The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 10, 1936 · Page 19
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 19

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 10, 1936
Page 19
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••:$™ •" " •" '-•«'-''-. THE BAKfiBSHKtD CAttFORWAtf, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10,193d Frontier Outfits Dolls 1JU16 girls ot boyi* will be happy owners of five Shirley Tern* pie dolls on Sathrday, September 28. The Los Angeles County Fair As- Boclatlon has made possible the Awarding of these five Shirley Tern- tolfe dolls, all dressed up In a real Frontier Days outfit. All little girls and boys from the ages of 6 to 12 aro eligible to enter this Contest, except those In the families of employes of the Los An< gelpa : County Fair OP the Fox the ntcrs. Kere'a all you have to do to compete for one of tile Shirley Temple dolls, Writs an essay of tCO words- or less on "Why I Would Like to Go to the Los Angeles County Fair." Submit your essay to the managers of the Fox, Nile or California theaters before S tember IB. Winners will be notified at the first meeting of the Fox Mickey Mouse Club at the Fox theater on Saturday morning, September 26. In addition to the first three prizes for the three best essays, two more Shirley Temple dolls will be given to two other little girls or boys on that Saturday morning. - .+ « » ...... CAT GUARDS HOME NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 10. (U. Tou may have the "best watch dog In the whole world," but Mrs. Grace Bnodgrass of New Orleans thinks she can go you one better. Mrs. Snod- ferass has a "watch cat," Olive, who prefers raw meat to cream, scares police dogs away and chases any ntranger who comes In sight with the victousness o£ a tiger. IN FAYO&ITE T HIS marriage of Irene Dunne and Allan Jones, pictured above, IS one of the high lights in Unlversal'a "Show Boat" which opens a 3-day run today at tho Granada theater. Based on Edna Ferber's famous novel, the new, movlo version far surpasses all former productions, both In singing and acting, In addition to tho two stars, Charles AVlnnlnger, who played the original rolo of captain In the stage version, is in the cast, as are also Helen Morgan and Paul Hobeson, famous singers. Second feature Is "Florida Special," a story of thrills and romance with Jack Oakle and Sally Eilors In tho leading roles. State, New Ruling, WPA Employment (JH»otMt« PrtH Letted Wtrt) WASHINGTON, Sept. 10. —The Works JPfognfess Administration ruled today that although the needy must accept available private jobs, they heed not do so "unless they aro qualified to do the work and when such work Is at a standard or going rate of wages." Corrlngton Gill, acting works pro- grress administrator in the absence of' Harry L. Hopkins, emphasized that "the Works Progress Administration Is not an employment exchange fo ra placement service nor will It be a party to arbitrarily forcing workers to accent substandard wages." Gill's ruling was prompted by the request of the Memphis Chamber of Commerce and other southern organizations that WPA workers bo dropped to provide labor to pick cotton. Night Flying to Start ear Field 7Vps» Leatci Wire) MARCH FIELD, Sept. 10.— A maneuver camp for searchlight and anti-aircraft practice Is being set up near .here, Brlgadlor.Qoneral Dolos C. Emmons announced today. Enlisted men of Battery A of the Sixty-third coast artillery aro constructing tho camp and actual searchlight practice starts Monday night, continuing for one month. Five searchlights using 800,000,000 candle power each 'will bo used as March Field bombing planes fly overhead. VE&SATIUE Joan Ulondell JOAN BLONDELL'8 versatility, J ofMrled by the great variety of screen roles, gets its severest test In "Stage Struck," the new First National musical, opening at the Nile theater tonight for its world premiere performance on a double feature program with James 13unn In "Two-Fisted Gentleman." Moreover, Joan gets her greatest acting opportunity. She enacts the part of Peggy Revere, an ox-burlesque queen whose many marriages have brought her wealth and front page publicity when she iHed to rid herself of her latest husband by shooting him, "Stage Struck" Is a sparkling comedy with lyrics and music by B. Y. Harburg and Harold Aries, and special numbers written and sung by the Yacht Club Boys. Besides Powell and Miss Ulondell the cast includes Warren William, Frank McHugh, Jeanne Madden. Caro, Hughes and hundreds of beautiful chorus girls. To Hold Air Race FromN.Y.