The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 11, 1936 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 11, 1936
Page 2
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yv£^™! f f%®&s, TUB JUKERSFmD CAUFOttNIAN, ftllDAY, SEPTEMBER II, J&38 Values from the College Shop CONFERENCE VARSITY SUITS Conference V«rsity Clothes arc the exact duplicates, in style, fabric, pattern nncl color of those worn on the lending campuses of America. You'll like their easy style...colorful fabrics nnd the wny they stand the gaff. Single and double breasted models including the new English Lounge. $ 25 WOOL TROUSERS Chtcki... Stripes »nd plum color* in pure wool Inbnci The ntaiontvtre made with plrnii'il Iront •• worn nt thr trailing Amcricin Umversitiri. $-495 COLLEGE PAC SHOES Jimnttly ityleil cmnpus modtU ^ ^^ <%•• in tough gram IculhciJ niul ae* Jp <f% 95 li'CU'il cnllskinft. A whole car- m *j loiid of comfort mul milen of ^ff* wenr. . ... BRITISH SERIES SHOES PETE CAMPUS JACKETS Univrnttyttyl«d shoes in Monarch flrniiu, i he finttt nude in Anieuon. Km* cull niul Dtrmore Viicohzed waterproof leather*. They linvr the look* urul din t«k« it . . jfc "^ STURDYMAN SHIRTS I ; mr bionclclnth shirts in plain -k ^^^^ • ml Inncv puitrrni. Mndf with * ( OO ilir u<i|t-lci» (olUr. Full ilirunk I tiul l«»t coloi * * REGIMENTAL STRIPE TIES A >m«tt «d«pt inn of the 1 regimrnrsl striping* that brcr>mr the »m»rt tie lot cullfge men to wt»r 65c VARSITY STAY-UP HOSE A very fine n»:,i>rtniom of pnl- ternnnml colon in the popular ihoit length hose with »elf- iuppottlng top. Smiirtly patterned in the nrwe«t Full itylt iilcua. nnd the imirtcit colon Plum colors...clirck aiul plniiU. j, M,u!r with hi«I,'in ilcrvcf, zip- S prr Iriinl. side Imrklfl and sport hack. The leading lacltct on any cnmpui CONFERENCE SHIRTS All woven patterns in niAdraj, . etui nnd end clotha. i lipped 9 f o9 htJiire.H. Many with Dukr of 1 Kent lollar, nnd hnulinl finnh • • A top vuluc VARSITY PULL-OVERS A lot of new weavti mcUidinn the smttt nhakfr w«nvi-.. .now . ^^ color* too. Thrift nil pure wool Jn 4^^ 1 jj pullovrii nre the pupulnr i'iim- J mi» twentrr. Rriuh and plain ^** ' linuhos in lnr(r felcctton.i nr« inchulrd . ... TWIN SET SWEATERS Cniirand »hp-onto match.One nl these niul u pair of pant*. . ' mul you cnn fie most nnywhcve. STADIUM CORDUROYS A JC An excellent quality corduroy made up with the popular zipper front. It is reinforced nt every essential point and cut over the most popular college pattern. 3 FRISNO * BAKIRSFIILD Glare Blindness Remedy Outlined frt»» Lraied Wtoe) H«r>l. 1l.--»r. Harcy n. Uo »Uva 6f Harvard Unlvfittily «ald lioro today that vHanilim may ollmlnato Ilio ."«lttre bllndnOM" which hundlcapii «omo motorlaU at night, llo told automoblla cxeoutlveB of lil« exporlrnnnlH In iho Harvard Bureau for Btront Traffic Kencerch to Iwarn thft effttct of dlei on "glare bllndnom," which lio oNtlmated ham* pern 10 per rent of Iho motorist*. "By testa on Kiilnoa plgB," ho said, "wo havo dlmcovorud that .a deficiency In vltHinlno will rondor them blind at night. "Wo aro going to try tnl« theory on peopln now, to BCO If by feuding<lcd pcrsonH morn vitamins wo nan reduce or ollrnlnalo tholr dlfflctiltlou." Cleveland Ditch Holds Sixth Body (A Mtoelateil /'rein healed Wire) CIvEVJSI.AND, Sept. ' 11. — Tho nlxth liuadloitA body to be found In Cleveland (luring tho Idflt year wan dlHuovorcd today In KlngHbury Hun on OlovolfuHl's fltut Mldo, The torso tipparontly wna that of a man between iho agoa of 25 nnd 40, It. wa« I'ovcrotl by tho nhallow wator of Klngsbury road near a culvert under tho Nickel Plato railroad tr.'icltfl, Nearby pollen found a btoodHtulnad fihlrt wrapped In a TticHday morning newspaper. Flvo of tho Blx hcadleHH bodied found In thn city during Iho past year wwro thono of mon. First Man to flop . teton Forced to Cancel New Climb (Vntted Prat beatod wire) , TACKSON, Wyo., Sept. H.