The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 29, 1944 · Page 15
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 15

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 29, 1944
Page 15
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PruH» an $2.69 Full Lug. Bring your own containers. 1019 Baker East Bakersfield 9.7-tf Poultry and Livestock FOR SALE — One perfect ma:ch^d Belgian team, 7 and S yoat« old. with extra heavy harnrg?. Ktcheropnr, Route 3. Hnx 753. Qlil Ui v er R nail. 53 NEW YORK STOCK CLOSE ONK Ken ll:' K:tM* fe d 8*> rar-old britlle. waddle, ail for Jlili. 1111 Cah_ fnrniM n vf rim*. _ _ A KK\V Rarrrd Rock rnanters, 5 or 6 , in '{,"><; ti 07 pound, live Unad. I'hnn e2 - :\2 1 - NKW Air KeiJtn/r ion Alaska J tint* Jin Alii* d rhprnit al Alhs i* i nal ^>n Jnl*»rM!i t iiuirt I I\»-MIP i uU A: Tel. mid l>yi_* FuH SAIjK — Vnunp family cow Gur*rn*py a ml Jcrs^v mixr-d. Miln and half south of \Vqpro- A. U P9c FOR FULL LUG Bring your ow g n containers. same kii.d of pears we had year. _ FOR PALK— Oocul, nll-rotinrt waddle horsr, $1 f'0, dji ' k bay- hi axe face. Uvn Hlork- inp Irps, wo! I rein* 1 J. plenty of life, fjiHt w;i Ikf i, vsi liey or mountains. Dirk- prHnM Fa rms, .Mparba m Rond. Hnpoilnlo. Phnn* 2-1048, or sec Mr. DlrkPrsnn evp- H ni HoMo-Dom* 1 Sknrinir Knik. A in*- n ran f :MT iind Kaumtry Am*M-n -an Lu« nnv>i ive ATii**n«-;ui Hiifl. and Sid. San AmiTji an ituilniK Mil A IIHTM an Snii'ltni- nnd AIIIHI -if an 'IVI. iuul '!>! Man in '• \ I ' M:n t in pa: r\ ftTSCS The last 1019 Baker East Bakersfield 8-17-tf Four horsos. \voll bi'oken. and saddles (Saddles §70 to $100.) WP )»roak colts. .limniie and Hill at "R" barn, fairgrounds. fi FOR SALF. —Kry ( rs. I'bnno 2-51 ",8. A ni«M'M an V \** o-^ A n;u nnr|;i A i nmnr A- rn At' hi sun, Topi-k;i A.- A f lanl ir 1-tot'Jnm^ Aviai ion < '01 por,i I urn Ha hl\\ in I .*u uTnrl i\'*- Itnmlix Avial ii>n If. 1 ti 7 4:. Na *-h Is M 1 HI?::* ! \a 1 M.IIJI 1 a i inli.t! .I l n IMM ! Nat Ion, i 1 :I \ [ l;iM'\ i ),>'! , jl I ,IM d I 'ti\\ * j i IT 7 * I 1 . '*]-<* t> , " 4 11 \ - 4 ri *i ' -4 " I ., Dull Trading Marks N. Y. Stock Market rj Santa ».*; .\<M i h N '.r l Ii \'M i < Miff- .\ MI." ii ;i n A \ A PHrr M .1 n * 'i* • n I 'a* 1 1 ** >•* '4 : i i; '•* lS"i '* ' ; s l^i l :* "* i: i . no\v .IOM;S AVKKAGKS Pi <•! JlnilKi !•• rlnMMLT 1 'i tMilr-i.-nis :'l.v». up I x 4 I A 1 1 -plant Wa iH \ untiK' ;n Ua i d All-* n a n \ in^i i^ ;ui I 'a f a m**iin , I *:r I VMM*'> > isin- \ l\'a M ::t \\ r \\ \ >•• i " *- j i i * " .'": i'i.-s up p itv«I \\iih it:;ti.Tlo <:i !h-\ f|- \V,is I 1 J I .tiL'O .n ''il M. iili ::.~*>7 up ft, 4": up mil.; »;;» siocUs .' HI-Y ATTENDCAMP LEADERSHIP TRAINING IS OFFERED AT SESSION A n«ii !v of ;ipprnxim,itnlv fiM Mi ' . dirt) r<DU- <i it i KGII SALK—Blaek Angus bull, well marked. John TClrieli, one-half mile west uf Rosedale. Phone f.4 'amida l"*r 'iinadinn r I hwl^t* n ] is hi j N :. i ••• ^ in ;n ion • i ' f ' f lad in n t & .4 Mi Ha> Large vinerlpencd 89c FULL LUG Bring your own containers FuR SALK~Six \oarhne ht.-i1>r«. or i MOM till pusiuff- I'm t ht-ni ; n Isn got if! ditv^nport and Itny pint.'ir. First house nn k'l'i. \vcs( of ''urnpUin f'enter nn tho Ta£t lljKh\vjiy._ Hoinc J-_J^ f) ^_;!'L 1 • r>: ? I-'OK SALK -NVw Hi-alaml luit-kj». 7 months uM. i'hoiu: 0-5;!J7. II!) Wooilrow. Oilda IP. r>3 - Pa hnnhv.' 1 N-i-i 'a < !as anil KhM u H < '(wnm^rrial f 'i oiln , O*minnt*r m I In\'*-^i ir.^n: TT < 'nmmerrial Sol vrnts ( '(mimunwca tth I'Misnn ( \pmruomvi-a Iili fti* hf 1 1 ' a • i i> ol I'll Or; II'. Si.vl Tnh;i r 1 MS! t ; nn'i n a uin 4 t i;'. •"% 17 U 47 't 1H T * * ' J 1 7 I'.t . t . • " -^ . P • XK\V vor.K. s. pi. :.':>. tun — >'i ••• Us ni:irkf(l t inn* todny iti dull L:. Tlit- irain list shown'! prin- suin^s in either dircc- \' n Iti "c '* I '• - 1 I 1 L' " i YriT'NfJ fXiKS atul bin ks for Niton. 20 H t * * n ;iu 1019 cer Street. East Bakersfield. 9-25-tf. FOR SALK-Ilurse. saddle, hridle; gentle. s Am ra f i Pu I'mil di* Xi-niuui JTEHACHAPI POTATOES—We now have «ome long, white and russet potatoes of commercial quality at this very low price of $3.49 per Back. Now is the time to put away potatoes for winter. The potato season at Tehachapi is about over. Stock up now. Mooney's Market Spot, Eighteenth & Union. Phone 3^09 fiL 9-23-1 f FOR SAM-:—While Mp.-uh prarln-s. picking every ciay. Bring t mii;onri ,s. Out lOclifnn Highway to M;iKuii(I'''n shu-c. nonth on F.-tirfax lio;nl inil ran a] turn. to third hoiiar. 