The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 29, 1944 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 29, 1944
Page 12
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J2 f riday, September 29, 1944 JiafeftJffielb California!! AIR PROGRAMS Don I^ee-.Mulimi NrMvork — Kl'MC. KH.I, KKKC. K(,ll. KIIB. KIHIN. hKXM. h\OK. KNU. Hl.ic Network—KKKN. KWO. KHIK. K(,(). KM'A. Coiumtln HrcmclrnMlnir tSimtrm— KN.\. KRC.Y. KMV. KlUi.M. NnlK.rml llrnRrirnMInc I'cimniinj—KM4, Kl I. Kl>(>. iT- -ffif vr-hc-'Iulf* coircrifo ur tc pri-s* time :-it«\:n-T r*M',««lh>c- for rhsnsw nmlf nc-cw i KIDAV »; (HI I n fi :'M\ p. in. K • i U ., .? 'I r . K ' M- ----La:-' i, . II.•.,!:• . K ] ;,. ;., ; , , ,, «>::<n In 7:110 it. m. H 1:1: ^ -.-- •' i.i.t Hai. I'.i.-., i -,., i.uot KM - u.,cti,. r.inr.u, • 11 in MU->, <i i 1 '^ :>"i, 11 '.'. 'i'i-ii Wi-tnm- 11 ;,i. Mil- 'i :il Un OII-K. KI'.M" ' —-S. \er ,\n. lunio. SAT! KPAV »t:lltl lo '!:.'{(» ji. in. l»::M In ", :IM1 n, if. Kl.l: V -- r . ,., I,,,,, -,n iho LnticJ r.,,ni(- r; '- I... M.I-;. -I I I:, vi ill. . K II • <-hnrku.ii;,,,, .I:,!),),!,.,.... Is I'M''- .Mil.- , :, I (.'I,,, k. i, ;,.,. , ,„ lli( , J '.I J 111. "nil Iii 7::<ll ii. in. Kl:U.\ - X. U-.; .I.',. .M.lllln .\K|.,n-l,V Kl'l -TM.IIV-* II. rn,-,. 7:1;,. n-i.-t »•.',.„! I.-int..n. "::lll In H:IIO n. in. KI:K.\ .-.V,.H-- i-.,,,, m . ,,1,,,-j-; .(.-,. liliMhm Kan. h | •» |*. Kl'l .Mai, h lo Vi. ti.,-> ; T <:,. . . . . I,',. ,\ !•«.--. K:llll In H::ill n. ni. N. ws; iii S:MII p. 111. X :.'!(! In 'J:llll a. m. H-.IHI lu K:;|<P p. m. K I. i:\--\Vat. h ih u \V,,;|<1 (-,,, |iy ,v ] - I'all.. I- I'ilTnilll KKI--M.I* • .M)i.|i. 8:1".. liny MMM...I,. KI'Mi' ---.IHJI KII.I,-. (il.-.. \i';ilu' T.MII . X::!l> In ll:lid p. m . K" I:I:N -<;:im: HI.H. •: s K"i-'l- liiitfVs TIIMMII Kr.Mi;- Aiii-n lie ti, !l:0<l lo U::<0 p. in. KI-.T.N-- M-, t V,.;n .\,,v.\ K I- I -Kin IniiKh l-'ni Kl'MC- .\,.., s !i.];,, n-,,1 |!, (J «i, !l::tO to l(l:ll.i p. in. KI'.llV — 1-lrnry .1. Ta>loi; '.< li. I'Mi/.cu* ' '"IM'nn ! ... ( . ,\ i;;: ji t( .-i .s,.. 1 .: K ri- -.In. -in Pavis f.ll'l .I;n li Unify K I'All '-- KuitPli I., .1] ; |i 4;, p .\fW(|. HiMKi in Iil::in p. m. KKHN — H:ii 7n! .111 n »M I,,-MI:I. KK: - 'I'll.-. J:..|.,.i :. ? , in.i -. .M,,,,, i,. s; ,. r li'ii'M--. K I'.\1C— • Sill, K|,,|,, , s , ,, fl|,. ; ., lll::ill lo I I :ll(l p. m. K i:r:\'- -n •, , i ,• i >.• , !.„• ,,, i., ..,,, KJ''I -•, i h. ,\, ,.,, ., ' .Mi,. i.- .M. 1,1,1 -.KI'.Ml ' - >'a'i I i. in, :.", ,. f.;, t .|,i. I I:IH1 Iii II :::o p. in. KKHV- - J'lil« Mi,-, .nit W.,ilil: II ].-,. Hc-ii ; >• K :i.t:'.s < h .-( i-i, K/'l ..... Kl.'V. nth II', nr .\r«s: 1 1 1 :, , 1 Vis I'.-iriiiif.: 1 1 .'1 IVl.M ,1., l.iin.