Akron Evening Times from Akron, Ohio on November 28, 1919 · Page 17
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Akron Evening Times from Akron, Ohio · Page 17

Akron, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, November 28, 1919
Page 17
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EVENING T SPORTS THEATRES LINERS MARKETS SECTION TWO PAGES 17 TO 32 Fvrt.riDP Associated Press U Aim 01 AKRON, OHIO, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 1919. Qf&WlK EE(KIULAE BEAT MLENT 28 TO ,1 UPSODOPE R1BIGGA1 TURKEY DAY Mutes Start Strong, but Regulars Outclass Old ) Rivals After Close of First Quarter. BRISCOE PROVES STAR ' BT LYHN I. WAGNER ; ftAIN the dope bucket was ! A frr.r This time r by the Goodyew Regulars t .. "f !.i y.t.tl with the elr the cham- pToSS ToftheEaVt end rubber Eem yesterday afternoon at Erling field. Entenn h game on the short , end of the betting, the Regulars surprised lt of the Goodyear workers by soundly walloping wacn XMoore's Silent grid warriors, 128 to'7. in a hard fought game. J Wtth closs to 8.000 WW the f other tans look- LToTromThee lines, and cheer; ng rival Goodyear eleven the game had the aspect, of a college grid bat-S. The largeBt crowd t. ever witness a game between the Goodyear nes? ... t-rdav after- :z 0 bh ieaSon on th. jKhedtrtes - teams, dj , tltla Regulars not only regain the title ErtT them last yoar jrhen he Mutes turned tnem secured a claim : to the f1"?"1 SpTonshlp of th. centra stes. Ths Mutes had gone thru the season wlthsut being dfefd. and ot allowing their opponents to score upon Mute, parted off In the first period like a championship team, and ft losked as tho the d.pe would run L. t. form, with th. Mutes Piling W a big score. MarshaU. the fast Mut. right end and oaptaln, intercepted a forward pass on the 20-yard Un and carried the pigskin over for the first touchdown of the game. Allen kicked goal, giving them a LPoint lead. The Mute, held the Regulars scoreless in the first period. tn. second peried, the Regulars opened up on the silent boys and scored two touchdowns within a few minutes. "'""b - - , lead by seven points. Twice Coach Aubut's men crossed the Mutes goal line but on the second occasion it was only break of luck that gave them a touchdown. The first one was ths result of the brilliant Work of the Regular left half, Briscoe, who carried the ball to the Mutes1 10-yard 11ns on a series of line plunges and end runs and took it over on a line buck. The Mutes could not stop the Regular backfleld once they started toward the goal. Krushank kicked geal. . ' . Blocked Punt. Ths sooond touehdown was ths ro-. hin-ked mint en ths Mute . M .Ka DAViilnra hlAcklna. a 10-yru miw, . r- - Xt" KICK, ana ouiiwwu imwwb fall up on the 10-yard line, having a Clear field for a touchdown. .ru ananir an n Kinicea zoai. . Briscoe scored his second touoh-Anwn mt ths nni in ths third period. nn fli ltn nlnnarA. aft ths Regulars had taken the ball down the field on line bucks and end runs which the Mutes could not stop. Kmshank kicked his third goal after touch down. " .'