The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 11, 1936 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 11, 1936
Page 4
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4^w^if^^?^^^ THE BAKERSKIELD CALIFORNIA*?, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER U, LIQUOR "** 1325 NINETEENTH STREET Week&uL Special. Old Quaker 18 MONTHS Old Whiskey tt,reJ^«^r. A «r»'ST*"" lh " -MSB Schenley's Glenarm ll'i nil whl»ki?-» cholet blind created tar Ihou who apprcelMc « line «ll Whliktr H«nd. II'* 17' Yr, Old Whiskey FULL PINT Full Quart $1.29 $3.23 CATTO'S Gold Label SCOTCH .{very drop ginr«nlnd 1, OVBR 10 YEARS (UD- Sn«cUI Prldty *»d SniurdtT 2 65 $3.25 Flndlater's Finer Scotch$O.5f> Th« cholet •( COBnolu»ur«-OVBR 7 YBMlfl Or,O-On»lly /ff nndtrptlctd «t ftr PlfTH $1.96 Highland King Scolch*|.™ A mellow hle«d wild « In 10-YrtA* OU> IMFOR17ID JL SCOTCH; n« ule, PlfTH $2.25 8 Year Old Bonded Bourbon $ 1 . "Re«l Qttll" 100 proof, (fed I* MMonetf o«k fcefi, eve* m "^ e« t proo, I THAMt »n »»!«. PINT ASSOCIATED LIQUOR STORES Now an agency of Sherry's Liquor Stores Largest Western Liquor Organization $2.95 Imported Cuban Rum N«m. wlihhtld kjr |tromli«-C»rl» HUiict (HnhD "• C«"« .1. Pro (d.flQ, lull P'PTII „_ $1.36 Chauvel Creme da Cocoa Anolhtr grnt vnlo. In * qu.lllv coidl.I. Try K noi> II Ikli reduceil price i lull PIPTH -- 98- $1.35 Stratford Sloe Gin The waim wmhee drlnk-nur l< nowl On n«l« lor tkt weekend •( lull firm ___— 90 $1.35 Laird's Apple Jack A 90 prnnf Apple Rrtndr. I'lne lor mlilrf drlnVi. OR eftle now «t per lull PINT . 39c Leona Vista Sweet Wines Purl. Rherry, Mii>c*lrl «r Ancielk« —on iale I'rkUy and S.(ur,l.y-lutl OIIADT 29 ALL ABOVE WINE PRICES INCLUDE CONTAINERS Gt*^ Ct 80**!Sr CREMO BEER OANNBO Each . , . 8c Per case. $1.89 CIGARS Menlo Mild OUnd Clg.rt, lurlnclbl ar P«rt«Ull« lc V.n Ilrkr, Pktllli.. >Vhlte Owl. "«," Pilmo jr.. Wm. Pen* for Box of 80 • Qeo. WaililiiQton, 10 or. 01o e Union Lender,. ,1>t ox. O'lo S Velvet 1C 01. 70o e H«lf and Half... 10 ox. 94c e Model 16 ox. HOc e Rnlalrjh 10 ox. 9<tc Cr.m.1, Ch»it«rfl«ld, Luekr Slrlk*. Old Gold or tUUIgh. CIQARETTES J^jqitor Prices Jidject to JArfc fa v^ W£ R£S£RVF RIGHT 701/MJf Oimli/u' Comfort In That Hour of Need is given everyone who comes to the Fllckinger-Dlgier Chapel where wo ivttompt to provide tho IKIHI fur I\N llulo an nowslblp Tho ontlro funeral tout horo 1» only tho conl of HIP raakut. which v«rte» with the value offi-roil. Wo ulno urge you not to ov«r- purchase. Telephone 97 J, C. FUCIUNUKR KRANK DIQIUIl 1227 CllliSTlCH AVKNU1C Favorable Growing \Venlhci 1 Makes Sep loin her Crops Higher Than August I'rfin I,f.n»f,<l Wire) WABIJINOTON, Sept. 11.— Favot- nbla growing conditions In California flurlntf AiiRUHt wilt rostilt in n higher yield In crop*, tho Tedaral Crop 8ur« vojr hoard deolarod horo today. Tn the owe of nearly all crop*, tho Hrtfttombor enllmatfts woro higher than thoBO marJo for California on Aiifjtmt 1, tho board rt-poi'tod. Cullfornln'H ornngo crop l« o«tl- mated an 76 per cont of normal, compared with 73 pur cent last year and 80 i>or fcont over n. 10-yoar pnrlod, 'J'ho California urapefrult proNpcctM nhowcd a dficroaiici from 76 per coilt normal In 1035 to 7« thin year. The fall tomato crop will bo 359,000 bu/ilmlH ahovo tho 1 085 total, tho board ofttlnmlcd, liecaima uouthorn Callfornla'ti harvoHt will «how an 18 iwrcont Increaso to 1,071,000 UuuhclH. NAM IS MAN SLAVISH LOB ANCUSLBS, Sept. 10. (A. P.)