The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 10, 1936 · Page 23
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 23

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 10, 1936
Page 23
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'.'i^-r^v :,.-;< f- '^t+Tsi 1 * - L ' f*-*-Alf*- ' ,, ->, ii*iS * ^ ;v:^r*-^; ;^^ i-' *T .;. -"'T-h-T *'V..' ;>1iV>'^ ' "' '"* .1- *,' ,1 n •-.*•> .' - , >?:-•-• ^VV '>V" V:-r-' i * • -1 ' * . . .'• :r, <.->: :- - • ."" r- •". •< •£ ' .!>• I" - i •»• - i. VV - - - -- • , /^'.'A-,•. '• .r rij -j,-^ ? r ''•.- '/',".'! •-. '^P "v. \'.'\-.-. „•_'', '"'v' , i ^«" |f i ^'. i ''V'-''~ v »*k;-^ M^ :'^,'iV^ v - '"*,.-**,yY^ "^''-"•')'V ^ ^ ''''J-%'''" ""^',' !*V ' i i • n n - r ^ _• - r ' f ' • ^ -i ' ^ ' +-T~tP r -^T~^'^i ' f' r ~.~ . * - H - J r ' \ ' • ^ * L . . - • * -, , •.- ' V. '. ,- . , , , - f r i • '- 1- ' , . '. ' : -. . • - _. .- I. - ' - m P ' .• L H . 1 I I -,;£•-; b J - > - I p: h - • -^ , - -.n; r " I I • f.* ,' I •I f ,'' * , . * -.<. , -' 1 I . L . ', * !>* THfi flAKBRSPlEtD CAtl^ORNlAN, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1936 * •• -i -v. V -^ h V -. . t NobM Scientist of His Ne\V Discovery at Big University Meet By HbWAnn AV; BLAKESLEB , ABweUtod Prttl Science Bdltot CAMBRtDOfe, Miuss.v Sept/ 10.- arl Xandstfeiner, .M* B.. who re-> celved tho NObel prize for disco very of the blood groups, today grave a new explanation or the cause of hay fever, asthma, and more serious W i ^ J i n ^allergies" by which people become ill became they aro sensitive to some special food, drug, or chemical substance. Tho cause, he said, Is a ml a carriage of the body's ordinary defense mechanism against infectious dls* ease. The-experiments showing this were made at the Rockefeller Institute, Doctor kandstelner reported at the biological section of the Harvard tercentenary conference of arts and science. .The Uls include migraine, muco- membraneous colic, purfcura, nutritional eczema, hives, industrial diseases and various skin troubles. The defense mechanism that may miscarry is the body's production of "antibodies" to produce Immunity against infection. Foreign proteins Injected into the body rouse this itiechanlsm. If the mechanism falls a person may become "sensitive" to the Irritating proteins. There may be more serious ^results. TISKlli HANDPIIUCE Build Ten-Foot Fences Put . Around Sheds as Means of Protection (United Presa Leased Wire) WATSONVILLE, Sept. 10.—While rftriking lettuce workers watched in sullen silence, 10-foot board fences •\rere thrown up today around two parking sheds here as growers Indicated they would attempt to pack and ship lettucosunder police protection. ' Officials of tho Vegetable Growers' and Shippers' Association Indicated they would attempt to run the entire crop of the district through the two sheds—those of J. G. Marl- itovlch and the Travers & Sukata Company. The strike was called last Friday, at tho height of the lettuce packing season, when the association refused to grant a closed shop to the Fruit and Vegetable Workers' Union. Shippers refused to state when they would start shipments moving but intimated that there was plenty of police protection available for their use. Remington Plant CINCINNATI, .Sept. 10.—An explosion of dynamite broke 30 windows In tho Remington-Rand plant in suburban Norwood today. A three-month strike at the plant resulted recently In a company decision to closo Its Norwood activities and movo its machinery and equipment to plants in other cities. Sergeant Charles "Frlta of Norwood police expressed belief a dynamite stick had been thrown from a vacant lot near tho plant, George *Kull, plant superintendent, nuid ho believed tho dynamite had been Ulan ted. No one was injured by the blast. WELl< "HEELED" LOS ANGT3LES, Sept. 10. (A. P.)— A tear gas gun, a variety of pass keys and a "Jimmy" wero carried by Gerald Smith, 19, radio polico reported, when he was arrested while attempting to enter a bungalow through a window. IN APPRECIATION Wo wish to thank our friends for \hoir .kind oxprebslons of sympathy nnd for the, beautiful floral offdrlngH during our recent bereavement. (Signed) f MTTS. MART BROWN, MR. AND MRS, GEORGT3 BROWN, JUNIOR, MR. AND MRS. HAROLD BROWN, MR. AND MRS. RALPH BROWN, MR. AND MRS. T. J. SPRINGER, MR. AND MR8, TIAHOLU McKHE, MR. AND MUR. L. J. B1SNNETT, MRS. .CLTSO WUITK. Wo wlfth to extend our thanks to friends and neighbor** for their kindness and sympathy during our recent bereavement. We also exprena our appreciation of tho many lovely floral offerings. M. PLANTIER, AGNI3S PLAKTIBR. F UN RALS FORCATTL Timbcrhikc Cashed * Checks • • r .P <- * > , ' f • >' t •< I 3 * * " n ^^ff- rn* ±^ - fc \ P • T ^ ^ •- ^ ™ * j' fc^;^^ , ,>' f-^ifrV'V'rf Wrfuvr**itf?