. . In the same neriod. eoaoh and auar- a tesrback Moore of the Mutes "pulled" one of the trick plays that have made ths Mutes .famous. With ths ball In the middle of the field, the f hi.w Ma whtrtl for Dlay to go on. Moore had the center hand him tfca hall and ha walked six yards toward the referee as tho he wanted to make him understand that a pen-alt should have been inflicted upon the Regulars for off-side play. With but one Regular in iront 01 mm u. began to run for the Regular goal but he was stopped. The Junes gained six "yards on the play. Two minutes before the end of the final period, Lenta hit the Mute Ho for the Regulars fourtn toueaoown. Krushank kicked his fourth goal. Final score, 28 to T. Line-up and summary Regulars. L. JS. .. L.T. .. L.O. . O. ... R. O. ,. R.T. R.B Football Results Irving Krushank.... Harris Olson..: Yackee...;.. Dyer '. ... Schwab, capt. Gelts...,.;.. Briscoe Leuts . . . . i. . Rogers. Mutes Allen Roller ....Martin Bwlng ..Wlektlns ..Cuseaden Marshall, capt. q, Moore L. H. Barron t w. ........Weber w .. '. .Slenensohn Touchdowns-Briscoe 2, Marshall 1. Schwab 1, Leuta 1. Goals Krushank 4, Alien i. Score by quarters j ,. 0 1 i ' 2 .ur" . V.1 0 0 0- 7 John M. Sohmitt, 64 Mt. Visw ave. . nAitAa iaat. nieht that his noimcvi r . , . tt.. r,ort car was stolen rrom Kinder ave. ana Merrlman rd. LOMl ' toSSta Berulsr. 28. Silent 1. Ohie Wooiter 85. Mt. Vernon 0. Penn SUU 20. Pltttburf 0. FwmsrlTanla 24. CorMll . WMtVbslnls T. W. and J. WX"1! i Thn Honklns 0. AihUbols 44. Aihlabult Harbor 0 ' MuSnVrerrj- 12. Oolumbui Worth 0. HUM 8, Warren . , Athena 14, Huntington (W. Ta.) 7. 8, B. W 28 CWb 0. Toledo Scott 8, Toledo Walte 0. Oanton T, Hammond 0. Misworl 18. Kaneaa 8. . Kabruka 8. Syraouie 0. KrtoTDame 14. Morninfilile . ' toUhionT. South M",0;.-,,, o . Waahlnston 7. Oomta 0. Waahlnrton tJ. 7. St. lul u, u. V.hlixalto 12. South Dakota U. 0. &.?ahim. A. and M. 8. . ' , Amea 14. Drake O.Rice 40. Arkanaaa 7. Wabaah 7 Mlchifan Afeiea 7. North Carolina 6. UnlrendtT ol Vintala 8. Vandernut o, """"rirB-rr.. n wShlnrton and 1 7 Tulaue 0. Auburn 14, Georrla Tech 7. CREW LOST IN WRECK, v LONDON, Nov. 28. The wooden . " .... h, a heen wrecked, foX of tks A.;nda'slads, o the least coast of Sweden with the loss CANTON WIIIS GRID TITLE AT CHICAGO -By Ripley. Thorpe's; Touchdown In First Quarter Gives Bulldogs Victory Over Hammond. London Severe : fighting Is in SZSl. 3-T5. crew, according to a bovka with 800 prisoners. . I patch to Lloyas. J MARTIN YINS HIS THIRD BIG BATTLE-KNOCKS CANADA S CHAMP OUt IN FIRST ROU! married sister on Arcn St., ana wish b u: i, ih Jack Dempsey. The Akron lad wno , sen.au of the mter-aUied arrmes ln"third start back home on success as a professional. He m tm Eiley; Canadian Wednesday nigh tk'Jht torment at KnSndnle second hlow sent Riley down A left martin ieu um, u fourth time he stayed down for hook sent him domain. feet seVen seconds and the SKth tttae tor n and Martin piantea u 'S"- r the evening. . ' . , nnlc . barn down "That last wallop was noru cuv..6" "idTtlLl1.ho biv. ten Mowi8 4 ?f no blows. Jfiacn one stung - d0WIt was a badly dazed Biley who left the ring. He had entered It was a paoiy u j ir.A ff0od as he danced army But that iook 01 conuucuuo -..- -x beatMaSinmaS S Kt- also a winner at Detroit last night over Homer Smith, will meet soon in a ring to settle for once and aXpSnBhipo the American armies at home and abroad Burke was oPne of the unfortunates who never came-cross. He fnr Martin reached an agreement last night to fight before the bout will be pniiea oii m -JL 10,000 WITNESS GAME CHICAOO. Mov. 28. Defeating ths oowerful Hammond, lud, team here today in their second meeting of ths season, Jim Thorpe's Canton Bulldogs won the professional title for 1919. Canton has defeated every strong team in the country. Hammond was loaded for the Bulldogs, and it was a fumble by Paddy Driscoll, former