1-'. H. Marlgy. Poultry and Livestock UN ill Oft ADR Cuern^y m\v. tpsied. to j h* 1 fresh: three Ineh Brad*' Uotelem heifers, highly trained s;ulill< j rnarr, broke to ha rn^ss: finest Rafted irt blnrk f illy In PI''\"KX New /oahind wliilp bred does, urn! hutches. Phone 2-41US. Dog» FOR SALE—Cnckcr Spaniel, bhn k. wrll _ In ofl. 4 yr•:* rs (ild, '( »H SALE ™«'anai irs, 7r,c man Kodak i rii Ant*) L ir Boat . ir I 'owot 1 & iMMUTa 1 MU-rt r ir i lon^ra 1 I^oods i iiMirra I Motors i iuudnrh loodyr-a r Tire &• tMMil NfirihfM'ii Ilatlrtiad pfil ; rry hound f N>rporalHm . ionifslnke Mi MIDI; 1 loud 1 lf»rsln\v I! . . riat inn a 1 Ha r\vsi*M 'tia t luna I Nii-ki?! * "a n Snui Snui hr? li KH il\V!i > Si**-i r y ( 'urimra t MJM St;i nd:i rd I!r;imN St a nil:i r d < hi o\ * % si lifurn ia St a fida i*<l < h! m i ndia na Siandard < Ml <U' N, J StlulrlwtUiM' . 1 \\'a l r r AHSMI ia i (''1 ml Trnn».iniiM'i<:i \\i-sii-rn Ai >i 'I - . > } l I 'ninn 1 's* In 'm n i ... 4:- 'l -. 1 Pj ,... 9\ ..' 1K-* . 107 fi * A IV u spcci.-d Lilies, however. 'i.l nut. K;i-:lm,i!i Kodak pro- i>rri-<l Miitppt'ii four points an<l ihc <i>!niiioM \\a> i|o\\n ;t point. Aincr- oK;iri>M H \\ as down 1 ;:N in f\ trillion ..f tlu- <]«>rliru j arii'd two days ai^n when ill- 1 t'omp;tn\ imnounriMl plans for a .*!<'<> nuiMHi'l dclM-nt tire sale. JfiH'ral Oniilonr Advert ising; A. ''•- inicfil prciprrod and Kx.-('fil(» pt'rat inn r<t>i' niui't' 1 than two pnjni> '.'ai-'l] and all liiL ru.-w 1IM4 42% 47' 1 vo A if I -MU s. ( 'nitod A u - ra l'\ I 11 tt**d i 'nrfipm 1 11*11 * .as t 'n it r T'nit'>d Sla I "rntrd Sin \\'a rn*'r r^in n . :M U . i 1 ' . rt 7 ^ . 4!*\ ! l:: 1 i S \vt'!M- lilt!' 1 chan^oil. apart a Miic-pi'ini riso in Hothlolieni -fMl. < 'hrysh-r \v:is down ;t small 1'rart in. and ( Jonrral M<>s rose a similar amount in their Kails A\ PIT stf-arl. I "tunn r;i \\'IH»|\\ or t h VntJ lu;S[ n\\ .,. in- = . .... -l: l j i-i Ar H, t hi ''f' M M I P ;nifl a 1 "t*mn l<*. J 1 3 a Legal Notices FOR SALE—Two span mare«, one brood mare Groat. Phone 2-706«. of good work with colt. Mr. 7-I!Mf NOTICK OF SAI.K OF RKAL PRUFKKTY AT FRIVATK SAI-E No. SOOaiD ] Tn T h<* SiMi(*rif>r four! of HIP Ptnte nf 1 r 'a 11 lorn ta. in a nil for the County ot Los Aircraft Stocks Up Eight Issues Up on : ATTENTION Blood-lcsted baby chicks, brooders, poultry supplies and feed. \V« buy your eesa. Chicks Jl. r ) hundred. 22TJ Union, or 814 _ Eighth. Phone 7-7028 or 2-9489. 2-1-tT BABY CHICKS. $15 per hundred. New Hampshire Red*. Rhode Island Reds, Plymouth Rocka. Rock a nd Red Crosa. New 3hlpment every Monday; order early. Also plent> of metal feeders, fountains and poultrv medicines. Ward's Farm Store 2626 Chester ___ 4-17-tf OFFERING n number of outstanding yearling and 2-year-old registered Hereford bulls. A H. Karpe. Phone 9-9671. _ _ ^ 7-lfl-tf BAB7 CHICKS started on order. We hav« colored broilers, roasting hens. Riverview Hatchery. 215 Roberts Lan*. Phone 7-19-tf the anil ATTENTION. POULTRY MEN! Our Market Is Open Pay Tops for Fryers and Ron stcri One Bloc* West of East Bakerifield Post Office 1106 Kern Street Dial 2-2458 BRADFORD POULTRY MARKET _ _ 76 iWANTED TO BUY— Horsea. hogs, cattle. any amount L Anderson. Route 2. Box 906. Phono 2-7008. _ 68 BUY, SELL or trade, all kinds of livestock. Phone 2-8022. Roy Johnaon. 1 • mile north Pumpkin Center, 200 yards east on Hosklna Road. 68 FOR SALE—Two Shatter 4924. good mules. Phone C2 SALE — Fancy producing does. Priced <u cell quickly. Phone 2-3186 : _ ^2 lri;L,L-GRO\VN young white ducka for sab*. Phone 7-7S6 fi, __ 54 3TOUNG HENS, layinff now, cxcrlb?nt lay- era. Stewinc and roasting hens. Mrs. p:. Fugit, 4008 East Oregon. Phone 2-1162. ROKE blue roan horse and new saddle with fapn; ,;iO-. 30 Carbine and new holster; while aud red onions, J 1 lug. Phone 2-2756, £ iWHITE and Hotntne pigeons for tmle, 500 Jeffrey gtreet. Call after 4 o'clock. 63 FOR SAIiB—Span younv firentla mules; have been worked. HaJC mile fiouth Vineland School in Wee! Patch. Rankin Ranch- In lli<> Mnftrr (»f HIM Efltntn of AT.FRKD KUWAUD VKNTi.*.\. (also Known U8 : A. K. X'KXTON*. L>orrnsoiL | Nnt :ee is hor^by «ivi*n. t hn t t he nml^r- ! SIKIMM). I >orul hy AKIM-S \'on(on. A<1 minis l ratrix with the Will annexort of tho eslai** of s^ id Alfred Ki!\va rd Vi nton, de- rc/ased, will sf-II nt 11 rival*' 1 sain, to hiphi j *=r nnd hnsl liiddor, upon t and r nnd it jonn hrrenin f t or FP*T Huljjpct lo (onfii mntion hy ,«auj Sup**rjnr Court, on and nftt?r Oclnhrr -K KM f. nl thp of f U e of snid Adrniinstrnt rix with ilie Will aiinnxpdt Rooms ^m-^-;i-1 Neville HuilditiK, ui the rily (jf Moni^o^'ia. Cali- forma* all tho ripht, 1 ttif. interest and estate of suid decadent in and lo nil that cerl am rra 1 prn|it A M y de^rriliod ns follows: Thf Kawt Half nf th*; Ka^t Half of the Northwom Qua rl^r; the KaaL Half of the WpHt Half of thf? Not l hwesi Qua rter ; t he SnuHiwcM Qua rt^r of tlu- Xorthou^t Quar- pr of thn Xorlhwpsi Quartpr; nnd thp Sou t Invent Quart PI of Iho Sou then HI Quarter ul the NorihwosL CJiia rtor. and West "** I'.