The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 12, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 12, 1944
Page 3
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, Surplus In Arkansas ^ fund Will Increase *' Apportionment Here Mississippi count v -'schools 'will re - celve $34 per child from the school equalizing fund, Instead of the $32 formerly apportioned, and the transportation allowance has been raised from $18 per child to $17 Ralph Jones, education eomniission- er.-lias announced. Mr. Jones said that the State Board of Education's action to grant Increased .aid to the counties .was approved the board had found a surplus in fund --rind had determined that there would be sufflccnt revenues during the year to- Increase the maximum to $34. Tlv hoard also voted to withhold various amounts from the Ssiil n apportionment of the common school fund to fix school district'; because the districts had defaulted in payment of loans /,-<,„, U)c r volving loan, fund.- Mlsslsslmil County, Included in the clefaui- i B districts, will have $440 withheld as a result of the- board's action f.M^' 3 » 9 . 4 i' f !' 01 ." " lc ' co '"n>on- school fund, Mississippi county will i-p crivc' $114,520. Tins, ammhif is based, oil $5,U per capita dlstrlbn- lioii. The pel capita distribution last year was $4.80. The decrease in school enumeration accounted for the hitler per..capita distribution, Mr. Jones sakl. Little Rack Group W»// Attend Memphis,Meeting LITTLE -kb'CIt.-fie'pl.' laVftj.PI —A delegation qf Little H.-jck business men and ' 'Arkansas agricultural leaders will attend a meeting jjJfK Memphis Thursday to express .1 tlielr opinions regarding a proposal '. by federal agencies and the Farmers' Union for a postwar soulliwido co-operative purchasing and market organization for farmers The Little Rock delegation Is neaded by Guy Cameron of Uttle Kock. a member'Of n .speclnl'erent- er Little Rock chamber of Commerce committee to inve.stfgate the )>riposal. ' • Cnmeron sn'ys'the delegation will attend the meeting, in his own words,'''ascertain the facts and to become fully -informed as io the proposals before taking action' for or against.the proposals.'- - • Several other Arkansas business leader,': including' Secretary Steve Stalil of the -Arkansas Public:'Ex- jiendlture's •'Council.'-• - Tlie jlrsl trunk line railway in Florida was constructed between Fernniulinn and Cedar Key. '-.i :: BLYTIIEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NKWS * EPSON iN WASHINGTON Behind the Cdpital Curtain BY I'KTKIt liDSON Courier News Washington Correspondent The face of a certain major in War Department Bureau of Public Relations Is exceedingly red these days, and his ears are blistered from the beating they have taken over Die telephone.- Asked to draw up a program on what the Bureau of PuWle Relations should do to celebrate the downfall of Germany, the majoi finally produced a document six pages long, single spaced; Everything centered around -V- Hpur on V-l)ay. A statement was to IK written for Secretary of War Stlmson to give out, on V-Hour plus 30 minutes. Telegrams of congratulations were to be prepared for General Marshall to send to General Eisenhower for .release nt V-plus- onc-iiour. A history of the war should be prepared for release on V-Day-plus-ono. And so on. Then to show that lie was i> real, loug-dlstnnce planner, the major unUined just how news reels, radio and newspapers should be co-ordi- nated for tin's Army-puuilcity-i'aiii- paign-to-end -all - Army - publicity- campaigns. He spec!lied that the movie people should be called in on "V-Day-minus-30," the broadcasters on "V-Day-minus-15," the newspapers on""V-Day-mlmis-sevon.".. • As soon as, the memorandum was circulated, the smart (jag around .he War Department was Io call up :he major and in serious voice ; nsk him just when tills "V-Diiy-iiilmis- 30'' Was,'so they could start planning. . . • . . . KUUO A VICTIM "COERCION" How Acting War Production Board hairman J. A'. "Cap" Krug