& IS •'M* 3W.V-* .^-^'''^V' .': •*,'• * .-,- 'i 'l* -'T^i i -. . J •• y \ - »• - - + F" *-' ,f * - -I H ^yTA^ - . » '• , •» »--| *- i >, P hjl T ; ^fti^S* '-. y^-a'';i-.-.n' '•frcsiy^fc ••I * SAN FRANCISCO STOCKS for Large Amounts at Disappearance (United Pretii teated Wirt) VISALIA, Sept 10. — John B. Timberlake, 52, inisalng Kl Paso cattleman, cashed checks totaling $11,000 previous to his disappearance, Sheriff S. B. Sherman of Tulare county said today. Sheriff Sherman added thai ho learned Timberlake had told friends in Tuiaro county he was going to South America, To other* he »aW ho was going to Bakersfleld and to several others ho mentioned that he was going to Ventura. Timberlake was last, soon in Tipton, Tulare county, on August 25. On that date ho wired his family in 121 Paso that ho had sold his brother's ranch in Hachlta, N. M., for ?lfl.OOO, When TlmberlaUc failed to communicate with relatives since thru date they became alarmed and notified authorities. El Paso police asked Tuiaro county authorities to locate tho cattleman. GRANOlffO PROBE COMPANY RECOVERY GETS FINANCIAL LETTER SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 10,—San Francisco Blocks: High Closo California Packing 40% .... Dl OIot*R:io Fruit pfd Ftreman'n Fund General Paint corn, U A. O. And 12, pffl Mftirnavox 1-ld ......... .. 8U Marohant Cal, com, ,...,, 24^4 North* American Oil ...... 16 50 100 18 108 GG 100 13 10S UPTREND f ^ 24 15 F. 0. 6% 1st pfd, .., 82 E. 13. Pacific Llghtinflr com ...... 53 P, T. and T. com ........ 140 H\vy, Kiiutp. 6% pfd ..... , 20 Uwy. Equip, G% pfd ...... 140 20 So. Part. Ool. Gate A. Trunsamfrrica ,...** Union Oil of Calif ... 13H 13 COTTON FUTURES Fills Said Los Angeles Will Investigate Operations of Pacific Mutual YORK. Sept. 10,—The feature in cotton today \v»« tho rolatlvo firmness of near montlis on further trade buying and covering. After showing mivly nclvanc«« of about C to Id point*. however, there were moderate reactions under hedging and realizing with the mtd-afternoon marluit net unchanged to B points higher. Futures closed steady, 3 higher to 9 lower. October 12.\OifVI2.12; December 12.H 4EM2.1G; January 12.OS; March 11.98; n 11.P84fl2.00; July 11,91. Spot atendy; middling 12,60, TREASURY REPORT Ernestine Clartonfan, who tunis a double somersault in mid-air from flying trapeze, shown with two pets. T HE Cole Bros.-Clydo Beatty circus, one of the world's largest amusement organizations, will exhibit at Tularo and Kentucky streets In Bakersfleld Friday, September 18. More than 200 acts, representing the best talent obtainable from the five continents of the world, arc to be seen with the big show this season. As a prelude to the circus performance, a gloriously enchanting and stupendous spectacle entitled "The Serehade of Spain/' a gorgeous fiesta, Is unfolded. The Imperial Harolds troupe, aerialists who work high up in tho dome of the "big top," como from Imperial Winter Garden, Her- Mil, Cfermany, to ama*e and thrill, along with the Zavatta troupe of nine Spanish riders, the dancing, somersaulting, tumbling wire walker Harold Barnes; tho. aerial Illlngtons sextet of aorlalists, champions of Argentine and the famous Zoeppe family of equilib- rists. Sixty clowns, headed by Otto and Kinko will furnish fun for the little folks. Cole Bros, troupe of 40 dancing horses ridden by 40 feminlho riders, will bo seen. Rebels Refuse to Thousands Join in *• ^ ^ff ^-^ ^^mf^J *±^r*^rm 9t+/K^ ^^ mr ^r \ wv *B| w •* WT Surrender Position French Labor War (Continued From Page One) ther request to release from tho Alcazar the hundreds of women and children who have camped inside the shattered walls of the fortress for the last 613 days! As aft 'afterthought, Colonel Mas- 11 You can send us a priest in case we neod last sacraments." Major Juan Rojo, staff officer of the government forces, braved tho danger of possible death inbldo the Alcazar, where approximately 