The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 10, 1936 · Page 21
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 21

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 10, 1936
Page 21
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- I " -'. _' - -. .", -v.u.O , . I -' !. i - 'VI M j * i. * * i. H > '-* - ' I i • - ? . L . i* J •**• ,--i,-. f . , j, *_i- *-..—-'-x>&.-iH r :^,-t--&.S~ ir THtJItSibAY, SEPTEMBER 10,1986 t r I, ?•: ' • -•;!' i- • f i '* • ' .v . ; L . -, /.*, • -' *v •'-.•-'.'-', *••'"-*• »'l*'» •' - I /._*- ^ 1 - I-J L IL ' - I I-', h.h i. L I "• r L Long Service in Army -- •<. -- ft '" :- K^« K K-, , ., '..'. >'< f.-.: *f -i. *- utomobiles iseitlahious For Sal ture f L n FHU1T JAHS—Quarts, S4c; plnta, lie."We ftlao boy rags, bottles, Junk of • all kinds. Phone 1786 for pick-tip 133 Bant Twenty-first street 8-9-tf Typewriters—Office Supplies i FOR ^^B_ _^H_ - J - • • • 11— ^^_ __ - M— J^ ^_ f _l _ ^ _ ^ b __ _J_ _M_ _ - • • • __ __ ^^ - - _^K _^^K K ^1 ^1 H ^V^^l V ^H • ^^^^F • SIMMONS bed springs and cotton matireBs, $9.00» Kitchen cabinet, $7.60. U. C. A, combination radio and phonograph, SI9.&D. DAVIS FURKITUIIE BXCHANOB Chestfer Avenue. 86 piece living room set, room table, gas heaters, - J 1935 1035 re Cars Are Properly Reconditioned and Displayed LOOK FOR THE YELLOW FRONT De So to Airflow sedan Chevrolet Master 2-dr. 1934 Plymouth 2-dr. sedan 1932 Buick trunk sedan 1933 Chevrolet 6 w. sedan 1932 De Solo 6 w. sedan 1934 Willys 77 sedan Ford Model B sedan Ford Victoria Chevrolet coach \ Oldsmobile sedan Chevrolet coupe THE NOTICB Stuaents. W* have;a supply of Royal typewriters for rent dr sale, ; Special rental prices to students on portables and standard UoyalB. YOU can depend on the machine that we have. Lynch Typewriter Company, 1640 Chester. Phone 4465. 87 fireplace set and mattress. 404J, Phono 85 For Sal urniture 1932 1931 1931 1930 1930 PHONE 6822 FOH SAL*%—Seamless 9x18 worsted Wilton trtth'oilte pad, also 27x64- inch small rug, ISO and 11.3x12 ruff, name pattern^ $65, or will sell oil for $100. 1626 Thirteenth, Apartment 4, between 6:30 and 8:00 p.m. only. .'. . - «7 ^ r ^^ mw ^^^^~^^^ r ^^^^^^ m ^^^ m ^^^*^^~^^^'^^^^^' r ^'^~^^~^~ m ' u_ ••••«•• FOH BALE—Three Hvinff room tables and lamp stand, $18.50. Good con- dltlon. 1408 Fourth. 86 USED OFFICE FURNITURE Mahogany roll top desk $36.00 Ipr. filing cabinet, 16 drwrs $12.00 Sec. bookcase, four sections $12.00 Mahogany office table, 6 ft. $10.95 Cigar case, 6 feet $4.50 HAMM SELLS FOR LESS 1100 18th, cor. 18th and N streets. Phone 341 $46.00 $39.60 TJSHD FUnNITUR« SPKCIAtS Robert! Brofl. closet bed 17.06 Babj- bed, cane paneled 16.96 t>-pc. breakfast net, hardwood 3-po. overatfd. bed davenp. set 3-pc, enameled bedroom eat 2-pc. Robert! Bro». living room Bet, nisi la pen try. Uko new B-pc. Karpen living room set. green tapestry. like new Many Other Bis Bargains POPBI, FURNITURE KXCHANOB Ardizzi-Olc*Bc Bldg. 623 Sumnflr St. Just went of BaVcr. Phone 1841 68 r" J.lii iiain ii-- in ••! |i p •!•• J^nam n L _r _.l '- . ^-" - —'— Radios, Musical Instruments FOR SALE—Beautiful upright piano. Ivory and tone excellent. Must sacrifice cheap. Or w»l take cheap car. 216 Eureka Btreet, WE have the largest and beat selection of pianos In Kern county, New grand and upright pianos. Also rebuilt pianos especially fine for the student AH pianos sold by us are fully guaranteed. Prices low and rental terms. Valley Music Store 1628 Nineteenth. --——-Fruits and Vegetables Poultry and Livestock FOR.SAL13 OR THAt>K—One Ptwin mules, $150.00; one team of hay horses, JUG,00; one saddta hnr*e, $80.00, Coll ono mile south of Shaf* fer. W. Nickels. 37 AUCTION Sunday, September 18, IX o'clock, 4 miles south of Bakersfield on 90 highway. XO horses—£ Shetland ponies, gentlo mares and geldings. 10 gentle spotted muren, ffaltod. 10 head of mare* and geldings, gentle, Bolld colors, bays and blacks. 6 head work horses and mare*, This l« one of the finest hunches of ttaddle horses money can buy. Terms can be arranged to suit you on these horses. Call Bakersfleld 6050 or see clerk day of aale. See slock now. A« M". Weaver, owner. 86 FOli SAOJ~~BlACk Jersey cow, Me Cord avenue. Does and Other Pets FOR SAUS— Cho&p. beautiful roller cntmHes, slnffer«. Cnn be «ecn nt 103 East Seventh stroet. Phono 22P5. 