— A ooronor'H Jury decided today that Walter U. l'arkln», 7!», dl«tl a« tho roHUlt of ftlab won n do In f Ho tad by Walter .f. Waters, who, tm.ld wit- riotiftefl, prei'lpltalcd a wild moloo In front of u downtown restaurant on Monday. Threo other men worn eorloiiHly woundod. Tho fllntrlot attorney'M of- flco iHNiicd a murder complaint ^^'atprH. Group Will Probe Telephone Rates; (Vntted l>ret» Leaicd Wire) WASHINGTON, Sept. 11.—The federal communication commission decided lato today to expand Us Investigation of tho American Tele- phono and Telegraph Company to Include a thorough Investigation of Its rated to telephone subscribers; Upon motion of Commissioner Thad II. Brown, tho telephone division of tho commission wired Carl I. Wheat at 1/os Angeles to seo whether ha could take charge of the rate Inquiry. Tho latter has ben appointed associate counsel of Samuel Booker In tho general Investigation of tho compart^'s affairs. Finds $10,000 But Has tojGive It Up (Altorlatetl J'reii Leated II'(re; HlflAimiGTIT, N. J., Sept. 11.— Mrs. William Worth of Highlands picked up what appeared to bo a Pisco of coloml paper from tho sidewalk yoBlerday, looked It over, and doclded aho had found a $1000 bill. Kho looked It ovor again and discovered U was a $10,000 bill. Then sbo learned It was worthies bouauso It woe a canceled gold certificate. Tim noto WIIH Issued by tho treasury for the convenience of federal rosi>rvo bunlcu, and local bankers said they did not know how It got outside. Thoy nald mien a noto would I novor l»> hold by an Individual. They I fonvardod It to Washington. Texas Girls Havfe Natural Charm Is Expert's Opinion (Vnlted FrcM tea»cA Wife) TfORT WORTH, Tcias, Sept. ll. •*• Southwestern girls naturally hare the complexion that New, York «lrl« have to get out of powder boxes, in the •Opinion of John Murray Anderson, noted dance director, In charge of the stage shows in Casa Manana at the Frontier Centennial here. "Southwestern girls have what our Forty-second street hoofers get out of powder boxes," he said. "The healthy »un tan* with just a few freckles—ah, Texas girla are really beautiful." Anderson should know. About half the show arid chorus girls in his latest production are .from Texas. The rest from New York. Screen Stars Will' Be WedNext Week (AmiofMod I'rctt Leuiod Wire) HOLLYWOOD, Sept. 11.—Dick Powell and Joan Blondell had a date at the marriage license bureau today. Carrying a screen romance Into real llto, they planned to bo married some time n«xt week before sailing September 18 on a honeyrnoon voyage to New York aboard tho liner Ban la Paula. It will bo tho RocOnd trip t,o tho altar for each. Miss Blondell's ctl- vorco from Cameraman George Barnes boeamo final last Tuesday Barnes Intends to wed a dancer Betty Woods, later this month. Bank Teller Shot; Believed Suicide (United Prkti'Leated Witt) ~ OAlfLAND, Sept. 11.—Mlfan Had- ojevlch, 28, teller in the College avo- nue branch of the Bank of America, was found-shpt to death today in the washroom of the bank, in what no- llco behove wtis a suicide. No noto was found near the body. Police ami RaBojevich's bride of a month were unable 'to find any reason for a suicide, Tho body was found by Bdward Wares, a Janitor, when he entered the bank' this morning to clean it. 4 .» T Arraign Four Men on Murder Charge \ ' qi v ~ '• r * ma * :Li ~* . (Vnitet Prett Leaned Wire) OAKLAND, Sept. il.