3 BOO rebels are living, to present tho ultimatum. The Interview—arranged by telephone between rebel and government commanders—took placo in* side the carriage gate of tho fortress. Rojo, without anus, ap- pronohed the gate ns government buglers signaled to the rebels. Once Inside, he was bound and a handkerchief tied over his eyes so ho CbuUI not see what damage tho Socialist bombardment had done to the fortress-camp. * Rojo was then led further inside and allowed to stop. Knowing that many of his former schoolmates were among tho rebels, he called them by name. None answered. Mascaroon eventually introduced himself and the parley began. The talk over, Fascist guards led Rojo back to the gate, rebel buglers gave the signal and the major was released. Once tho government officer was out of range, Socialist militiamen began a deadly rain of hand grenades and dynamite into the fortress from nearby positions. Artillery took up tho fire and for throe hours tho Alcazar was shaken by explosions. Then tho bombardment was halted for lunch and a siefltfl. Suddenly, throe rebel bombing planes appeared over Toledo. The Fascist flyers dropped eight bombs, which killed four persona and Injured 80 more. The air raid continued outside the city in the western section, Miss Colm Will Wed Robert Rice (Continued From Page Fourteen) (Continued From rage One) last Thursday over terms of a labor contract and wage scales. Twentysix hundred weavers at Amiens, are -striking'ft>r-tho same reason. Yesterday 1000 rubber workers affiliated with the general confederation of labor re-occupied the Michclln tire works and 2600 members oC the company union occupied tho prefecture buildings in a counter strike, Tho government last night ordered strong detachments of mobile guards to dislodge the strikers from tho prefecture but tho men left before the guard intervened. Four new stay-In strikes began In the Paris region today. The Lille textile workers published a com- munique refusing to negotiate JIB long; as 30,000 striker's occupy tho mills In that region. The employes of four chains of food stores were ordered to strike and occupy the stores in all parts of France. Tho dock strike at Lo Havre ended In a compromise and 1200 men returned to work. Ocean fishing at Loricnt was baited by a seamen's, strike which tied up 00 steam trawlers, obliging tho packing factories to close. Kind Murder Cult in Fresno County (Continued From V&QC One) ^•^•^^•••^hfli^HMphw^uA^^^H^^^bVv* ^AA^^MP^B4lvl^W^^fcv44P^bwlV4M ^P^Pi^^0^^fc^^^^^^^%^4i^^.*^^444V>*t^' B ^*VBV^*w4^ l ^^^^^*^#'W^V 4 L Ram Chandra In open court. .Tames B. Holohan, then U. y. marshal, now retired warden of San Quentin prison, roHO in his seat and shot and killed Ram Singh. Not one of the 35 prior killings, all involving Hindus. . has been Holved. No confessions were obtained and no suttpeola convicted of murder. 81x Hindus suspected of the slayings have committed suicide, no mo of them by banging themselves by their turbans in thfir jull cells. Arjan's name appears on the "death list" held by Fresno authorities, along with Indar's. The list contains tho names of supposed ene- mios of the cult who have been condemned to death, f Associated I'ret* Leased Wire) LOS ANG12LES, Sept. 10. — District Attorney Huron FItU snltl today the Grand Jury will Investigate the affairs of tho old Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company of California. Subpoenas have been Issued for several men to appear before the Grand Jury next Tuesday in the inquiry, but Fltts declined to name them. The company baa boon reincorporated and Is doing business under the supervision of State Insurance Commissioner Samuel I*. Carpenter pending formal reorganization. The matter of reorganisation IH now before Superior Judge Henry Willis. Carpenter recently sued several officers and directors of the old company for $511,000, contending they Illegally used tho sum In manipulation of the concern's affairs. FHU made his announcement of Grand Jury Investigation after conferring with Grand Jury Foreman George Warren. Soirie of Fltts' deputies and investigators have been examining books and records of the old company for several weeks. Lawj'ers representing various groups of creditors of Iho old company are trying to reach au agreement on a reorganization plan. They reported progress today to Judge Willis and ho continued th<j reorganization bearing until tomorrow, HayIng: U may bo continued until next week if necessary, while tho lawyers' out'Of-court parleys proceed. Bear Flag Given at Ceremonial (Atttortnted Pret* Leaned Wire) WASHINGTON, sopt. io.