37 FOR SA1-13—Fancy Palomino &Addl« maro, 7 yearn old, Second house went of Grefeiiiy School. Theron Totton. 35 FOll SA1-B—Uhodc Inland Hods, Batrod Rock and \Vh 1 to I-.e«:h orn laying 1 hens, $1 each. 2418 utrpet Telephono 4786-M. DKLICIOU8 fryors. Reds. Battery milk fed. ''Their feet never touch the ground." Tender, jutcj'. Dresaed, delivered. 121 McCord, Phone 6657-J, 87 Wanted to Buv-Miscellaneous WANT TO BUT—Two Bmall houses to be moved. Stuswy, 310 Jeffrey Ktreet, Bakeraflcldy Calif. Sfi BEST prices paid for bottles, raff*. Iron and other Junk. Phone 4178 for pickup wagon. Prompt eervlce. 420 feast Nineteenth. 7-9*3G-tf Business Cards ^J^^J^J^^»j^^^^J-^^^^^t_^^^^^_^^ h _^^ 1 _« fci _^ fci ^^^^^__^^^^^^^^ ta .^^^^^^^^ h ^^^^^^J^J^^J^J||^—B^JfcJ ^^^^^^^^^^^T^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^l^^^^^^^tl^^^^^^^^P^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ L. W. HUNT, GEOLOGIST PetroUum and Mining Engineer 1712 ClMilir Avimn Phnn* 343 R«ld«ne« 21123 Twintleth Ptwn» 2ftCI>W LAUNDRY SERVICE Un»KMtt*tf--Yh*t U Our Stow* ZMe Odwlwi Dry CITIZENS LAUNDRY ftlxtHnth 0 Strut* Phtnt Legal Notices RBO SALES AND SERVICE 1936 Dodge touring sedan $845 1936 Plymouth touring sedan $836 1934 Buick 8-57 sedan $745 1932 Chevrolet coupe $295 21ST AND K. PHONE 1034 62 For Sale—Miscellaneous Legal Notice* GET your yellow pre»6rvlng tomatoes this week. Priest Poultry Ranch, miles south on Union. No. 1 quality- 8-feet at 9-feet at 10-feet at 12-feet at 10-021. 90c 95c $1.05 A. H. KARPE IMP. HOUSE 38 ELECTRIC! Ice box, T>Mi square feet. For quick sale, $25. 510 Pacific street. 36 MODERN rolled lop desk, first-class condition. Cheap. 702 M street. SALK OR TRADE—30 ducks, finny saddle, stove wood, cut and ready for winter. What have you? Phone 4939-.T. CQNSOt.13 electric sowing machine, good condition, J3G.OO. 1208 Third street. 3G ONK snooker table and threo pool tables for Bale or trndo for good used car. Inquire for A. K. Jcbb. 712 Nineteenth Htreet. 37 FOR SALE—Pipe furnace, medium size. Wood or coal, used very lit- tl«. Reasonable. Herman Unruh, Shaftor, Routfe 1. Box 318. 37 BARGAIN scoop—Ono - perfect diamond, close' to 1 carat, half prlco, 9200. Bead this biggest bargain in this- city. Diamond over 3 carat, perfect ritono, ,set in platinum mounting with two square diamonds on Hie side. $1200 value fbr 1600. Watch department, Brock's Store. * ;•; • 37 FOR SALTS—Wine kegs and barrels. Mining machinery, 2 rock crushers, conveyors, screens, elevators, grias- zleys, lino shafting. 3-inch pipe. 514 Thirtieth. 87 COTTON trailer, new rubber, $30. West end Bollo, Oildale.. II. 8. Vest. ' • ' ' . • ' 35 BING75H electric portable, $29.45. Treadle, $10. White electric console, like new, $49.50.. Kxpert repairing. Farts. 1700 K street. Phone 6330. f.9 FOR SAIJ3—Real values, .one 1929 Chevrolet sport coupe, good condition, $150, $125 cash. One Datton combination cash register and adding machine, $65. One Winchester 38-55, good deer rifle, $20. Call 4363-W. 88 SALE—Box of small girls' clothing, size 1-2 years. Clean and In excellent condition. Phono 5G4B-M. 35 PER 1000 FT. No. 4 common $20 REDWOOD SIDING 1x4- to 1x10, S4S Finis 1 "vi 1J*T J^^TJT^Jn. tOQ -\* J. UAxVJJvliN \j t $«tlf 1x4 "E" Kiln Dried T. & O $19.00 House Paint, all colors, gal 1.25 2-0x3-0 Sash, 1 It. Glazed I»5c Redwood Posts, 3x4-8' ea 18c SHINGLES. BUNDLTC 7Bc L.KSS 5% CASH DISC. Twelve Million Foot Stock Bargains 101 2100 13. 38th St. 2100 ADams 1571. 37 LADY'S muskrat Jacket, practically new? very reasonable. 1820 D. apartment No. 1. 85 No. ,1 USED Kraln batffl for mllo, each In lota of 1000 or more. Alfalfa seod. Cane molassen In drums. Prices rapidly advancing. Buy now. t^an Joaqutn Grain Co., Fourteenth and D streets. Phono 385. 9-5-tf 385. FRUIT Jara, while they last, washed, • quarts 24o and 84o dozen; pints 19o and 29c dozen; glasses, lOo dozen. 717 Sumner street. t C-lg-tf FOR SALE— Very reasonable, several outgrown drewses. size 14 to J8. Also shoes, narrow widths. 