The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 11, 1936 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 11, 1936
Page 8
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, '•'' ' J ' ' S'.' ' >' ' 'V f '/!# V.$ ! * r ' "" * ;r '••THE BAKEHSFIELD CALIPOttNlAN, FB1DAY, SEPTEMBER 11* 1984 Membership Drive to End in November; Contest on With Visalin Unit Women of tlin Moonn will rnjoy a Jolly parly tonight at tho homo of MI-H. lAMinurd Thompson, 20311 Contor Htrcrt, DoMcnimo I'ark, at H o'elmjU. MI-H. ThornpHon will bo tin- slHtoil by MTH. Aniiu Thompnon and Mrs. O. C. LnntlqulHt- TrftnHportntlon will l>" provided If thoBo dofllrliiK It comniunlcato wltb Mrs. \Vllllam Cannl, It IH announced. A momlHTHhlp rtrlvo or cnnUmt With Vlnallu lodK" IH under way, lo und In Into Novtimlmr anil nn annual uontf-Ht with thn rncn'H lod^n to rontlntio vintll January 1, IH In MrH. John Dowd, clmlrnmn of innmhrrHhlp, l« aHHlHtod by M(>«- dnmuH I'Ypdit Frnomun, P. 13. Oiivln, Jolin Hiimpton, Kdna ThornpBon and Lola Kern'M. On October 27, which In MOOBD- heart liny, Inllliillon will hn conduct,- ud In Vlna!lii In connuctlnn with tho im.'mbei-Hhlp content. .».. » LO.O.M. Smoker Event of Tonight ItaknrNflclil l<udgn No. 473, Loyal Order of MHUHU, will hold a omoknr And cntiTtalnmi'iit In DriildH hall, 711 Htlninpr street. I^ant HaUnrsflnld, tonight ul H d'cloc.k. All Mooiif> and Invited KUcnlH will IIH served with a llKht lunch rind appropriate Imvor- age. I'nl'iii" oiitortalnment, tho ornct nature of which IH being withheld IIH ti dtirprlso, will occupy tho pruKrinn. Mmribf-ni am linked to bring one or more friends. A upecliil mooting of tho nominating committee will bn belli at Druids hull at 7:30 o'clock. uniar Applications Presented; Morris Is Honored at Party A campaign for membership with n offer of cash prises was launched 'hurnday night when Bakersfield 'amp No. 400, Woodmen of tho •Vorld, resumed fall activities. Talks wero given by George A. dorrls, clork; T. F. Burke, post clerk nd others, , llnnqiict Presented Mr, Morris was presented with many applications for the Junior dl- telon obtained by Mrs. Ivy May lorgwardl, Junior director. These /ore attached by ribbons to a bou- not of rones and ferns, The presen- ntlon was made by R. M. McLeod, rho complimented tho clerk on his fork for 18 years. Tho occasion was dr. Morris' birthday adversary. Following the business meeting lss Mary Lewis, camp musician, resented her sisters In several danco umbers, Committee Tho banquet tables hold a birthday ako which was sliced and served by Ir. Morris. The committee responsible for tho ficnHs of tho evening's entertain- Tient Included MrH. Wanda L. Olea- on, H. M. Mr-Lrod, John Canaday nd E. N. Ulnr.kcr. on Saturday evening Mr. Morris vlll attend a mooting of valley clerks Ttirlock, and will havo a report or members Thursday. Mrn. Kobrrt JIIIIICH Illco C OMBINING beauty and charm with simplicity, wedding rites were held Inn! dvonlng lit H:;ifl o'clock at I'MrHt I'msbylorlan l.'hurch fur Minn Marlon Virginia f'ulm. the (luiiKhtiT of MrH. William Wiillnrc Colin and tlu« lalf Mr. Ciilni, plonrer KITH (•iiunly oil man, niul llulicrt JiuiH'M Hlri-, HOD ul' Mr. and MIH Olnri'iiri- lll«'«' of I liiiit'oril, pnniiliii'iU Kinll hi'i ll Him ,lnii.