--The position of the troawurv o» Soptemnor 8: HecelptR, $23.!M6,529.83; expenditures, $48.000,775,03; balnnce, $1.803,196,580.20; ruMomw rooetiitH for tho month, $7,821,731.&&; receipts for thn y«nr (nlncc July I). $718,472,108.65; expenditures, 91,1 ill,Si 5,161.,18. including: $409,291,246,89 of emergency oxpmulltures; oxoe«s of expenditures. $443 ( 043,052.fi3; RTOSS debt, $33,Sfil,- 412.SS0.23, a doorcase of $2.771,531.00 unaer the previous day. Gold ussotn, $10,783.918,048.86. <$>• LA, PRODUCE MARKET Foreign News Fails to Dull Progress of Markets in Good Day's Trading By VICTOR EURAKK AwocUUd T*r«M FlnwicUl Writer KW YORK, Sept. 10.—A recovery push got under way In today's utook market nftor tho list had dtumblod ovor further profit-taking in tho flrnt hour or HO. Hunlnosft and industrial develop- montn on the whole warn of a cheering nnturn although foreign news was not calculated to generate op* tlrnlsm. With early proftt-tnkinft b«ing ab« sorbed without much difficulty, buy- c»rs got Vmhlnd tlift stceld, rails, aniufj^ments and n wide nsHortmcnt of specialties. Tho activity Picked up ns prices stiffened and near the fourth hour trading was quite iivoly. Bonds steadied ancl commodities Improved. Foi'oign currencies \vero mixed. Slmro gniners of fractions to ^a point or more included II, s. steel, Bethlohom, Oti« St«>el. Pmotble. Kanta Fo, tTnlon Pacific, Delaware & HudHon, Baltimore A Ohio, Great Northern, American Telephone, Columbia Pictures, Pftthe, Loew'e, Paramount. Rftdto-KQith*Orpheutn. Douglas Aircraft. Wrlght-Acronauti- oal. Shell Union Oil, Canada Dry. Mwid Corporation, Hudd Manufao- luring, Chicago Great Wcntorn pnv for red. South American Gold and Platinum, IT, S. Rubber, International Nickel, Certain-teod and ,T. 1. CHBO. A drop of more than 27.000 tons In August tthlpmonifl of the V. 8. Stool, Corporation from tho July to- lal WUH in linn with oxpcotatlons and fulled to disturb stocks In the stool group. This motor* and utilities wore about unchanged and Du Pont and Kennocott were backward. J. A. HOOUR A COMPANY Members New York Stock Exchange Tho psnentlfll fentur** of today's market Is the steady absorption of stock offered around the l«S-n level. H i* thin level which formed the top last .*t»flng and which forms the barrier to the steady progress of prices. TUB last three days tho absorption has been better than 1,600.000 shares ft day. Therefore from a technical \ standpoint the market is making that i much ttrogrcRK, ! On the whole the market is an ex- trefnoly selective affair, some slocks and groups hear the brunt of Rollins ami others the bulk of tho buying. So far steels, motors, arresHories, so- looted mils and merchandising shares have done host. They will continue j to do so for some tlntc yet. Krom tho trading sinmH>oInt ibeu It i» these issues which score the greatest «d- vnnoe thai should be sola and profits taken when the market given inn appearance of being overbought and tired of the advance. U has not done so yet but this situation is looked for sometime during tho noxt threw to four wonka. Uutldlng stocks on tho other hand are Just beginning to gel Into their stride and should do well during the corning year, lie same thing applies to tho corrollary furnishing UHXIO*. From tho standpoint of widening profit margins which Is lust beginning its cycle tho. baking and other inventory Stocks should bo retained in ones long-pull portfolio. Commodity markets worn a qulot affair today. Tha grain market was expecting a government report released ftlt«r tho close and fluctuations and changes in price wore only minor. Tho cotton market was a narrow affair as ronsolidatlon of tho recent advance continued. Good spot demand \va» offset by hedging, strong gray Rood* market U attracting Increasing attention and leads to a favorable regard of the commodity. v - ***-. i t. Uniform Advance Marks Oil r ^ * : Securities Reported at San \ Francisco Today (United Prt*» Leased HAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 10.