The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 29, 1944 · Page 14
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 14

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 29, 1944
Page 14
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|4 Friday, September 29, 1944 $afcer«fielb Californian I Wanted to Buy—Automobile* I Wanted to Buy—Automobile* For Sal Improved Proporty For lalo—Improvod Farm* Duplex, Apartment ovrr T-cn*• r-brdroom home on one Int. Trjxtun avrmn* t fin nishcrl \viih pond furniture. Inr^mp now J1 S-l ver month. Pnrr $15,^00, $;*OfMj down. ITS per month •>n^ fl nrl l-h^dronm home fihXlSO, nn Slf rhnjr RnatI, i ::00 t 1 T\vn, balance easy SOITTHWEST— ?5 arro* of fine *nil. 13 arrrp in nlfalfa and 12 acre* in * niton. Good well and pump. Ft "• chub watr-i. Two and a half miles from Cloi k Tower in on ! 10 ACRES of Knod Kind nnd^r cultivation. pood urll with pump, ditrh xvrupr, nl*o cily \\,nt*M\ KW ;ind HghlF, Variety nf fruit tr*en. bprrtps and Rrpp^. Good bain and outhuild-ngs nnd far m on iarpp lot, Trice J4000, term?. floors < rms 071 ihronglirut , harrt- m**nt. pump. rooms, gasoline tnnk and fi-ronm home with large ponMe pniace, $10.50 A. True homo on Kay street In Highland Park: l)ou?r ha^ Ifl rgn rooms ft ;p In good court it inn. mrqr ]<«[. (6150; takes bnhManf -a I down. rn luim*? on South Chester nue, compleirlv funrnhrd. home in condition Price jr^non. term5=. *o bedroom home in fa Hfui nn* Avrnnr T ^rt. Livinjr room 14x?fi il.mnjr room 12x13. nicr Kitchen. br^-i kla 5' ; nom. two rh<'C Blzu hffl rooms, l\* t h \v;ih shnurr over t n'>, Frrvir o PO^JL bn Prrront. \rnn- tffln bl-nds, t^ o f luor furnacrp, f ii p- plrtct, rnrk v <*ul insult t ion. bnaui if ul ya i"d, C'>mp)f tcly lamlsmiifd Brfl m jf nl prvwar furniluir. H!! for $11. r* on, oi ivill rons-idrr *** I line unfurnished. A home you v, ill lo\ e i o ou n ^B. / ON B1RYAN Phone 2-7T-54 1671 Avenna '. •> FOH USED CARS R* rr^, ino res in i In. I 1 7-) put into Miltivatum with ncrrw in a! acir* t on!d a minimum f«Mi. d mm unit «»* M'forl nn expand Itn IP. \Vri| «n } f-inyji fonred, four wrllfl, ] : i of piprjino. ''omfortflhlr ran* h nu-, walk^n irfriirprntor. 2*\ headdnuv r n 1 1 ]r, c t fu-nd good hoi MIS rrinjpTvu-nt if> tu i c\^pnnHih)p Inn or. fa tci MIS r I Uli Phone r-Pr : 10 Hahcrtrlde k ' KOR t jIJ—T\vn-hfv! i nnp> trors, l;Mvn, Jn-lu«ljht: --nine ruim- tnre. $ I luQ ilou n, ha l.uu r I L 1 *f*o nt 11'R month. At IVrkshno Traci, lourth 1 .'"1 K house on At i r •> FOR SALE—On Aha Vista Drive, corner, 63xluO, 3-bedroom house, living room, dining room, den, breakfast room, kitchen, two baths, small basement, pcrcrned porch. floor furnaces, ne\vly painted; two- car garage. Tied need to $91; 50. $o250 down. J. J. Consani. Phone 9-S614. 9-lS-tf " tiouuf-s ff.i Ft rent. (Hviuvt ot *i." 1 ;i IT] ."• n|i\ .- ., ( 'y in • ' f,;t lo \vnft 'J-4:;r<:'. FOI1 Spffial 70 ACRHS. onr-linlf mile north of storo on "\VperlpaU-h (Md house, pood well. ])orfect soil; In alfalfa and cotton n-nv. Can have possession January 1, UM.'I. Price $2I.(KiO. one- half rash. Itnlanrn easy terms; one- half mineral.**. Don't let this ono away. Klmor Marl in. phono L'L'O FTaherfeldp Huil.linp. DRIVE TOUR CAR TO TOUR CHEVROLET-BUICK-CADILLAC DEALER 9-21-tf •\VE BUT ALL MAKES OF CARS •K- ealer 30 Ar full a rnl , 1 in proved, I Ian 4 -room afliMiM^ni, Kood \vi-l I, All i f»HH-|nppd Im irriKa i mri. rn 1 1» ha Ui "'.'-<' in, in CtildaU thrre-ninni furnisln-d drive, t \vo-r;ir ^ai;i $1500 cash. JMinno U-M' Moore. Bakersf irlci—T\vr, l.rdroomH and ing porcli. IHVKC kiti hen and riiniiiK ionm fireplace: lias rxlta fr'lasticd-in nnd fH-reenod sleepinc hmldiiiK in >arri; font frontage on A'llcw Ptrerr only Works from S. P. HUMPH: $1 r^fin flown. Yard h»» pevciat hie r-itrus fruit trcc^. An exrc-llent in\ estnirnt. Three-fourths of an nt-rc nf th«.- linent noil, n "-bedroom modern liorno. rornp fur tushed. inrlu*1,njr Venetian hlinds. and pads. reOiporaior and tnble-t'ip fttovp. pJiiK o nw dniibln R:\rnse nnd ne%v chicken house. ;ill loi- JS1T.O. DorneNtir titilittes and vnif-r plun rxtra fier ditili , nnd au oiLhrnd of fruit and nut hmn I la ) f o;I i ;u "J rn«i I j-pc 1 ' h< 1 1 from Unkprhfirld (|U M k .va I % JSonip ra i I v VPRPI rinfc oil l.nrn t U^intnui nr r e^ hlo t>i \vp|N -* a |U-d dr i v»Pr trr ^ rd nl |16.iOO fin Phone 7-7 BAKER-ADAMS MOTOR COMPANY CTOfi Chester Avenue Fl\'l-: ACRKS, ojisl of town, fine snil, ffood water *'oii(ll(lons. Itoautifii! >rat inn fur lovrly ruunti'.v hum p. out. Kindlg nut Cu. fnu fin- I'lumo Phone 9-9745 7-ii-tr For Sale—Furniture, Fixtures Rockers with springs, $27.50. Baby buggies, all-steel prewar construction, $14.95 and up. Blankets. A real buy at $5.95. Our living room sets have full spring construction and beautiful covers, $154.50 and up. 27x54-lnch throw rugs, all-wool pile. Formerly $10.95. now $6.95. Just received a large shipment of beautiful hassocks and shag rugs. Use our budget plan, no interest or carrying charges. DAVIS FURNITURE COMPANY 1400 Chester avenue, just one block south of courthouse. 