|ii|n vnlli-v limillv Tho Kevcn'iitl John Murdoch n-iid the VOWH brl'urci I'lin cucnls. Tim bridal <<nluiinii;i- iimu'Miblcd Ix'Torn of-town KuestH and Intimate local frlfiulH, WIIH aglow with anBorted fluvvcrii In HlimlcH of pink, white nnd blue, contained In whlto receptacles. MiiMlc for tho ceremony wan Bull- piled by MI-H. I'oarl M. Smith, or KanlHl. Wi'iirlim a simply designed cronrn Halln prlnci'MHc K"vvn with extondoil Iniln, anil a IOIIK Bllli tulle veil, I'UM rinlliiK In lliriM' Hers from an off Mi'' face iiiitln lirlm lianiled at th< back \vllb tiny IniilH of oranije bloH- HIIIIIH, Mrs. Hli'ii iiremtiileil an nn elmiiiliiK plciiire, Shu carried a A B6AUTY 6IFT FOR YOU FROM mi iillin in IIHIIIInti'il wllh biinki'ln of I colonial hiiuiiunt of lllleH of the val Clailli'll, iiMieni, larkHpur, |iompon, ||.y. Her (Iiiltnr TO INTRODUCE A HEW ROUOE, of tuch glorioui •mooth t«xtur« th*t it will b» the m«Vt-up inipirttion of lh« i*«»onl fli|->>!anl liemiinui and three candc i lalirn. Tho allar rail WIIH draped with a while velvet throw over which fell a graceful arnniKemenl of iiHlerM and litrkHpur, Th<> hack- Kround WIIH a flllKien of wooilwnrdla feriiH, and the II|M!C pevvH were orna- mciili'il with cliiKteni of gladioli and llMlPI'M. Tim Colm reiildence, 'JliOl f'eilar fitreel, where a reei'plloli wall held for Hie lirltlnl party, HcoreM of mil- with «ich $1.00 box of Coloniil Dtm*l txquliiU micro- f*c« powd«tl FtKiniting ih«d«» for »v»ry . . . ind thty'r* mitchtd for you In ttiii lovely gift ptckig*. $100 ONLY I FOR BOTH FOR A LIMITED TIMC OOSMlOTIdH— MAIN I'l.OOIl SCHOOL FUNDS Uril tmm or lull Imm-ichool limt ii «xp«nw lim«l Our 1-Coil Aulo loan Plan It lU quick way In mitel ll No co-tigneri, no Mlaiy Aitignmenlt; plenty ol hm« lo iop«y liwmlig«l« now I WEILL'S CONSUMERS C M14 I7IK STRUT ONLY ONE DAY LEFT in Which to Visit ft S E SMI ffl tt ''ffl''"' fitSt lilt ILLS and Choose Your Fall FUR COAT From the Magnificent Collection Now on Sale in the Fashion Section on the Main Kloor $35,000 Worth of Superh FUR COATS and NECK PIECES From Which to Make Your Selection! Sale Ends Tomorrow—Saturday! maid nf honor, M!HH Miriam of Han I'VnnclHoo, wore frock of delphinium bluo Inffota (undo wllh piifr »|oi'VcH and hudlcn Her flowoi-H r»nned u colonial bou- <inct nf KiirdmiliiH mid bur eolffuri' WIIH iitlnriieil with a bandeuu of gar- denliiii. The four nttcniliintH, MrH. .lutmph Alll-rl of Herkol,.y, M!HH Ulllnn Mi, M|MM Miirv Welch of I'ami ilenu and Minn Hetty Mlnlurn of I'VoMito wero nltlreil In whlto taffeln HIPWIIN Hod at the wiiUilllno with blue velvet NtiHhcH einiKlH Into it chle bow They eiirrliMl mlonlill ImuqiiotM O! Imviirdlii mid luielielur biittoiiM nut wore liiiinlii nf (;iinlrnhiH ucroHH tin liin-U dl' their hair. Mr. Itleu WIIH attondod by JoHPpI l>. Altlerl of llerkolny. Tho UHhen were Holier! UONMUII, llohort lliillH hiu'lc, Klnuley XlrHiill ami r.elam I Mr,., all ,,r Uunrnrd. William I I'i'liii nave bin Mlnler In nmrrlitKo. l''nr n K"liiK uwny eiiHtuinn. Mi'H Itlee Helected a brown and whlto Hill print i Iron" unit jacket worn wltl In-own acooiiHurloH mid I:OI-HIIK» of ulx Tin' In Ido WUH graduated In Maj I'l-om Hi" 1'nlvornlty of California whern «he WIIH prcHldonl of I'l lleli I'hl Nororlly. Mr. Hlci! attemle Menln .lunliir I'nlli'no unit I'. C. nni member of HlKina Nu fraternity He nl.MO tiilcmlod Kri'Miio UiiHln t'nlli'Ke, lln In in tho flnanc.n bus iK'NM wllh blH fiilhi'i- In tho Hie MeeurllloM of I liilil'ord Tim collpl will occupy n new home In llunfon M coiiHt motor trip. RAIEOPOPULAR Many Clever Combinations Seen in Paris; Oriental Motif Introduced »y MAItY KKNTHKHH Diiltnl rrw» Htiff C<irrmponilvnt PAUIH, Hopl. U.