320 K s tree t. 85 ORIGINAL SUMMONS No. 29706 Action brought in the Superior Court of the County of Kern, and Complaint filed in the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court of said County, In the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the County of Kern. JOHN BEATTIB HUDSON, also known as John B. Hudson, also known as J. B. Hudson, and HENRIETTA J. HUDSON. his wife; CHARLES L. HUDSON, also known as C. L. Hudson, and HUTU M. HUD- Sf*N, his wife: PERCY" P. HUDSON, also known as P. P. Hudson, and LOtJRENA M. HUDSON, also known as Lorena Hudson, his wife; SUSAN A. HUDSON, also known as Susie Hudson; ROBERT L. HUDSON; C. DOUGLAS SMITH; THEODORE Z. McMURRAY, also known as T. 2. McMurray, and C. W. McMURRAY, Plaintiffs, vs. S. A. FLETCHER and MARY ROE FLETCHER, his wife; E. A. PARKFORD. also known as Edwtn A. Parkford, and ROBERT BROMBERO, Trustee In Bankruptcy In tho Matter of Kdwin A. Parkford, Bankrupt, Case No. 272BO in the United States District Court, Southern District of California, and MARY JANE PARKFORD. his wlfo; W. J. BAHNHART and Elato D. Barnhart, his wlfo; OUV L. HARDISON and ZETTA N. HARDISON, his wife; H. A. BARDEEN und EDNA JX. BAR- DKKN. his wife, and BARDEEN PETROLEUM COMPANY, Ltd., a corporation; WILLARD MALLORY and MARY JANW MALLORY, his wife; i LAKE VIKW OIL LEASE COM| PA NY: WILLIAM T. BELL and BESSIE BELL, his wife; E. V. REDMAN and MARY JANE REDMAN, his wife: F. J. HUGHES and MARY JANE HUGHES, his wife; WILLIAM A. THOMPSON. Jr., and MARY JANE THOMPSON, his wife; RALPH D. DOUGLAS and MARY JANE D.OUGLAS, his wife; JOHN DOE and JANE DOE ( his wife; RICHARD ROE and MARY JANE ROE, his wife; JOHN DOE COMPANY, a corporation, and RICHARD ROE COMPANY, a corporation. Defendants. THE PEOPLE OK THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA SEND GREETINGS TO: S. A. FLETCHER AND MARY ROE FLETCHER, his wife; E. A. PARKFORD. also known as Edwin A. Parkford, and ROBERT BROMBERG, Trustee In Bankruptcy In tho Matter of Edwin A. Parkford, Bankrupt; Casft No. 2725C in the United States District Court, Southern District of California, and MARY JANE PARKFORD. hU wife; W. J. BARNHART and ELSIE D. BARNHART, his wife; GUT L. HARDISON nnd ZETTA N. HARDISON, his wife; H. A. BARDEEN and EDNA R. BARDEEN, his wlfo. nnd BARDEEN PETROLEUM COMPANY. Ltd.. a corporation: WILLARD MALLORY nnd MARY JANE MALLORY, his wife: LAKE VIEW OIL LEASE COMPANY: WILLIAM T. BELL and BESSIE BELL, his wife: E. V. REDMAN and MARY JANE REDMAN, his wife; F. J. HUGHES and MARY JANE HUGHES, his wife; WILLIAM A. THOMPSON. Jr., and MARY JANE THOMPSON, his wife; RALPH D. DOUGLAS and MARY JANE DOUGLAS, his wife; JOHN DOE and JANE DOE, his wife; RICHARD ROE and MARY JANE ROE, his wife; JOHN DOE COMPANY, a corporation, and RICHARD ROE COMPANY, n corporation. Defendants. You are directed to appear in an action brought agalnat you by the above named plaintiffs In the Superior Court'of the State of California. In and for the County of Kern, and to answer the complaint therein within ten dayn after the nervico on you of this Summons, If served within the County of Kern, or within thirty days If Bftrved oUowhere. and you are notified thnt unless you appear nnd answer aa above required, the plaintiffs will tnke judgment for any money or damages demanded In tho Complaint, as arising 1 upon contract, or will apply to the Court for any other relief demanded in the Complaint. Given under my hand and seal of the Superior Court of the County of Kern, Stale of California, May 18, 1936. (Seal) F. E. SMITH. County Clerk of Superior Court. By E. D. Kuoffner, Deputy. o. Doufflau 8mIth. Santa Maria, California. Attorney for Plaintiffs, ff. 13, 20, 27; Sept. 8, 10. 17, 24; Oct. 1. 8. Ifi. 22, CANNING PfcACHES Lemon ctlngn, now ready. Will last only few days. Como pick yourself, 35c luff. Brandt Ranch* Harry Car Ian, 1 mile cast of Lamonl. 87 FREESTONE peaches. Merrill ranch, Rio Bravo. No Sunday sales* 46 NEW olmondB (1936 crop) for sale, from 1 pound to a ton. 1109 Stockton Btrect, Bakerafleld. 44 Legal Notices SCHOOL BOND ELECTION NOTICE Notice is hereby given to tho qualified electors of Vaufchn School District of tho County of Kern, State of California, that in accordance with law, an election will be held on the 11th day of September. 