-i KI'.Ml -- .\i-ws: II u:,, SI!VIT ,\,.. tninn. 1 1 ::ffl Iii r.MMl p. m KKIIX — Tril W.-ciii), 1 (in ln-sir;i 11 ::,.",. Nf IV CfD/f/C F05Ffff AND HIS REVIEW OF WEEKEND NEWS HOW-SUNDAY 7:00 P. M. KPMC KI'.Mi '- lli-ll... Mom! !)::«) tn lii:00 n. m. KKI'.N—i'liii1li;iiii Sli<i|i|ii-i - l..,.s I..IHK•' I-''. 'I'lans Allaiilic (Jin/. Kl-'l Ai. x In-,,.,-: !i : .|r, ].,,,- .\ni_.ol,., i-.iuiily Mi-ilu-al AHSI..-.;if,.ii T;,]k ; Kl'MC - Satimbiy S. i apln.ok 1(1:110 In Itt-.'M n. MI. K llll.V .- Mii-n ; Id ir,. Culhi.s I'HlliMif ; K l-'l A.Hi MI lire- Ahi'iiil. j KI'.MC .V.-M-H; id i;, AI \V-ihmim. Ill:.'!() lu I I (III n. in. KHUN —Whin's c...,kin".'; In ;,:,. "iKaii Inli-i-h.ili-. Kl-'l -- I|C.|-I.'M lo I! Hull], lu i;,, Kl'-MC-' I.IIM. la ..M w:lli l.i,p. 7. 11 (id in 11 •:<(! n. m. KI'lltN- -l!a.|... Kals ii' Clul, K l-'l I I|M>'.I !lllt:lv Thrilli I Kl'MC A lo / n \o\ .-H-- 1 l i,-, I.ain .M l,,i. i, u i ,,. )„ .-i.., 1 I ::!() In r.MlM S,,,,,, Kl.l:.\- r ,, II,,, , p.- ,.,,,, , K I'l - U ,ir I 'I;, -t S].. II.1,:; H, , KI'.MC - C.-.IIKI. sli-nic'.v'H dn lif.-lni 1 1 . l.'i. .MUM. . l-':(m In |-'.-;to n. in. KI-:ilN- -Tn I., ;,MI,OIIII. ,-,!. 1CI-'I N, l-'arin HIM,.,i Icr; HIT. . Al,-l,i(]i,.u Kl'MC-- Ni-\vs. II ]:,. |.-iinlliii|| CjMluf!. I•!::«! lo 1:00 p. in. KKIl.V K-III-I Ciiiiili.M'.- .\:vt.v. l)i. lii'Hlra. KI'.MC--. !•• -i,,il,;i|'] (';.-,,,,,. 1:00 lo I ::i(l p. m. KKHV Salurdny Hi'Vlow \\llli Hornet Hi-all. Kl-'l Aiiiij'-Nin-ili Carolina Font )>» II (.a IMC K f'.\U '— Font ha II fja in p. 1:.'!() In ',':0(l p. m. Ki:i!\—SalMr.lay Ilrvii-w W.lli II.n .n . II, Kl-'l AIMI\ .\oiih Carolina l-'on(l'a!I I '.a till'. KI'.MC—l-'oolhall Oailif. 'i :00 lo 2:.'tO p. in. KKKN — Sal unlay Con, rn. Kl-'l Your Aim rli a KI'.MC—FrnllMill Clamo. •i;'.W In :<:(IO p. m. KKRN'—S.-iiurilny COM,-oil; :' 15 llolln, Suc'.-lh.-ai I. K I'I--KMI..-I i HiiKhns: I 1 4:,, AlufiiL- Iloom KI'.MC—1'ooi ha 11 Cam,-. :i:(io to :<::id n. m. KHUN — Kilwani Toiiilinsnii, 3:15. Harry Kl-'l S.M,,• I'carl Hiilmr; 3.1&. 1 SiiHinln \\' IIIKH. KI'.MC--I'Vntlmll riiiinn :i::to In l:un p. in. KKIi.V c.ii,i,.n,|,,,rary Co]ii|,os,-|Kl-'l -Ciiit M.-IHSI-V: :::!.-,, Ait of Living. KI'.MC— l.'oolhall liiinic. 4:00 to <l::il> p. in. KKKN —111 ic- Ciii-rcBponilcntx Ahnmd; 41.".. Him- .Mii|:n,. t . KKI- They Call Jin ,loc. •I:'f0 to n:0(> p. in. KKU.Y—(>M Mate-, I-:M-I ylinily. Kl'l—Nciail Wi-hnlpr Saja. KI'.MC—1'oolhllli (liiinp. r,:llll lo 5;:lll p. in. KKIl.V- II u i y (IU-,-MH' llnhcstiB K l-'l -- M IIHH a Mil i.liiti's; f, l.'i, Nc\\ H P.-i ,,,,1 KI'.MC—I-',>c,II,all Gatnr; D:h',. Wunir for rit'mrnilira Hit 1 . 