-nt of lit*- "North WPP t Qn of the Soul heasl QUM rrrr of the Northwest Quarter. :\ II in S*M I inn 1 1. Township i;r> South. ItaiiK^ I'fi Kasl. Mount Diabln Ft a so nnd SlfrifMnn. in the Pntini y nf j Kern, State nf California, and containing 1*1 at res, mur-p or lens. Terms* and comin ions nf ^a le n rp cash, lawful rnurnry of thr- I "n '-tt'rt States, on rfmf irnialiun nf sale »n<] dpli VPI y of by sa id A dm mistral nx with Ihe ajinrxed. Sa iri real prnpnrty will bp soitl si to County Ta\*-^ lor the fisral yoar 11*44-45 and Hubjpri also lo all conditions*, reservation s t rov<MianiH, rr-st ru-lionH. e and rights of way or record, tf any, ing sa M! ro:i 1 pr-op^rty and suhji»< t further to a reservation of one-half of all nil, iras, petroleunj and other hydrnrarbonaie sub- slaiv-os found or tindery lying nairt land or th:il may bp produced and pnvil therefrom. Rids or offers lor t he purchase of sa id real property must be in wril ing and will be l IT rived by said Adniinlstrairix wil h thr- Will annnxod at the offirf* aforesaid nt any time alter the first publication of this nut ire and before ihe da to of sale. Dated Ihis 2!Mh day of Soplpnibnr. 1044. DOROTHY AONKS VENTON, Adrninistrai rix with the Will annexed of t lie Kslato of Alfred Kdwnrd Vent on. n IHO known ns A, R. Yen ton V dorniippd, Dunn & Sturcwin, 201-2-3-4 Neville Bldc ; . Monrovia. California. Attorneys fur said AdtniniHtrat rix, i\ r l\ A. September 29, October Iti inch on Northern Market Los Angeles Market SAX KUA.veisro, Kepi, ^n, California aircraft stocks c tho market ladder today, four j'oach- ing new hiKhs, Hat'k^rountl included tho Church ill suggestion the war against (Jerniany might last into next year. Aircraft Accessories hit G t up JjS . CnnsolidMtotI Vulloo Hi. up ;i i, hock- hoed D%. up :v i. !im * Hyan 4 r " s . up 14 . Tho Western Department Store stocks also reached new tops, the common up 1 at 25 and the preferred Vi at 27. Other shifts pointed lower on the average, but were limited to modest Sopl. -0. H oarly sto.'k mark ft nf Mctivit with S issues Lt. Robert Wright in States on Leave Former High School Teacher Returns From Marsholls • T- II ^^ ™ ^ • - T n • ^ — ^ I'-fl I- M!;I \ l*i >r .i u <•<'!<•*'Mil session i & i' 1 I'Miirrship ir;»ininu' ramp nt. K.-rn V r.imp at I'ortuirnt-se Mead o\v s in tin- Si<-rr;i<. sp« uisoi-cil jnintly by Mi.- M.-ikcrsfit-M !;»-i;tr\ Chih ;md I he Kern <'otinty V. Al. ('. A. <>peniML; address \v:is made n{ tlie • 'anipfirr- l-Yiilny cveninu by the Kev- rn*nd T lioi i ins I-'. Lund, pastor i>f Kirst ('nnurrt'ir.'it inna I f'hurch. on tlio sul'.i'T t. "The Need for Leadership.'* S,i t 11 play ninniing < 'arl Stut'/ivia n. !»'orc« i Hi'n.jruniu nnd Jerry Doyland \\ill address the urotip (tn "The lli-V and Srhunl, ! ti-V and Poninuinit v, 11 a t ion John SI one, prnt; r;i i n .iry ot' i ho soul Invest 1*.ieil'io aina V. .M. t V A , will lead the gnuip discussion. At'ternoon Session Tin* al'ternoon will he devoir.l tn a speech hy ,Iohn King, of I last HnkersfirM High Sehool f.'imhy "M "\\'liat Keeps (Mil- < 'ointiui nil y !-"roni Ii«'ini4 < *hrist PIM." as well as meet. in^s of nlTieors of various Mi-" V" rlnhs al which miMnhers will discuss 1 I heir responsibilities as leaders in theii'elubs. A recreation period will he leil hy .Tim Tinkle, of Kasr Rik- ersfield Miirh Sehool and sponsor of the sports' 1T1-"V". Ohjeelives Told "Ili-'V Objectives for 1 0-14-1 !> I.V will IP explained S.t t m tl:i v even in L; liv Mr. Sione. uho will also IK- in chart;'' of a discussion period Sini- dav inovniiiLr when tin- burs will ^ L work out i>roh loins ni* "h v ai!rrship _ ..... i . . • i • -/•vi'Xy:•;<:*,. .v -\* , * L : I I ^ , 1 -:•*•• -.-{. ,•:•:-*. .. ?.',.- • . .- ENROLLMENT 110 STUDENTS 8110 ATTEND CITY CLASSES THIS YEAR i nut p mincer In >\ s ad Airraft TIMI, Kun_'k;' ( 'uMsuluiaU-u YnlU'L* ( *rn\vn /i-iloi bin li Karusworih ] lujM'lulu ( hi .............. HUMUS ISrus, pt'd A\r ...... r, it; in M _ 1 ' •i .. 1 M I ... Norili Oil Ann- rii an I jght nm -Munutanunrm A PT (inaiUJral 4-1 V 17 Standard (*jl Cy lilui nut * Water Oil t . Slui ea pfd I ml ;rs Sugar J n 1'rpr L' 4 Los Angeles Produce on ;i t urnovt'r (>!' 