«Paris (AnocMet Prtlit I.rnntA tVIre; PARIS. Sept, 10.—Air Minister Pierre Cot announced today tho winner of a projected air raco between New York and Paris next May—' commemorating tho tonth anniversary of. Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh's famous flight-—would get a million francs, currently $85,800. The race will be open to any type of plane, after a single test over a New York airport, but each contestant must have n radio, Tho winner will bo tho plane making tho fastest time between tho two cities. Refueling e nroute will be permitted. Thorn will be additional prises of 600,000 francs ($32,!>00) for second place, 800,000 francs 110,740) for third place and 800,000 francs ($18,1150) for fourth place. Tho entry fee will be 600Q francs (about $2!>) payable to tho Aero Club of France until April 20, 1037. 4 • » Man Released by Bay Authorities fVnltft /'«*» £«o»e<l Wire) OAKLAND, Sept. 10.—A middle aged woman, Identified by police us Edna Young, died en route to the county hospital today after assert edly drinking heavily. .Tamos Harvey Illchle. 50. who was hold for Investigation because the woman WM stricken at his residence, •mm released when an autopsy re veiiled her death was due to acute alcoholism. "IEFTY" O'DOUL "...A NEW CEREAL WITH A FLAVOR YOU'VE NEVER TASTED BEFORE... THEY HELP BUILD MUSCLE, TOOl" // Sfr Jt t/ SAYS MANAGER OF THE SAN FRANCISCO "SEALS" READ WHAT THESE OTHER GREAT STARS SAY: GEORGIA COLEM AN, California girl, 1932 Olympic diving champion, says: "HUSKIES are really marvelous! They re so delidously different in flavor... and all that wonderful food-energy, too!" "SCHOOLBOY" ROWE, the Detroit Tigers' famous pitcher and pinch-hither sure "goes for' 1 HUSKIES! He writes: "I'll say they have the first new cereal flavor in years!" PETE DESJARDINS, Stanford University graduate, and former Olympic Div> ing Champion, writes: "For zesty flavor you can't beat HUSKIES and they certainly are rich in nourishing food-energy! SURE! YOUR GROCER HAS HUSKIES GET YOUR PACKAGE TODAY! TUB NEW POST) CCRE*LMADE BY qiNCRAL FOOD* H USKIES, the different, new whole-wheat flakes, are going like wild-fire! You'll "go for" them, too . . . these crisp, cruncby flakes of sun-ripened whole wheat! And no wonder! You've nevcrtasted a flavor quite like HUSKIES before. Mellow. Rkh. Full-bodied. And they stay crisp in milk or cream. But HUSKIES pack a lot more than flavor . . . good as that flavor is. They're rich in food-energy... in the food essentials wise old Mother Nature stored up for you in whole wheat! Just look what every tempting bowlful of HUSKIES gives you: Iron for blood. Phosphorus and other valuable mlnoral salts for strong bones and teeth. Carbohydrates for food-energy. Proteins to help build muscle. And Vitamins A, B, E and O—Important to good nutrition. You see, there's a real reason why great athletes say HUSKIHS taste so good and are so good for you. Just try 'em with milk or cream. And your own taste will tell you what a zcsty, brand new flavor HUSKIES really have! Be sure to ask your grocer for HUSKIES today. THE KfDS ON MY TEAM ARE BATING- HUSKIES, TOO! IN THRILONG MURDER STORY Join the Crowd* f Going to See ^ 2 ACE HITS TONIGHT, 7 AND 9 P, M, pLOIUA STUART und Robert VT Kent, as they appear In a scene from "The Crime of Dr. Forbes," one of tho three thrilling nttrnctions showing Friday and Saturday only at tho Fox California theater. "Tho Crime of Dr. Forbes," Is an absolutely now and different picture from its thrilling stnrt to Its sensational finish. Henry Armetta. J. Edward Mrom- herg, Sara Haden and Alan Dins- hart are in tho cnst. The second featuro Is "Whlto Fang." Jack London's thrilling sequel to "Call of thn Wild." White Fang, playod by the wonder dog "Lightning" Is the savage son of Buck and his aho-wiplf mate. Mlchnel Whalen, Joan Mulr, Slim Summervlllo, Charles Wlnnlnger and Jane Harwell are In the cast. Attraction No. 3 la the fifth clmpter of the serial "Glister's Last Htand," with Hex Lease nnd Lona Andre. Metro- tone News completes tho program. Closing today at thn California aro three attractions: Shirley Tomplo In "Poor t-lttle Rich Girl"; Jon K. Brown In "Earthworm Tractors"; and tho Mickey Mouse cartoon In technicolor "On Ico." Anthony Adverse Provides Fine Film Entertainment J8&NT Joan BLOND ELL WE Pick POWELL FRANK M.HUGH union tut MYS umt (Utl III.Ill (III! ItllWlJ imrofs Jimis DUNN Juno Claywirtli "Two Fistid Gintkman" Hy MAM N O DOUBT when Warner Brothers bought Hervoy Allen's novel, Anthony Adverse, for motion picture use, they