The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 11, 1936 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 11, 1936
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COMPLETE PRESS LfeA&D WIRE* ^ff V •" • -••'• - • ^^ THE LEADING NCWSFAPEH OF THE SOUTHERN SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY * I v ' b I ^ _ ^ _ FULL AND EXCLUSIVE. UNITED PRESS REPORT J. EXLVI 20 PAGES BAKERSF1ELD, CALIFORNIA, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 1936 I ^ - L ^ " _ *1 W + *...- - * L •.•:•- TWO SECTIONS No. 36 BETTER TIMES 1 ' - , London s Lead in Slight Decrease as Nine States Return Magazine Ballots Urges Preparation for 'Future Cut in Work Done by People , , , k*«*^MiM.>v**iMM^ •; _ , PRAISES ENGINEERS 1 , 1 T *"*^ 1 *'"'^*^'^**'***^* , , ^ B Ceremonies Attend Act .,,-.. ,- • of Pressing Button to Start Dam Speakln (Associated I'rcaa Leased Wire* T^TASHINGTON, Sept. 11.— Presi- " dent Roosevelt today advocated advance preparation for a future day when, through the conversion and application of energy, "half of the population can provide tho basic machine-made products necessary for tho welfare" of all." Standing before the third world power conference, with representatives of B2 nations In his audience, the President said In an address that preceded hla starting of the turbines of tho great Boulder dam: "AVe. can conceive that this would mean that the people between 20 and 00 years of age will be able to produce the • baslb commodities for themselves and also for all, others below and ajpqvo those ages.* . Should thett. conditlpn. arle^ ;ti« as-, sorted, llfc would be thb' duty of the powei^eXperte to /'think what would r ' -*: ' J% •- Srfrf -A.W*-; -- . ,*,* . --•''•'" - -*. "•\v" t - -j ,---*-i be the effect on our leisure, out cul? of life." , *! 'he added; 'ithat the answer should ,not ibe }eft>filolely in the hand^ of b^nlcerflr'firbverhment officials ot demagrofirues;" , : v ; ] L '• ' '-•""- : In the- marble confiti- few blocks from: tho White House, the President, just back from a two-day whirlwind tour into* the south, raised the question whether enough .attention was being paid to "human .engineering." v Ho also asked whether engineering genius, having "destroyed" the . world of relative scarcity, had yet "undertaken to create the new world of abundance which is potential hi your command over nat- ftral energies." Ceremonial attended tho pressing of a email electrical button by the chief executive at the end of his ad- drens. Ho called the attention of his audience to it as tho instrument for stirring Into "life and creative activity" for the first time the "powerful turbines" of Boulder dam. Ills words at the pressing of tho button were written at the White House as follows: "Bouder Dam: In the. name, of tho people of tho United States, to whom you are a symbol of greater things iu tho future; in the honored presence of guests from many nations, I call you to life!" 1 In tho body of hlB address, the President said that America was rapidly becoming a "matured" nation and with this was developing an "increasing concern dn tho pairV of hlH economic security." "This matter of economic security, I take It*" ho continued, "is not to (Continued on Page Nineteen) OUR REGULAR MONDAY FEATURE r ' \ Local Store Specials ', \n Sponsored by ADVERTISERS Ap«i TwmiU Company, Jub >Ltt, Burton'i XHntnf Boom, City Kur- pflur* Compftuy, lUrry Chor Store, Drink-O*TJak. JUumj- Dunn, Fraf*r'§ T»mUt Grotto. Harry lUto. K*ud*U JUUM. Erwttl Joow, Mmer Kftrw, Kern Uoofln«, Irfo'i KxcloilT* t*ur atop, S«m Mow. Minner Vumliun) fitore. Mr. and Mr*. Caf*. McNaUU, Carol Nora Btantr Shop, OW«M v*rl»t>- Htor». furniture KichAnga, Pcvgr Bftauly Kirk BmgUnd Cr«ta«n'. SMU A WaUw«, 91. praftcU Caft. Sam Snod- Barter and B*Moty Salon. Trout. ic- Crwra Shop. Vrntr't Mu»U> and ^ppUaM SWw, WUt* tfpot Unr* kM, nor ^ju rimiiurt Bt««, wtok*r abun Jewelcra. you OO IT WITH BASIS • - -i TUESDAY ?.' 