—Four seamen, union officials and members, charged With the murder of George W. Alberts, chief engineer Of thO freighter Point Lobos, last March, were arraigned on first-degree imtr- d«r charges before Superior Judge Ifldward J. Tyrrell today. The four, Earl King, secretary of tho Marino Firemen's Union; 15. H. Itomney, a "patrolman" for the union, and Frank J. Connor, union member, wero ordered returned to court Monday to enter thdlr pleas. Tho state charges that tho four and a fugitive, Ben "Wimpy" Sacho- wltie, Raid to bo the actual slayer, conspired In tho murder ot Alberts because they wero opposed to his "conservative" labor policies. by Broadcast Now in British Depot (United freit Leatcd Wire) T ONDON, Sept 11-—A "crow's • LJ nest" has been built high above the platforms of Waterloo station to help direct travelers during heavy traffic, > From It, lookout men will see the state of the traffic, receive reports from various inspectors and keep travelers informed about the trains, platforms and times, Inside the lookout is a microphorte which is connected with loudspeakers itt all parts of the station. Veteran Newsman Dies in Bay City (United Prctt Ltdted 'Wife) SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 11.— 8am Ewing, 70, veteran San Francisco newspaper man, and at the time of his recent retirement the oldest working reporter In the olty, died at his homo today from natural causes. Ewing had "covered" San Francisco for BO years. Ho Is survived by, a daughter, Lorraine, and a brother-in-law and sls< ter.'Mr. and Mrs. George Yelllck of &an Leandro. Funeral services will bo conducted horo^ Saturday. ARRIVES LOS ANO.ELK8, Sept. 10. (A, P.)— Joseph B. Keenan, assistant to the United States attorney general, arrived today on an Inspection visit for the department of Justice. Mousers Invited to Try for Five ghtrl&y Temple ra*f«» «*» awaiting thsl* adoption by llttl* erafleld boys or fftrlat. Thei* have bcfen sent to Bakersfleld by t&« Los Angeles County Vair A*so<si»ti<m to be given to children from 6 to 12 years ot age who will write an essay of not wore than BO words on "Why 1 Would Like to Oo to the Los Angeles County ITalr/' , All essays arc to be submitted t» the managers at the Fox, Kile and California theaters on or before September 19. 4 The dolls at present are on display at the above mentioned theaters and winners will be notified at the Fo« Mickey Mouse Club: meeting on Sat* urdtiy morning, September 26. Ther* will be a first, second and third prii« and in addition to these three prizes, two other Shirley Templo dolls will be awarded. A number of essays for the contest have already been received and plrzea wilt be awarded based on neat* ness as well as the beSa reason, "Why 1 Would Like to Go to the Los Angeles County Fair." NAME CHIEF 1 EXAMINER WASHINGTON, 1 , 11. (A. P.) Coptyoller of tjio Currency J. F. T. O'Connor announced today appointment of Frank W. Shanley of sin Franclnco as chief national bank. examiner for the twelfth federal reserve district. Shanley has been acting chlof examiner for some time. The twelfth district embraces California, Oregon. Washington, Idaho, Utah and pdrt of Arizona. One Stop Can Use Mile of Gasoline 4 out of every 5 miles you drive are SiOP-and-Go I N today's driving, you atop over 30 times a day. Shifting gears after a stop can use up '/ft "mile" of gasoline. For economy here, you need a gasoline THAT GIVES FAST PICKUP. On the other hand, you start your engine 10 times a day. For economy here, you need a gasoline that STARTS QUICKLY. All in all, if you're a typical motorist, you drive an average of 27.4 miles a day. So you also need a gasoline that's ECONOMICAL IN STEADY RUNNING! Your gasoline needs 3 different kinds of power ~ fust as your car needs 3 shifts of gears. First to recognize the need, Shell engineers have combined these 3 kinds of power in one fuel- Super-Shell, the first truly balanced gasoline. Sold at over 30,000 neighborly Shell stations from coast to coast.

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