—Jackets and tu- promlHO to bo as Important >art of the wardrobe next winter as .hey have been thin summer. Wllh While They are particularly popular hero thin mimnmr In whlto worn with col ored umlerHlilrtH, huts, gloves, beltf and shoes. Tho short or elbow length sleuves romaJn In style fo the Hummer Jackets and tunics am there IH mill much emphasis on at exaggerated, or full, shoulder lino. While satin frequently Is used fo tho dreMHiur tunics and Is attractlv combined with tight-fitting under Hklrt of royal bluo and wlilo cart whonl straw hat of royal bluo, trim med wllh bright colored field flow ei-H. Whlto satin tunics likewise an worn with black satin Hklrtu am small white flower totjuen. Tunics Patterned * Tunics of Chliiem) Inspiration ar ummlly In small all-over print pat turns. ThcHii oriental materials usu ally have wldn patterned borders which are uned at the high nee lino, the front opening, tho wld sli'ovo borders and tho hem. Intor- '•sting belts, also of oriental Inxplra tloiiH, accompany the tunlcn. Larg carved dragons and serpents In com ponltlon materials reiiembllng Jad or coral are embossed on wide lot ther belts. Homo In glided loathe nre cut out In Intricate Chinese do ICven evening gowns often folio 1 the tunic style, with flaring to Hklrts over tight, slinky underskirt of a contrasting color. FRATERNAL ridal Shower for Mian Carter Honoring Mlos Ovanda Carter of icbeo who In to be wedding to Robrt Hanklns September 26, Mrs. ohn Bartllng entertained recently her home. A miscellaneous howar of pleaalng Rifts wan pro- ento'l to tho guest of honor. Appointments wore In a color eheme of green and white. Games tore played with pHstes awarded. At the rofroHhmonts hour, covers were arranged for: MesdamoD— Loetln Mao Wheeler Alia Ulggs C. K. Burnett Jack January M. H. Stapleton Verda Sargent Oeorge Brunk FrancnB L. Hitchcock Julia A. Peters I.«owlH Tarno Tom Wilson - BlHle Frank E. W. Clcary Mary Baker II, Hewlett Dcari aiaglo Morlyn Hart MarBhall Smith Delia-Brown Ida Hunklnn Hnnryotta Woods MlBHOH— Panzy Mao Walls Jean Stephen Pansy Groves Mary Hender- Hon Ellen Rounds ' J. W. Ho8S Bee fiascos Mario Carter Hay Mooka C. Crawford Bva Hlbbard T. Reynolds Harry Hannah Ii. T. Carter A. A. Allen George Sturm Tom Shuell Mary Rascoe Bonnie Bernett W. H. Watts T. W. Christie Mabol Gllllsple C. W. Palscn C. P. Habor- kern Frances Sturm Ovanda Carter 'Inn ProRresftlVt, Dinner Hosumlng mcettngtt In the chapter ooms In Woman's Club building, members of Sigma Phi Qarnma BO' orlty held a business meeting this iveuk. Mrs. Emmett Smith presided n tho absence of Miss Martha Graam, president. Plans were launched or a progressive dinner September 0 of which Mrs. Howard Laster Is halrman. Sigma Phi Gamma members In iludo: Mosdames— Ralph-Matoon George Carlson Jj. J,. Davis Budd Ware Charles Conklln M. II. Almond Freeman Cham- blCHH Emmutt Smith Gottlieb Koch MlHHOS Yvetto Guoydan In-nn Iloux Martha Graham Theresa Kelly Eleanor Smith Alice Cobb Allco nidart Lee Rank In Fred Carlisle Kenneth Rlcards Walter Wells Eric Johnson Denver Smotzer A. D. Berry Howard Laster Clinton Fowler Al Prlco Reba Hayes Virginia Voorhloa Allco Hankln Martha Gundlach Marietta Smith Kac.hael Kankln Betty Graham Hot 11 Sigma Phi Resumes Tho first meeting of tho fall season for Beta Sigma Phi literary sorority was held Thursday night when Miss Doll Shlvoly entertained members a 1 in autumn bridge party at her home 326-A Eighteenth street. Cards \vere played, with prizes going to Miss Hazel Acord, high, and Miss Julia Cordonl, second. A short business mooting preceded tho play, plans being made for fal and winter activities. A special guest of the evening was