79;{. r » sh;j ros. Cessna Airrrai't, AltMiusrn ^lanu- rartui-in^ and Cardinal finlcl Mine \vrn» fractions lo points hipher. Lincoln I'otrolpum. r^ns An^olry Invest- juts and Transanierii'ii Wf.-re SlurU ItillliJIIll IVMKill'iUll (Vni r;il lnv.->t UK tit (',:', r.-s.^ii;i A i n r;i I l .) - ;s l.iii- uln l'i-irn|(-uin 1 1 L. A. InvpHiinpiit 17 '» Mciiiis'-M MHiuHiu-i iirin^ . . 1, nf, ll\ il 11 Ai-n-ltJUJl h ;i I -1 I _. Smit hf-rn (*n hl'uni 1:1 Kdu-MMi ('.'- ptM. " ! r v 'i aiiNiiiiR-i u ;i . . y '•« Milling Stock.s 'iiidniitl Cold (i | J.'IpS thnt fi f, !H Cotton Futures f nt u <\ s t nin\ in a na rri>\\ < ra ti^i* luday d«.*la Ms on thn nv today nr tunmi row. A t'i*M -ra U i wn ins pj'ii'rs oa S*MI on »s< h nm and Mmnda l ion, pa rlly influent <*d by t radi* reports t ha t ihn t.*nm- niodjiy ( 'i fdK C«.r)Hiral ion selling l**vul on < i otion wnnld be ahont :'*» p"intH abovt* pa rii v JTisluad ul the ;i(J puinu reported Late a d ernnr»n ba \c lower t n T . DereinbiM ^ a \ a ut-w WCM*P ;^ fonts n-m s I nailer. O( t nb^r 1' 01 and Marrh ^l 1 1. 1 "i to 4."» centn a ha le Man h 'Jl !> ( *. -Ma\ JI.!>Oft/^L'. July Ul.S. M 'ddl ing Hiint 1! J. 47 iifiitnna I, ia i .'^v--. i .'.'.'---'-v r ,-: in Vruitw jincl VP^tMabes \vnt^ (ar 10 erale today. I'olury, cantaloupon. K^n- lurky beans. Bt-llefl^ur appl^^, i-abbawct cabliage slighlly weakrr: c-auliHuwpr firm to slightly pirfinetM* on best; phiins dull to shtshtiy weukt-r; tumaloen steady tu firm on b**st, Celery: boral J^sca!. 1*0-2 IT- inch rrales $2 w ^..'iM ; Snntn Man;l Siunlt-n--. r r:ilen $4 ; CuifJt^n HpJiri Santa Clara county. H(Mneh crates $3«y-a.7i. Cantaloupe*: Local. Saueus and Rivrr- sirli* Hales, b**st Jumbos, ;itiw and la rue r $L'<(i L\7j; Li i lie Kurk, lidded rruiep. Jumbos, Ii«s and lartfur $35. ') ; San Jouquin valley Jumbos. ;i»i« and lamer $3. Til) fa 1 3.i»0; Persians. Saji .Tuaquin valley, fin-Ss Sll.riO; t.*asabfis. San Juaquin valley Jumbos. (iw-8H *2<ii-2,^:>: Santa (Mans on s. San Jouiiuin valley Jumbo.s, Ki-ntnrkys, lo< al, San i-ounty and northern HUt 13< Jh. ; lucal and Sun UM-&U county, bush T r y!*c Ib, Applet; Sonoma county Jonatliann $8.10 box; Oroville Homes $8. (12 box; AVai- Ho lief leu ra, 4- tier Slifrt 7 ; P*T b<»x, um winter bananas. Deliciouw Jon alb nns. JUlnlosh and abbaKe; Loral I'nnnonball, crates $:! ; r>(Mli. piit-kH, Tlah and Tolurailu $2; retl eabbai;^. firm, lurul t rales Jfifff n.r.O. < *anliricivv^r: Lnra 1 SnowbHlls, leti IITM , unt rimmed $2 f r/ 2.6** , San Luis u i'ouniy and San la Clara county $ »* -i ~ . ^ t> * I'lums: IJoaumont-Yui'aipa Klophnnt Hearts 10-12c lit. ; L,ili.le Koi-k Burum'H. IH r^y 1 "«' )I>. ; ^:in Jonquin valley 10 le- phuiu H^ariy. Hluratie 1 -c Ih. Tonmiocp: Uufa), San IJ it-go Comity ami Vcnlura rouiiiy, )UK^ 4xs-."tx(js $U. JO 'ft- 1'. T."> , Kama .Maria, risTis-iixfis MMT.^; f/»-J.,"»0; Walsdnville, oXd^ *-. "~>fii ".7."» ; Simla -Maria, ."^^-."ixti* $1M.';,11 J.0(t; \VattiOlivillv, Los Angeles Livestock LOS A.NV.El.KS. Sept. 21'. <UP)~Catt1p la bit* 801. Imv. about MPady. common Mexican MPPVS S10; i (.ninniii tn medium hpil'iM'w ?9 fii"(M 1. ."0; medium to «oo<l TOXVH $ HI _ 0 fit- 11. .",">. i-u Her to can nor SS.'J.'t <iJ> 1 ('. cannorH and cutters $r>. ?, r ) til X; cmmnun to medium bulls $S.:'»0 ( 'fi 10; few rnnunon to medium stockprs ami feeilcrs $8.r.(i^lt. ('a3VON salable DOO. shtw. about ^teatly; few medium to pood calvoR SllMf'liMy. few cull and common $7^9.50. Hogs KHlable 400. ai-live, steady: medium lo rliniLf 1 yir-lMO 11 IN. $1 :V 7"j, hnavirr P SI fi, t'ooii to ebon e so\vs $ 14.."»(.' f Lf rcriU-r pise $H(rt'H.50. Sbeop nalahlo T.O • load medium to pond pel is t'Wtjs .stt-ady al $4. ^,">: «oo«i 10 choice lam Its tjnoit'tl $ n. TJ<) <if 1 4. • i Los Angeles Cash Grain 1-nS ANCKLKS . l'!K (>P»— are rwu. field run. iti r.irlols t»nl. *';< lifornui bar Icy, Bra dim: 4'i Ihs , hulk $2.11!'* fa M 7 : *. Texas yi-lltnv niiln. No. I 1 , bulk tlM-ifa J 1?0. ('nil lorn ia \\beal, hulk. \ f o. I hnnl or soft white $;' 60 No. 2 yellow eorn (ijoment ieV hulk at eeilinKR. No, 2 nnin, u.1 Poultry and LOS AXCI-M.KS. Sent. J hdltKale (iru-cH COIIHIHIRT sradc A jiftifitic, Bratl« PI iliuni. ei-ade A 4 8 ftp ; 5(k-; o <U Corj)s Photo From NBA CROSBY FACES CRISIS— - C est la guerre' 1 is written all over Bing Crosby's face as he refiigns himself to a "horrible fate.'' Fred Astuire, his copartner on their CSC tour In France, stands ready with the anaesthetic, as Lieutenant Ruby A. Fleming, American Nurse Corps, of Baton Rouge, La,, prepares to Rive Bing a shot in the arm with that lethal-looking