical of the "egg-sucking columnists" and "phony liberals" who have been critical of Iiim. But here again there has been division of opinion. Pegler. Skolsky, Constantino Brown and ofhers have been pro-McCarthy. Tom Stokes. Marquis Chitds. Lowell Mellett, Drew Pearson and a lot more have been critical. Though McCarthy has been bitter against Pearson, the senator nevertheless uses and old Pearson story to prove that Acheron and Truman consulted Lattimore! Every Sifle of Story Covered ; Of the radio commentators, men like Elmer Davis and Eric Sevareid have been laying this story on the occupation as "the hermit business" and his age as "over 60." the other hand, are pro-McCarthy. In summary, press and radio as a erlng every side of the McCarthy cring cvtry side of the MhCarthy story. There have been and will continue to be sharp differences of opinion on. the issues involved. But the American people have not had to such this information olli of their thumbs. They have got It from reporters who are close enough, to both McCarthy and the State Department to know what both stand for and what weaknesses both may rmve. The Stale Department Is not perfect. It has pulled some horrible boners on both Its personnel and foreign policies. But reckless and irresponsible charges will • not correct those errors. If the Washington press corps has not made this clear, it is at fault. There is no doubt that the tangible expressions of popular opinion -the phone calls, anonymous spi^e postcards to columnists and commentators, the letters lo congressmen and editors are preponderantly pro-McCarthy. They are also violently critical of anyone who dares to say that some of McCarthy's charges are fslll of holes. But it will still have to he demonstrated tiiat the pro-McCarthy following represents a majoilty of the American people. The hot-heads who write hate letters and sound off their opinions are always the peonle who are "against" something. They are the excitable people who make the most noise. The cooler heads are sitting buck quietly and waiting for all the facts to be developed before they enlist In any great McCarthy crusade. cussed their annual vacation tour which is held in June. The club voted to observe the WMk of April; 30-Mny 6. Home Demonstration Week, by displays of table settings and floral arrangements in local merchants' windows. Mrs. Powlkes was appointed chairman of the committee for the displays and the members of the committee arc Mrs. H. H. Pigmon, Mrs. Bessie Davis and Mrs. J. E. ] Green. At this week's meeting the club's regular flower and shrub exchange was hcl dduring which Mrs. Powlke.s served apple candy which the host- 1 ess had purchased In Virginia. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Olin Dillard in May Mrs. ChUlbn Fclrd at Shower A surprise miscellaneous shower, complimenting Mrs. Glennfe Chilton, who was before her April 10 marriage Miss Wilma Culhnn. was given Monday evening at the Charles Ball home near Haytt. Hostesses were Miss Joan Douglass, Miss Gwendolyn Ball and Mrs. Ball. A number of the bride's senior classmates gathered for the occasion. A variety of spring flowers float- Ing in crystal vases were placed throughout the entertaining rooms. Mrs. ChiHon was taken on a quest for hidden treasure. After a search she "discovered" the treas- oodman. Mrs. James liingham and .Irs. nic'iard Milton. A Cappcllii Choir Her* The Central College A Cappellu 3hoir. Fayctte, Mo., under the dl- •ection of Luther T. Spayde. ap- irared here Wednesday evening annual four. The group presented a varied program In a publ! concert in the auditorium of th Kaslwood Memorial Melhodis Church. The choir received aecomodalloii, for the night here and was enter tallied with a dinnt'r Wcdnesda; evening and a breakfast at tin churdi Thursday. Card Miih Has Mcrllr.g -Mr. and Mrs. Ben Holly of Cootci Mo., entertained last week for mem Ucrs of their bridge club at the! home. W. L. Cnntrcll and Mrs. P. H. Bio mcycr won high score, recelvln handkerchiefs and a base, rcspet lively. Low went to Dr. 13. D. P ! nlo anrt to Mrs. Cantrcll. Dr. Plnlo was presented with .socks and hanc kerchiefs and Mrs. Cant roll won box of sf %n ntcd soap. Bridge Club Meets Tlie three-table Couples Club mi last week at the home of Dr. ar Mrs. Joe D. Pinion. The I'lnio home was adorned with arrangements of bouquets and during the evening refreshments were served. Mrs. Ralph I). Pinion won high and Dclbert Harper bridgocd. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Ward, Jr., were guests the club. 1'TA lias Dlslrlel Meellns The Cotton Boll District meel- ig of the Parent-Teacher Af-wcla- on was held Thursday at Ktnnett, Vth representatives from the Pem- .cot, New Madrid and Dunklin as- ocialion.s present. Among (hose attending from Ca- uther.svillo were Floyd Harnlett, Irs. M. j. Yeager, Mrs. Carl Busin, Mrs. William James. Mrs. Rob- rl Johnson. Mrs. Joe Bartholomew Us. Carl Hill, Mrs. A. C. Brooks .Irs. J. p. Taylor, Jr., Mrs. Samuel Buchmim, Mrs. J. Thomas Markcy department, will present the cosh >rize to the senior selected on senor recognition day. Midas, the king of the golden touch, was a Phrygian. Alexander the Great crossed the Hellespont into Asia Minor In 334 B.C. The Phrygian civilization Is believed to have flourished 2,100 years ago. ma Mrs. Hush II. Huntley. A luncheon was served at the Uethodlst Church during the mcet- ng The district chairman, Mrs. Ho ward Rink, of Carulhersvllle plan icrt the district meeting. Dr. Dewcy Smith, who Is head of :he Missouri Valley College at Marshall. Mo., and sixth vice-president of (he Missouri Congress of parents and Teachers, presented n talk entitled "The Citizen Child." Miss Hlta Porlerlield of Kcnnctt gave a speech on "The Citizen Child in the Home." niui Floyd Hamlctt of Carulhersville, Ihe county superintendent of schools, spoke on "The Citizen Child In the Community." Woman's Club Mccls Mrs. E, C. Pierce wns hostess to 27 monitors of the CiiruthcrsvlUc Woman's Club Wednesday afternoon >U her home. Co-hostesses were Mrs. P. L. Homer and Mra. P F. Petty. A routine business session vies conducted and members planned their Federation Day ten which will be held at the home of Mrs. A. B. Rhodes May 10 and to which a number of other clubs and leaders will be invited. The club voted lo continue presenting its award to the best gril citizen in the WSO graduation class. 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