5:!tO 10 fl:l)'l p. in. KKIIN CillKMt nnil .Siillii'ini I'VullvnI. THIS CfRIOt'S WORLD By WILLIAM FEROfSON HAVE A LEGEND THAT WHEN A DISHONEST INDIAN DIES. A TINY SAGUARO CACTUS CONTAINING THE INDIAN'S SOUL BE6INS TO &ROW, AND NOT UNTIL THE PLANT GROWS UP, DIES AND DECAYS, IS THE SOUL 5ET FREE AND PERMITTED TO LEAVE THIS EARTH.., AND A SA6UARO MAY LIVE ISO VEAKS. /M WOPD "INSECT" REFERS TO THE CREATURE'5 BODY BEING "// COPR. 1944 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT TONIGHT at 10 KPMC Presented by the San Francisco Opera Company and broadcast for your pleasure by SAFEWAY STORES * 40 PAGE OPERA BROADCAST PROGRAM FREE! Contains story of" each opera, pictures of leading artists and all radio broadcast information. Write P. 0. Rnx j;-?;, '/.one 79 San Irtitiiisc'), fur I-R \.\ r,pcm program VOTE NO on No. 12 Tune In KERN TONIGHT 9:45 Mrs. Robert Prominent in Clul) •and Social Welfare Activities K£s LOW OF A COW IS OFTEN PVF. JOHNNIE BAYLES, " o', Texas: 9-29 SIDE GLANCES By GALBRAITII COPR. 1944 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. thlnic'N libonl to ImiitKMi, I'm sure—Ihiil last nniiil I had him nhnni-d from her \\iir iiliint job luii-i- recently junt lu iiniuin- iihout no li<-iil(li:" THESE WOMEN! By d'ALKSSIO "S«iniMiiii> In M-P .vou. nnuEhtrr. Your nriivi'rs IIUVB been pnrliiill.v iinsucrcd!" ASSOCIATED FOOTBALL SPORTCAST TOMORROW: California vs. 1.'. C. L. A. 2:ir> P. M., Mutual Network U. S.C. vs. College of Pacific 2:15 P. M. KMPC (710 kc.) TIDF WATER ASSOCIATED "A" OIL COMPANY Sir TOMORROW "'.".".'.V.l r»RLE TANNER 10:3O A. M. Saturday TONIGHT NEWS I is his business I 7:OO P. M. /TJ A BiUC NUWOPK PPOGK,\fA CONTROL YOUR WEIGHT! lli'li' In •* s-niiiii-. s,-n.»,|i|i-. aulliunljlup h,inkli-l \\lin-li N|III\VH the! ri-lnlion "' l" 10 wi-n,h(. Mini ln.«- n >niiii-»| yniir \vciu-hl williont iiKiiiK nieil M-irifH. I'l'k i]i,-ls. t.i- ji IM-.-I I :L 1 us It l.!ls jhi.iit \i1umui*. i-Mlni-ii-s, jM-otrinM. <-;i|-l»n- ln.h.ilrs. ;iinl .-i!! I hi' iilln-r i-ssi-nl ::il In-ins; II'.HII III..MIII! In ln-c-|i ycinr \\ii^hl uiiitt-i i-iuilinl, \vilhi.iit star\iity or htutfiliK. Tabk uf \\fiBhtH lur Inon itlhl Wlilni-ll. Ti tl ii-MIH I'Ohll'illll. Tin- H.-iKi-ifti.-lil I'iililorniiin In 1 CM m:. I KIM Hnimj, :;n; I;.M- MI.-I-I. x i-;.. Wasimumm <:i, n. c. ] i n< )l'^e hrr«-\\illi III II-MIH in '-HIM Irairfitlly \vrapp ( '(l tn lor a '•"!'>• i't I hi' IIOOKU-I \\cinht I'onliol. Slav . l.M.lil tn XV.iMlilliKHill. II C.) TUN/ CHAHM.' -ROMANCE/ J<WM| W/atme/* • New, different kind of radio show! You'll be enchanted with ED WYNN ai "Kin* Bubbles"— what a kinf! '"">! KERN, Tonight, 7:30 P. M. O Bordw Co. Ol'T Ol'R WAY fly J. R. WtT.T.TAMS //I '— —• • ITOSTAHTA BEEN EXPECTIN' • -/I YAVJ P ' / RIOT W A. / TH' ARMISTICE ' vy/^v»i\»i/ U TlME.V)HEN \ANVMINUTER3R. VO W W f V, HE'S MOKE \ SO LONG TH.