Miss Ruth Russell. Tho chapter membership Includes Mesdames— T. n. Claflln Leo Brown Walter Shoosmith Andrew Helm- forth Misses- Doll Shlvoly Margaret Kuohn Eota Kao Meyers Irene Curfman Mary Helen Glasgow L. D. McMahon Paul David Leslie Heath Curtis Ward- haugh Herman Agoe Hazel Acord Myrtle Grlbble Julia Cordonl Betty Peterson Hazel Williams John Kovacevlch A. Peck F. E. Nance Bea, Barlow Eva Ryman Ray Knowles Doris Baker-' Julia Overton Will Nanco Jessie Plnkard Smart Dessert Bridge On the evening of September, 8 a dessert bridge party was given In ompllment to Miss Edna Overton, who Is to be wedded to William 'owell Ratllff Saturday In the roc- ory of St. FranoiB Catholic Church at 8 o'clock. Mr. Ratllff la- the son of Mr. and Mrs, O. W, Ratllff of Arvln and a grandson of the late William T. Rat- Iff, for many years a business man Of Bakersfield, and Mrs. Ratltff. He also Is a grandson of the late D. 'owell, Standard OH executive, and Mrs. Powell. Miss Overton' IB well known in musical circles. She attended the ocal schools. Her flanco is connected with the Commercial Prilling Company. . The couple will live in Bakorsfleld. Tho rooms were appointed In pink, while and silver; silver tapers* were used with clusters of pink baby roses and rose and crystal table appointments. The bride-elect was presented with handmade lace and embroidered Inen tablecloth and napkin set. Bridge prizes went to Miss Mary Hovacevlch, Mrs. O. W. Ratllff and tflss Mary Kovacevlch, traveling. Those attending were: Mesdamos— H. E. Wldmer K. S. Barlow Ward Wright James Noclto T. L. Hill Willis Mayhew Clem King Warder Nance Ed Ltngwood John Patterson O. W. Ratllff Misses— Edna Overton Corlnno Kovaco- Jane Barlow vlch Frances Overton Mary Kovacevlch • • . * Home From South Miss Genovlovo Kratka, 2807 Sunset avenue, has just returned from a fortnight's visit In Los Angeles as a house guest In tho J. B. Whitworth homo on West Adams boulevard. Several luncheons and a sailing and beach party were given In her honor. Sho assisted at several rush parties of Alpha Gamma Delta sorority of which sho Is junior post president. She has as her house guest, Miss Bobble Bradlsh, a sorority sister at U. S. C. Miss Kratka leaves' Saturday to enter the university as a graduate student. She expects to get her M. A. and secondary credential this year. Her brother, Frank Kratka, will accompany her, entering the college of petroleum engineering as a Junior. • • • Delhi Thota Chi Party Members of Sigma chapter, Delta Theta Chi sorority, enjoyed a swimming party and dinner recently at Motel Inn. Tho hostess committee Included Misses Mary Hothersall, Thelma Landstrom and Betty Kenya. Members include: Misses— Katherlno Bass Mary Helner Juanlta Kennedy Peggy Kurz Florence Mooro Genovlovo Miller Onmma Kappa Phi Elects Election of officers was held this week .when members of Gamma Kappa Phi • sorority met in their chapter rooms in Land Company building. • It being tho custom to advance the vice-president to the head, executive's post, Mrs, Kenneth Arml- stead Is now president of 'the chapter. Thoso elected Wero Mrs. Louis Lomu'cohl, vice-president; Mrs. Wallie Dieter, treasurer; Mlsa Lois Dumble, secretary; Mrs. Robley Miller, publicity manager and Miss DeNlse Raymond, sergeant-at-arms, Formal Installation will be held at Stockdale Country Club Wednesday evening, September 18 In connection with a 7:30 o'clock dinner. Members Include: Mesdames— Wallie Dieter John Hamilton Clyde Barbeau George Snyder Oran Sholar William Persel Jack Unger Robley Miller