—WU1- " Ham 0, Owen for whom Mount Owen In the Tcton National Park was named and the first man accredited with scaling lofty Grand Tcton, has been forced to cancel his climb of Grand Teton this year due to threatened blindness. THC 77-year-old mountain climber had planned to retain his title this year of the oldest man afl well as the first to climb the famous peak. Release Driver in Hollister Mishap {United I'reti Leatcit Wire) HOLLISTKR, Calif., Sept. 11.— Police today released George Johnson, Han Juan truck driver, who had boon held for questioning an a result of a highway accident that killed William s. Mahoney, 83, of Sacramento. Mahonoy, an Insurance adjuster, was Injured fatally, and his sister, Helen Mahoney, 27, and Norma Wllll, 28, both state board of oquall zatlon employes In Sacramento, were seriously Injured. Johnson told police, they said, that ho was forced to turn out to avoid striking an automobile In front of his truck, which stowed up suddenly and swerved off the road. Mahoney Was active In tho Junior chamber of commerce In Sacra men to. Report Man ty &i**t * LARBDO, ToXaa, Sept. 11*—Tho Laredo Times today reported an agrarian mob ausfusslnftted Auxiliary Judge Jose Maria Oarza at San Marcia la Floroncla, 30 miles south of Mdiito'rcy, when he told them the slayer of one of their comrades had bead taken to PoaqUlra for safe keeping. JiJdgo Oarza dlsd with 40 bullets in his body. Two pasoeraby suffered serious wounds. Border reports said an agrarian was killed in a dance hail and the mob went to Judge dar&k.'B residence seeking tho murderer. Reports said tho mob was led by tho auxiliary judge of a nearby town and numbered about 40 men armed with pistols and rifles. Judge a arm was reported to bo an anti-agrarian leader. ,.. . '._ -. , 4 t » . Former State Man Will Go_on Trial (United Prtiii tMted'Wire) , OAKLAND, Sopt. 11.—Elwytt M. Bergsten, former agent with f.he state board of equalization : office hero, who Is charged with bribery and soliciting a bribe In connection with the alleged "fixing" of charges against a Nlli&s tavern owner, will go on trial September.28, it was announced today. Bergsten aasortedly confessed to his part In accepting f600 to drop charges of Illegal possession of liquor. His statements resulted In Grand Jurjr investigations which re suited In the Indictment of several other persons. '• Rubber Roads Are Tested in Island Continent to (Vntted Prtti tfaifd Wife) SYDNEY, Australia, Sept. 11.— ^ Rubber roads may succeed the necessity of rubber tires as the result of experiments now being carried out In Queensland. The rubber being used is sent from Papua,' New Guinea. To date, it has proven too costly for general toad use but new experiments are now being made, If they prove successful, rubber roads will be extended to other parts of Australia. Hearing on Boost in Milk Rate Soon (Aiioctatcd Pret* Leaicd W<r«) SACRAMENTO, Sept. 11,--Application of the producers In the' San Bernardino-Riverside niilkshed for a ID-cent Increase In the price of fluid milk per pound of milk fat will be given a hearing September 28. The date Was set today by Ai A, Brock, state director of agriculture* Distributors In that market area now are paying producers 50 cents. \V. 11. Wright, administrative assistant In charge of the Los Angeles office will preside at the hearing. .•• . 4 *»'••' • VETERANS BUY HOMES LOS ANGELES, Sept. 11.'