goes alter tilings-is shown by the way lie >ersuaded Hllnnd G. BiUcliellcr. president of Alleg)!ei>y-Lndlmii Steel' Corporation-of 'Pittsburgh;, to come (rein Dornnrd Unnich,.repealing (lie same message. Wednesday morning, nntclielter reported in Washington. MAVJJHICK miXTM A GHOST witm-:i< Maui-y Mtivcrick, ox-Texas congressman now chairman of the Stunner War Plunts Corporation, has been looking nround for a ghost wrlter-smneone who could write him a good speech to use when Apply f Once For'A: Books New Coupons Become Valid On Sept 22,, Cherry f bints Out Motorists vvjio • have not already done so should upply ,,t once lor renewal O f their "A" gasoline ration books If they, expect to receive them in time loi use the new coupons ... - -- -. - ..-,!. ...nrn *"*n they become valid spin. 2l v >it called upon to t«ik Io -business Wl>s announced today by chnlr- grpups and spread the gospel of (he "'«» J..L. Cherry of-the Mlsslsslp- little businessman. , |l>l County War Price'and Rationing Maverick used to pride Mmsclf| Boal ' d - • '' ' '-'• ; on his own speeches when lie WHS I ' ' l ' llc following rules for [liilng out a liberal light j min Texas, ^ut 11Q , v ..aj>j>ticiitIoMs were gli-on by (lie l/>- thnl-he's 11 busy bureaucrat he just ™'' ^ard Chairman: tl) - cam to be used as u mileage record man was suggested- to him recently, your mouth open—and then oil mid leave 11," Aluminum Plant Workers $fri|e Powerhouse Employes Couse Shutdown .At Plant Ndar Benton BENTON. Ark., sept. 12 .•<UP>- P.Ulurc of 10 powerhouse employes 13) He sure Io sign the.apiillen- ion; H) u e certain that the correct 19H nuio license number Is on the iiPUlicatlon; (5) .-(he speedometer reading also is reriulrcd. The liuard will return all applications which 'do..not show. Oik Infonnn- "on: (U) Attach old ."-A"-book covers to rthe appllcailoii;- There ''is no necti'tosend In the llre.lnspcc- jt;on record. . . . The new ''A" books', will be mailed to appllcnnls by (lie Local War Price and Rationing-Board as soon as jjosslble,- but motorists were warned that applications which get l» lute may Iw'delayed f or „ wce k to Washington and take over the J'' lilllre ° r 10 powerhouse employes ob.of-WPB vice chairman for-In-1 |!/ e '|? rl f or wol ' k lms dosed-down uustry Operations , . heA1 " mll »im Company ,>f Anier- Kvug located Batchnllm- nt.. hi. c , ns .' Hlll ' rl ^ne Creek aluminum rnrm in New York stale on Sunday, called him by phone, told him he wanted to talk to him on Monday and was sending a plane for him from Washington. At the conference, Krug told Batchcllcr what he wanted hliiv to do. Batchellcr demurred. He had given a year of his time to WPB, • thought he had done his bit-and that he-owed his lime from now on to his company. Krug said that if lie -wouldn't' come quietly,-it would be necessary to use force, and Bnlcheller -went- back- to Pittsburgh. Arriving at his office Tues- duy morning; Bntclieller found a telegram to. the chairman • ot the bonrcl from .War Mobilization Director James p. Byrnes, saying the President had requested that Bal- jilant near Benton. and company officials sa v the e ntire plant, which employes 11 CO workers, will be idle until, the'powerhouse, employes return. .... Thomas C. Jones, regional director of the company, says he doesn't know why |hc employes failed to show up for wqrk. Those tailing to' report included the entire powerhouse shift and a few mechanics and maintenance men, > •Jones says the Litlle Rock Office of the War Production Board lias been notified ot the shutdown. And presumes Hint the WPB will notify the' War'Labor Board. The Wnr Manpower Commission, the labor department's • conciliation • service find the Army Eighth Service Command have also been notified . ., -^..-« k ^« mui, u.n.