wonn western mt and all-American selection, : who helped Canton to its victory. On the first klckolf, Driscoll receiv ed Thorpe's beautiful boot on his own goal line. With a flash of his old time speed and dodging several . . . . .i. .. tacKiers, uriscon naa coverea mo 20-yard mark on the return, when as was tackled by three Bulldogs simultaneously. Paddy was hit so hard that he dropped the ball, Capt. Ed wards recovering ror uanton. Twa tina imnahM hv Thome and Calao took the ball to the nine- yard mark and on the next play, tna Hammond tacklers, dodged another, slipped near tne goaj line ana sua over for the only touchdown of the game. Thorpe kicked goal. The score came In the first three mlmitoa nf , nlnv. Therftfl.ft.ftr 'the teams battled hard, Canton having an eqge in tne ngnc tnru mi wonoercui worK ot Its great DacKneia. score fTS i P f rV j , UVlVUIlg j ARMY INDIANS BEAT PINE VILLAGE, SCORE 12 TO 0 Playing on I c e Covered Field Before Small Attendance, Akron Gri riders Score Twio. cm EWEl KAYIf Pot. Hammond . Halas, .... Bisler , Blacklock Jones. . . . Hanser Desjardien . . . . . Keef a ..a E . . r. r ...B. 3.... .....a ...L. 3.,,, . . .L. T. . . , ...L. B... Q ...B. H... ..L. H Glllis , . . . Meyers Ghee ... Driscoll . i". Barrett . ... Falcon Goal from Tale. Head- t You Get Double Satisfaction tm 1 When dressed hi one of our stylish looldng suits, made of the finest fabrics the market affords and tailored to equal the best of custom made gaments-you cannot help but feel that satisfaction' of knowing you are WELL DRESSED. . . , , , ' Then again, a glance at our price ticket shows you the Baving you make on every suit. .. It is not necessary to be an expert judge of , cloth-bg to make you see that our upstairs store, with its low rent and overhead saves you money. . ' - i Besides being well dressed you have the satistac-tion of knowing you have found a place to save on your clothing. - ! . . Ml 12? 72 South rlainSt. Over Wagoner i Marsh. Canton -7. Chamberlain Spears Seidel Feney ; . . Edwards Buck ... Whalen . Griggs ,. Guyon . Thorns' . Calac F. Touchdown Thorpe touchdown Thorpe. Officials: Referee Haines, Umpire Detray, Chicago. ' linesman Perry, Chicago, NORTH WINS FOUR, LOSES TWO GAMES North high gridiron warriors have Vrnyia in that a.ilfa o-nA th. 1Q1Q gridiron season has been completed for Coach Smith's lads. Playing six games and coming out winner in four of them, is the record that the North high warriors hold on down to defeat at the honds of West end North losers were Bath, Alumni and Cuyahoga Falls high, ths latter aiiffAHnO' (vn dpfAnt& ' Tn ?mm a vmm Pmj.1, Qml.1t hat always given "J" to his athlete, but this year the gridiron team have been ewaraea rr insxeaa. TliA fnllftWITlff mpn rAnntvaA ,'Jai .ins- j . " ' . r ... ..... , Wi iuvi Wievle, Finks, Hamilton, Huber, Bar- a11 VlAlia Wllllama Whnol a- TI.-.K neor, uzraicn, names ana uapt. jenK ins. Her Is North's record: Pts. Pta North 89AJnmnl .t North 18 Fells .... North .......... OBarberton .... 