9-26-4 4 SEWING MACHINES and vacuum oleaiv ers repaired. \V« also buy machines. _ 1509 West Eighth. Phone 9-9437. __ 63 S-IMKCK walnut dining room set; 1 glass- lop torktnil table; 1 glass-top end table: 1 .1-way stand lamp: 1 G. K. vacuum r|p;mi»r and attachments: 1 pair ladies' " pknlcs. n'ZQ ti : 1 pn ,r men's icp H " BKI'» and dresser, wool rug. drsk and ( hn ir. one odd chair, one small radio. . Kleventh. 5i NEW ARRIVALS Direct from Factory ^ce walnut waterfall bedroom st't. extr*- large mirror $139.95 3-pie- e lim* 1 oak bedroom sei, very * smart, modern design IHfl.fln fi-p'pre walnut dining room set $ 94.95 S-piece bleached mahogany dining fi-pioce eastern oak dinette set S 69.95 Yerv t-autiful wing, barrel and fireside chairs, unusual covers $ 59.95 2-pierj custom made living room tfroup J225.00 Sprinsr-filled hed divan« J fin.OO "A Small Store RiilKimr with A'alues" AT/--SMITH FI-RN1TURE Eiehtoen-h an! 1 I, Phone 2-6277 _ 5 .'( DAVKNPORT net. coffee table, flowered drapes. 3 '-_> paiis; heavy kite hen utility fahlft. Call 2-7f.:>4 or 2-1947 after 7 _ P. m . __ 5 2 OVERSTl'FFED divan and chair, maple kneoholf desk. map'e drop-leaf arm table, walnut bed. Phone 1M5U8 from r, '2 FOR SALE — Beautiful mahogany serre- irtrv. desk nnd bookcase rnmbined; S-pi*-( c walnut dining room set ; wing rh;ni. dark preen upholstered, period si>Ie: w,iffle iron; 4-piet-« Alanninp A- liowina t r-offee srt. and numeroitfi other t 1 1 • m s 2 .", 1" PJU ii f, ;{ FOR SALK — Ice box. white enamel, six ruhir- f e et. Reasonable. «OG Tula re t'j :t PHKWAH furniture for five-room house. including eas innge. electi-l<- refrigerator n "0 grant! piano. rail FOR SALE— Can range. Phone .-J-0()8S For Sale—Automobiles Alt a ViMa Trar! — A T-hndrnnm home, years old. in III.IOP c-umlttlon, fnmdo and out Kxt ra la T go Inl n nd doulilo parfl^o. Venetian blinds, HOOrt, leiinii arranged, Vro;\ I \V. Ha rv^v Z0;f Hrnwrr Ituildrnsr "Phone IMlMin. Kvrni IIRH 1- 1 1 . I road THREE-ROOM bouse nn ono-hall Karauc. c- nick on rrimpnirnL mirth Ka irfa \ F-chnol, rani nun rlor \\"jtl take bousr l rail^r *i w pn rt payment or trade- foi- prnpei iy < loho in. i-\ T. "i»'ii A«t RANCH NKAF* WASfO of finf. Jo\-f] land, hichly d«-- JIR \\nr-n. fruit mid L'SI) ar-irH that yielded 2!ir. nnc-kH per nctc. watet rnnditiniiH. lininr-di»U' n nnd pi n-c-d riulu. Box i.CO-H. ' (oni '" " !'• _ 7 -I f SKK ry (.'Oil- FA U.MS i-H IMMI Sluiftcr. $-l.'iO() jL'Otm CONSIGNMENT O FOR PALT-;—T\vo-t»fi!i nnin lioinc nnd in C"fi<! I,.ruii(ni. \Vi!) p dm nr FOR a rnndnrn ernall housp. 11-rnr tno- prnof fjarjiKP. 40\ KT,- (not 1m. p;irily fnrniahrd, $;{17."i. unfurmnlic-d $^nO(». in;, . 40 A< n-H ^c*(»d nnil, JSOO'i, J IfiOO duwn SH A. i f'N i»j- 1 f;n ;n-r ns fin.* pnt;i I n \i\ * n er ::oo MU-| V S pn n**rv las» yp;n\ J _<> Afi r:i u 11 h fmi' nt'W hnmr irnprnvp- nifiiKw. $:!*i(i pp? nri-p. a hunt hn If < H sh. Ifio Ai-ifH uHh wi-ll n nd **mall liou^o. <)nl> fL'VTi prr itrip. H.VIHKI dou n rt 10 Arr TF. I OH HOfl !m $30 H»TC ((» \ 1 •* IM I i'ont OM pi ii p. 3 (jn AM t-s r-H w land a I only Kill n n a If you wish to sell your car fi»r top price but can't properly show it, consign It with us. We'll get you Come in and let us ex- plan. T — top cash, plain our Wanted to Buy—Automobiles WILL PAY THE LIMIT FOR MOST CARS. NO RED TAPE, CASH TK 3 MINUTES. I-'OU Qt'IC'Iv disposal. Rasy washing ina- , Krigidnirp, ror/king rhair. hoy's and rhair. linens. silver. heri- .«pri-adn. mrtnins. pictures, all kitchen ntpiisils. AlixrnasiPr. dinnpr set, cnm- pl'-ip. \(i 1 h Ca I il'ornia a vpnup. a pa rt- 11 ° ' Clesl nlrculHling heatrr, 18.000 B. T. V., als fnur rooms, good rondition, $12. .Mi. 2» 90 Xilen. Phon e2 -48 Go. f» :: - er UXIO love seat and mat chins rhair. reasonable, also kitchen table. Phone ^-661.">. ". It 8-11-tf *'OlV SALK PIF* lee 2629 Chester (Corner Twenty-seventh) 9-2-tf .s re HIGHLAND MANOR, floor funittfT, <-<t<ili-r. ,? i>nrironm frm IM] lnu k H i double Dial Dial r, floor -oi7.".. 1 in mi< c luiHfwund i loot 1 r,:i For Sale-—Improved Farms 1440 ACRES semi-mountain hog and cattle ranch; 840 acres of farm land, balance grazing. Very good improvements, best one-man hog and cattle setup in California. 415 ACRES of good vegetable or potato land. Subject to lease. Will pay 12 per cent on Investment. 360 ACRES well improved ranch, good house and lots of water, best of alfalfa, cotton or vegetable land. 780 ACRES near Lost Hills. This land can be farmed to grain, also prospective oil land. A H. Knrpe. ^Phone 9-9671. Zl 2 ?l f 3JO ACRES improved ranch in Weed- .(ml lt'i-.«c unil nthci f;irm.«. nSON A SIM)ALL Hd| k inn limliliim' Phono 7-TnJl. Kvrnin«» «-»>:!!iS or ,1 l-'OK SAM'J— l!i^!» niodf-l A Ford fii-dnn (;i7K 4.'! 1 >, Komi t U-CH and motor. See » t I ins T\veni.v-nirth Htrrnt. 511 \\-lt.L ITRrHASL: light oa ' ' nv*'r S400. Pho ne L'.(i for cash. hair Five-pipr-e box WANT to (rude. 1!>3:> Fnrrl (SK.1660) for liKt.'i to l!)3R Chevrolet. Ford or I'lym- ouih. wilh (jooc) tirps and upholstery _ a ml pay difference. Phone .°.-22 87. 53 A.