4 I BIG SALE WENT LITTLE TOO FAR (Associated Prcat Leased Wire) C LEVELAND, Sept. 11. — The Council of Jewish Women opened a "thrift shop" to raise money for welfare work and one bargain hunter obtained a green felt hat for 25 cents and a tailored tweed coat for $1.25. Long after the unknown shopper disappeared, Mrs. Milton P. Schlealnger, co-chairman of the venture, found her hat and coat had been sold. Execution Set fo 11 P. M., Been Put Off \ Twice by Judge LA WALLA STATE PRISON, .Sept. Hall,. who a\* beach house /pear Br^hierton on Maroh'27, 1934 § was postponed until .11; P- ; ni- tonight; a' few minutes before the former theology student was to be led into the gallows chamber. Warden John McCauloy ordered the postponement in a dramatic move which came as tho 34-year-old "moss murderer" was being given last religious condolences preparatory to his hanging which earlier had been delayed two hours. Originally he was to have died at 12:10 a. m. Shortly before midnight HcCauley postponed the execution until 2 a, m. lo allow time for arrival of Hall's Seattle attorney, Everett Butts, who asked for a last mlnuto conference with tho warden. ;McCauley granted the Hccond postponement to permit Hall's mother lo reach here by plane from Olympla, where she earlier appealed to Governor Clarence D. Martin for a last- minute stay of execution. The governor refused her plea. n German Seaplanes Seek Ocean Marks (Associated Prfla§ Lcatcd Wire) NEW YORK, Sept. 31.—Tho thorough-going Germans, with one transatlantic flight record for an east-west crossing stowed away, sought a second mark today with flying boats of the German international airline, Lufthansa. Tho 30-ton flying boat Xephir landed at Port Washington, N. Y., lost night, completing tho first nonstop flight 'between the Azores and the United States. HH time wan 21 Hours, 7 rrtlnutes for tho 2390-milo trip. Its sister ship, the Aeolus, was catapulted from the base ship, Schwabenland, off the Azores a few hours lateu for a second trip between tho two points, this ono with a scheduled stop at Bermuda. It was 1291 miles from the Azores at 8:35 a. m. (KST). The Aeolus Is scheduled 10 fly from Bermuda to Port Washington tomorrow. Man Hanged for Murder of Wife (United Pren teased Wire) SAN QUENTIN PRISON, Sept. 11. Bill Bam, 34, ChlnoHo, who tnatlti peace with his celestial ancestors by killing hl« wife in Stockton lout year, was hanged today for the murder. He ate grapefruit, melon, two, eggs NEW YORK, Sept. U.—Landon's lead over; Roosevelt decreases to le«a than 2 to 1 in the second week's report of The Literary Digest's 10,- 000,000-hallot presidential straw poll. Uandon t« shown receiving 61,190 votes and Roosevelt 33,4113 with Lctmko trailing the two major can* didates with 4109 out of a total of 90,734 ballots reported. Thomas la Indicated receiving slightly over one-half of the balanco of 1 per cent of tho total vote cast to date which Is divided among tho other four candidates. v Nino States In L Votes nro now tallied from Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio, Oklahoma and Texas for tho first time. Tho balloting in Maine shows a decline percentagewise for I«andon from, moro than 3 to 1 last week to a little over 2 to I this week. New York continues to voto approximately tho same the second week as it did tho first, over 2 to 1 for Landon. The Republican lead in Pennsylvania is noted as Increasing as tho volume of ballots reported from tho Keystone state nearly trebles In tho second week's tally. Kooftevelt 4 to 1 The first returns from Texas show a lead of well over 4 to 