syringe. Crosby, well-known to the Hermans as "Der Bingel," has donated his voice for propaganda as well as entertainment purposes. t-; IIH- Krado A Hel a il pricps to con MI me r: I. arse A A toUSi:. grade. A 6-tMJiic. «i acie B 4l)'fJ< 43t'; medium. Krnde A A fitffrrfilc. grade A 56®>«0i-; Mmall. grade A 'J63ic. Candled Brudod PSKS to rolailera fc Larye. trade AA 6&f-jfr^&r; grade A 57r. grade B 30<ff'38i-: medium, grade AA fiOQ*r>2r. grade A 4 8 l&> o L' i- ; s«mall, grade A LM^l'Tc. BuUei' unchanged at ceil ings. Government Bonds XK\V YORK. Ser>t. 119. (A 3 t—Tho : ices of bonds on the New Voi k Treasury .!, ,T Um - nm.ti. J'js, TL'-TT, lllO.Hi. Los Angeles Hay To Bar War Criminals in South America BUENOS AIRES, Sept. 29. i The Argentine government has informed Great Britain that this country will bar entrance of war criminals and will prohibit them from depositing funds or acquiring property here, the foreign office announced last night. OBITUARIES HEKOD, MARY A.—Funeral service* for Marv A. Herod, 7ti, who died September 28 at a local hospital, will ho held September ;tO at Poiiffhty-Culhoun- O'Meara Chapel, the Reverend John UUUH offIriating Interment will be in the family plot in Union Cemetery. Sur- viving'Mm. Herod are two nons, Lester E. H«ftMi. Bakemfield; Roy M. Herod, merchant marine; six grandchildren of Bukersfield; BIX greal-ffrandrhUdren of KakerHfiel'J, a brother,'Will May. Bak- *ra[i<*ld: a eister. Mm. Cora Bo wen, Marieopa. Man Asks Right to Accept Compromise \V. I>. Marney lias petitioned for the right to c-ompt' and settle for the sr.m of $^7^ damage claims for alleged injuries received by his son, Billy Marney, 10, who was .struck by an auto driven by Jules J. Kichurd on June 3U, according to the petition. The child received contusion of the forehead, right knee, and abrasions of tho right foot, it is asserted. West. & Vixxard were attorneys for Ihe plaintiff. l.OS ANni-:i..ES Sept. L'9. f/P)—Alfalfa and urn in hay prices were um-hangeii today. Oirlot arrivals: I'll wheat. 4 barley, :: corn. 1 outs. 15 niiln. 1 kaffir. 11 flour, 2 In an, H cfreal, 87 hay. Test to Find Aimee's Death Cause Begun */ Lieut rn;int Hubert \Vrixht. sta- tiniH'il with the. I 'nil cd States Na vy at tho Marsh;iM islands as t lie ship mmncry nffirvr. says tliat tin an* fc\y and tar het\s een ii area nn\v. "They slay away about "> miles and cnce in a while we have a chance to shoot one down," says ihc lieutenant, bronxed by tho south Pacific sun. Lien tenant Wright. bo\ .s' counselor at t he Kern County I'nion I M^h School before entering service, said that many of the men in service will not'return ti> academic fields as the re-adjustment to civilian life is more difficult after service and active duty. "After active duty, irregular hours, life in the open. it. will be difficult for nion to readjust to indoor jcihs. and in the academic field, you cannot have the did patience with youngsters anymore, after being accustomed to giving orders to adults who ahoy them." I-ieiitenant Wright finds that mili- taiy discipline has been good for 17 and IS-year-old hoys whom ho reports are co-operati\ e and enthusiastic in their duties. Heforo returning home from the Mars ha Us, Lieutenant Wright saw * 'oninuiuder John i'l\ nier. former Makers-field High School instructor, who is now an air flight officer on a ship iu the south Pacific; Licii- teijant ICtlwhi flholt/. in charge of supplies who was formerly in the office of Theron Md'nen, business mnnagnr of the Korn (.'ouuty Union High School district: Lieutenant Pat Cumin, now a navy flier from one of the Pacific bases; Lieutenant linn Robosky in charge of a maintenance department at one of the bases. Lieutenant Wrijfht says his ship was supplied with an excellent library of 251)0 books selected hy a navy librarian, Hood motion pictures arc supplied and the radio broadcasts now come from the major island bases with local entertainment and brief news dispatches. Little or no political news has boon received. Most appreciated hy Bakers field met) are the news letters sent hy Miss (iruce Hird, director of the local junior college, who writes regularly tr» former students and teachers overseas. Lieutenant Wright was en route to join his wife at Amarillo, Texas, ami has a few days leave from his duties. ic (*cii di'ossos will bo led -. . LeasU. V. M. C. A. u . M. i jCasit, i . AI. < . A. executive secretary in charge, of the prom-am, will lead Kroup worship periods Sl.-i t 11 rilri v fi in I *> H ml: i v mi iriii n !* n. , Siiuinlay and Sunday mornings. LOVEn'SLAST I)O<; — Ac;ress Laraino 7lav shown iu coui t v\ it Ii br-r i r.."»