\f in the market for Iff .Hi Ford convertible club coupe. Must have tfuod rubber. hpdroom springs. suilp. Phone FOR SALK — Beautiful walnut, antique nrsan. rail I'-^O.'iS. f,:i f!AS RANC.K—1108 r.4 AIODRL A FOriD. in KOO«! condition. Phone For Sale— Unimproved Land FOIl SA LK — 40 acres un cllpfl mud :: ' 2 \\-rsl of Hiiihuuy !l!t Soiilhi'i ir KI 1 1 road ii nd the town of 1'ixlf y f Md t-h.-i'li hottsf , out 'HiildiriK. J 1 " f| P*T i\i-\-f i;i-4h fin iimrk Hill*-, nur-half oi ^'H-s KHIy A- Sun, 171^ rhc^ifi- ji\-cnnc 1'hnnn .i.T'O!) I ', l!Hl l CHKVROLKT. CH|» ov*r (RE48H6), :'-srond nxlp; )'.111 Ford triK'k <B1£4(!98). at-eii at )>2!) Urondway. Wasco. Calif. l-'OK SALK— Htrt Tcrrapliitu- Hpdan. rondinmi upholstery «oi>u :'-:i47H ,-iftet 4 i. m. r»:i 7'Ml in me t J H r i f>0 Oil and Mining *^N^«iXS^« I-'OIl SA — Oil iind Km* HI «ha llo\\- ivt'Hs, (i )u oducinii iiliotii (ion barn-Is 1 ;{-dcKi'ce Kfiivity tnonthly. Kc- iiniiridrr \V<'||H rcod rrconrht tnntiiK . tlo> ii liy une-(>iKlii h up per en ntls. onr-fixi h l'n\ or. I'ossihln dccpn Kandp. House. marliinery ;t nd rftniiinipnt. K'0.000. Kelly 1711' CheRit'r n\-(Mnie. I'hom* r,;, KOnn—IK.-horsr-pourr truck ). with good i ulthrr nncl Jtrownte; »ls» a I'S-t'oni semi, hydratilir var linn Inakes with S.LT.xlIO tires in .shape fJioni- Jtji kerHl ield l'-440!t KH. Also I'.I'M Kord dump. (HKV rep and ^-Hpoecl Kiiiun rear l-'OU SALE—Iflrtfi L'-ilonr Chevrolet ( f.H A M .',) iuiri a Htct-l pickup bed, nearly new. Call f. :i Automotive S>rvic> y Parts \VR CAX PAINT Your Car Immediately. <3MAf Budget Plan Call foi A. Carter FRKD C SCHWRIT7KR OLOSMCIBILK DRALKIt Thono r ( -;.;m7 Rlghteenth and N T _ 1-4-tf COMPLETE furniture for four rooms, including radio, washing machine. Frigidnirf, etc. L'100 __T\venty-fourth street. F»It FOR SALE—Combination hot water heater and 3fl-Kallon tank. $11'. 50: overstuffed ( hair, davenport, i orkers. ice box. pani- 1 d ry rourh. baby btn!. elect ric percolators, buf fei; oi her thitiRs. Apply st reel. FOR SA LE — Ivory colored prewar ha by _ e rih, also far baskei. Fhone L'-L^fiO 2. _ HH1M-OVKN STOVE, in good cnndTtion. 5-568 2. 1*820 Lake, fi Sto» u a r 3* FOH RAI-K— 19.TR Studnhnker four-door sedan. JViU. Call I'-^lCl after 6 p. m ( !* A 7 1!: 1 1 » . l!i:;0 MODIOI, A Tc.rd rnhriolet. V-8 wheels. Pi-'kup her! «ood rubber <:ICI.1!>5). Phone :: • s ;; s :• . 5 2 , . . EXCHANGE — Kour-yr»r-old 4-fi"droom patch area. All under ClllUVation. j home in JOast (.laklaiul lor IlakersCiel.i two good wells: large 3-bedroom __' t V! I !! 1 . r '-\: l ' lKHU '_. <:i """ >n - 4-4f>i:t. WISH tn hear from owner of farm 01 dihi'r j»r(MM-i't.v Innkinp for trade home in excellent condition. Excellent alfalfa, cotton or corn land. Price $.50 per acre. ] -j minerals. Terms. 120 ACHES close to Tixley. 50 acres in Thompson grapes. -7 in alfalfa, balance general farming. Fine soil, three pumpinK plains. Good plastered house. You can borrow $'-H>,000 from an eastern insurance company on this ranch. Price $40,000. Terms. S20 ACRES choice soil, suiiable for potatoes. About 3<* miles south of the "Weed Patch store. Good well. This land is open for H-ycar lease. 400 acres open for lease. Land about 'J miles south oC "\Yeod Patch store. This land is good potato land and has shallow \\aU-r conditions. This land is open for development lease. HAVK several other f ino ranches for sale in Tulare county. If interested come in and 1 will give you thn details. Klrner Martin, liabcrfrlde building. l-'OFt SALi>; hy owner. 1DIU Reo truck ei| nipped wit h a power- winrli ind a Hro \\-n- Ijfpf iifinsmiHsion \\'itli a 2-n xte *piril-lrailer T,K\ 84H.'t ); 2 '.a ton wilh S.:' 5 tnes on truck, y. 20 on trailer; $2000 will hfinrllc. J'hone 4-4(H7. If no answer. rall L'-OT:'. f, FOR COMPLETE LUBRICATION SERVICE. IS THE BEST WAY TO KEEP THAT CAR PERFORMING AT ITS BEST. FOR THE DAVENPORT— FolrlK into a hed: tapestry tipholstery. Monterey finish, with rhair; dinptle with four chairs, Monterey bedroom suite, complete with mattress and springs; thrrp-qunrler hed. Hollywood sly IP. Phone 8-R-IIJ8 or rail nt :\VJS _ I l n \ 'k_\V a y . __ 5 L' HOME SOLD — Have spark gas rnnge. ire iRpralor. all steel; hip:h hoy radio sale> Cnl 1 1 S^fi Cherr st IV*P| . 5 .1 OVERSTI:FFRU ilivn-i and chair: baby bed; blower-type cooler; iwu Alexander Smith nigs nnd pads; two beds, complete. refrigerator; washer; other pieces. :: ' *M nn e r. Oildale. AXKL. complete; Inrpe torpauline. Iflx30 ted. »p e nt Lewie Wrecking s- ribr fully. Tiauh, «SI Market utri-ct. Till TraiUrs READY Cash for Your Trniler. Trailers eo!d on easy payment plan. \\'e f fnanco our own com rang. AIcLEAN THAILKR MART 100 Union Avenue S-13-tf Chevrolet Master 2-iloor. A real hny at $175. (^AliiO: 1 ,:.). KITCHKN-BOYI.) MOTOU CO. NOTirEOm clnmp truck hed. 1 L'-ton capncity. 1 feet hisrh. fi feet wide. 10 feet lone; tarpaulin, fill nearly ne\v; pump and rani tn so alonK. Price ALHATROSP ice box. knee-hole desk. Ivory bfd set complete with innersprinp mat- and box uprinnf. twin beds oom- chest of drawers, radio, dining Tind livinp room sol, Sinper sP\ving machine, ndd dresses. Call Sunday afternoon. .Vim ChPH'Ht. 5 .LT.. mil .Mi-K ill nrk. A. B. Schcrtx,. Rod 122, KOR SALE—7x!» prewar wool I-IIR and pad, 110 tl i:MI J'ACTOFlY.lirif./r. i \\ biMane t ii PH. lii)7 Woodi'fiw ti venue, Oil- ONK IICIR f.