1 for Roosevelt. Oklahoma's first votes are meager but give Roosevelt 712 votes to Landon's 168. Tho early ballots from Ohio give London,-moro than a 3 lo 2 lead over SABOTAGE DEA HI FIJI IHIE REl Shippers Continue Plan lo Resume Packing in Two Sheds BARRICADES ARE UP Better Times in V. S. Told by Roosevelt in Speech at "GreenPastures' Assembly l»y KUKDKUICK A. STOKM Wire} \ l.i On Page titwcnteen) - - - ' -^ "- • f inn *. Investigate Report Fire y Dynamite •^^ •- - - - %*, Strikers Will Ship in Distribution Attempt, They Announce LATE nULLBTlNS SACRAMKNTO, Sept. 11. (A. P.) A detail of state highway patrolmen with radio-equipped cat's Ha* been sent to Sal In a* to keep tho hiffliwaj'H cleared but not to participate In the Htrike, Chief 1Uiy- mond Cato said today. Onto declined to say how i unity patrolmmt had ineen nHHlgned but declared an adequate number would be available. '' .^_ -fcfc—t- _ SAUNAS, Sanlv 11. (C- P.V- Twenty men, sworn In as special deputy sheriffs, began erection today or.'-V Itlrlt wire barricade around the Salinas Ice Company, chief danger point in employers* attcmpta to break the SulitmH- \YutsonvtIle lettuce fttrlke. The men were guarded by 18 SaHnus poHceincn r rarryhjg tenr gas guns and grenades* A special reserve poBci) w«s stationed A BOARD KoosQvelt Special Train, "• Sept, 11,—President Roosevelt hurried back to tho White House today after laying before tho nation a declaration that "better conditions" oxint on {arms, in factories and homo as a result of his administration's activities. Speaking before a "groon pastures'* rally of 30,000 rain-soaked Democrats at Charlotte, N. C.. Mr. Hooscvcll assorted "these successful end**" hncl been accomplished with* i out invasion of Individual UburUoH j and state's H^hlH. ' The President paused at Charlotte j after a tour of tho North Carolina! and Tennessee mountains. Chid In | a yellow dicker, ho rodo through at roelB gaily decorated with flugH and bunting to tho municipal win- dtum where prominent southern Democrats welcomed him and pledged support for his re-election SPRO BH1IES i i Rebel Junta Announces Self as Only Real Government Now DISPUTE JON OVIEDO Sebastian Truce Is Broken; Final Drive Imminent There Taking tho "green pastures" and "HUH waters" of tho Twenty-third Pmiliu AH lila text, ho "You will agree that from the material import, thin nation'* rou- Kiimlufc power hart been rapidly restored. 1 trust that you will likewise agree that better conditions on the furms, In the factories and In the homes of America are leading us to the spiritual figure of thv I'snlmlfti—Kreeii ptisturen and Mill waters." ^ Continue Investigation of - • v BYOTE f Eight Jobs lo Be Undertaken Soon as Stale to Spend $347,415 on Work " -.MI j u_i f United Fret* Leaded \\'4rc) SACUAMENTO, Sept. 11.—Nino slate highway contracts calling for improvements totaling $347,415 In 14 countlcB wore awarded today by tho Htatc department of public worko. The largest Contract, amounting to $163,019, went to IX McDonald. Sacramento, for grading and f*ur- facing 4.7 miles on State Route 20 between Old Khasla and Bedding, Other awards Included: Applying 425 miles of traffic stripe in various northern California counties, to Al W. Simmons, Sacramento, $2470. Yolo county—Applying armor coating to 4.3 mlloH between Puiah creek and Pa vis. to Ifl. If. Hllltard. Sacramento, $9750. SoJano county shoulders on 31.10 Houto 58, between Hio Vista, to L. C. $72,459. Riverside count} asphalt to 82 miles shouldory on Slato Hotito 26 between ISdpm and tho Riverside-Imperial county lino, to Square Oil Company, Ix>s Angeles, $5747. San Bernardino county—Constructing nteol bridge across Chlno drainage canal south of Pomona and grading and surfacing 0.27 of a milo of approaches, to C. F. Robbins, 