7 Norm auHatn 0 North OWest !3 North MFalls 6 Points per game North 18: oppon ents 7. Won 4. lost 1. Mr cent 088. Gam,.. at horns 8; abroad 8; total I. OLYMPIC BODY TO j ' MEET ON FRIDAY NEW YORK, Mov. 28. The first formal step toward America's par-tlcinatton in the CAvmnin nmu at Antwerp, Bslginm. ta Asgost, IMo, win bs taksn hers Friday night whan inn luomcu uiympic committee will confer regarding entering of teams In the seventh Olympiad. Prior to the oonferenes eommlttee and representatives of ths leadlns; snort ror- erning bodies of ths country will meet Colonel Osterretth, ths Belglam nsr at which plans for ths garnet nn.ii. nl.M. 4m . " " " .w. v.aMiiaativn man transportation of ths United States lo.ri ar. a.iii in m T. nalTS, II M understood that mors than 1M ath letes, marksmen, football players, swimmers and fenoers will make the crip .Deiguim. xne team win sail '(.AMI thlA. .AHntM ...1. IhI. the competitions, beginning about the middle of August, will continue for three to four weeks. Try-outs tor track and field athletes will be held In various parts or ths United States nn I. la n.nhahl. .Ha. Ih. vlnn... will meet in a final set of games In ine onai juni pnur w (ne sailing. . Reports from abroad are to the effect that France, Kn gland, Italy and ths Soandi&avlan eountiies have already begun their training campaigns. IMPS" WALLOP MARLOWS, 14-0 Win Closely Contested Game Turkey Day Play uooayear Keguiars Here aunaay. . Ths Imperial Electrics keep up thAii. atrMA hv dAfAjLtlnaT Marlows Turkev day' at Buchtel field by the tune of 14-0. The Marlows, altho outweighed slightly, held tho Imps tn a tie the first half. In the last half the Imps started the ball to ward the goal post. Capt. Gostler grabbed a pass In the third quarter and ran 40' yards for a touchdown and later kicked goal. . xnen in ine fourth, Myers was sent thru for the second score and Huhn kicked the goal, rfiindav the Irons will play Good year Regulars for ths county uue. i Stelnel and Elley Peterson starrea for the Imps.. Ching, Bliley and Mostade for Marlows. Score: Imperials. Marlows. , .' A. Wagner and Huhn, Mourk.. R.B. ... Splkerman Myers,,, ........ B.T. Bollon . meizier anu Warner 3. Smith and ......... Stoney . Forrey C. Paul ... H. Wagner' "Ching" Bliley Mostade and Linehan Connelly and Burgner H. Paul (C) and Krann F. Taylor Beirce. Akron TJ., referee. "Red' Daum,' umpire. Taylor, Michigan, head linesman. Touchdown Myers and Gostlln. Goals Huhn and Gost- lln. Score first half, 0-0. Time 12tt minute quarters. BBTJNBWIOK AIXBTB INDUSTRIAL LEAGUE Geodraar WUaon 198 17 Pormaler 101 183 Nye 189 , 178 hotil 14S 185 Johnson 174 . 184 Total! 888 H.'O. T. U Harter ISO Kane .......... 189 Frederick ........... . 188 Heimer ' Boottt Totala 786 170 181 188 187 188 814 Hosklna . . . . Bauer ...... Blind baurer . . , ... Maaff ...... Total! , . . : Goodrich 286 S78 . . . . . 207 26 ..... 187 165 178 188 . . . ISO 171 ... ,. 818 988 187 181 198 196 S08 178 140 188 161 135 201 163 166 199 FORBES PLUMBERS WINrSCORE 12-2 Forbss Plumbsrs. T TTAcfeAa TMlimtlATA ttXWi 'thS Dauntless Plumbers the worst lacing that team has' received in many moons. The Forbes hit the old apple right on the proboscus for enough hits to win a half dozen games. Mus-.tny .Via rann?lpfln nitched anv- thing but his usual game, besides was D-tirAM vrtnrA oimnort on numerous oc- casions. Sellwood, tiemtzeiman ana Sanford carried off the hitting hon ors of the evening. ruiintlMH 202 U00 UUO Forbes .....054 003 OOx 10 Batterles-i Musson and G. Mus-son; Sanford and Pestle. 1 McAllen, Boden R.E. Saakell 81 178 Goodall ............ 193 168 ... xa 187 .... 180 Hoffman . Hantzelman Barber .. . . 178 181 191 193 inn 166 189 Firemen Beaten. 