- poiind bull in, i ^t iff. " lio<r," object of a *.".(ptm damairn suit filed by Jiorothy Alael Vmald. Stanford I'ni- \ t-rsit y st iidciir. \\ ho coutend'-d t t hi" dnsr ML her so pevorely that se\'cT\ slid hey wore necessary. Tlic ctiiirt rulctl. ho-wovcr. tliat tlie dot; \\ as "well hi-ha veil." and the suit was thrown out. of court. JACKIE COOPER'S ML BEGINS GIRL ABSENT FROM SCHEDULED OPENING In f"itv S« hfM.l.j r is nf September -5 is >I T"» ,i 1 !<'> Inciease of last year's P",ik \shich rnm« In January, 1944, .tnd nn i\\l time hiuh for the syatem, it \\a.s annoiirn'ed la.-1 night at the M.'!k<M-«!'jniri Boa rd of F>Ii.ication meet- inir In the Administration building. Additional teachers ami non-certl- fieareii st;iff membi-Ts employed by thn board were Lucile Beat, substi- tut^ toarhnr, Franklin School; Jessie Tavior. pubptitutp rancher, ^^cKInley School Afariorie. Fabry. probationary ^earlier. Lincoln School: Evelyn Austin. • I'.M-k. Hoosr-veir School; J. A. I ,t-\\ i~. electrician, ro replace Glenn \Varreu on leav*> of absence: Grace cd. '-leik, Washington School. rsrinnr-I transfer effected were those of Krnest H. McMahan, custodian helper, from Roosevelt; and Lowell schools TO \Villiams School and William Fontaine, cuatodian helper i'!-nni \Villiams School tn Roosevelt and Lowell schools. Jane Vatcher Schmidt, probation- nry ten eh or was granted a release from cf.ntract while the resignation of Mnrcia Meyers, clerk at Washington School was accepted and em- plnyment of Jean Stuffs, clerk, was officially termin.atod. MEAL ESCRIBED DOCTOR'S WIFE TELLS OF FRIENDSHIP WITH BOY • I OAKLAND. Sept. I 1 3. <#>—1'atho- ^'ical tests \\'('H' to lie started today on the of Aitnce Setnple Phersiin, famed woman to detoiinino the c-ause of her death hero Wednesday morning. Decision to make tho pathological tests was reached when a -i^ hour autopsy conducted yesterday failed to determine the cause of death. It was difidosed, however, that Mrs. McPherson's death in a hotel room was not the result of a heart attack. October 6 has been tentatively set as a date for an inquest. Stomach tests will take from one to five days to complete, autopsy surgeons said. At Los Angeles Angel us Temple officials announced plans to have Mrs. AlcPherson's body lie in state Sunday in the church she founded while her followers pay tribute to her memory. Eventual internment in the family sarcophagus at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Olendale. is planned but final funeral arrangements have not been completed. AN KVA< l.VTION CITKIJ XK\V YUKK, Sept. L 1 !*, (&>— -The j Swiws Tritium- I Jo Ceiiox c, in an lt;tli;in iinniier ili.spittrli rcpunoi.1 tn: day, tiic C)\VI sai»l. lliiil tlio HiaiiH \\vre propai'in^ ihe "evi j linn oi' Turin and the u'lmlo of I'k-d- in»»ni" and liad Ijt^un dt\st rnyinu pi:l»lic buildings, lai-mrlos and air- BANS EXPORT OF WEAPONS BK11XK, Switzerland, .S<-|H. L'9. (IP) —Switzerland decided today to j ban export of weapons, effective Sunday. While the ban applies to all countries, it will affect Uernuuiy principally. OVKIUOMK DISUKK To ease ihe meal-time struggle of "child versus vegetable. 1 ' introduce new varieties HTtidiiaily and in small portions. If the child does not take to ;i vegetable boiled and Heusoiv-d with a little butter or margarine and salt, try another method of preparation before he is firmly convinced of his dislike. r •-_» • *••••• 33S* r * , t-fm m -V*'. \- .'. •'•'•'' JV-' .>W>>.p, :*STO?ES «e - OT» i - f *f • BWfcw-V: •&£• x-->- & • I IN APPRECIATION "We wish to express our appreciation for ihe kindnnpH and sympalhy fjf our friondu wnd for Uiolr heauiiful floral offer- during our reoent bereavement, Tro'l nnc* Flllmore famlltea. -'.V. UNION CEMETERY Furnishes MONUMKNTS FLOWEK CONTAINERS GRAVE MARKERS AT LOWEST PRICES Office Within the Grounds Monumental Display at Cemetery Entrance Phone 7-7185 Flickinger-Digier CHAPEL •^ * Distinctive Funeral Service at Moderate Cost Phon* 7-7881 > Cheater Avenue at Thirteenth J. B. FUtkiwr Frank OlfItr X . ' -. '• .