The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 29, 1944 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 29, 1944
Page 5
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fl Pocahontas Counci Plans Food Sale Plans to sponsor a cooked Palo and arrangements for a "School Days" meeting were made at a. re- meet of Kl Tejon Council No. 5, Degree of Pocahonta?. A report on the recent convention held in San Francisco was submitted by MTH. Carrie Sanderson, district deputy great Pocahontas. and Mesdames Mary B. Ilampson and draco Allen, who hnve both served as Pocahontas for the organization. A needlepoint stool, which hnd been donated by Mrs. Kri Heln. was \\nn by Mrs. Floyrl Miller. Other prixes of the evening went to Mrs. Effle Ocffner and Mrs. Margaret Stewart. <* Following the meeting tho 1110111- hers adjournment to the dining room where refreshments were served by TUesdamcs Carrie Sanderson, Davis, Margaret C'lnt'lin, Orace Allen, Ruth Steel and Amanda Bins. P. T. A. MEMBER DRIVE SNAPPY IS TIED UP WITH FIRST FOOTBALL GAME TONIGHT Christian Living School to Be Innovation Here P. T. A. NOTES Man attended the "get-nctnialntod" l tea held last week at Uoosovolt School by the P. T. A. A pleasant afternoon was passed and refreshments wore served in each classroom by tho room mothers. Mrs. Harold L. Ximnierman acted ns chairman of room mothers and tea arrangements. WE Used Radios Radio and ADpKinct Co. Fox Thoatro Building 2015 H Strut, Dial 4-4096 Xonlously undertaken, tho TV T, A. membership contest just launched at Hakfi'Ht'ield Hitfh School JH now attracting interested student atton* lion with Us promise of an "ice oronm and pie" party for the winning class, as well us reduced entrance to the first Blue-White foot- hall game of tho season for every membership card holder, announced Mrs. Robert Hutcheson, president of the IJitfh School 1*. T. A. With tho contests running: until Monday. October 2. U W. Hodge. principal, has given permission for Iho membership contest to lie conducted in nil freshman social science ;iud sophomore English clases, with enthusiasm high among the underclassmen for I he honor of securing most memberships and therehy winning the special prizes being offered. Hen Evans, school librarian and co-chairman of tho membership commit tee, announced today: "Fifty cents credit towards the price of admission to the first fooUmll game of the season on (Iriffith field Friday evening will be given to members of tho Hakersflold High School and Junior College P. T. A. upon presentation of their membership cards at the box office. Interested persons, may jnin the P. T. A. at the gate a ml apply 1 lie iifl-oent membership fee to The- general admission charge nf 74 cents." WiirUing with Mr. Kvans, .Mrs. I lutrheson, and Mr. i led go on tho membership drive committee are Mrs. !•:. S. Picket t and Mrs. Leon Iluskey. \vho aniiuimoed today to all interested parents of high school students that membership in the organization costs only ."iO cents, and is of especial significance during this period when greater parental interest in the students of teen age is a recognized reality. lU'MMAfiK SAKK Hakersfield Social Club will hold an all-day rummage sale. Saturday, at Druids ball. Mrs. Clara Raiikin is in charge of arrangements. Stamp Collectors Attention! nnou ern county imp Shop. opening y exclusi comp IU 1 of albums and supplies rolU'4'tors, and a or o \vi nips THE STAMP SHOP 312 Hopkins Building Open 10 to fl. 9 to 5 Constituting a departure from any previous undertaking of Bakersfield .Ministerial Association or other religious groups of the community, a school of Christian living will open Monday night for a five-week course at First Methodist Church. The association Is working In co-operation with general superintendents' conn- oil and United Christian Youth Council. Important church people from various part of the state will assist local workers. Schedule