1988, at Vaughn School House In said District, between tho hours of 9 o'clock a. m. and 6 o'clock p. m., during iVhioh period and between which hours the polls shall remain open, at which election there will be submitted the question of issuing and Helling bonds of Bald district to the amount of Twelve Thousand (112,000.00) Dollars, for the purpose of raising money for tho following purposes: 1. The purchasing of school lots; 2. The building or purchasing of school buildings; 8. Tho making of allenftions or additions to the school building or buildings other than such an may be necessary for current maintenance, operation, or repairs; C. The supplying of school buildings with furniture or necessary apparatus of a permanent nature: ' 6. The permanent Improvement of tho school grounds; All of tho foregoing purposes enumerated heroin are hereby united and shall be voted upon as ono slnglo proposition. Tho said bonds thereunder to bo issued and sold shall be of the denomination of One Thousand (11000.00) Dollars each, and shall bear interest at the rate of 5 per cent per annum, payable annually for the first year the bonds have to run and soml-annually thereafter, and said bonds slmll be numbered from 1 to 12, consecutively, pyable as follows: Bond No. 1, Ono Thousand Dollars, to run 1 year. Bonds Nos. 2 and 3, One Thousand Dolinrw each, to run 2 years. Bonds Nos, 4 and G, Ono Thousand Dollars each, to run 3 years. Bonds NOB. 6 to 8 inclusive. Ono Thousand Dollars each, to run 4 years, . _ Bonds NOB. 9 to 13 t Inclusive, Ono Thousand Dollars each, to run B years. That Mrs. Wllma Laney will act as Inspector and Mrs. Ruth Worth and Mrs. Mao Stinkard will act as tho Judges of said Election, and conduct tho same, said Inspector and Judges being competent und qualified electors of said School District. WITNESS TH13HEOK, wo hav NOTICE of MEETING OF BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF KERN COUNTY. CALIFORNIA. TO CON- 8UMMATE PURCHASE OF REAL PROPERTY FOR PUBLIC PUR. POSES* Notice is hereby given that the Board of Supervisors of Kern County will meet at their rooms In the County Court Houso, City of Bakersfield, County of Kern. Stale of California, at 11:00 o'clock a. m.. Monday, September 14, IPSfl, for the pur- POHO of consummating the purchase from C. I*. Taylor and Ola R, Taylor, his wife, Raymond O. Taylor ana Dora Iconise Taylor, hl» wlfo, for the sum of $1400.00, of the following hereinafter described rowl property, towit: Tho west half of Villa Ix^t 46 of Drury's Addition In tho County of Kern, State of California HM per map recorded March IS, 3HOT, In Hook f, Pago 101 of Mops In the office of the County Recorder of said County, excepting therofrom tho south 75 feet; nnd also excepting therefrom a ntrlp SO feet wldo on tho north and wont sides thereof reserved for public roads. Said property is to be used for public purposes, to-wit; for Hospital Grounds. Any and all persons Interested In tho matter may appear nt tho above mentioned time and pluco and be h«mrd. Dated August 10, 1936. F. K. SMITH. Clerk of tho Board. August SI to September 11. Inc. Leeal Notices ^fc - ^^ fc _^^ fc ^ta-^^-_^^ 1 _^^_Jfc_^»_^^ fc _^^_^^^^^_ i ^fc_^^ t ^ ^^t^^^r^^^^f^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f^^T^^f^^r'^ NOTICE OF HEARING Notice Is hereby Riven that tho County Planning Commission of tho County 1 of Kern. State of California, by a resolution thereof adopted on tho 10th day of August, 1936, did adopt the first unit of ft land \t»e plan, bo* Ing a zoning or districting plan, as part of the Master IMan of R County, and did mako a ffnnl report thereon to the Board of Supervisors of said County by recommending thnt said Board of Supervisors adopt a certain proposed ordinance of »rt!d County containing tho basic Htmcluro of a land UHO plan for Bald County atid applying certain regulations In detail to certain property adjacent to Golden Stale Highway In Kuld County. a certified copy of which proposed or- dlnaneo Is on file In tho office of tho County Clerk In tho Court Houso. Ba- ker«fleld, California, attached to a certified copy of the aforesaid resolution, to which copies reference l« hereby made for the particulars thereof. Notice Is hereby given thnt the Board of Supervisors of wald County did sot a certain time and ulaco for o publio hearing on said first unit of nald land use plan und on said final report n ml on said proposed ord I * nance, which time and place is as follows, to-wlt: At the hour of 11 a. m. on th«» 14th day of September, 1836, In the Chambers of the Hoard of Supervisors In tho Court House, nakersfteld. California. Any nml all persons IntrrcHted In said matters may appear nt the aforesaid time and place nnd bo hoard thereon. R K. SMITH, County Clerk and Kx-Offlclo Clerk of thn Hoard of Puporvtaor* of tho County of Kern, Stnt* of California, Publish: Aug. 31. Srpt. K. 10, IU. JOHN W, CULLITOH PUBLIC AOOOUNTAVTT INCOME TAX 5ERVICE. AUDITS, SYSTEM* 201-S Prflt«il*nal Bulldlni Phon* 4M1 PAYNE & SON FUNERAL DIRECTORS Nln«t»Bnth and C StrHtt i. O, Pay ft* J. Bruo* p^ytt* NOTICE OF SALE 8AL13 (Untied Prct» Leaned. TVIre) MINNEAPOLIS, Sept, 10.