Clay Thomp- Kenneth Arml- son stead Edward'Kuehn Louts Le-> Clatr Marchlno mucchl Leslie Mayea Walter Haupt- Lois Gerson •'• man Elywn Kqlly Misses- Mary Echo- Lois Dumble nlque Fae Dumble Jeanne Echo- DeNlse Ray- nlque mond ArmandaGuey- LeonaGuey- dan dan Jean Christie • * * Montcl-Monlgomery Wedding Miss Thelma Irene Montel Carl L. Montgomery were married In the chapel of First Baptist Church at 8:30 o'clock Wednesday evening by the Reverend B. C. Bar The young people were J. L. Montet, sis bride, and Fred rett, pastor, attended by Mrs. ter-ln-law of the Gadborry. Other witnesses wore Messrs. 'ane Mesdames George- W. Hawkins Fred Gadberry, J. L. Montel, Mrs Edna Vanderpool, Mary Jano Keller Li label Hancock, Donald M. Mo Quald, Bobble Montel and Maudlne Dowdy. * » • To Pacific Bible Collopo Miss Virginia Farrell, tho daugh ter of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Farrell 805 Oak street, left Sunday to enter Pacific Bible College, September 14 Miss Farrell recently accompantec her parents and her brothers, Lee and Paul on a vacation trip to Long Beach and Redlands. In Lonf Beach they wero guests of Mr. ant Mrs. Otis Nick and In Redlands they visited Mrs. Prudy Welton and fam ily and Mr. and Mrs. Emmet Osbun. Annual Fall Dance Saturday, Night Is Welcome Home to All Vacationists Launching the social season for members of Delta Sigma fraternity and their friends, the annual Dell Stampede will be held from 10 to 1 o'clock at Woman's Club hall Saturday night. Plans were declared complete when members met this week at Drury's hall. Music will be provided by Everett Jones' band. A party will be held in tho chapter rooms for Delts and their invited friends before th« dance. Hail and Farewell The danco annually is a welcome) home to vacationists and a farewell to collegians off to universities. Old- timers in the chapter return to meet . the new members and guests participate In the gay get-together. Jerry Rusk, secretary of the board of trustees, and Stanley Aokerman, past national president from Beverly Hills, will bo present, as will guests from Delano, Portervllle, Los Angeles and Fresno. , . . Stag Banquet, Too -,',.-.. Plans were furthered this week also for a stag banquet at 8 o'clock September 15 at II Trovatoro Cafe. Arrangements are in charge of Jess« Parks and Howard Freeman. Tho dance committee Is'headed by George Premo and Lee Brown. . « » » Salon of 8 and 40 Plans Many Events At a spirited meeting of the 8 and 40, new fun salon of Frank S.'Reyn-« olds Unit, American Legion Auxiliary, held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Reed, 609 G street, Thursday night, a report of ,8 and-40 activities at Hollywood convention, was brought to members by Mrs. Z. V. Hoskins and Mrs. Ray Carlisle. Plans were made for a wreck (Initiation) for the goofs (new members) and for Installation in Novem-, ber. Mrs. Carlisle -presented a flag to the salon. At the refreshments hour the members were joined by several members of the post. Members of the salon attending Included Mesdames Z. V. Hoskins, Wayne P. Nelson, J. B.'Miller, Bruce Little, Wallace Reed, Ray Carlisle, Leila Nelson and others. Charlotte Myers Bouluh Offut Dlna Frances- ooni Tholma Landstrom Garnet Miller Mary Hothersall Patricia Portwood Opal Waters * * * Return From Northj Mrs. J. E. Ranton and her daughter, Miss Helen Bulla havo returned from Carmel and Oakland where they havo spent the last six weeks. They woro joined for a month at Carmol by Mr. Ranton and at different periods by Mr: and Mrs. Hugh Hubbard of Oakland. So refreshing. !