7*os AngolftB, $32,269, Apply, ing asphalt to 11.6 miles of State Route 31 between Yermo and Baker, to Oilman) Oil Company, Lo* An- gcles, $1014. Inyo county—Grading and surfacing 3.7 miles of 8tato Route 327 between n point cast of Lone Pine and one milo east of Owens river, and constructing timber bridge, to Hasten Brothers, Torrance, $23,314. • Kings county—Constructing borders on 6 miles State Houto 126 be- twccn Route 10 and Hub, to Leo F, Piazza, San Jose, $36,471. r Give Girl Another Trial in Virginia — Constructing -tnlles of Slate Benverton and Sledel, Oakland, Applying liquid AKG13LES, Sept, U.—A mllo- high fire in the'Lps Angeles National Forest,was curbed today after burn* ing Over 300 acres of valuable watershed of the Sierra Madra mountains. Advancing along a ridge 4 miles from the famed astronomical center at Mt. Wilson observatory, tho flames were checked by 280 firefighters and four tank trucks, aided by a'dytng wind. An observer of tho fire front was Roy Headley, chief of fire control of tho federal forest service, Washing* ton, accompanied by C. A. Ouatafson of the San Francisco regional office. Special siiort-wavo field equipment, backed up by mobile units of the Pasadena police department, car* rled on two-way radio communication between nuppreBBlon crews and Supervisor W. V. Memlcnhall, directing tho fire strategy. Starting in tho trail fork of tho San Qabrlol river, the blaze surged to tho cast end of Barley flat la»t night, spreading from heavy brush to big pine trees' Sixty prisonera in tho San Quentin prlfion road camp halted tho flames a half mile from tho build- Ings. Reports that a dynamite blast in construction work on a mountain highway started the fire were investigated. It followed a few hours after 700 men had stamped out a firo In tho Mallbu mountains which nwcpt over 4000 acres in three days. Commodities Act Is Constitutional (United Pr<?*» Leated CALINAS, Sept. 11.— Violence in u the Salinas-Watsonvllle lottucu pickers' strike was feared today as shippers went ahead with plans to resume packing in at least two barricaded warehouses in defiance or union pickets. Possibility of clashes in tho walkout, which Is slowly choking tho nation's main sourso of lettuce supply, WHS increased by dtocloaura of tho workers that they Intend lo enter the dlHtrlbution field thorn- The President entrained tmmetlt* j utely after hU addixms and started <(^k&$*i«tiitaMirt^ fo deliver later today tiefpra (iele- tfale# 10 tho thlol W.ocld Po^er Con-- ; j fer^nec; His train paua*d at several southern towns for rear platform appearances, * Kt'fralnintf from direct mention of tho Huprome Court, Mr. HoonevaU told hitt ClmrluttQ audience "numl thinking peoplo" believed the outlawed XRA had accomplished us Alleged Murder Ring »-• r- • . --'-tf:*4- 1 »'%.-y'-:,1- in Vmiev • .• - ., - +* Shippers indicated they will u»o volunteer labor in fencing off several large packing sheds which they will attempt to operate despite tho strike of 3500 pickers. At tho same time employers announced a gone ral 5«eent hourly increase In th« wages of all field labor in the Salinas valley area. Tho move won interpreted in somo quarters as an effort lo forestall efforts of the strikers to organic the field laborers and bolster their position in the dispute. The lettuce pickers, members of tho Fruit and Vegetable Pickers' Union, already hav«» obtained tho support of carpenters, boxmakero and truckers in this area. muofc in roHtorlng "proBporlty" an any federal law In the pattt rcntury. Ills farm program, he said, had given the south lucent cotton by controlling and reducing the Nurphin. lie conunentrd "Any ronnnon ftchNp, loKlcnl governmental policy had to Uc-irln with th« btilhlinir up of fnnn and other property valucN and the