-ft-- SAMXAS. Sept. 20. — Mrs. Nancy J-itnlc. trim and rv»i-hiim i il. testified at tlu 1 Andrews n trial today that .ID-year-nkl Jay ctt had (iiniu-r willi her llu 1 ni^nt ho died, that the dinner was interrupted by a telephone call from a woman, and that soon thereafter the handsome ranch hov left in an antoniohile n that sped into her driveway and drove swiftly away. That nltfht youncr T.nvott died with a bullet in his temple — a bullet from a little foreipn-mado pistol ho- loMtfintf t(> Mrs. Frances Anil re ws, ."7. Admitted Call .Mrs. Andrews has admitted that she called for the boy at the Undo homo; that .she needed him to hr-lp her care, for a sick calf. She said ho left shortly before 1 1 p. m., that a few minutes iator she heard a shot from a road near her bouse, investigated and discovered the lad mortally wounded. She found, she said, that her pistol had been uiken fruin her dresser drawer. The Lindes, Andrews and Lovetts live dii ranches within a few miles of each other in beautiful Carmel valley where many society people have their home*. The perl, fashionably dressed Mrs. Undo, wile of 1 >r. 1'Yoderiek Undo of Sa n Kra ucisco, \va.s followed ! o the stand by her husband. llolh were surprise witnesses of the day. Who .said she 'had known younvr Lovett about two months before hi 1 -; death. 1 Joetor Undo : aid be had known him since 1!M:>. Mrs. Undo bad asked Jay to her home to do some electric wiring, she testified, and invited him to dinner. The meal was interrupted by tin- telephone call at about i» :•'!') p. m., she testified. "It was not. a soft voice." she said in response to a < l uest iun from District Attorney Anthony r.raxil. Jay talked "nuietlv and guardedly" ami she didn't hoar I he conversation, she said. lie returned to the table, Mrs. Undo continued, hut ate very little. StricUen l-rom Kcroid Br:r/,il asked what Jay said as ho turned from the telephone, "lie said 'that Mrs. Andrews'." Mrs. Linde replied, but t be <\ uest ion and answer were ordered stricken as not made in the presence of the defend* ant. he prosecution has argued that Mrs. Andrews shot tho boy lo death in a fren/y of jealousy — that lie had promised to take her to a show that and to have dinner with her. ho defense argument is t hat voting I-ovotl killed himself in a lit of despondency because of lade of money; because his mother had twice obtained draft deferments lor him, whereas he wanted to join a parachute corps; because of farming difficulties. Mrs. Willie Lovett Melvin and Mrs. Jewell Lovett Melvin. sisters of Jay, and who married cousins, were the next witnesses. Willie said she saw Jay on the afternoon of his death. that he tnld her he hail a 1-- pound roast ;ind asked her to come to (heir folks' place the next day (Sunday) and cook it for dinner. Jewell testified that as she was driving t<> tbi- hovett home about 9.30 p. m. July I ^ she saw .Mrs. Andrews drive her car into the Linde homo roadway. At about U o'clock the ni^ht of Jay's death, she said, she and her family drove past the Andrews' home, noticed thai lh<> lights were, on. but saw nothing unusual on the highway near the house. A few minutes later Jay died on thai highway. Mrs. Robbie Lovett. elderly mother of the dead youth, testifying yesterday. declared her son bad no reason to take his own life. "Jay was a happy child," she declared. At the time of her arrest, Mrs. Andrews declared young Lovett committed suicide after sfie scolded him for break iiur a social engageme with her on the night of July 15. Snl-ril HKXK Ind.. S«-pt. L'!». L' A Ifi-vcar-uld will, one "i the stair's pi'incip;il wit nesses \vho>e failure to appear delayed the opening today of 1 lie juvenile court trial nf .lackie. noper. I! *J -year-old former motion iflure actor, came to eimrt this afternoon and the 1 trial started. The trial is being hold behind closed -lors. I'ooper and three other persons are charged with contributing it) delinquency of a minor, The girl appeared after Or. R J. Molka, a physiri;m appointed by the court, reported she bad only a slight cold and her coming to court would impair her health. o tfirl's physician, ].)r. Marcus M. (iihnati, testified she was in bed threatened with influenza. The court appointed a not hot 1 physician to examine her. Appearing in court with Cooper was Xa/u Pitts, stage and screen comedienne called as a character wit ness. Charged with Cooper \vero George Render or Sheffield, 111., like Cooper a navy V-12 studem at the University of Xotre liame; Paul inn Frederick. JL 19-yoar-oUl South Bend girl. and Ollie T^owcry. a hotel bar waiter. Defense Attorney M. lOdwar Oor.'in said tho four would plead in nocont. QUTE TITLE A complaint to <jiiift. title was filer! yesterday by Emit Batsch and Kvelyn Hat>cb against Oillio Morro\v. \'eo MOITOW and others. Thn property is located on the west half • if the north half and cast half of lot -"., section 25. township 29 south, tanjtre IM; cast. Mount Diablo base and meridian. Kern county. H. E. Schmidt is attorney for the plaintiff. County News Briefs Word Jina