—Pronounced strength In the oil stocks r and scattered gains and losses throughout tho remainder of the list marked early trading on the San Francisco stock exchange today. Although activity was well diversified, turnover in individual isnues was light. At the close of the third hour there were 15 stocks up, 10 off and 10 unchanged. Oils advanced almost uniformly. North American gained %, Union of California wa« up %. Universal Consolidated V*. and Hancock and Republic both gained H. Honolulu held even. Kmporlum Capwell continued Its move into new high ground adding at 23H. t>l Giorgio Fruit pre- S. F. LIVESTOCK Fret* Lcaaetf LOS ANOKLKB, SopU 1C.- l,ottuco : Good Santa Harla HnBMKilMFMM Good Santa Maria and iJuudalupo dry pack 4s $2.25#2.35 crate, fair $2.00; C-doz., $1.76^1.85; Uumpoo 4s $2.8r>(If *• f;ft «. . o u . Unions: Loctil Spaiti»h ROtf flOc per NEW YORK CLOSE 50-lb. Back, oarly typo tipanlnh . White Oloboa SOCfftOc i naoU; Uul- ian nedn 3MHOc \\\K. Tons; UiHvl (JwuliUupo mul Octftno polo prtitH fl(&7< l( bnut ***'. poorer potinn; SHlliiHH GQ?7r; local Chtim 10fti''12c pound. I'otutoi'H: Oregon KUNHPIH I". H. No. 1, $2.r»0 owl.. Rood KtocUtmi $2.25. or- tllnnry $l.«fi^»; rhino While Ho»e j :V'Tl"i l V 1 " • o *tfjffV2 fiO i'Wt ' ^'^'l^o'*'" Wuterm^lonH: Kocul nnd Northern Strlpfts and Klondlkon 18-22-Uv IS.00 (^0.00 ton, with oocuMuun,! load lil«h aw $11.00, nno load of 22-S4-U>. molona Slfi.OO, amall and ordinary $4.00(^6.00 ton. 'fllfi'rf Prt** NK\V yOHK. Sept. Railroads Stock — Close AtchiHon ....................... S3 nalttmnro A Ohio ................. 2(1 i*hrHa|M'i\kt) &• Ohio I -J I 1 " f •-i<>*«t>k*<i <tr<*iit Northern pfd 4 Jllinoin rontrnl 2 M iNftOiirt 1 *iir*tfli i **it;^r^\/iiii i iLiiiii. > >»••*! i. *.*<***•! N.-\v York l . 2 Fre»n Lcated Wire) SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO. Sept. 10 (VT. S. department of ojfrlculturc) 600; hulk l«0-225 Hi. Ciillfornlas U.RS. later top on 100 heads ISO Hi. Callfornlatf; light lighti* Jll.F.O. few 240-205 Ib. wolfrht* $11.25; packing BOWS Btoady $R,75$fD.OO. l^tA Wodnonday about two loads local butch era mostly $11,85. CaUlo 300. about thr«« loadw sr.O-SOO Ib. medium California KTRHS stoorn $6,75, package 880 Ib. w^lRhtn $<UO; good around t*00 Ib. fed stecra absent quoted $X.0043f'&0; bulls nearer quoted mofttly $fi.BO down, l^itrt Wednesday Nevada feeder *Uor» foedor hotfern $R.2B. Calves 10; choice vealern nominally quoted up to $10.00. Shoop 1600; moderately active; all classes steady to Ntrone; packaso (rood S5 Ib. woolmi lamba $8,50 mirtcd 10 head modUim at $7.00; one deck medium to good 87 Ib. wootetl KevadH lamb* $8.25. short o>ok »2 Ib. medium poll InmbH $8.25 »orl«d 15 per c^nt; ffnod 70 Ib. whom lambN $8.00 sorted 10 per r«Mit; onmnioii to medium 70 Ib. medium pr*H lambs $7,50 icood iihorn yourllniff* $7.50. forrod gained 2 points, T-»angendorf A \vns up H, Crown Willamette pre- forrocl H.| Wat%hiA «4, Yellow A Checker Cab U and Island Pineapple and Magnitvox were both up Union StiRftr preferred declined antl fractional losaoa were taken by California Packing, Foster & Kelater. Ijo Tournoau, Lockheed and Union Sugar common. Tho utllUion wero quiet. Los An- goles Gaa preferred moved up U and Pacific Gas 5H per cent preferred was up H. Pacific Lighting: common loat 1 and Pacific Gas 6 per cent preferred and Railway Equipment 6s were off H- Transnmerlca opened at 133*j and sold down to 13U. off \i on a turnover of only SOO shares. LOS ANGELES STOCKS (United Press Lca$ed Wire) ANGELES. Sept, 10.— Industrials Stock— Bid Asked Chrysler .US Claude Neon 11 Uloho Milling 9 Pouglan Aircraft ... Taylor Milling 11 73 • • * Banks ... » r k • • • 38% POULTRY, BUTTER, EGGS LOS ANGELES HAY (Continued From rage L DURAN—Funeral servjpea tor James Ralph IDuran. 55, of Randsburg, were conducted at nandsburg yesterday afternoon, interment following In th« Johannesburg cemetery. Doufjhty-Calhoun-O'Menra chapel was in charge of arrangements. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_.