got a bargain, because the book had material In It for 10 motion pictures. Likewise, motion picture fans will got their money's worth In entertainment In tho screen version which was pretmntod as a road show last night at thn Nile theater, despite tho fact, that tho cinema drama of Anthony's adventures cover Just about half of the book. This shortage Indicates that a sequel Is probably In preparation. Fine Unity The screen material IB handled ad- IN GAY TALE ENDS TODAY mtrably, the acting Is eonnlntently brilliant by nn exceptional cast, the settings and atmosphere, thomo and Incidents of the original story are for tho most part preserved. But thoso who admired tho book will quarrel with tho changes In characterisation, tho slight but mutilating twlsls of the plot which were done, no doubt, to please tho censors. The plot tiro opens with th« prologue of thn romance between Anthony's mother, Mnrla (Anita lionise), nnd her young lover, Denis Moore (I.ouls Hayward), and the cruel ending of their happy Interlude by the revengeful l>on Luis (Cliuido Itulns). Itnylmod Kplsode The rharm of Anthony's boyhood In the convent whoro ho wns left as | a foundling Is preserved In the plr- lure and probably launches nnoth»r rhlld. Hilly Muuoh. towiird juvonll'i Hiardom. H!N portrayal of tho young Anthony, aged 10, ts a part of tho tncntorablu fcaluroM of tho film. Tho ensuing drama NketchoM Anthony's relntliin with his patron, tho Scotch merchant. Iionnyfuathcr, who I IN In rrallty his grandfather, al- ! though the rolntlontthl|> | H never fully j established; his ronmnco with Angela, hla llfo In Africa, nnd his ro- turn to Kngland where ho finds An- Kola 1ms become a prlrna donna and thn mistress of Xapoleon. Frederick March us Anthony the opportunity that tho I IVIIIiimi I'lnvull und Cnmlp Iximbard O l'lWINO at the Fox Frldny for flvu days In Wllllum Powell aud Carol" Lomlmrd In "My Mun (loilfroy," another grrnl triumph of the greater movlo season. The picture Is n Kay, rollckliiR esoaimde of a butler und a blonde, Tho Hccond featuro showlntf IN "A SDH ContRH Homo" starring M«ry Holand In a completely different nnd aerloUM role. Hhowing for the lust Union today arc .loan (Crawford, Knhrrt Taylor Frnnchot Tone and T-.loiu.-l Burry- morn in "Tho Clorgoous Hussy" and Chewier Morris und Fay Wray in "They Met In u Taxi." Shirley TEMPLE "POOR LITTLE RICH OIRl" Jo« E. BROWN "EARTHWORM TRACTORS" Mickey MOUSE "ON IOE" s Veur FrUndly Th««tr« :art* TOMORROW {t;onHn»t<t OH I'agi Ttrfnlj/ nnej FLECK ORCHESTRA TONIGHT at the Union Avenue Dance Pavilion Admission 40c BANK ON BEING fRERE TOMORROW NIGHT N SCREEN- POWELL LOMBARD " J«ok London's Thrilling 8«qu«l te "CAUL OF THE WILD" WHITE FANG" Michael WHALEN Jem MU1R Slim SUMMERVULB tod "UOHTNINQ" the Wonder Dot THE CRIME THAT PUZZLED A NATION "The CRIME of Dr. FORBES" GlorU STUART Robert KENT Henry ARMBTTA CHAPTER 6 "OUSTER'S LAST STAND" Rex LEASE Lori ANDRE ALSO MARY BOLAND In "A SON DOMES HOME" ENDS TONIGHT Joan Crawford • Robert Taylor "THE QORQEOUS HUSSY" Fay Wray - Chester Morrit "THEY MET IN A TAXI" BAKERSFIELD Friday 4 A Sept JL O TULARE AND KKNTUCKV STS. GRANADA STARTS TODAY Two Great Featurtt Ireno DUNNE, Allan JONES In Edna F«rber'« Big Hit "SHOW BOAT" Jack OAKIE, Sally EILERS In Fun, Romance. D«ng«rl "FLORIDA SPECIAL" Newt and Short Subjtet* The Eminent Dr.'T Sw-Piyeholt|Ul Phlloiophtr Back In Bakerafleld for a few daya to ao- 'commodate patron** dealrlng hla aervlcea. Friday, September II l.ait Day For Appointment Call 4000 PADRE HOTEL ASK f9R OR, "X" CLYDE BEATTY •ATTtINO 40 LIONS «MD TICIKt 1080 PEOPLE 00 PERFORMERS 500 HORSES 30EUPHANTS S7.500 DAiir imm STA-RS FROM 18 NATIONS! 3 RIDING ACTS * QRCATEST IN THEWQITIP'S HISTORY ZAVATTTOWUPE ERNESTTmTETTE CURKONWFAWILY 2 GREAT rT.?iNG ACTS PEERLESS HAROLDS AERIAL ILLINCTONS STREITTARADE tl A.M. TWICE DAilY 2(1 DOORS OPEN U7 BaktnfUld't Mott Unlqut Caf« CHOW MEW . , CHOP SUEY , . 25c 8«rv*d From _B p. m. to I:SQ p. m. O«lly FREE COCKTAIL With Me Ordtr ar Mor« Chlnti* or American OlshM THREI FLOOR SHOWS NIGHTLY H«rb«rt M«r»h»ll-Q«Ptrud« MIchMl U "FORGOTTEN FACES" Kcrmlt M»yn«rd In "PHANTOM PATROL" Cartoon Aet —— N*wi ENDS TODAY _ ., MORGAN, STAR OAST "THE PERFECT GENTLEMAN" and Fameu* 8Un« Comody "BUNKER IEAN 1 * March ot Tim« and N»w« Roervtd *nd Admlulon Ticket* on $al« Clrcu» Day »t Klntqall A Slont, Orugii Nin«t«»nth and Ch««Ur. VIRGINIA UA8T TIMBS.TQOAV Ch**ttr Morrli, Mado* Rv -MOONLIGHT MURPf R" Paul K«lly. ArlFn* "HERB GOMES TR Comtdy, N*wt and • ,,•,.'

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