(A. P.) World War veterans have purchased 4300 homes and 15 farms worth $20,689,377 in Los Angeles county under the farm and homo purchase act, the state veterans welfare bureau reported. Committee Probes Black , kept. li.-4jAs Marlfl Ilemple,, secretary of, the abntcrenc% Cor protection of civil rights, Bald today the La JTollette, Senate committed Investigating reported labor spy organizations will make' a "th'or- ough Investigation" of the Black Legion. M1«B Ilemple Bald all* received A, letter today'from Rdfeart WohlWrth* '«ecr<?tary 6t the committee, pfofhia* Ing that "Senator 1 La JTollelte will, make a thorovigh Investigation of all phases of this Inquiry." The .letter was in response to a plfca from the conference f6r a scrutiny of the Black Legion's activities, i Detroit labor officials have charged that the telack Legion was active in opposing labor organizations. *«+ Ask GMMeri to Act itt Muir Slaying (Anoetated Prcm Lcaied Wire) RIVERSIDE, Sept.- 11.— Representative . Samuel Collins of .the Nineteenth California congressional district has asked the federal bureau 6f Investigation to aid inquiry Ihtd the killings of Miss Ruth •• Mulr, Riverside T. W. C. A. secretary, and five other women in the $an 'Diego area in the past few yearp. , Representative Colling said his act waa not meant as any reflection 05 San Diego authorities but a call for federal aid. . He telephoned the office of J. Edgar Hoover, chief of the bureau of Investigation at "Washington, but Hoover was reported out of the city. He then wrote Hoover an air mail letter. : ." '. , ' -. It's our family's whiskey, neighbor—and neighbor, it's your price! This is me just stopping by Wall? Potter's place to say hello to Wally . ; * • • * ' '' ..... That's me. up there on Maude's back, and Wally laying in the hammock, arid pur dog Je*»le fixing to hop up onto Willy'* lap. So far at I know, Wally Potter never took part in the making of any whltkoy, but being raited right here with the distillery to clote by, naturally he't alwajt had the chance to learn more about how a g»od whUkey ought to taste than anybody! know. Wally tays ever tince the Wilken Family tUrted distilling—that'* tome SO years ago —he't never yet com* across anything having tuck a real tMtihest to it at The Wilken Family's own personal recipe.. Harry E-Wilken ^ 1 Our Family's Whiskey being so mild—it sure goes good on a hot day! I mean the way it's got of trickling down so cool and pleasant like Maybe it's the special mildness our Family's Whiskey has got to it that makes it feel so extra lovely on your throat when it's all dry and you're wanting real bad to cool it off. Or like as not it's just so plain good tasting it seems better to you on account of your enjoying it so. I don't know—but anyhow I can tell from all your orders you're finding The Wilken Family Whiskey just about as much to your liking as Wally Potter up there in the picture I told you about. Well, I got to say this much. It took our Family quite some time learning all the things that make this recipe like it is. Counting Grandad Wilken and Dad and William and Tom and me, that makes 50 years or so the Wilken Family has been concerning itself with whiskey making. So all in all I guess it's not so odd the way you're all asking for it wherever you find you can ge TH« P. 3.—Pr«i, * copy of our Wilken Ptmlljr Cooking Album if you'll writ* m» «t Th» M*pUi, R.K.D. N6. S, Sch*nl»y, P«. U 116.1 prwf-Tlw straight whisklti In this product art 15 Month* tr nwrt rid. 25* straifbt whliMw; 75* piln neutral tjMrits. 5* *tral«ht «M<k*y 4 yMn «M, ZO* itrtlsbt whlslwy IS month* old. Copyright 1936, Joi. S. Klnch it Co., Inc., SchtnUy, P». SUPfcHVISED BY THE WIL ..J..*.!, ',1. . ')•'.

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