Inorcano of worliera* WAKCN If that noiv hUtorlc comer wan ever to be turned/ 1 Ho drew a bright picture of condl- 1 •• • L(Continued nn Faor Ncvcntcen) seball Results i NATIONAL LEAGUE It WH» rovenlfd In \ValhonvUle that tho union plann to park lot- tiifo anil dlNpose of It on the mar* ket. Thin plan, It WHH said, WHN nn effort to aid Hinall proiliit-era and alw> an answer (o the icruw* rn»' shlpperft' asHoclntlgn plan to resume operations. At Boston— H. Pittsburgh .,,.10 Boston 3 Ltiillprleit: Hlanlon and Todd: Weir, H. .Smith and txtuK. Mun1I«r. II. 13 11 n* 1C 2 3 At New York— n. New York.; .............. 5 Batteries: O. Davis, Hoot (AuoclQtcd Frei* Leated Wir0) STAUKTON, Va.. Sept. 11.—Tho -. , ^ DC .^ Virginia Supreme Court of Appeal* and coffee for breakfast in the "wooSu today granted a new trial on grounds alftttcd death cell this morning. Soon ?* insufficient evidence to Edith! afterwarU he walked stoically to the} Maxwell, under a 26-year *entence A _ • - . _^ ^ _ _ I Vd^tM 9 ••* Jt* ^ gallows. He had nothing to eay con oernlng the crime and no laat ro- quosU, Sam told police ho had to kill bin wife because she left him and that hi« son would suffer from shame at having estranged parents, MANAGER D1KS 8AN ANTONIO, fifept 11. (A. William Ochae, who ro»o from bottle washer to president and general manager of the San Antonio Drug Company, the laru^Rt independent wholesale drug: hpu»o <n th«5 wor#, d^d toduy fti hi* )iomo followiu* a hourl attack, lie waa 68 years old. for the murder of her father in Wlso county in 1036, The court, however. r$fu*e<J to grant bail to the young woman who lias been in jail wince ber arre»t July 21, me, J notice Bggleston read the opinion from which Chief Justice and Justice Holt dUsented, The Bupretno Court'« revenuU tbo verdict of a Wi*i county circuit court Jury reopened a ca*o which attracted wide interest, Mi»8 Aiaxweil. 'J 1-year-old school teacher, was convicted in. ttoy^mteur; pf the luurd^r of her fath«r ( Maxw^U. in their cabin home at'i*ound on July 21, (United Fret* Leaned K A NHAS CITY. Sept. 11 .—Tho commodities exchange act was held constitutional today by Federal Judge Albert U Heeves In refusing a temporary injunction to prohibit) Us enforcement, I The, Kansas city board of trado had requested the injunction. Judge Hooves ruled In effect that It wan too early to challenge tho act effectively. It does not go Into effect until September 13, Tho board of trade contended the act was unconstitutional and that its provisions were so vague that operatera would bo unable to in* terpret them and so would be in constant danger of prosecution for Inadvertent violations, Representatives of Groups Meet - • - * (United fret* Leaded Wire) SAN FRANCISCO. Sept. 11.— Representatives of the Warehousemen's Union, and of wholesale drug firms w$ ire -to meet here today for & conference on working condition* and wage Uenuuida in u dlaputo which might result In another warehousemen's Htrlke, • Son Francisco and Kiut Bay ware- houwsmen at present are engaged In a walkout against tho Wool worth 6-a.ud-lQ organization, wnleli they hAvb termed •. V unfair.? Tho union, U wa« updemtood, ha* mode dewmn^s for bflttcr working oondltionw , it, WMH IndfrutoO tho Central Lal>or Council hisro will prem* allegatlotiH that tho cmplaycrn uro "unfair," Tho walkout \VOH precipitated by nhipperB* nnd Krow«rii' rcfiiHiil to grant a union demand for u closed bhop. TO ANNOUNCE HESUKTS SAN FRANC1HCO, Hopt. II. (A. P.) Tho result of ihc referendum ainoi»« Pacific eouM incnibor« of tho International LongHlHn'fincn'H AHMocIation on the isAuc of arbitration will br* announced hi Heattlo September IS, H. r. Melnlkow, 1. L. A, counsel, announced here today. U. K. 4 0 8 1 lien- Hub- Wire} Sept, 31.