^^^^^_^^_^^^_ 1*ANDUCCI — Ronary services for L.OUU Landucci, 34. of 1128 Sixteenth street, wilj be conducted at .the poughty*>Galhoun*0*M«ara chapel JbMday evening at 7:30 o'clock, and r ma*s. will be solemnized Saturday morning at 9:30 o'clock at St. * Francis Church. Interment will be in the family plot at Union cemetery. L,OSCHK~:Last rited for Frederick A. Loathe, 67, 2416 Sunset avenue. * were conducted at FUckfnffer*Pl* *. gler chapel this afternoon, with the Reverend Mr. RaUon officiating and Mru 4 Frank Dlgier as vocal soloist. etery ^^•^^^^•^^••^^^••^^•^•^^^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^ To Probe Beating of Salinas Trio ralHlng- of iho Stars and Stripes on tho first admission dny, Presentations MisH Sadie Clondencn. chairman for the Native DaughtorK, was nils* trens oC ceromonlwB, The program included: Invocation, tho Hcv. Philip T. Dennis; IntroductionB and greetings, Mlsa Halpha Sanderw, president of Kl Tcjon Parlor, Unlph Hindorliter. prosldont of BaUerBfiold Parlor; Introduction of i)ft»t Ucnts, Mrs. Ona Moffott. M!BH I£dna May Hobson; introduction of Carl Lulck, chairman for N. S. O. W.: addresB by Mrs. Dorrls; prcsnntntlon of flag on behalf of both unitH by George Taylor, print president Native SOIIH; receiving of flag on behalf of the county, Chnrles AVimmer, member of tho Board of Supervisors. . Music Pleases Introduction Mrs. Ralph Sanders* Deputy Grand President Miocene and Desert Hold Parlor*; introduction of Mrs. Wayne P. Nelson, president of American Tx>«lou Auxiliary; introduction of Rulpli Patrick, adjutant loonl post American Legion; Introdurtton Hoy I.nudon, prosldent of Kern ^County Historical Hociety; song, "I T-ove You, Citllfornfn,** Richard Skinner, \vjth Martini T^a- Brior at the piano. At Oakland Simultaneously with the local happenings n. gala i)fi>Kram was under way In Oakland, at which HOV- oral Bakersfleld metnborn were pros* i ent. Mr. and Mrs. Jlul Bunntstei attended tho four-day celebration a« j did Mr. and Mrs. A. I/. Giggy. Tho I dedication of Alatnodn Court H6use,j wan nne feature. On Monday motor boat races were bold and on Tucs- Fret* l*CQ*c<t \\'irt) LOS ANCJKiaCS, Sept, 10. — Hay, f. o, b. I/OH AngulQH, per ton: Cholro barloy, $1«.OOW M.OO. Choice oatn, |H.00^15.00. Alfalfu, Uolivored Hyno* i»r Kl Moutc: U. S. No. 1. extra Inafy, no offering*; U. K. No. 1. »15.004HC.OO; U. B. No. 2. le»fy. $H.60; U. H. No. 2, $13.DO. Union Paciflo 13S»> Industrials Amorlcati Can Atnnrtcnn Tel. & To! Caterpillar Tractor 78 (Jittea Sorvlno ,... 4 Columbia (las 2ft Consolidated Gas 43 % Corn prod not B C?nrllHH\Vri«ht Klrnt NutlonMl Stores 4S 1 Fox Kilni "A" SO - 47 fUnitfd rrt*& f,puifd LOS ANGI3LI2S, Kept. Dutt«r Ex Iran, 37 He. Prime fimtN, Sflc. S'tnndardn, Cltlzenn National Sernriiy-First National. Transumerlca MlftcellBneous L. A. lnvpHtni*»i\t Pacific Kinnnoo . . . Public Utilities I.. A. OHH and Kl«'<\ Pfd... 107 Paolflc <ia» & Kloc. Pn«.\ T-lRhtintf Coin. So Calif. Kdlson i So. (*»Hf. KdiHon fi I'fd. Cullf. Kdiwon 5H 27% Cttllf., OH. 6 Pfd Pacific U. R «_...... Oils Chica J^iclffo Western 14?* Standard Oil of Calif. 37 Union Oil of Calif 21 r.r. So. So. So. 31 44 i I F Lamson Will Not e Tried Again (United Prcn Lotted Wire) SAN JOSE, Sept. 10.—PerHlHtent rumorH in the 8an KrunclRco bay area that David A. Lamson, on trial throe Limes for tho nllefftul Hlaylng of liia wife Alloiw, would bo trlud again wero branded at* "unfoundod" by District Attorney Frod L. Thomiui. Thomas declared h« had nut con- lomplatcd ashing thai Luinson bo brought to trial ntfaln, nor bad ho an nxBlwUuH to go ov«r Gvidencu In hope of pluklnir out u now phuHo to bn*o another trial on. If now Gvldvnuo wore olitained. TbotnaH nald, the fact that th» <1I»- trlot nttorney'H offlt'p hud Lh« superior Court dlftmlKS thi,' innnlor cnrllfr bur to Oold 1 >UH( Onoilycar The In tori tit I luf ml & Hubbo - * • 1 < • 4 14 .. t " * - * I A. * * k • • lit; (Candled) ex 1 rut*, BSo; light dirty Iran, 31 o; clean standard a, 2Kc; llttlil dirty HtAndardB, ssftc; checks, 25c, Medium-" Clean extras. 27o; light dirty extras, 2f« i ; oli*nn »tandurdfl. 24o; light dlrly HtandnrdK, 23c; checka, 22o. Poultry LcfthnritN, 2U to 3 l i pounds. 3>i and up LOS ANGELES LIVESTOCK t Frcs$ I-OH ANUEI.KS. Sept. 10.—Ht>RS, 100; stpacly; top $11.75; bulk lights Ward . ... ........... North Am«rU.'an .................. 32% i i rtndlo Corporation Kufcxvny Htoron Henm-fioebuck 1, T . K. Huhhur Union Carbld^ & Carbon United Aircraft "Warner Mrot to 4 1 and pounds, pounds, and up, up U> He 20r >*«••*• * 87H 31 • ' i Klortrlo 141 .1. C 13% Mtttnlb SmeltiiiK leghorns, over to 4 pounds, 14«? Hcnw, L^Khorns. nvi»r 4 H«ns, roloroil, 3V» lion*, culorod, JirullffrM, over pound H, 20iv Jirollerf*. over pound**, 2(V. Kryers, Leghorn*, over 2U to ,1 pound*, Ito. Kryora, colored, 2 ! .