••; so easy to serve ID. A. R. Is Well ! Represented at Event in South |} AKHKSKIKLD Clmplor, Dnunh- tors of (In* American Itcvolu- tinu, IN hvitiK rcprcsenlcd by three nicnilicrM ul I lie Hoiilhcrn C'nlifor- niu ronfcrcnce al Hotel AiubnNNu- dor thin week cud. The KiitliortiiR IN tlu« first of H!X oonfcrenct'N, Hut others d» he hold Jnmmry 19, Fcb- runry Hi (1ml Ii In I .OH AngoloH), Ortolicr 20, Hollywood; Nnvumbcr 17, Santa Ann and Mny 18, Knglc Itocli, Tlii' cveiil lhl« «'i-cU end IH <llH- linKliislu'd by the lUTscnco of MrH. \\ illliuu A. Itci-Ucr, nullona! prosl- doiil Kencrul. A rciMirt will bn made at tbc lifNt meelliiK, which will bo held October ti at the home of MrH. Forrest I'YIck, 1,11 Mont. U. of V. Kvent Daughters of Civil War Vetoran will hold a regular bUHlneno HCI)H|OII at S o'clock tonlKhl. A politick diner ut 0:80 o'clock for members nd their famltlvH will precede tho fusion. Both will bo held In Me- lorlnl hall. Tho tent will provide offuo anil rolls and participant* 111 bring a covered dish each, Vondcrnft I'libllp I'nrty NulghhorH of Woodcraft will spon- or a public card parly Saturday veiling nt 8 o'clock at tho homo of MI-M, I 1 '. K. Hpruguo, 1205 Eighth trout. I'MVH hundred will be played or prizes. ItcfrcHhtncnts will be erved. Mrs. Y. U. 8lokc« and Miss Oll/.alieth Carlson aro tho co- halrmon. I LUNCH L ScrvcJ I'rom 11 a- m. lo 3 1JO p. in. ' Uciti In (he City 35c Uakonlleld'i I'lncit C«U St. Friancis Cafe 1717 Cheiter Av«nu» (All* SOo to 4M OlMk Or««k(Ml) Btwanot Imltetiontl Pirtl iuf«r, ind 8 linpeem . M.C.P. Llwi'Limen N Ald"j ilk will la dl»- telv« iuj«f/l««tp In cev» > In t«lil|tnl«r tnd w« M J...M.CP. L«i*en Jdlci Ii lilt i |ulct el C*ll(emli hnem ...M.CP. tlMi-Umen "Aid" *ddi A« •wr< "lop" tlixeund beuquel W IfWIn IIWW Wfl WMM* M.C.P. umon JUICE MIM1 Limt-umonAiol «» nil A pause for an Ice-cold Coca-Cola if alwayi tho JMUM that retroahos. It fit* into any game... helpi take the tension out of work or play. Keep a supply in your icebox. It'i to ea»y to serve. COCA-COLA BOTTUNO co 414 Nineteenth Street Phone G26 a carton from yowr dealer Back to School Days Headquarters for Fountain Pens, Pencils and Quink and Skrip Inks. Stock Up on Iodine, Mercurochrome, Gauze and Adhesive Now and Be Prepared at Home for Those Minor Injuries. Toothpaste and Brushes Must Be Renewed for the Fall, KIMBALL & STONE Th* Particular DruggUtu Phone 53 Phone 54 PROMPT FREE DELIVERY Bokertfield, Calif. . Iiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiaiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiaiiiiiiiiiiiiaiiiiiiiiiiiaiiiiiiiiiiiiaiiiiiiiiiiipi HARRY CHOY & CO. 1308-NINETEENTH STREET GRUNOW Rifrl|ir«tor»—Radios JOHN R. HUFF Phsns IW (111 Ohutir Av»m SUN KONQ HERB CO. , CONSULTATIONS FRBK Wonderful h«rbs for chronic ind ucuta ailment* of th« Hldn«y», liver, stomach trouble, etc. Rape- olally effective for all kind* of venereal dl««n»e«, Herb* otter Immediate relief, MSO K St., Corner of Twenty.thlnJ GRAND OPENING NOW ON Ladies', Children's Wash Dresses Opening Sale 25 C Boys' School Cords OPENING SALE 99 Large Size Sheet Blankets 49c Men's Socks., 8c Ladle*' Hose. Silk I5c Children's Ail-Wool School Sweaters $1,00 Ankl«tto« I0c Rayon Undle*. (Be Men's Dress Shirts ..... , 49c Men't 2-Pleoe .Heavy Underwear.. ..*... JtO* I PHIowcaMi, I ft_ ^W , 42x38 lUC uiiiiiiaMUiiiraiiaiiiiiuiiiiauiuitniiiDiiiiiinitiaiiunmiiiQiiiiiiuiiiaiiiiHiiiiiiDiii -" *!., . "ii.l,! .<L'i .4 .1 '-'. .i.i.*> tit'.%i*!i*

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