—A vato" and n proud, dashing officer oamo to the end of the trail together at Fort SneUlnff* The "prlvnto" was SnelUng, a rawl>onod mule with a 5-year service record. He snorted and pawod the ground Impatiently when he heard the bugle sound and watched the columns swing out into the road. He followed them, keeping time to the drum bents, down to the end of the fence and then ho snorted some more. The "officer" is Whisky, who Joined the army aa a wide-eyed colt from the plains of Montana 22 years ago. At first he had a mean disposition; none could mount him. Finally, ono day. Captain "\VllUam Hazclrlgg vaulted into the snclille. From that moment on AVhlsky changed. Ho bocamo known as the finest Jumper and polo pony In the army, But U*B all over for SnoUing and Whi»ky now. 4 long and faithful Ufo deserves a reward and Major Generol David Stone. Fort SnoWng commandant, iscuiod nn order calling for the two faithfuls to bo placed on the pension list, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^_^^^_^_^^^H.^^^_.^^^^^^^^_ wm i—in , ,| lt i i *«-t^^ British Tourist Trade Is Normal . > Passenger Service to Begin Within Sixty Days* Steles Commerce Secretary . - ' - 4r*- - .. - -1 h ' - - '• ' OP BANKRUPT GOODS of anibulancn-hearso, un- equlpment f oaskotn, bou^o- hold furniture, office furniture and Incidentals; may bo «oen at Haker'A Transfer & Storage, 2121 Sixteenth Str«ot, Bakersfield. Bids will lift received upon or liofnrn Tuesday, ScjU. Ifith, nt tho offjoo of P. H. Ixmffnrla, Trustee, 1700 Htroot, llakersifloUl, nnd must ho writing and accompanied by 10% ntd. Sept, 4 and 0; Sept. 9 and 10. OOUOHTY-GALHOUN-O'MEARA Funeral Dlrtctor* and Ambulanoi Strvlot MM Traxtuh Avfiiu*. «t N Stmt Phtnt U7 Lady A (Und ant Wanted to Buy-Miscellaneous WANTKtv--Old burlap and rugs. Buying boltUH and oth«r junk. Call 2170 for pick-up wngon, 717 Summit Btroot. 6-18-lf Notices __^^__^_^^_^^^_ ^^^^r^^r^f^^f NOTICE City of B*ker«fleld Civil Service Com- mliilon for th«_ Ppllc« Department NOT1CR IS HBUKBY GIVEN thnt competitive! fixamlnallon for tho po- Blilon of hinuionant of Pol1c« of tho HukorsttMtl Pol Joe Popnrtment will bw hold nt 1:00 p. in., Hoptember 1ft, 1936, at Kiro HOUHO Number l, i\t Twtn- tloth and K StroolH, £tnk«rsfl«ld. Call- fornln. Only m^mbera of thw Dakor«fl«14 Police Ovpurtmonl hAvtnK three yourH' ^xn^rliMK'o as rcarulnr pub! pcnoo of- fkM»rn nnd tvho UHVO nerved on the liukoi'Hflold Pollor poparnnrnt for not IOHH than one year intmvdlately pro- L'odlnR the (Into of tho examination aro eligible, AH ApplloaUons must bn on file with tho CotninlBHton by not l«t«r than 12 o'clock noon, Hopttimlior 12, IflSfl. Further Infonnnilon us to npplloa* tlotiH nnd Kcopn of examination may b« trcurffd from thn fctocmary *.f diiHtrlftl rclatinnH which indtcntod tho Pollro Civil Morvlce Commission. City Mall, ttakorefleld, Californa. Leatfil LONDON, Sept. 10.—Britain'^ tour 1st trade Is almost Ixick to predeproji slon levela. The number of visitors fi*om tho continent during: tho first half of this year wtui 147,500, compared with 147,803 In 1030, ami 126 t 480 U\«t yenr, ftCCordliiR: to tho Trnvol n nd Industrial Development Association of Oreat Britain and Ireland. Tho Juno figures show that holiday vlaltora from tlm United SUiton inoiTaned 4023, compared with June last year. Tho total number of visitors during tho month was 42.657 an Increase of 5121, Workers Purchase Power Decreasing (A**ocl(jtcd Press Lcatct WASHINGTON, Sept. 10.