-^ and up ljo\inds. 17o. Fryers, colored, ov«r n*i mid up to ; 4 hounds, 18n. KoueUTfi, soft bone. Jtarred Rocka, j ovi»r 4 pounds and up. UOc. I Hoast«nf, soft bono, other than j Harrcit Hocks, over 4 pounds and up. ! 20c. i 1H And up to 2 and up to 3U 600; cows very alow, few Htoady, most bids weak to lower; other olanH«ff Pteady: fed steers $7.50 'AS.10; M»ine held higher; plain grass Moor« $ti.00^16.25; few oows $4.5fl§ r..25; Aumo held higher: ouUer grades $2.754(4.25. P«. 250; active, unevenly hlRher; v<*alorn, $9.60; calve* $0.75^7.50. Hheep, nono; good wooled lambs $l>.00 or above. Intonmttonal NioUol ICennecoll Copper 71 47H 24 I*. S. Stool Yitnatllmn Htcel ...... . Tobncco nnd SugMr ?•> I ** • agulnnt IjiimMun thlft year would nol bo » prc>s<H?u t ion o giil n. Amorlrnn Cuban Amerind! Sitgur Gccnt \V«'Hi«rn Huicnr H. J. ItwynoIdH "it" Oils Atlantic Ki*rintiiR 101 v ; Wings. 12.-. Old rooMtors, 9 lHi«-Ulln«N. 4^ iJuckltnKH. undor Old ducks, lie. uud up. Me oniyg tout turkeys up to 18 i)oxinds. 13 pounds and Young hen turkeys, over IS pounds Hen turkeys, !> pounds and up, 20c, <Md lorn turkiO'tt. Me. Old hpn turkoyrt. 14c. 11 pounds, per doton, £4r. | .Squab**, 11 poundn. per dozon and Mexican H«mbuftrd PhlUlpn ivi HluMI Union Slnndtirrl of StMfidiinl of N«w Jornry. • • i • . , i 42 f f I t I * Two Are Held in Hit-Run Mystery I ••>•'« !«*» 1 i TldnAviiiM- AhH'n Capon*, under 7 poutids. (VpoMK, 7 pounds uiul up. '2 HahlifiH, No, 1 U'hlie 3<i to Hj^. tafh I2o. I(u!»btl8, Xo 1 inlxod roloi'H. and 4'fc pQuitdN, each. itubtjlts, No. 1. old 6 4H 3 Aul'urn *"'(tr Motors Motor* ' • • r I * » H I ,11 114 i - 17 (United f'rc** \\'trct t * • ' * I • i t t ± METALS MARKET Pu l from Hanford, Fresno, San Francisco, Oakland, Loo Angeles and other points. Fete Bride Announcement of tho troth has been the incentive for a round of smart functions in the Bay region, Han ford and Bakorsfteld. Among local hostesses were Mrs. Elmer Mo- Faddln, who arranged a miscellaneous shower and afternoon of needlework; Mrs. George W. Shearer, who received at a luncheon and Hewing party, and Miss Lillian McNamara who presided today over a bridge party and luncheon at Hotel Padre for girls of the bridal party. MUH Colm is a niece of J. P, Fliokinger and M. P. FHckinger of this city. \ f ^^T 11,000-TO GET JOBS WASHINGTON, Sept 10, (A. P.) The Workfl Progress Administration authorized employment bf 21,500 additional drought ^ stricken farmefrs in North t)akota. South Dakota, Missouri and Montana* :Thi« booste4 the total WI?A drought-quotas -in the .great plains to 180,000, I 1 .1 fA»9oc1atfd rretn Lcatcd Wire) SALINAS, Calif., flopt, 10,—Timothy Hoardon, state director of industrial relations, was*to arrive In Hullnas today In tho rolo of mediator in the Sallnaa-WatBonvlllo lettuce pickers' striko which yesterday broke-into violence with the beating of a grower and his two sons. The attocken* aasertcdly wero strike pickets. Tho grower, E. M. Brashford, 45, and his son were driving trucks when they were stopped at Chual^r bridge, 10 miles south of Salinas. Their attackers drag-god them from the trucks, beat them and escaped before sheriff* deputies arrived. Later deputies escorted the trucks nouth. Meanwhile, the Growers' and Shippers' Association took over two sheds and were erecting high wire fences around them tonight preparatory to shipping tha fail crop in defiance of the strikers. 80,000 TO MARCH SAN GABRIEL. Sept. 10* (A. P.>-~ Commemorating tho founding of the Holy Name Society and the one hundred and fctaUy-rtfth Anniversary Af the San Gabriel Mission/ 30,000 Oath* oUcfl are expected to march here .Sunday---A:'•.-:•- >"-^'.: . -.••:-•' -;•'"" ' \ 1^ ^ ^ J I -«\- LIL 10:30 o'clock Oakland'* enormouM auditorium was fillod to capnclty for a ffmnd bull led by Bin to prttdidonU of the two organization*. 