871 863 925 Totala ...... Castles in the air you may ' Construct mid scenes sf mirtlf. But all the same you'll have te pay Tour rent while hers on earth. Zelmar Gotlsln. (C) Petersen .... Werner ...... Ruthenberg . Stelnel and Phan G. Johnson and Well L.H. . C.... ..L.B. . L.T. . L.B. .. Q.. R.H. A TYR.ONE-4m. Arrow pmptCOLLARS arc curve cut to fit the shoulders perfECtly ClucttPtabody tlCGxbiJMikis One good inning was all that the "V a41ata nAAdMi to trim Chief .Mertz's finest The "Y" stickers hit the ball all over the neia m tne sec- A MmA am. wh.n rtA hurt nail cleared eight runs had crossed the platter. The Firemen's outfleld siip-nui a fAcr An RAveral critical oc casions, enabling them q gather ;n several tallies. Laugh (in and Hab-erkost for ths "T' and Eberly, Volk and Rlenke for the A. F. D. led in .stick work. Schwertzfeger"s catching , was excellent. A. F. D : -030 003 0 0 T. M. C. A. 080 020 X 10 Batteries Chapln and Schwertz-feger; Myers and Wormescher. Goodlewsa Win. The Goodlow Clothiers had easy picking with tho lowly Realtors, win- i ning 10 to 8. Tne uooouowes, aimo they did not hit Brgerly hard, made every one count, especially when they wero Beaded. . Farley and Darragh each hit the bail for three singles apiece. , naadlawa ......... 10 201 t 1 I Realtors ....101 201 8 8 ON TO ROCK ISLAND BULLETIN. The Akren Indians leave La Tay etto today for Rick Island where th muu nni wmu up us campaign ror 1 O'l C J T.A VA V UI'lwi.W VJ a. nwk. ......... uiujww SbAVlLCU o BucceaHiw road trip on Thanksgiving, afternoo uy a. ie iu v victory over tne rarnons Pine Village eleven. The game was played on an ice covered field her. piaimeu. uwmj to tne Daa weatnsp there were bwt a few hundred fans en the side lines when the refer sounded the initial whistle. fteitner team scored in the first half, the Indiana being content to pmy it sato. jin tne inira pensa Purdy bucked tho line fer five yards and a touchdown after a beautiful ao-yara run oy vrawiora. Tne iinai the game with Crawford on the scor ing ena. jrotn goals were missed rrom difficult angles. Pine village threatened to scsrs early in the game but Akron braced with the ball wfthin the five-yard line and Crawford punted out of dan ger. : Crawford, Nesser, Maloney 1 and Purdy started for Akron. King of narvara aia tne dbsc wont ior rins Village. Summary: Akron. Pine Vlllaes. Sefton Xi. b.. Cobb ' L. T.. Hollenbee . . .L. O.. Waldsmlth C... Maloney .. .. .R. G.. .... Copley R. T. ...... Nesser ...... .R.. B...... Haley Q , . K Feotss Brown L. Rimn It sVatar Purdy ...... ... H XrahfSTt Crawford ...... JT XXM Touchdowns , Purdy, Oawfsrg. Snht(tnt(nn Crtim for TToBlinbsA. Bryant ror naiey, ueioei ror smith, Jenkins for R. Fenter. of qtiarters 1Z miutes. Mllltgui . . CSTOja Wathawsy . . . BiuMi , Redmsskt .... KwvM Whan mMt fMM-,,1 A .TV that a lot of valtiable time In glrtg MEN WANTED UU h.u. AtlMlAoltu In -laina ntmrnm work when psst ths age of 40 years. For so w mane a pair or gsio ytaaaaai with which you can se to do tho finest work ad yet sss at a dh-tanos. Qress Optical Co., 36 S. Howard tt. ajajBarMIIIBMMBim.lSUIIalalW .waaUl,ll,llllM1M...U,Jl Our great stock of Winter Overcoats is vou with almost limitless OF choice- and values which will quickly win your admiration! IMs Oraat oo the Mbal In ronr Suit sr Ororooat Is the beat Olsttias ternr-anra reo can Imy) Our Own Stora at Akron cleveland milwaukee pittsburgh (3 8torss) READING SCHENECTADY SYRACUSE WILKES-BARRE TERRA HAUTE YOUNGSTOWN 124 South Main Street AM ABAMUMMaaAMMIBV I wwTOfmrlTWlHlfWawsl Those who epeet a young mn with dazzling prospects to set the wor5d MfMB Ut t tl V. I f KtMBIIIfcWnW.iisWWaillllllUinilMIIHIIIBIMIII

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