-cylinder Hudson coupe for fhcap. CU:6.'!4). Cnn be seen at .M street, or phone 1- Bicycle* J-'dH WALK— Mnlorryrjo, lft,T9 Indian chief, -rood condition, excellent motor. Will trade for car. Phone 3-0251. ol! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^ ™™ ' • •• • ^™^^^^^™^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H ^ B ^ p ^ ||A ^^| a ^ H ^^ Baa ^ B ^ For Sal«^-Lumb*r in good condition, Phone 2-3808. $*r>, -117 Wilson, n (JOOl> davenport, library table, round oak table, one almost new rhenille niK. SKlL*. with waffle pod. L'."i20 L, npflrtment A. 54 THRKF:-QUARTKn bod. coil Hprlnps. inner Mpring. 2I!9 Arvin street. Highland Park. 5.T $ 1 .11 I KA M*;— Stmdy tiTnlt Ira Her, douhlr t luihes clfsd a ruJ mpboanls, i ea r n romi»n n ment, dra \vors. cup- .H and I'oIdniK tahle; T-ffallon water in*M ; t \vn pnod pi ewn i* t iron nnd UIZP (i IM-X I U. See lo n pprecln Also i i, hint I r> t a rp. InirkA. hi ami hmrhi'H. L'L 1 ; Uou»In«t **t leei, ii n I _ I'M * k __ _ f>'J SALK— llnnre Irniloi, 17-foot fnrlnty SALE—1!».14 Hudson ^-donr sedan Si'l'l. guoil tin"*. yuod rniidilion. very .heap. Call L'-Cfifi? ot ,se.- landlady uj 1!U2 K__xJJ't*H. :"..'! Tit t *CK ( LtC.'i.'lfi JO) ;i nr] »<-in i-t r;i i )er o-t 1!); a 1st i Hro \vn-Lipe t ransmiK- and Cbcvrob'i if-ar end. .See a I For Sal Miscellaneous WHILE IT LASTS KOIt SAI.1C—lfi?.S Pontinc roiipr (7A 11!):".) «nm| tires, $700 i;ish. See ai it I L' A IPIIIP si i <"M , hu lit, Mle»'ps i \vu i nun m« *\ al*-r f Ji »" pi oof 1 hox i I nr < ;<»M $ 1 inilet, prjnr- f.3 iT]|ili 4 .|- will l>rd a!'i Iy «wl"ullv on h"\y \\< \\ ( la i**; I.- luii n muld hci MI ; Mirrii If • fiUM*', ' bu/kcn f '{ its* ftiM a ;-''0*I f urn iMn-d. S*-*- hu>. 'Will ))HH m 'e HI n =' MH-ni. i: i *tund pi n- i ut m.-d inio ' 1 1 -In nit ^hni\ ini;* nt ; 1 1 ;i in, •-UMI ry luniif, i h ^ tnr ;ui and J ;* j: t ra full - — One 1 J \\heM in good r>MMriit KIM. M i *TI. 7v1 n the Jteasonuhl^. IM FOIl SA LK — A 4 -\vlier I heavs -duty t r;i with p(HKl side IKMI H!H ; nn t it CH, A I I'L 1 t. rahf, T\VO-\VHK Kdlt SALK 11 ft •»-"'L_\V; ( nro._ 1'wn \vln-ct, V-fiuii with i ark. FOR CONVENIENCE THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN agents listed below will receive classified advertising and sub- scrlptions at the regular rates, ARVIN Ray KnnulfM. Arvin Pharmacy BL'TTONWILLOW V. I.nnniman, Carrier DELANO nitril (igai 81orr or li, Kti»u>. Delfinu Currier GRAPEVINE Rliparfc Service tStatiun KEKNVILLE DISTRICT Ardid M. H'nlker FELLOWS Wacconer'fi Newt Dealer LEBEC I-efoec Cioffet* Simp LOST HILLS J. L. fetolz Hlure MARICOPA Gat* City Plinrmary McFARLAND Frank Carter M( KITTRICK-BELRIDGE £url Hlllar.v Sfrvic-tr btatiuo OILDALE Oildalf I'hartnarj SHAFTEK Shafter Drue Company TAFT Harlpona New. and CUar Co. TEHACHAI'I Taucban'o Drug fetore TUPAIAN Klk III llv MtrraDtllr Co. K. V. LannJman. Carrier WASCO Slrlngbam Drug Store _ Classified Calima Clase 10 A. M. f The CalUornian will not b« r«»pon* •Ihle ft error* kit ClaMiflHl Advvr- Ilalor Uken over t«lepbonf unleaa Mmetton U maU iBmcd lately aftrr fi*»t Inatrtfton. Bcfqndii on palrt •dvartUtfro^nU must to called for Within 80 u -<• tot ___ 1 ML'fl^ I'll It S.\ n i .1 1 it- sit'-r| ol i (in s. In A l'p!\ I-'(Hl SALK -I'.MO DnilKe PU knp 0 > ("J40071) Location, Standard OH Company Tank Farms. Go north on Chester THE OFFICE OF PRICE ADMIN'STRA- TIOX has set Oollars-and-cents ceilinp in k-es on used re fr liberators, washing in ;i chines, vacuum cleaners, type writers. bed springs. camerriN and photographic enuipment. These maximum prices apply to every seller, even to an individual celling his personal household effects. For information concerning these and nil other ceiling prices. cnU the Bakers- f told War Price and Rationing Board. J'hone 1-1MN. 5-13-tf WASHING MAOHIN 7 ES be artt-r f, p. in.. j«2i o sirert. avenue and China Grade Road. Repaired, quick service. Montgom- WILL THADH l!M:' ",-lun Ch.-vrolol truck. A-l (-.null I HIM. Muck rai l(. U 4,0070 .Mo.». ;i^ pa i't payment on home or nld^r car. On I Harris. Crown City Auto Courts. n nnlcs iinrih nii_!t!» nfN'r Jt-:in p. in. bi\ I'LVMOCTH se.lan C.tMM It ;,(>)" ~Ca]| rn 7 a. in. nnd li p. m. 8;!OTweni>- H!rpft ^ J *'•»'• 11 T f ! J'Sl r-'OFl SAJ.I-:-- -1i>:il moUpl A Korrl (74XS47t. KOO<I tirt>M, pone) fondit run n*l. K'"i.'». .°7i:i St'vn-r »l i oft. '-' (Hi 7!* all Phoni' f,:t First gate on left side, near pate. Gate open 9:00 a. m. to 4:30 p. m. Closed Saturday and Sunday. KERX WRECKING COMPANY WRITE P. O. BOX 883 _ 9-19-tf USRD LUMBER— 2x6. 2x8. 2x10. 2x12 and heavier tltnbera. Wingland Lumber Co. Phone »-!M08. fiOO Norrls Rnad. 9-11-tf ery Ward, Apex and all makes repaired and rebuilt. General Service Co., 913 Baker. Phone 2-0278. 9-8-tf TIER RECAPPING ONE-DAT SERVICE CLEROU TIRE COMPANY litcki 1717 K STREET PHONE 6-6069 2-29-tf IT'S HARD TO BELIEVE ;,;; ' .1 ?0i. 'J \V( ) \\' m;i ilc. ! '•' in Ml 1 !'.'!!(. ;nnl price MOUU — Srhull I t ii ilr t. is t any* . i- f- hd\ Kouil I 1 1 f s. l-'ii!l L.' 1 .'