—Xndlar Singh, Bfi-year-old ranch worker, waa to be arraigned today on a charge of murdering Arjan Singh, a follow laborer, while authorities InvcMtlg poHHlblltty that tho uluylng may tho thirty-sixth killing attributed to an ISust Indian nntlunallstlc death cult. Arjan. wlm dlfnl from internal Injuries [supposedly caused by hlown of nn iron pipe, was rvvenled to have bank dcpOMlts totuling approximately 140,000 at the time of his death. In- diar, according to District Attorney Pan l p . Conway. admitted tho slaying but Insisted It was self-dcfonse. Authorities hero believed Arjan's death was another in a series which has extended over u period of 11 years, ooncurently with a largo influx of ItindUH into California. In 35 prior Hindu Hluylng Inven- tijfutions, there have been no ron- or convictloim. Hlx do- roniinltted htilrlde before they were brought lo trial. ' '. The oull, uuthoriUen believe, I« I linked with tin; t.'udar (Independence) party of India and alleged Hindu NinuKffMng activities In California. U Is said that Uio group murks for death Informers who reveal details of tho smuggling to officers. Russians Hint at Far East Trouble (Associated Frc** Leaded Wire) rebel junta which claims it is the "real" national *goveni- I ment of Spain today announced 2000 government troops had been slaughtered in an abortive attack on tho island of Mallorca. At the ennie time. Fascist rebels 1 and Socialist government tionrces j reported a new and violent engage- j ment at the besieged rebel city of i Ovtcdu in the northern mining country. Who actually won was hidden in j highly conflicting claims. Madrid announood administrative building!* and ;i convent had he^n fJr^d by government bombers, that rotate tried In vain to fle« the city, and that Oviedo had had no water *• Said tho ; OvJ«Jo garr^ 1 nH jf m ^f^^~ m driven grovernment attache- jers bacfe in a battle, taking many prisoners, Including women. There won a similar Confltat of claims concerning success or failure of the rebels' southwestern drive on Madrid and on other battle fronts, Tho rebels at Ourgos. seat of the junta, do chirr d a final attack 011 the northern resort city of San Sebastian wan imminent and said nn unofficial truce there, involving negotiation!* for the city's xurrcn- tier, had been broken because the dnfcnclrrs wanted wife conduct for inlHtiuninn whom they desired to nend to tlio d«fcm>e of nearby Ikilbao. . since Another rebol announcement the government, cruiser MI- do Cervantes had been damaged and nbandonexl by tts crew In the aouth. Tho attack on rebel positions In Mallorca wa* frustrated September •1, the J^iRdHtrt said, with only -4000 out of 6000 government militiamen escaping to tho mainland. Seizure of large quunttUc* of ordnance and ammunition wan announced. International worries over whether tho HpanUh \^-ar will stay where It belongs were reflected at a confer ence In Paris of the admlnfetr&tora of Krvnch terrltoriea In northern Africa . j colonial authoritlea, meeting call of Premier Leon Blum, Bald they Hunpeoted a network of native i run nom wiw Hpreadlng secret agitation connected with the Spanish j troubteH tinmng th^ Mohammedan ; peoples in the northern African area. und •-»**+' At Philadelphia— R. II. 1C. Cincinnati 0 10 0 Philadelphia .. H 13 1 tiattftrietf: Malta man. Mooty and Ixitnbnrdl; Pft^woau, Juhnnun und At- WOCM), Wilnon. (KlrHt Oumo) At Hrooklyn— U. H. K. St. LouU 32 10 1 Brooklyn S 17 4 Itatterlen: Wnlkcr, Karnshaw tint! Ogro<iow«ltl; butcher. Bnkor and Pho!pn, MR. LEMKE HEARS ABOUT POLITICS * L I I (A.»