—Secretary Hoper announced today that passenger flights between California and the Philippines probably would be started by Pan-American Airways "within 30 to 60 days." At Roper's press conference, J. Monroe Johnson, assistant secretary of commerce, also revealed that arrangement* were nearlng completion for a Joint British-American transatlantic service. Johnson told reporters the Imperial Airways of Great Britain might start experimental flights across the Atlantic this fall and that it was possible Pan-American Airways might also begin experimental Atlantic fly- Ing soon nftor the British tests start. Ho said that "thin service Is assured, 1 ' and added that only "details of minor importance remain to be ad* Justed." Discussing the Pacific service, tloper sold two Inspectors of the air co mm or co bureau had made an ex* nminatlon of Pan-American's clipper ship flights from Oakland. Calif., to Manila, via Honolulu, Midway, Wake and Guam. Tills inspection, he said, revealed that with the "addition of a few improvements" which are now under way, passenger carrying service couM bo authorized In one or two months. -^'ffi "•» c-M . r •T- ^^ Anthony Adverse Rated Fine Film From Page X OKORU IHJUUKH, Chairman, Civil Service Commission AugUHt 29 to September 11, tncl. Criticizes Naive fCnitrd t'rts* Leatrtl \\'trr) SACIIAMKNTO. Hopt. W.— A decreased purchnsltiK power among California wnrkors was rovoalod In a report, of the Hint" department of In- ta •• h A > • « ri K* an Increase of 6.1 per cent In employment and 2.4 per rent in payrolls, but a decrease of S.B per com In Uw average weekly oarnliiKs. Tho report wan I wised on ivpro- sentatlvi* pay rolls of tl»o last two months. PIONEER IN AVIATION fish HORIZONTAL 1 American who * pioneered in aviation. 12 Stranger. 13 To sin. 14 Sergeant 16 Trees. 17 Once more, 19 Pertaining to air. 20 Sun god. 21 Caterpillar hair. 23 To honk. 24 And. 25 Tumor. 26 Note In scale. 29 Rings. 31 Within. 32 Some. t 34 To loiter. 3 5 To decay. 36 Hurrah. 37 Like. 38 Rock. 40 Mother. 41 Packed one Answer to Previous Puixle HELEN JACOBS 45 A way. 47 To strew with ashes. 40 Cover. SO Arabians. 52 Wrath. 54 Fairy. 55 Frenzy. 56 Irregular brother. VERTICAL 1 Jar. 2 Edge. 3 Boat. 4 Within. 5 Diplomat's home. 6 Age. IN WITNESS TJiJJJHttUF, WO navo hereunto set our hands this 15tli day of August, 1936. T. M. COOPKH KHANCIS M. StSrBBRT DAISY OLDK1EL.D. Trustees of Vaughn Hchool District, Kern County, Calif. Aug. 20, 27. Sept.. 3. 10. piece. .58 He was among 7 Scripture. the first sue- 8 Exist*, within another cessful s. 9 Fly. 43 To embroider. 59 His equally 10 Garden tool. 44 Vandal. famous 11 Lacerated. 12 He was co- invcnlor of 15 His first flight was at . 17 Preposition* 18 Nay. 22 Being. 25 To sway. 27 Component. 28 Blemish. 30 To relieve. 33 Title. 35 Wand. 38 Painter's workroom. 39 X. 42 Rows of gathers. 43 Busli. 45 German woman. 46 Sash. 48 Window lcdg» 49 Sheltered .place. 50'Wtne vessel. 51 Observed. 53 Moolcy apple. 54 Father. 57 Pair. Ideas of Buyers pine Photographs *""""""' — II ~ l ~ • *"—^ ; %n J _ J* of Eclipse Made trd I'rfu* tinned \\lrf) UHOH. Sojtt. 10.— John Jubnston. (HriM'tor of rcM«ni*ch of th* V. H. Stool Corporation, ultucliml ilu "ntilvo" idouH i>r< i vallhiK coiiMvitnorn, In un mltlri'SH b<»for« tin- American Chemical Society, "Tho HMwiunpton Hint the VhemtR- try' of a Htei'l !H all Important hml U»il many conwunuM'H to unalyzo H »lc«*l which oxoctly nullfMl tholr inn-- ami then to domand ntool of thin ooinpoHllton, with ro- spool to ih« olomonlH commonly do- Icrmlned by aiialysU," JohnBtoti HUM. "Hut ihlM has not solved tho con- nrobloiu, ami Imn luul tho go of leading to u multiplicity of nominal Htt»«»l poKltlonH, a numl>t*r which tnlnly flvo tlmc-H, possibly ti?n Krout as il nood bo to cover uvtsry HuttHfriclorlly. "It would bo to tho rulvnnUtKo of ovoryono to lt>»Bcn tho total number of nominal conipoHltloim, many of which uro now MO similar that th*»y can, ho ttfltlngulfthcd doftnltoly only b \vcll-inado ciuMiiloni com <*IM- (t'nitcd Prvf* l.vntctt U trrj WASHINGTON. .Sept, U).