• f 'lies it -I • ri \ C-M in-. K L i n in inim I ! ;i il« t . (;n lot > ( '.i n v:i « I up ;i ml ^ M|'-S <>pt n tit itiy i * K.IMI. t'>u< tl -in r F 10 li ;ni< » . ;i ITIMIHI IH-W I n rs, wri*; i ppri»\un.M ii-ly Hi no i mum It. n 4 -M **l N-ni *l MI (•**. j *^nl V lii ^u ;. ny p|;ifi>. JH I 1! < I •i i t>ri 1'hunp ::-nT*»'i :•;! AI'TO.MOBH.K AD COPY mnar contain st niimhcr; If nut of mnte lieense. _ '_] n ^ |sl _ be itu'lutlfMl in rop.v. 3-4-tf SK1.LKI1 OR PlIHCHAPJSn Do you" need fi'Mitinnal ca«li to ro.nplcle purchase nf car- 7 If HO, Just plump or drop by the .V'MK FINANCE COMPANY, nppoalte Montgomery Ward. Lorn tl y owned nnd a led. Frirmlly rnnfidpntlal •ervlre. .1 "BUI" Her « man. manager. Plmne I'("H SA1.I-: — 1 !M 1 MtM'(tiT\. wilh Mr n> p;i int. Ui n i'\v ti|>hn)Mri y. Nu. 1 I'lu.IH.- 1! TMI'.I Can h( iMl;iy ;im| Sunday. i I'M i n »-s r,;i s;t w nnd L'!( \'- -(Join . p;t.!il i. \r-\v AI\ at or below roiling. f -ll Alorrurv Club Ouupo • • r '41 Dodye Business futipe Ml 1-liK'oln Xophyr Sedan (_"hr\-sicr Coy.I Sedan Parka I'd Super Sedan J.jiiUMjhi Xephyr Sedan MnU.'U Special Sedan I'ont lar Sf<lan Olilsinobilo ('» Sedan I'onliac Coupe I'ls'inoiit h Sedan ^ J ;\ Sal If Sedan DP Sou* Sedan I'lyinouth Sedan 3." Dodge Sedan TKAUES TERMS KITCIIKX-DOYB MOTOR CO. Offers a large selection of good cars but we do have quite a large supply of Ixfi and 1x12 sheeting at $49.50 a 1(100 and a whole gang of 8-foot L'x4s at $44.75 a 1000 (no priority)— and it's Oregon pine, too. MR. FARMER! This is Just the stuff for that shed you have been wanting. .\Ye also have a nice stock of paints. Outside White from $1,49 a gallon up, Shingle Stain. Paste, Boiled Oi!. Cement, Roofing Paper, Mouldings, Doors and Windows, ete. It will pay you to pay us a visit. HOUTS & BOX Cut-Rate Lumber Yard Edison Highway 9-26-tf "Parla Liberated" and "YanhB Capture Guam" and other newsreela. 8 -mm and Iti-mm acenlc. adventure and aporti pictures. New cartoons. Little King, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, etc. Edward's Camera Exchange 1609 N'lne- tecnth. i 9-19-tf GKT yOUR rubber siamps from Bakera- field'a only rubber stamp company. You will be satisfied with Its prompt service. Padn. Inks, daters of all makes. 1808 "Kye." Hlreel. Phone 8-8102. 6JJ n i •» • o i •;!« r • it i Automotive Service, Parts Sale— Furniture, Fixtures USI'JD FURNITURE wanted. Wt call any place in city and give free eatlmatei. TJnnvn'H Furniture, formerlv Roy White Ki i rnH tire Phone 7-7021. X«_w and used. Bought, sold, repaired and exchanged. Largest stock in Kern county. KERN PUMP EXCHANGE 400 Sonora Phone 3-1488 70 body and fender repairing, also tron: wheel ollenment. Charlea Visstinm'B Gntafie, 1620 Twenty-eighth Phiine 2^71*37. 4 - 1 2t f KI VK rooniM of jn-pwa r furniture from PI ivriu- pn rly, ino hid ing rt-fr iterator, stove. RoiHliy. \Vrilt? Box X-81'5, Tho t ';i 111 mil inn. c;n iy. .\u GRANT plslon rtngn Jast loneer. Motor tuned tip. eipnsins and oiling; car ator- flse Blue Ribbon Garage. 1916 Nineteenth. Phone 2-0674. 1-16-tf POU SALK— New and used mattresses; all kinds nf furniture, rod ion sold, traded nnd reputied. First: clast. workmanship. Pumpkin Center Secnndhanrt Stort. On Tuft K iff) i way. 1 U miles west of Green* 68 Sewing Mncnlne Exchange 1218 Baker Street S .isrer and White consoles; stands and repairing. Will trad*. 63 4P.^^M*-*A^r ^hllBMI • I *J ^•^fcrf^H^P^MW^^^^^™*^^^™***^^^'^^^*^^"' " • Mil I ^^^^^^^^^^••^••^^•^P^^BP^^B^k*^^^^ 4flV^^P^^^^^^ V4*^^^PW**'^^ FOR SALE—400 amp. portable welding eenerntor, A-l condition, ready tn mount on truck or trailer. 1'hone 3-1377 for appointment. For Sal scellantous FERTILIZER HERB—SUMMER'S GONE PURCHASE NOW FOR FIELD OR LAWK Dairy and utable, S8 per load Ed L. Akers. »20 Twenty-firth street. Phone 2-38-11. 53 ONE-DAT SERVICE Grade A Truck Rubber MENDERHAUSEN'S SOI Niles Phone 3-1402 68 NOTICE J. * J. Electric Iron Shop 611 Nineteenth Stree' May have heating elements to fit yonr iron. Cords and a few motors for sale. 69 SCRATCH FEED with cracked Indian corn. Yes. we deliver. Pioneer Mercantile Company. Fhone 8-8581. 9-18-lf LIMITED number of new and factory rebuilt Hoover sweepers available only to persons having old Hoovers tn trade In. Liberal allowance. Guaranteed factory parts an* service. «'all Weill's service depnrtmfnt. fi-BSo 1 7-fi-tf DIAMONDS The choice of many fine stones purchased in our office. U^K carats, a blue Jiiffcr, perfectly made with a slight scratch on one edge. This is the finest diamond on the market, regardless of cost. The gem is worth $:tOOO. A real investment value at $L*0_5, plus tax. Mounted to suit. ,97 carat, absolutely perfect blue- white, now mounted for your approval in white gold setting, embellished with six small diamonds; modern Tiffany. An investment value, complete at $82f>. plus tax. This ring is underpriced $.100. For lal ^^^k^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^h ^^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ FOmTKEN nut column, with offer rcfuflpd. ^avenue. Arvin. Miftc*ll«n«ou« ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^—^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^F^^^^^^^^^^^^^Q^^^^^^^^^^^^Q venders, one and thrce- Mands, No rr-a son able Jess Sprinkle. 