been received by Delano friends of the illness of Howard S. AM Her, pioneer resident of the Delano district, now of Beverly Hills, who is in Santa Monica Hospital for observation and treatment. Delano .Masonic Lodge conferred the third degree at their recent meeting held in the Masonic temple with Master Harold R. Olson and his staff officiating. Refreshments were served after the. meeting. HBH Petrol Pete Along with the right to die for his country, the man in uniform also has the right to gripe about anything he wishes. Good for morale, see? So I'll listen quietly as any soldier, sailor or marine unburdens his heart about anything at any time. Otherwise I am very busy telling people about PDQ PETROL and what a great gas it is, .lust in case you ever drive down our way. Those who use it loudly praise PDQ's great EMPG 1 and never complain except when they can't get it, PDQ. PETE EXTRA MILES PER GALLON. ttv^^^ T*-b«bTB _ • . r . . I . , h - i • i • < 1 1 *'•••!" • "• LLOYD DOUGLAS i T n AMBULANCE SERVICE DAY and NIGHT CAPITAL LIBERATED—A liberated people snout-with happiness in streets of Luxembourg, capital of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, as Prince Felix and General Oliver address them from balcony ot city hull after American troops freed the tiny monarchy froth Nazi domination they hud endured since May 10, 1940. Signal corps radio-telephoto. NAZI IIKRO MISSING LONDON, Sept. 20. UR iulio reported today that much- decorated Major liors Ademeit, who was credited with lt»G "air victories," .had failod to return from an operational flight. ENGLISH BANKER DIES LONDON, Sept. L'iK OR—Lord Cralgmyle, 61, a former director of iho Bank of England, died today at. his homo in This ;>«pi"»9 ""J-P 1 '; J..' *• SS Vf rt 1 the cru- • •-j this or any Philadelpf jta SIERRA BOOK STORE 1617 Nineteenth Street I Well, the heat can't last FOItEVEU. and soon you'll bo wanting- to put on your very best for fall. HEADLINE NEWS is the now Jaunty Junior coach- m:m's coat in the brightest nlfalfa jrreon wool with rabbits' hnir to give it the nevr softness. For that slim, sleek look it's darted at. the bust- lino nnd at tho waistline, and is hold together by two enpr- mons headlight buttons of hlnck jot . , . one to work, one to show. Tho softest, smoothest black velvet accents the collar and stitched lapels, and you'll find some more nt the pockets in a modulated V (for Very Vivacious). Tou'll really love this sensational addition to your wardrobe. BLACK ON YOUR BACK is now and smart. Try it in a coat of soft, pliant wool with a tiny, black velvet collar. The sleeves are raglan. and Ihe eoat is shirred from the shoulders to let it fall in a breezy, swinpry manner. The pockets are the merest slits, and Ihe whole thins is held by three hnjje frogs and braided The satin lining has straps, so you can. sling-it-over your gay new suit and be really swish. braided buttons. STAY AS TWEED AS YOl' CAN in an all-wool Dennison tweed cardigan suit this season. II has a four-button frnnt of tho same material, anrl one button at, each cuff. It's darted for the perfect fit. The skirt is straight and slim, wilh one stitched pleat down the front, and gored in the bark for an easier swing. It comes in honeysuckle and beige, or goldenrod and dark brown. Si/es 12-10. You'll sing as you swing down the avenue in one. QUALITY IS THE BUY- WORD it' the label says Jaunty .Junior. They've done it ayain in a soft black broadcloth suit with the smallest, sweetest little yoke of lus- fious black velvet at the cardiffnn neckline. The short, short jacket is gored for the slim effect, and for the touch of glamour there are four gold-studded buttons down the front. The skirt is plain Miid gored, but with enough swing so that you can twist around to sec if the seams of your nylons O nre straight. If you're going-back-to-school next month, you'll want one of those to sot the other gnls back on their heeis at rusa- tea*. TIIK FROSTING IS THE BKST, so why not ton off one of your plain suits or skirts with a striped batiste blouse? It comes in red on white, blue on white, or brown on white, with a high round neckline finished with a flat double bow. It's fitted at the waistline to abolish ungainly bulges, aud is long enough so that it doesn't hike out of your skirt-band with every other motion. It launders as easily as :i hankie, too, so it's really a "must" for this busy season. * * * You'll find that all the smartly dressed women you'll see at the polls this Fall have been dressed from i 9 \ n •

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