\T EEEEP.' TO START TH' SLIGHTEST A PAR\DEr S COMMOTlcfo . 1 MIGHTST^RTT - THE HUMORIST. ^~ T u »ic. u. 5 PUT car. COPB 1<H4 tf Nl* at.VICt. IVC •s& CjvTwLl.KW'. •?-!>? oni With A HOOPLB •i. BEEM 6O TOME/-*"- GOUT AMD ^w (At Ate r WAG-5>KlPPlMu I.HAL. A (5CKOOLGIRL \N\1M ^ ROPE/ . > OF LE/XViNiO SCO LET NA ,.V OOT Of- ]/ CAGE, BIS 0OV BLUE/ SINCE YOU GOTTHW I\A VOU'V/E BEENi CONAlMG E\JER>/ MILK-—MV tc, A 30B AND fvW BROTHER. TOM. UfVS FOUNiD A PERFECT I? «POT fOR. VOL) / MEDICINE BITTER^ ^.-^ GUMPS Wolf, Keep Away From My Door By GUS EPSON i /WO6T OF THE COLLEGES ANP ORPHANAGES THAT HE GAVE AWAV RECEIVED HIS HUGE GRANTS 1 EVERY CEK PONT EVEN KNOW WHO THEIR BENEFACTOR WAS' FANFARE/NO PUBLICITY/ BIA/\ slrWPLV GAVE A-WAV HIS GIANT FORTUNE ANOTHER FOR ME GASOLINE ALLEY YOU DANCE BEAUTIFULLY, M(?S. -YOU KNOW, YOU KEMINP ME I /ALL (2IGHT, /irVFUi. LOT OF MY WIFE. I'VE I CO(?TOBAL GOT SOMEWING I WANT TO SHOW YOU. Escape Mechanism By KT\a HERE'S HER PlCTUee. SAMS &LOKK MIS, THE SAME PAR< EVES. I'LL BET YOU LKE A LOT OF THE THINGS SH£ OOES. I KNOW YOU LOVE FLOlVEgS, TW.AT WOULP /IMP MUSIC XIMD MOONLIGHT, y FINE, BUT I'VE COT / COULD TALK TO YOU ^ TO S£E HOW THlMGS ABOUT use FOB HOURS: n AKB COVUMC THE <ITCH£N. BOOTS AND HER Bl DIMES Queer Business By EDGAR MARTIN BOCKS. , WEYQOK TO 71K< FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ^^f^t^ipSTAV VEAM—A WOMAMS ] W/ELL.I'WGOIN© TO OUT OF POLITICS, IF ME PUCE e IN THE HOME / RUM AGAINST YOU. AMD I'M STARTING MY CAMPAIGN) T NOW/ I—' Adds I'p (lip Same! r ^J "^ RIGHT WES'. I WOM'T NOW /HAve ANV DATES '? /WrtU YOU UNLESS you PROMISE NOT TO RUN AGilNST By MERRILL BLOSSER-f AND IF i DO S I'LL BE Too BUSV CAW- PROMISE, WHAT j PAIGNING,TO GO our', WITH vou ANYWAY/ hcoPB. 1X4 BY NE« 8CHVICE, INC. T; M. REG. U. S. POT. OFF. WASH TUBBS Detour By LESLIE TURNER SO LINK'S MEM APE E AST O'HERE? CAM YOU TELL ME WHERE TO FIWP 'EM? FEW MEN KNOW EXACTLY WHERE THEyARE,<:APrAIN EA«y. BUJ IT'S RUMORED THEV'RE WEAR lUdlO MOM. MAYBE SOME ONE THERE CAN DIRECT YOU ID LIKE TO MAKE THIS TRIP AfiAlM SOMETIME — OM THE HK3HWAY.' BETTER STAY Off THE ROADS TO AVOID JAPS RED RYDEIt f THIS <3ArtE 13 HOB&Y OF iMN CCM&OY-'IT COSTS, r l An t'nexpectod fJuess By FRED YOU TELL-Un ME NOT toil CUTE LITTLE RA5CAI---ALU RIGHT, COWBOY,' >OUR GLJES£ - KEEP YOUR HANDS UP.' THE PEA ISN'T ANY OF r / THOSE » 4 SHELLS.' ALLEY OOP Nice Big One, Isn't It? By V. T. IIAMLIN THACTS RIGHT... HE S POSlNiS Afi THE KEEPER OF ING SOLOMON'S YOU WOULDNT UNDERESTIMACTe A, C/XT, NfvOULD VOU ? /^~T~^ NOT "THIS ONE, VUSSUF. YOU'RE ^ GENIUS!

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