- ucj cheller be assigned to Washington, of l!le s „ don ' _IC was followed by^ telephone - M ll Jones E ays that some 1C machin: ; Walcli KUIIS Again NEW ULM. Minn. ( ()f ») _ s Haney, 8-1,-received a watch fro his wife'on-lik 50th birthday n lost it shortly afterward. A pi longed senrcii failed to locate i Last wcek, his grandson, Joel Cle Inch, working in Uie barn',on II Haney- farm, found the 1 watc which, given n winding! Is' now - nancy's pocket running as well ever. . . ists walked out last Thursday protest agnlnst"working hours' fl company .^official- says -jhe' m< wn;ilc(l to work more" than' 40 hoti per week permitted.'; .• . • These Involved in last, week walkout have .not ibrought the grievance before the company yet, Jones says. • .- : Bargaining agent,, for the plai is the Aluminum Workers: Divlslo onhe Unitej Steel Workers, a CI unit. ' -.- : , .-' . $ 10 ,95 • OlliEr,Georjlanas Foin 6.D5 required wearing for : j - IfXV/ 1 ' " SCn , IOr3 ' to0 - Geor 6''a™'s classically perfect j 100% wool jersey, bulloncd down ll,e front . .\ witli . softly gathered skirt, convertible collar. Your best bid for an ' A in fashion knowledge. Sizes 12 to 20. In Cinnamon Toast, i-orsy(h)a_yellow,Kejly_Grccn and Lucky .Coral,. ' * The New York Store , •"iff' Rocking Chair Brings Luck Stoffle wns "snapped''' when ; he • . it Innils cliali- for the lau (line i lireparatoryf> taking H home until Hie next election, I Shown with mm'Is o. II, "siini" I.amb with whom lie wn.s dlscuss- ,n>l! resultv of ills "(.•omiinlgii 1 ' wltu Unixton Drugs, Blwr'of Osccola 'looking on. : ' rocklni! chair n uoocl lurk loken, -W. R Siofllo, Driver fanner used the sumo cluilr lht.s year when he cain]ialijncit • :ur hlk JnrnrFle ciindiditte.s in the recent election with Ids final work done on OMT- Problems of Teachers' Salaries To< Bo Studied M r ITI,K ROCK. Sept. 12 (U.P )_ Arkansas 1'iiMto Kxpeiullturc Council onlciiils liuvi! lontutlvoly agreed la-conri-r with icudomor the Ar- kunsiis KdiicaCou < Association on problems of teacher's salaries iloncviT, (lie <lalc for the confer- [•nciiwa.'i not disclosed Immediately. o I wo sroups anfexpecied (i ,, i ',,', lle AEA>6 Pwpowd iniffi&d act'calling: for an 'additional one per cent sate, tax to'be u«<Ufor leacliers' salaries The.proposal Is OribfNSBORO, N C (UP)—The ruliirc of fortune tcllersrplirenolo- glsts mid clalivojauls here IVun- roi'ecible since the cjty council raised the license Urn from »200' to $509 ' « ^ TO ERLOU M k _ j.i .. Moothproofina Protects CLOTHING-RUGS-FURNITURE-- DRAPES-.BLANKETS-ctc. Ask forVhe schU, ulc of reasonable prices ' ' HUDSON :\ Cleanar—Tailor—Clorhi*^ A i\KW ilcpai'lmcni m Penncy's — devoted exclusively to llic Kiddie ^it- cro^'dl We've set up shop now for,the.real Glatnoi Boys of I .c famiJy _ ,| (p 3-to-S-yeitr youngsters every n.olhet doles on tang! Come to this ,, cw (lepnrinicnt for Junior's practical clothes, •Jus drcss-iip clothes, We have his, ],is styles - cntucly scpainle irom other departmental.And evcryllilng's al I'cnne)'s low puce,, '^' . Suits for Junior Dress-Up Styled as tile lilllc mini wauls 'cm' m n ^ 3-liulton single brcaslcd model, in fifeiVO icrringbonc or ovcrplaid jnllern V Cosunls — Now Junior Suit Sty'lel 2-lonc coat.?. Jiavc patterned »opl m A A fronts, backs; solid color gabar- MlyQ dine sleeves, collar, trimming . %J ^<to raiilch slacks! * v Jimmies* Are o "Must" for. Juniors! Sturdy colton gabardine or colton suiiinf; overalls Io wear all itoy long mid crcry day! Sanforized* —washable! Cure Short Panis Style Wqsh Suits' Smartly tailored, solid color suits, • Vtn easy lo keep frcsh-Jookiiig! But- l.TO toii-on pants, short sleeve shirts. | Sweaters—and Every Junior Needs 'Em! 2-lone style—woven clotli front in herringbone pallcrn; knilled tack, 1 sleeves, trimming. Warm! Boy! Juniors Sure Like Reg'lar Slock*! Kayoti-aml-cotton gabardines, smooth to Ibo touch and easy to press! Solid shades—like men's! Short Sleeve. Sport Shirts'for JiTnlors Cool, and wearable with both p!ay and dress-up clolhes! Open throat"• sport collars. White or colored. Colorful Cotfon Poto Shlrti 'Reg. US. Pai. Off. 1 Fabric shrinkage will no! osce«J lf c .

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