21 1 8 Arvin 63 FOR SALE — Bee supplies, two frame honey extractors, rpversable porketp; two honpy tanks, one 100 anu one 40 gallon."; Quern excluder. 1 ", feedpra nnta other Horn* to he sold in lot. Thirty dollar* for nil. In- at HOI Tenth avenue. Delnnn. i'. 63 FOR SALK — Klerlrlc iron, alarm clock. camera. 14 picture frames. floor lamp. If-e rrenm yiMhe*. viepladder, oven b:».krr. fruit jars, spirit level, ironing board. . floor polisher. other items. 7«U K f.2 FOR SALK—Bird mse nnd Pland. $3; child's blackboard, tl. Phone 9-;t;.0"». '' _ _ FOR BALK— Stool building. 18x27. Phoni* 2-J2!)!.' or OXB day bcrl. ranoe with paddles, electri** motor Thnnr I'-LIIS. 52 We now have for sale the very choicest strawberry plants, by dozen, 100. or 1000. Varieties?, New Oregon, Blnkemore. Filmore and Corvalis. M. P. Flickinger, 930 pnth. Phone 2-o4f>l. &:i 55 carat, absolutely perfect. A premium bine yem set in modern Tiffany white gold with one Inrpre blue rnellee on each side of center stone for your approval. Our investment value, complete. $oftO plus tax. This job is worth $:.oo. n s-rr»rat perfect blno white ton. now mounted in white pnld modern Tiffany settinpr with two small diamonds on sides. Complete at $225. A big saving in popular size stone. Many more to choose from EARL MrEVOY Diamond Broker 318 Haberfeldr Building- Phone 5-5.197 f.7 FOR SALK—Reconditioned lawn mowers. 90 8_K _s t root. f, 2 FOH SALE—Building 16 feet x 32 fert: t\vn steel fryer bntterlrs. cnpnrity 31!U each; ono K;\S brooder. 500-ehlrk ra- imriiy. Phone 7-7 I'll 8, rorncr of Bel If 'JVrrnrp nnd HI Serpnn Drive. f»;t FOR PALE— BiisMMette-size baby hed with ma (tress n nd Htppl Hpi-inns; n IPO round din up- i able. Call 3-U'XS. 2!)09 Cnll- __ forn |f; n v e n 1 1 p. _ f> ^ COTTON PICKING SACKS Sturdily made of fine, heavy 8-ounce white canvas, heavy full 29-inch width; extra wide carrying strap. 1^-foot size $2.49. Sears, Roebuck and Company 130 01' ARTS fruit ; 2 tricycles, pood; 1 : ^ rockrrs; 2 nigh chairs. 1 82ft \VKSTlXGIIOfSK mauler, elertric toaster, floptrie Himdwirh KI ill. \v«ffle Irnn, dinhe.i ami iron fry Mr; pan. 2^7 Olean- dci^ avenup. ft2 FOR SALK—Montgomery \V:ird hlow«>r type cooler, $!K). i'lionc S-S-lt;."i, I'Mon- 'i-HOPSKf'OWKR 'J0-En]|on electric pump; "i •'pmvpr Kunolinc pump; lM-j -horse- rower centrifUKa 1 pump; 4 } -> -horsepower < em rlt'imal j'limp. <!. <'. Town send. Houit* -, Rnx r.."», PlaU7 Road 52 QUANTITY QUALITY VAUIKTY POPULAR PRICES BAKKRSFIKLD HARDWARE CO. _ jM) If. CHESTER AVEN UK _ Fl'R COAT. size 14 nr 10 : child's Byrd's cloth, water repel la nt snow unit : hand knitted coat and legging set. bnth 3. Phone 2-6 2JM. f, I BLA CK fur ja cket , t weed coa t . brown pin-Htriped suit, Kelley BreM) suit, also skirls atid dresses, a II sixes 1 4. OXK larpp tarpaulin, extra heavy, 1 Sxl L' feet. Phone 2-34flO. f.: 1 . FOR SALK—2,"> ions good alfalfa hay. $22.50 pp r i on. ron d H id f: will deliver, "all 2-8085. No Sunday rails. T.4 FOR SALIC—Bntiy IIUKSV. in pxreltont rlilion, $10. Call Pnuline M;ix\v«'ll, si reet. FOR SALE—.Model caterpillar tractor. Pull between H ami 10. phono J-U.l.'l. 53 DO YOUR OWN WELDING You ran easily heroine nn efficient welder \vith a (J-R elprtrio welder Many pizes from 10i to iiOO amperes rapacity. Simple construct io.) and low operating' cost. a a.e mr toys, but heavy duty ?rs. suitable for lone and continuous opera t inn See 1 hem at Cousins Ti ,<nor Company, 424 Twenty-fourth SI I'PPt . 52 Sewing tine V nnd Sinpor n nil \Vhil*> \\ e ropn \r any 01- vafiinm t'lpnr.nrH. \Vnrk pun ran tend. t itchniR \vhilo vni wait 1500 \A>st FOR S A T.R— .30-0-6 rifle, srabbanl; 2 a i lnacopp Aifflit. 1 \vo boxrs of $7r>. 2715 Sun Kmirtio. DKKR IITNTRRS— ^0-:tO Winrhrster rnr- binn. 94 miMlc>] t pond na nr\v ; .'I ' j boxes p hells. Apply at 1 1 OS Inyo street bo- iS n nd ti:^0 p> m . FKRT1IJXKR for sale. Shorn- dairy _ sirtblf. \\"p dolivor, _ Phono ^-Q. T >r> 1 . JIIXKD twppiK all-wool coal. 8i7-e 44, $12 FOR SALR—Slppl wacon. rhild'g tah|p nnd rhairs*. nnd hor.sp rocker. ">: Panama si rfoi. Cabbage, onion 1 plants, SOo hundred. Head lettuce, 40c hundred. Cauliflower, broccoli, celory, other vegetables cheap por dozen. Special price per thousand. Cut flowers for all occasions, reasonable. Funeral designs and sprays, potted plants, corsages. Open Sundays. 715 L street. Plione-4748. M FARMERS AND TRUCKERS WARDS OIL AND GREASE SALE ENDS SATURDAY. LAST CHANCE TO GET YEAR'S LOWEST PRICE? ON FINEST PKNN- S1LVANIA OIL, iific PER GALLON. BEST CALIFORNIA OIL, 45c PER GALLON IN 55-GALLON LOTS , p L r:: s FEDERAL TAX . SAVE OX GREASE, TOO. MONTGOMERY WARD & CO. 2uTH AND CHESTER AVENUE PHONE 7-7871 52 FOR SALE—8-Inch Delta rip saw and 4-mch jomtpr with 1-liorsepower motor. Complete. $100. Call at HOI Thirty- sixth street after r> p. m, oL' \VANTF.D t . hny. small tricyi'lo for 2-ycar- nld_ I'hnno :!-l^'Jl. .'.:'. IDKAL FOR corn harvrsting. No. 31 R. D. International I larvestor. 