is as follows: 7:P.O to 8:1."). first Class; 8:15 to 8:4."i, devotiomil service; 8:45 to J»:;10, second class- H:IJO to 9:50. closing fellowship. During the first period, five subjects will he given simultaneously. They are church administration; effective presentation of church materials for children's workers: church-centered recreation: home and marriage, enduring home in a changing society. Instructors respect i vely n re W, 11. Lea s k. M rs. Walter Shore, Hob Kudo, Mr*. Norman Thomas, and Airs. W. L, P.iad- shaw. Second period topics include Bible background, church and postwar planning, visual aids for Christian education; effective ymit h program: and new approach to narcotic education. nformal Dance to Be Given Tonight Social recognition of the start of football season at Makers field High School will he given tonight when the senior class entertains tho student body of both Bakersfield High School and Kast Hakersiield High School with an informal dance following 1 the first font ball game of the year, announced L, W. Hodge, principal. Being presented in th.e boys' gym, Mrs. Betty Moobnke is the adviser for tho dance, and i.s being assisted by the following group of senior leaders: Miss Pal Grant, Miss .lane Clare. Miss Reva Grant. Miss .lane riartlett, ^Iss Glonna Shaw. Rob Sisson's orchestra, well-known to tho high school students, for their varied rhythms, will be featured at the dance. Decorations will motif with large across the boys,' names of the various Blue White teams printed on thorn. Acting ns chaporones foi dance will lie Mr. and Moehnko. .Mr. and Airs. ,7. At. Chrls- tonson, Mr. and ATrs. George Williamson, Air. and Airs, Jack Hill. Invited as guests for the- occasion are Air. and Airs. Jj, W. Hedge, Air. and Airs. Dwlght Griffith, Mr. and Airs. Ray Scott. Mr. and Airs. Harnl- son. ATr. and Airs. Jack Frost, Aliss 'Roily Coman. be In football pennan ts h u np gym, with the and the Mrs. 1 ' / — f '.'••, 400/t, You carried the box home, label out, that the world might know and share your excitement. How proudly well dressed you felt when you wore them! Since then a succession of beautiful I.Miller shoes have probably come and gone—bringing with them the hours of happy assurance and comfort that only fine things can give. Today your loyalty is doubled—for that I.Miller tradition of long wear means more than ever before. SAMBA 95 -t SHOE SALON EIGHTEENTH and H STREETS Opposite Padre Hotel WE PREFER YOUR CHARGE ACCOUNT i -t th Lenders for the second period in- dude, respectively. Mrs. Thomas I- iti, FJ liner I 'eery, (luy .la^.uard. Kevorcnd Wiilarrt J. Hand, .Jr.. and the Reverend Sam Kieinsassrr and Miss AJilida hallagh. The Ur\ • Tend Mcssi s. Hand and Kleinsasser will he assisted by Roger Arkley. Los Angeles, state director of Christian education for the Haptist denomination, and Mrs. Shore will be assisted by Miss KHxahKh Alien of Low Angeles. Miss Kal high reports that every effort will be madi? by means of experiments and visual aids to give practieal help to public and church school teachers. She will be assisted by Miss Mariamui Hohna. Miss Hal- lugh. a Phi Beta Kappa and honor student in the field of English, is a graduate of Palmer School of Narcotic Education at Kvanston. Illinois. She has bail a rich leaching experience ranging from first grade to adult groups. Miss Hohna. an elementary school teacher, has had extensive Ktudv in the nan-ode field i including worU during the last summer. Subjects for discussion beginning October :!, and closing October !!". include narcut ics, source, na t ore. actions and uses of alcohol, Miss BalUigh: psychological effects of ;il- cohol, .Miss Hallagb: visual aids. Miss Rohna; adaptation of materials to grade levels. Miss Hohna. This course and others of the school will be given institute credit according to Leo B. Hart, county superintendent of schools. MRS. BANES WILL MONDAY 1 Friday, September 29, 1944 5 • , _ . _. Have Your Eyes Examined POPULAR SPEAKER GIVING FICTION, NON-FICTION ( '< 'inbin in of ! bo !;t-i -- . prni;r;iin M|" i h ,;i I ;i »'tt "• i a ml n<>n I'M r i T into aii 1.1 ii n>\, Jews. Mrs. u ill pm\ idr SUMi Llv\l»KKS- All sot 'or tho student body rallies and fall football games ;ire three Kast Makers field High Srhool " In v Mies ' wlv will serve MS smit; leaders for the year. The girls (left to right) are i ssi-s \\i-\\ v ,Io Thompson. .b>! t v VaM" anil Irene Ha la sis. L I B i Circle Plans Halloween Party, Spanish Dinner \veri- made fur a rnimnauo sale I" 1"' held in I lit* near future and f<T :1 M;illo\\ i-rii party and Spanish tliini' 1 '' at a recent im-eiing; of llarnmin Circle at the home of .Mrs. L Susie < 'Inn cli well "ii Wa in wrigbt L>ri\e. A lunchcnn \\as sfrvod. TlU'-c present in add it inn t" Mrs. Chun b\\ HI were Mesda mcs Irene To Sponsor Sale Kl Te.imi r.Himil NIL L'l.'i. Jirgroo of Pin ahnntas, is sponsoring a cnnkfd fend sale Saturday at the Heuav store located mi Maker port . To Meet Salunliiy Kern Ledge X". : l "_'. T. (>. D. F.. will hold a social evening; Saturday. at s p. m. in the I. <>. O. I-', ball. 171" Chester avenue. All Odd Follows Pounds. He]on Tines, ('lara Verk. ami ami their wive? are invited to at 1 lelon AVilliams. ' tend. opening mo-Mam !'"i HOOK Sr. timi of HaUf! s! ield Woman's I'lub in the . .1 v ai L' p. in usitm ;lie "Summer in Ke\ ie\v She \\ ill b" int rndm-ed b\ Mi- Al- L ston Tli- 'tnas rha inna n. Mrs. P..i no i hmVo of non-lid inn o! Paris. Ksnif 1 t:i vi> The Little r.iniirtle. K< ii"e McO-r- miek : Ar.n.i a IK I i ho King of Siam. Mary a id La inlmr <Inndb> e Mr. Chippendale T. II. Kob-.p hintrs: Poopl*- mi < Mir Side, Simw; Truinpot Voluntary. ''-. M. Stern and Tun* 1 :'«r Ivcisimi, Sum- lior \Velle>. Kirtinn lille^ irielixie 1 Land I Have Chosen. 10lien H» ; itn, \\ a IK in the Sun. Harry Hm\\ n. Simmie. Linn J-'euohtuangt'i ( In-en I >ii]pliin Street; KlUuheth <'.oihl-r. '|'he Histoi-y of Km no Hanks. ,b.-f|t|\ l'' i n*'t! t 'Inn v Hrnwn. Maijosi" Shaip and 1'aM'Hal. Nevil Shuto. Mrs. Thomas ha> arranged n \;\- riod program fur tin- IIM J-4."i soasuii. In Novoniher a mu-ical play will be presented to he followed in December by biography. Poet ry, drama reviews, now fiction ami a dramatic reading 01 include tho *rasr ''••> Open a Charge Account That are right for your P.VPS a ml vwir job. CONSULT DR. R. F. ABRAMS OPTOMETRIST 1507 Nineteenth Street Phone 2-7335 \ i. X ^.^vS^^*' V *v ^ VH *.wyy / V -^ \ \^* . ***£*> \ W«*' «, f***^ • « TL ^ \ * ' **-* V-^' :."•-. \ / x *i A *: f f\ &« - I .V ' ^ • *» ,^"1. * f < t v* / j ^5.4; - ^«a > • ,^7 \ \ /.-.\^\ * j . - +. ,~f s** 1 * ^ r i- > - . ' * ' "'" , X 1 j^**-".-^ ''V^ V v i ' ^ J v c— +S * n <-, ( > > - • i-4 > •- • / < f~ f • , •* + f *••••• tf j il 1 <=• J < \ b m.* •• £+s .- *,-. k*. ^^fff- * *.» \ ^ • f - t> if x f \ V "\ -X^y, ***** S'i h i 1 \ ••-; j*... ^-^ , s i: , * ' .'--., ' > > / ^ > '••} •/ .*.- I - ^, V ' VJ.\ .J J. f • >'-.: • ^*x j \'*, > _ r -f. ^ t f ,-., t q h * \ t ¥ ¥ ' * * * 1 - V % S V •r • * 1 i f * I • r X t » t ri / Rosenblum could look so smart It's the tailoring.. the smooth uiool fabric.. molded lines.. and the casual look.. that every Calif or nian loves. The suit.. 100% virgin tuool covert ..your choice of Royal, Fuchsia. Tile, Grey or Lime 29.95 Topcoat (it's smart to contrast the color of your suit) is of all tuool gabardine 39.95 FRESNO • BAKERSFIELD IN POULTRY "It's the RiRhl Start!" Give Your Baby Chicks "JOAQUIN" Chick Starter WODICTS The fee(J thnt supplies tliorn with vitnmins A nnd D. the virnmins neoes snry for well honed. well feathered, well matured henv ies. Try It now ! One trlnl will surely convlne* vou t Call 9-9234 or Your Nearest Joaquin Dealer SAN JOAQUIN GRAIN CO. Opposite Santa Fe Depot Fourteenth and D Streets BAKEKSriELD 1221 Bakersfie Phone 2990 teen ree

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