*Qi-iuted Prett Lt&tcd Wirr) AN8AS CITY, Sept. 1 man arriving at tha airport struck up a conv«rsatfon on politics with Charles D. Dally, airport manager They mentioned President Roosevelt and Governor Uandon, and then the fellow inquired; "What will the other candidates do ? M "Why, they won't even be In the running/* replied Dally. A few minutes later Dally learned; the newcomer (who soon compllmenUd him on his frankness) was R«prt,«enUtlve William Lemke, Union for president V '..'-- - - - T • --i i •" i - i •- L ^ .'. AMERICAN^LEAGUE At Cleveland— U. 11. Wawhington 7 11 Cleveland 2 U WhiU'hill and Hoyan; i*vo, JiUdubrund and George. ! At Chicago— n. II. K. 'Philadelphia , 2 G 1 Chicago 17 26 0 BaUertoti: Lutenbea and Haye«; 81 rut I on ant! Hewell. -^ — ^^ Probe Deaths of Two at Ventura (A*»oriated /Vc*< Lratrd Wire) MOSCOW, Hppl. U.—HusaUin mill- tarl«U Indioated today thoy would Mhift th**ir tittentton Hwlftly to tho I fur no*t whftn summer arniy maneuver* on tho weniorn frontier end tomorrow. Whllo tho Soviet government prcMMfd Toklo for the eatnbllfthment of a Joint commljfiilon lo try to Iron out bonier difficultlftv, r*»porta from Ulan Uulor indicated alarm wan felt In Mongolia bowuiHo of Japanese- Manchuriun troop mov«ment« which Bomo RuMlan Bourcvn viewed n» a blw eiiclrrllng march. Dto war KmiH'H at Mik»k. to loet iHen for "White Rn*Hla" on tho Soviet'* European border, featured u rnechunlcal "battle" In which tank* were the main force. Thousands of tho chugtrlng, pounding «t€M>l mon«tei*H "fought" for the 1 defending "reU" armtca und tnvudlng j "blue" uimien in tho mimic warfare, backed up by air armudu« and ground troops, Third Term Given to Alaska Leader ^ i HACKS TKRM LOS ANGKLKS. Sept. 11. tX P) A sentence of fnnn 1 to 10 years today faced Martin V. Bigg*. Ixmp Boirch' ' InBurance broker. who pleaded guilty to an Inaurunco fraud. Kour others convicted iti the ca»*», Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jenkina. KUon Minor and William Bone, arc to be given a probation hearing September 23. INDEX TO ADVERTISERS l'rc*t Seated Wire? OXKARD. Sept. 11,—The highway deaths of Jordan Whilcroot, 3», of Oakland, and William T. Cole, 19, of Ban Ut-rnurdino, became tho subject of a coroner's ln-que*t at Ventura today^ * , Tho two liven, riding a liiotorcyclc, were killed near h«i^ i'ectfirday. when they collided head-on with a truck, . f l*ret» Leaned Wins} JUNKA.U. Alaiika, Sept, U,—Anthony J. Dlmond, Valtiex. Democrat, today was assured of his thinl term UJH Alru»ka'H delegate to Congreva. Half of the territory's prx'ciucu, including all large cltieH and com- munlUes, in Tuwday'e general election Rave Dimond 6988 votes to 3642 for I/cuter O. Gore, Ketchikan, Republican. All four Democratic candidates, for Henator in tho territorial legislature wens elected. There ore throe Deino- cmtic holdoverw and ono Independent, Only two Iteiutblleant* were electad to tho Hou^e. compareil.wUh ii DeiuocraU. - A9&OCIATCD LIQUOR 8TOMC 4 BCAftOSLCY OAWCt 12 BOHEMIAN DISTRIBUTING CO IS BROCK. MALCOtM, CO X \9. IS CHOY, HARRY, 4 CO 8 COCA-COLA BOTTUNG WORKS I COFftt. HARRY .. 2 EASTERN DRUG CO It FLICK ING ER.aiGltR 4 FOX CALIFORNIA 12 FOX THEATER K GALLAMER'S MARKET t* GRANADA THEATER 12 HAYES. CMMETT 7 HELM. EO 13 H06LE 4 CO- J. A IS HUFF. JOHN R , * JOHNSON'S FIRESTONE TIRES Iff KERN RIVER COUNTRY CLUB U KIUBALL 4 STONE. II KIRBY'S SHOES - Ii MANQARIN* THE ,-*»*.. <-.••£*+ •****** * * NATIONAL OOLLAH STORE 7 NILE THEATER ,: II PEKIN HERB CO.--- l» PHILLIPS MUSIC COMPANY II PHILLIPS SCHOOL OF MUSIC It POST OFFICE MARKET..-.. S PRESTON. DON C, 7 HEX THEATER ..,,.,.. RIAL TO THEATER .... ST. FRANCES CAFE'.,*-...!....I..* SUN KONQ HEKB CO-..* . UNION CEMETtRY ... VALLEY AUTOMOBILE CO............. VAN METER. DM.,.-,.,*......»...*«,.*-. VIRGINIA THIATER .................. WICKCMMAI^^CWcXftT<£^^.* WITHAM 4 tOQTH. .... , i • • . ^. J H - IL ';.'-* m > •r- 1 - i\ f .3?* f ;; i- 1 .'. w L--' f \J:

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