15 foot cut. On rubber. Price is right. Ace Tractor Co., Twenty-fourth and IliRliway !)!>. 53 OXK OOMPLKTK 10-imh Lnyne A- Bowler \v;ner xvelt putnp, 7 '-j -horsepower niotnr ;tii(! switch boa i d, fiO-fnot sen i up, 7-incb < olnmn : used one season. Sro it pump ; jH'ii.-p S.'iOO. Also one 1 0-hni popower wolirl shall mcitor. ISTtO r. p. in.; tniaraniepd O, K. . J 7,">. 1' '- miles soul h from Panama Coi ion Cin nn A*«h Ho.-nl. 'a rnilt 1 Wt-sl I'lhr-i IP ;niil Lindsa Roads. , r > :t VAX HORN* & MF.LTOX. DAIRY RHP- PLY STORK; Rl'RBKH APRU.NS. BARN MS. BRTSUKS. MILK STOOLS. K ROAD AX1» TAFT HK.M1 \V A V THK WORLD is fi world of sound. Tn it would seem dear] wit hour my Y A OOLITE. Clement Jlnrshcy, L'7;i6 f "enter. Phone 2-0:»7 1_. _ !( - ^ S - 1 f VACUUM CLEANER irons, clocks and all small applianrea repa ireri. No delay. Genera! Service Company. 913 Baker. P hi j n e2 -» 2 7 8 . 9-8- 1 f K ' :l<: !t n Itr.MMAfJE SALK— At Druids hall. woniPti'M nnd childrt'n'e clothing. Sntur- ' I J iy.S f • p t P niberl 0 . AI.I.-MKTAL double horse trjulnr. $:SL\"t; also four wpriiiKer?. 500 ICasi lirundnK'". f. :t CNICAN. I3ALKD alfalfa hay for sale. Also one t ho rough bred Hampshire boa r. I' h oil o IMP ."•!). 57 JIKYKflS pressure pump. SO-callon lank. 1 j -horsepower Century motor, perfect rondit ion; Ji-inch 'tench naw. new sas hi-ooder. anlitiue sewing machine, hall flower table. Mexican blue K lass ware and barbecue dishes; miscellaneous anirles. I'horip C-d.'..'.*;. 53 JIAOXECOM- Phone 2* in A-l rendition. VACTJITSI CLEANERS. Irons, toasters, heating- pads, motors, everything elec- trU-Hl repaired. Mouey-back guarantee. Huntley Appliance Service and Repairs. 917 Water street. Phone 2-4570. 64 NOW IS THE TIME to fertilize before the rnlna begin; 100 per cent pure dairy fertilizer, mechanically pulverized: $6 per -lo-d, delivered. Phone Rusk's Dairy. 2-4027 or 2-9351. 64 ELECTROLUX cleaner owners, for parts or service, call your authorized Electro- lux serviceman. Marvin Herring. 2-8970. Electrolux Corporation, 1831 Orange street. 66 DECORATE your home with mirrors. We specialise In morrors for mantelu. walla and doors. Bakersfield Glass Company, 1715 Nineteenth street. 1-10-tf REPAIR yonr own shoes. We carry a good stock nf leather and accessories for repairing. Paul Hornung, 1606 Nineteenth street. 8-23-tf GOOD clean oat hay, $22.50 per ton. n« long aa it lasts. I-'hone 3-2078. 54 THKRK will be a cooked food sale Saturday. September SO. at the Safeway Store nn Baker street to lie hold by El Tejon t.'ouncil No. 215^Degree of_Porahontas._ FOR SALE—One small radio: one i-hitrt's winter coat, size fi years: one bird cace nnd stand. Pbnne 2-7858. ."» ^ PRE .'AR baby buggy with wire wheels. Call 12H Quinc-y. Phone 2-48S!t. ___ KOH SALK—Gone 1 fur roat. $^. r .; 2 wool and 4 gabardine skirts, all for $8: 3 wool and 5 silk dresses. $-.50 each. n\7.e 14. all fa- $15 wool, lined sport coat, size Ifi, $S. Call at 407 Magnolia avenue nr phon e 2_j fi 7 8H. ft 3 FOR SALE—Complete dump body and hydraulic hoist with power takeoff. $100; alao one four-drawer steel filing cabinet, like new. $fi"i. and one Burroughs nddine machine. larj?e size, $."»0. Can be ween at '927 Oregon street or phone .'U0200. VICTORY CAFE 1219 Golden State Highway Open all nifiht. Closed Sundays. We specialize in chirken or juicy steak dinners. Fried shrimp, fried oysters. 53 FOR SALE—One ten-horse Caille . outboard motor. Price $125, Ivan Klrich, Route 4. Box 313. Phone i;L TH.IOX Cnunril, Df'Brt-p of Porahontas, is sponsorinc a rooked -food sn IP at tbt- r-iH-iiM 1 of Hiik'-r and Monterey, at the Sifowaysloiv. Sa tin day. September ;ili. S17."»0 for fine- Vac vacuum; one sine H). others 12 to 14; ^-piere suit. all wool; shoes. 7AAA. Come before WHITE FORMAL. Inrly'fl tailored white Pa hn Beach slarJt suit, men's hiKh-top prewar boots, never worn; football shoes. shoes. Phone 2-:i17::. TRACTOR—Cleirac Model 35 trai.-k layer tractor, ti-ryliiulor. with starter nnd power takeoff. Conriit ion very Rood. Only $87."i. \Vos Waidon, I': 1 : 1 South I'll! KUK SALK— Oirl'H cluihiiiK. sixes 12 to 14; shoes. *>i?.fs r ( to (J. -7 Hi .North Baker. 200-AMP Huburt j-miahle welding mat-hine. itl'O Snut FOR SAF^E— Lady'n lonp black fur mat. st?.p -10. $.">(>; four pairs drapes. $10. 1.104 Twenty-fourth street. Phon* 1 4-4228. 3 BALL PLAYER BUCK ROGERS. 25TII CENTURY. A. I). Step Higher! FOR SALR—Four formal droHse*. size 20; four- Mired dresses, size 20; one tuxedo, size. 40, never been worn; eveninR shoes, size f»'.'i B. Call side entrnnep. 519 Nilos «t reel. FOR SALE—Oiihmet radio, child's tricycle. :(4:i6 At street. By LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS MM I far City iarvlea J PCY NOW TM\<3 MCX1N F\NOOUT COUNTRY HOOKAH DOWN NOW TME UPRAY UT PU AS TIC RCY AND BOY BOY 60ONI6WALLSEE MOW MY 6YNTMETIC EX- DUMMY PERFORM ATTENTI PLA<oT1C ww ON WAT 8 NG YOUR BUT WITH A BRAIN JUNGLE FO ARD MARCH BE LOW HORIZONTAL 1,4 Pictured baseball player * 9 Age lb Worship 11 Ever (contr.) 12 Compass point 13 Rough lava 14 Electrical engineer (ab.) 15 In the * matter of 17 Appear 20 Registered nurse (ab.) 21 Behold! 