13vont» wens <*llmaxod on Adrntfi- slon Day with a parade of 20 flouU, 20 docorntod cam, drill learn*, bands, bugl« corj'» and other unltH, a parado which look two and on« half hourw Lo paifB a Kiveti »poL. Schooner Has New Use for Lamp Oil 8AN FUANX'IHCO, Hept. 10. llco today hold JOHP A. Jto**H nnd LoulKd J'^lf, 27, In ill'- hit run uuto- day thoro A^n* nofl ball champion-j mobile do«th of it ntlll unldontlfiod j f ship coiilefttfl. Tho program wa« 1 man, found on a downtown Ntrent j topped off In tho evening by apim- corwr ycwt'-rdny. ' Uioulnr fireworks. The drum and Koiw WHH arrfMtod whiMi blB par-; buglo corps held content* nnd at tiully ninunlivd, blood-Htalni'd cur i«-d j officers to htH hom«v ilc dunlml i knowledge of tho ticcldnnt, declaring ho and MIHH Kdo had h^on drinking heavily and could rMnftmlwr nolh- nflcr leuvlnir a boer tuvorn. »HH wan held on chiu'RoH of drunkan and hit-run driving and Tlmkflii Hotlrr Hearing 64 ft » Equipmcnti Ani^rh'an C'nr Kontulry f American lluldwln I.IH-IMMOf|v( ill THE WEATHER Kan Joaquln valley: Fair tonight and I'tlday; soniowhat cooler aouth portion; northwest wind. San FranclHco bay roifion: Fair and mild tnntght and Friday; overcast night and morning; moderate to fresh west winds. Northern California; Fair tonight and Friday but,with fog on coast; Komewhat cooler upper portions; moderate to fresh northwest winds uff the coaat. Sierra Nevada: Fair tonight and Friday; somewhat cooler; general south to Houthwost windR. Sacramento valley: Fair tonight and Friday: somewhat cooler In north portion; southerly winds, Santa * Mara valley: I^ir and mild tonight and Friday; overcast In party morning: northwest wind. .Salinas valley: Fair and mild tonight and Friday; morning fog in tho northwest portion; northwest wind. Southern California: Fair tonight ami Friday; morning fog on coast; Iwal afternoon thunderstorms over high mountain*: little chango In lemperuturp; moderate northwest wind* off Uie i-oaa * • VOHK, Sept. quid; oloclrolylt export, fl 80. nwl ni'urby. MU<n«l,v; «pot 10. -• nnd Tin I»«roly future. York Copper i ftUuro, I 1 i J.I.I CHICAGO GRAIN Irun vi-r, KaM Kt. l,uuU. 4.4i«. Ht l«onlH Hpot tllUl futUf*>. HluuiUtuin, HiitliiH'iiy. (jul platinum and \vuifrAiuU« 4,601| dull; 4.K5. un- r v-i i-*- I I (A undated Tre*» Lta»cd AVALON,. Sept. 10,— I^amp oil pow* erad the 4t>-foot auxiliary achooner Jo whon, with yunpltne ex* tho vfmftel completed n 28- day voyage from Honolulu V> Ava- ton. ' Smoko cloud" nearly H craned the l^ady Jo and her nkipi>er. Banmel K. Hcmmea from 'view on tho laat leg of lh^ joiirn0y*"..Uut the tump oil kept the cng1n<! chujgrflng. ' driving homicide, while hlM companion WUH hold in $100 bull for Invt^ittlgutlon n« R vagrant. Fair Again Breaks Attendance Record U CHICAGO, 8i*»t. 10 CuHh no HU.UN roport«u. <*«n», No. 6 Ml* 4 . No. I yellow 1.12WUSS FOREIGN EXCHANGE inlxetl •«*» yrllow bllllHH. o»t»*: ; No. Hlitflplft KTUlJt No. 1 whit* 1.27*:-. No. 40r#41, No. 3 yello HiiJcn 1,37; ing J,10(U1.<0. nominal cwt. new No. L84Vfc. 7H*i6, . B6>' Uarlny: Aciutii nomtnul; mKlt- Timothy »«ed. cwt «(lf«J l'r<r$« hratfd Wite) YMUK. Sept. 10.—Foreign KngluiMl <}»ound» ft.OftVti, off I Clover »«ed, cwt. (United Pm* Leatcd Wire) HAOHAMKNTO, Sept. JO.—A continuation of tho unprecedented *it> tendauco ut iho California nUlo fuir | won reported by ofriclnU today a** crowd watt IUte4 at Ul,- L. A. CASH GRAIN 749 * ywtr'n Admlwlon day attend- w«m 4M06 and the liighCKt pre- murk for a Wednesday wan Car H totiiJl ?;bf'•'3M..4CK potted through tho fair slnoo toe eipoattlon oj^ned lu«l -f •ri r ^ m " I- I * . r"* Wire) • IX>8 ANOEUBS. Sept. JO.—Current KrtLln quotutlona were, reported by the federal-mate umrki't n«w» Jiervlcw a« follow*: (prleew quoted ur* field run* .in eurlmuia only); Argentine corn, < quick delivery, J84IMS; California whtMt, o. t *oft Or No. 1 .hard white, (fiO-tlay bill rate) 5.0*V off dlnjlar) 1.00 1-32. (franc) .OttiS ?-lt>, off Italy Utrut .U78ti, off .OWJl. Hftlgiurn theluu) .16t>J, up (iernmny (niark) .423. Hwluerlana (franc) .3256. Holland (guiltier) .W3. off ,0u07. Hwodeit (kroua) Norway (krim«) ,2t4l. Denmark (krone) .22 Japan (yen) .S957. off * When You Arc In Los Angeles , . , you arc cordially invited to make use of our Los Angeles office. Our telephone and city directory are at your disposal. Your local newspaper,too* is received dally and U on file for your use. J. A. HOGLE & CO, MtuatU x*w re** mxrr* % t 1 ; BAR SILVER OFFICES Hitw \i H bright ^ NKW YORK, Sept. sliver toi AKons* SAX SALT LAvi No, ' ut «. ounce, - ' ~\ 4 'I '-..j -f i- •l- '.J i j - • '- v * • j K •i, ±.r ^ ^ ?'.&• - •.- .•v; - r 1 ' *'-. •- * - '^ j i ^ ' -*. -• • ^ - * . i -. - . - . - . V . I*: f -it

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