—Kigut Uti'K'> pictures of the recent total eclipse of the sun and Us mysterious corona, which aro bollovml to compare favorably with tho boat photo- rnplis nmilo during provlouH eclipses wero brnURht to Washington by Dr. Irvlnr* C. Gardner, American scion- tint, it was announced by tho Na- ffavo of omphHslzlng' the spiritual conflicts of ft nmn torn between Uu» deslro of objoctlfled living 1 and the ncprf ot' moral reasons for being. Kplfttxito a.i th(* plctvirta is and the qunn-elfl Hi taone might make with tin 1 plotvnv on tho grounds of chunKO, it is u unity within itself und fliuipfnrtory ns screen enter- tatnment. It dt>*»s not quite reach tho heiglils of a KITH! picture, how- eve-r. Kilmund Uwenn almost steals the picture an the lovable Honnyfether who In tho Hom»n \-ersion is more a nmn of sentiments than dour; Honry O'XwIH as Father Xavler un<1 lV*tro do Cordoba as Father I'Yancols. Lute Albvrnl &a Tony (.tueKHippi, who wins the lottery, MathlbU' Cornont as Cook Gues- sl|»pl. Klly >talyon ns the mother Superior; Halo Sondergaard as Kulih i'atenlogUH. the wicked housekeeper; UonuUl \Vo<u1 as Anthony's frii*nd Vincent Nolle. Ralph Morgan as 1 JeHruuV, director of the I opera company; and Fritz J-elber as tho Cuban plantation owner, bulUl up a fine Bt-rU's of portraits that add much convict ton to the picture. IrfMbor lenvws a particularly vivid IinproHHion. Claude Itains aa Don Luis is less vicious than the novel character. Among the women, Olivia do Haviland afl Angela Is pretty and charming, but does not distinguish herself In an exceptional cast nor does Anita Louta* reveal any now glfui. Galo a hiitto camera eijulpped with an antrographic len» HyHtcm which Dr. Gardner had Invented for the pur- tlonul U<*ft|prnphlc Hocloty. Tho pictures wero nmfta at AU ! HonrtergaiirU oa Faith takes the Huliik. U. H. S. 15., i>n Juno li». with j Inlno honora of tho picture while Steffi I>una 1» not entirely convincing «« tho oxotic Neleta. Tho niusirnl eioore is exceptionally lovrly and tho photographic effects uro artistic without bolnj? arty. The betwo^n l>on t*ul» and th« ruco of I>on Luis* carHajgre tin* prociplcft and the slave so* ne», tho boy Anthony hlB n^fiociiuu in tho pool ih« rnom«'nt« tlwit grfve quality to tho picture. No Punishment for New Chinese Pupil Denis over block Instructions to Be Sent on Card Snakes Subject of Intensive Research NOTICE OF STOCK ASSESSMENT Name of corporation: Union Avenue Telephone Co. location of principal place of bu«l- nesn: Bakerflfleld. California. Notlco is hereby given that at a meeting of the Directors held Au- KU8t U', 1^30, an a8s«H«rnent of five ($£»,00) dolUru per share was levied upon tho Hharos of ihn corporation payable to tho Secretary, Carrie A, Kwofford. Ht. 2. Box 05-13, Bakersfield, California. Any shares of stock upou which tlilH nsBusHment rem&tns unpaid on October 0, 1036. will be delinquent and unleus payment is made In tho meantime, said shares shall be Bold at tho residence of tho Secretary, Carrlo A. Kwofford, on tho 2nd day of November, 1»80, at 8 p. in. of said day to pay the delinquent assessment with a five per cent (G%) penalty. CARRIE! A. SWOITORD, Secretary. Jit. 2, Bo* OB-B, Biikersfleld, California. Kept, 10, 17, 24; OCt. 1. 8, 3930, Prrn* t.rnnrtl U'irr; SACRAMENTO. K«-j>l. ^.—-Approximately 2,!iOO,000 Califi.'rnia automobile cnvtuTH will n-crlvc IntttriicllonN by pOMtt'iinl on how to apply fur UiMr jn37 llconso platoc, officials of tho motor vohlclo (iciturlrnont r«*vi»aled. Tho cards will IMS plnood In tho malls for d^Hvory during Docwmlwr. J'rrji Lcatetl Wire) SHANGHAI, 8ept. 10—"Tortumus" , physical »»d mental punishment of; Mcliool children soon will ho malawod In (.!Jilnoso Holiooln IIH u ntsull of riff Id Ht«pH taken by tho ministry of education. Any form of punlHiminnt which J protluco undesirable mental j il'mird Prr** /.raacd on ilw BtudcniH, «uch as d«-; SHKBOYOAN. Mich., S^pt. 10. privation of their freedom of inovo-; Fivo Hclentlfic sleuths at tho UnlVer- mont, tho uwwlgnmcnt of oxtra school »liy of Michigan biological station i work and thu conflnomnnt of th« un aro bury this summer forretinjf out ruly In dark room** IH ospoolally dls-|ntl ubout «nnkes They hope to find couragcd. lout how fast «mak?s Krow, tho rela- I^)r years Chlnoso studAnUi hav# lion Uawe«n Uu> longth of a female boon subjected to uuvero disciplinary snako and th»* eizo of tho O^KS and measures, unually enforced by cuno j also tho number* volume and weight or ruler, and often, tho ministry of Man Uses Two Bows for Playing Music (I'nitrtl l*tf*$ Lftised \\trr) CLINTON. Win.. Kept. 10.