22 Doctor (ab.) 23 Near 24 Per 25 2000 pounds 27 Arrival (ab.) 29 Him 30 Seed container 31 Donkey 32 Indian army (ab.) 33 Palm lily 34 Accomplish 36 Before (prefix) 37 Upon 38 Father 39 Inquires 41 That one 42 Summed up Postscript (ab.) 45 Alternating current (ab.) 46 Indium (symbol) 47 Egyptian sun god 48 Also 50 Conical surface 52 Took aim 54 Tavern 55Chapeaux 56 Requires 57 Born VERTICAL 1 Military vehicles 2 Anger 3 Spoil 4 He is a ball star 5 Late American humorist 6 Proceed 7 Wheat part 8 Annually 14 Print measure 15 Within 16 Dawn (comb, form) 18 Editor (ab.) 19 Eradicate 20 Right (ab.) 23 Measure of area For Sale—Miscellaneous FOR SALE— Formal, three droppos, two hats, all for $$; also m-casloim! chair. M; two mnttress puds for bunk ?:t each. Call r.-fiSO.I. \VK HAVE the following used tractor tires, which may be pin-chafed without certificate. 11 -06, 10-33, 900-36. 825-36, B."iO-16. 600-16. Benffino'a Auto Service Twentieth and K streets. n-2 R t_f . I'Ofl SALE — pnrlfthlp wcldinff outfit, corti- nlcte on tnn-k. :tn»-amn. wpldrr, KJUIK^. hc»H»-j* toic-hea and oilier items. Phone - 6 M ^ fl. THl'XK— Kxtrn larcr. well-built, and tn Boorl condition. rear. ___ SPARK 1'L.l'G and uowcr takeoff tire pumpp. cluii hoists, rubber lire wheelbarrow, poultry ncttnm. in«h ni^nh. Immediate delivpry. Linder ilardwurn _ Coi.Tpany. T ulare. _ &$ FOH SAI.R— 12 tons alfalfa hay. all or port Phcne 3-2^87. CABHAGI3. ra alorks. beffoniaw, coleiip. KoHlon fernn, palms. ffurdftvay, r-ampllias, phruba. Hiopplnnr stoiu'p. Renovating nervh-c. Ko W|M r' h Nu rvery, 1 n 4 Th i rd. 1 : ' '•''• Phone a-4!"iS7 or 3-0888. INLAID LINOLEUM CONGOLEUM CONGOLEUM RUGS Lnrge selection at low prices DAVIS FURNITURE CO^IPANT 1400 Chester avenue 53 001C Flying and balsa modo! plane kilfl, trucks, tanks, ships fit tines, bn Isa wood rnrvhiK knives, rlope nnd ct'innnl. Come in ;ind look M round. Kd ward's Camera Kxchange, 1609 NinetCPiith street. FRRE FHER FREB SAWDUST AND PLANER CHIPS Load Jt Tourself BAKERSFIELD HOX COMPANY Highway ft9 3 Miles South of Tnwn TWO new drrsyfM. si/.c IS. half prirc; pr\-PI a I ladies' Dobbs ha it*, $ 1 ; red wool __«'"aj. jnw 1 1. ^i-hca j>. _ 1 'hour L' - - it 3 \ . _ l-'UH SALK — <t tie-half -.sack crinout mixer. FOR SAM-; — Now Olivrr ^-way plow, wnh I 8- inch hasrs. Phom- ^-(iS2H. f,< P'OR SA I. K -Victory model Imby buggy in (rood rondition. I'licinc fi-«7!t.s. Radios, Musical Instruments n FOR AUTO-RADIO SERVICE Wo now have facilities for mounting and dismounting auto radios. Aerials installed while you wait. POSTON RADIO Corner K Street and 99 Highway 3-27-tf Quirk 313 RADIO RRPATRS serlvce. General Service' Company. Baker. Phone 2-927S 4-24-tf TOP PRICES paid for late model radios. Poston Radio Service, corner of K and 9 ( J Highwoj. Phone 2-0498, 2-1-tf f We Have Facilities and Available Parts to Service Any Make Radio o Corner K Street and 99 Highway _ Dial 2-0408 _ 12-2-tf PIANO WANTED— Highest cash price* paid for new and used pianos. Phone 8-8!)81. CAR ARRTAI,S for any make of car, 14.95 and up. Poston Radio corner of K street and 93 Highway. i>-l-tf HIGHEST PRICKS paid for used rad!o«. Bakersfield Radio "upply. 2808 Chester H venue. Phone 2-5 ISO, _ 8-11-tf WILL PAY highest cash price for your piano. Pal I 8-8673. __ 1-26-tt KRKN MUSIC SHOP. 906 Baker. Musical insciumfvti?, supplies and sheet music. Wo repftiv all musical instruments; 6 7 USED PIANO BARGAINS— -Good makes, reconditioned and guaranteed like now. Big stock, wide range oil price?. Musicians, teachers, buyers who know piano value are especially welcome. Lowest prices and easy terms. Free delivery. Phillips Music Company, 1610 Nineteenth Street. __ B 8 VIOLIN — Thrpe-nuartor size, chin rrst, K-sirintr attachment, cane Included. $JS. LM17 Olympic Drive. Highland Manor. FOR S/.LK'— rornot xviih, both in srood conuMion. ^81 : California avenup. FOR SALK by privatn piirty. upright ' piano, excellent condition. Phone 2-1834. _ 53 ' "^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^•^^•^•^^^^p^^^Bm ^— jr PIANO for sale, medium small size. Rood PT^R OMs trumpet, rase and two mutes, $125 rash. Like new. Phone 5-51236 or 2 41 fi Monterey at root . r, 2 Typewriters, Office Supplies WILL PAY CASH for typewriters, adding machlniiS. checkwrlters and cash resistors. Lynch Typewriter Company. 1650 Cheater avenue. _ 6-29-tf Fruits and Vegetables WE HAVE ANOTHER LOAD OF NK\V NORTHERN FREESTONE PEACHES. THIS IS THE LAST LOAD. $1.U9 A LUG. AVHELDEN'S MARKET TWENTY-FIRST AND UNION 9-28-tf RTLETT pears. $J, l(Jc; cnbbaKP, celery. Highway. grade; illy Fruit Intttic* Stand. 63 Aiuwer lo Previous Puxzl* imm 11IONSTALL 24 Exist 25 Toward 26 Chances 28 Rupees (ab.) 29 Laughter sound 30 Jumbled type 31 Skill 32 He is a Cleveland player 33 Tantalum (symbol) 35 Sign of approval 36 He has been selected to for his team 37 Hypothetical force 38 Paid (ab.) 39 Like 40 Rock 42 High cards 43 Great Lake 44 Tablets 45 Insect 47 Bright color 48 Metal 49 Individual 5,1 On account ' (ab.) 53 Myself A \ I

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