~~Ollbert OS-year-oId Clinton musician, has evolved » unique plan to circum vent tho high cot*t of playing violin. Denlrlng to play both thn titul old-time Jaaws but unable to afford two violins, Ixirson ha« con- Htructed a Hpeclal bow to WHO when be, attempU tho chwwleal numbeiH He HHCH a rc-ffular bow when "Juwt fiddling." Th« hpecial bow has a clock nprlng to the low Jn\v and the roBBurH on tbe bow I lie HpriiiK lo yield, making Hofter lc.iir*4 education lH?lii*voa, as a r*»Hull of pedugu^fc Injustlco. Jiut the future may bring jtlorloun revongo to the pupils, undor tho protection of tho law. of the cgffn; th*» relation between food consumed and growth. t KHTATK HOOK 8ACHAM12NTO, Sop.t. 10. (A. .). Mortimer Clurk. wtata real o«tate commlMfilon*'r ( today releauvd for U!H- Irlbutlon u reul cut ate reference book whl"h contalnM tho CalifornUi ivul eFtato act and similar data of In- tore-it to real cwuxto brokers und unlesmen. KUKIMIANT .MARKET OFF TIUVAXUUCM. Travancore. Sept. 10. (I*. J'.V—There IH a slump here In the demand for elephants, which are being ousted by automobiles. Only 15 fh»i>hunift we if? offered for sale during a wholo week, at an average price of 400 United States dollam each. HAD FIBK HTAHTKK \VAVK1U,V, Ivan.. Kept. 10. a*. IV) Mm fir HIM- burnn Kverett drained a bucket ne" from a harrel 10 ntnrt ti Hh«> had forgotten the ken>had been ii»plarod \vllh KIIWO She OHcaped with u.ilnful I I t I DEVELOP POISE AND PERSONALITY The on*'"* best method* <*f car* for |wi*Mo»a2 appearance, so in i i i i i i ,. .. .. — havo b«r»»n conipllfrd ta form f«*r trUiutlon b our BUCK ROGERS, TWENTY-FIFl^H CENTURY A, D. double barrel shotgun. Cheap. Call mo-R or sue Roy Coop at Terrace Way and Stephens ave- tiuc. 35 SOW you can buy Standard comput* ling scales, meat grinders at 10% f'do $10 a month. Freezer cases, „ Counters, bars, stool*, steam tables, glassware, dlshe* and silverware. \Ve carry complete line store, restaurant and beer fixtures. 3019 Chester avenue. ss USED CLOTHING "" THE ECONOMY 1912" L STREET BARGAINS IN MEN'S SLIGHTLY USED CLOTHING, SUITS, SHOES, ETC, 54 1 PATROL SHIP Dl ^ &MK Ship Dives to Rescue ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^m«^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^ B ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^~^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ IN TV? COMTffOL #OOM ffAD/O-umw W4S 7V/V£0 TO MY My 1'lllL NOWI-AN and LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS ,^^^^^^^^J^J.^^^^^^^»»A^JJ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M»^^^^^^^^^^^^J^^^»^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ a ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ aa ^J^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ J ^^^^^^ •••^l ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^'^^'^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^F'^^'^^'^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^P^miP^^^B^BWP^^^^BBB^^^I^HB^^^B^^PB^^^P^^^HBHi £UT / WAS 700 FAR GOME TO i .1 SHOOT H1M- QUICK 'BEFORE HE CAN WE CAN'T .' WE MIGHT HIT BUCK/ BOCK'S UNCONSCIOUS^ HE DOESN'T KNOW HIS DANGER / TRY TO AROUSE HIM!-CALL HIM/ ^^ ^ ^* ^^ • mr^r ^^ WAKE UP/-1 ALMOST ON you HfcS BENDINK5 t OV6R HI Ml-HE'S REACHING HE'S- HE'S • 1 • i ™ " ^ ^ ^ i i V OH BUCK ., WAKE UP/ ftl* ••-* U ti k lla huvv to care for tho hnir, e.vr«. i««ih, hands, face, and fiiitirp, und how J»*>IPO *nd ptrrnunitltty may be dev«lop«ti to HHatst nature In f^miatne beauty to b«>at IUK«*- A copy of thU i*r'wdy for every rea- st* six v**nt« in cohi cover posiag* onU haudllntf t. Send in your order today. Use This Coupon i * i i er i t i 1 I I I I Califomiaui. Inforn;u.tU>ti Bureau, Kr<Hlt»rIc J. 11 tt.sktn. Director, \Vushlngtou. D. C. J tnclo** herowiih « centu in coin icarefully for a copy uf the "Beauty Hints." Nam*. FO Me»r» 6ne-»ack conoretB Co« Phone Fwr» Fur coat*, >Iugo ntocK- ' -m--*^ Of 1 0 1»J» JOMM F. OlCME C f PAT.orr. 1 f '' ' - " '1- 706 Ml CONTtWUfO I ' 1 • >.• 1- V ,/ ! I ' - I I ,' <• ' - I • --I ' r- i < i • ' (. ^;> ^ 'fe*0. /. .-'^ \ - v -i - : "--. * <•: - .' - -. I. k - , - - f- -' '- ' V \ •' - • '. '1. f . - V/, ." I - I L I - 'I -I .11 i I j * I .-Af *-.'$} •f.-s,**,' J • ^ _ - ^ w-> • - ->; L f \- '. i .1.

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